Sat 23.5.15 Inchcock Today: Waiting indoors fer his equipment to arrive?

Saturday 23rd May 2015

I had surprisingly good kip last night, over 6 hours and that’s rare fer me. Off course it was dream filled, but blown if I remember any details this time. Funny that, sometimes remembering so much of them and others nowt much at all. Wonder if anyone else is like this?

No WCing this morning yet?

Had a good scrub-up and limped down stairs (The angina a bit nasty, arthritis in knees not too bad but the hands are, bleeding from me piles cleaned up, reflux valve sticking a bit, the blind boil and skin cancer patch tender and the dizzies have started early – Tsk!).

I gathered me things to do a search of the City Homes site, made a cuppa and laptop on.

Logging on took about six attempts, why I don’t know.

Realised I’d forgotten to do me BP tests, hey-ho too late now.

Made another cuppa and started to search the Independent Living (Seniors Aided Homes) section.

The first one on the list was ‘High Cross Leys’ on Woodborough Road near the City Centre. Not a Council one, a private one that the council advertised. I then did a search for the complex on the web and got this up:

Man Dies in Flat Fire


A man’s body was discovered after a fire at Highcross Leys warden-aided complex in St Ann’s.

Police and firefighters were called to Highcross Leys, Woodborough Road, at 10.20am.

The body of a man, yet to be formally identified, was found in one of the flats.

Firefighters from Central, Carlton and Arnold stations put the fire out by 11.10am.

A number of other people were treated after breathing in smoke.

A forensic examination was carried out involving the East Midlands fire dog investigation unit.

Police are working with the fire service to establish the cause of the blaze, numerous suspicious circumstances are being investigated.

Well that gave me encouragement and cheered me up no-end!

HighCross1I continued searching for any properties that I could qualify for and wanted to look at one in a high rise block in Sherwood.

The system then told me ‘Page unavailable’ and the Council’s site froze. Huh!

I got back on the page and it would not let me in to bid or view properties. But I did read some of the ‘Rules’ for Independent Living Accommodation.

There are Four bands. Band 1: The one most likely to be granted a place – down to Band 4: Those with their own home the least likely.

As I say, I’m cheering missen up no-end today… being classed in Band 4 like…

Tried again on the City Homes site to find Sunridge Courts, which is the one nearest to me and most suitable because I could keep my own GP if I could get in there. Nothing available to Band 4 folk like wot I am though!

While searching for Sheltered housing I came across Miss Cullen’s Almshouses in Sherwood that have been converted into flats (Built 1882). There was no costs displayed but I sent them an email asking for details and showing my interest and reasons. Now I must not get excited about this, just hopeful.

Did a bit of cleaning, I’m expecting the hoover and shredder to arrive with the laptop and scanner late afternoon – but not sure of course – can’t concentrate very well. As the day goes on I’m worried if I have to visit the WC and miss them?

I’ve got that many papers to sort and shred, I’ll start sorting them now.

Got a call from PC World who told me my laptop is ready to be collected? I informed him I was told it would be delivered along with me hoover scanner, inks, Iron and shredder today or tomorrow. Oh dear dear dear… not another ‘Whoppsiedangleplop’ surely? I wouldn’t be surprised though.

After a couple of hours bending and sorting and packing stuff fer the bins, recycling and Nottingham Hospice shop – I’m tuckered! Me backs well painful now.

Made a cuppa and took a break on Facebook for a bit.

Well done that… but don’t feel up to much still – Tsk!

IMG_0037Tried to do some more sorting out, and came across an old Orlando Sentinel newspaper! I posted it on the TFZ to see if anyone could guess the date of it – after going on Coreldraw9 and blocking it showing.

Got some paperwork sorted out that needs shredding when the machine arrives – and a lot more to get ready too. That is if I’m up to it by the time it comes, very tired now. Poor old scrote!

IMG_0038Make another cuppa strong tea and gave up doing any more sorting. Made up a good few bags to go to the Hospice shop, now I just need time to take them there.

I was musing over the receipts from PC World, and it dawned on me how much I’d actually spent – it frit me a bit – but I do or will need everything I bought. Whether it comes today or tomorrow I must get some sleep on to go with the good one I had last night.

The receipt read:

Brother Bro LC227 XL VAL £59.99 That was the ink I think

Brother MFC J4625 DW £99.99 The printer copier

Philips GC2040/20 X00000060618 £19.99 The iron?

Hoover Blaze BLD 3001 X000011123 £64.99 The vacuum cleaner

Fellows 60CS Shredder Xoooo114709 Paper shredder

Acer Aspire ES 1-711 £379.99 Laptop

MCA LS 0000 + CLD WBW 0000112088 £39.00 No idea what this is?

KNH Set up & P 32GB 1X0000075499 – Knowhow Report Setup – In store USB set £45.00???

Confusing innit?

IMG_0040Got even more paperwork sorted ready fer shredding.

No delivery by 1845hrs, so made me nosh and got  on with this diary.

The pod peas were uneatable eurgh!

Hope the delivery comes early in the morning so I can get some shredding done… perhaps… possibly… maybe…

11 thoughts on “Sat 23.5.15 Inchcock Today: Waiting indoors fer his equipment to arrive?

  1. It’s strangely comforting to find that late delivery is going on over there also. I had begun to think it happened only here in the USA, and mainly in Kentucky-

    • Now then Angel, we agreed no putting ourselves down… naughty girl! going to get me head own now. SSSo tired. TTFN Let me know what technology it is gal. Taketh care.

      • Not really putting myself down Inchy. Just having to set up all the apps that lost when my modem was fried and I had to do a system reset. The worst part is resetting passwords, and trying to find where I wrote the new ones down. Mostly the everyday cleanup stuff that is dull and time consuming.

      • Any time I have to fool around with setting things up on the computer I always get a headache Inchy. I’ve lost several photos that were not supposed to be deleted, because my external drive must be compromised. When I tried to restore them there was nothing on the drive. Little things like that really give me headaches.

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