Inchcock Today Fri 6 Nov 15: An even more frustrating day today… Humph!

Friday 6th November 2015


Didn’t stir until 0530hrs – me book on the carpet at the foot of the chair.

Blood had congealed in me jammies from ‘Little Inchy’, and on the leg from me Whoopsiedangleplop last night.

To the bathroom, used the porcelain and then cleaned up the blood – more washing to do again now Tsk!

Cleaned me teggies and found they had joined in with me other departments, bloodied nose, left leg, Little Inchy etc, and were bleeding as well now. Huh!

Dispirited a tad, I made a cuppa and took me medications.

P1020370As I returned into the front room I felt even worse seeing the state it was in – mid-sorting state like.

Laptop on. Finished yesterdays and got the graphics done for this issue.

WC’d, more bleeding cleaned up again… Humph!

01topj3Made another cuppa and took a photographicalisation of the view from the kitchen window.

Did some Facebooking, a little longer than planned, but I was communicating with Kentucky Angel, my cyber-soul-mate and got carried away and forgot the time.

Must get me bath and treat me ailments before Steve arrives…

Painful sorting ‘Little Inchy’ out in the bath. Also becoming a bit harder getting in and out of it. But I enjoyed a decent soak.

Still, gorrit all done, put kettle on. Steve should be here soon, so better not start sorting or doing owt on computer. Toyed with Spider Solitaire for a bit.

Hour later, no Steve yet.

Another hours, no Steve yet.

Missed a phone call didn’t recognise the number – I assumed that somewhere in me Windows Lumia phone would be a list of missed calls… if there was, I couldn’t find it to ring back.

Another hours gone by, no Steve yet.

Five minutes later another call came in – it only rang twice? This time the Lumia asked me if I wanted to text or ring this number. So I wrote down the number and pressed text – Told presumably it was Steve from Age UK, that I am in the flat and have been all day if he still wants to come, cause it’s getting late now. Then rang the numbers got answer-phone so told him the same message.

Got me nosh cooking – beef pasties and sweet potatoes chips.

P1020374Forty minutes later it rang again (The phone not the nosh… hehe!)

It was Steve, he was not coming as he had some emergency on with someone else, another client like wot I am.

He said the solicitors had sent me some paperwork that had parts that needed to be signed and returned before any advancement in the sale could be made. I said the only letter I’ve had from the solicitors was last Friday, the one I gave you and asked if I needed to respond and you said no!

More flaming delay in getting the house sold now. Crapknots!

Steve said he might have missed the need to return section when he looked at them???

He booked an  appointment to see me at 1000hrs on Monday to look at the problem along with someone from the solicitor’s office. I still have a dread that this sale will not go through yer know – I seem doomed – just my luck to snuff it just before the completion of the sale. Better not though, cause Angie from the USA told me not to croak out yet today in a comment.

Hey-ho, watch this space. Haha!

Made a cuppa and took me medications and laptop on update this twollup!

And I have now been waiting for the book-case to be built and in use for two-weeks now!

Not in a good mood now.

Did the washing up brooding… and banged me head when I went in the cleaning cupboard.

What a rotten day of failures!

Really Pee’d off now!

Still… you’ve got to laugh methinks… or try to!

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