Inchcock – Tuesday 25 April 2017 – A day mostly of graphicationalisationing, say that when you’ve had a few drinkies. Hehe!


Tuesday 25 April 2017

French: Mardi 25 Avril 2017

0005hrs (Although I didn’t realise this at the time, Hehe!): Woke wide awake, Duodenal Donald still stinging away. Not realising how early it was, I got up, made a brew and wondered why there were no demands coming for a wee-wee.

Did the Health Checks. The Sys was still far too high. However, the weight was down again.


I remembered to do the temperature checks in the right way though. Waited until the LO sign came on, under the arm on the skin, set the timer for a minute and got the reading. I even heard the beeps. That was because it was so early and no other noises, I had a new battery in the one working hearing aid and had contorted my head down to as near to the armpit as I could. This cracked the neck and I now have another pain to contend with. Humph!

I spent ages searching for the wrist alarm. Panic and confusion almost turned into a frenzy as I ran around getting ever more desperate in my failed efforts to locate it. Almost at the point of giving up and feared to have to tell Warden Deana later, the brain clicked in, and I recalled that yesterday at the Surgery, I realised I’d gone out with the wristlet still on the arm and had put it in my jacket pocket; where I found it after I’d delved into and found it! Phew!


Got the computer on to do the diaries and found an email from the Doctors new receptionist informing me of the change in Warfarin dosages. Glad to see they have booked me in for next Tuesday, instead of leaving it for four weeks this time. The doses had increased.

I should get the official Anticoagulant Therapy Record notification in a day or so in the mail. I did not get the level reading in the email but suspect it is a bit low. I thought it odd when I cut my head that it didn’t seem to bleed much the other day.

This got me thinking about the high BP Sys. So I looked on the web before I took the morning medications, to confirm that it is the Ramipril tablets that I’m taking for the BP, and took an extra one, along with an extra painkiller, then rubbed some pain gel on the neck and digested the tablet with another mug of tea. Had several good swigs of the antacid medicine, although I know it has little effect on Duodenal Donald’s exploits. Not sure if I’ve done right. Ah-well!

I then had another search to find the card with the addresses on it that the nurse had given me yesterday so I could go to the NHS sites. Another kerfuffle, but I found in the end that I’d put it back in the plastic envelope with the other paperwork! The tea had gone cold again, so made another mug and had a look on the websites.

Got the three addresses and stored them on the Bookmarks. After I’ve spoken with the doctor on Thursday, they will be ready to use.

The tea had gone cold again, made another and found the milk had gone off.

Finished yesterday’s diary, then started this one.

Did some graphicalisationing. For hours and hours, kept my off the worries a bit. Here are some of the 22 TFZer ones. I titled the album on Facebook ‘Can I give you a lift Madam’






Hope they get the funny side and like them.

2Tue05The weather outside looked glorious.

I pressed on with the graphicalisationing further.

Duodenal Donald keeps persisting to annoy and hassle me, though.

I got some mail, three junk and the Anticoagulation Result2Tue10s. (By gum that was quick coming). It was what I expected. far too low, in fact only 1.6, second lowest it’s ever been.

Last time it was this low, they sent the district nurses to make sure the injections were done correctly.

This time I have no supplies left anyway.

And I did love having the nurses call on me and woman-handle me. Hehehe!

Tired now, I’ve been up for 15-16 hours.

Forced me off the computer, and laid out the meal in readiness, then I nearly got the ablutions tended to… But:


As I got the meal laid out, I remembered that I had not done the Facebooking or second session on the WordPress reading. So I wrapped the meal in foil to keep it a bit fresher.

2Tue12The weather took a disturbing turn then. Caught me in the reflection.

Back onto the computer and did some Facebooking for a while.

Blimey, 106 notifications!

I investigated. Most were likes for the new TFZer series, which is very nice.

Eventually got around to doing the ablutions, very late on.

Then got to eat the meal, fighting not to fall asleep as I did so. Very disappointed with it, though. The meat was stringy, the potatoes overcooked, the mini pie stale, the onions too hot and soft… but the tomatoes, beetroot and cheese were okay.

Depression descended on me as I watched the gogglebox, and I was soon going through nod-offs and waking up moments. I think it was like that all through the night.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock – Tuesday 25 April 2017 – A day mostly of graphicationalisationing, say that when you’ve had a few drinkies. Hehe!

  1. No “No-Bell” prize for you, because it’s a terrible pun. But you do have a nice knocker. If you install a second one and I’ll be able to comment on you having a nice pair of knockers. So you are supposed to put the thermometer doohickey under your arm? Mine came with disposable plastic sleeves one slips it into before putting it in one’s mouth, or so I thought. Hmmm. I didn’t think those disposable plastic sleeves were to be used to put it in an armpit or other oreface. You got a bunch of nice graphics done in those hours you put in on them. Good work. Did you get through all of your dinner tonight?

    • Hehehe! You’ve set a new trend in “Knocker-knocker” jokes.
      I think there must be different types of thermometers. Glad I got it sorted out, though. Hehe!
      The graphicalisationing helped me forget other things for a while. Sad innit?
      I didn’t eat a lot of the nosh though. Not one of my better efforts.
      Take care Sir and the other half. TTFN

      • “Young Frankenstein” has one of the best “Nice pair of knockers” jokes. Of course, Mel Brooks’ “half off” special on circumcisions with his mini guillotine in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” is a classic. I about choked on my popcorn from laughing the first time I saw that skit in the film.

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