A Photographic Visit to see Old pussies Fooey, Albert, Sister Jane and Hubby Pete (Jane’s hubby, not mine! Hehe!)

Fooey consuming his fodder

Fooey having consumed his nosh!

Fooey with that “Anymore please” look. Bless him!

Jane and Pete trying to get Fooey to pose!

Jane, looking good, picking her figs, drink in hand!

Albert, unimpressed with being a photographic model!


Albert threatening the birds – and Humans! Hehe!

Wish someone had told me the hen was a fake. Hehe!

The old pensioner caught Tree-Hugging again!

10 thoughts on “A Photographic Visit to see Old pussies Fooey, Albert, Sister Jane and Hubby Pete (Jane’s hubby, not mine! Hehe!)

  1. Glad you straightened us out on the hubby issue in the title. I almost became concerned for one of you. Fooey looks pretty good, but you can see he has health issues in your photos. That old sour puss of his looks quite happy. Albert is a spitting image of our Silver kitty. I didn’t know you were a tree hugger. You still have a lot of secrets you haven’t let your readers in on!

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    • Great start to your comment there, “Glad you straightened us out on the hubby issue in the title” Hehe! Albert is a devil for catching birds and rodents and bringing them back as gifts for Jane & Pete. Does Silver do the same?
      I am really glad I got to see Fooey and have a cuddle. it can’t be long now before we lose him. What a great natured cat he is, all those problems, Arthritis, teeth, can barely see anything, losing his balance, keeping food down and as deaf as a doorpost; I love him to bits. Albert does not like people at all, other than Jane and Pete. He chases dogs off though. Hehe! He has never allowed anyone to pick him up, apart from mom and dad, like.But he is so gorgeous to look at, his nonchalant approach. Haha!
      As tree-huggers go, I’d rate myself as an intermittent 5/10. I do tend to talk to them in the Copse, as long as no one else is around.
      Sad innit? TTFN

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      • Silver catches mice and brings in lizards, snakes and various insects most of which we try to rescue and put back outside — except for the mice that is.

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      • Seems this breed all do this, Tim.
        Glad there are no lizards and snakes (Apart from grass snakes) where Jane lives, she’d have a heart attack. Hehe!
        I guess it is important for you to learn which snakes are the worst venom ones?


  2. Yes and as you might suspect by his name, he talks constantly and is the essence of cat logic in action and purpose. 👍👍

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  3. Fooey seems like a really easy going puff ball. Albert is a pretty guy. I love cats, I have 5, lol. Mine are a bit monochromatic though, they are all black. ❤


  4. Thanks, pet, Fooey is such an appealing old gentle soul.
    My Cyril and Lady were all black. I wish I had the photos I took of them still. But they disappeared in the house move. Humph!
    Cyril was shaped like a football with fur. He thought he was a dog I’m sure, he used to run up and jump on my chest when I got home, Purring me violently. Bless him.
    You are just like Sister Jane, Corin. She had five strays, but now only the two left with us.
    Purfect! Hehe!
    TTFN take care. XXX


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