Inchcock Today – Wednesday 12th August 2020: Fire Alarm, Internet went down, Norton took 4 hrs to repair, bent syringe, & visited by two nurses (Not Complaining about them though ♥, Hehehe!)

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Wednesday 12th August 2020

Filipino: Miyerkules Ika-12 ng Agosto 2020

04:15hrs: Woke, in need of the Porcelain Throne. Up, out of the c1968 recliner, and off to the wetroom. A surprising improvement in this morning motion. Still painful, but much more comfortable and quicker. Smug Mode Engaged! 

To the kitchenette and did the Health Checks. BP Sys was down a bit. I Took the medications and made a brew. The EQ told me that pandemonium of some sort was on the way. A shame that, cause I was feeling better than usual in spirits as well! Humph!

On the computer, and the Porcelain Throne was needed again! Oh, dearie me! Off to the wet room. But it was even less painful and messy than the first visit. Yahooskli! 

I got the updating of the Tuesday blog done and sent off to WordPress. Doing well here, Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters were no bother at all! But no getting excited, given my EQ’s warning. Put some pics on Pinterest, emailed the link, and went on the WordPress Reader. Some fantastic photography on there. Tim Price’s humming-bird photography is well worth a look at. Brillant photographicalisationing skills!

He’s caught the flies the bird was after as well! With the humorous comments, brilliant!  Link: Hummingbird Yoga

Then went on Facebooking.

On the computer, and the Porcelain Throne was needed again! Oh, dearie me! Off to the wet room. But it was even less painful and messy than the first visit. Yahooski! 

Back to the blogging, and the Norton Icon flashed red! Oh, ‘eck! It said four things needed attention. The Cloud was one, so I clicked on the Put-Right button. After 30 minutes, I checked on Norton, and the progress was achieved, which was 1%!  This is going to be a right long job!

It took that long, it was hours and hours before I could use the net again! And so late in the day, I decided to do a loose, partial cover of what happened following. And as you will read, more and more time-consuming events and happenings. I did get all the photographs I took into the blog, though.

I gave up waiting for the computer, and, and got the ablutions tended to.

I kept calm and accepted the situations and delays.

Well pleased with how the legs, feet, and knees looked. No paler than yesterday, but that’s not saying much, is it? Hahaha! Dropsies galore, but no shaving cuts, stubbed toes, or dropping of the shower-head! I like this keeping myself calm. (We’ll see if I can keep it up.) Checked the Norton Progress: Now, 1.8% completed.  I’ll be lucky if it gets done by evening time at this rate!

I took this shot on the right, from the computer chair, and realised that my calmness not a smidge less placid!

So I sorted the waste bags for the chute and made my way out and to the chute room.

I caught my shoulder against the waste room door coming out! But, still, I kept and maintained my composure, and did not get all hot and bothered… too much! Humph!

I returned to the apartment and collected the recycling bag and glass carrier, and made my way down to the caretaker’s bins.

Well, what a state of affairs developed as I nattered with Robert.

Along cameth many Fire Tenders, in response to a Fire Alarm, that I had not even heard! Within a few minutes, there were four of them on Chestnut Walk outside Woodthorpe Courts!

Back up to the flat again, and the Norton progress was at 24.5%.

Still can’t use the web on the computer, yet for a while.

So I set about creating some graphics for later use on CorelDraw. Nice to get a few done in advance.

By the time I’d got the graphics done and filed away, the Norton progress was standing a 28.5%.

The door chimes rang out, it was the Warfarin Vampire nurse, a cracker, and good looker as well! Pleasant gal, she soon had the blood test done and verbally socialised while doing it. That cheered me up, despite all the days cock-ups and delays! Oh, yes! 

I rechecked the Norton progress 39%.

Took this snap out of the unliked, light and view-blocking, thick-framed kitchen windows. Then took three pictures left, ahead and right, of the gloriously sunny sky.

The landline rang, it was a district nurse. She was in Winwood Court and had spoken to my Doctor. She asked if she could call on me. No problem. I thought!

Minutes later, the attractive, kind natured, patient, nurse arrived. We had a good chinwag and my explaining about my conditions. She did a BP test and had a listen to my breathing. A Question and answering spell, and I mentioned the Furesomide identifying problem, and the lady rang the GP surgery. Well, I do feel a clot and twit! It seems I have got it wrong about the Furesomides being on an as-needed basis? Thunderburke! So, from now, one every night, no morning!

Which was super to have someone who seemed bothered ♥. She will talk with Doctor Vindla again, and refer me back to the falls team. She recognised I was not too keen, and I said they saw me eighteen months ago, and I don’t want to bother them again. She pointed out that there may by new aids available they might have. So I thanked her and agreed.

As she left, I felt all lonely. (Don’t laugh!) Oh, go on then, Hehe!

I checked the Norton situation, and it was finished! Then I had to go through the other three things that needed attention. But these took only a minute or so to complete. So, I could go on the internet again! Hurrah!

But, No! Whatever is happening today that is keeping me from making any headway with the computing, continued!

Now, what with losing the attentions of the nurses, and being so far behind with the blogging, I was getting wrangled and irritable! It was down for a long time! After trying the usual things, it was not having it.

So I turned the box off and made a brew of Glengettie Gold. The heat was stifling, and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley giving me some jerking, I made a start on another Graphic on CorelDraw.

The landline rang out. It was the Warfarin Anticoagulant Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic with the results of the morning’s blood test. The INR was not so good, but better than earlier. Up to only 1.6 now. I’m to have 4 Warfarins and an 80g Enoxaparin tonight and Thursday, and she will arrange another blood-test for me for Friday. 

I carried on with updating this blog, but the weariness and fatigue were dawning again. I decided to get the Enoxaparin and tablets taken.

Oh, dear, oh, dear! A fine start to the injecting. The needle I opened was bent?

I wondered if it would be safe to use it? I got another one out to compare them. And realised that the first one had far less content in it. So I opted to empty and put the damaged one in the yellow sharps bin and use the second one. It all went fine. But I’ll have to make sure I check them in future before using each one.

I got the evening medications, making sure that four Warfarins were taken with them.

By gun it was hot tonight, I’ll have a look at the room thermometer. Blimus, 32°c! That’s 89.6 °f, according to Google. I wonder if that is a reason for Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet going down? What am I saying, it been going down for the last five days! 

Still, as long as Liberty-Global boss Mr Fries gets his $19m salary, plus expenses, I’ll be happy.

Computer off, a wee-wee, back to the kitchen, and all without any walking into anything or any toe-stubbing!

I called at Josies, who was surprised to see me up so late. We had an at-the-door natter, and I heard a little of her history. Asked her if she would like some of the Korka bhajis I’d ordered in error. She is the same as I am, not keen on anything to spicey.

Bach to the kitchen, to get the nosh started.

The bhajis, I burnt! Hahaha! But I still tried one. Actually thought it okay. The crock-pot boiled potatoes were decent enough—the tomatoes, very-tasty. The surimi sticks, a different brand from Sainsbury’s, were smashing, far less sweet. The red grapes were not too good, some had mould on them, so I inspected each one, had to dish about half of them. But, the biggest disappointment was the Sainsbury’s fish cake with cod sauce in it, tasteless, bland, and horrible breadcrumbs. So, a good and evil mix. Flavour Rating: 5/10.

As I got the pots washed (getting very late now), the sun was still trying to shine.

So I took some pictures with the Canon camera, of the evening sun’s struggle to show itself off.

It’s been a rip-roaringly hot day, this Wednesday.

A right up and down day, many lows;

  • The Liberty-Global Virgin Media internet failure again, for a long time, this outage was!
  • The Porcelain Throne hassle.
  • Another unheard by me Fire-Alarm, false-alarm. The thought of the cost of four engines attending; that must annoy Nottingham City Homes and the Fire Brigade.
  • The hours lost with no internet, then the Norton Cloud taking hours to set itself up, the internet came back on, but I couldn’t use it while the Norton was working.
  • The disappointing news from the Anti-Coagulation and Deep Vein Thrombosis clinic that the level was up, but only to 1.6, and I needed to keep up with the Enoxaparin injections. A third blood test this Friday. (But it as lovely that someone was keeping an eye on things for me ♥) 
  • Then, finding the first Syringe had the needle bent, and had lost some of its content, leaked I suppose. I’ll have to be wary in future when injecting, examine each one before using it.

But on the betterer, brighter side:

  • The caring Warfarin Vampire Nurse cheered me up with her caring attitude ♥.
  • As did the lady from the Deep Vein Thrombosis clinic.
  • And the nurse that called on me about my falls ♥. They showed great patience with Stuttering Stephany, and raised my spirits, just when they needed it!
  • At times today, amidst all the spirit-sapping Whoopsiedangleplops, I was set atingle and stimulated by the care shown from all three nurses, from, the Deep-Vein-Thrombosis Clinic on the phone, the understanding, patient, and sweet-natured Warfarin Vampire Nurse, and the Nurse who took the bother to call on me, and her generous amount of understanding, about my falls. ♥

When I got down the £300, second-hand, c1968, unstable, pukingly-beige-coloured, most-uncomfortable, no-longer working, heavy yet tottery, rickety, rusty, rachitic, recliner, the Thought-Storms started, but with a difference. This time there were considerations, contemplations, and deliberations that were a joy to enjoy! Fare less of the guilt, self-loathing and fear, that usually attack me. I have the three nurses to thank for this! ♥

However, Sweet Morpheus was not showing any interest. I did, as I usually do, and turned on the TV, sure that as soon as the commercial break came on, I’d nod -off. But, No!

It was gone midnight before I got off into the land-of-nod. And once there, I kept having to rise to use the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket), several times. Humph! Every one of the SPUTE (Sharp-Persistent-Unwilling-To-End) mode. With the PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble) flowing! Each visit seemed like it took half-an-hour! Hehehe! It didn’t, mind, it just felt like it, to me!

TTFNski, folks!

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  1. Fire alarm excitement, a double dose of nice nursing, injections and a failed meal. Good day all in all.

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