Local News Snippets – Mark 4⅝th

Cunningly put together by the regurgitational Inchcock!
Just back from holiday, he went to his sweetheart, Ceindrych, in,
But she turned him away, hit him and called him a wazzok!
Which came over him with an aftershock…
And he’s now got writers’ block…
He fell over putting on a sock…
Gave Little Inchies fungal lesion a nasty knock…
His self-pity just ran amok!
So he had a drink of dandelion and burdock,
Watched an old film about the Morlock…
Put the kettle on and got an electric shock…
Harolds Haemorrhoids bled, on his buttock,
He really felt depressed and schlock…
He felt stupid, a fool, and a laughingstock,
So he started this blog and took off his frock!

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Bearing in mind that I have not seen a policeman in my last three visits to the City Centre, where will they get them from?

There’ll be even fewer police officers available now that some more have been attacked and injured. Mayhap we could call on the Boy Scouts to help out? Or not!

The poor boys in blue have got it all on in the fair City of Nottingham, have they not?

I hope all the policemen have had their ‘Boosters’. The poor downtrodden, spat upon and attacked tiny mites, have obviously been very busy, you know!

It’s not looking good, is it? I delved further into this matter, visiting the BBC News site. (Well, someone has to!)

Well, that cheered me up, no end!

Hope this link works to a clip taken on a door camera!

Postman leaves elderly lady lying in snow after fall


“She was not physically hurt”? Oh, well, she won’t be bothered at all then. She is not scared to death each time she goes to sleep or is worried about going out and coming back for ages. Maybe you could arrange for some drugs to be got the offending scumball, on a monthly basis… that’s one way of stopping them robbing to get money to pay for their habit? Why not throw in some fags and booze as well? Perhaps pay for their rent?

Blimey O’Riley, what next!

Corona Virus mark four, five on the way, bloody hell!
Omicron symptoms flu-like, and losing your sense of smell,
Food shortages, Parties at number ten: alarm bell!
Government confused giving out flannel…
Anti-maskers, shoplifters, rising prices; gloom to dispel?
Folks depressed, the honest ones only, just as well!
Hope we don’t see the return of the pterodactyl!

Thought you might like to recognise their faces,
A multitude of criminals of different races…
Muggers, con-artist, shoplifters and drug-embracers?
Pickpockets, burglars, killers and indifferent protesters?
Gunmen, knifers, they should all be made into lifers!.

Part of The Nottingham Lads News Snippets in Ode

4 thoughts on “Local News Snippets – Mark 4⅝th

  1. The news parsed and oded for those who are discerning of content and fine humor. It is not every police department that can brag about their incompetence and their rude manners. A 72-year-old pensioner is tossed to the pavement and the blue proclaim that she was not injured, probably note the occurence as an inconvenience for them. We now wonder where they hang out and what they do to keep themselves invisible. Yer can’t be blamed if yer can’t be seen is wot Billum opines today.
    That omicron, Oh my Cronn, wants to become the most popular virus on the planet and is doing a proper job of making the Inchy News and Sideshow. A death every day in a city the size of Nottingham is quite an accomplishment.
    As always, fank you for the extraordinarily effective coverage of the News wot is worth more than tad more than a fake farthing. Fake farthings are quickly becoming the coin of the realm.

    • Yer can’t be blamed if yer can’t be seen is wot Billum opines today? Thoughting from deep with the depths of an everygreen mind, me reckons. I like it!
      The farthings with their little robin impressed upon each coin. Much missed and something else, but I forgot what it was I was going to write now… It’s when something disturbs the brain pattern you know that this happen so often. In this case, having to hobble-hastily to the wee-wee bucket post-haste, did for me. Tsk!

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