Inchcocks Local News Snippets in Odes – Issue 4⅜

Nor Human Traffickers!

Local News Snippets in Odes – Issue 4⅜

What do you think has caused this stabbing?
The first thing that comes to mind involves drug taking,
Perhaps it could be protection racketeering?
Lot’s of affluent students in Nottingham educating?
Of course, with kids, there’ll be sex rampaging,
And students getting drunk, meths drinking?
Which is more interesting than wordsmithing!
No doubt greed, jealousy, drugs or loathing!

They say it’s the twelfth fire on this estate…
The third in two months, a dodgy state,
Most on sites involving freight…
Or waste, recycling bases, what does this connotate?
I’ll let you know if I find out owt at a later date…

The gal had been taking drugs into prison, for hubby,
Well, they are not married; they met at a drugs orgy,
Making the prisoner an awful lot of money…
Well, for highs, they both have an affinity…
The Judge showed a lot of affability…
‘Go home and give your children a big kiss?
That sounds a bit naughty and cheeky?
From a Judge? What the hell is this?
I don’t want to sound finicky…
Does he want her to supply him cocaine or a kiss?
Mayhaps on the day the Judge was tipsy?

Just to show you how I’m keeping up with my usual luck in the gambling stakes. Humph!

Well, another Constabulary mystery?
Whatever has occurred? Was it unsightly?
Something vicious, frighteningly?
Eight police vehicles attended… Getaway!
Murder, terrorists or? What unpleasantry?

Bank robbers hiding? A car with no MOT?
Folks signing into their own homes to have a brew of tea?
One more police car, and there’ll be none free!
Trouble at Mill here, I can see!

I read these figures apprehensively…
I sense a Government con here; we’ll see…
Corona Virus, all about money, money…
They’ve upped tax, food prices, and to me…
That’s what they wanted to do, disagreeably!
Help kill off the NHS… do you agree?
There are more folks with the virus around me…
Grenfell, why’s no one been punished, Lordy Me!
Tories get voted in again! They get off scot-free?
Disgusting! Absobloodylutely!

Her killer doesn’t want to be involved in the inquest of his wife, who he murdered? But you would like to know the outcome?

And he’ll be Freed to Kill Again. I guarantee it! Knowing our Parole Board pillocks!


I think that Lucifer is winning.

What’s the plan, God? Got any?

Pathetic PC sentencing here, methinks?
The legal system, I believe, stinks!
Scared to death of sentencing Muslims?
I can understand that; I come from the slums…
The future scares me…
From terrorism, gangs and every bent MP,
Today’s youngsters will never be free!

At least he only threatened to kill!

That’s the spirit, Judge. Lock ’em up! Seven years equates to about three methinks. With good behaviour?

A Cruel Tax!

I am so delighted to report on this sentence.

A jury of six men and six women took two-and-a-half hours to return a unanimous guilty verdict of manslaughter on Lawson Byrd, who deliberately caused the death of 19-year-old Gianne Obafial.
But they cleared him of the more severe charge of murder. During a two-week trial, Crown Court heard how the defendant, also 19, drove at and then over Mr Obafial in Mercian Way and headed off up Abbey Street.
Giving evidence, Byrd claimed he had no intention of causing the fatal injuries his victim received. Instead, he told a jury he “panicked” after seeing ” a glimmer of metal” in the waistband of Mr Obafial’s trousers and thought it was a knife.

BOLLOCKS! If that had been true, he could have got back in his murder weapon and driven off! Judge Shaun Smith QC said: “Mr Byrd, you have been found guilty and criminally responsible for the death of Mr Obafial, but they have decided you did not intend to kill him or cause him really serious injury. The bullying toss-ball was sentenced to jail for 12 years for manslaughter.

Convicted murderers have got less. I’m tickled pink!

See what I meant above?

Spotted this on Facebook

Interestingly, I spotted the Meridian logo on his uniform. The same company that Nottingham Council uses and tend to my needs. There’s no getting bored with them. In the two months that I’ve been using them, they have failed to turn up six times. Twice coming after midday, which meant it was too late for me to take my medications… in case the evening Carer came. Hehehe! 

On two occasions, they came late but early enough to allow me to take the prescriptions. My trouble… one of many, is having Vascular Dementia, and some days, I don’t realise if they are late, and my mind wanders off. Sad, but true! If someone was to contact me and let me know what’s going off, it would help. The other two times, no one came for the morning visit at all. I often wonder if I am being charged for it? However, and notwithstanding…

The Caring Industry is like the Security Guarding was when I worked for them. Under-staffed, underpaid, and so hectic you wouldn’t believe it! So, I can relate to the branch managers and the staffs’ frustrations. People not turning up and informing you ten minutes before their shift starts, and not showing at all! The good Carers are precious but have to cover all the time for a few. Just the same with the Guards. I have some really caring Carers who call on me, so patient and understanding. The industries are so competitive, with so many available, but none can be 100% reliable. What can they do? Charging more, thus paying higher wages, is a no-no for growth. Sacking bad time-keepers would be a pleasure for some managers, I know… but things would be worse then!

So, I have empathy and understanding of these problems. But that does not offer a solution, does it? Shame!

Luckily, I no longer have to struggle with those problems… nowadays I work to walk, do the ablutions, control my dementia, the eyesight failing with glaucoma, cataracts, and saccades all to be treated with a prospective up to 43 weeks to wait for the first

cataract to be done, the wait again for the other eye to be done. Hopefully, they will be using the Phacoemulsification method. I pray they might do both eyes lens replacements at the same time.

Then, glaucoma in both eyes as well needs to be sorted. (Eye drops only, I think?) Then the saccades in the right eye.

I’ll be getting my telegram from the Queen or King by the time I get around to having all these done and get to have an eye test done to get new lenses from the optician!

You can bet the dentist, DVT, or Cardiac appointments will come when I’m having the eyes done. That happened when I had the stroke; I went back to the bottom of the list. Hehehe!

I’ll just press blindly on!

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8 thoughts on “Inchcocks Local News Snippets in Odes – Issue 4⅜

  1. Sad state of affairs in Nottingham. Your eye looks terrible. I just read about Nottingham police stopping a 70-year-old driver in his Mini Cooper. The old man has been driving since he was 12 years old and never got a driver’s license or insurance. Your police are like ours, harassing harmless old lawbreakers while letting violent criminals run amok.

    • Hi, Tim, hope all well.
      I put that report on a blog mate. If they were to prosecute him for 70 years (he was 84) of driving with n tax, MOT, insurance or even a licence, he’d probably not live long enough to do the sentence (Hehehe!) Knife and gun runners would get a lesser sentence – but they are harder to catch.
      They should train Spunk to do the catching?
      No doubt about it, you’re right Tim, things are getting worse all the time.
      The eyes have cleared up a lot already, cause I had the drop still in from last time. The cataracts, glaucoma, and saccades are my main concerns… hoope I live long enough to see better again. Hahaha!

      • Is there a chance of getting the cataracts removed? That would help a lot. The law is all twisted up these days.

      • On the waiting list for the first consultaion to have the cararacts tended to, Tim. I’ve learnt that there is a waiting list of up to 45 weeks, from referal to treatment. I was referred last week. They lady who rang me, said ‘You’ll have three consultations examinations, to check viability for different treatents as needed. They can do both eyes at the same time, but at your age, they usually do one at a time.’ So, it’s going to get messy methinks. Also, each time a cataract is done, “You have to have someone to collect you, take you home and stay with you for 24 hours, each time!’ Ha! Who? The only chance is paying for a Carer, that will cost me a fortune!
        You see what I mean about getting confused?
        Then the glaucoma treatment, I think that will just be drops? Then the saccades treatment (no idea what that involves.
        I’m hoping the use the Phacoemulsification method: A type of cataract surgery in which the lens with the cataract is broken up by ultrasound, irrigated, and suctioned out. Then a plastic lens fitted. “Extreme care will be needed after any operation – strict rules to go by for at least three weeks after each lens fitting. We reccomment that someone is with you at all time for seven days after surgery.

      • I’ve helped people with the cataract surgeries. I had to take them and pick them up, but there was no requirement for staying with them. It may be you age and condition that requires the 24 hour watch. Maybe you can get Jillie? Glaucoma is normally treated with drops, but it can be a pretty rigorous schedule of drops depending on how bad it is. I have no idea about the saccades treatment either.

      • Cheers Tim. I did think of Jillie, but she’s very busy with her new job, and I assume this is thereason she had not sontacted me for a while. But I shall end up asking her, I know it, but it will ruin her working system… oh dear!
        I’ll get around to asking Dr Google about cassades treatments, but Vasular DSementia Doris cannot cope with too much at the same time. Hehehe!
        Take care, mate.

  2. Issue 4 3/8 gives your readers a full-spectrum view of exactly what crimes are commited, where they happen, how severe the damage inflicted, and how little time they will actually serve — particularly for those who act like model citizens while in jail in order to get off early, then taking the business to his future victims. We do not have the extent of coverage available in the local media to come anywhere near the details on just how heinous the deeds and how often they occur, but that hardly means that there is no crime all over the country, it is just slathered over with feel-good stuff that would make you think that we live in a utopia. Are your building any safer than the conditions for the poor sods who have to live in the neighborhoods most frequently struck.
    Meanwhile, we live in a small town that is less than 10 miles from the worst neighborhoods in the metropolitan waste lands with a population of 16,000. I had to look it up to see just how small we really are. But the crime is the lowest in the entire metropolitan region. You see people out walking with their kids and their dogs at all hours of the day. The police have a well-deserved reputation for stopping strangers, not to beat them up but to take a preventive strategy. So the word gets around that the police are diligent. The property taxes are higher than many surrounding towns, but the highest taxes are exacted in the big (relatively) city.
    Speaking of criminals, that waiting line for medical services, 43 weeks, is out of hand. And that bit about not knowing if your costs decrease if a carer does not show is something that might be called … ahem … theft.
    As you state, the ones with a long future ahead of them are the very ones most damaged by your rogue list.

    • Now that was an interesting read, Sir!
      Anything untoward happening in these flats seems to get lost in the fog of the news articles. Kept quiet, hushed up by the council management. When the gypsies kids got in and vandalised the property, knocked on door to gain access to the flats (unknown if they did get in any), there was nothing in the YourAArea news magazine… but I’m not surprised. When we had cars stolen and sone vandalised, not a thing. The police attended, but did not put it on their website. It may make it harder to rent the flats to old folks?
      I concur and agree with your ending statement, Billum.
      Did you read Tim’s comment? New Mexico are as bad as we are, but its comforting to know you are in a safer area, with good police.
      Talking of good police, I hope HRH is in favour with SM?
      Cheers! ♥

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