Inchcocks Local News Snippets – With Odes – Part 854⅐th

A surprising jump in numbers, innit?
If it keeps on rising, we could be in the shit!
I hope the old face-masks still fit…
I bet folks have lost their vaccination chit?
Again the NHS will reach its capacity limit!

Sorry, I’ve gone off subject cause I’m frit…
Putin’s taking our minds off of it?
Puckin’ Putin makes me want to vomit!
We can name-call, posture and discredit…
I fear it’s only Putin that will profit!

Could we not put these animals in the army again?
Sentence them, and send them to Ukraine?
Arm them with their own machetes and Dunblane?
Hopefully, there they will learn how to die immame!
Decency and empathy to them is impossible to train,
Violence, hatred, bullying… that’s their skills and game,
They deserve to be at the bottom of the food chain!

Why do violent attackers get freed so soon, just asking?
Considering the reoffending rate… it’s amazing?
If they are caught, sometimes culprits are escaping?
They laugh at the courts, a slapped wrist; Horrifying!

A 21-year-old accepted to become a student?
Do they not have some sort of appraisement,
Any checks to find mental dysfunctions impediments?
To protect real students from any imperilment?
The end of appeasement is needed, that’s evident!.

So much nasty violence now, I’m feeling so languescent,
At the shortages of any youths that are moral and decent!
Gangs, muggers, knives… are they scared or always temulent?
Or is it me who’s scared and judged things misdempt?.

Another woman and child basher, his name, Mark Place,
Looks like a natural bully, do you see his face?
I reckon he’ll get out and strike again, as always…
Domestic violence, I knew well in my younger days…
I suppose this is why this irks me more in some ways…
In clink, he can play pool for free on the green blaise…
If the cook serves him ketchup for mayonnaise,
He might try to strangle him, and put him in a daze?
Then his pathetic sentence, they’ll reappraise?.

♫A policeman’s lot is not a happy lot♫, they sangeth…
As more violent East European gangs approacheth…
The bobbies of today get little help from the judges…
Youths stealing cars, on drugs… it beginneth…
Lawlessness, can no one else seeth?
Bobbies being smashed in the teeth?
More and more roaming, violent gangs triumph!
Ten-year-old truants, on drugs and drinketh?
Murderers freed early, to kill again as they pleaseth?
Politicians lying, cheating as they requireth?
Teachers stabbed while trying to teacheth?
For the future of Britain… I do really feareth!

Desperate times for the countries diminishing law,
Parole boards are freeing killers to kill more!
We hear little nowadays from the House of Lords?
Cutting the cost of imprisoning, they applaud…
Well to save money… are they all blinkered?
Save victims! Send the violent away… with a chessboard!
A ludo game, and cut back on their food, you coward!
Luxuries, mobiles, cocaine they can get, but I can’t afford!
Can’t get to see my doctor, or mend my motherboard…
A convicted murderer can get both – and kill again afterwards!
Will we ever see proper justice? I’ll be beggared!

Andrious Sidlauskas: Lithuanian immigrant jailed.
Happening a lot innit?

Just thought I’d update you on how my luck is going…
Well, with excitement, I’m not exactly glowing…
3 houses to find… it must be easier going…
To find just one, than to miss them all as I keep doing…
I used to find this free game compelling,
Now, it’s just embarrassing! Hehehe!



24 thoughts on “Inchcocks Local News Snippets – With Odes – Part 854⅐th

  1. Worra a crazy quilt of criminality, woven by a collective of deviants and not-so-pleasant folks, mostly quite young it appears. A ten-year-old might be considered a minor, but he is as awful as ancient criminals when perpetrating the dastardly.
    Those clods from Eastern Europe bring some gang experience with them, or is that a wild chunk of a half-baked thot. Might we see them seeking jobs as police officers up your way?
    Indeed, you have experience with the family abusers. Knives all over the place, including a liver and other vital organs. A slap to the hand, then given an opportunity to improve his pool game while in the clinker?
    I’ve an idea though. Drop these bad arses inside the Kremlin. Give them a photo of Puckin’ Putin and see if the security police run for the nearest alley to get away from them. At least that would take them away from the shires of Nottingham.

    • “Crazy quilt of criminality?” – I like it,Billum!
      It’s true that the villains are the ones from E Europe who take advantage of the soft sentences and come over… But there have been so many 100 of thousands of them, I believe that most of them are dcent looking for a better life folks. As with all, a few give their terrible crimnality reputation to the many. We are all culpable of thinking unkindly when one reads of their atrocities… with me, it’s not the origin, it’s their actions, I despise wherever they come from. They scare me… not for who any criminal is, but their actions.
      Good suggestion for ridding te populace from sone scumbags. Hehehe!

      • I quite agree that you must never stop trying to keep stereotype out of the picture. The crazy quilted ones are not the leaders of honest refugees. Perhaps one of my suggestions for ridding the populace of the bad players.

      • We concur again, Sire! ♥
        I’ll keep an eye out for the quilted clan, then Billum.
        I’ve just had Carer Helen in – I am her last call – she is joing the flood of others who have left Meridian Care! But, she sent me a Facebook friend request before she went. I supplied a carrier bag of nibbles and drinkies she chose for her to take with her.
        Dang it, I was just rememberig her name as well. Hahaha!

      • By gum, it is good to find a fellow traveller who recognizes the denizens of the night and the day.
        A deluge of Carers does not flood itself from the employ of Meridian. A good service worker tries to keep their personal thought storms from miffing a company client. And just as one leaves you remember her name. I doubt that Meridian provides the exodus of workers with carrier bags of nibbles and drinkies. Nice to have a new FB friend though.

      • Ah, traveller? That I be, Billum. I travel to the overnight grey bucket throughout the day, Porcelain Throne room, kitchen to make a brew of Glengettie… why I even get out side sometimes… to the bank to be interviewed by the police, Opticians to find I’ve got Saccades, Glaucoma and Cataracts, Dentist to be ignored, and at least once every two years to the Doctors! Hehehe!
        I have to say you worded thais comment in an entertaining way, and brought forth an inner smile or two. I fank you, Billum!
        Hoping HRH, your lesser-spotted-self, Alan and nibbles are all doing well, Sir. ♥

      • I think of us as blokes who started off with the same virigoinal aspects and meet again as fellow travelers who needed to orient themselves in a bully-owned environment from a thousand smiles away, getting by as fellow lefthanders who were doomed to looming redundancies. I think that the pieces of similarity have run in curious parallel tracks, each of us with dissimilarities that stem from the separate exigencies that you can do nowt about. Also, being *completely* alike would be dreadfully boring.
        All residents at Crowell Manor, all fellow mammals too, wish all goode things to the fellow travelers at the Thorpe of the Wood stately manor, whom we know through your introduction on this very blog. ♥

      • As a Germanicist, psychophysicist, antiessentialist and a possible kineticist, anf through your experiences medicationally speaking, a budding pharmacopolist, I like your assessmenting, Sir!
        May the family frequenting Crowell Manor, a day of good fortune, with a bit of luck thrown in, and I can sense coming, something of a little win! EQ tells me! ♥

  2. That’s a lot to fit into a Curriculum Vitae, kind Sir! Kineticism is the most fun methinks. The naysayers take the Land Rovers and make much noise but only sow confusion.
    We be taking a bit of a rest today, of course that includes the furries who have no thought storms to rouse them and touse them. Your EQ is second to none, so I shall wish to shout hello to the good fortune awaiting

    • Nottingham could use a Local Newd Blog to apply to be entered in the Crime City of the year, mayhaps, Billum? Hehe!
      Rest? Oh, yes, I remember, now. Haha!
      Keep on Sir, wittisiscimising. Cheerski

      • Crime City of the Year is quite the distinction, Sir. Your account of the extent to which the dastards will go gives me all the grist I need to keep my mill churning details on the city that needs a Sheriff on the beat.
        Fort Thomas is a suburb of Nottingham, innit?

      • Just around the corner I think, Bill, at the end of the third street on the left, to the end and take another left… cause summat ain’t right… Hahaha! Love to the family. ♥

      • That’s the ticket. Travel becomes easy when you follow along a Möbius strip. Yer just walk along until yer’ve attained the destination, then cut a circle and climb onto the other side. Gravity is problematic in these matters, so be thee careful not to fall into the pesky abyss below. Summat definitely without explanation, or just flat out wrong and disturbing.
        Why do the Google lads and lasses not provide a Möbius strip option on Google Earth? Yer might as well pick up a fold-up map at the local petrol dealer. I miss those old fold up maps, handier than a computer screen by any measure.
        Our love to you, kindest Sir!

      • Ah, yer confusing me now, mate. Is that owrt to do wiv Modius Dick, a whale wonnit? Cor… typing that reminded me of a dream I had donkeys years ago as an ankle-snapper… not sure if it was a whale that ate me, but it was massive inside, biggerer than out coal house was… Hehehe!
        Bless yers

      • Modius it were not, a whale of a not. Some dreams seem to recur indefinitely, they just cannot get enough thinking done about a silly dream from the distant past. Good old donkeys. When you find yourself in a whale, it is good to have some available room for comfort? Not comforting being in a whale by any measure. Somehow, I haven’t lived at a place with a big coal house (or a small coal house).
        Many blessings to yer 1

      • Haha! Well putteth my Lord Billum!
        Coalhoused were a thing only suffered by the lower classes. The Posh folks had cellars. I can still picture the back yard, six two-up-two down terrace houses, a rather neat looking row of toilets and coalhoused, built against the higher than the houses railway viaduct, and our tin bath hanging on the wall near Dads cobbling bench… those were the days… Hehehe!
        I rememebr thinking “I can’t wait to get out of here…” – now I wish I was back there, to try life again and get somethingright this time. Hahaha!
        Love and bestest wished to all! Even mon keypad-cat, Nibbles. X

      • I think of the beginning of the Industrial Revolution as a time when insistence on coal to a Dickensian extent imbued everyone who was not lucky enough to be born into a wealthy society that cared deeply for their fellow upper crust citizens who attend Eton, Oxford, Cambridge… Our seven-member family shared a single bathroom, four of us slept in a blast furnace attic. It was the reality we knew. Full stop. I was the first to go to university, get an MA from another in Kansas, qualify to study in Germany, get another MA in German Languages and Literatures. Then I made certain that my move to programming enormous databases would faithfully lead to an inevitable redundancy each time. I did not have the good sense to obtain a doctorate in the very different 1970s, that would not have led to redundancy but rather tenure, a piece cake in those days. THAT road not taken slams like a steel door, right on your bloody arse.

      • Bit of deep memorisationing there, Billum. Bathroom? Heater? Hot water? All luxuries in my struggle through childhood. Hehehe! And as you say, it’s just how it was to be, and I thought, truly, myself to be luckier than many.
        I do wish Dad would have shown more interest in my schooling though, sadly. He was a country kad and bloke, farming, and driving is all he know or wanted. I loved it when I could go out with him on his horse and dray, then lorry. Now that does prompt some haooy memories, mate.
        Have you or the clan had any financial luck yet? If not, I’m going to have to have a work with EQ, missleading like that!
        I’m so gald you found HRH and made a bondage of supreme understanding and sharing. Proud of Alan, too!
        But I wish nibbles would leave your keyboard alone. Har-har!
        TTFNski each.

      • Most setbacks we suffer stem from causes we did not, or could not, alter. If you cannot change a miserable element of your lot, you just have to hope that it goes away on its own. We eventually escaped from the blazing-hot attic and now live in comparative luxury. My father was in North Africa when he could have been in college. I have some of his high school notes, they were quite brilliant. Up in the corners of the attic of blazes, we found some instructions on defusing active bombs dropped by the Germans. Not the kind of training sought by employers post war.
        We trust your EQ mightily and will merely wait patiently while the financial luck plods its way to the manor or Crowell. I found HRH in the same way as I find all my bodhisattvas, online via computer. We hit it off famously and wrote each other prolifically. Still prolificalising with a mate in Nottingham using the same basic equipment and keyboard. Nibbles likes the keyboard too.
        And a TTFNski to you, mi amigo.

      • Ah, hope they go away on there own, Billum, too true. But Thought-Storms keep bringing up my failures and mistakes almost daily, the little devils! Why does not Vascular Dementia Doreen not help me forget of these incidents? SHe lets me forget the the time, day, date, numbers etc. all the time – You’d have thought she might help out doing the same with the TS’s? Haha!
        Great you’ve managed to keep some of Dad’s stuff to preuse and remenice over, Billum. Good memories are precious, as is HRH and Alan… even the keyboard-stomper. Hehehe! Beautiful too.
        I forgot to take my Hemp last night, and sure enough started jumping awake after a couple of hours with Sweet Morpeous; So I got a mug of Glengettie, and onto the computer. It’s not taking photos again, Harumph! But at least I can get time to answer your comments (02:45hrs). But the eyes are not too good this eveni… morning. The mistiness seems so much thicker than it did last night? I hopeth the hospital gets a move on to start sorting me out soon.
        Just took a Hemp capsule (too late?) without thinking here, Billum… I hope I don’t start nodding off.
        Thinking of you all, sending sweet thoughts through the ether for HRH, Duccess for Alan and Worthy Self, and a bit of fuss for Nibbles… I thanketh you!

      • Thought storms do the choosing when gathering only darker shades of memory to vex the more gentle frames of memory. Doreen could perform some real magic, but she is in league with the rest of the vexing crew who seek new ways to weave the fabric of discord.
        It is comforting to leaf through notes taken at a school in the 1930s. A physical remnant of a past that forms you. Good and comforting to have the presence of the fellow residents of Crowell Manor to greet spring on this placid Thursday afternoon. Helps too to have a cup of cafeinated beverage to soothe the moments as they clack on by sometimes.
        Looks like evening is setting in over there, so may your thought storms subside for a year or so. A bit optimistic, that. 🙂

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