Local News Snippets: With Ode Comments, Part 11⅛th

Local News Snippets
With Ode Comments
Part 11⅛th

Nottinghamshire News

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How many more people are the Government and Parole Boards going to get murdered? Why are the namby-pamby, battling for prisoners-rights, pathetic parole board members getting it wrong and freeing so many killers? Why do killers have so many rights? Other than to get to use the gallows, they should have none!

On March 9, 1950, a young Welshman living in London was sentenced to death for one of the worst crimes imaginable – the brutal murder of his wife and young child. After a whistle-stop trial lasting just three days, Timothy Evans was convicted and subsequently executed for the murder of his wife Beryl and 14-month-od daughter Geraldine. So, again, who was to blame?

And they do – REPEATEDLY!

Following the unmasking of Christie, a campaign led by many prominent journalists and newspapers sought to highlight what they said was a miscarriage of justice. Still, two official inquiries ordered by the Home Office found nothing wrong. The first, led by John Scott Henderson QC, upheld Evans’ conviction, concluding that Christie’s confession of murdering Beryl Evans was unreliable because it was made to support his defence that he was insane. The second, chaired by High Court judge Sir Daniel Brabin, found it was “more probable than not” that Evans murdered his wife and that he did not murder his daughter – contrary to the prosecution case in the original trial. Yet still, they get things wrong! Jailed ‘for life’ (Hahaha!), but freed to kill again: Shocking new data reveals that 149 criminals have joined the ranks of ‘double-lifers’ over the last ten years to kill again! Our legal systems gang of rich misfits are guilty themselves yet once more.

No wonder freed killers don’t target judges, lawyers or parole officers!

I wonder what would happen if they catch the scumball?
His lawyer will claim he’s going demential?
He took a pain pill once, and now he’s hooked on Ketamine Special?
His ten past convictions have only been financial?
He’s a Covid doctor and must keep his job; it’s essential?
An Auntie touched his knee; his emotions were conflictual?
He got raped by a male cat; unsure if he’s homosexual?
His teachers forced him to play football?
All he wanted was to be an intellectual?
Hit his head, twixt right and wrong are not recognisable?

Conning the judge? Easy, malleable, manageable, and manipulable!
The barrister tells him his clients’ past crimes are nullifiable…
He admits to this charge, for it is not deniable…
Really my client is the one who is pitiable…
He’s not stabbed or raped anyone for weeks; surely that’s praisable?
His motives were not malignant or questionable…
Although his actions he now finds regrettable…
Would a case of Glenfiddich 1937 be acceptable?

A potential trial in September?
Nothing about our legal system is certain,
Then October, maybe even November?
The judge has to break for tea and a frangipane,
Or not at all, unless the judge can keep sober…

And how long before this pair of shits is free again?
By the look of them, their dink must be high-octane…
They don’t look respectable or humane…
They ought to be stuck on top of a weathervane…
I’d sentence them both to an overdose of lidocaine…
I bet the soft judge sentencing, he’ll maintain…
While locked up, they cannot to innocents give pain…
They’ll be out, molesting, hurting and raping again!

An eighteen-year-old attacks five… Holy shit!
Hands and arms of officers and guards he bit?
Well, you can’t say he has no drive and spirit?
Every officer took some form of a kick or hit…
One guard thinks the lad broke a digit?
It took five of them to get him in the car, then the git…
Another officer got kicked on the chin; Gawdamit!
I hope the police carried a haematocrit!

Good heavens, what next! The Black Death?

A fifteen-year sentence?
With an 8-year extended licence?
Eh! What’s all this nonsense?
Chicanery or maybe ambivalence?
Hope it’s not the judges’ munificence?
I looked it up; it proves this judge has sentience!
The additional term in the nick… With I hope, quiescence!
To keep people safe from his concupiscence!
Fancy a judge showing some prospicience!

Looks decent to me?

Well, dang my eye, a conflicting report?
The changing figures seem a little distort…
One set gives fears, the other one comfort?
Still, I’m going to get myself all fraught…
I’ll chew on my bar of strawberry noughat!

What a dodgy looking set of villains!

Elizabeth Dodds, prosecuting, said the steroids, a class C drug, were worth between £90 and £120 on the outside, but in jail, the value increased tenfold up to £1,200. When questioned, Kirkland – who has 139 offences to her name, mainly for shoplifting – announced: “It was just tobacco.” Hahaha!

Alternative accommodation to be found?
Somewhere mayhaps snowbound or icebound?
Somewhere suitable six-foot underground?
Where food has to be begged for or scrounged?
Where freedom again will never be tasted or found!

Well, I’m back to my usual on the find three-houses competition,
Not that this encourages any mardiness or derision!
I never expected to win, although that would be a sensation!
If I was to win anything, I’d lose my identification…
As the unluckiest person in the world, in any Nation…
I’ve not won owt for donkey years; I’ve lost the motivation!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Late Snippet

13 and 12 months. Do they look like they’re bothered? No wonder I have no faith in the future. There will be more and more violence – and fewer and fewer deterrents.

The End Is Nigh!

Ah, well! I’d berra get summat to eat then.

22 thoughts on “Local News Snippets: With Ode Comments, Part 11⅛th

  1. It’s is quite amazing how many disturbing criminals arrive at heinous crimes that test their imagination. Would that they could use their imaginations in more societally kind ways.
    What about that arsonist youth who gets nods of approval from a judge who could be doing anything other than gumming up the criminal-justice system. Gives them time time to improve upon their fire starting schemes. Meanwhile, the judge could be reassigned to scrubbing lavatories.
    Only thing one can do is find that strawberry noughat to chaw upon. The best solution for dissolving frustrations with the beasts out and about. Louts!

    • Ah, you broughteth a smile, well a few there. Much needed, Sir, thanks.
      Couls they not send them to assist Putin? Clean his latrines on the front line?
      Just a thought. Haha!

      • Always good to bring a needed smile, Sir.
        The latrines do not clean themselves, and these gits need to accomplish something with their time and faculties.
        A happy Monday to you!

      • Bless you billum.
        Montag is memory now (well, some of it, hehe!). A different haematology nurse cameth to tasketh a blood sample for the Warfarin, a beautiful, kind young thing. Reminded me of HRH, so caring and attentative.
        Dienstag has commeth… Today only the Carers to wake me up. Richard should be the morning caller, the evening Samantha, on the rosta. Aslo an increase in Carer Costs from the Nottingham City Council. 6.9%! Council Tax up 5.2%. And an unamed figure, warning of a further incease in electricty charges, which two months ago rose by 8%.
        With fresh pod peas that cost about £2 for 500grm pack last year, this week costing £3.50 for a 150grm pack… ♫Fings ain’t wot they used to be!♫
        May Deinstag develop damned good luck and haooy suprises on all the wonderdul folks at Crowell Manor. ♥

      • We need to help each other out if we are to find a way around the logistical machinations affecting the many of us who are not 100 millionaires. HRH is very good at finding ways around the bureaucratic nestled thorns. Lisa is also a listener (very rare bird, that) who knows how to find answers where one sees only confusion, people running amok (a Malaysian word), and the bothersome berserkers running around the town.
        We have a doctor’s appointment set for early afternoon today (Tuesday) to address the major hernias that are causing much distress. We are looking to get HRH an MRI to determine how much Lisa’s displaced major organs differ from Grey’s Anatomy.
        Interesting to note that there remains much less of each of us that corresponds to Grey’s Anatomy. Make a list of all the repositioned organs moved about the innards of the three of us and we would find a long list.
        So, Dienstag looks action packed already.
        03:00 hours at the moment, but when I am awake, I am in a mood to write or sketch, or watch more Grimm. Lisa is presently watching an extra on the special effects used in Grimm to make it all appear believable in a Samuel Coleridge sort of way (creating a willing suspension of disbelief among us viewers)

      • HRH Lisa, to a tee! Cares for others, Billum, Sister, Alan, furries… oh, and including me!
        I’m praying that HRH will find, and get some successful progress made… Please let it be!
        We are a set of organ mover specialists! The Cataracts aren’t organs, are they? Else the lst will goweth even more. Haha!
        I really must try to stay awake to watch a Grimm, but they are in late evening over here… Tsk!
        Best of luck with the busy-business! ♥

      • Bouts of sleeplessness continue to vex HRH, including a couple missed doctor appointments brought about by sheer fatigue. Those organs move around sometimes. Lisa has organs floating around and herniating about with abandon.
        Perhaps cataracts can become organs if they try hard enough, and they surely do that. What a list!
        Grimm is quite a fun program, and you do not need to follow them in sequence, they weave around several themes. Hope you find yourself awake to view a few or two.
        Back to busy…

      • Wish HRH all my best wishes, please Sir Billum ♥
        I’ve been up today for about 18hrs already, and time is running out. With the camera, computer, and eyes, every thing is taking too long, and some things are undoable. Especially when Dizzy Dennis visits. Humph!
        Still, I musn’t moan, plenmty worse ofski than I be.
        I hope to get off of the computer soon, and get summat to eat. Then after medicationalisationing, get down and try to watch Gimm… if its on, Bank Holiday and all that, Bill.
        Any odds of my acheiving that? Hahaha!
        Cheers to all, ♥

      • Dizzy Dennis does make it difficult to focus upon anything when Dizzy gets in the mood to getting an eddy swirling. Everything gets spun into a maelstrom. A good amount of sleep would help enormously.
        Having something in the stomach does not hurt. Why do Bank Holidays have to mess with the most important things, such as the Grimm scheduling.
        Good luck on the achievement accomplishing!
        And hearty cheers!

      • Thanks mate.
        I got to start looking at a Grimm, Billum last night. Three policemen… Algeria find mother… fell asleep at the first commercials, not that I following things, so tired.

      • One of the policemen was Nick, a Grimm who can recognize fairy tale creatures by dint of birth. The second is Hank, a normal bloke who teams with Nick. the third is Sgt. Wu, another officer. Together they find the victims of monsters of the night. The ones they hunt are called Wesen, but they mispronounce that.
        German Word as Wessen. The action takes place in Portland, Oregon and Vienna, Austria.
        Hoping that helps. But sleep is more important. of course. We view it without ads. Lisa is good at that magic. 🙂

      • I’ll be a little more aware next time I try to watch Grimm now mate, I thank you. It reminds me of Dr Who of old, and Torchwood, I loved them almost as much as Heartbeat.
        ‘We view it without ads!’ I’m not jealous of course. Full credit to HRH Lisa, what a treasure! 🧡

      • Well, same again, Billum… Zzz! at the first set of commercials, Tsk!
        I need a bigger tally as well, can’t read the subtitles. Which reminds me, Jillie came to see me yesterday – another slice of preciousness. Dragged me out a nasty depression, bless her timing.
        I’m going to the hospital on the 3rd May, Warden Deana has sorted a lift there and back for me. Seeing two people, assessors first I assume, to see if the cataracts transplants will be workable, then another person, 20 minutes later. To give me the results I expect, of the assessment? Can only wait now.
        The spot I scratced on the head has stop[ed bleeding, and I can’t see anything at all of any scab? Then again, there’s a lot of things I can’t see at the moments… but I can get the vibes of caring coming from The Laboratory Manor, and thank HRH and yourself for doing so.

      • We have just finished watching two episodes that involved the return of a key character who was presumed dead (perhaps from a Nottingham criminal who thought he would try his luck in Portland, Oregon. It has again livened up the plot by finding that the presumed dead one is still alive. Now some fresh trails are open.
        Very good of Jillie to help you with those doctors, great news there. The third of May will be here before you know it.
        I think the wound on your head just got tired of issuing so much blood, so it just sewed the bullet wound closed and went on its way. My theory may not hold water, but it does hold blood, so that is a decided advantage, innit?
        I am now thinking that HRH has treated your head wound with a magically rare cure rate, something she does with aplomb. Or was it a plum, I keep forgetting. Must be cataracts in my head. Or not. You are always welcome at the Laboratory at any hour, so you special entry card should identify you as an honored laboratory visitor of high value and will recognize your key card every time. Lisa is poring through old Star Trek episodes to discover how you can be transported to the basement time at any desired time, only bad times are change of clock time Sundays. Perhaps we will see you in the basement lab as early as this morning or afternoon. Lisa can also diagnose all the things you need and can get them to you upon demand.

      • Entertaining, humourous commenting at it’s finest there, Billum, Sire.
        HRH may have done the repairing through the ether… Grimm style?
        I liked the frisdt series of Trek the bestest, Bill. Corny, but just go with the flow.
        Thank you kindeth Sir.

      • I should write reviews on films, that would be fun.
        HRH is capable of being at 14 places simultaneously, not many can manage that.
        Corny stuff is fun too, such as science fiction films from the 1950s.

      • Oh, yes, I love the old ones, they have a character all their own, Billum. Love the old Quatermass ones too.
        Keepeth safe, all Tellurians of Crowell Manor!

      • A most befitting and amusingly entertaining critisisationing there, from Petal Lisa! 🧡
        A damned site more entertaining than the film script!

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