Inchcocks Local News Snippets – Issue 31⅕th

Issue 31⅕th

I’m pleased to be able to report,
This issue has less violence of a sort,
Minor stuff, no murders, that’s a comfort,
Cause I may find one later, to import…
There’s no need to feel distraught,
There’ll soon be more, for me to flaunt!

Here we go…

Mental Health Act, I worry about it a bit…
Many members of my family have known it…
Malcolm, and others, they have seen fit…
Locked up, losing their citizenship…
One chap, they even gave him the snip?
He hurt no one, ever, but he still got zapped?
Now my family have gone off to the crypt!

Yet none of them had committed rape or murder,
If the mentally ill are considered a danger…
Could we not have discovered this much earlier?
Stop waging war, spend money wiser…
I’m getting confused, I’m not a scaremonger…
Drug gangs, Putin, murderers, muggers and pillagers,
Greed for cash… to show off and swagger!

Nor am I in my right mind, due to Doreen’s Dementia,
I’ve not led a life, with very much adventure…
But the mentally ill can be more of a danger…
Cause we rarely find out, before they become a killer!
That they have a problem, but a lawyer is a great deluder…
Claiming mental problems, voices hear, trickery here!

As with the parole board, that frees many a murderer,
To kill again… can justice really be absurderer?
So many innocents, now laying in their sepulture…
Because of the legal system, and its pathetic nomenclature!

Life imprisonment, they get out in ten?
This is not rare, it’s happened so often…
Judges pretending that the case is disproven…
Like backhander taking referees, the Government to please,
Keep the scum out of prison, the cost does displease…
It’s cheaper to make them into parolees…
So they can murder again, and with such f’ing ease!

Fair enough, put her in hospital, to play with frisbees,
She can be assessed regularly, by overpaid committees?
She’s better now, all the parole board might agree…
They may say no, either way, it doesn’t bother their fees!
Will mental murders ever start to decrease…
Is the legal system bothered at all? That’s the wheeze!
I’m sure we could find a way to help earlier, Please!
Before we have yet another innocent, deceased!

Humankind, seem to be losing the ability for conferring…
As well as bantering, bartering, and also, discussing…
Although some other qualities, they are practising,
Like moaning, complaining, thumping, mugging…
Battering, stabbing, lying, cheating, conning…
Grovelling, drinking, drugging, belching, killing…
Bedevilling, befuddling, begalling, belittling…
Caterwauling, shoplifting, fiddling, crime and spitting,
They have taken to with eagerness, and willingness.

This violence is getting a little close to home mate!
Like Putin, who validates it’s okay to annihilate!
Drink, drugs and sex, can easily overstimulate,
They put men on the moon, dead cells rejuvenate…
Shame the proletariats’ brains won’t recalibrate!
Mistakes my those in power, they just replicate…
Knowing their failings are worse than Watergate!

Oh, yes?

Even closer to my Woodthorpe Court, great!
Burglaries, break-ins, what a spate…
I think I’ll hibernate and vegetate?
Till Jesus returns, not long to wait!

Conditional bail? Sounds dodgy, to me?
What are the conditions? What do they be?
Why have they let this animal roam free?
Justice is farcical, in this country!

I’ll try to follow this one!

Local Postcode Crimes v National

The NG5 4DZ Crime Map. Been busy ain’t they?

A scumball like that does not deserve a lawyer for free! At least he got a prat of a lawyer, who could only tell the judge that he’d been a good boy, in mitigation. With his record, how he got off so lightly just proves my saying that the law is an ass!

This Below is really sad… Heartbreaking!

Everyone is a loser!

RIP Ray Dixon


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

29 thoughts on “Inchcocks Local News Snippets – Issue 31⅕th

  1. There, you’ve found my twin: Fillum, trying to reduce the crime rate. Holding up his ticket book and confounding the dastardly with his diligence. What a bloke!
    The tale of the grandfather and his granddaughter is one for Grimm, grim enough. In fact, the whole list of cretinous criminals is daunting and disturbing. Putin would be impressed and encouraged.
    Worried about the green and orange crime scenes very near you. I shall ask Fillum to investigate as soon as he can get there. Too bad that the legend for the color designation is missing, I shall notify the department of missing legends for help.
    A sane Saturday to you!

    • Ah, yes, PC Fillum. I wondered why he says “Mornin’ all” in an American accent. He helps me out with the News Snippets, you know.
      The saddest snippet for a long time.
      Grimm… tried again to stay up to watch t last night, it was on at 22:00hrs, so I shouldn’t have been annoyed when Sweet Morpheus finally arrived – annoyingly at 21:55hrs, I know the time, cause I’d just looked up what was on… Fuggleturdisationing!
      Thank you kindly. May Springlike conditions emanate from the skies above for HRH, Lesser-Red-Spotted Billum, Alan, and… I’ve forgot the furries names again… I hate memory blanks! ♥

      • PC Fillum is trying to catch the worst criminals, but that kind of thing is frowned upon in this world. The worse the crime, the more gentle is the wrist slap. Perhaps this is the point behind Grimm, the sensationally evil creatures are dispatched by the sensationally good creatures who can defeat them by the dozen. It’s not an easy job though. At least Grimm works as a very effective sleep inducer.
        Moggie roster: Sticks, Nibbles, and Fozzie. Current hobo cats who visit us 24/7 for noshes: Grey Girl the Kitten, and Spotty. 🙂

      • Proud of your pleasing the furries, mate.
        The Grimm watching exploits grimly both failed (Zzz)… TSk!
        I’ve ordered some frozen veggie burgers arriving any time now, Sir. Bought two packs of two, cause I don’t know what they taste like yet. Ocado still no Heinz burgers! Humph!

      • We watched the final episode of Grimm last night, it did not disappoint. Many dramatic closing events that were able to turn on a farthing. A 5-star rating. Hope you get to see i soon, but glad that you are enjoying some sleep in its stead, Sir!
        Good to find good tasting vittles. Shortages persist over here as well, and the prices continue to rise in accordance with the mechanics of economics. A shout to Ocada for Heinz burgers!!

      • Thanks mate.
        Icelan email about this mornings order when I woketh up – Three items missing, three substitutes coming. But at least they are sending veh pasty and veggieburgers to try.
        Care and friendship! ♥

      • I shall try to get a photo on of the meal, Sir – but it looks unllikely, the card reader and pictures are nt playing again. Cheers.

      • Exactly what my innards did last night, I had taken 4 antidiarea tablets within 6 hours and still produced some volatile innards tat sent me visiting the porcelain throne. Oh, no…that is what I said.

      • I find variabilities that are unbelievable, in truth. Almost water, the next one cement! Still, variety is said to be the spice of life… innit? Hahaha!

      • Quite true, Sir. Mixing cement properly, not that I ever have, requires you to strike a balance in the amounts of cement and water. Which reminds me of an experience related to my by a read-mix concrete driver. He asked the purchaser where he should dump the load. “Oh, anywhere I guess. I won’t be doing anything with it until tomorrow.” Sounded believable to me. Larf worthy in any event. 🙂

      • Would have made a proper YouTube video, but that conversation occurred somewhen in the 1970s. Always happy to evoke a larf, of course.

      • I must tell you, cause I think I might forget thingsin t he blog, I’m a day behind with everything, and npt getting to grip[s mentallu, Billum. however, and ending on the floor entangled with Sock-Glide-Glenda, then the towel heater last night, I stubbed my toe again this morning, dropped and broke the kettle (No panic, I havr another, so the Glengettie will still get brewed (Hahaha!). Ten minutes ago, I stubbed the same tpe again, and woud it stop bleeding? No! So I took a half a Warfarin extra, and droppped the water bottle, whihc landed on the same foot I stubbed, and no have to clean up the mess and changed the damp clothes… But that can wait, for HRH Petal and Billums communications must be replied to and thanks offered for being who they are… Did I waffle on a bit there? Sorry Bill.
        I did a simple couple of jobs… well they used to be. I ordered some Morrisons stuff, fingers crossed om the Texas veggieburgers, for delivery in the morning, and some from Amazon. I think it took me three hours to get them done, then, after checking the order at Amazon, I had to cancel potted potatoes and some biscits, that I can’t recall ordering. Getting a bit worried now. Hahaha! Top it all up, Herberts nosie concerto went on for ages today. SM is not going to like all these odd hours I’m keeping, Tsk!
        However, a fanking you for the larf leading, Sir!

      • I always like to take part in electronic chin wagging, no matter the topic or whether it shakes the Earth. Particularly since an entire day of information has been left without account while visiting the eye doctors. Glenda the glide monster never gives up a fight without inflicting wounds.
        And a darned good thing that you have a spare pot in the event of one breaking. Now, my mind is beset with the thought that Glenda might morph into Glenda Glengettie — either a glengettie tainter or a teapot destroyer. Hopefully, this brings no impending nightmares in the near future for either of us. SM might be overtaxed.
        The stubbing of toes is always more painful that one would think, it is way down there far from the pain-reporting areas in the cranium. I might have to open a 98th laboratory to consider ways to address this matter.
        And how to tell Herbert that his Herberts are a bit annoying at the best of times. Looks like he might go Wagnerian on us and being a Ring Cycle with extra Valkyries. Gad.
        Looks like N’ham has slipped into Thursday. May Thor drop his hammer on Herbert!

      • Againski, I enjoyed the little read, Sir, I fang you!
        The highlight for me was hard to pick out, but the “Glenda might morph into Glenda Glengettie — either a glengettie tainter or a teapot destroyer”, was quiete a brilliant set of wordaging, my freind!
        Noises of varying length and quality from the Herb farm above.
        Freitag cometh to it’s end! And Chloe attended, and took extra care tonight, brought the washing back – and foldedd it before my very eyes!!! Gave a couple of minutkes chinwagging as well! Excellent!
        Thanks again, my Laroratory extender. Hehe!

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