Local News Snippets – Part 4⅔rds

Local News Snippets – Part 4⅔rds

Last week’s Snippets – Part 4⅔rd,
Crimes committed by the criminal herd?
Murders, knifings, muggings… occurred,
Are sentences being suspended and deferred?
The end of public safety… read my words…

It’s started, the crumbling of morality…
Violent crimes are committed daily & nightly!
Such offences are falling, apparently?
Methinks the Government say this, lyingly!
Crime figures are given with a certain mendacity…

Repeatedly freeing killers early, to murder again,
And yet, so many people do not complain?
The average proletariat shows some disdain,
I’m known locally as a harmless lamebrain…
Who is generally a softy and relatively humane,
Who voted in Brexit to remain…
Now violent crime is sending me to Novocaine!

This young man, is our hopes for the future?

Crime reducing in Nottingham, we were told…
Now multiple murders every week, behold!
The figures are hidden, those unsolved…
Reported crimes are down… down?
That brings on a furrowed brow…
Little faith left in the legal system now!

Four months, suspended for twelve months, and 15 days of rehabilitation activities? Oh, good!.

Then I found this report…

I’m getting confused here…

Bestest ever try… still no cigar…

Link: Unsolved Nottingham Murders

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22 thoughts on “Local News Snippets – Part 4⅔rds

  1. What a demented lot — the judges who pass no judgement on the most violent before the Nottingham jurisdiction. Bad enough that a criminal would fashion a weapon from razor blades and plastic cutlery, no they have to make their creation double bladed so that the would takes much longer to heal.
    Then you have that long list of murderers who have yet to be apprehended after many years. The world’s least wanted.
    Power-saw wielders and daughters that get raised for a couple decades and then attack their fathers to give their thanks. Then the judge reduces punishment to 15 rehab days, probably never served by the doting daughter.
    Woe is us!

    • Cheers Billum, I can only agree with your statements and comments, Sir.
      I’m getting nervous about going to the shops now. Three murders in Sherwood already this year! With eight convicted murderers left to go on parole between now and next January, it’s only going to get worse, methinks. Woe, indeedski, mate!

      • You have the pulse of the city, reporting what your fellow reporters do not touch, as if crime waves do not exist for them and their readers. But these creeps like it that way too, slithering snakes of the sewers.

      • Freitag ist now here (04:52hrs)… I’m doing comments, with a mug of Glengettie on the desk, pains in the stomach, and an almost artistis right and meft-hand twitching at the same time… A first that.
        You would not believe how long its taking, and how many corrections are having to be made without Grammarly… Bound to have missed some.
        May your Friday be fermented with success, less pain, and a Sweet Morpheused HRH! ♥

      • Samstag is around the corner. With both twitching at the same time, you are ready to grab a baton and conduct the apocryphal orchestra. Puzzling out the misspellings is good sport for Friday festive fun. May Saturday be not sour and may Morpheusian sleep be sweet.

      • Now that is odd, you speakething such words wot I juyst read… Carer Cheeky Charley came a few minutes ago, and I got the peripheral shakes in the usual right arm, and the bottle I was about to take hte medications with, was shook and wved about, just as it I was conducting! She did larf! A miracle it happened before I’d taken the cap off the bottle…
        Honestly, I don’t know how you know these things, Billum? I fanketh you!
        The innards are brewing still… Oh, dearie me…
        Horrible night Morpheusianing, constantly waking up with a jump throughout the night… Had go to the Throne then, Bill. Squidgy and watery, not a lot. Hehe!
        May your Samstag blossom with bursts of joy! ♥

      • Those peripheral shakes produce cascading messes in their wake, fortunately the cap was still on the bottle. Tablets could have strewn all over and all under the place. Some could have joined with the peas lurking under fings. Good thing that Charley was able to respond quickly and larfingly help out.
        I seem to recognise that summin absurd is about to occur and the I report on it. ’tis a hobby of mine. Now I am resting from the throne happenings of mere hours ago, and do it while preparing noshes for HRH.
        Cheers, mate!

      • Thanks for that update, Sire. And the larfs within. Rushing a bit, noe, got to get ready to go to the hospital for the cataracts assessment, Billum.
        Cheerrs and TTFNski!

      • Got back from the hospital, Billum, orn out, I don’t know why?
        Hope to get a blog done, or at least started.
        Keep safe, I think you and HRH are wonderful people!

      • Getting ‘orn out comes with the experience somehow.
        We look forward to reading blog next, as we do what we can to prepare for Wednesday. Whatever that means.
        I’ll go so far as to posit that all three and each one of us are most wonderful people! Blessed to know more about each other every day.

      • Mayhaps we could gang up on Herbert? He ain’t half giving me some banging, tapping and clanging this morning! (Grrr!) I had to mention that, Billum, sorry.
        We share stuff twixt us htree do we not? Which is good! And I fank yous!

      • Were we to gang up on Herbert, the police would round us up and lock us in all those revolving-door cells made available by the most dangerous criminal creeps. Hearing of the latest Herberts keeps me eager to hear more. So no apologies appropriate.
        Many words bouncing back and forth through the ether. And we each of us enjoy it full well, do we not?
        Fank *you* too, Sir!

      • Me does like a laugh and chinwag, my friend. Shame that Richard is always at the end of his shift, I have to keep my good eye on him as the poor lad starts to droop his eyelids. Har-har! Can I include Richard in the larfing brigade?

      • Laughs and chinwags are the best, even when the wagging of chins must take place overf an expanse of thousands of miles. I wonder if Richard could change schedules to a more chin-wagging suitable time of day. Eyelid droops would be less likely? There are vacancies on the larfing brigade, according to my larf meter. Reminding me that I need to replace the batteries on said meter. I usually do so when daylight saving time does a flip, so the batteries must have drooping eyelids by now. Hahaha!
        I forget which laboratory contains fresh supplies of meter batteries. Either No. 17 or No. 37 … or 71,,,73? I will simply check them all…might be a long night but it is worth it to have a fully charged Larf Meter. Cheers then, Sir!

      • Ah, kind poor Richard, is foten barely awake when he calls at the end of his shift, just so he can give me a natter. This morning, the lad went throught the dates of the produce in the fridge and freezer. And deprted with around about eight out-of-date products in a big bag to place int the waste chute, bless him. And hlloked do tired out, but kept his sporots up outwardly, a grand chap! He syas next Thursday (after consulting his work roster), he’ll go thought the entire freezer to check dates and remove any frosted loose products for me. Kind, so kind! Oh, and hell sort my cupboards out for short dated items, he found a jar of pickle, two of vinegar, and a can of water chestnuts out of date today as well.It is impossible for me read the labels, so small on some items, at the moment. Richard the Lionheart!
        Your larf-meter description got many laughs tonight. Hahaha!
        Cheers, and love to all.

      • Richard is nothing short of a Mensch, searching for expired food items is as kind an act as I can imagine. Yes, he is indeed a lionheart.
        Cheers and recoveries to you, Sir!

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