Local News Snippets – Issue 43¾


The future for Nottingham is not bright…
Youths today want to drink, have drugs, have sex and fight…
Talking to them nicely, saying, ‘This is not right’…
‘You can go out mugging, but be home for midnight,
Drugs, coke, reefers, opioids, cannabis, or scrike…
Better to stay at home, and watch TV, eat Marmite…
Judges tell them, was stealing the car an oversight?
You ran away from policemen and are not contrite?
Then threw stones, and PC Smith nearly lost his eyesight…
Would you like an X-box? To play with at night?

Was this caused by the culprit’s drinking?
Or was he caught with the other man’s wife, smooching?
Were they flatmates arguing over the TV they were watching?
Or neighbours, one of them noisy, door banging?
Mayhaps it was a loud toilet flushing?
Did the victim really deserve a good punching?
What if, during lunch, one started farting?
Or an innocuous retort, like one of them, harrumphing?
Or a house seller, fiddling and gazumping?
Or not happy with how the other cooked his dumpling?
Whichever, there is far too much violence erupting,
And revenge attacks flourishing.

This is sickening!

“I don’t want to keep coming back to jail” Diddums then…
The threat of prison has not stopped you; you’re heartbroken?
Howarth, I don’t believe a word you have spoken…
Your sexual interferences seem to worsen!
My word for you has a hyphen…
You should never be forgiven…
Doctors and courts can’t cure or make your sins unhappen…
I’d chain you up in a pigpen!

Vicious Scumbag!

What the hell is going on in this country?

So many more foreigners committing crime,
It had to happen in time…
Not enough people are anticrime,
So, we get more of the criminal slime…
Drug gangs, slave traders, murderers, autocrime…
Being allowed into the country all the time…
But what I say is not worth a dime…
For we are a world-race, mixed, and that’s fine,

Some drink Champagne, vodka, and wine,
Criminals, chancers, youths or smalltime…
They should all be given arsenic & cefmenoxime!

What are the odds? Inchcock to find three houses?
In the last three efforts, I’ve found just one!

Are they trying to keep us on tenterhooks?

Three years & ten months sentence?
For once, the judge didn’t show benevolence,

This leaves me in a state of ambivalence.
More than the 85-year-old bashing git below…
Is this really jurisprudence?

A vicious coward, lacking any penitence…
Attacks an 85-year-old – gets a pathetic sentence.
Proving the laws an ass, and has idempotence.
He’ll be out in months, proving the Parole Board’s diffidence!
And maybe, the laws concupiscence?

Every overpaid member of the Parole Board…
Should receive a Special Inchie Award!
For each freed early murderer, who kills again, they release…
They should be arrested by the police!
Stripped and tasered twice…
Locked up in a cell of ice…
I know this doesn’t sound very nice,
But these rich do-gooders, we must neutralise…
Freeing scumbags to kill again, they may think, is wise?
To innocent victims, they should apologise,
Then by hung, so they can say no more lies!

Just a passing thought…

12 thoughts on “Local News Snippets – Issue 43¾

  1. Low lifes get lower, although it’s hard to imagine. The PlayStation pedophile looks like Hitler.

    • Mankinds decline in morals… Humph! Nottingham City Centre is a scary place!
      Now you mention it, the paedo does have Hitlerisms facially. Haha! Well spotted!

  2. Crime fiction doesn’t come within a lightyear of crime fact. These accounts of true villains feeding off the innocent, the elderly, and the young. No one seems to be credibly safe in these scenarios. How far does it have to go before the complicit Parole Board takes the action? And, as you report, the police are hardly evident in Nottingham. A proverbial frog is boiling away in the pot. Going beyond the pale appears to be the everyday familiar. I am going to investigate the crime scene here in the comparably sized Cincinnati, 7 miles to the north of us and find out what the numbers show.
    Among our many violent criminal incidents is the ready availability of the AR-15 assault rifle, sales of an extremely deadly “gun” designed for military use only are heavily marketed to macho men for the protection of “freedom” and defense of their families, then used in mass shootings that could have been prevented. I rest my case, Sir!

    • CCTC, and not a god ine, system seems to have replaced Police Officers in the City Centre, Billum.
      I looketh forward to the rsults of you Sherlock Holmesian investigation results, Sir.
      A roeporter for the local paper went into a pub in Nottingham, and came out with revolver and 20 rounds on ammunition, and ggrugs bought openly from the ‘merchants’ den. The pub got a 4/5 score from the ‘Best Pubs In Nottingham’ last year! And is located a few hundred yards from the latest murder in the City Centre… then the paper was stopped from publishing the results by the Government! According to their website, which had now been taken down… What’s going on here?
      Free access to buy such weapons is not being tackled is it? More ofthe kids and teachers are killed… your case is well rested and true!

      • CCTV is a lousy “cost-saving alternative” to genuine funding of local police on their beat, a staple of old-time television programs as well as on the street — somewhere between Mayberry’s Andy and Barney and Philip K Dick. Our memories of the 1950’s give us a perspective that is valuable, but dismissed by the generations that have followed it. Mere chance provided me parents who were true representatives of what is called The Greatest Generation — not all of course. Very few people born in the 1920’s are still alive. Norman Lear is one of them, he joined the century club on July 27th.
        That highly rated pub is another dishearteningly dystopian sign.
        Gun fetishism is certainly our sign of the dystopic.
        Another chalk mark for our list of things we have in common, kind Sir!
        Extraordinary that we three met online. Of course, online is where Lisa and I met in the early 1990’s.
        A bright side to the fear and loathing of impending doom, innit? Haha!!

      • Thank *you*, kind Sir!
        The Mercury article was spot on, capturing the dynamic completely. I shall bookmark it and am looking forward to reading more of Mercjury. Hurrah!!
        My favorite paragraph:

        “There were other shows, including another groundbreaker, the spoof of soap operas, ‘Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,’ but Lear could claim undeniable laurels on those he helped create 50 years ago in a more mature America that had an adult perspective and could judge the funny and commentating from what today’s self-righteous, moralistic spoilsports would deem a range of negative things from inappropriate to appropriate.”

        Bright sides are therapeutic — needed when the dour “self-righteous, moralistic spoilsports” spew their vomit.
        Cheers, thanks, and best wishes to your fine self and the family as well 🙂

      • Think I agree with that being the best part, Bill!
        Hope to start sorting out the Meridian (NO) Care failure to supply the transport to the diabetes course today; after telling me: “Don’t worry, we (Meridian Care) are sorting it all out for you!” I’d love to know what the problem was, and get help in sorting things out. Can’t read the letters sent me, can’t hear on the phone… A smidge down this morning. Cheers, time to have a natter with the family, they’re just waking up I think… Hehehe! ♥

      • If it is not a mandatory course I would go to more readily available information on YouTube or Google. It might also be a course designed by someone in an enormous bureaucracy somewhere, a person wanting to justify their pay check.
        It’s not worth having it glom onto a thought storm (taken from the Department of EasyForMeToSay)
        It is good to know that the family was waking up to help you, kind Sir!

      • Hahaha! (Taken from the Department of Easy-For-Me-To-Say), I like it.
        I think the family is doing well, thay caught the attentions of Warden Deana today, she fell in love with them!
        The Meridian top-dog, who failed to inform me of her failure to arrange the transport for the diabetes training, this afternoon told Warden Deana that she would be up to see me later. She never came – now how did I just know she wasn’t going to come? All in abeyance again.
        My Obediance, love, and respect to all at the Manor Underground Laboratories & Time Machine by slide-rule Centre. ♥

  3. Of late Billums and I have (knock wood) become cognizant of how perfect our position on the globe, in the states, and weather/climate issues is our home. When we attempted a move to my state of birth, California, all efforts to transition seemed doomed, divorced from benign Spirit in our efforts. So, we returned and took our house off the market. Very quickly we saw the wisdom in this as fires raged as never before just five miles from shore! We have four seasons and can have some days of extreme heat and cold but generally are stable. We live in a safe town that is coveted by many! It sits overlooking the Ohio River Valley from high atop a hill noted as seven Hills of Cincinnati. We have no roving hoods in park or street. Community Christmas walks through the town center where open house in our local businesses see our people warming up with hot drinks and treats as guests of the businesses. Many offer small gifts to commemorate. I have two silver bells from two different Holiday walks from a furniture and decorators business. Cookies candies, hot cider, chocolate…and we even had a dress up your dog parade around the fort that is central in our town with a park and woods that overlook the river. The parade was led by a huge Newfoundland pulling a wagon with a corgi riding! My sister put her rat terrior in a dolls dress and cap and all these doggies paraded around the town center into the park for judging, prizes and grilling out picnics. At Halloween we have jackolanterns placed through the woods paths for a Pumpkin Walk! I know we are blessed and it is our patriarch Billums who provided a good home for his kids as a widowed father. He is a gem! We include you in our family too Inchie! If it all falls apart, get your passport and fly over to Crowell Manor, unless you prefer to make use of the Crowell Labs time machinery? Love you dear, and never go out alone! I think the estates that answered the post war housing crisis are hot beds of poverty and disenfranchisement. That is no reason to assault and rob elderly or any people! Lock your door and make your assisted housing facility provide assisted transport! Be careful my Darling. Love!

    • Ah, bless you.♥ A wonderfully satisfying description, my Petal-Lisa. I got pictures in my mind reading each part.
      You’ve hit it on the head about the estates, my dearest.
      I’ve no passport, so will have to acceot your offer of using the Cromwell Manor Time Machine. (Hehe!) If only!
      Today, I hope tp actually see someone fron the Merifian care, and find out why the transport did’t arrive, and get help sorting out the rest of the arrangement for all the other meetings. I’m very confused over this mess, and the brain freezes when I try to clarify the so many things to remember. Fingers crossed, sweetheart. ♥
      So many things to sort, and Dementia Doreen is not letting me concentrate on them at all.
      Thanks for your caring, and with all your botherations too! ♥♥♥

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