Inchcock Today: Wednesday 10th August 2022 Ode to Doreen: Part 21.3⅚th

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I stayed up for a total of 29hrs; Gawd knows when I can finally get my head down again. CorelDraw mishaps, the main reason, and my stupidity in handling it. Today, CorelDraw has improved. But I still can’t get caught up with the blogging.
I did get yesterday’s finished; this afternoon. And am now making a start on this one at18:15hrs! So, note mong night in the offing! So this diary will be a bit shorter. Methinks I’ll never gerrit dun if not. Sorreh! Did you see that? I reverted to my early years Meadows upbringing slang! Hehehe!
The legs, ankles and feet were not looking so good, yet they were lass painfully than yesterday. One heck of shock after doing the sphygmomanometerisationing!
Glagnangles! The SYS was 186, DIA 63, & pulse 74. Blimey! The body temperature was great, though! Went on the NHS analysis site; interested in what they would comment on this figure.
I wonder if there will be anyone at the Riverside Health Centre on Friday who I can inveigle into doing a check for me on their machine? Well, you never know yer luck… No, hang on, it’s me we’re talking about, innit? Okay, forget it!
Arrived while I was making a mug of tea, my first one for 18 hours! Oh, I am good!
I told Richard about the eight pages of instructions from the C4N transport. The only bit I could read of the eight two-sided A4 paper and leaflet was what it is going to cost me. Very confusing it was. Richard had a quick look; he didn’t have much time, he’s got another client to see. Five minutes later, he said, “I can’t understand it either, Gerry! a right load of confusing waffle!” He kindly stuffed the paperwork into his bag of treats, telling me he’d have a look later on, and let me know if sorts owt out, in the morning. Bless his Cotton Socks!

The Morrison order arrived via the Amazon shopperess. I got the packages in the kitchenette.
I went for a wee-wee and returned to find liquid had been flowing from one of the bags, covering the kitchen floor. I’m not having a lot of luck these last two days, am I? A bottle of Tonic Water caps came off, and a litre of Tonic Water with a hint of lime had soaked through two of the other bags, and I had a right job sorting it out.
Got flowers put in the cool hallway for the warden’s treats.
Then made a start on sorting out the product delivered. kicked off.
Just as I was moving the things in this photo, as I was picking up the pin sprays… the top of one of the bottles shot off; at least I smell nice now, too nice for my comfort.

But dare not go put in these clothes with that sweet smell all over my torso and trousers. Tsk! I ordered a packet of vegan sausages and got a cheapo-ready meal of two sausages & mash in gravy. The limit on you could buy of Mash World chips (fries) as one packet!
The oven-baked fries were so unfrozen I felt the chips breaking up.
As I said earlier, I’m not doing very well lately. Humph!
Tried to phone Warden Deana, then Warden Julie, but both calls were diverted, so they must be up to the neck in it!

Got the fridge and freezer filled up. Tried to phone Warden Deana, then Warden Julie, but both calls were diverted, so they must be up to the neck in it!

Many Mind-Blanks now; I’m feeling right weary. The cataract eyes are making it even worse to see and concentrate. was so persistent today, and Reflux Valve Roger was having great fun with me.
Tried to phone Warden Deana, then Warden Julie, to get help with the transport letter reading and ask them if they could phone the Doctors for me. (Anne Gyna and Reflux Valve Roger), but both calls were diverted, so they must be up to the neck in it!
Deana rang back, and oddly enough, she said she was up to the neck in it today! I told her of the flowers and Strawberries, and if the DVT nurse came early and the Amazon nuts arrived in time, I’d nip them to the office for her.

Deana told me she arranged the transport for Friday’s Riverside Diabetes meeting. She needed the appointment list to arrange the others. Her voice told me she was up to the neck in it. She said she’s pop up later to pick things up. But never made it, up to the neck with it, you see.
Evening arrived as I was getting my din-dins out of the oven. A gorgeous but ridiculously costly roast Vegetable Risotto. I forgot to take a photo of it. Gave Valerie the strawberries and flowers. She was tickled pink. Haha!

I ate the risotto meal and, for a laugh, took a selfie of eating the last succulent forkful! There was not enough of it to get me. But £4 for a piddling meal is a bit much, thanks to Morrison’s, for the leaking tonic water. The crushed to bits cheese biscuits and squashed swiss rolls, too!

I cleared away the food things and took this snap of the view of the just missed sunsetting.
A quick wash, no shower or shave yet again today!
I must make sure tomorrow that I can get a mega-ablutioning session in. Not as easy as it sounds nowadays. Everything is taking so much longer to get done, thanks to the ailments and dementia-Doreen!

I put on a Dr Who DVD, and I was, not surprisingly soon, off into the land of nod. Where I stayed for nearly six hours of bliss!
Are things taking a turn for the better here?

Go forth and have a fiesta,
Fundamentally, fun!

14 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Wednesday 10th August 2022 Ode to Doreen: Part 21.3⅚th

  1. ‘Up to the neck with it,’ — well put, Sir. The ode speaks to the theme, altogether too much in a single time frame and too few (actually, just one: Deana) to take care of everything. An amazing person who would make a perfect companion for a Doctor Who episode. Should I contact the Beeb, that’s the conundrum…’t decide…
    Then we learn of the Great Morrison Leak: What can happen when a single bottle shares its content with all neighboring packages, bags, and whatnot. Nowt to do about it, No owt about it. Haha!!
    Today was Meet Petal’s New Pain-Management Doctor: a major improvement over the past lot of sorry quacks. Much progress made, a huge improvement. And he is not 30 miles away, only 14 minutes according to the cartographers in the Daily Googler. Also some shopping at the grocery experience for Lisa. A big, but exhausting step.
    Our best wishes to all and each editor(s) at Inchcock Today!

    • Cheers for the smile & laughter bringing review, much missed, but back again!
      The bronzed, 6′ 2″, just married Deana, would feel be the perfect partner for the Doctor. But, how would go on without her for the filming?
      Over the moon hearing about a betterer pain doctor for HRH Petal-Lisa – Grrreat! Good job!
      Should be getting a lift to the Diabetes Meeting in a few hours. But I’ve written down, (well Richard did) all the things to to, take with me and timings… now all I have to do is find the note.
      Love and care sent. ♥

      • UpToTheNeckWithIt is how we now classify and reference the phenomenon in the Sub-Basement Laboratories.
        A good thing that I had not yet contacted BBC contacts (none known) with a press release regarding the unavailability of Deana. Haha!!
        The unexpected discovery of a non-quack is indeed over-the-moon-worthy news.
        Good of Richard The Many-Hearted to write the note and hopeth that you the note findeth.
        Love and care to you, mon ami!

      • Again you timely bringeth movement to lipd in form of a smile, Sir. I fanketh you, much appreciated.
        After three horrendously scary, panicky and mistake-ridden days… today has been almost a pleasure – most worrying. Hehehe!
        I’m glad you didn’t contact the BBC, now.
        Got some seaweed crisps, and dried Shitakka (I think) mushroomd today. Also as well and besides that, I’ve just orfered some vegan beefburgers for delivery Tuesday. Pulled jackfruit, mushroom ans Quinoa – whatever that is, I must looketh it up. I just hope they might be as tasty as the now disappeared from the shelfs, No-Bull ones… gawd, they were tasty (RIP, Sob)
        You don’t know how much it cheered me top hear of quackless quack being fond, Sir.
        Herfert is knocking about as I type the (23:48hrs, Tsk!)… it dosen’t bother me… Oh no! Grrr!
        May I (And the family of course, Goatie was very affectionate this morning) wisheth HRH, Your Honourable self, Alan, the Furries, and all the minions down at the labs, a magnifiscent Sunday! ♥

      • I use a special quakidudialic trick to bring word soundages of a sort and manner which quickens the smile quivers causing them to crack into a smile or a simile. In other words, much like mixing some snappy snafus with a tad of fubar, then faff around a bit to get yer mind off it, until a lightbulb appears in a speech balloon.
        Seaweed crisps and Quinoa work at least as well. Quinoa (Keen wah), but I know it as Kwinoha (Santar ha!)
        Goaties are often more affectionate than Norwegian Brown Rats.
        Herbert is a piffle prodding prince, of course.
        All lab-laboring lads and lassies are celebrating your latest issues of Inchcock Today. A chuffing contest broke out. Details in the morrow. Hold on it is 2 A.M. and Sunday is here. I am putting out a call for SM, most pronto if at all possible! 🙂

      • Quakidudialic? You little word-dropper, Billum. I have added this to the prose word list, for the odes. Hehehe! I like it.
        Well, if it works… Hehehe! Smile erupted!
        Still no idea what it is, Billum. Mr Googled it: What is the English name of quinoa?
        Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa; /ˈkiːn. wɑː, kiˈnoʊ. ə/, from Quechua kinwa or kinuwa) is a flowering plant in the amaranth family.
        Still no idea what it is, Billum.
        SM, I fear, may have been with me last night, for five hours! (Smug-Mode-Engaged).
        Got up at midnight, computed until 18:00hrs, noddoed off after the carer called, and woke up at 22:00hrs. Now 12:20hrs, just delivered Josies meals, and back on the computer – what a life! I’m spolit yer know… Hehehe!
        I was called an erbenzählar once. IT took me some years to feel insulted when I found out what it meant spelling might be wrong). Hehehe!
        Tasty snacks, Billum. The dreid mushroom were a little too much for me remaining teeth, though.
        I”ve just been tucking the family in after my daily natter with them. They all seemed content, at least I got no complaints.
        Has SM changed his email address?
        Har-har! If he calls, I’ll ask hom to pop over to the Manor Labotatories with sacks full of sleep, Sir!
        All the bestest!.

      • Thanks for liking Quakidudialic, Sir. Could fit well in an ode, could it not? Quinoa is another Q word, but quinoa is a bit of a fad grain hereabouts. It doesn’t really seem to taste like anything — other than styrofoam of course.
        I always know it is a Sunday when I see the name Josie. Yet, I still do not know why this place breaks a perfectly logical weekEND into two sides of a calendar. I think that I believe that Laboratory 57 (a real Heinz) is responsible for time-related affairs…or something else perhaps.
        Erbsenzähler should actually be considered a compliment. “Someone has to count the danged peas, counting them is a responsibility that many shirk.” Sayeth Billum the Scrivener.”
        Always good to hear news of the family, tucking them in is an act of kindness.
        We shall be watching the entry gate for those sacks of sleep…and quinoa. Hahaha!!!

      • Quinoa is spoken of amoungst the locals as, ‘Tastless Crap’ (Malcolm two flats away)
        Erbsenzähler – a pea counter? Suits me. Hehe!
        A Mushroom Risotto & Quinoa packet on the web, caught my attention. But, think the quinoa unesassary, a cheap filler innerer? So resisted buying any. See, I can reseist sometimes… not enough times, but still. Hahaha!
        The seaweed crisps were rather nice, billum. Amazon bought.
        ♫ Keep right on to the end of the road ♫ I put that in Sir, in hopes of getting the tune out of my head this morning. Like the masters four beats of the drum in Dr Who, the tne is driving me crazy’ Sorry if it kicks of your end.
        Thsnks for the smiles.

      • Quinoa is rapidly becoming the least appealing and most annoying product in international food distributional and logistical history — headline without news release. Haha!!
        I shall purchase no quinoa, but am intrigued by the seaweed crisps.
        Earworm is what we call such tunes, the kind you can’t stop playing in your noggin.

      • Hahaha! I’ve just put photos of the bags of mushroom ans seaweed on he blog, Billum. I fell asleep watching the 1954 version of Quatermass, I always think of you when I watch this, he uses a slide rule… or somebody does. The eyes are not good enough for me spot it this time. Black & white grainy picture throughout… I love it! This one was the six episodes of Quatermass 2. I’ve watched it so often through the years, I had to buy a new disc from Amazon. HaHa!
        I think you’d like the seaweed, and the dried mushrooms, although hard on my teggies, are gorgeous.
        Can I send you some, is it legal to send food through the post?

      • I shall look for the mushrooms and seaweed on the blog, Sir. Fortunately, we have many markets near The Manor, but thank you for the kind offer, mate!
        Not familiar with Quatermass, but will ask Petal-Lisa if she is familiar, as she is a fan of British TV of course.
        Anyone who uses a slide rule is an instant draw for the few who still long for its return. I remember when the calculator doomed them circa 1970 (my Kansan years. Haha!!)

      • Wowsers, the video works without a hitch and it contains a video with much content. Looking forward to discovering Quatermass. Also with closed captions, my cheap ears appreciate CC. They do indeed.
        Vielen Dank!

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