Local News Snippets – Part 23⅗ths

DCI Billum checks the crime figures.
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A little far away from Nottingham, but a names-sake? Just look at the crimes on the first day. “One reveller said: It is uplifting and warming!” What is either uplifting or warming about 209 arrests, 96 assaults, 36 possessions of drugs, 63 possessions of offensive weapons, 27 public order crimes, 12 sexual assaults and a murder? Not to mention Gawd knows how many pick-pockets were at it… Still, some of the gals beat them by wearing very little clothing… Hahaha!

Nottingham August Naughtiest – well, some of them…

Infinite Hospitalisation? What? Does that mean if he gets cataracts, he’ll get them done? I’ve waited two years already for mine to be done… I’m waiting on diabetes treatment, dentists, the audio clinic, and help with vascular dementia. As for Peripheral Neuropathy and my neurotransmitters dying, the only advice or help I was given was at the Mary Potter Health Clinic: “We can’t do anything about this it’s impossible to mend dying nerve ends” 

And this scumbag, I bet if he gets any of my ailments, he’ll not have to wait three weeks for a Doctors appointment. Not that it pisses me off or bothers me when murderers, perverts and the like get looked after.  

Covid Confusion?

I got a Green Symbol!

They should not be using the money paid by victims’ families of members killed by the Parole Board freed convicted killers to Murder again! To pay for crap denials like the one above!

And sentences being given out to murderers, farcical!
Then, Parollers free them early – contemptible!
My views, of course, are seemingly empirical,
And to many, will appear to be esoterical,
But not to family members, who will be inconsolable…
When a freed-early killer, Parollers guilt, is undeniable!
Murders again, Patroller prosecutions are possible,
Parollers are utterly disregardful…
Each freed killer’s victim they’ve killed themselves!
But get no blame attached; they make me so rageful!
Unfair, overpaid, you’d think they were sadists or Royal,
They certainly are killing people…
With no remorse, care, nor feeling fearful…
I’d love to give them more than an earful!
Thinking of these murderers, I think excremental!

When the August revelations are made available,
I’ll reveal those murdered and accosted, however eristical,
Crime nowadays seems to be acceptable…
Personally, I find violence detestable…

Nottingham, The Queen of the Midlands!

6 thoughts on “Local News Snippets – Part 23⅗ths

  1. Good grief! Knives and bricks to the head. What a toll on the public there! I do hope you stay safe when you go out or area tough guy with a meat cleaver concealed in your pocket to defend yourself!

    • I certainly am a smidge nervous when venturing out, Doug.
      If I am up to it, and take a walk to the doctors appointment (A rarity, I can only get telephone appointments, which the Doctor knowing my bad hearing soesn’t seem bothered about), I pass the sevens, areas of four murders, and eight muggings, in the last year, no joking, mate. The world has gone potty! We must look after the prisoners we have amoral duty to, say’s the Justices. They should care about the inoccents that are killed, most times the Parole Board free convicted killers to murder again! They are as guilty of murdering as the freed my them, murderer is! Grrr!
      Like the Mansfield woman who glassed a bloke from behind. She has many shop lifting charges, and assaulting a police officer… and she gets a susoended sentence? Is it just me? The country is going bonkers! A Lithuanian gang caught stealing from parked lorries, put two officers in hospital and injured the other two… what happens? A £200 fine and a ban from motorway lorry parks. And during the case, a judge found out they were living rough, and arranged a house for all six of them to live.
      I got some news this morning from the DVT clinic, and will need a procedure that has a 60% chance of being successul. I said fine, go ahead thank you. “There’ll be a long wait, and the chances shortening over time Mr Chambers?” I replied, Alright, I’ll leave it up to you, you obviously don’t want to do it. Fine with me either way!
      I think I’m getting a little depressed with how things are going. Hahaha!
      If I was a convivted murderer in prison, would I have to wait so long? No signs of the catarct being done yet… waited for three months for them to decide if I can get on the list, tons of tests and visits to the EENT hospital. They eventually saod yes, we will out you on the list – I don’t know how your coping with it. There is an average wait of 16 weeks, but we are still catching up on those not done in the Covid crisis. So, I anticipate, knowing how my luck goes, that as I pass away, the the phone will ring with good news… “You’re cataract operation has had to be cancelled” – or – “We can fit you in next week… ” I’ve got to see the funny side of life. Hehehe!
      Sorry, I waffled on there, Doug.

  2. You need to write a sequel to Dostoevsky’s ” Crime and Punishment” called “Crime and With No Punishment”.

    • I’ll try to read that, I’ve been meaning to for donkeys years. I think in my younger days, I did go to the library, I can even remember which one, Wilford Crescent East, I can can still see the librarians face (she scared me so much). Hehe! I think I fell asleep, and my snoring prompted the woman to eject me. The last tim e I went in a library, about 20 years ago, they had kids and a steel band playing! That was the local Sherwood library, now closed down, computers easier I suppose.
      When doing research in a library, it is (was) so peaceful, I didn’t get distracted. Here on the computer, theres Herbert up above banging away, various alarms, Care AM & PM, blood nurse, laundry lady, Josie, Dean and deliverymen with the food… all essential, but… Hahaha! I waffled again, I’m doing a lot of that lately. Sorry Tim.

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