INCHIE TODAY: Friday 17th March 2023

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Introductory Waffle

I rose, then went to empty the catheter’s wee-wee…
Stubbed my toe and muttered, “I see!”…

That is how the day’s going to be?
Walked into the door-frame, reacting huffishly!
Dropped the bucket when emptying the pee…
I swore and cursed somewhat lavishly!
Then to the Porcelain Throne, the lavatory…
The evacuation was loose and all gooey…
By Gawd, it was so sickeningly stinky!
The bank rang; rather demandingly…
Their questionnaire I’d not filled in, apparently?
She had a sweet voice, so I replied droolingly…
“Fret not; it’ll be done; you can rely on me!”
First I must ring about my upcoming urinoscopy,
She rang off, a little curtly…
I couldn’t find the bank’s letter, annoyingly…
Doreen Dementia many times presented tortuosity…
Not physically, of course, but mentally…
So I had a few hours of lost logicality…
But that’s nothing new nowadays to me.
£25 to get my toes cut, this time bloodlessly!
My brain and body often lost synergy…
Tested my patience and mental energy…
I’m not sure what that means exactly?
Concentrating brought on somnifacientity,
I fell asleep at the computer… became worry-free…
I dreamed I’d acquired knowledge & sagacity.
But it was part of life’s misleading sophistry.
I moan, and I groan… such is my sad proclivity!

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Friday 17th March… That rings a bell.
Ah, Yes... St Patrick’s Day!

Cor Blimey, Flipping Heck and Fancy That!
Not good, is it?

Lovely blue hue to the morning view!

Aha, Lord Sainsbury’s delivery, you see…
Baked beans, Four bean soup, Gravy, mint sauce, mixed vegetables, chopped tomatoes with basil & oregano, porridge, and baking soda.
Fresh Kenyan garden peas, Cheese & onion pie.
Tomatoes and Parmentier potatoes.
All stored away, with the cleaning stuff.

Aha, the wee-wee looks better.

Bootiful clouds.

Then it was off to the toe & nail-cutting gal at the
hairdressing salon in Winwood Court.

Down to the main foyer, had a nosey around…

A look at the notice board…

Then along into Winwood Court through the link passage.
Called on Warden Deana with some nibbles.

Then into the hairdressing salon.
To get the toenails cut. Paid the £25,
and handed out some drinkies.
I departed, and along the passage
back to the Woodthorpe Court, I
realised I’d missed a lady off of the treats.
So hobbled back and gave her a choice.

Lost balance as I was pushing the three-wheeled walker through the apartment door. No tumble…
But did trap my hand in the door.
Not to fret, though. It was the right hand.
So hardly any pain was felt. Course, I may
feel it later. Peripheral Pete does that
sometimes, with a delayed reaction.

During the course of the day, I had visits from the following Carers;
Josie, Carer Josef (3), Carer Sam and… No, I think that’s up to now.

Visited it only three times!

Liberty-Global Virgin Media went down again.

Another good emptying colour here.

Then I took some sunset-less photographs of the evening sky over the next ten or twenty minutes.

An eerie side to this one.

Each one was worthy of some pareidoliaing!


The ultimate pareidolia one!!!

Oh, a break in the clouds!

Going to get some cooking done now.
Back in the morning…

I’m back!
Imitation lamb hotpot. Added some lamb, mint gravy, and too many potatoes from the oven, and I got stuck into it.

Flavour rating: 702/10.

Carer Josef arrived. Medications sorted.


2 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Friday 17th March 2023

  1. Nice to see old Grizelda came strolling down memory lane. Starting the day with a toe stubbing is not a good way to start the day. St. Patrick’s Day frolics. No thank you. I never liked St. Paddy’s Day and all the pinching and punching I got as a kid because I didn’t have green to wear. They said my green eyes didn’t count. Green looks good on eyes, plants, trees and grass. Nice sun shots. Nice looking meal.

    • Ah, Grizelda… hope she doesn’t turn up out of the blue, what with being stuck with this damned catheter… a hard-on-agony without the pleasure! Humph!
      There’s always queue on Paddy’s day night at the hospital A&E! If you should happen to want a policeman that night – forget it! They’ll all be in bars sirtung out the Paddy-Fights. Hahaha!
      Oddly enough, I read this testerday on the web:
      What Do Welsh People Look Like? – Blurtit
      Blurtit › what-do-welsh-people-loo…
      Most indigenous Welsh people tend to have thick, wiry, very dark hair; and green / brown / hazel eyes. Red hair is more prominent in North Wales.
      Just took a few snaps ofthe morning view, an awful lot of klaxons and blur lights on the distance going off. We don’t have that many police cars now, the ambulances are on strike… must be fire engines? Can’t see any smoke anywhere?
      Hello is that out fire alarm? I’ll check…
      No, opened the door no noises. To say I’m almost deaf, ir amazes me how occasionally I hear but can’t identify sounds?
      Keep safe, Timo… Tim. Done it again, called you Timo – I get that from emailing, I input Timo so I don’t get the wrong email address.

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