INCHIE: Wednesday 29th March 2023

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Annuver mind-blowing, busy, getting nothing done, and frustrating… but not so much so as yesterday was! I think.
But don’t let fool you. It was horrendous!
When I say horrendous, it wasn’t all horrible; there were about ten minutes of near-contentment around 13:00hrs.
The promise of the medications about to arrive was soon demolished.
About a third of them came. But no Catheter night bags, and the new tablets for the Prostate reduction, failed to make it.
So, the night is going to be another one of agony.
Another promise of the rest of the things to arrive tomorrow; I’m not too hopeful of fruition after waiting for a fortnight. No Warfarin, but I do have a few left. No INR nurse arrived to take the blood for testing. No DVT nurse came for the vein draining. Heard nothing about the next brain scan. The after-stroke & falls team have not appeared for a few weeks. I’m out of the cream for Little Inches’ fungal lesion.
And I’ve had a tumble in the kitchen. Hands and knees job back to the front room, knocking the bottles of spring water off of the ottoman en route… with one of them landing right on my Onychovryotosis (ingrowing toenail). Slipped using the arm of the  c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nobbling, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner, to get back up on my feet. Had to sit down for a while.
The Carer gals had done their best for me.
But there is always that feeling; ‘What next!’ There’s always something going wrong. Now it’s emails from Grammarly telling me my renewal has been refused, but not why. Is it another con job?
Depression is a constant in my life now!
Still, the Matron called to see me. She’s been asked to by the Doctor, who was worried about me? Now that’s new and nice! I mentioned the lack of medications, night bags for the catheter, and the odd sensations that overcome me at times. The problems with mail, email and the computer, not being able to get onto online banking to sort things out; and no help available with these issues. At least, I think I mentioned these difficulties to
Matron. If not, I meant to.
Now 23:45hrs, and I’m up to here in the blog. Tired, smelly, worried, half-out-of-it, and so hungry. Nowt new here then…
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A night of with the odd bother from tormenting ensuring that I seemed to spend longer awake than asleep. I gave up trying around 05:00hrs.

The urine looks darker than it really was when I emptied the pouch.

No change in the ankles.

No chance of any cloud pareidoliaing this morning.
White cars rule in the car park.

Jimminee, the colour of the wee this time was almost perfect.
And I was passing a lot, too!

The computer on! Made an order for Asda for next week. And signed up for the Delivery pass, which should save me a little. Went for the cheaper one, so I have to book orders for Tue-Wed-Thur each time to get it free.

The urine is getting a move-on today.
Lovely colour too!

Wonderful clouds this afternoon!

During the day, I had Carers Kara, Domestic Denise, Carer Josef, and Carer Carer Sam, who brought the part-medications for me; bless her. And bless Carer Carolynne, who looked at the computer problem for me. No decision was made or action was taken; mind you, she didn’t have the time.

Went to check on the spuds in the slow cooker.
Not sure how I took this photo?

Matron arrived. As I said earlier, whatever I could remember about the medicationalistical situation, I passed on to her. Got a student with her.

Hahaha! The wee kept on coming!
A good thing, methinks?

Overcast as the rain stopped, I took this picture.
Not very good, is it? Tsk!.

It’s gerrin’ a better colour as the night comes on! Great!

Nosh Served Up

The potatoes were slow-cooked with sea salt & vinegar.
Can if garden peas, and a first for me, never tried them before, imitation fish goujons, with a cob or two. Followed by the cheapest of yoghourts, flavoured with some lemon curd mixed in. (Nice!)
The vegan batter on the goujons was okay; the content of them was, well… tasteless! Disappointing, shan’t bother with them again.
Overall, a flavour rating of 6.2/10.

Left the pots in the sink soaking and got my head down.
Colin Cramps gave me a break, and even Anne Gyna only woke me up with her stabbing pains about six times.
The tiny day catheter pouch Still none of the larger night bags delivered); let me know it needed emptying twice.
As you can see by the top Ode, Dementia Doreen gave me an odd dream to use in the rhyme. Bless her!

May you find fun and festivities & have fantastic future feasts frequently!

16 thoughts on “INCHIE: Wednesday 29th March 2023

  1. It’s amazing how you can be so busy and get nothing done. Happens to me all too often. Nice the carers were able to help out somewhat. Fake fish is always a bit fishy.

    • Hehe! My fleeting fancy for fake fish is finito!Not got much done again today,,, no promised 2nd delivery of medications or night catheter bags yet, but pleanty of time. (we’ll see)
      Just finished the teggies, shave, shower and medicationalisationing. 1hr-35mins, a record this week, I was feelingall smug at getting it done early… the Little Inchies Lesion started bleeding all over the fresh dressing gown and me – and I realised that I’d not ointmented that area… Tsk!
      Cheers, Sir.

  2. Holy wowser, cowser, dowser, BatMan! The Guinness people will need to publish an entire volume on this single day at Flat 72, and no mistake! Not a one.
    Anthony Burgess described a perfect day in Portwenn/Point Isaac, should you compare his A Clockwork Orange with a single journal account on Inchcock Today. I read the Times of London every day, but they are not mentioning *any* of this level of degradation and dirty-dealing decadence that takes place *every day* in the UK. The Clockwork Orange film looks a picnic in Central Park by comparison. And, of course, the sentencing boggles the mind like a chamber of ping-pong balls when compared with life in Fort Thomas, where many citizens do not even lock their car doors. Crowell Manor is a stately pleasure dome, innit?
    I just sent Mike Steeden heartfelt thanks for sending us a copy of his most popular book:

    Worra great guy. As are Shirl’ and George. Just stating the facts here, of course.

    Petal has been trying to set a Guinness record for the number of days without sleep. So far, I’ve been trying the kitties from jumping onto the Gretel Bed. Sheer exhaustion is, of course, the norm. When we find an open moment, we shall give yer a call — direct from Crowell Manor. Real soon now??? Yes. I think within the next few days. Yes, we will.

    Kindest of regards to you, Gerry 🙂 <3
    Alles Gute!!!

    • I often dream of the Manor, Billum.
      Mike Steeden’s poems, are witty and thought provoking. I’ve a couple of volumes here on the book case. Getting time to do any reading with the spy glass is out of the questions nowadays, though.
      With not getting the medications or catheter bags, or new tablets for the prostate shrinking – got a third of them with a promise that there’s would be here on Thursday… of course they didn’t arrive.
      Now this very morning I get a bank text – with my balance being £3,000 less that last month?
      No help with sorting out the finances or documentationalisationings… I am now at my lowest point ever.
      Going to make a call (if I can hear what they say) today and just beg for help from the District Nurse Matron. Then try AGE UK again… then the suicide line according to thereaction of the first two in getting me help. Can’t get online banking …
      Not good.

  3. Lemon curd! Mmmm! Had some myself this morning on my breakfast toast. I slather it in copious amounts that get into my beard, unavoidably. Then I have to resist licking my beard like a contented cat taking a bath. I can’t think of anything I like better on toast than lemon curd, inchie, and that means the all-American peanut butter took a dive in my personal poll of appropriate things to put on toast.

    • Hahaha! I pictured as I tread it Doug. Hehehe!
      One of my toast favourites as well, Doug, along with Marmite. I often make some of each at the same time – now there is a tache-licking scenario!.
      Still no Finasteride medication arrived after three weeks – and no night catheter bags available. Found out this morning that neither are available at all at the moment in the NHS!
      Thus, no Finasteride to try to reduce the size of the prostate so I might be able to wee again manually… Permamnent catheter being the diagnosis. And the infection (blood in the urine again this morning) cannot have a flush out in the large night bag, so is coming back in the bladder again… I can’t win, mate!
      Not doing well here.
      Still, you’ve tempted me tp have some lemon curd and marmite for supper.
      Cheers, Doug.

      • The lemon curd, at least, should give you a small pleasure. The rest is pretty tedious for you, I have no doubt. My father has the catheter and bag business, and it was a constant battle for him, too.

      • I ended up with putting the lemon curd in the last of the yoghurt, mate – Very nice!
        My disasters are growing all the time Doug. I’ll put some shots I took on today’s Inchie… of the new leg lesions that are leaking liquid all the time now! I had to respond now and then all through the supposed sleeping time, when the ‘wet-woke-me’ and clean it up. No blood, just well, water? Can’t get through to the Bank to sort out the shortage in the balance. And Little Inchies lesion is bleeding more than ever… Oh, and the urine colour was a ‘7’ this morning, the highest on the chart – that is because the NHS are having trouble getting night catheter bags? So the infection cannot get out.
        Poor Dad and me.
        The toaster is not working! The cold faucet in the wet room is not working. Since the ledioons started leaking, sor some reason My balance had gone to pot? Always get these new things at the weekend when there is no one to help!
        I’d look it up, this leaking, but just do not know what to out in the search engine. Probably just as well? Hehehe!
        Cheers, mate!

      • Thne eyes are going to make me have to stop doing this blog soon, Doug,
        They are getting so much worse now.
        Howerver, I will not give up yet… Well… Hahaha!
        Keeps safe mate, Cheers.

      • Perhaps your carers would be able to arrange a person to help I would be a lot different than now, but it might help your bloggofriends to keep up with you at least.

      • I have asked them, Doug, mate.
        But getting the ‘normal’ service is difficult. They are struggling to get everything tended to already. Not sure why, but the I hour each Friday for help with finances and food ordering had never happened yet. Always promises that it will, but they just can’t do that, for some reason.
        The water-spouting papules on the left leg, had lost disappeared, took the pad off this morning, we’ll filled with water, and one papule looks more inflamed, the others are still fading away. The district nurse called with some pads to use. Getting at it is not easy, with having to bend down, Dizzy Dennis appears. Thanks you Sir.
        Haha! Can’t win here, Doug.
        The film the Longest Day comes to mind, as ‘The Longest Wait’ Hehehe! Over two years now for the Cataract operation, and no indications of its arrival.
        The thought of having a Carer to go with me, then get me home (blind for 15hours) afterwards, then stay with me for 24 hours!!! I’ll need a bank loan. And won’t get that, cause I can’t get into the banking site!
        The longer I’m up, and get tired, the worse the eyes get. Impossible to work on the computer at all – well, Corel Draw is usually easily sizeable that helps.
        Just had a Walmart (Asda) delivery, driver took the stuff into the kitchen for me, nice chap. Then The Carer came and helped me put the things away, also watched over me as I changed the papules pad. Bless her! ♥
        I’m waffling again, sorry mate.

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