Inchie: Sunday 28th May 2023

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A Jolly Good Morning to you…
I greeted the world with a rendition of “Oh, what a Beautiful Morning”, followed by “Onward Christian Soldiers”. Bounded out of the second-hand, £300, c1968, overwhelmingly-sickening beige coloured, tatty, uncomfortable, wobbly, germ-producing, falling to pieces, food residue-collecting recliner, and did a few rounds of shadow-boxing. Then 10 minutes on the weight lifting, and went out onto the balcony, and Yodelled Frank Ifield’s “She Taught Me To Yodel…


I stirred after only about four hours worth of kip, checked the clock, 04:45hrs, and swiftly fell back to sleep.
Woke with a nervous tic attached to my left eye, and checked the clock again, 05:00hrs.
I considered the option of getting up… Zzz!
06:00hrs the next time I woke, still with the nervous tic in the left eye. Danged annoying that was!
Back to Kip, I floated… Not waking until gone 07:00hrs! The tic still twitching away.
I even had to force myself then to rise from the comfort (that’s not the right word) of the recliner, to grapple with getting the night bag from . It soon dawned on me, that the night pouch had not been attached.
If I remember rightly, I must have forgotten to ask the Carer to do it. Of had I taken it off myself earlier? I think not, because the urine in the day bag was a deep brown-red. I stood and caught my balance, reached for , took off the dressing gown to cool me cool down, and went off to utilise, in response to the early call to the . Once0 again, was in control, very messy! However, ailment number 21, , after carrying the buckets of water to refill the not-working for 9 weeks now W.C. water tank, was far easier than she has been lately. That is thanks to the Carers rubbing in the Phorpain Gel regularly for me for a few days now. Easing the discomfort. But, as usual, the started off, as if to cover for BPB’s absence. Hehehe!
I got the computer on, determined to get yesterday’s blog sorted ASAP.
After five minutes of putting the photographs in from the Kodak SD card, and I realised many pictures that I took last night, were not there! Tsk! !

Then, I got a bit of a shock, sat sitting here, again wearing only , and the morning Carer came into the room! Somehow I’d not heard the chime.
I clabbered about to get the dressing gown back on sharpishly. got the medications sorted. Then got some gel rubbed into my back. Very welcome! Cheers! 
Peptac taken. But no Paracetamols were needed.
I believe that Phorpain, which has Ipobrufen in it, serves as an extra painkiller? Having it rubbed in so often, it gives me a chance to reduce the drugs I’m taking. I’ll see how the pain levels go… Huh! As I typed about this, would you believe that the started off again?

I got the Saturday blog finished, and I posted it off to WordPress.

demand number two arrived. was even more dominant on this visit.
I dropped the PPs, sat, shat and was upright again within literally seconds! The mess was unbelievable and took me ages to clean up, and the bending to wash things disturbed , who was accompanied by a more persistent ! So much for cutting back on the drugs! I thought I’d better take another Galphram in hopes of controlling ‘s appetite for wet, smelly, gooey evacuationing!
The pins and plates seemed to be looking better.
Apart from the ankles of course.
Then, the urine started flowing a lot easier and faster for an hour or so. And a lot clearer and lighter colour, too!
I’ve not had a good stubbing for a long time now. This one was a cracker! Not that it bothered me, of course.
Pain means nothing to me at all.

Josie aThe door chime chimed. It does that! I’ve noticed it a few times. Hehe!
It was neighbour Josie from across the hall. The poor gal was having trouble with her kettle again. Despite my acute lack of knowledge and fear of anything mechanical, technical or complicated, I went in to see if I could help her. I think I worked out what it was, too. I could be wrong, of course. But believe that the insert into the base looked worn a little. So filled her kettle up, and it worked! She’ll need a new one, though, to be on the safe side with electrics. She went to Wilko, but they had none in stock. So, a made her a mug of coffee, said my farewells and returned to the flat. And ordered her one from Asda, I hope her current one lasts until it arrives.

Got an email from old friend Chrissie, telling me that the cataract replacement is a ‘Doddle’, to use her own words. That was kind of her; she always knew what I was thinking 66 years ago when we were neighbours. and a lot younger. Hehehe!
Chrissie said she’d had two cataracts done. She mentioned a procedure she has to go through, regularly with an injection in her eye. I looked it up. I think it is called ‘Laser Injection Photo Dynamic’. Bless her! ♥ I asked her if she found out what it was that was eating her toe.

Got the oven heating up, and a can of Golokowa ready, then peas & carrots in the saucepan. All I have to do when the potatoes are cooked is get some slabs of the Flora Non-Butter butter in a couple of bread rolls. We’ll see how it goes; my plans are famous for their failures!

I’ll see if I can get it done before the night carer arrives.
Back soon… or in the morning.


arrived. Medicationalised me, and took the waste bags with him. A little natter, I’m not sure either of us understood each other, but we ended up laughing. Haha!

The cloud formations tonight were indicative of changing weather, as Dad used to tell me. See that? I can recall from 70 years ago… but still, I forget to turn off taps, heaters, the stove, the shower power box, lock or unlock a door, the time, day, date… etc.! This picture evoked my love of nature.

I finished making the meal and got it served up on the plate and tray. Golonkowa, thick chips, carrots and peas; with two bread rolls filled with chunks of Flora no-butter butter. The chips were okay, and bread rolls and peas & carrots were all decent enough too… The Golonkowa and Plant butter were fantastically tasty!.
A well-deserved Flavour-Rating given of 8.2/10.

I washed the pots and settled down in the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner. To watch something on the TV.
How come, when I want to sleep at night, I can’t? Yet nearly always nod-ff watching the goggle-box when the first set of commercials come on? Humph!

I was well away dreaming and came in, turned on the light, and it took me a while to work out where I was and what I was doing. I must have been deep in sleep.
Handed out the Peptac, then dolloped on and rubbed in some Phorpain Gel into my lower back. Nice! It really helps ease the pain from . Thanks! He then got the attached, a little too tightly, I found; when it came to me getting it off in the morning, to . Understandably, the lad doesn’t want it to come loose and leak. Took the fresh wastrel bag with him.

I had to get up to turn off the light. Got up easily enough, grabbed the , and turned off the light. Then… acci-whoop – A against the ottoman returning to the chair. At least I didn’t get tangled up in the long night-pouch tube this time. Hehehe!

Could I get back to sleep? No! Not for ages!

Fare Thee Well!

8 thoughts on “Inchie: Sunday 28th May 2023

  1. At least the thought of starting off the morning with “It’s a beautiful morning” and “Onward Christian solders” was good, even if it’s a fib. I think you should add thought’s like “Tits are beautiful in the morning” as well. Impressive work figuring out and fixing Josie’s kettle. The sad reality is, electric kettles wear out. We have to replace them every year. Not another toe stubbing. Ouch!!! Meal looked great.

    • Tits… mine are that big now; I daren’t look at them for fear of getting something hard with the catheter tube in. Hahaha!
      I’ve had a kettle delivered this morning for Josie. Must get it to her before she gets one in. Get it set up for her. If I remember, I’ll take a photo. Likely I’ll forget, but I’ll do my bestest to get Josie and the kettle in the Kodak shot. Put it on the blog… which may have to be suspended when I get the eye patch on; see how it goes.
      The beloved Liberty-Global have sent a warning to Jenny, that the net will go down on 1st June (Cataract Day) all day, for ‘essential upgrading’… we’ll see.
      Cheers, thanks, Tim.

      • You can feel yourself up. That’s sweet of you to get Josie a new kettle. At least LG warned you about the outage.

      • No Tim, Jenny passed it on to mefrom her email.
        I didn’t get one from them! Humph!
        CorelDraw packed up this morning. After help from Kara, we gave up. So I deleted all on the computer to make space, and invested in a new version… It doesn’t work! Groups but doesn’t ungroup, the Convert to bitmap not working my icon or menu… I’d fed up, mate!

  2. Hallo!
    Hier bin ich. Endlich!
    I have been quite the busy bloke recently, my friend. Have also reëstablished contact with the inestimable Mike of Steeden, as it were. Good to be back at 72 — reminds me of my favorite year: 1972. When in Gießen of West Germany in those years in the distant past, a century ago? Haha!!
    Visited my mother’s side of the family this afternoon at the cemetery across the street and up a hill, where I saw a deer! That was sehr cool, kind Sir!
    Will now try to keep up with N’ham more frequently.
    Am very active on Twitter, where I am known as @BillZiegler1947
    Hey, that was a long time ago, was it not?
    Good to read this Sunday account on a National Holiday over here. Hence, my visit to the Witte and Lutkenhoff grandparents and grandaunt.
    Okey dokey, then.
    Wir sehen uns!

    Schlaf gut, sage ich!

    • I assumed you were like me, mate, up to the neck in it! Hehe!
      Cataract op in two days, got to get the letter with instructions and get someone to read… When I can find it!
      Good to communicate with Mike, a good un he is.
      You’ve certainly been getting around and active, Billum.
      I can’t get of Facebook or Twitter, apparently, I’m barred?
      Busy getting the food delivered today, before I get the eye patch on. Computing is going to have to be missed for a bit methinks. The one (good?) eye I’ll have has glaucoma and cataract as well.
      Grand to show respect for the family, Sir.
      I’ve waited a long time to get this in… ‘Santa-Ha’

      • Ja wohl, Inchchen! I have been using a snorkel to breathe through, though. Haha!!
        Lisa is still trying to find specialist doctors and medical facilities that address the singular issues that bedevil her daily. In fact, she is on the phone as I type these wordlets. So ist das Leben.
        Otherwise, we fare pretty well here at the famous Crowell Manor. Sticks, Nibbles, and Sir Fozzy Dingo do all the heavy lifting, of course. Mr. Dingo is the only one who ventures into the wild areas to the north.Yes, he is quite the outdoors man. Yet, he enjoys spreading out on a bed; actually able to stretch out his long-haired self wherever he plops.
        Lisa is also battling eye problems — both left and right eyes, actually. When it rains, it always pours. Right!
        Fare thee well, kind Sir!
        And regards to the family 🙂

      • Well, a fellow snorkeller! There is an amazing amount of things we share, Billum! Although, I’ve not had to use it for a week or so, fingers crossed, cause with the catheter and Cartilege Carol, I can’t cross my legs. Hahaha!
        LIfe is certainly a challenge nowadays, Sir. I think you’re coping grandly.
        I hope that HRH can get some help this time. ♥
        Sonds a right character, does Mr Dingo. Does behave an extra loud purr? Cyril did when he settles on my lap… head, chest, legs or whatever he chose to. Hehe!
        It does tend to be none-stop the showers of ____ sent to confuse & annoy us all!
        We all see mto have shared problems.
        The cataract tomorrow, and I can’t find the paperwork, they sent it a year or so ago!
        The other eye to be done for cataracts as well, and that has Glaucoma and Saccades.
        Denmtia Doreen is now Congnitive Imairment after the one of what should have been three brain scans.
        Liberty-Global Virgin Media has been down Monday three times, Tuesday four, this morning up to now (11:00hrs) four!
        The bank refuses to send me a written statement each month, unless I personally phone htme and ask for it… Now, what was the password and account number… erm…
        I haven’t been assured yet, that a carer will be available to go with me to the hospital tomorrow yet, if not they say they will not be able to do the eye.
        CorelDraw warped, had to order another one, and that is not very stable, features failing already, and the bank are not happy at me spending so much.
        THe Finisteride has not freed up the prostate, deep red and very little urine in the night bag this morning. So, a permanent father is on the cards.
        And here I am moaning when Lisa-Petal & your worthy-self are far worse off… I feel guilty now!
        I shall adopt a Santaran Attitude; methinks I should?
        If you Alan can get the time to finish off the Lab 22 work, and get the updated air-powered TARDIS Mark-Two time-machine done, I’d appreciate a visit. Last bock on there right at the end of Chestnut Grove. Hehehe!
        Santar-Ha! Santar-Ha! Santar-Ha! Santar-Ha! Santar-Ha! Santar-Ha! Santar-Ha! Santar-Ha!
        Do you remember the time-machine episode? Great special effects!
        Hope you all keep as well as you can, and my thanks sent for being who you are. ♥

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