Inchcock Today – Wednesday 25th June 2020: Nurses visit again… nice company! Injections increased! Confusion reigns!

TFZer Model Janet

Wednesday 25th June 2020

Estonian: Kolmapäev, 25 Juuni 2020

13:30hrs: I was up like a lark, as happy as I could be, full of the joys of Spring. Singing, dancing, with a smile as big as a mammoth… Oh, alright then… the truth!

03:30hrs: I woke up, feeling rotten, horrible! Which I put down to the double-dose Enoxaparin injections yesterday. No stomach pains as such, but I sensed that I could feel the walls of the inner stomach, bloated, yet wobbling about? This is the best way I could explain it? There was not a lot of enthusiasm permeating through the brain yet, either.

These emotions of depressiveness were soon removed. The need for a wee-wee forced me to prise my hog-like, ponderosity of a stomach-bulked-body from the £300, second-hand, not-working recliner. I caught my balance, got the stick, and was making my way, casually, carefully and cautiously to the wet room. The instant alarm-call to use the Porcelain Throne arrived, my previous disinterest in life, changed top a mild panic! Would I make it in time? The few moments it took for me to get to the Throne, felt like minutes.

: I’m afraid I didn’t make it in time! Self-embarrassment-Mode-Adopted! The evacuation was accompanied with a bash at the crossword book. I amazed myself and got a few answered. But the Accifauxpas in not arriving at the Porcelain Throne in time took away any sense of pride or worth. Say no more! Gruffshameblowit!

It took me a while to get things cleaned up. By 04:20hrs, I was washed and refreshed, new PPs on, and checked that everything was sanitised and cleaned up properly. By the time I was ready to leave, my eagerness mode had gone down to Defcon 2! Humph! 

Things weren’t helped when I clouted my right shoulder against the doorframe, on the way out. This started Shoulder-Shuddering-Shirley going for an hour or so, none-stop!

A trickle of self-loathing and worthlessness, combined with an almost painful embarrassment lingered.

I trudged limpingly to the kitchen, it was surprisingly dark for this time in the morning. I got the kettle on, and the equipment out for the Health Checks. My BP was worryingly high!. The Sys showed up as 177! The temperature came out as 68.5°f.

I think that last night’s Enoxaparin injections might have had some effect on the reading. I took this morning’s, as instructed by the Anticoagulation and Deep Vein Thrombosis clinic lady. I must remember to tell the nurse if she does come, to do a blood test today, it’s not sure they will have anyone available to ‘do’ me. Haha!

Then I wondered if there are any at-home INR test kits available, and how much they might cost.

I got on the computer and investigated. After a while, I found some that were gettable in the UK.

My enthusiasm for this project abated a little when I saw the prices! They were on offer in the USA, the machine costing $899!

I started on updating the Tuesday blog. Which was a bit farcical, due to the attentions of Shoulder-Shuddering-Shirley. Making errors and mistakes the norm, thus far too many corrections having to be made. So the finishing was delayed. But in the end, I got it made and posted off.

The ablutions to be done next. A stand-up washing and shave session. As it was too early to use the shower, for fear of disturbing my neighbours.

A couple of dropsies, no shaving cuts, and no knocking into or anything over. No dizzies, no stubbed toes! Brilliant! Now I was cheering up a bit, getting back to my usual self!

The morning view from the kitchen, when I went to make another brew, Extra Strong Morrison’s Assam this time, was lovely.

Sister Jane rang. We had a nattering session for ages. Enjoyed that!

I checked on the latest Corona Virus figures.

Then the door chimes rang out the Dusty Springfield, ♫ I only want to be with you ♫, tune.

It was Iceland’s delivery arriving. The chap placed the bags inside the door for me, I slipped him a mini-bottle of wine. At least the driver brought the food up for me, bless him.

I got the fodder sorted out. And as I finished the task, the landline rang out! It was the Doctors Surgery. The lady confirmed that a phlebotomy nurse would be arriving later, and asked if my carer could fetch my medications from the chemist that the nurse will need. Oh, dearie me! I explained that I do not have a carer. Shocked her a bit that did! I said that Warden Deana arranged for a volunteer to fetch me medications each month. 

She inquired about how I get my shopping. I told her of the mobile shop coming on a Tuesday and Friday, and Iceland delivering

I gave the receptionist the telephone number, after my faffling about for ages to find it! She was very patient with me when Stuttering Stephanie kicked.

I made a much-delayed start on this template, then started it off.

The lady from the surgery rang back. Said I’d given here the wrong telephone number. Oh, dear! I checked on my 1980 mobile Nokia phone for the number there. Which was the same one as I had given her earlier? She could tell I was panicking a bit, told me not to worry, she’d sort it.

I then went on TFZer and Winwood Heights Facebooking. Then read the comments on WordPress. Now, on to the WordPress Reader section. Some great stuff on it today.

It’s past my usual din-din time, now. I can’t make the meal until the nurse has been. The planed nosh is Pork steaks with BBQ seasoning and Hickory. I’ve put the seasoning on the meat to let it marinate. Got the oven on low, so it will heat quicker when needed. Cunning? Baked beans with a drop of Hickory soaking in the saucepan ready. Sliced white bread out of the freezer to defrost and soak up the tomato sauce. But, when will the nurse arrive?

Jenny called to see if I wanted any bleach, yoghourt or lemon mousse adding on her next order to be delivered. She is getting it on the same day as I get the Morrison order, Tuesday 30th June. I asked for some lemon yoghourt and mousse, please. So kind of her.

I forgot to mention that I had some milk and tissues in the spare room in case she needed any, I rang her back to let her know. I think the reason that Iceland had delivered to the flat door, (Where they did not for some younger tenants), might have been because I am registered with them by the Government as a High-Risk isolating customer with them?

I went on CorelDraw to make up some graphics to use tomorrow.

Got a call from Carrington Pharmacy, asking me to tell the nurse when she arrives, to ring the chemists?

Then the intercom buzzed, it was someone from Carrington Pharmacy? I let her in.

One minute later, the intercom buzzed again, it was the Phlebotomy nurse. I admitted her.

The nurse arrived and let herself in. I mentioned the chemist lady calling me and why, and a pharmacy lady buzzing to get in? The nurse said she’ll take a look to see if she can find the chemist lady.  but she had not arrived? As she went out to search for the other lady, that woman arrived in the hallway. The two angels spoke to each other, ad a bag was handed to the nurse. I could not hear the words spoken.

The nurse came back in and said the girl, had walked up the stairs, and they have not got any of the required sized Enoxaparin, and have sent half-quantity filled ones, so I’ll have to have four injections a day instead of two. Never mind!

Lovely nurse. Bit of a chinwag as we went through the situation identificatory’s. (I like that word!) She insisted on giving me the injections

She will be returning in the morning and will watch and see if she thinks I can handle the self-inoculums. But is concerned about the shaking and jumping of the right hand and fingers, they may come on when I’m injecting. I said I could do it with the left hand. She pointed out that Shaking Shoulder Shirley, which was playing up a bit at the time, could still cause something to go awry.

She’ll assess things in the morning. Bring a new yellow safe-bin, and arrange for another INR blood test. The nurse reminded not to inject again tonight!

I thanked her, she left the bag of needs behind the £300, second-hand, c1968, not-working, rickety recliner, and off she went.

The BBQ pork steaks, Hickory seasoned baked beans, became my main aim, then! Hehe!

It didn’t take me too long to get it cooked, 40 minutes from start to finish. The bread had thawed-out alright, and was so soft and tasty.

The Iceland Egyptian seedless grapes were larger than the last lot I had,  and a lot less sweet. But still tasted good to me, a little more tangy-taste to them! The Jenny-supplied lemon yoghourt was again great, tasty and a perfect finisher-offerer to the meal.

After destroying the meal, I got on with washing the pots, double-checked I’d taken the right medications, and settled down.

Great! I was soon off in the land of Sweet Morpheous!

An Ode to My Ailments


Barry Bladder & Hernia Harry


I went in the QMC for a Hernia operation,

Summat else came to the surgeons attention,

He said he’s found cancer in the bladder,

But not to worry, he said as we had a natter,

He’d lasered both problems with antimatter!

But I suffered later, Harry returned, it’s mind over matter!



Duodenal Donald

The problem was soon outright,

Although it was a bit of a fight,

The surgeons said it’d be risky and tight,

But things should come out alright,

But couldn’t stop the bleeding, that was a fright!

They did stop it finally, to my delight!



Haemorrhoid Harry

I have to say, this left me feeling sore,

But surely it will mean, Haemorrhoid cream no more?

No suppositories, prodding, probing, Cor!

But they returned, worse than before!



Aorta Albert

A bit of a shock, when I saw the Doc,

She said you’re a chip off the old block,

Your Dad had such an op, a bit of a shock,

Makes a change from operating on your buttock,

But you’ll pull through me old cock!



Sandie Seer

Twitching eyes, jump and jerk,

But when steady, they still work,

Though not a regular querk,

It can drive you berserk!



Nerveless Nigel

Diagnosed two weeks before the stroke,

By Dr Rahannmuta, a wonderful bloke,

Not averse to a laugh and joke,

Although I don’t, he said you must not smoke!

And gave me a year, before the nerve-ends die, get broke.




Worra shock, I was in a terrible mess,

Couldn’t wash, shave or even dress,

Two months hospitalisation, no less,

Why I ask, but it remains answerless,

The After-Stroke Physio leaves me breathless,

But certainly not painless!

There are periods when I feel brainless,

But some helpers have been invaluable, God Bless!





Caught this in the Stroke hospital ward, one can’t forget,

Blood-papsules, weals, scars, lumps, bulges, a guaranteed bet,

Welts, contusions, blemishes, dapples, maculations, invariably on the legs set,

Thrombophlebitis and assorted Clopidogrel grooves and ridges show,

The legs appearance change every day, a new vein or burrow,

A reaction to a changed medication, they say to me,

Vasculitis and venous thromboembolism or VTE,

What next, can I charge folks to look, Hehehe!

Right-hand side sensory nerves are almost kaput,

The neurotransmitters, nearly as dead as a mutt,

I’m even getting boils and growths on my butt!



Myasthenia Gravis (MG) – The latest ailment.

 This was written, to cheer missen up, and it did!

I thank you!


Inchcock – Tuesday 20th June 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop – Lost the hearing aids. Tsk!

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Belarusian: Аўторак 20 чэрвеня 2017

0400hrs: Woke up, recalling some bits of a dream and scribbled it down quickly on the notepad. From my younger days, Suzie my first love (Well, my only one really), Chrissie, a wondrously attractive gal from ‘Down our terrace’ and Dad were in this one, I could not see me though, it was like I was just watching things as they progressed? I think Sister Jane came into it at times, to tell me where and what to look for? The back yard, Chrissie’s family dog Rover, appeared, burning ashes came down from the train above on the viaduct. Memories (Happy ones mostly) raced into and out of mind at a fast rate, like fast forwarding a tape or DVD? Pondered on them for ages.

0455hrs: Up and to the Porcelain Throne for a heavy duty session, but failure was in the air (Just wind, Hehe!) Had a wee-wee, though.

Did the health checks: Sys148, Dia 80, Pulse 101, Temp 35.6 and Weight 14.7 The pulse rate was exceptionally high, never had it so big before?

The computer on and sent Email to Sister Jane, with the photo of the funny shapes on the tummy. Told her I could make it tomorrow (Wednesday) all being well, to get out to visit them. Fingers crossed she can accommodate me. I’m sure she told me on the phone that she would be in on Wednesday. (Well, somewhat sure, Tsk!)

Another attempted Porcelain Throne session failed. Had a wee-wee, mind. Took a Senna tablet.

Did some WordPress reading.

Another try on the Porcelain Throne, gave up, had a wee-wee again. Took a second Senna tablet.

Did the ablutions. Another attempted heavy-duty session on the Throne… Failed again. Felt the pressure of needing to go, but too nervous to push too hard yet, as this had caused much bleeding last month when I had  Constipation Konrad visiting me. Had a wee-wee.

Could not find the hearing aids. Searched for over an hour and a half without any luck. I vaguely recall taking them out yesterday because one had lost all power and the other was picking up some squealing noises and wrapping them in a tissue – where, when and the location of where I put them remains a mystery to me? I’d been considering treating myself to a newer set of two anyway. So decided I would go into town and check on availability, prices, etc. and have a new hearing test done if they were not too expensive.

Got the bag ready, and went out to the Community Shed to see if Obergruppenfurheress Deana would be in like she said she would. Down the lift and out to the hut. Obergruppenfurher Deana and Gruppenfurher Julie were both in. Apparently, it is the day for collecting the yearly concessional TV licence monies in, so they were busy with us old folks throwing money at her. Hehe!

In between issuing the licences to various folks, she rang the insurance company for me and got it paid, bless her. Then reminded me of the need to pay for my TV licence. So I did.

On the way back to number 72 for one more quick search for the hearing aids, before catching the bus into town. I observed that the Woodthorpe Flats bus stop had a notice telling us ‘This Stop is no longer in use – use the one at the end of the road next to the Winchester Flats” – shame that, an extra walk and no bus shelter to wait under in the event of foul weather. Never mind, can’t he helped. A lot of workmen standing and lurking this morning, and they had started to do the removal of decorative ceiling coverings doing one floor at a time. Starting with the top floor on Monday. Meaning my floor will be done on Thursday when I can either go out for the day, and they will provide a free buffet meal in the Social Hut for us, or we can stay inside all day. Does this mean the Tenants Social Hour will be cancelled? I imagine not because it only affects the people on the 12th floor of each block. There is no way anyone opting to stay in their flats will be allowed into the lift area while the work takes place. Health & Safety rules.

Up to the apartment and had a search for the missing hearing aids again, no luck. Rushed back down again and to the end of the road to the new to us, bus stop. Many residents from both blocks were waiting. Had a chinwag with Bill. He was telling me how all the others were moaning about the bus stop, being moved, further to walk, no shelter from the elements, chattering about having to in or out of their homes for a day… they are not happy Bill said. I could not hear them due to the lack of hearing aids in my lug-holes. Haha!

I was the only one from the flats who got onto the City bound bus.

On Mapperley tops, the traffic inbound was at a standstill, and the L9 bus that the others back at the flats were waiting for was in the middle of the queue. Poor folks have going to have a long wait.

Dropped off at the terminus and walked down Queen Street into the slab square.

No Big Issue sellers in the area this morning?

To Boot’s and had a word with a lady there. But when we got to the prices I withdrew with as much grace as I could manage.

Over the road and down onto Wheeler Gate and the Specsavers shop. Had a word with them, their choices were far less than at Boots, and the prices for comparable models was about the same, but they had an offer on of two for the price of one. Plus, 4 years free batteries, one-year free insurance, Free aftercare, Free choice of fitting styles (Not sure what this means yet), a ninety-day satisfaction period and a Four-year guarantee. Oh, and a free hearing test.

The young man got my details onto the computer and asked when I wanted the test done from his available dates. He offered Thursday, made him look at me oddly when I told him I was to be stuck in the flats all day Thursday, I declined. Friday at 1700hrs – I got another odd look when I said this was too late for me to get a bus there or back to the flats.

Saturday at 1330hrs (He was getting a look of desperation on his face now, Hehe!) That will do, I told him, much to his relief I’m sure. He gave me a booklet and an appointment card.

I was going to tell him about there only being three buses to town on a Saturday, but I think had come to the decision that I was mad enough as it was. Hehehe!

Left and had a hobble up Friar Lane to see if the hearing place was open that used to sell alarms and timers for the hard of hearing. Terribly high prices last time I looked.

A big sign on the window, Shop To Let! So the business had apparently gone under since my previously visiting it. Not surprised really at the prices they were charging.

I meandered back down and onto the Slab Square, then up to the Primark Store and had a look around. Got some socks that claimed to be wider than average, thought they looked comfortable.

Some shoplifters were being taken out as I left the store. I don’t know how they make it pay here. So many times I’ve passed by and seen a police car with Officers removing offenders from this place.

Spotted some Nottingham Street Art outside.

I assume the staff of the nearby shops and officers have to nip out for a quick fag at their breaks and lunchtime? Whatever happened to the Smoke Rooms we used to have?

Got a TV magazine for next week and a newspaper to read on the bus, as I had failed to put my crossword book in the bag. I thought whatever it was that had caused the traffic snarl-up earlier, might be roadwork related and still be there.

As the bus passed the end of Clinton Street, I took a photographicalisation of it.

It didn’t come out too bad, considering how fast the bus was travelling, I thought.

Back at the apartments, I got off at the new stop and had a fair walk back to my block. Although it wasn’t a long walk, it was longer than usual. I must remember this when setting out in future to catch a bus and give myself a little more time.

At the apartment door, I rang the ladies next door bell. Gave her the newspaper to read. In the flat and tried again on the Porcelain Throne, no luck, but had a wee-wee.

Got the calendar updated with the appointment for the hearing test.

Realised when I did so, I’d missed getting to the Woodthorpe Park open day. Tsk, Cobblediplonk & Humph!

Did the Health Checks.

The pulse rate had gone down well, only 75 now, gone the opposite way? Huh!

The computer on again and updated this diary.

Back to the Porcelain Throne… ah, movement at last! Not easy, and Duodenal Donald bled a lot, but at least Constipation Konrad had eased a little. I shall still take another Senna with tonight’s medications, though. Took them while I thought of it.

Did some more WordPressing, then Facebooking. Lots of comments to reply to, that was fun.

The intercom burst into life, it was District Nurse came to collect their bag of tricks. I pressed the admit buttons and put some nibbles into the bag and said nowt when she got here to collect them.

Back to Facebooking.

1845hrs: Dawg-gone Virgin Internet went down! Reset button and restart made no difference. Rang 150 for help, got a recorded message Sorry your Virgin Internet is having problems, engineer despatched, we anticipate to have it working again by 0225hrs!

Had a wee-wee. Wash, the toothache started when cleaning the teggies. Humph!

To extra Codeine Got the meal ready.

Rang Sister Jane to make sure she will be in and I would be welcome to visit in the morning.

Got some nibbles and things in the bag, so I don’t forget them tomorrow.

Found the hearing aids in the pocket of a shirt I was putting into in the laundry bag. Humph – Tsk and fancy that!

Fell asleep, dreamt of being chased along office corridors again.


Inchcock – Monday 19th June 2017

Monday 19th June 2017

Tajik: Душанбе 19 июни соли 2017

0530hrs: Woke recalling bits of a dream, it was not a good one, and I felt a dishearted and in the doldrums for a few seconds about the theme of it. (Then remembered the Nurses hoping they would arrive early enough for me to catch the 0930hrs bus after the Enoxaparin booster injections. This prompted me into action, arousing an oh-so-rare sense of urgency, and noticed how tidy the room looked, then off to the Porcelain Throne.

The session was all right mostly this morning. The passing was painless and bloodless. Anne Gyna and Reflux Roger were both taking a holiday along with Dizzy Dennis. Duodenal Donald being the only one of regular ailments giving me any bother… but I was aware that this could change so quickly. So prevented me from getting too hopeful or happy.

Noticed some new bruising and under the skin bleeding on the left leg. Which incidentally has gone down in size a bit this morning. The scratches had dried up now.

Good stuff that after-shave I used on it yesterday. Hurts a bit, but it does halt the bleeding.

I realised that the timing between the District Nurses visit and catching the bus would be tight. So I got on with making a mug of tea, did the Health Checks. Took the medications and sorted the weekly tablet box’s out.

Finished the weekend dairy off and got it posted, then started this one off.

Ablutions tended to, two nurses arrived, a plump bonny lass and a young youth who looked about 13-years-old to me? He never spoke, just spent his time pretending to listen to the District Nurse and spent his time perusing all over the flat with his beady eyes.

They soon got me done in plenty of time, thanked them and off they shot. Got the things ready and went out to visit the community shed. A chinwag with Roy at the bus stop en route. Gruppenfureress Julie and Obergruppenfureress Deana both in. Gave them their nibbles. Asked if Dean could help with phoning the insurance company for me. Told to see her tomorrow morning as she is away again after that. So busy, these gals you know.

To the bus stop and another gossip with Bill, Roy and Pete.

Bus into town and a 35 bus out to the QMC Hospital. Only two of the four lifts (elevators) were working, so I walked up the stairs again to the D-floor.

A lot easier doing this today than the other days recently.

Along the corridor and into the reception area – the look from the receptionist accompanied by a well-practised sneer welcomed me. Washed my hands and took a seat, got the crossword book out.

Later, they reminded us about the one minute’s silence about to take place in memory of the Grenfell flat victims and survivors. I was most annoyed with two ladies at the front who kept on chatting throughout the minute. I dare not say anything for fear of losing me temper.

The doctor called me in and took the blood reading. It was up to 2.1 now, which is still lower than the 3.0 target figure, but much less so than the recent ones, that have been creeping up slowly this week. 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 then 1.8. He decided to cancel the Enoxaparin injections and increased the Warfarin doses instead. Told me to make an appointment with my doctor’s nurse… (Ah, I’ve remembered her name now, Nichole!) for another INR blood test with her. Nichole, a beautiful creature and a fantastic temperament she has. Told me of his concern for internal bleeding after looking at my flobby-tummy. He made a phone call. Said to me to go to the DVT clinic afterwards, gave me a card to take with me. I thanked him and handed some nibbles to the nurses. Off down the corridor to the DVT, where a bloke was waiting for my arrival. Put me on a trolly, down a long barren hallway and into a room with what looked like X-ray machinery, but he called it some other name. Tied a big metal and cloth belt tightly around the midriff and photographed under the skin via the belt. He got the results immediately from the print-out. Nothing to worry about now I am off the Enoxaparin, he told me. We joked about Nottingham Forest’s decline and mourned Brian Clough. I’m not sure how we started on about this? Hehe!  Informed me no need to return to the other doctor and wished me well. Advised me that I’m to be taken off of the Red Watch scheme tomorrow. (Or something like that anyway.) Thanked him and I was off down the stairs and out into the glorious sunshine to the bus stop.

I’d actually enjoyed having Red Markers on my record – I’ve never been looked at so quickly ever before. Ah well, back to the remembering to take the crossword book and a reading book with me again every visit.

Waiting for the bus to arrive, I became aware of the amount of scantily attired young females all over the place. Just thought I’d mention it like.

En-route to Arnold, I took a couple of pictures from the bus window. All reflections and blurs. Tsk!

Dropped off in Arnold High Street and went into the Wilko store to get a spare toothbrush and washing up bowl. Got the brush, but could I find a bowl? No! Mind you, it is a huge shop. Asked a lady assistant stood near the customer desk with a big sign declaring “Here to help, Can I?” Asked her for the location of the bowls as mentioned earlier. “Over the back in the Kitchen Section,” she said stabbing her finger roughly in that direction. I thanked her kindly and set off on a search. Found the sign for Kitchen on the ceiling. Had I wanted, saucepans, cookers, cutlery, microwave ovens, toasters, frying pans, woks, kitchen scales a kettle, chopping board, mop and bucket, waste-bin, containers, clock, grater, food mixer, sink drainer, water filter or tablets, jugs, mixing bowl, coffee maker, slow cooker, timer, wall clock, blender, processor, fryer, steamer, wine chiller, paper plates, Hostess trolley, waste bin, kitchen furniture or black bags… I’d have been fine. But a bowl to use in the sink? Humph!

Gave up and put the disinfectant, toothbrushes and dusters back where I got them from and departed, making my way to the Boyles Store further up the road. Where I got some spare toothbrushes at only 39p each! Disinfectant same as the one in Wilko for 15p less, and Neutradol Air Freshener at 30% extra and the same price as Wilko. Felt a bit smug here I did.

Two doors up and into the Savers shop. Got some Neutradol fabric spray at £1 each, some Zoflora Citrus disinfectant at £2.49.

Attempted to take a photograph of some bears in a window, but made a right mess of it. Humph!

Limped along to the Asda (Walmart) superstore. Boy, is it right what they put on the web about what Asda shoppers wear… or rather what they don’t wear!

I spent a good while examining the attire of the young and older ladies in Walmart. Bought only a pack of fresh garden peas. (Nibbled some on the bus later)

Back to the apartment and tended to a much-needed wee-weeing session.

Sorted the paperwork from the medical activities. Added things to the calendar.

Did some WordPressing, checked the Emails, and sent one to the surgery for an appointment for Friday with Nurse Nichole for the INR test.

Carried out the Health checks and made up last week’s record.

Today’s seemed a bit variable?

Received an email back from the surgery very quickly, an appointment for 0925hrs on Friday, but this on the Google calendar.

Made a drink and had a look into the options of what to have for fodder tonight.

The mobile rang, and it was the District Nurse Controller, asking if they were needed tonight or not. I explained everything and she said no need to keep the Hypodermics in the fridge, just a dark, cool area.

I rang Sister Jane, and she rang back. I’m hoping to go see them on Wednesday, all being well like. Told of one of the blood spots on the tummy from an Enoxaparin shot and how it looked to me like a chicken.
Pete had overdone his electric bke riding session, and I pulled his leg about it, because I kne just how he felt, aving done similar myself so many times. Hehe!

Had a wee-wee.

Got the fodder prepared, and ingested.

Potato Cakes, strong cheddar cheese, raw pod peas. tomatoes, beetroot, german meat and a lemon curd yoghourt.

Settled to watch some TV – fell-asleep.

Inchcock Today – Thur 15th 2017: Hospital again for INR test and injections. Well, it gives me someone to talk to!

Thursday 15th June 2017

Xhosa (Bantu ethnic group of Southern Africa mainly found in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and in the last two centuries throughout the southern and central-southern parts):

NgoLwesine 15 Juni 2017

0430hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner in minutes, on the way to the Porcelain Throne. Bloody and a slightly painful session. Duodenal Donald flowed freely, Anne Gyna was giving me warning signs and the tummy was twinging in places it had never twinged before. Dizzy Dennis put in an appearance too! Tsk! Worra start!

The view from the kitchen reminded me of the horrible fire in London for some reason or other?

Got the paperwork for the QMC visit later, must not miss the 0930hrs bus into town. I want to drop off some nibbles and raffle prizes at the Winwood Community Shed for the Tenants Social Hour, as once again, medicationalistical appointments prevent me from attending! Humph!

Off for a wee-wee. Then I got the Health Checks done and took the medications. Looked okay to me: Sys 163, Dia 69, Pulse 80, Temp’ 34.9 and Weight 14.7

Another wee-wee.

Computer activated, and diaries worked on. Oh, dear! Email from the surgery, telling me they have made an appointment for today at 0830hrs for an INR test, a new prescription is ready to collect from the chemists, and I have to make an appointment today to see my doctor and a ‘Specialist’. Mmm?

So, a change of plans needed, what do I do about the QMC? I’ll ask at the surgery.

Had to close everything down to get ready and off to the surgery in time – Tsk! A rushed ablutioning session and dressed up all nice and fresh. Forgot all about the tummy pains as I hurried around in a panic getting things sorted; Swapped the nibbles for the nurse’s nibbles. Changed the paperwork and set off to the lift, where I had to return to check the flat to see if I’d left anything turned on or off that shouldn’t be. Tut!

Met Frank and his much better half (14th-floor tenants) outside, as she was being lifted for a day out by here daughter. Wish her all the best, and after she’s gone, I ask… Roy, 4Thur04that’s his name, not Frank (Grump, what a clot I am), if he would tell the others about my not getting to the Social Hour again and why! With a cheeky smile, he said he’d think about it. Hehe!

Along Chestnut Walk and to the glass recycling bin dropped of some jars.

Gorgeous weather, not too warm and no winds or signs of rain.

4Thur05Turned right at the end of the Walk and down onto Winchester Street Hill.

The greenery was heartwarming as I saw the new growths battling though.

Down to the end and onto Mansfield Road and up and over the hill, down into Carrington and the first call of the day, at the Sherringham Surgery and the nurse Carena… I think that is 4Thur06her name. (Not that it matters cause she is sweet, kind, cuddly and beautiful) for the INR blood test.

The weather continued to be fine and almost cheer making with the lack of wind.

Just over the hill, a much dreaded and feared Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came passed me and was within inches of hitting me!

By the time I got the camera out, he had disappeared from view altogether? He was moving at a high rate of knots, bless his cotton socks.

Got to the Sherringham Surgery in plenty of time, booked in and took a seat, 20 minutes before the appointment time – and was called in by the nurse (Come to think of it now as I type this, I think her name is Nicole) in about three minutes. It has its advantages being on the At Risk Register and on Red Watch, or is that Red Alert? Whatever, I’ve certainly being seen as a priority these last few days. That red bar across my page on their computer screen is working wonders. Haha!

4Thur11She soon took the blood, again it took ages for the vein to stop bleeding, but that was good, it gave me time to have an ogle and gossip with the nurse!

She made a good job of covering it afterwards. Gave her some nibbles, thanked her for the help and dropped some nibbles off for the reception staff as I limped out of the surgery. (The feet were really singing now, after all the hobbling in the last three day, to and from hospital DVT and Anticoagulation and the surgery)

I limped down into Carrington and the Chemist to collect the mystery prescription that I knew nowt about. It turned out to be some new Warfarin tablets, so that was good.

Out and meandered up and into the Lidl store. Where I invested in some nibble bars to hand out in thanks, a large baking potato, mini Weiner sausages, tomatoes and a bar of almond nut brittle as a treat for myself. Even bravely used the self-serve counter again.

Out and to the bus stop, thinking how much I appreciated the free bus pass as I waited for the arrival of one to take me back into Sherwood, as the tootsies were worse than ever now… Whoopsiedangleplop time again! It dawned on me that it was far too early for me to utilise the pass! So I set off on a limp back along Mansfield Road with its hill, into Sherwood. Humph!

4Thur08By the time I got to the Methodist Church about half way to Sherwood, I was in great pain, and yet high spirits?

Unaccountably content, I was. Good thoughts were permeating through my mind.

I pressed on eventually arriving in Sherwood proper and the shops.

4Thur09I called into the Children’s Charity Shop for a peruse around, but nothing purchased.

Out and on my way to visit Wilko and then the Nottingham Hospice Shop and the phone burst into life.

It was the District Nurse wanting to know why I was not in the flat. Oh dearie me!

I tried to apologise and explain the problems I’m having with me receiving instruction for the Queens Medical DVT, the Anticoagulation there, the surgery and the District nurses. Which didn’t all agree or marry with each other… A long silence, a noisy Tut, and she told me “I’ll have to call on some else who is in and return to you if I get the time later” The phone went dead. I think I’m in trouble with her now. And she is about to give me injections in the stomach too! Huh!

My previous unexpected short-lived air of confidence, nay, almost contentment and hope dissolved into the ether, to be supplanted with anxiety, worry and apprehension with a twinge of trepidation. Yes, I was depressed again now. Grumph!

Morosely I called into the Wilko store but bought nothing. Then up the hill to the Nottingham Hospice Shop and got a little mug.

To the bus stop and checked the bus times, the next one not being for 40 minutes, I carried on up over the hill and down the  Woodthorpe Grange Park gates and up the footpath hill.

En route I found some pleasure and almost enjoyed it when I took these photographs while standing under the Chestnut Trees near the walkway.


To the top of the hill and down to the entrance to the flats.

Got in just in time for an accident-free wee-wee! Haha!

Put the bits bought away, and tablets into the drawer then got podding some garden peas to cook later, and the District Nurse (A different one again) arrived. I actually should have died on the spot, with her obviously well-honed and perfected look of… what’s the word, er… erm…  detestation, or maybe odium would best describe it, should have melted me on the spot. It deserved it, especially as she adopted a smile at the same time. I couldn’t help but think she could replace Teresa May without any problem. She was not happy but did seem to cheer up a bit as a semi-curl came on her lips as dug the hypodermic into my well endowed flobby belly. Hahaha! I’m exaggerating for fun of course. Am I? Hehe!

I thanked her, Dare I not, do so?

She said someone would come in the morning around 1000hrs as she did not know if I was to have any more Enoxaparin injections or not but would find out. Oh dear! I was not brave enough to ask her if anyone was going to call tonight to ‘Do-me’.

05Thu12The day suddenly went a bit dark?

I wondered if this was an omen of some sort? 

I got onto the computer and updated this diary to here.

Had a wee-wee.

Another long day then, without much sleep. And, no watching the TV for fear of not hearing the District Nurse if she does arrive, and will it be 2200hrs again. Oh dearie me.

05Thu12aMade another cuppa in the new mug. Had a wee-wee.

Rang Sister Janet to see how she is.

She had problems of her own but lovingly seemed more interested in mine.

Checked the Emails, and had got some in support from the TFZer gals. Nice that!

Then tried to catch-up with the WordPress reading.

There is a lot of it to catch up on after having to rush out this morning.

Had a wee-wee.

Had a call from the QMC Anticoagulation Floor D. The lady was hard to hear, but I’m sure that we agreed that the Enoxaparin Injections must continue, although the INR level had risen a bit. I have to go into the QMC for tests in the morning. Busy lad ain’t I! Hehe!

I will send an Email now to the surgery, so they know.

Had a wee-wee.

Put the news on and listened through the headphone. So many people still missing from the horrendous fire in London. Feeling a bit down again now. The flats are still burning!!! The officials are assuring us that the residents will be rehoused locally if that is what they want.

Sent the Email to the surgery.

Did some Facebook catch up, at last?

05Thu12cGot the meal prepared and took the medications, did the Health Checks.

Sudden flatulence, danger recognised, got to the Porcelain Throne; only just in time.

Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding badly. Cleaned me and every else up, and returned to the dying room… Sorry, living room. (Understandable mistake how I’m feeling. Hehehe!) Luckily there was nothing on the plate to get cold, an hour later, when I got around to eating it, any appetite I had left, had vanished. I threw most it away.

Missed a call on the phone, fumbled with it and got to a message that had been left. T’was a nurse asking me to confirm whether or not I’d had an Enoxaparin injection this afternoon and rang her back on a number. I rang back, but got a message about Not being available on this figure?

Duodenal Donald kept my attentions for a while. Then the phone rang again. The nurse with a few questions for me. Said she would arrive at 2000hrs to stick me with the hypo. I thanked her and had a sit-down, as it had been a horrendously long day, no sleep and full of ups and downs.

5Fri032020hrs: The District Nurse, who had been before (The extra cuddly one with the twinkle in her eyes and firm appealing rear end) arrived. Set about looking at the record of injections, she made a call to someone. Then explained she has to go nd return later at 2200hrs because it is too early and dangerous to give one yet. I had a feeling that somehow this was my fault because I got confused with the timing?

Feeling very drained now, I put the TV on with subtitles and watched the news until the nurse returned at 2220hrs to give me the treatment.

Thanked and confirmed that no treatment was needed for the morning and they will know the results from the DVT clinic at the QMC and whether I’ll need them to carry on with the Enoxaparin injections tomorrow night. We’ll see.

A long frustrating wearing day and I ain’t well. Humph! Hehe!

Inchcock Today: Monday 20th March 2017


Monday 20th March 2017

Persian: 20 دوشنبه مارس 2017

0325hrs: Stirred in the £300 second-hand worryingly wobbly recliner, in need of using the porcelain rather urgently. Got there in time and found it was a reasonable session, Little Inchy although sore, was not bleeding and Haemorrhoid Harold was much better than of late, bleeding-wise.

Got the washing garments and accoutrements sorted, and down to the laundry room and got washer going then back up. Computer turned on and started to do the diary.

Half an hour later, down again to move the things to the dryer. A lady tenant from the 8th floor was getting her washing into a machine, and she asked me which dryer I was going to use, I told her whichever she liked, she wanted the end one, so I got my stuff into the next one. Had a chinwag. Then back up to the flat and got on with the diary work.

7Sun05Don’t know how I managed the following, but here’s the story:

I wanted to rub some pain gel in the knees, opened the drawer where I keep it and couldn’t see any. Went into the wetroom and got the one out of there and used it. When I did the health checks next, there in the drawer as plain as your face was the pain gel next to the BP machine I didn’t see last time I looked for it?

Worrying innit?

1Mon03Back down to the washing room and retrieved the clothes. Cleaned the filter, washed the inside of the machine. As I exited, the wonderfully coloured sky outside caught me attention, so having the camera in my pocket, I nipped out and took a photo of it. Took several actually, but this is the only one that came out anywhere near as to what it really looked like out there.

The drizzle was still with us. The trees on the left are the Copse I like so much, gradually thickening out as Spring dawns.

Up to the flat and put the clothes away, made a brew, took the medications and finished the Sunday diary and started this one off.

Had a go on Facebook. I lost the graphic I did for Marie and Mary mid-way through the session?

WallaStarted a graphic for the TFZ site, not much time available to get it finished, cause I’ve got the INR blood test, and Doctor’s appointment to go to later this morning. However, I did finish the one for TFZ’s Sandie

Did the ablutions, shaving, teggies, then a damned good energetic (For me) showering using the lemon scented soap from Morrison’s. Dried off well and applied the creams lotions and potions to the required areas and limbs, and used the citrus deodorant. I must have smelt like an orange or lemon, Hehe!

Dressed, took the pound-shop brolly with me, and went down to the foyer. Had a nice chinwag and laugh with some of the tenants who had gathered to catch the bus, and decided to get the L8 with some of them down into Sherwood to avoid some of the now heavy winds and rain.

1Mon09Dropped off near Mansfield Road, walked down and left up through Sherwood and up the gradually inclining, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna annoying hill and down the other side into Carrington and the surgery.

The brolly blew inside out, and I retrieved it and deposited it in a roadside bin, cursing a bit as got wetterer and wetterer on my way to see the nurse. Humph!

I arrived with plenty of time to spare and took off the coat, sat and started on the crossword book. A chap pointed out that the zip on my flies was wide open… Oh dear, the Whoopsiedangleplops have begun!

The surgery nurse called me in, and she did the blood test for me. I gave her some nibbles for her and some for the others. The rain seemed to be coming down even harder as I left, after waiting a while in the forlorn hope that the rain might ease.

I wadded down through to the Carrington shops and into the Lidl store. Spent a good bit toady, bacon, cheese, two potatoes, unicorn carrots, roasted almonds, furniture polish, lemon curd yoghourts, a fruit fool and two fresh cream jam doughnuts.

By the time I exited the nasty staffed shop, the rain had reduced to a bit of drizzle, thankfully. I caught a bus back into Sherwood and called into Holland & Barratt and got a pot of Vitamin B Complex and some Cod liver oil capsules to replace the ones I was running short of.

Out and across the road, with ten minutes to go before the L8 bus was due. Penny, Frank and the nasty woman with the vicious intimidating son (I just acted as if she was not there) were waiting in the shelter. Norman was passing by, and he stopped for a chinwag with us.

Up back to the flats, got in, used the WC, fried myself off best I could then I put the slippers on, put the fodder away, made a cuppa and got the computer on to update this page.

1Mon11The rain started to come heavily again, as I made another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold.


I rang Olive to see when or if I could call to see her.

She told me to call around 1400hrs.

I got CorelDraw going and started the next graphic off.


Finally got it finished. Not sure what to name or comment on it, though, yet?

5fri04a1400hrs: Over to visit Olive. Her daughter called for a paramedic yesterday, and she was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The poor thing has now caught an infection that has left her legs with blotches that are painful when touched against. She cannot wear anything on her lower legs. They have put her on antibiotics. These may affect her Chrones and may delay her planned hospital procedure. So damned annoying, just when she is getting so close to her hip operation date. I felt so bad for her.

She made out she was coping with the disappointment, but I knew. Differently, she didn’t tell me off once! So I knew she was well under the weather. I stayed as long as she would allow, we chatted, and she told me some of her younger life, and we managed a smile or two between us. Gave he a smacker, wished her all the best and arranged to visit her on Wednesday with her permission. I left a little despondent and annoyed that life should do this to the girl. Bless her.

Got back to the flat and checked out my bleeding areas, to find both of them were okay and blood free! Did the last Health Check and the weight had increased a tad yet again! Huh!

1Mon12Did some work on the graphics.

The evening sky looked so, er, what’s the word?

Dynamic? Tumultuous? The different effects on the skyline varied from black to bright white and all combinations in between… I didn’t explain that very well, did I?

Good job I took a photographicalisation of it. Hehehe!

1Mon11Got the meal prepared, an easy job today, a salad of sorts, without any bread. (The weight increasing you know!)

Pork & Mushroom pate. A portion of soft cheese and strong cheddar, two potato waffles, mushrooms, beetroot, pickled silverskin onions and some sage and onion slices… oh, and the cheesy twist light puff-pastry thing.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some of the Boon DVD, which I stayed awake for without any bother (No commercial breaks you see?). Turned over to the TV to watch some Law & Order and, off I went, into a dream filled sleep…

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today -Tuesday 7th March 2017



Tuesday 7th March 2017

Lithuanian: Antradienis kovas 7, 2017

I stirred in the second-hand £300 recliner chair around 0245hrs and thought of the dreams I’d been having, all I recalled was something about an interview in an office and my not knowing any of the answers to the questions demanding the same.This reminded me that I must search for the bank folder with the details and advice in it that I could not find last night. But first things first. 0300hrs: Out of the working shudderingly chair and to the porcelain room.

As I sat on the throne I had a period of febriculose. Although sore, Little Inchy had not been bleeding. Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding just a little, but nowt to worry about. Duodenal Daniel and Anne Gyna both felt a little less severe than yesterday, so things were not looking bad at all.

I decided to get the laundry done first this morning. Down to the laundry room and got the stuff in the washer. Back up and had a search for the bank package… not luck, and panic was setting in. Had I left it at Olive’s? Had I thrown it in the bin for some reason? Oh Heck!

2Tue001aSoon time to go down and move the washing into the dryer.Up to the flat and got the computer on, made a mug of tea and had breakfast.

Up to the flat and got the computer on, made a nice strong (Thompson’s tea bags) mug of tea and had breakfast.

Got started on the blog and the time soon shot by, so down to retrieve the clothes from the 2Tue03Laundry room. All done by 0505hrs. Into the bag. cleaned the filters and wiped surfaces.

Up and put the clothes away, and I had a deep search for the bank wallet thingy. Amazingly. I found it in the first place I looked! It was between the other wallets in a stack 2Tue04that I did not look in between. Huh, worra clot! But a bit happier clot now. Hehe!

I did the kitchen floor, swept and mopped it. For some reason or other, I used the old mop that was a bit bedraggled? No idea why.

Back on the computer, updated the Morrison Order.

Last night I tried one of the Polish Fasolka jars of bean, bacon and sausage stew in tomatoes. I added some balsamic vinegar, and it was very nice indeed, so I added some to the Morrison’s order for Wednesday delivery.


I’ve got a free 4-pack of Greek strawberry yoghourt coming as well? My first thought was that I could hand this in as a raffle prize at the Winwood Social Hour on Thursday. Then pondered on whether something else would stop me attending this week again? Will the bank manager ever call me like he said he was going to? Will the clinic change any appointments again?

2Tue08At least tomorrow, I only have three things arranged yet, according to my Google Calendar anyway.

I must not forget the dentist.

Finished off yesterday’s diary and got it posted off into the ether.

Started this one off.

Wonder if the bank manager will call me today? I got an email from their head office or whatever this morning, no, yesterday it was – Welcoming me to the bank? Yet still, I have no solution to the Proof of ID problem?

W3Did some WordPress reading.

Then onto Facebooking.

Then Graphicalisationing.

Got this one finished for the TFZers site.

Then set about starting the daily feast.

Today I opted for something a little unconventional.

2Tue09Mushroom Rissoto, a sliced apple, a small can of vegetarian sausage and baked beans to be followed with a pot of Lemon Curd yoghourt.

This decision was prompted partly by the lack of choice in the fridge, of fodder to choose from – induced by my having to stay in so as not to miss the call from the new prospective Bank Manager for two days, that still has not arrived.

However, it was delicious. I added a drop of soy sauce to the rissoto. Very tasty! Things will improve option-wise shortly in the food options area, I’ve got the Morrison delivery coming tomorrow morning, I hope, between 0630 > 0730hrs.

Must remember the 0900hr dentist visit, as well as the Clinic… oh and call at the bank too on Wednesday (Tomorrow). Luckily no cleaners, nurses (Enoxaparin injections), Susan Chiropodist or INR blood tests arranged on this day. 

Got changed and settled to watch some of the Dr Who DVD, then onto the TV… I don’t know why I bother mind, I’d kept drifting off and missed more that I watched. Nothing new there then. Hehe!

Early dreams that I made notes of that I found as I kept waking, but could not remember the dream or scribbling the notes? Not much of a clue. I’d written: Old dreams – Co-op, housing estate, delivery bike, ordering. That’s all. I assume with the word dream there, and that they were, actually notes about the dream, and not some sort of reminder of things for me to do? Sad innit?

Think I drifted off around midnight.

Inchcock Today Friday 30th September 2016


Friday 30th September 2016

After a night of ups and downs for WRWWs and dreams not recallable, I fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and once more to the porcelain. Little Inchy was a bit red and sore, and the lesion area looked like it is about to crack again. Oh heck!

5fri02Back into the front room where I spotted the written reminder about the Iceland delivery coming today twixt 1200 > 1400hrs under Koala Katie.

I greeted her with “Good morning and thanks, petal” and brushed her nose…

Insanity comes so easily as you age!

img_0267Remembered also the District Nurses will be calling sometime today to give me the Enoxaparin injections.

I can recall the last ones I had.

All those horrible looking blood blotches on my rather flabby well-endowed stomach. Hehe! But there was no pain with em.Must memorise I’ve to go Monday for the INR tests, and Tuesday for the Flu Jab. BJ said he’d take me to the laundry Tuesday, so hopefully, I can get the washing in the machine and nip over and up the road to have the jab done.

Must memorise I’ve to go Monday for the INR Warfaring Blood tests, and Tuesday for the Flu Jab. BJ said he’d take me to the laundry Tuesday, so hopefully, I can get the washing in the machine and nip over and up the road to the surgery and have the jab job done. Flu jab, the job was done. Try saying that when you’ve had a few jars, Hehehe!

Washed the pots I’d left in the sink last night. Another WRWW and got the laptop on.

Checked the weather for Nottingham, not that I was going anywhere with Iceland and the nurses due to call. Today and tomorrow forecasted rain and plenty of it, and the temperature was to fall, today 48°f -9°c and down to 6°c tonight? Did I read that right? Brrr!

5fri03I had hoped to get to see Sister Jane and Brother-in-Law Pete today. Thought I might get to call in the arboretum to see the Mallards too.

Thought I might get to call in the arboretum to see the Mallards on the way there or back, too. But there you go the best-laid plans…

Did the WordPressing, then spent a few hours graphicalisationing again.

5fri04I did one for Jane and Pete.

Took a while to get it right, but I enjoyed it… well you do, when it comes out okay don’t you?

Another WRWW, getting worrying this is now.

I emailed a copy to them. Hope that they like it.

Checked the emails and Google Diary, both the nurses and the Iceland delivery had been done… although I can’t remember doing the nurses one? Huh!

Must get to visit Olive as soon as the two visitors have been today. I need another telling off! She is excellent at it. Hahaha!

Set about starting a graphic of the TFZer lasses and lads.

Hours later now, just got it finished.


Into the wetroom and ablutionisationing completed, carbolic soap and citrus body spray today.

Off to visit Olive. She was in better form today, but only told me off once. Chinwag and a cuddle and kiss, and I had to get back to the flat in case the nurses or the Iceland man visited.

Mashed up the boiled potatoes and added cheese and mashed and smashed em up together with white vinegar, butter and a little origami. No, oregano, Tsk!

The Iceland man cometh. put the fodder away, but had to dish some frozen stuff from the fridge to make room for the frozen stuff that came. What a clot!

Seconds later nurses arrived, in a bit of a rush they were, soon got the Enoxaparin injected, said they would email me with the results of the test they took and told me they would return Monday morning, I explained that I had an appointment to have an INR blood test Monday at the surgery. They seemed concerned about this and one of them made a phone call. The nurse finished her call and told me my appointment was for 0900hrs, the surgery will inform them of the results and they would email me about whether they will or will not be returning. A pair of affable, pleasant ladies. I thanked them and off they shot to tend to their next victim… I mean patient. Hehe! 

5fri05Got the meal prepared. The meal consisted of the Tasty cheesy mash with a beef slice, tinned garden peas, tomatoes, chestnuts, tomatoes and a Cox’s apple, skinned and cubed

Did some work on an idea I’ve got for a humorous poem. (Not very good, it needs more work or scrapping altogether methinks) Tsk!

Got the meal ready, I liked this one a lot. I tried doing different mashed cheesy potatoes today, used small boiled ones, mashed them all up in their husks, then baked them.

TV on to watch a Law & Order DVD, but gave up the battle after several nodding-off sessions and having to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner for WRWW’s.

Put the pots to soak in the bowl in the sink. Head down and the dreams seemed to start immediately. Wish I could recall more of them, but when I got up for one of the many more WRWW sessions I endured: bits about Sister Jane unhappy in Italy and romantic activities with Grizelda from the distant past came to mind?

A lousy night really, tired as I was when I spurted into life for yet another WRWW around 0200hrs (Must mention this to the nurse on Monday), I could not get back to sleep. Humph!

Inchcock Today Thursday 29th September 2016: Tenants Social Hour day


Thursday 29th September 2016

0255hrs: Aching all over, sneezing and coughing I awoke pondering on the dreams I’d had. I was in a queue of people at St Peters Gate… a group of bearded men walking down the line and they all stopped at me, and drew a cross in marker pen on my chest? That is the only bit I can recall in any detail, although later I think I was in a boat that was sinking?

I  could feel the benefit of my trying last night to increase the heat from the storage heaters, but think I might have overdone it a bit. The place felt warm and snug I thought.

Thinking it was later than it was, I extracted myself from the working perfectly again £300 second-hand recliner and hobbled into the kitchen, took the medications and made a brew.

Got the vegetables prepared and into the slow cooker Crock-Pot, the potatoes in a saucepan on a low heat.

Good news from the WRHD session, no struggle, only the tiniest bit of blood from Haem Aroid, and Little Inchy no bleeding at all. Anne Gyna, Duo Denal and Roger Rea Flux all being kind to me. The odd sneeze now and them, but Nae bother.

Got the Social Hour things in the bag ready for later. Laptop on and started this off and finished yesterday’s post.

Did much graphicalisationing and Facebooking for a few hours.

Checked emails: Then did an order for Iceland.

Got the ablutions done, and smelling sweet again, I went off to visit Olive. She might not be in, though, today is her Scrabble session, I think.

Olive was in, she told me off, for forgetting her Scrabble day is on a Tuesday. She was not available for a cuddle or gossip, though, as she was just going into the shower to do her ablutions. I apologised and left.

4thu06Off to the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Hut.

It was bit windy this morning, but the sky looked fabulous to me?

I had a walk around both blocks of apartments and back to the front of them.

On the greenery between the chestnut 4thu05trees, as I turned around to go to the Community Shed, I noticed how my shadow looked rather amusing, with me legs apparently elongated somewhat.


So I took a photograph of it to give you a laugh like.

Wandered over to and into the hut, where I received my second telling-off of the day from the two tenants who run the session.

I had arrived too early.

Then, as I leant the bag on the edge of a table to get the raffle prizes out to put on the end one, she told me not to put my bag on the table, and gave me a highly disapproving stare!

Oh dear, what a start to the day.

4thu02 4thu03

4thu04Not so many folks there this week. Bill and BJ turned up, though. Most people seemed to have a real happy time. Funny, this week, there was were only three of us on out table instead of the usual six

Funny, this week, there was only three of us on our table instead of the usual six.

But that didn’t stop the raffle prizes being won on it, I won one, Bill won four, BJ won three and good old Eddy won Six!

The others there didn’t half give us some stick for that! Hehehe!

The reflux valve started to play up, and I thought I’d leave, only a few minutes later than usual, to get some medicine down me.

Called at Olive’s on the way, no answer.

2dos02To the porcelain for a WRWW first, then had a swig of the Aludrox, stirred the Crock-pot vegetables, turned off the now boiled potatoes 2dos01and got the laptop on to do a post about Mike Steeden’s poetry book.

Did a humorous graphic to go with it.

Took a few hours, but I was mildly pleased with the resultant effort.

Feeling a bit tired now, but why?

Had a go on Facebook and checked the emails.

Got the Cumberland pie in the oven. About 40 minutes to go and I should be serving up the pie with the Crock-Pot vegetables and new potatoes… better get to the porcelain. Hehe!

4thu07By gum that were good!

New Potatoes, Cumberland Pie with cheese, onions, swede, carrots, leeks, garden peas, mash, minced beef, delicious gravy.

Two slices wholemeal bread thins, followed by lemon drizzle and a Cox’s apple.
Mmm! 9/10

Felt done-in now! Sudden weariness.

Settled to watch some TV and managed to, as well for a few hours. Then the calls for a WRWW came thick and fast. Up out of the £300 second-hand recliner, to the porcelain, back to the recliner, kip for a while, up out of the…


Inchcock Today Thursday 1st September August 2016: Tenants Social Hour today


Thursday 1st September August 2016

Horrible night of the WRWWs. 0310hrs: Gave up on sleeping and got out of the £300 second-hand recliner for yet another WRWW, and decided to get the washing done while it was early enough to ensure a machine should be free to use in the laundry room.

Took the medications while I thought of it, with some orange juice. Then got some clothes on.

0335hrs: Got the clothes ready and went down to get them in a machine.

0335hrs: Laundry room, washing into the washing machine, on the short cycle.

0345hrs: Back up on the lift to the flat.

0415hrs: Back down in the lift and swapped the things into the dryer, in cotton-dry mode.

0420hrs: Back up on the lift to the flat. Laptop on worked on the diaries.

0520hrs: Back down in the lift and collected the cleaned and dried stuff and back up to number 72.

0529hrs: Back down in the lift and fetched the soap and freshener I’d left on the draining board in the laundry room. 

0536hrs: Back up on the lift to the apartment.

Shattered now. Hehehe!

Clothes away, WRWW, kettle on, laptop back on, graphicalising and diary work commenced once more.

Got the nibbles and pressies in the bag ready for the Winwood Social Hour.

Tried doing some Facebooking see if it would let me this time… No problems today, spent too much time catching up, though, had to rush to do me ablutions and get ready for the Social Hour, Tsk!

Called in to see Olive on the way, she was in good form. Kiss and a Cuddle and off I trotted to the Tenant Meeting.

Not many there to start with, and not many turned up. But a good session was had. Frank who’s won a medal, posed for a couple of shots.


11aBJ arrived, and Bill was there with us. No Eddie today nor Toni, at the start. We knew Eddie had an appointment and would not be here, and Toni bless her got here a few minutes before the end of the session, but the organisers gladly made her a cuppa, I gave her some nibbles and we had a chat.

She was not looking too well today but didn’t complain at all, bless her.

09Thin on the ground today, but those who could manage to get to the meeting seemed to enjoy it.

BJ was in fine form too, gave me right going over verbally! Hehe!

BJ and I stayed a bit longer to try and cheer Toni up a bit.

I had to depart to catch the L9 bus into Arnold; I wanted to get the photographs printed.

Called in Asda (Walmart) and got them in the machine, paid for them then got the shopping done. I got some more pod peas, cheese twists, Germolene antiseptic cream (for the boil), Instant mash and some Irish Batch bread. Collected the photos and nipped over to the Fulton’s Food store and got some of their excellent pickled beetroots, and a pack of two Lamb shanks in a mint sauce at £3.99, brilliant value.

BGTo the bus stop and the vandalised bench.

Noticing a person sat on the next bench further along.

Wondered rather ungraciously, if she had been the cause of the damage to the other bench.

Felt so guilty at having the thoughts about the generously sized lady.

Being the only person waiting at the bus shelter, I was soon joined by three girls, two fellows, then a man and a woman, then two more chaps arrived. When the bus came, it was like a scrum to get on first. Tsk! 

The large tattooed lady won, with a cunningly adept and chunky elbow poked into my ribs. But I managed to get on second. Because I think, the others felt sorry for me.

Back at the flat again I called to see Olive, but she was out.

I had a WRWW and got one of the lamb shanks boiling in the bag in the saucepan.

Put the food away and sorted the photographicalisations, and took Franks down to his flat where he dwells with Jenny. No thanks for them either, Humph!

Back to 72 and checked the pan and started the Crock-Pot vegetables warming up.

On the laptop to download the photos and update this tosh.

10bThe meal and medications were taken, with some Tomato Juice, a banana and a naughty Strawberry Sundae.

The minted lamb shank was alright, the vegetables marvellous tasting. The Tangy Tomato Juice was very sweet.

Hope I can remember how and what I seasoned them with for next time I make them, tomorrow I think.

Watched Death Wish. No, I didn’t! I watched DieHard4 on DVD. Managed about an hour before I nodded off, waking up as the time for the New Tricks on TV was due to start, so turned over to watch that at 2100hrs. Got to the first commercial break and drifted off. Woke again, needing a WRWW at 2250hrs and got out of the £300 second-hand recliner without any hiatus and tended to the call of nature – stubbing my toe en route. Huh!

Sat down again and was soon in the land of nod proper-like.