Inchcock: Tuesday 1st November 2022

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Gave up trying to sleep again after the wee-wee. Decided to get the ablutions done, being as I was wide awake yet flipping well again!
Apart from one issue, the ablutions went fantastically well this morning! Only one minuscule cut shaving, and I was rushing things a bit. I wanted to get the Monday blog finished and posted before going to the doctor. I had a feeling, well, EQ told me, that things would go okay with the results of the Severe Frailty Test Results… meaning I take it that someone would take notice and action on the problem? The Easy-Link bus that Deana ordered had been confirmed for 10:00hrs, so I do not have much time to get the blogging in. And with Liberty-Global going down tomorrow, I wanted to catch up as far as possible. But I felt a spot of good fortune was on the way? That in itself is a kind of miracle… as long as it comes.

As I was considering which manner to use to get the socks on, I spotted and photographed my left leg’s ankle. I seem to have gone all pale suddenly? What’s more, the ankle ulcer didn’t look too good a shade of colour? I think there is a furuncle or two coming out as well?

I did the washing and medicalisationing and feeling good, and with foolish bravery, I used , a mistake if ever there was one! I ended up with a cut shin and agony from the right foot delicate, , when I had a trying to rearrange the sock that had attached itself to the toenail!
Of course, I just laughed it of. What’s a spot of agony to a man like what I am, a mere tribulation. Being such a pain-bearing, heroic, brave, handsome young man?

Tidied up in the wet room, put the bloodied paper towels in the bin, took them into the kitchen and deposited it in the big waste bag.
Tried to take a decent photo of the morning view. Failed, of course, probably through
having fun with tearing the toenail and shin cutting, which has led to such a loss of blood. Hehehe!
I made a brew of Thompson’s Signature tea and tried to concentrate on updating the Monday blog.
I made a mess of the next two hours and spent more time correcting things than writing them. I realised later that I’d missed the Health Check graphics and a photo of my bleeding toe. Humph!

Came in, and I shook his hand on welcome. That confused him a bit; haha! I proceeded to tell him how much appreciated him and Deana and would struggle even more without you two. I think he liked that, but there were no signs given, just a feeling I got.
Richard got the medications sorted and checked on the whiteboard he’s bought me the previous day, and I reckon he liked my having used it. He had a read and pointed out that I’d got something down on it twice, bless him. I’d got some bits for him out of the fridge into a bag, and he had to fly; he’s got an extra call to do again today. Bade him farewell and all the bestestest… and got back on the computer, and hastened to get the blog done and posted before I had to go out… it was close, but I got it done. Turned of the computer and started getting the things needed for the surgery visit ASAP. As I was doing the checks, and as the rain began to fall, I spotted this fly/flea on the outside of the kitchen window. I wonder how it flew up all that way? Did he need to rest his wings?
Off I went down in the shuddering lift cage to the main lobby.
I’d made it in plenty of time.
Eighteen minutes before the Easy-Link bus was due to arrive at Winwood Heights prison camp… I mean Winwood Heights Independent Living Complex. Hehehe!
I had a poddle around the foyers, settled at the front next to the main doors, got out the crossword book and had a go at it. I did rather well, actually, I solved about five more clues. Although it may have been three, five sounds like I’m cleverer. Does it not?
I moved into the outer lobby, so I could see if the Easy-Link electric minibus arrives. Which it did spot on time. The driver had a bit of bother finding somewhere to park, but he handled it with a certain aplomb, and I went out to the bus and got in. Well, it seemed the right thing to do. Har-har!

I arrived at the surgery!

The chap didn’t ask for any cash, so he’d been informed of my being on the accounts for monthly charging.
We were soon in Carrington, and he dropped me off in front of the surgery.
I hobbled as the rain started again into the surgery and reported to the receptionist. Who pointed to the chairs and said something I could not hear, “Take a seat”, presumably? So, I did.
Five minutes later, Doctor Vindla summoned me into her room.
She seemed a little more interested in what I was saying and asked about how my Anne Gyna was? A rare happening! Then I realised there was another woman in the room, taking notes? Student? NHS Monitor, regulator? I didn’t know. But it got the Doctor showing interest in my health for once.

Ah, EQ’s message, this makes sense now.
The Doctor told me I didn’t do very well in the Frailty Test. Would I like her to refer me to ———- I didn’t hear what she said, just answered, ‘Yes, please!’
She went on her computer, left the room, and returned telling me that I needed a —?— test before they (?) would accept you, and Nurse Nichole had made time to fit me in, go to her room straight away, and she’ll do it now for you. So I did. Not knowing what test this was.
But it was nice to see her again. It was a blood test she took.
Then I didn’t know if I was to go back to see the Doctor or go home? Cause no one had told me. Nurse Nichole phoned the Doctor and told me to go home. It’s no wonder I get confused. I’ve no idea who I’m being referred to for help, either.
So, out into the rain and I had a hobble down to the Lidl store. Prospectively financially fatal, me, doing this! Hahaha!
I came out a good few quid lighter. With some cans for the Carers and Wardens, fresh tomatoes, Frikadellens, yoghourts and other bits. The trolley was pretty full and out to catch a but back into Sherwood.

Took the first photo on Mansfield Road. Well, all three of them were taken on Mansfield Road.
The first was from lower down the hill, where the Haydn Road bus stop was.

The second down photo was taken near the mass of closed-down shops after I’d gone over the pelican lights to the other side of the road.

They are out of order I think I took this one getting off the bus. Nottingham’s famous deadly free electric scooters.
Four deaths this year so far with these. One rider and three pedestrians. But the Council members must be getting back-handed to keep them on? Just a thought, like!
I called at the cash point to get some readies. Then in the Co-op, I got some cobs, vegan butter, cobs, and imitation smoked bacon.
Then hobbled up the hill to the bus stop to the flats. I had the pleasure of seeing Margaret from Winchester Court, and we had a natter en route on the bus. ♥

Back at the flats, I slipped her a can of Gin & Rhubarb, said my farewells and walked through the Winchester Court flats link passage into Winwood Court.

Met Frank and Esther, and had a few words, then into the Winwood Court Foyer. Where I met Deana, slipped her a can of Gin & Orange.

With the cheesy cobs, I’d got from the Co-op proudly displayed on top of the three-wheeled Walker basket, I proceeded in a Northerly direction along the link passage to Woodthorpe Court.

I was doing so well; it worried me! Hehehe!

I got to the end of the passage and recorded the rain that had started again, pelting it down and windy with it.

It went a little dark too!

I got up in the lift and went to take a photo of the downpouring rain from the window near the waste chute room.

I took a picture that caught the rainstorm beautifully, I thought when I looked at it on the screen.
But another of the Mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the hobgoblins, spectres, gnomai, phantasms, ghosts, the grotesque succubae, extraterrestrials, ectoplasms, Fata-Morganas, that have been sent to taunt, irritate and terminate my already limited saneness of mind, occurred.
When I got into the flat, the picture was no longer on the SD card! How, why, does this happen? It must be something I’m doing wrong. A great photo as well. Schluberduberski! 

It took these shots of the rain as it was stopping.
Then made a start on updating this blog.

It was hard, slow work. I seem to be making more errors than getting things right lately?

I stopped for a break and took the large potato out of the slow cooker, added some cheese on top of each half, and got it in the oven, to cook the cheese.


Back to the blog again. I thought the break might have helped me to regain my concentration… Things got more farcical, not better!


Then, around 15:00hrs, a sudden darkness came over everywhere within a minute!

I got the Lumix and took photos of it around the flat so you can see how dark it really turned.

It was eerie how quick it fell. Not scary or anything like that, but so unexpected. The changing seasons and clock changes might have had some effect on this little miracle?

That’ll be the changing of the clocks forward an hour. That I forgot all about and rang lovely neighbour Jenny to ask her the right time, last weekend. That was with the aid or insistence of my brain’s interloper, of course! Tsk!

Yet, looking at the picture where a window is, it looked so light outside?

My Cyber buddy, Billum, in Cincinnati, will know. He’s a bit of a boffin and clever with it, you know. A grand chap, a great partner in HRH Lisa-Petal, and a son to be proud of, Alan.

They show me care and understanding, yet they have so much to contend with themselves medically. I just thought it a suitable time to let them know my feelings and thank them for being them. ♥ Below is one of my favourite graphics that I’ve ever done.

Showing Bill and HRH Lisa-Petal in their make-believe time capsule, built in their underground laboratories in Cincinnati! Their senses of humour are so precious to me! Note the Dalek they took? Santar-Ha! Thanks!

Arrived in a good mood, and after giving me the medications by hand into my mouth, we had a natter. Shannon showed me, on her mobile phone, a photo of her baby in the womb. Bootiful! I think she said it is due in May… but I could be wrong. I insisted on her selecting a nibble and can of pop of her choice in thanks. The gal took the waste bags to the chute for me on her way out. ♥
I got something to eat, potatoes with cheese, tomatoes, sourdough bread, and two Frikadellens... which I am now going to eat! Hehehe!

Sorry that the picture didn’t come out very well.
Food Rating: 7.5/10.
Well worth the effort to make it.

I put the utensils in the kitchen bowl to soak and realised I’d not done the yet. So, I did.

WHOOPS – Up to Hyper- 2 again.

Friday 2nd September 2022

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Off to the wet room, where it was almost a pleasure to evacuate myself. Well, apart. I made a largely unwanted order with J Sainsbury’s later when I got back from the Diabetes session – mainly to order two tubes of Germoloid Cream. They didn’t have any of the ointment in stock; for next Monday. Shame! I got on with having a wash and getting changed into new PPs, socks, trews and the jacket with loads of pockets. I cunningly put the money, coins on the left, and notes in the right-hand side pockets. Thinking, they would be easier to get to when paying for the transport. Hearing-aid batteries, camera, keys and tissues into the lower side pockets. Got the shoes on with some difficulty – although not a patch of the problems I had getting the socks on. Then the glasses into the trolley-walker basket, with pen and notepad, oh, and the Course booklet.

It took me a while getting out of the flat due to the I got to the door, trolley ready to be removed, and went back inside for endless checks. ① Are the taps all turned off? ② Did I leave the oven on? ③ Have I closed the fridge and freezer doors properly? ④ Did I close the balcony door? No doubt there were other things I checked on. Tsk!

Eventually, I got out, locked the door and down into the main ground floor lobby. I’d spent longer than I meant to with the double-checking, and it was 10:15 already. So I got myself outside so that the minibus driver could see me easily enough waiting. He couldn’t miss my bulk. Hehe!
I took these two photos from outside the foyer. Then had a chinwag with the caretaker while outside. I’d not seen or spoken with them for over a year. I thought they might have come to see me and asked if things were okay, with me not getting out much… but no. While we were nattering, the CT4N bus arrived.

Two drivers in it today. That meant I could talk to the one in the back with me. I enjoyed that a lot. A good laugh. They took the route that I would have taken, not the long roundabout route of last time. And this meant I was charged the proper rate, not overcharged as before. Hope these lads come next time. Hehehe!
They dropped me off in the Riverside Carpark, and I remembered the way to get into the reception area.
I sat next to a chap who was a Carer. We swapped tales, and I really enjoyed that gossiping session, too!
I followed his lead; up in the lift, and he found which room we were using. It was almost full of people, and only one spare chair available. I apologised to everyone as I had to squash the three-wheeler in beside me. Causing a few tuts and shuffling of people’s chairs to let me in. I felt a smidge guilty! Tsk!

It was far easier than last week but still far from perfect for hearing what was being said and seeing the thingamajig, hoojamaflip, on the wall with course details. Oh, what-d’you-call-it? Ah, projector screen! But did take part this time, I asked four questions over the session, and I got one of two answers each time. “We’ll be discussing that at a later session”, or “Yes, but it is too early yet to bring this into the discussion.
As we were about to wrap things up, and the room emptied in a hurry, the chap next to me told me my phone was ringing. I could not see who had phoned me and was using the magnifying glass to find out but was moved out to make room for the next whatever who had hired the room could move in.
As I left the room, the Community Transport driver was getting out of the lift and was not happy at being kept waiting. She had other people waiting to be picked up, she said. What could I do? No clock in the meeting room, and I could not see the time on the mobile. And didn’t realise the time. So, I cringed and apologised. A good job this lady didn’t pick up cause she took the elongated route back to the flat. Which would have cost me double what I was charged. Phew!

Dropped me off outside the main doors, and I thanked her muchly and got inside the foyer. A got the Lumix camera out of my pocket and started taking a few photographs on the way.

Not a soul in sight. It had had a facelift recently, I reckon. There was a large beetle-like, brown & yellow creature on the pot plant leaves, and I thought I’d try to get a close-up shot of it. As I neared it with the camera, I realised it couldn’t have been a beetle, the flipping thing flew away, it didn’t half make me jump. Hehehe! I very nearly dropped the camera!
Still hadn’t seen anyone to pester and gossip with. But I’m not complaining; I’ve got a good few chatterings in today, a worthwhile trip!

Not looking forward to the Doctor’s visit on Tuesday at all. I’ve just got a feeling about it in the gut.
Stay tuned in to find out what went wrong. For something will, EQ has never been wrong yet. Although I’d welcome it if he was this time.
The notice board that I have not read in years was about to be perused… Suddenly the rear end spurted wind, and I was certain an involuntary evacuation was on its way!
I hastened to the lift, and it seem to take 15 minutes to arrive… it was probably one minute, if that… but felt so much longer as I gripped my cheeks and prayed I could make it up to the flats Porcelain Throne room in time… I was in such a panic; I can’t recall going up in the lift. My next memory was sitting on the Throne and sighing so loud with relief that I did make it in time, not a lot in it, mind. Is my luck changing? Mmm?

This shot of the Chestnut Way front car park outside Woodthorpe Court showed black, white and grey vehicles, and only one red one today.

The Nottingham City Homes letter about the Winwood Courts flats security breaches was given the magnifying glass treatment.

The evening carer is due anytime now. The day’s gone quickly; so glad I stayed up to start this blog template last night, or it wouldn’t have gotten done at all. Another bit of luck, mayhap? Now, this can’t be right…

I’d better get something to eat sorted out, then. Last, of the thin fries, bean pastie, and tomatoes, that’ll do. Heartbeat just starting, so I can have 15 minutes watching it before adding the pastie to the chips in the oven. It’s all planned here, you know, Hehehe!
Of course, it didn’t work out like that.

Jozeph arrived. I’ve not seen him for a while. We managed a few words of natter, but the lad had to rush off; he’d got some extra calls to do.

Back to the cooking. Took this photo of the odd-looking weather with the light on the ground but dark in the sky view.

Finally, I got the nosh sorted out and served on the tray.

It didn’t look very appetizing, it didn’t taste very good either, and left me with tummy aches. Thankfully that was the last of the terrible thin fries.
Flavour-Rating: 5.5/10.

Kept waking up repeatedly. around 01:00hrs, I gave up and got up and on with updating this blog.

An Ode to My Ailments


Barry Bladder & Hernia Harry


I went in the QMC for a Hernia operation,

Summat else came to the surgeons attention,

He said he’s found cancer in the bladder,

But not to worry, he said as we had a natter,

He’d lasered both problems with antimatter!

But I suffered later, Harry returned, it’s mind over matter!



Duodenal Donald

The problem was soon outright,

Although it was a bit of a fight,

The surgeons said it’d be risky and tight,

But things should come out alright,

But couldn’t stop the bleeding, that was a fright!

They did stop it finally, to my delight!



Haemorrhoid Harry

I have to say, this left me feeling sore,

But surely it will mean, Haemorrhoid cream no more?

No suppositories, prodding, probing, Cor!

But they returned, worse than before!



Aorta Albert

A bit of a shock, when I saw the Doc,

She said you’re a chip off the old block,

Your Dad had such an op, a bit of a shock,

Makes a change from operating on your buttock,

But you’ll pull through me old cock!



Sandie Seer

Twitching eyes, jump and jerk,

But when steady, they still work,

Though not a regular querk,

It can drive you berserk!



Nerveless Nigel

Diagnosed two weeks before the stroke,

By Dr Rahannmuta, a wonderful bloke,

Not averse to a laugh and joke,

Although I don’t, he said you must not smoke!

And gave me a year, before the nerve-ends die, get broke.




Worra shock, I was in a terrible mess,

Couldn’t wash, shave or even dress,

Two months hospitalisation, no less,

Why I ask, but it remains answerless,

The After-Stroke Physio leaves me breathless,

But certainly not painless!

There are periods when I feel brainless,

But some helpers have been invaluable, God Bless!





Caught this in the Stroke hospital ward, one can’t forget,

Blood-papsules, weals, scars, lumps, bulges, a guaranteed bet,

Welts, contusions, blemishes, dapples, maculations, invariably on the legs set,

Thrombophlebitis and assorted Clopidogrel grooves and ridges show,

The legs appearance change every day, a new vein or burrow,

A reaction to a changed medication, they say to me,

Vasculitis and venous thromboembolism or VTE,

What next, can I charge folks to look, Hehehe!

Right-hand side sensory nerves are almost kaput,

The neurotransmitters, nearly as dead as a mutt,

I’m even getting boils and growths on my butt!



Myasthenia Gravis (MG) – The latest ailment.

 This was written, to cheer missen up, and it did!

I thank you!


Inchcock Today – Monday 22nd May 2017: Nice hobble to the hospital blood test

Monday 22nd May 2017

Latin: 22 Lunae Maii MMXVII

0530hrs: Woke, felt sorry for myself for getting no response to me begging for help with the Chrome problem. Out of the £300 second-hand wobbly recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. I reread some bits of the ‘Emotions’ book while there.

No bleeding anywhere, an easier session and decided to do the ablutions while I was in there.

Only two cuts this morning (The new Bic razors you know?), shaving, had a visit from Dizzy Dennis.

Out and got the nibble bag ready for the nurses at the Blood Clinic and put the Anticoagulation Record Card in the jacket pocket so as not to forget it later.

A bit nippy this morning.

Got the computer on and made sure that Chrome would load and did some WordPress reading.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. The only thing about the results that bothered me was the 14.82 Weight. Sys:155 Dia:85 Pul:84 Temp:34.9. With staying in, in case the Tech Man called for two days (He didn’t) thus not getting any hobbles in may have contributed to the increase in mass weight? I must remember to email Sam, the Tech Man when Chrome allows me to and inform him of the No Change situation with Google Chrome going unresponsive, even after all the work he’s done on it, and ask him to have a look again when he gets the time.

Made a mug of tea and started this dairy off. Then I finished off yesterday’s post.

Oh dear, the tummy rumbling is back again now, suddenly came on? And I have a long hobble coming up to get to the City Hospital Anticoagulation INR blood test session.

Had to stop doing this at this moment, or I will be late if I don’t get a move on now… Hope things (Google Chrome) will let me back on later.

1Mon01Been no bother yet today?

Would you believe it, after typing the above, guess what happened?

Not feeling too good with the innards, hope I can get to the hospital without any hassle. Hehe! Thank heavens for the free Pensioners Bus pass.


I’m back.

I’d set off and up through the park passing and talking to the tree Copse as I went. (I know, sad innit?)

Up over the hill and right down towards Valley Road Dual Carriageway.

Not too cold at all this morning, and no signs of any rain imminent either.

1Mon02On the hill hobbling down to the main road, I came across these giant daisies in a driveway of one of the houses.

I cannot remember seeing any of this giant variety of this species of daisy, the Asteraceae family ever before in England. I recall seeing some on a fishing holiday in Ireland at Athlone, though. Bootiful!

1Mon03As I approached the dual carriageway to turn left down to the turn at the next traffic island for the hospital, the fifth Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came at me.

I had the camera out from taking the flowers shot.

Along the footpath near the turn-off for the blood tests, I saw through the railings, one lone 1Mon04Ladybird, or Lady Bug as the Americans call them.

Did the best I could to get a clear shot of it, but ended up with the one here on the left as the best I could manage.

Onward through the ground passing the GUM Clinic and right into the Anticoagulation Section.

Took a ticket and went to get the Crossword Book out of the bag. But I’d left it in the flat. So I took the ticket from the machine and ventured to a mini-shop and bought another one. I must have about six of them now. Tsk!

Got seated and waited for the number to come up. The book I had bought had odd shaped crosswords grids where there were fewer answers crossing each other so made it a little hard to get some of the answers. That’s my excuse anyway. Hehe!

Half an hour or so later my number came up, and I hobbled into the clinic. Once again no bother with the extraction, but a right job to stop it bleeding afterwards.

Out and over the road to the bus stop with the bus pass in hand ready. I would have liked to have had a crash helmet and knee pads on too. Boy, was it busy on that bus! Haha!

1Mon09Got into Bulwell and walked to the cheapo shop where I found nothing I wanted. Limped to the Fulton Food Store to get the Sterilised milk – but they had none in stock. Not doing very well with the shopping today. They had none of the Bread Thins in either. I did get some battered fishcakes and fish fingers, though.

At £1 each on offers, so not all a waste of time, eh?

1Mon05Out of the shop through the Market Place.

Not many folks around today.

Although I could hear many emergency vehicles sirens and horn somewhere nearby? Mind you, this not uncommon in Bulwell I have to say.

To the River Lean Bridge to have a talk to the 1Mon07Mallard Ducks.

Gave them some of the fodder I’d mixed for them that I know they like.

Birdseed, Cornmeal pellets, Sunflower seeds and Mealworm Pellets.

Oh, I do look after them, and in return, it gives me so much pleasure to see them gobble them up.

1Mon06One white duck, a little larger than the others, did not join in the feast.

He or she was far more interested in something on the bottom of the river – and that is all I could in the photographicalisations I took of the bird – The Bottom!


I didn’t find out what was so tantalising the Duck in the river, though.

Went to catch a tram back to Nottingham, and a more perilous journey this one was. The tram was almost full when it arrived in Bulwell Station and dozens of ankle-snappers with mothers in toe with fags hanging out of their mouths and a varied vocabulary coming up from their oesophagus regions, shoplifters and yobboes competed with me for a seat… I lost!

Dropped off at the Theatre Royal stop and checked the time on the display. Twenty minutes until the next L9 bus. Not long enough to go to get some bread and milk, so I wobbled further down Queen Street and caught a 40 bus back. Another full bus!

A kerfuffle of sorts, but not an ill-tempered one at all. When it came to my getting off on Winchester Street Hill, Three ladies and a chap were getting off as well. But a lady who got on later in the journey had a for wheeled shopping trolley with her, and what a picklement as he had to move the trolley to make room the three trolleys the getting off ladies had. Still, they all managed it with a laugh, that was nice. The bus driver wasn’t too happy it took ages and a line of cars behind the bus up to the top of the hill by the time they’d sorted themselves and got off. Hehehe!

I waited as the bus departed to cross over where there is a central pedestrian island, waited further for the queue of traffic to clear and crossed over. To my surprise, the ladies had crossed with the chap and about fifty yards on down the hill already!

1Mon08Down and onto Chestnut Walk and took this photo from under the tree.

I wondered if this one will survive the chopper when they start the alterations at the compound?

Met Penny’s husband Frank in the foyer of the flats. We had a chinwag and a laugh.

Up to flat number 72 and to the porcelain for a wee-wee.

Put the fish away, keeping some out to use for the meal.

1Mon17aFelt somewhat peckish, so I got the meal cooking, took the medications and set the timer to remind me when the fish and fish cakes were ready.

Ate the lot of it and still felt a bit peckish afterwards.

Did the health checks.

1Mon18Drifted off into the land of nod in no time.

Woke a couple of hours later and put the kettle on to have a brew.

The sky looked nice, what is it they say? ‘Red Sky at Night – Shepherds Delight?

A small Whoopsiedangleplop with the washing up. Left the hot water tap running again. Blooming good job the plug was not in the sink!

Had a look at the TV magazine and found endless programmes I thought I’d like, took a while to choose which ones to watch… not that it mattered, I fell asleep again! Tsk!

Not a good one, off for a few minutes, waking up, nodding off again…

Eventually, I sprang awake with the need to make use of the Porcelain Throne, this woke me properly like when I stubbed the toe again en route. Hunger pangs returned, and I had a look what was available in the freezer for a second meal. Not had two meals in a day for years before.

1Mon17Cooked some potato cakes, petit poi and had the last three tiny potatoes left from the first meal of the day. The cooked smoked crispy bacon was a day out of date, but smelt and looked alright to me, so I had them cold.

Even had a pot of lemon yoghourt with it.

Within minutes of consuming and enjoying this extra feast, the innards started rumbling and stabbing away at me. Huh!

Put the empty plate and tray to one side, thought about taking an extra Omeprazole as Duodenal Donald was starting to kick off too… still managed to fall asleep right through until 0545hrs!

Inchcock Today: Monday 27th Febuary 2017


Monday 27th February 2017

Icelandic – Mánudagur 27. febrúar 2017

Didn’t nod off until well gone midnight again, woke with a start around 0200hrs in urgent need to utilise the porcelain, scrambled out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner chair and made it to the throne, and amazingly the trots were replaced with rock cement! How one can go from eight hours of the trots to the opposite so quickly I have no idea. Tsk!

While waiting for the action, bits of the dream I’d been having came to mind. The muddy fields were there again, but other people were with me and instructing me how to get out of a muddy crater they had thrown me into, each time I got out they told my I’d done it wrong and lobbed me back in to get it right?

Up properly at 0400hrs. I rubbed some pain-gel in the knees and made a cuppa, carried out the health checks and made a nice cuppa as I got the computer going, then took the medications.

I’d got messages in reply to yesterday’s diary from Duncan and Tim, both helping me with the Excel Health spreadsheet formatting on how to add different cells together 1mon05and divide them into an average. Tried it and it worked! Many thanks, lads, cheered me up a bit this did.

1mon06Then, the stomach started rumbling and I had a dizzy at the same time, this confused me a bit. Don’t want any physical bother today with all the jobs I’ve got to do. Got to go to a new bank to sort out the fiscal difficulties, the Dentist to check on the appointment day and time… checked in the Google calendar, now I’ve found out how to access it in G Suite. Sad innit, Hehe?

Core blimus, so much to get done, I bet I’ll be catching up still on Tuesday.

1mon09The weather forecast on the web looked not too nice.

I carried out the ablutions, shave, teggies shower etc, medicated the areas in with a requirement of the same (Hehe!).

Sorted the waste bins out, bagged them and took them disposed of them down the rubbish chute.

Got my list of jobs wanting to be done, wrapped myself up and got as far as the lifts when I realised I had the wrong glasses on. Back to the flat and changed them.

Out again and got as far again, when I realised I had not taken the bank details, so back once again and collected them.

Outside and walked to the glass recycle bin with the bottles and jars. Then to the Winwood Centre Shed to try and talk with Warden Deans about the TV Licence letter and advice on the Bank problems. She was helping a resident so I sat waiting and had a go at the crossword book. OBegruppenfureress Julie came in and asked “What do you want? Come on hurry up I’m busy…” I showed her the TV Licence letter, she said forget it. Told her about the banking problems, she said for me to go to the Co-op Bank and ask them – the Deana was temporarily free, although waiting on the phone for someone and said no need to go to the bank and I was to let her know if and when I get any TV licence money rebate.


Community Shed

Then to the Winwood Centre Shed to try and talk with Warden Deans about the TV Licence letter and advice on the Bank problems. She was helping a resident so I sat waiting and had a go at the crossword book.


Obegruppenfureress Julie came in and asked “What do you want? Come on hurry up I’m busy…” I showed her the TV Licence letter, she said forget it. Told her about the banking problems, she said for me to go to the Co-op Bank and ask them – then Deana became temporarily free, although waiting on the phone for someone and said no need to go to the bank and I was to let her know if and when I get any TV licence money rebate. Confused again… Hehe!

1mon08This is the route and calls/stops made on my morning hobble:

I got some nice Polish bread and belly pork with peppers from the Continental Food Shop. Then to the Bank across the road and asked the cashier if I could talk with someone about moving all my cash and accounts to their bank. She disappeared a few moments and returned telling me to take a seat. I met a lady tenant of the flats and as we nattered a chap appeared, shook my hand and with pound-signs spinning and twinkling in his eyes, led me into a little room for a talk. After asking me to bring in my current UK driving Licence and Passport, and my telling him I own neither nowadays, he was not put-out, and asked me to bring a current Council Tax Bill and a State Pension Letter that gives details of the pension for this year. He arranged the meeting for this Thursday at 1000hrs. He said he would show me their internet banking and how to use it and get things sorted with me, it should, he say’s take only 2 and half hours to arrange, then, seven complete days later it should all be in place up and running. I felt the chap looked and sounded like a used car salesman, bless him.

Out of the bank (Confused a tad), and up to the Post Office and asked them if they could read the senders name and address on a package I wish to send something back to in return, they could not.

I left there and crossed over the road and called in the Co-op store and got some Pork & Liver Pate, Shortcake biscuits, tomatoes and apples.

Up the hill to the Dentists to confirm the date of my next appointment. The young rather attractive lady on the reception printed it out for me Wednesday 8th March 2017 09:00hrs. A different dentist this time, Dr Vitish Patel. (When I got back later I Googled the name and got: About 82,900,000 results [0.79 seconds])

As I came ou1mon17t to continue up and over the Mansfield Road hill to go through Woodthorpe Park back to the flats, an elderly lady had taken a tumble at the bus stop. Already several people tending to her thankfully. I felt so sorry for her.

At least I’d got some things that needed doing started today, and felt a little lifted in spirits and less frustrated with life now.

Turned right and up the footpath towards the turn off to the flats. So many dogs walking their owners about today, I spent a while watching them.

1mon16As I went right to go down the gravel footpath to the flats, I took a photographicalisation of my favourite little copse with the blocks of flats in the background. The grass was thickening I think a little.

Looking forward so much to when it gets overgrown and full of plant life and animal life for me to walk through and hope to see.

As I hobbled down the pathway, Anne Gyna started to give me some hassle along with Roger Reflux and Arthur Itis, they all seemed to start off at the same time after all being so kind to me earlier. Humph! This put an end to my plans to go out again and get more jobs done today! Shame!

Got in and gave Olive a ring, I hope she is alright she sounded it and said she was feeling better… but she didn’t tell me off about anything. Hehehe!

Cleaned the kitchen floor, then onto the Computer to update this twaddle.

Pondered on what to have for nosh, def the pate and pork

Made the salad and took a photograph of it without the card in the camera. Tsk!

Carried out a messy search for the items needed for the bank on Thursday, I think I have them all now.

Feeling drained now, but in better spirits, I settled to watch some DVD then TV.

I lasted about an hour or so before nodding off into a dream filled sleep.

Inchcock Today: Thursday 23rd Feb 17: Muddles and Whoopsiedangleplops strike again Humph!

Up at around 0300hrs, dreams were of my being in a field of thick gooey mud, sinking down and drowning, and finding myself back on the surface and doing it all again? A feeling of doom, maybe even a catastrophe 

A feeling of doom, maybe even a catastrophe lurked and infested my poor disjointed low IQ but high EQ brain – and there was no moving this conviction, that one or the other would strike me today.

Dismounted the rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair and tended to the porcelain needs, and got on and finished a graphicalisation for the TFZer site.

foodA bit pleased with the outcome, I’ll post it to Facebook later.

Then I tried to open the WordPress and got into all sorts of messes and eventually had to contact their helpline. Hours later they had helped me sort tings out but I had to wait for the site to be activated. Helpful chap, he was patient with this old codger, he was.

Carried out the readings chart record.

Then did a bit of Facebooking


It was mighty wet and windy still, just like it was when I got up, but lighter now, and the wind was getting much worse. Humph!

Into the wetroom, turned on the radio and the batteries dies. To the kitchen and got replacements and put them in. Started to do the teggies with the brand new battery operated brush, and the batteries died! Replaced them as well. Cut myself shaving. Had a good long carbolicalised shower and scrub-up.

Dressed missen and got the vegetables cooking for later. Red spuds with balsamic vinegar in the saucepan, and red carrots, white carrots, orange carrots, parsnips, red onions, mushrooms and leeks in the crock-pot. Cut my finger slicing the leeks… don’t laugh! Oh, go on then! Tsk! 

I was beginning to feel sorry for myself again with all these damned Whoopsiedangleplops!

Phoned Olive to see if it was okay to visit her, and it was! That cheered me up somewhat!

Off I went, in4thur11 better spirits to Olive’s flat and had a good natter for a while and accepted my telling off’s from her with aplomb.

Back to the flat.

Did third Health Check – obviously, the angst is getting to me, see the latest reading for today for the pulse?

By gum, that pulse is going at a fair rate innit? I think it is going to get worse: When I went into the kitchen… The rain had been intruding through the window and soaked the ledge, camera, mirror, clock, flask and spread down onto the storage heater too!4thur06Another mess to clean up, this did Arthur Itis no good at all. I called Warden Deans to inform her, she was not on site but said she would ring someone to come have a look at it.

Not finished yet with the Whoopsiedangleplops… Went into the wetroom for a wee-wee and found I’d left the tap running and flooded the place as well as losing all the hot water. Had a tinkle and found that Little Inchy was bleeding! Grr! Frustration! The bending down to mop up the water caused this I suppose.

Got it sorted eventually, cleaned and creamed Inchy’s lesion. Made a cup of tea, and got this computer on to do this post.

4thur07A couple of hours later, Warden Deana rang back, someone was coming to look at the kitchen window. If it is anything like the last time they came to seal the leak, it’ll be worse when they leave – Bitter? Me? Yes!

The rain suddenly stopped and for a while, the sun came out to play – I was not in the mood, though. Hehehe!

Waiting for the maintenance personages still.

4thur111735hrs: Not much chance of any maintenance people calling I think at this time of day, so feeling very drained, I did the ablutions and got the fodder ready.

Another vegetarian effort. Tried the Asda (Walmart) own label Hot Dog Style Sausages for the first time. These were done in a saucepan of boiling water for four minutes as opposed to the usual ones I often have, that are done in the oven for 25 minutes. They looked pale and insipid; but were very nice and tasty, I must say. Two red potatoes with balsamic vinegar in the water. And the Crock-Pot vegetables, tomatoes, yellow, red and purple carrots, last of the parsnips and turnips, leeks, red onions and cooked with a little soy sauce, tomato puree, basil and oregano. Also very tasty! I’ll try these again methinks.

Took the readings and medications, applied the lotions and potions then tried to watch some TV – off I nodded without any bother… other than the dreams again, but this time I had no memories, just a feeling that they were not nice.

2325hrs: As I woke and felt the warm wet sensation from ‘Little Inchies’ lower zone and realised I needed to extract myself from the rickety £300 second-hand recliner and get the porcelain to clean things up and medicated – and it dawned on me the phone (landline) was ringing. It was the maintenance men came to look at the window!?!?!

Let them in, of course, they did nothing. They went through their usual looking, grunting and scratching of chins, played with the window catch that we know didn’t work, and declared they would get someone to come and look at it tomorrow sometime. Bless ’em! By 2335hrs (Ten minutes) they had gone. Thus, once again I shall miss the Tenants Social Hour! This week, they changed it to Friday cause the organiser had to go to a funeral on Thursday, and still I miss it again!

Worra rotten week this is!

4thur12Took this photograph around midnight after the blokes had departed.

Stayed up, no point in trying to get back to kip now.w

Eventually managed to get ‘Little Inchy’ cleaned and medicated.

Made a cuppa and updated this diary.

Life suddenly felt aphotic.

As I said earlier; Worra Day!


Inchcock Today Sun 7 Aug 16: Got out to the shops, Visited Olive and had a super meal

Sunday 7th August 2016


01I stirred to life, after a couple of hours of actual sleep, the desperate pleas from my innards forced me to clamber out of the shuddering and wobbly this morning £300 second-hand recliner chair in a mission to have a WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session.

First thoughts were Olive, the tender bruised middle toe and after failing to have the WRHD and making do with a WRWW, was how thin my legs had gone overnight? Surely thought I, time to utilise the scales and weigh myself. So I did – Oh dear…

By the time I had, it was back into the Wetroom, and the WRHD was achieved without any hiatus.

01aTo the kitchen to make a brew and take the medications.

The scene outside surprised me for this time on a Sunday morning.

Traffic seemed thick, blue lights flashing and activities on the side streets appeared to be heavy as well?

I sat at the laptop and while it was booting up, a thought came into my mind Oh, yes it can happen occasionally): “The transitoriness of life, is often recognised too late in one’s life”. Just thought I’d mention it like.

The fretting began again, Olive, British Gas, Terrorists, Crooked Governments, my ailments, etc.

But then the goodness of life emerged. The support I get from my internet friends, the kindness of the cleaning ladies, Olive’s advice and luscious lips and I have no right t be here really with all the problems…

The mind had a mad half-hour stirring and getting itself confused, during which I did nothing physically, just sat and stewed in the depths of my warped mind without anything positive presenting itself as a solution to the unknown problems I was having.

Blimey did I just think and write that? I might put that on Facebook and see if any kind psychologist might offer me some advice on what I might have meant! Should I? Hehehe!

Eventually, I forced myself into a productive mood-mode and got the Saturday diary finished and posted off to WordPress.

Did some needed graphics on CorelDraw X8 and CorelPaint X8.

Checked the emails. Then, onto Facebooking… for hours and hours again! Tsk!

Went to see Olive, she was a little better. Good chinwag and a cuddle followed.

Back to the flat and got ready for a gentle stroll (Hobble really) up through the park and down to the shops and back up Winchester Hill was the plan.

Going out, I met a chap, and we had a little talk, he offered to give me a lift to the shops. I gave my appreciation and told him it is best if I force myself to walk as I had not been getting much limping done recently.

01cOff up the hill footpath and left down the walkway to Mansfield road.

Naughty, Nottingham Cyclist going between folk on his way to somewhere with his Lidl carrier bag?

Out and up and down the hill in Sherwood and called in Wilko and got some black and white waste bags, an extra large kitchen towel, razors and shaving foam and Vitamin D tablets.

01dThen to the Co-op and got some leeks, garden peas, a TV paper and a meat & potato pie.

Plenty of vehicles parked up, but few people loitering around.

I started to walk up Winchester Hill and had a bit of luck.

At the bus stop I spotted two people waiting, and luckily the bus was due in a minute!

01eGot off two stops later and had a good chinwag with a lady as we walked up to the flats.

William, from the Tenants Social hour meeting, joined us half way there. Said my farewells as they were both living in the first block of flats, Winchester Court.

Feet and knees were aching, but the toe a lot less bothersome, I arrived at the apartment.

Got some leeks, mushrooms, parsnip and red peppers cut up and in the oven along with the meat and potato pie, and got this updated. A quick look at the TV paper and the viewing was all sorted quickly. Columbo (Channel 21) first, then Benefits (Channel 30) then the Booze Cruise 3 (Channel 10).

10bGot the meal ready.

Ate it all up and fell asleep, dreaming of nightmare scenarios of being chased by people again, then waking up when all the TV programmes had finished, Tsk!

WRWW and WWHD, in a fretting mood, I took the evening medications far too late, I should have left them out really.

A nasty dizzy spell arrived, that lasted a long time. Then got back in the £300 second-hand recliner chair, well, climbed into it really, as it refused to move for me and whirred at me. Hehe!

Not getting back to sleep, I retuned the TV channels again, why I can’t remember.

Inchcock Today Sat 23 January 2016: Another messy day, Tsk!


Saturday 23 January 2016

I didn’t get off properly until gone midnight. A couple of trips to the porcelain, then I was up at 0500hrs wide awake and in the bathroom again. Tsk!

The throne session was a painful one again, but not so bad as yesterday.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop to finish the diary for Thursday. An odd day Thursday was, full of highs and lows.

Got it done and posted around 0700hrs, then titivated the kitchen, made a cuppa, took the medications and started this diary off.

Checked the emails, and then did some Facebooking.

Sandra picOnto CorelDraw7 and doctored a graphic of Sandra Lentz to post.

Oh, those eyes, those controlling pulsating, alluring, pulchritude ridden, desirable, knowing eyes.

Cough, cough, a tablet now, taken and onward.

Prepared myself for a trip out to town. I’m hoping to go to the ‘Contemporary Art Gallery’ to take a photo of one of the galleries to use as a background for a graphic I am planning to do for Patti in America. 

So, down to the bus stop and caught the L9 into town.Dropped off 

The sun kept coming through, but it was a bit cool.Dropped off 

P1020899As I fell off the bus on Hockley, I walked up close to where the gallery was situated around the corner.

I passed a new, one of so many, new restaurants with an outside eating area.

Just couldn’t help bu smile as I saw the name and thought to myself; “I bet they’ll tell you lies to sell you something!” Hehe!

P1020901The building of the gallery looked like it might make a ‘Moody’ photograph, so gave it a go.

You can see the Pinnochio Patisserie on the left, near the overflowing rubbish bin.

The old road it is built on has much history in it. Lacemaking premises, P1020900(None left now), the Gallows in the old Courts and police station.

The entrance to the gallery is hidden away to the right of the advertising board next to where an eighteen-year-old was murdered last July.

They had all five galleries open today, so I thought that finding one that fitted in with what I was looking for to photograph for my graphic project would be a piece of cake.


It turned out that each one had a security guard in it this morning. When I got my camera out, I thought he was going to throw a dicky fit! All the galleries had an Eastern Europe theme. Not what I would consider calling art, in the least. Mostly photographs of Communist vs. Capitalist, a male streaker or two, and artwork that looked like ankle-snappers had doodled them.

I disappointedly left them to it.

P1020908As I made my way to the bus stop, I passed the end of Clinton Street. them.

In this one picture on a busy street are tell-tale signs of life in Nottingham. The street musicians. The mobile phone using disinterested eighteen-year-old spotty-faced youth falling asleep holding an advertisement P1020907board up for a Tattoo studio. The family dining as they have a break between their shoplifting. The florist bloke, who cannot speak English. (Fair enough, I can’t speak Latvian). The kids, teaching their parents how to swear in modern terms. The modern day beggars with their mobile phone and dogs in the doorways of the bankrupt shops. The mobile sellers all claiming to be the cheapest and best. And somehow a few seconds after taking this photo a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist emerged winding around the mob with great alacrity and speed out of that crowd!

Then two females started the fisticuffs off. I moved on, keeping my camera well hidden, as the police arrived and the crowds started cheering the ladies on to greater efforts to pull each others hair out.

P1020909I moved down the hill and crossed over the Market Square.

Not so busy here, most Nottinghomian’s had moved to the altercation up the road.

You can see the crane (Blue) in the distance on Queen Street, where all the bus stops had been moved while they do whatever it is they are doing. There were signs fro all the other bus routes informing passengers where to get their bus temporarily – but nothing for the L9! Double Humph!

I wandered around hoping to find someone to ask from the bus company. No luck. I had a walk around the streets in the hope of seeing a sign somewhere on one of the stops. No!

I called in the Spar shop, and they had two hot bacon butties left at £1 each, and also and besides as well as that, I got a free Sun newspaper?

So I moved down to the Victoria Mall bus stop, where I could catch a number 40 that would drop me off on Winchester Street.

P1020903Didn’t have to wait long and one came along.

At least, the pigeons were glad when I slipped them some seed covertly.

I got knocked about a bit on the bus when getting on with other passengers, uncouth mob!


Walked to the flat and WC’s with urgency, made a cuppa, took medications and ate the two bacon butties.V

Got the laptop going and updated this masterpiece. Took my medications.

NCCwalk03Then onto starting some more graphicationalisationing.

Took me hours and hours to get it anything like I wanted.

In the end, I settled for this one.

Entitled it ‘Cobblers’ with just some of the bloggers whose work I admire the most.

P1020910It was a case of a fish supper more than a dinner by the time  got around to it.V

Battered cod fish cakes, beetroot, garden peas and cod pieces in crispy batter. With Irish sour bread.

Followed by a pot of mandarins in orange jelly. Rated this one at 9.6/10. So another good one.

Fatigue overcame me, and I put on an old DVD, of the dry comedy TV series ‘Operation The Good Guys’. I’d forgotten how funny it was. It would never be made nowadays because of the politically incorrect nature of the script.

I repeatedly fell asleep for a few minutes, and each time for some reason, I’d rewind and start viewing it again, it was like a marathon rewind session. I eventually gave up trying to watch it, well after midnight had passed by.

A final trip to the porcelain – that took about 15 minutes of effort, hemorrhoid bleeding and pain.It’s odd isn’t it?

It’s odd isn’t it? When I get the rumbling innards and diarrhea, I think it is far worse the having constipation – then, constipation then replaces diarrhea, and suddenly the constipation is worse than having diarrhea? Hey-ho!

Took a Senna tablet, had a drink of lemon tonic water and drifted off into oblivion; but kept waking up repeatedly for some reason sweating?

Inchcock Today Mon 30 Nov 15: Wet rain, GP, Clinic, Dizzy spells and bleeding… Tsk!

Monday 30th November 2015

Woke at 0345 hrs in need of the WC, Little Inchy not bleeding so bad this morning. Horrible night spent more of it awake than kipping. Tsk!

The rain had stopped at last, and the temperature was 55ºf.

Made a cuppa and took me medications, stomach rumbling again, but I put that down to me nibbling all day yesterday and not having a nosh.

Put me INR dosage card in me coat pocket so as not to forget it later when I go for me Warfarin level blood test.

Put me Lumix camera on charge, then took me morning medications, put me midday ones in me bag.

01W01Misty and raining heavily now – and I’ve got to walk to the GP surgery later, then go to the clinic to have me bumps and lumps checked.

Still, despite every thing I found missen singing again in the bath… Adam Faith and Billy Fury songs mostly, with the odd Rick Nelson and Nat King Cole thrown in.

Two nosh deliveries coming today. Morrison’s any-time now, then Asda tonight.

FooeyGot an email from Sister Jane in reply to mine, Fooey is not doing very well and she is expecting the worst. Poor old Fooey, made me so sad. I asked if I could go up to see them, no reply yet.

Made a start on the laptop and finished yesterdays diary off. Emails, messages and started this one-off.

No Morrison’s by 0845 hrs so I looked at me diary. It’s tomorrow when it comes not today. Tsk!

Out and caught the L8 bus into Sherwood as it was still belting down with rain and a bit windy with it. Dropped of at the bottom of the hill and walked up Mansfield Road and down into Carrington to the GP surgery.

The Obergrupperführer nurse was on duty today. But she doesn’t scare me like… WPlie

Had me test done and left feeling guilty after receiving a telling off about me weight, eating Brassica and going out in the rain?

Out and over the road and caught bus to the clinic (Well soaked again) – in and out in minutes today. Two doctors were off sick and I got another appointment.

P1020547Caught the bus into Mansfield just for the sake of it. Got some of me crossword book done e route.

Rained all the way and got even heavier when I got into Mansfield bus station.

Through the puddles under the subway and out into the shopping centre.

So many leaks coming from the roof I dare not get me camera out in the subway.

Called into B&Q to see if they had any bargains but no such luck, then I wandered up to another store and got some bread and tinned green beans.

P1020548Came out and took this rather sad photograph with the rain, closed down premises and lack of shoppers in the Mansfield City Centre.

 Had a whopping dizzy spell as I went down the steps onto the road.

Stood around holding onto the railings for what seemed like ages for it to abate, probably only a few minutes though. Decided to make me way back to Sherwood and the flat.

Walking to the bus-station in the rain is a blank in me memory?

Got the bus (Bless me free pensioners bus-pass) and felt a lot better.

P1020546Dropped off in Sherwood and an L8 came within minutes and lifted me up the hill to the flats.

Got in and WC’d (Relief!), hung me clobber up to dry out.

Made a cuppa and took me midday medications a little late but still.

The Asda delivery arrived with the usual substitutions on it.

P1020549Got me nosh ready, put me potatoes to bake in the oven, gave the 40 minutes then added the Cottage pie with sweet potatoes for 20 minutes, then popped me last Frikadellen in the oven with the others for ten minutes. The sweet potato-shepherds pie could have done with a bit more time, but I was so hungry I ate everything anyway. Added me carrots and peas from the saucepan, buttered, salted and peppered the baked spuds, added a sprinkling of vinegar and had a lemon yoghurt afterwards.

Drifted off to kip – woke up needing the WC urgently and had another dizzy.

Not a bad one, but it bothered me a bit having two so close together, not normal that.

Washed the pots up and titivated the kitchen but still felt tired, sat down to watch the TV and did so… in between dozens of dozing offs! No idea what I watched now, or rather tried to watch.

Kept waking up distorted and aching in places I didn’t know I had? Hehe!

Inchcock Today Thu 26 Nov 15: Things gerring a bit better…?

Thursday 26th November 2015


No snow, no ice, no rain as the day lit up

Woke at 0600 hrs, still feeling bitter about FraserBrown (The amateur mock-Solicitors) mucking me about.

WC’d, made a cuppa and took me medications, remembering to take the extra Warfarin. Then realised I’d already taken them last night – a good Whoopsidangleplop start to the day!

Took ages finishing yesterdays dairy off, the ages on Facebook catching up.

Several cups of tea later, I started this one off, then got missen ready to go to the Clinic – bath have etc.

Want to go feed the ducks today if I can get ready in time and the clinic visit is not too long like.

So I’ll gerrof and prepare missen then.


All ready, bus-pass, camera, clinic cards, wrapped up warm, stomach settling and off I go.

P1020520Off on the L9 into town.

Nottingham pavement cyclists were rampant today.

I wondered down into the City Centre and wondered around for a bit taking photographs as I waited for the time arriving to nip up to the clinic.

P1020523The Christmas stalls were attracting the attention of the local ladies.

This stall selling well overpriced ladies accoutrements seemed popular.

I wanted to tell the girls that they could get the same stuff they were selling for £5 and £8 from the Pound Shop P1020522around the corner.

The German food stall was busy preparing the food on a giant rotating dish in the middle of the stall. I must say it smelt lovely.

If I win the lottery later I might be able to afford to buy some of there meats.

P1020525I must be feeling a bit better methinks, cause when I saw the sign hanging up on the stall that said ‘Olde English sausages – the noticed the Robirch Sausages bag they had just emptied onto the grill, I  felt like telling them that Robirch sausages are Irish made, not English, mind you they are great tasting though.

I wandered up to the clinic and noticed more Nottingham Pavement Cyclists buzzing through the crowds and scaring some of the old folk. Swine!

I got there and handed me letter and card to the receptionist. She read them, frowned and asked me why I was attending today and not in January as is me usual appointment time?

“Because the letter you sent me” I says… “Told me to come today at 1245hrs!”

She glanced down at he paperwork again, tutted and said nothing other than she pointed to the benches and commanded me to take a seat. Which I did.

As I waited I thought how lucky she was – if she was to lose her job through being thick, arrogant and uncaring, she’d walk into a job with FraserBrown pretend solicitors, fit in perfectly she would! Hehehe! Bitter still, Me?

A lady with a wonderful smile called me into the treatment room and was most helpful and understanding. (She wouldn’t stand a chance of getting  job with FraserBrown We-hate-Clients Solicitors at all)

She even explained why they cannot replace me inner plastic bit that went discoloured. She said it so nicely I was happy they hadn’t done it just for the opportunity to talk to her.

As I left someone else was getting an earful from the receptionist, who I think noticed me smiling at this? Oh dear, I hope she’s not on duty in January, she might remember me.

P1020526Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly got me as I walked through town on me way to the Canal to feed me ducks.

Outside a pub on South Parade an ambulance was collecting a customer and gently getting him in the bck of the ambulance.

P1020521A police officer got in with him?

On down Wheeler Gate I plodded, more pavement cyclists but they were too quick for me to gerrum on film.

I walked through the Broad Marsh shopping centre and called in the DVD shop to have a nosey around.

They didn’t have owt to tempt me with though.

Along to the Pound Shop, where I got carried away. Found they had just two pairs of the fingerless gloves with matting on the inside left, these are great when your fingers freeze, cause they help me keep hold of whatever I was holding at the time the fingers froze… if yer follow me like. So I got them, then saw they had tinned steak so I got one of them, a pair of long socks and a stylus pen for using on me mobile.

P1020517Then poddled to the Heron Store and got some bread.

Out and across the road to the Canal bridge… where a group of youths stopped me and asked if I was local, each had a clipboard and I said “Are you?”

It could have got interesting as I noticed the sneer coe on his face and the others closed in. But the traffic lights changed then and I could not hear what he was saying o wandered off pointing to me hearing-aids. Wonder what they wanted, survey or selling summat I suppose?

P1020519Got to the bridge and it was getting late, so I thought I’d drop the bread down off the bridge to the ducks.

I was amazed that there were so few birds there today. A chap stood watching me told me they had done a cull last week, he saw them doing it.

That’s not nice.

P1020518I wandered back into town to catch me last L9 bus.

Getting busier as the day went on in town it seemed.

There are now three saxophone player street artists on the stretch of road from slab square to the mall.

I thought I’d caught one in the photo above but missed him. You can see h equipment on the floor on the left though. (Failed again!)

P1020524Plenty of traffic about as I approached the bus stop.

Got on the bus and at a later stop the chap form the 4th floor of the flats got on and we had a little natter.

Nice chap, he’s the one who usually tells me a story from his passed, but didn’t today.

Got in WC’d, put me bits away, made sure I’d got the right medications ready and laptop on to update this load of waffle.

P1020528Got me nosh ready. Frikadellen, pulled pork balls, sweet potatoes in batter, beetroot in vin & orange, baby carrots and bread thins.

Followed by a banana, mandarins in orange jelly – there was to be a pot of orange yoghurt as well, but that had gone sour when I tried it, uergh!

After much hassle getting the DVD to work on the telly – I fell asleep watching it.

Kept waking up in between weird dreams, until 0300hrs when I had to go to the WC to tend to normal functions and clean up ‘Little Inchy’ who had got excited and started to bleed all over me. More flaming washing to do again! Tsk!