Inchcockski – Friday 15th May 2020: A cothurnus encouraging day


2020 ttttMay15

Friday 15th May 2020

Azerbaijani: Cümə 15 May 2020

00 May 15

♥ Visiting old Inchcock’s Flat, in Nottingham! ♥

GM01B03:10hrs: I woke with a melee of mixed memories from the dreams I’d been having, floating about in my head. But they soon dissipated off into the ether.

As I got my thoughts into some form of semi-imitation, logic-wiseness, and the mind became less saccadic, I spotted the notepad and pen on the floor in front of the £300, second-hand, immedicable, beyond repair, c1968 recliner. The long picker-upper was used to retrieve the articles.

WD 200.0.0 I’d scribbled endless reminders over several pages of the writing pad (not that I can remember doing so). Hundreds of words, with about ten of them readable! Humph! By all accounts, I had dreams all through the night, but working out what they were about was impossible. Although I was not surprised to identify the words chasing and chased. So annoying. Because for me to have bothered writing about them, they could well of been interesting and worth recording? Fangleklops! 

As I struggled out of the rickety recliner and caught my balance on the far too painful overgrown toenailed feet, a wee-wee was required. Got the stick, and a few hobbled paces to the EGPB (Emergency-Grey-Plastic-Bucket) It was well-filled, but can I remember using it at all? No! A definite change in style this morning, and colour as well. The FFFOCES (Fast-Furious-Forceful-Orange-Coloured-Ending-Abruptly) mode.

I took the bucket with me to the wet room, to clean and antisepticise it, and wash my hands. While doing so, the need for the Porcelain Throne duties arose.

WDP 03RWD 200.0.0 This session, was without any doubt, the most painful Throne Session for weeks! Oh dearie me, yes! Constipation Konrad was in total control of all movements. Twice, things came to a very painful full-stop, and all I could do was wait in agony for movement to restart.

At what I believed was the last thunderous plop, the relief was almost exhausting! But this was not a eucatastrophe. For, Constipation Konrad, decided to activate again! Argh! Felt drugged and drunk after the activity finally stopped!

WDP 02Rb.WD 200.0.0A I got things cleansed, and spruced-up, and dropped the towel down by the WC. I bent down to pick it up. Which, in itself was a stupid thing to do, with the small picker-upperer hanging inches away on the seat-raiser, and not used! I fell forwards with a little encouragement from Dizzy Dennis and caught my tackle against the corner bar. Started Little Inchies fungal lesion bleeding! I had to go through the painful process of cleaning and medicating the lesion, and it was almost too much for me to cope with. AAArgh! Distinguableness!

5Fri01And to think, a few minutes ago, I was moaning to myself because I couldn’t remember the dreams I’d had. I had to sit down for a minute or two. Changed the PP’s and medicated all delicate areas in need. The now getting thinner than ever, pins (legs) looked a lot better, at least. It’s a good job I accidentally bought the last pair of slippers a size too much. (Silver-Lining search result)

Not the best of starts to the day! This morning’s series of Whoopsiedangleplops, along with the hobble-incapacitating toenails and feet, and Dizzy Dennis not yet finished with me, I took my farraginous worries with me to the kitchen.

4Thu24I got the kettle on and amassed the medicinal needs. The hemadynamometer readings were okay, I think, Sys 164, Dia 68, Pulse 77. The thermometer is still playing up and not showing any figures, just ‘Low.’ I got the medications taken, adding a Senna and took Macrogol drink (will I ever beat Constipation Konrad, Hehe!) Olive-oiled the ear-holes. Sprayed Saccades liquid in the eyes, and made a brew of Morrison Extra Strong Assam tea.

I almost felt ready to get my head down again! Hahaha!

I got the updating of the Thursday post done, in between several trips to the wet room for a Wee-wee. (Well, the exercise will do me good!) Incidentally, the wee-wees are starting of a sort of misty-grey, and turning into a bright orange now? Ah, the mysterious wonders of 72, Woodthorpe Court: The Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Boll-Weevils, Aliens, Gremlins, Karakia-cursing entities, ailments, self-locking and now unopenable new balcony door lock, that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear, and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Satan mission; ‘Let’s Piss-off Inchcock’!

I went on the WordPress reader. Then I answered a comment. Next, I put some pics on Pinterest. Finally, on TFZ and Winwood Facebooking for ages, but I like it.

WD 200.0.0 Then:

Vir7 200Stop

Thankfully it was short-lived and didn’t need any action for it to come back to life. Phew!

WDPbbsC1I made a start on this blog. Then got the ablutions tended to, in case the mobile shop comes. The session went very well. One tiny nick shaving, No toe-stubbing, No dizzies, No leg dancing, and nothing was knocked down or over! But after having at least fifteen dropsies, mind. Yer can’t win ’em all. Hehehe!

I nipped down to the ground floor lobby, to check on the time for the mobile shop to arrive on site. 11:00hrs (I thought)

Back up to the apartment, and updating this post. I was about to go down to wait for the shop, and Sister Jane rang. I said I’d ring her back.

I expected to see some residents waiting for the food van, but not a soul about? I took the opportunity, to have a walk up and down Chestnut Walk, taking some photographs of each of the Courts.


Woodthorpe & Winchester Courts with a piece of Winwood Court, and Woodthorpe again.

5Fri09On my way back to the foyer, some of the Nottingham City Homes lads, who restarted work this week, along with some Water Control chaps were working away.

They sensibly had signs asking folks to keep to the Social Distancing guidelines. Gloves and masks worn.

WD 200.0.0 As I was going back in to keep warm during my wait for the food van, I bet Betty, and she looked gobsmacked when I told her I was waiting for the shop. Telling me, with a sideways look that said (Quiet rightly), The old Fool! That it is not due until 12:00 hours! Red-faced, embarrassed and feeling a right Klutz! I checked on the notice board in the lift lobby, and sure enough, it was 12:00hrs!

How I misread it the first time, is hard to understand, even for me. I sank a little towards the darkness, and felt even more of a dimwit than usual! That takes some doing, yer know! 

I rang Sister Jane back. Asking her to phone me on the landline, which is much clearer than the mobile. Not a lot, many times I have difficulty with the reception from West Bridgford. Especially being on their new Galaxy S20 Ultra 128BG 5G, £1,290 mobiles. Not that I am jealous of course. I’d only get confused with them. I’ve gone back to my old 1982 Nokia 100. And can get in a muddle with that. Hahaha! 

Jane rang me back, it was hard to make out what she said at times, and she usually comes over the line clearer than anyone, apart from Obergruppenfüreress Warden Deana. We had a chinwagging session that I enjoyed. Even the telling offs. T’was good!

Still, she and Pete sounded in good form. I got carried away time-wise and had to cut things short, to get down again and not miss the mobile shop, it’s the first time I’ve used it. Sorry, Jane.

I put the oven on, to warm up for later.

5Fri10I rushed about and got myself down in the lift with the old three-wheeler, and Steve the caretaker and some resident (I knew them but could not recall the names, as is usual for me) And greeted them, and a few people were scattered about at a safe distance waiting. They moved outside as 12:00hrs was approached. I still managed a bit of nattering again.

5Fri11 When the van came, at ten-past twelve, Roy, Betty and Lynne were waiting, and when the van opened up, they all kindly waved my forward to go first. Now, this might sound soppy, but I appreciated that a lot. The legs, feet and toes were all giving me some hassle, and Shaking Shaun was visiting now. Bless them!

I got to the window in the van with my four item shopping list. I bought 4 tomatoes, no tarts, so I got a pack of apple pies (Just as naughty as the tarts, Hehe!), a bottle of disinfectant, a can of deodorant. For £6 odd. Fair enough, it was brought to the flat doors almost. Thanked him, the kind residents behind me for allowing me to go first, and made my way back to the flat.

I very nearly an Accifauxpas, as I got the trolley part-stuck, as I was getting into the apartment, and the weed for a wee-wee was becoming urgent! Somehow or other, I got the porcelain in time.

WD 200.0.0 This time, a totally different mode of wee-weeing performed. An SFRTFC (Strong-Forceful-Reluctant-To-Finish-Cloudy), almost cloudy grey? The pee-pees were puzzling me today! I’ve drunk far-less tea, and no orange juice at all yet, but still the passings come? Just a thought! 

I updated this blog again and got some nosh cooking. I decided on bacon and sliced tomato bread thin sarnies! With some cheese discs.

WD 200.0.0 Shagglemuffins! I’d not turned the power-socket on to the stove! Grrr, Nebekh! Got the oven warming up, again. And went on CorelDraw to make some graphics.

5Fri36Bacon now baked, tomatoes sliced, cheese and two Marmite Riced cakes, and brown thins, a lemon mousse, medications and a mug of orange juice all got ready on the tray. Off to and on my knees and more-than-ample belly in the recliner. Flavour Rating; 8.5/10, it went down very well, my coenaculous, satisfied!

I always think of TFZer Lyzzi when I eat off of this plate. T’was she who sent it to me, bless her!

5Fri35Got the pots washed, had a wee-wee, washed and medicated, and back down in the uncomfortable, second-hand, c1968 recliner. Noticed the veins in the right leg, and thought it was fattening up, or filling up with fluid a smidge. Also, a fresh pinkish whatever was coming up on the foot. Fingers crossed that it is not the start of another leg ulcer. No itching or pain from it at all.

Most amazingly, there were no Thought-Storms at all!

Nice that!

Inchcock Today – Friday 22nd November 2019: A confuzzling day. Bad Dizzy Dennis bout. Spirits low. Hey-Ho!

1 Nov 22

Or, should that be The House of Commons?

2019 Tnov 22

Friday 22nd November 2019

Maori: Paraire 22nd Whiringa 2019

0Nov 22

WD 150.0.100 01:05hrs: As I stirred into a pretend life, the mind was starting to go off on one of its fear-storms; Luckily the need for a Porcelain Throne visit saved the day, and the brain was diverted to the urgent need of getting out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, rickety recliner! This morning, my freeing of the gargantuanly-flobby body and onto the feet, was probably on a par with sorting out Brexit! I’ll not go into the embarrassing reasons, but it took me the best part of half-an-hour to get to the wet room – by which time I was too late!

The session was messy, the wee-weeing took an age to stop, Little Ichies fungal lesion needed attention, and the sanitising and medicationalisationing afterwards, has never taken more time to get done! I managed, although my spirits were low now, with the discomfiture, self-consciousness and mortification of what had just happened! Guilt and shame were in there somewhere too! 

I took the medications, made a brew, and got on with updating the Thursday blog. At least the myasthenia gravis was a lot easier than yesterday, so even with so many photographs to sort and get in it, it took me far less time today. I seemed to resist my iracundulous thoughts and actions today, and this was a good thing. (I hope I’ve used the right word?)

5Fri01I went to make another brew and took three photos out of the new, mostly unwanted, unliked, thick-famed, light & View blocking kitchen window. I took each one in different settings: Night Landscape, Aperture Priority and Landscape.

I then got on with Pinterest posting, and on to TFZer Facebooking. After which, I went on the WordPress Reader section.

Ablution time, so off to the wet room – which was another bit of unexpected good-luck for me. Within seconds of stripping off, the Porcelain Throne needed attending! Talk about miraculous timing! This concerned me, with my plans to get out shopping in Arnold for some bread, milk and another thing on the list, which I can’t recall at the moment. I hope nothing untoward happens in the rear-end-exiting stakes while I’m out!

I made up and took five small bags to the waste chute, then returned to the flat, and went through the double-checking routines. Seeking substantiation, validation, verification and confirmation that I had not left something on or off, that shouldn’t be. Lights, taps (faucets), doors etc., and not entirely convinced that I had, (and in a dilemma, positivity and confidence never having been my forte for many years now) I garbed up warmly and departed. I met Malcolm on the way down.

WD 150.0.100 I visited Mary’s flat on the way, I’d not seen her for a while. Just to see if she’s alright. But she was not in, so she might well be at the bus stop?

Met the lady, whose name escapes me, I can never remember. Tsk! As I got out of the lift. A natter and the nibbles came out.

I called at the ILC’s (Independent Living Coordinator’s) holding and interrogation office, where I handed a worried-harrassed-looking stern-faced Catwalk Model and Scharfhureress Warden Julie and handed her a nibble. The EQ told me to get out of her way, (I’m no hero!) into the big Winwood Social Room.

WD 150.0.100 I sat in a high chair for a while, musing, stewing about life. Which did me no good at all, everything, (and a lot did fleet-through the mind), that went through the brain-box was of a negative nature I’m afraid. Perspicacious, logical, commonsensical, reasoned, coherent or even insightful ponderations, they were not.

5Fri02I pulled myself away from the gloomy thoughts and poddled out to the bus stop. Aha! There was Mary, with Penny, Dot and Malcolm. I joined with a “Good morning, each!”, and handed out the nibbles. I enjoyed listening to Malcolm’s entertaining well-presented story of his visit to a theme park with the Grandkids, and the general moaning, laughing and 5Fri003grumps. Hehehe! Penny looked twinkling eyed. Mary was in good form and well.

The L9 arrived for Bestwood, and by then Cindy, Chrissie, Welsh William, Dot, Bill (William on Sundays), and others had joined us. I got on and in the corner Side-saddle seat, and snuggled in the drop board – for I had recognised the driver, and anticipated my having a battle not to be dislodged from the saddle at every corner the bus took. And so it was to be. Hehe! I did try doing the crosswords, but it was too dangerous, with having to cling on the bus furniture and hold the trolley from rolling away, despite the brakes being applied.

WDPright03WD 150.0.100 I dropped off of the bus in Arnold Front Street and had one of the worst Dizzy Dennis attacks ever. I was genuinely concerned and leant against some pedestrian crossing railings for a while. Everything around me felt like a dream, and not connected with me? As people walked by me, they almost looked like ghosts! This amazingly didn’t last long, and within ten minutes or so, I felt confident enough, to gingerly venture over the crossing to the other side of the road, towards the Fulton Food store. By the time I reached the store, everything was back to reality, and no signs of the dizzies? I can’t deny being concerned so, that I thought for a moment “Hello, this is it!”, but not so.

I was soon in my element, shopping, and finding things that I did not need or want. Dropping items, not being able to reach some. And having to struggle to get the three-wheeler around the place. I ended up getting some bargains, though. Roast turkey slices for £1, Pork Farms Pork Pies, and Beef trimmings each at £1, and two bottles of Sterilised milk.

WDP11LWD 150.0.100 Paid the lady, and made my way to the High Road bus stop. The timing worked well, I had ten minutes before the bus was due and only had to walk up the Asda (Walmart) alleyway to the top to the bus shelter. As I was reaching the top near the car park, the L9 bus belted passed! It was five-minutes early! That’s if my charity-shop bought £2 wristwatch with its £10 replacement strap, was right of course! Grumph & Grobbleclogs! Grr!

WDP 08L025Fri004So, I went back down the alleyway and went into the Asda (Walmart) store. To have a meander around while waiting for the next bus, from Front Street, that will take me back to the Mysteries of my beloved Woodthorpe Court, that lies somewhere between the twilight zone and a wormhole slipping through a tear in the fabric of space & the spacetime continuum, illusion, delusion, & hallucination!

5Fri005It was a struggle to get around with so many customers, it is a Friday, so I suppose I should have expected it. I ended up at the self-serve-tills with, beetroot, fresh vine tomatoes, Milk Roll loaf, Sliced Wholemeal cobs, Potato cakes, and some mini swiss rolls. I paid-up, bagged the goods, and out to the bus stop on Front Street.

Passing near where I had the Dizzy Dennis spell earlier, made the goose-bumps come up. But I didn’t have any more of them.

When the bus got to Sherwood, it picked up some of my Windwood Heights fellow-tenants. My being st in the side-saddle seat, I greeted each one as they got on the bus. One even acknowledged me. By the time I got off the bus, last as is usual, and assisted down to the pavement by a Winchesteronian waiting to get on (Thank you, Sir!), all the others from the bus had disappeared inside Winchester Court. (Gawd, they’re quick! Hehehe!) 

I went in and through the link passage to the big social room, and passed the Winwood Lobby, through the next link-passage into a cold, gloomy Woodthorpe Court lift lobby. Up in the elevator and into the flat, no wee-wee or Porcelain Throne visits needed, now that is a rarity!

5Fri006I got the kettle on, then unloaded the Asda (Walmart) and Fulton Foods. Realising I had forgotten to get the toilet cistern cleaner blocks. Well, fancy that, me, forgetting something! Haha!

I decided , after considerable ponderisationing, on having frankfurters, gammon steaks, tomatoes, beetroot, apple and mini swiss rolls for my nosh.

WDPrightWD 150.0.100 But decided to get the handwashing done first. And worra mess I made doing it! During the rinsing-out stage, as I was emptying the bowl, the bloody Sensory nerves went on the blink, and I ended up dropping the bowl, with water over the sink and draining board, me and the floor! As luck would have it, I’d stripped off beforehand, ready to get the sleeping-gear on. So drying me was no problem at least. The floor was more of a struggle. No ululations, mind. I was almost pleased that my run of unnatural good luck had ended, and I was back in the real world.

I got the jammie-bottoms and the dressing gown that is too small for me, on. Finished the washing, freshening, wringing and hanging up to dry the shirt and socks.

5Fri007WDP11LThen got the meal served up, settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, and began the unfortunately very unpleasant task of eating the plate of evening fodder. Although it did look good, a few ingredients let me down tastewise and by my bad cooking! The gammon steaks were not my cup of tea at all, far too sweet! The worst of my errors was cooking the potato cakes with the gammon, the sweet fat soaked into the cakes, and they were uneatably sweet, too! Eurgh! The tomatoes were so tasteless! The frank’s, apple, beetroot and mini rolls were all fine. I had a couple of the wholemeal cobs as well. Flavour-Rating: 3/10.

5Fri08I put another old DVD on to watch. Liam Neeson in ‘Taken’. I thought that a goodie-winning film might cheer me up a bit. I tried several times to take a picture of the box, but the nerve-ends were still playing up, and this was the best of the five efforts I tried, and not a good one. Huh!

I started to watch the film, drifted off to sleep, woke, rewound it and watched again… repeatedly! So I gave up after about an hour, and having only watched approximately ten-minutes worth of it! Ah, well!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 8th June 2019: Health ended up taking a turn for the worse. Never mind.

2019 8 June

2019 June 7

Saturday 8th June 2019

Hebrew: 2019 יום שישי 7 ביוני

After making such a mental-mess and getting all confused with things last night, I eventually got some sleep in, a good six hours of peaceful and dreamless peace! Ahh!

WD 0.0.128a 05:20hrs. I woke with the most considerable reluctance and taciturnity, then I had to struggle through a short period of uncommunicativeness between my thoughts and brain, that was out of my control. I listened to the confusion reining about, without the slightest idea or decipherment of what was milling about for a few minutes. Then again, somehow, and for some reason, this did not bother me in the least. It was not distressing, disturbing, or even frustrating to me? The fact that this unique event had happened did concern me a little later on in the day, however.

6Sat14The usual need for a wee-wee came later than usual. But it was enough to convince me to get my well-torsoed body out of the £300 second-hand, gungy-beige, rickety, on its last legs, c1968 recliner, and off to the wet room. There were no toe-stubbing or dropping the walking stick on the toe this time. It was another of the SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee) variety.

I hand-washed the socks and left them soaking in the sink in liquid soapflakes.

6Sat13Off to the kitchen, where I noticed the weather was raining and misty.

Luckily for me, I remembered last nights Accifauxpa, when I took the morning medications instead of the evening ones, when I suffered the mental-whoopsiedangleplop and mix-up over time and what day it was. At least I knew where I was. Tsk!

6Sat15I got the kettle on and fetched the socked and rinsed them, and added them to the nowhere near dry oven mitts on the flat clothes airer.

I challenged me aboulia over what, if, which of the morning tablets I needed to take. After much faffling, pondering, and a surprising bit of ratiocination, I decided just to take one of the Warfarin of what should have been last night doses. How I arrived at this decision, I’ve not 6Sat10the foggiest idea, but it sounded right to me at the time. 

I made a brew of Assam tea and went to the multi-tasked front room. (Office, Computer room, balcony room, bedroom, Sock-Glide Torture room, and Stroke Physio Exercise room) and took another shot of the weather outside.

Which was still raining, but less misty now. 

 I got the computer going to update, finalise, and send off the Friday post. And a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. So, off to the wet room again. The evacuation was the usual struggle to get started, followed by the now familiar ‘Plonk’ or thud and a splash with water spraying up onto the bottom.

WD 0.0.128a 6Sat16When I stood up, what gobsmacking colour things were. The same colour that the Humber Desert lorries were painted during the second world war, a  sort of light beige. I ought to mention this to the doctor if it comes out the same colour again. Which reminds me, I still haven’t heard anything about the Doctor referring me for a paediatrician? I checked out the legs. Whatever it was that was coming on the right 6Sat17leg shin, yesterday, had now gone? The fluid retention was coming back.

Although even now still tender, the stubbed toe when I fell over in the kitchen looked much improved, however. I got the finger and hand shakes just as I was taking this picture of the feet. Tsk!

Back to the utility room, and pressed on with doing the updating of the diary. The fingers were still getting the electric-like shakes, and this persisted for an hour or more. It’s never lasted this long before. But, they did tell me at the ulcer clinic, that there was nothing they could do about the Axonotmesis, and it will only get worse. So, I have been warned. The stroke might have brought it on more quickly? Most annoying and time-consuming all the correcting time needed!  Ah, well!

I got the oven on low, ready for preparing Josie’s weekend meal later on. Then made a start on this blog. The fingers were back to normal, with only a few-second shaking bout every now and then. After a few hours, I decided to get the ablutions tended to, so put the computer off as, since the last Windows Update, it will not go into Sleep-Mode again! Humph!

I made up the rubbish bags and called to see Josie and tell her when they would be ready, about 13:00hrs. She thought I looked a bit peaky and took the bags to the waste chute for me. I thanked her and we had a little chinwag, then back to the flat to get Josie’s nosh prepared.

WD 0.0.128a Not very successful with the cheesy spuds, I’m afraid. I dropped one, and the husk broke. I saved the flesh, but the skin on the floor had to be dished. So, then I found they had not been cooked through properly. Any amount of bashing would not get rid of the lumps. So, I scooped the skinless potatoes into an oven dish and baked them for ages, but it was not very good. In fact, I think my worst effort ever! This got me feeling a little down again. The meal looked okay in the end, but the lumpy potatoes to the edge off of it for me. The smoked herring in tomato and veg sauce, garden peas and mushrooms were fine. I delivered it to her door and explained about the cheesy potatoes.

6Sat29An hour or so later, I got my nosh cooking.

A feeling of exhaustion arrived.

Josie rang the door chimes and returned the dish and tray. She said the potatoes were fine, but I think she might have been being kind to me. Hehe! I handed her a pack of the lemon wafers for afters, she likes them as much as I do.

I got the nosh ate up, but the sudden drop in health meant I didn’t really enjoy it. By the time I’d eaten it, washed up, and took the medications, all I was capable of was sitting there watching TV, with the occasional short involuntary kip now and then. After one of these nod-offs, I decided to watch the DVD film, Equaliser 2 again and tried not to nod-off this time.

Of course, I nodded off.

I woke around eleven o’clock PM and got up. Still feeling a little groggy for some reason? Always the weekend, when there is no staff on site to help, innit! Hehe! Never mind, if things get bad I can use the Alarm Alert Wristlet button.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 22nd May 2019: Another busy day. Four nurses and Caroline called to help me. Nice! ♥

May 20


Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Scots Gaelic: Diciadain 22 Cèitean 2019

WD68-54-45 Sleep? Morpheus? Rest? What’s that then? Grumblemoanweedoffandtired!

03:00hrs: I decided to stir my humongous torso from the warm-clutches of the £300, second-hand, c1968, dowdy-beige, rattling recliner. Other than the right leg and arm shaking a touch, and the feet, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were both in a good mood with me. I rose and was getting my balance when an urgent wee-wee was required. A few paces to the part-filled overnight EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket) and topped it up a little. Haha! Only the littlest bit, for it, was another of the SSPWW (Short-Sharp-Painful-Wee-wee) category. Still no signs of any activity in the Porcelain Throne department, although, there were a few involuntary silent, nefastous, pongy minuscule escapages of wind coming from the rear-end occasionally this morning. Could today be the day of a movement? Or, not.

I went to get the morning health checks, and medications tended to, moving the remote control onto the Ottoman – but dropped it on the floor. A mug of cold tea slipped through my fingers, splashed the glasses (spectacles),  and dropped them while cleaning them. Made a mug of tea, and the milk bottle cap shot out the shaking-electrified right hand – I still haven’t found it yet! Then, to top off the pathetic performance, I lost a few tablets taking them out of the blister packs.

3Wed01aI took a picture through the unwanted, thick-framed, multi-glass needing to be cleaned; and I cannot even reach some of them. Light and View-blocking kitchen window.

Then straight on with updating yesterday’s Inchcock. I don’t think I was making as many mistakes on the keyboard today, despite the shaking hand and electrified fingers. I finally got the blog finished and posted off.

WD68-54-45 During the updating of the Inchcock Today, I had five SSPWWs, and each time the colour was slightly different. Eventually turning from deep yellow; to a sort of pale brown, now. Well, it helps keep you from being bored. Hehe!

WD68-54-45 The ablutions were sorted out. Teggies, shave… all done, and then the Porcelain Throne was used!

I shan’t go into too much detail, but it was hard-work and somewhat uncomfortable. The evacuated product was almost black, lots of solid pieces. The blood flowed, I think from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, so some cream was applied after a sanitisationing session. Hehe! 

3Wed001The legs were looking a little worn and white, almost anaemic! Warped and pasty! Right Ankle without the strap on, all twisted outwards. Hehe!

Misshaped, knotty, one fat one thin. The knees may have looked a little less scary.

Not very healthy at all.

No wonder I’m not feeling very well this morning.

3Wed04I did some hand washing, socks and a couple of long sleeve tops. Hung the tops up on the shower rail in the wet room to dry. Socks on the warm airer.

I think that the strategy was not a good one, the shirt-tops do not seem to be drying at all. A change of ploy might be needed later on in the day if things? 

Made a start on Today’s Inchcock. But didn’t get far before the Morrison delivery arrived, around 07:20hours or so. Included amongst the purchases were some black bean & 3Wed05a1achicken meals with egg rice. They were on offer at 3 for £6.

I’d got a lot of stuff at this time. But I think I needed everything I bought.

The carer Jay arrived. He soon had the Ankle-Support fitted and told me that the carer service will shortly be costing me. I asked him how much, he said he’d try to find out for his next visit and would have a word with his boss to see if a cheaper (yet he didn’t know how much it would be earlier?) or a free service might just be available from volunteers. I thanked him, and he was off.

3Wed05a1The sun came out momentarily, and I grabbed the camera, but it had gone in by the time I took this picture. 

Caroline from the Stroke Support arrived and got to work helping with advice on getting to sleep. The phlebotomy nurse came to take the blood for the Warfarin INR test. Which she soon did, and departed in some haste. I thanked her.

Caroline carried out a sleeping questionnaire with me. Then she did another Q&A form.

She recognised that I was tired and not in my best form. The bus trip with the trolley was cancelled, and we had a little walk outside by the tree copse with the four-wheeled-trolley. I took some recycle-bottles and jars out with us and dropped them in the appropriate bin.

I enjoyed the hobble so much. Caroline even told me the names of some flowers. SHe kindly picked some and put them in my coat front pocket. The weather was warm and hardly any wind, and as I said, the walk was appreciated from Caroline, bless her. ♥

3Wed06Hobbled back with the new four-wheeled stroller to the apartment, and Caroline took a photograph of me with the flowers she had plucked for me, in my pocket. That was so nice! ♥

Don’t I look, anaemic, etiolated, anaemic, grey, pasty-faced, waxen, weak, drained, ghostly, infirm, sallow, deathly and enervated? You don’t have to agree. Hahaha!

She then called the St Anns Valley Medical Centre and discovered that they have a Nail Cutting Service available, starting on Mondays at 10:00hrs. 


I’m not sure if they will be open on Monday next, cause it is a Bank Holiday… again!

The intercom rang again after Caroline had left. It was the Stroke Teams Physiotherapist, Charlene. This is the first time she had visited. By gum, she put me through some tough exercises. Haha! We managed a chinwag in between the agonising exercises. Hehe! She said she would ring me with the next appointment, thanked her and off she trotted.

Back to the computer, and the intercom rang again. When they arrived at the door, it was two heart nurses. They were after Audrie, it turned out she is at Winchester, not Woodthorpe Court.

3Wed07Got the meal cooking, hope it comes out alright. 

Took a snap of the wildflowers, and put them in a tub of water. Bootiful!

Got the nosh sorted out. A ready meal. Chicken in black bean sauce with Special egg fried rice. I’ve got two more (Three for £6 Special offer), to 3Wed28use on Saturday, if Josie likes black bean sauce and chicken, of course. I must ask her tomorrow. I added some extra bean sauce and some tomatoes. I ate most of it, and all of the tasty baguette!

Blooming busy day today!

Found a letter delivered. From the Division of Clinical Neuroscience! Confirming the appointment for Friday 24th at 10:00hrs. For cognitive tests, a questionnaire and a blood test. Another busy day is coming up! Is there no rest to be had? Life in my later years seems filled with habeas corpora, hassle and medicationalistical mayhem! Not to mention my losing it mentally, Hahaha!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 14th March 2018: Warfarin INR Blood Test – Nurse Nichole on Duty, Nice!

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Greek: Τετάρτη 14 Μαρτίου 2018

0005hrs: I stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner and waited for the grey-cells to join me

Saw the blood test reminder note on the computer screen. Forced my ever increasing body-mass from the chair, and off for a Porcelain Throne session. A Trotsky affected evacuation again. Messy and needed a lot of cleaning up afterwards

Took the medications and did the Health Checks. The Sys and Weight are both too high methinks?

Got the computer on, there was a lot of work needed on the Tuesday post to do to finish it off. Mainly due to the fact of my missing the L9 bus back from Arnold yesterday, and being so tired, I did no work on it when I got home. Huh!

0400hrs by the time I got it completed and posted off. Then I started on this one up to here.

Two comments to reply to on WordPress, which I did. Then visited the WordPress Reader to catch-up on any I’ve missed.

I moved sharpishly onto Facebooking. The computer and internet were both going okay today. I hope this lasts.

Watched a forty-minute video of the Titanic and the fire down burning below when it set sail.

Another Nottingham City Homes letter from Angela Gould, our Housing Patch Manager this time. About the importance of a Fire Inspection/Procedure visit for Thursday twixt 11am and 1300hrs.

Not good this!

As I already have four appointments for Thursday on the calendar! Morrisons, Community Hour assemblage, Fire Instruction Meeting and GUM clinic Assessment.

Sorted and took the black bins to the waste chute.

Ablutions sorted out, new PPs on, the extra Germoloid cream applied. Got dressed up nice and warm. Collected the nibbles for the Sherrington Park Surgery staff. And set out on my hobble to Carrington and the Doctors surgery.

As I poddled along Chestnut Walk, I met with Obergruppenfurhress Warden Deans as she was arriving for work. Exchanged good mornings and I explained to her about the Fire Procedure meeting with Angela. Deana said not to worry, she would sort it out for me. I don’t know how these Obergruppenfurheresses manage.

She is very bust today, she has to go another complex to look after the residents somewhere, as cover for their absent staff. I thanked her muchly, and continued on my somewhat painful (due to Arthur Itis), walk to Carrington. Plodded down Winchester Street to the bottom and turned left onto Mansfield Road.

Up to the top of the hill and down into Carrington.

The junction of Devon Drive and Mansfield Road at this time of day, with the traffic being heavy, often offers an accident or near collision for me to see. No crashes as it happens this morning.

But I reckon, judging by the squeal of brakes and papping of horns, that the white van man came close as he pulled out through standing traffic.

I took another photo of the bush in the posh house’s garden. To show someone who might be able to identify for me later.

I got to the surgery with plenty of time to spare. Registered with the receptionists and got seated and doing the crossword book for about ten minutes or so, before the nurse called me in; and guess what… It was Nurse Nichole on duty!

She managed to make time for gossip and a few laughs while she did the blood taking. She even told me that the bush flowers I was trying to identify, were Peonys. It was grand having someone who seemed to care to look after me this morning. I gave her some nibbles with my farewells and handed the receptionist some as I left the building, whistling and content!

I was feeling so chirpy, I decided to walk back to Sherwood as well.

The traffic had cleared after the rush hour, and I took my time ambling along Mansfield Road. I called into the Boots Chemist to get some more Germoloid cream, as the one I got from Arnold was getting low. This one cost much more than the other one but was twice the size. I met the Geordie-lass from the flats in the shop.

Lovely woman. We had a natter and laugh. I was going to walk back up Winchester Street, because my timing was well out, and the next L9 was not due for 50 minutes yet.

She suggested I walk up the catch the 90 bus. Which for some reason I had not thought of doing, bless her Cotton Socks.

So I did that. Only had ten minutes to wait for it once I’d got to the bus shelter. No signs of any other tenants in the vicinity, surprisingly enough.

Dropped off three stops later high up of Winchester Street, and walked up onto Chestnut Walk.

When I approached my Woodthorpe Court block of flats, I could see that the hoist was on my floor, the twelfth, with some busy looking workers grafting away.

Af I entered the flats, my neighbour Doris (I think) was there doing her laundry. She warned me to expect a lot of noise when I get in, the workers were putting in her windows. And, do you know, she was spot-on right! Hehe!

We had a chinwag session, and I made my way up in the lift.

When I got in, I felt all lost and confused for a moment or two.

I put this down to my going out and not coming back, having bought no comestibles that were unneeded or wanted. A rarity. Haha!

The drilling and knocking were terribly loud, grating and persistent. But expected. The longer it went on, the less I noticed it.

I took these shot from the kitchen window. On the hoist was some windows were taken out and others waiting to go in, at Joyce’s flat. Ah, that’s it. Joyce, not Doris!

I Surprised myself there.

At least there was no raining today for the workers.

I got the oven on to warm it ready for later. I planned to have the lamb Mousaka with extra cheese, and some tomatoes added on top of it. Potato cakes, and a handful of chips. Sliced apple too, methinks.

I did the Health Checks and took the medications. Got the fodder in the oven.

Got the computer on to update this diary. It took a few hours, as I’d made a few photos that needed prepping first.

Did the last Health checks early, as I was feeling mentally exhausted a lot earlier than I usually do.

The moussaka had a lot of aubergines in it, and I do love them, but they are on the restricted foods list because they are so high in Vitamin K. (I think that is the reason the cardiac team put this on the list). Bt with the Warfarin INR level going down sharply, I guess I should get away with my indulging myself this once. (I hope). The ready-made meal was warming plentiful and tasty. The potato cakes were excellent. The rest, average.

I watched a Jonathan Creek episode on DVD, then turned to the television. Then fell asleep. The phone rang and amazingly woke me up, how I heard it without my hearing aids in surprised me. IT was Jenny from the 14th floor. She had lost her internet connections. I was half-asleep, but I think I made the banal question of “Have you done the turning-off, unplugging, wait five minutes and reconnecting the router box?” OG course she had done so without any luck. I wished her the best of luck. She is unfortunately on Liberty Global-Virgin Media as I am. I wished I was more awake, I should have asked her if she had rung 150 on her Virgin landline.

I got back in the £300 second-hand recliner. The TV still on from when I fell asleep, and ‘Hustle’ just about to start. But I drifted off again before it started.

I woke later, turned off the TV and was in the process of removing my cumbersome, ungainly, wobbly body-mass from the recliner, to go for a wee-wee, when the phone rang again. It was the DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Anticoagulation clinic with the INR test results. It was hard to hear what she was saying, but I think she gave me the dosages for the next seven days, like this: Wed, Thur and Friday 2 tablets, the rest of the days 1.5 tablets. The INR level has come down to 2.5 from last weeks 4.4, so that’s good. Well, this is what I found scribbled on my phone notepad in the morning.

I had the wee-wee, washed my hands and placed the pots to soak in the sink.

Just as I was returning to the £300 second-hand recliner, the phone light flashed again. By gum, I was popular tonight. It was from someone wanting to deliver a pizza, He told me he’s outside the house now but could not get an answer to his knocking on the door! I inquired as to where he was. He said in Calverton (6.1 miles away) outside my house. I bluntly told him he’d got the wrong number and asked him to remove it from his phone.

Got my head down again, but the night was filled with waking so often. Tsk!

Inchcocks Christmas Day morning Dream

Inchcocks Christmas Day morning Dream

How this brewed in my brain is beyond me, I say,

I was cruel and ungiving, as I chose who should go, and who should stay,

I was the Party Pooper,

How low I had stooped,

Ruining the little ones fun,

I even had with me, a stun gun,

Hidden on the end of my walking stick,

Now the brain plays on me this terrible trick!

I used to cope with the many ailments I had,

I’m going bonkers now, that I find sad,

Will the NHS help with this going Mad?

I’m getting accustomed to it, in later years,

It no longer holds over me such worries and fears,

For I forget things so often, and of that, I’m glad!

Composed and published in Support of others going senile, who used to be able to control their bodies and minds, and like me, accept things as they are, despite the noisy git living in the flat above them!


Inchcock Today – Monday 18th December 2017: Sister Jane and Hubby Pete came to inspect the flat. Hehe!

Monday 18th December 2017

Corsican: Lunedì 18 Dicembre 2017

0105hrs: This mornings expergefaction brought with it, confusion. Why was I half hanging out of the £300 second-hand recliner, that had mysteriously moved a few inches away from the old armchair next to it? The stomach was growling, Hippy Hilda horrendously painful, chest pangs and twinges. Feeling a little Dizzy Dennis visitation, one sock on – the other later found in the waste bin. Limbs aching. Lower back, shoulders and legs and Duodenal Donald dementedly angry with me. Yet, no Anne Gyna, Reflux Roger, Arthur Itis or Hernia Henry hassle?

I rearranged my semi-mangled limbs into a semblance of where they should be. I could remember no dreams whatever? Then a new pain started the moment I tried to move out of the chair, right chest, half-way down the ribs. I put this down to the contorted physical position I’d gotten myself into overnight.

I left the disarranged mess in the front room and limped off to the kitchen, in a bit of a haze. Did the Health Checks and took the medications – found I’d missed the last night ones, so just took a Magnesium, Warfarin and Simvastatin from them, with the morning ones, to avoid repetition.

On the computer to update the Health log with last weeks results. Which came out only a little different tot he previous weeks, although the Sys and Dia a few points up.

Then did this morning’s checks.

Responded to the rumbling innards and called at the Porcelain Throne. I think that Trotsky Terence is trying to fight back at Constipation Conrad again now. Resulting in a half-half session. Tsk! During which I had flash-back of a tiny bit of a dream I’d had, I was in London (I assumed) walking around the streets of Belvedere houses, chambers and bowls of natural body waste being thrown out of the upper windows, aimed at me. But the vision in my mind ceased within seconds?

On the computer to finish yesterdays blog off.

Made a mug of Breakfast Tea, then started this template going. The stomach still rumbling.

Went to the WordPress Reader.

0322hrs: Remembered I had the laundry to do. Assembled it and down and got it started.

Back up the lift and set the timer, and back on Facebooking.

The Notice Board had been prettified for the season of good-will.

Back to Facebooking again.

Half an hour later, returned to the laundry room to move the clothing from washer to dryer.

Some naughty pensioner had not cleaned out the filter on the drying machine.


Once more, back up in the elevator to the mini-apartment. CorelDraw used to start another TFZer graphic.

Down to collect the dried-laundry.

A lot of fluff came out of the filter afterwards.

Folded and collated the things and got them in the big bag.

Wiped around and sprayed the covers and doors.

Then I popped outside to take a photograph, and found that it was warmer out there than it was in the flat upstairs?

Despite there being a bit of frost on some of the car windscreens.

Gathered the bag and went back up to dwellings.

Stored the togs away and checked the bag of goodies for Jane and Pete. Another load in the fridge I must not forget about when they arrive

WordPress was still not doing anything but let me write on it. Would not save? Had to turn everything off and start again. Luckily this did the trick, and it is working once more.

I got some nibbles, made another brew and watched some YouTube crash videos.

Took a photo of the turning-colourful sky, and check to see if there were any Parking Spaces, to let Pete know when I ring him later.

Got the ablutions tended to. Nice deep slow shower, not cuts while shaving, no bleeding from anywhere like rear-end or teggies’

Sorted the rubbish bags out and took them to the chute, and went down with some jars for the recycling bin. I noticed in the lift on the way down, it looked like some graffiti had been cleaned off the wall?

I also spotted that they had put down some sand-salt outside. Bless the workers, very kindly indeed.

0900hrs: It actually appeared so much colder now, compared to what it felt at 0300hrs? Odd that. I’d thought I might have time to nop up to Aldi and get back in time for Jane and Pete, but if the hill is going to be icy, I decided to catch the bus up and walk home.

So I got ready and hobbled to the bus stop.

Arrived at the bus stop and had a chinwag and laugh with some other tenants. Dished out some chocolate coins. Two of them told me that the heaters do not work unless you have them all going?

I only rode for five bus stops up to the top of the hill. Said my farewells to the others and alighted the vehicle, and walked along Woodborough Road to the Aldi store.

The pavements were a bit dodgy with the ice en route, but I got there alright.

Got some cooked chicken legs, oven potatoes, part-baked baguettes and rolls to last over the break, vine tomatoes, a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie and a lemon curd yoghourt. I forgot to get the tinned tomatoes, though. Tsk!

Paid and left, walking along the top and down Winchester Street Hill towards the flats.

Very dicey manoeuvring over the ice as I descended the incline.

Hippy Hilda was the only hassle, but she was not in a good mood at all with me. By the time I approached the bock of flats, I was thinking about taking an extra pain-killer when I got indoors. Which I did.

The standing water was still frozen near to the builders compound top gate.

Got in the apartment and put the food away.

Made a brew and onto the computer and updated this twallop.

The tea went cold, so I went to make another mug.

For a bit of fun, I took a picture of the parking outside below, and sent a copy to Janet, telling her there were two free spaces available. I thought it might amuse her and Pete, then again, just maybe not.


Opened Corel Draw, to start making some more funny page headers while I awaited their arrival.

Looked out and saw Jane & Pete arriving on site. I recorded this cause I might use it for blackmail at a later date:

When they got into the flat, I soon learnt, I should eat pasta, not bacon with the tomatoes in the pan, the kitchen was too full, the colour in the hall was the wrong one,  my spectacles that Pete used were not the right ones for him. My nose was running again, and the jumper I had on was the wrong colour for me. I’m only joking! Hehe!

Jane gave me a short coat that a friend who had passed away left. Nice and warm when I tried it on, right for summer or wearing in the flat on a cold night.

We exchanged stuff. Both had been to see another relative Mary earlier in the day (I think) and this bought guilt back to me a little. Mary’s husband had the same heart operation as I did, a week before me. And he passed away a week or so later. I took a lot of getting over that I should survive, and a family man with a beautiful wife, who I adored and kids that were more like friends had to die.

Chinwagged a lot, a few laughs along the way. Hippy Hilda was giving me a lot of pain, I think I hid it well, I didn’t want to bring down the rare light-heartedness that was prevalent, and I was enjoying.

Pete tried to download the photos he’d clandestinely taken to the computer. I got myself in a pickle trying to get the Wi-fi to pick them up, panicked and gave up. (Sad innit?)

They departed. I felt a little low. And as I was about to get the camera to take shots of their leaving from the kitchen window – an urgent call to the Porcelain Throne had to be responded to. Tsk!

Health Checks – medications taken.

Pasta Tomato sauce with mushrooms and bacon nosh. Enjoyed this. Put the dishes in the bowl to soak.

The energy soon drained from my grey-cells and body, and I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch a Boon DVD episode.

Turned over to the TV after and drifted off into much-needed sleep. The phone rang, I managed to escape the recliner and get to the phone in time. Pete had found a way to send me the photographs he took on his new SmartPhone and had sent me them via Email.

I’ll get them sorted in the morning.

My Beautiful Phantasmagorian Dragon

My Beautiful Phantasmagorian Dragon

There came in the night, a dragon to see me,
At first, it fritted me… made me want to pee,
It settled down, landing on my chest,
I smiled and wished it all the best,
It was puzzled by this, I could see.

I spoke gently to her, told her an anecdote,
As her claws tore away at my throat,
I gave her obvious beauty much praise,
Told her how she could change her violent ways,
She said earlier she had eaten a stoat?

She released her grip on my bloodied head,
When I gave her food, pork knuckle and Scottish bread,
Hoping she’d like it, and not get diahorrea,
She was the prettiest thing in my phantasmagoria,
Best of all I thought, as she drank my blood,
Someone to talk to, and that is good!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 12th December 2017:

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Greece: Τρίτη 12 Δεκεμβρίου 2017

0030hrs: I woke up in what I believe is the exact same position as I fell asleep in last night. I remember thinking about changing the watched DVD in the player, I awoke with the remote control still in my hand?

This, is despite my having suffered a pseudohallucinational dream, in which I was solving problems and helping, advising all sorts of visitors to my outside toilet from 1949, and a cerebricity which seemed to amaze all of my inquirers? In the background, cheering and clapping could be heard every time I said anything? The dream seemed to last only a few seconds, and I think I tried to get it back. Me? Clever? Worra dream.

When I tried to move, Hippy Hilda and the water retaining legs complained and then I remembered what it was I forgot to tell the Doctor about yesterday. ‘Hippy Hilda and the water retaining legs!’ Tsk! Off to the Porcelain Throne. A better session, slight overtones of the Trotskies, but not much.

Got the medications taken with a mug of tea and did the Health Checks.

Gor dressed without any ablutions, to be ready for when the Morrison order arrives between 0630 > 0730 hrs.

Checked WordPress messages and comments, didn’t take long. Then went on WordPress Reader. Lots of good stuff on again.

Went on Facebooking.

The Morrison man cometh, not a very happy one, though. Through gritted teeth he muttered something in reply to my “Good morning, everything alright with the weather today?” No idea what it was he said.

I’d got some extra Scottish Plain Bread to freeze and keep over the holiday period.

I found I had to throw some bits away to make room for them in the freezer. Tsk!

I’ll have to sort through the use-by-dates to see what to have later for the nosh. Got plenty of stock now, cooked beef, fresh belly pork, the Pork Knuckles… I think I got carried away again.

Got the stuff stored and took three photographs from the kitchen window. Ont to the left, one right off centre and one of the right view.

Bootifull, but not very warm. I had to put the oil heater on in the main room.

On with graphics creating again. Hard work this morning, CorelDraw keeps freezing on me.

1500hrs: Feeling so tired now, but pressed on with doing another TFZer Vehicle Related funny graphic.

Fatigue, mental of course, forced me to stop and get the nosh prepared. I got the spuds in the oven. Then did some Facebooking while they cooked. Two hours later I took them out and removed and mashed the flesh, added cheese and tomatoes to them. Refilled the husks and back in the stove to brown them off.

Served the nosh-up and ate it all, every scrap and morsel.

I did not get to doing the washing up because I put the TV on and fell asleep almost immediately.

Woke a few hours later and the brain was full of memories about the dream I’d been having. I searched for the pencil and pad to record them.

But by the time I found both, any recollection had dissipated. Most annoying!

Spotted the untaken pot of medications on the Ottoman, and took them.

I thought about getting out of the recliner and doing the pots, and as I started to manipulate my body mass, I felt something hard under my bottom and the recliner’s cushion…

That damned remote control! Hehe!

I extracted it and fell asleep again.

Inchcock Today – Monday 27th November 2017

Monday 27th November 2017

Azerbaijani: Bazar ertəsi 27 Noyabr 2017

Sunday 2330hrs: Woke-up feeling all out-of-sorts, off-kilter. The brain thoughts and the body not precisely in harmony. The first semi-clear idea was about the INR Warfarin blood test, and I have to ring the surgery at 0800hrs when they open, to find out if I have an appointment and if so, what time was it arranged? If not, I’ll go to the City Hospital for it.

No bleeding from the gums, the boil on the nose seems to have gone (Very odd that!), and Duodenal Donald, as well as Anne Gyna, were in a calm mood with me. Just the grey-cells box to worry about at this moment. Hehe!

I did feel strange. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee. Made a brew, took the medications, then did the Health Checks. Listed the details, in case I do get an appointment at the surgery, and hopefully with Nurse Nichole.

Computer booted up. Much wind was emanating from the rear quarters.

Finished off the Sunday Diary. The refresh connection link button with Facebook, on WordPress, was not working? Tsk!

Quick bash on Facebook.

TFZer Suzieanne in Scotland has her birthday today and is not feeling so good.

Made and sent this off to her Facebook page.

She’s been very poorly. I pray she will improve soon. Bless Her! ♥

Did some page headers on CorelDraw too.

A Porcelain Throne visit, messy again. Much cleansing required afterwards.

Made another brew of tea and made a start on this diary.

WordPress Reader next.

0425hrs: Checked Emails and started off another graphicalisationing session.

0640hrs: Off to do the ablutionisationing.

0815hrs: Rang the GP surgery, guess what? They had not made me an appointment again! I’m pissed off now. Got to rush out to get to the City Hospital and it’s raining! Gumph and Spit!

Back in a bit… well, we’ll see, Haha!

I’ve made it!

Here is the route that was taken. A nice steady hobble and rain only caught me a bit. The further I limped along, the better the spirits were. Just about an hour-and-a-half en route, but I spent another two-hours waiting in the queue. Hehe!

Did the teggies (Carefully), Shaved with only three cuts, stand-up wash and scrub-up. MEdications applied where needed. Got the bags and brolly ready. Wrapped myself up well  (I could hear the winds when I put the hearing aids in). Sorted and took the rubbish bags and took them to the chute. Set out and went back in the flat again when I got as far as the lift. To check I’d not left anything on, likes lights, stove, faucets etc.

Out again and down the road to Obergefreiteress Julie and Obergruppenfurheress Deana’s hut. Where I was lucky enough to find them both in situ. We had a laugh and chinwag, and I got some orange recycling bags given me. I gave them the two dribble-easy cups and explained about the leak when drinking, adding that were the best mugs I’d ever known for keeping the tea warmer for longer. Gave them some nibbles, cause they are a good pair of Wardens and I like them a lot.

Farewells tended, and off back up Chestnut Way and the hill into Woodthorpe Grange Park. I’m not an algophilist, I took this way, so I could have a look at the beloved Tree Copse as I passed it by.

It was so pleasant going down the path to Mansfield Road. Strangers who were being walked by their dogs returned my greetings; every dog was friendly, life was good.

Then the animal of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came belting down the hill and slalomed between the people and woof-woofs! None of us was happy about this. But, it gave us something to spend a couple of minutes chattering.

Onto Mansfield Road and over onto and down Devon Drive.

I thought I might get an under-the-umbrella shot or two in, but the rain held off.

Crossed road and hobbled contentedly down onto the Ring Road. I think I was singing to myself at one stage?

I felt a bit of a Schmoe for not understanding why I felt in such good, congenial spirits now when I was almost depressed earlier on? Perhaps it’s talking to people after the bitterly lonely weekend? Although, the thought of missing Nurse Nichole still wrangled away at me inside. Especially, as it wasn’t my fault, but the surgery staff, again!

Towards the bottom of the hill, I took this photograph, thinking it might come out as a ‘Moody Photo’, but it didn’t really.

Down to the traffic island and left over the Pelican Lights. Two cars shot through the lights when they were on red against them. Swines!

My EQ told me my attitude and contentment was about to change?

A bird I have never seen before landed on the rusty railings as alongside the park. I got the camera out as fast as I could, but it had gone off by the time I was ready. The creature was about the size of a sparrow or robin, and was black or dark grey with a thin white collar and some white specks on its tail feathers?

As I turned right onto Hucknall Road, I took a shot of the Day Brook that runs alongside the hospital. At least I couldn’t see any new rubbish dumped in it from the other week.

The rain started coming a bit stronger, so I walked a little faster, maybe not more quickly, but less slowly (Hehe), the rest of the way to the Haematology Department.

The entrance was blocked off. No signs of why or how to get to it by another route either. Yes, my EQ was getting more confident that things were going to get worse, today!

I managed to find a way around and into the Blood Clinic eventually. And boy, was it busy! When I got my ticket from the machine and turned around, there was just one seat free. So I hobbled over and got me bum in it quickly. Alright then, quickishly! Haha!

I knew it would be a good while before my turn came up, so I got the crossword book out and spent an hour or more failing to do very well with them at all.

When there were only ten tickets to go to mine being called, I put away the book, so I didn’t miss it coming up on the screen. My number got called in after a wait of about two hours. I was summoned to Cubicle Three. A bloke was being trained up, and he asked if he could take the blood, I said yes. All went well, I gave them a bag of nibbles that I had put in the bag last night for the GP surgery staff, and felt a little pleasure in the GP staff not getting it after letting me down again.

Thanked them and went out via the temporary route through two other departments, without getting lost.

To the bus stop on site. Found I had missed the 40 bus that goes close to the flats, so wandered down onto Hucknall Road and caught a City bound bus.

Went to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) and poddled to the Tesco store to see if they had any chocolate nougat in, but they hadn’t.

However, they did have some Fresh Cream Jam Doughnuts on offer, £1.09 down to 70p. Also, they had some Sokolow Polish Cooked Pork Knuckle.

I paid the poor miserable looking girl at the checkout and tried to cheer her up with a laugh or two, at least she smiled.

Leaving the Mall, I realised that two security guards were showing interest in me, and following me? Nothing happened other than they gave me dirty looks as I exited the doors and looked back at them?

My EQ was warning me again, I think.

I limped along Upper Parliament Street to the bus stop on Queen Street.

Where a tenant lady from the flats, was with her little Granddaughter.

We had a natter about the buses mostly, and I gave the little one some chocolate coins. Only the two of us got on, but by the time three bus stops had been by, the bus was loaded almost to capacity.

In the forty-minute ride, I started and finished a crossword! I was well chuffed for myself. And it was the first time I’d ever done a puzzle in one go in this book. Swanking mode adopted, Hehe!

The lady and girl joined me on the walk to the apartments from the bus stop. When we got into the lifts, there were about ten others had joined us, by the time one had arrived on the ground floor!

Six of us piled into the cage, and some of them who had already got their heaters fitted were moaning about them not working right! Oh dear!

I got in the mini-dwelling and had a much-needed wee-wee.

Put the cakes and pork in the fridge.

Got the kettle on as the rain started to pour outside. I’d usually have got my head down by now, but needs must, so I did the Health Checks and took the medications. Then started to update this diary.

Sister Jane rang me. Bad news, but it had to be done. Poor old Fooey had been put to sleep. As Jane said: He was the one, of all the cats, that needed more care and work than all the others, but he was the most loving one. Jane said she might ring back.

I don’t mind admitting it, I shed a few tears, for Jane and Fooey.

I pressed on with the updating. At least, I hope, this was what the EQ was warning me about. So once again, the day started with me upbeat, and downcast at the end.

By the time I got to here with this chronical, life was no longer so bright.

I went on WordPress reading to try and cheer myself up.

Had a bash on Facebooking.

A couple or three hours later than usual, I got a cold meal of smoked mackerel, sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, Stilton cheese and three slices of Scottish Plain Bread.

Went to check that I’d locked the outer door, to find a new leaflet had been delivered. That’s one thing we don’t go short of in these flats, pamphlets and unsolicited mail!

I could not believe this message. Anyone can see that the workers are likely to be using petrol powered tools and oxyacetylene burners etc. on the platforms. If they find out who is doing this, steps should be taken to make it obvious to all of us that this is unacceptable behaviour.