Inchcock Today – Fri 8 Nov 19: Stuck indoors, deliveries, Stroke Assessor Lady visit, and fewer wee-wees that ever before? Haha!

1 Nov 08

2019 Tnov 08

Friday 8th November 2019

Scots Gaelic: Dihaoine 8 Samhain 2019

0Nov 08

WD 180.50.0 02:55hrs: I stirred with the firm belief that I had only nodded off a few minutes ago, and it was still early evening, Thursday! I certainly felt tired enough to convince myself, but no, it was five-to-three on Friday morning. The eyelids were heavy and running. The coughing and wheezing started, then a nasty prolonged burst of Colin Cramps in the left leg and foot attacked me. Breathing was difficult and noisy, back-pain Brenda and Arthur Itis joined in as soon as I attempted to move.

I am still confused about the wee-weeing situation. Yesterday I must have drunk enough water and tea to float a battleship. Yet only took about three, very weak wee-wees all day, so where is it all going/gone: Have or will I spring a leak? Tsk!

Eventually, I forced myself to get out of the £300 second-hand c1968, grungy-coloured rickety recliner, that Xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete damaged when he was stealing my valuables. (I still haven’t had any cash returned back from him yet six-months later, but fair enough, he’ll have spent some of the money on his new drone and CCTV systems I imagine). As for the old coins and notes, I understand he’s already sold most of them on the West Bridgford market. Still, money and alcohol seem to make him happy.

WDP 11gL5Fri01WD 180.50.0A I was out of the chair, on my feet, and with walking-stick in hand, rounded the twice this week fallen onto and bent misshaped electric airer, to avoid another accidental catastrophe – and stubbed the toe against the corner shelving. I silently cursed, only just preventing a loud retort from coming out.

I ventured hobblingly (thanks to Artur Itis!) into the kitchen and rather methodically for once, almost as if I was in Automatic-Pilot-Mode.

5Fri02I used the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket) for a DAAFJ (Drips-And-All-Finished-Job) wee-wee. cleansed the bucket, washed the dandies, moved the handwashing, hanging and on the airers. Kettle on, and took the medications, then made the brew. Fetched the camera and took a fairish snap of the morning’s view. Of course, it was raining. Tsk!

Then to the computer, and booted it up – Boy was I pleased when it worked! I had to make the template for this blog first, before getting on with the updating of the Frustrating Thursday Blog!

5Fri005WD 180.50.0 No demands for any Porcelain Throne activity, or any more wee-wee’s. I went to make another brew, for this voracious, insatiable thirst was still with me. All part of the cough & cold I suppose, oh, the cough seems to be easing off this morning, but the sore throat is persistent, and breathing still a struggle, the gasps are a smidge worrying.

Finally, at last, I got onto doing the updating. Four hours later, (and about six mugs of tea) I’d got it all done and posted off to WordPress. Time for a mug of tea (Hard to believe, I know, me drinking! Haha!)

WD 180.50.0 The computer was slowing down, this worried me. But, I noticed the Liberty-Global Virgin Media liars box lights were flickering, so it might just be a poor connection, I hope it’s nothing more sinister!

I went on the WordPress Reader section. Some entertaining stuff on there today.

Then I went on the TFZer and album, to catch up. Enjoyed that, even though everything takes me so much longer get done nowadays, I love the TFZer site.

5Fri006The Christmas pressies and som Chinese sausages are being delivered today, from Amazon. I’ll check the tracker, hang on a minute… Nope, they have not arrived at the depot for distribution yet. So, it’s likely that a lateish delivery will be made. My estimation would be 16:00hrs. Of course, I could well be wrong and it does say up to 21:00hrs, Mmm! I hope the yare easy to cook in the oven, or maybe in the pan with the rice, I’ll check later.

Ah-well, I must press on with CorelDrawing and get some page top political graphics made, back in a bit, well, a long time. Humph! Flaming slow going!

5Fri007The Amazon parcels arrived.

The very expensive Chinese sausages and the Nasal Spray had arrived. I just hope I cook them right. Whatever the instructions are in several languages on the packet, I can’t read them, they are too small for me to decipher. Ah, well! Pot luck then!

I thanked the young man and returned to the computer to try graphicalisationing again, and the intercom chimed out and flashed as I was passing it. Wow! It (the intercom) was working again!

It was the After-Stroke six-monthly assessment session lady. We set about having a Q&A session and discussed whether I should be added to the Stroke Survivors meeting list and after the After-Stroke Physio ends in December. A very pleasant lady indeed. We managed a smile and laugh or two into the bargain. After she had gone, I felt a little sad. Poor old thing!

WD 180.50.0 I made another brew, and back on the computer, CorelDrawing. Another interruption, I heard a voice somewhere in the flat! I grabbed the four-pronged walking stick and had a hunt around in investigative-mode! It was coming from the intercom, saying repeatedly: “This is an… (Word Unclear) Test – Do not respond” So I didn’t! Haha!

Fatigue dawned, and I got the meal cooking. I used a packet of ready-made meal from the freezer, Chicken in Black Bean Sauce.

WD 180.50.0 Not one of my best cooking efforts, due to my tendency to nod-off with the timer at my side, which I can’t hear and is not loud enough to alert me when I’m in the land-of-nod. Thus overcooking was committed!

5Fri27The chicken meal, I’d added some extra black bean sauce in it, too much really. And with nodding-off like wot I did, the cobs came out of the oven looking rather too overcooked to eat. But I put them on the tray to give them a try, and they turned out scrumptiously tasty! Fair enough, they were that hard-crusted, the mouth ulcers bled; but for flavour like that, it was a little price to pay! It took me ages to get through, but I savoured every blood-letting, ulcer tearing, mouthful! Gorgeous! Taste-Rating, 9/10!

I got the washing-up done, no handwashing tonight. Then settled into the unbelievably uncomfortable second-hand, c1968, rickety recliner and put a Hustle DVD on to watch. I only had a few short nod-offs and rewinding the DVD incidents. But the awe-striking and amazing thing was that I watched through all three episodes! (Well, in a nodding-off fashin!) Then, turned on the TV, watched an instalment of a police chase thingy! It was late on before I got to sleep properly… and the dreams started, the waking and thinking trying to remember them and scribbling down notes to use in the morning. Which turned out to be mostly indecipherable. Humph!

Inchcock Today: Monday 27th Febuary 2017


Monday 27th February 2017

Icelandic – Mánudagur 27. febrúar 2017

Didn’t nod off until well gone midnight again, woke with a start around 0200hrs in urgent need to utilise the porcelain, scrambled out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner chair and made it to the throne, and amazingly the trots were replaced with rock cement! How one can go from eight hours of the trots to the opposite so quickly I have no idea. Tsk!

While waiting for the action, bits of the dream I’d been having came to mind. The muddy fields were there again, but other people were with me and instructing me how to get out of a muddy crater they had thrown me into, each time I got out they told my I’d done it wrong and lobbed me back in to get it right?

Up properly at 0400hrs. I rubbed some pain-gel in the knees and made a cuppa, carried out the health checks and made a nice cuppa as I got the computer going, then took the medications.

I’d got messages in reply to yesterday’s diary from Duncan and Tim, both helping me with the Excel Health spreadsheet formatting on how to add different cells together 1mon05and divide them into an average. Tried it and it worked! Many thanks, lads, cheered me up a bit this did.

1mon06Then, the stomach started rumbling and I had a dizzy at the same time, this confused me a bit. Don’t want any physical bother today with all the jobs I’ve got to do. Got to go to a new bank to sort out the fiscal difficulties, the Dentist to check on the appointment day and time… checked in the Google calendar, now I’ve found out how to access it in G Suite. Sad innit, Hehe?

Core blimus, so much to get done, I bet I’ll be catching up still on Tuesday.

1mon09The weather forecast on the web looked not too nice.

I carried out the ablutions, shave, teggies shower etc, medicated the areas in with a requirement of the same (Hehe!).

Sorted the waste bins out, bagged them and took them disposed of them down the rubbish chute.

Got my list of jobs wanting to be done, wrapped myself up and got as far as the lifts when I realised I had the wrong glasses on. Back to the flat and changed them.

Out again and got as far again, when I realised I had not taken the bank details, so back once again and collected them.

Outside and walked to the glass recycle bin with the bottles and jars. Then to the Winwood Centre Shed to try and talk with Warden Deans about the TV Licence letter and advice on the Bank problems. She was helping a resident so I sat waiting and had a go at the crossword book. OBegruppenfureress Julie came in and asked “What do you want? Come on hurry up I’m busy…” I showed her the TV Licence letter, she said forget it. Told her about the banking problems, she said for me to go to the Co-op Bank and ask them – the Deana was temporarily free, although waiting on the phone for someone and said no need to go to the bank and I was to let her know if and when I get any TV licence money rebate.


Community Shed

Then to the Winwood Centre Shed to try and talk with Warden Deans about the TV Licence letter and advice on the Bank problems. She was helping a resident so I sat waiting and had a go at the crossword book.


Obegruppenfureress Julie came in and asked “What do you want? Come on hurry up I’m busy…” I showed her the TV Licence letter, she said forget it. Told her about the banking problems, she said for me to go to the Co-op Bank and ask them – then Deana became temporarily free, although waiting on the phone for someone and said no need to go to the bank and I was to let her know if and when I get any TV licence money rebate. Confused again… Hehe!

1mon08This is the route and calls/stops made on my morning hobble:

I got some nice Polish bread and belly pork with peppers from the Continental Food Shop. Then to the Bank across the road and asked the cashier if I could talk with someone about moving all my cash and accounts to their bank. She disappeared a few moments and returned telling me to take a seat. I met a lady tenant of the flats and as we nattered a chap appeared, shook my hand and with pound-signs spinning and twinkling in his eyes, led me into a little room for a talk. After asking me to bring in my current UK driving Licence and Passport, and my telling him I own neither nowadays, he was not put-out, and asked me to bring a current Council Tax Bill and a State Pension Letter that gives details of the pension for this year. He arranged the meeting for this Thursday at 1000hrs. He said he would show me their internet banking and how to use it and get things sorted with me, it should, he say’s take only 2 and half hours to arrange, then, seven complete days later it should all be in place up and running. I felt the chap looked and sounded like a used car salesman, bless him.

Out of the bank (Confused a tad), and up to the Post Office and asked them if they could read the senders name and address on a package I wish to send something back to in return, they could not.

I left there and crossed over the road and called in the Co-op store and got some Pork & Liver Pate, Shortcake biscuits, tomatoes and apples.

Up the hill to the Dentists to confirm the date of my next appointment. The young rather attractive lady on the reception printed it out for me Wednesday 8th March 2017 09:00hrs. A different dentist this time, Dr Vitish Patel. (When I got back later I Googled the name and got: About 82,900,000 results [0.79 seconds])

As I came ou1mon17t to continue up and over the Mansfield Road hill to go through Woodthorpe Park back to the flats, an elderly lady had taken a tumble at the bus stop. Already several people tending to her thankfully. I felt so sorry for her.

At least I’d got some things that needed doing started today, and felt a little lifted in spirits and less frustrated with life now.

Turned right and up the footpath towards the turn off to the flats. So many dogs walking their owners about today, I spent a while watching them.

1mon16As I went right to go down the gravel footpath to the flats, I took a photographicalisation of my favourite little copse with the blocks of flats in the background. The grass was thickening I think a little.

Looking forward so much to when it gets overgrown and full of plant life and animal life for me to walk through and hope to see.

As I hobbled down the pathway, Anne Gyna started to give me some hassle along with Roger Reflux and Arthur Itis, they all seemed to start off at the same time after all being so kind to me earlier. Humph! This put an end to my plans to go out again and get more jobs done today! Shame!

Got in and gave Olive a ring, I hope she is alright she sounded it and said she was feeling better… but she didn’t tell me off about anything. Hehehe!

Cleaned the kitchen floor, then onto the Computer to update this twaddle.

Pondered on what to have for nosh, def the pate and pork

Made the salad and took a photograph of it without the card in the camera. Tsk!

Carried out a messy search for the items needed for the bank on Thursday, I think I have them all now.

Feeling drained now, but in better spirits, I settled to watch some DVD then TV.

I lasted about an hour or so before nodding off into a dream filled sleep.

Inchcock Today Saturday 29th October 2016: Computerisationing nearly all day long

I came across this Poem while searching for something else this morning. I thought it was so gentle, and unpretentious; I’d like to share it with you all. 


Saturday 29th October 2016

In Norwegian: Lørdag 29 Oktober 2016

Awake, wide awake, at 0400hrs, out of the rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair and to the wetroom porcelain for a painful and bloody WRHD session. Not a good start I thought?

Anne Gyna and Roger Reflux had both decided to give me some stabbing gip this morning. By the time I was out of the WC, a new pain had developed on the top left-hand side of the chest, never had this one before. Worra start eh? After the great health day yesterday too. Tsk!

Medications were taken, along with an extra painkiller and ulcer juice.

Got the washing collated and in the bag to go down to the laundry room. In the washer and back up to do some WordPressing. Half an hour later and down again to move the clobber into the dryer. Roger Reflux and Anne Gyna both going along with me. Back up the lift and on the computer again.

0545hrs, back down and collected the dried washing, cleaned the filter and up a final time and stored the things away.

Took some more anti-ulcer medicine and another pain-killer, only an extra 30g Codeine, don’t want to take any diamorphine, although I’ll see how it goes. Not had pain like this for a long time. Yesterday I woke up feeling free and so happy with the ailments all giving me a break, this morning they seem to be in an irritable Let’s-give-the-old-fart a bad- time mood. Even the toes were painful now? Hehehe! Still, Arthur Itis appears to be losing interest in my knees and ankles a bit. Why he wanted to attack my wrists, I don’t know, but I rubbed in some Phorpain gel that seemed to have done the trick within half an hour.

Many WRWWs again this morning, but that’s nothing new.

0700hrs: Cleaned the micro-fibre cloth and scolded the back on my hand: I was not surprised in the least. Collected the empty glass jars, pickled egg, ulcer medicine bottle and a pickled mushroom container. I thought it would be a good idea to have nip down and out of the lobby and a hobble down to the recycling bins with them, and try to take a photograph in the dark outside.

Got down into the reception area and decided it would be best if I go back up to the flat and collect the camera! So I did. What a Wally I am!

Up to number 72, got the camera and down again and out down to the end of Chestnut Walk to the recycling bins.



6sat06All done by 0730hrs. I enjoyed the little amble, nobody else about at all. Plenty of lights on at many flat windows mind.

Not windy or too cold either.

It had been raining earlier; I worked this out by seeing rain on the roads and bins you know. Hehehe

The toes were aching a bit, but Arthur Itis was still sociable with my knees and ankles bless him.

I can’t understand how the chest pains seemed to evanesce then return when I got back to the apartment? Any suggestions please doctors? Haha!

Started to update this diary and do some pathetic graphics, pathetic; due to my not being able to import certain formats of pictures. Tsk!

n-janetSeven and a half hours later, I’d managed to do eleven graphics for the TFZers site.

This photograph is of the first one done on the right.

There were so much more that I wanted to do, but the hassle of CorelDRAW not working properly was driving me mad.Even after

Even after I’d reloaded an old version in the foolish hopes that this might work. Lost a lot of time there too.

6sat08Opened Facebook and posted each one to the TFZers gallery. Then did some regular Facebooking.

Getting many messages I must ask Duncan about when he visits. They all confuse me a bit, especially the orange exclamation marks?

Must get the ablutions done soon.

6sat07Sorted the medication pots out for the week. Took tonight’s dose.

Got the dumplings in the oven.

Then got on with the ablutions, a good shave with only two cuts, Colgate Gelled the teggies that bled a bit, a great scrub under the shower Hehe!

And into the jammies and got the meal finished off! Well, that was the plan, but I’d forgotten to turn on the oven earlier. So I turned it on now and potted around as it warmed sufficiently, then put the cheesy buttered mashed potatoes and dumplings back in the oven. Tsk!

6sat09Finally, it was ready.

Crock-pot vegetables, cheesy mashed potatoes, tomatoes and the meat filled dumplings.

A bit of BBQ sauce (Overdid that, lost control of my squirt, Haha!) and a Cox’s apple and vanilla imitation cream dessert to follow.

The dumplings looked pale and insipid; that’s why I suppose they tasted tasteless? Shame. I ate it all, though, just hope the dumplings don’t aggravate the ulcer or reflux valve. Not complaining now, though, apart from the old Duo Denal ulcer the ailments were all calming down now.

Not the foggiest what meat was inside of them? But it didn’t taste bad, it’s just that it didn’t taste of anything much? As opposed to the cheese filled ones at least.

Looking forward to seeing Duncan tomorrow.

Washed up the things, and on settling to watch some gogglebox programmes, the nodding off started.


Runcan Dobertson Arrested: Anyone know why please?

Runc Dob The mystery of why this took place remains!

Q07Police had photographs of Runcan Dobertson along with Juan Inchcock.

Looking like they were doing a deal like fencing?

Is Inchcock to be arrested too?

Or, was Runcan arrested over the pack of wild savage dogs he owns?

Retire01And why does he feel the need to have these dangerous terriers in his home?

How can he afford such luxuries as a Miele H6 100 BM microwave oven and top of the range Brother MFCJ-4620DW A4 smart inkjet multifunction printer with A3 bypass tray?

He just retired from MI5 early too?

Suspicious that… was he about to get caught up to no good perhaps, was it he who left the briefcase with Seren1secret Government papers in it on the bus in 1971?

And, how can he be responsible for such a gorgeous jaw-droppingly beautiful grand-daughter like Seren?

All these questions need answering.

In particular, the reason for his arrest in the first place.

Please send any evidence or knowledge you have to Ratty, so he can get it on his website ASAP in support of Runcan and have a good laugh.

Nottingham City Homes: Part Five: Repairs Guide for New Senior Citizens in Indepedendant Living flats

This article was written with the specific intention of assisting any Senior Citizen/s who may move into a Nottingham City Homes Independent Living Flat accommodation at the Woodthorpe Court flat complex.


Arranging and having the flat carpeted

Unfortunately, I chose United Carpets, (As opposed to an honest service providing Company) on the advice of my Age UK Councillor. He has since abandoned me, but thankfully Duncan and BJ did not.

Here’s what I went through, this I hope will prevent you making the same costly frustrating and anger making mistakes!


I was given so much help from Duncan, who came from Birmingham to help me with the sorting out and getting prepared for the carpeting. He even brought me a swivel chair and collapsible table and chair!

Thanks, Dunc mate.

001002aSo, I made a marathon walk (hobble) into Daybrook to visit the store. They didn’t have any plain brown carpeting in stock. The excellently skilled con-man sold me some cheap carpet and told me how much it would cost.I asked when it would be available for fitting. A sign outside said ‘Free Fitting on All Carpets,’ so that cheered me up somewhat. He had to order it, they do not keep any in stock and would let me know.

I asked when it would be available for fitting. A sign outside said ‘Free Fitting on All Carpets,’ so that cheered me up somewhat. He had to order it, they do not keep any in stock and would let me know.

He said it had to be ordered, they do not keep any in stock and would let me know.

Dun called that weekend and helped me sort out the flat in readiness, bless him.

Three weeks later, still nothing from the imitation carpet shop people was heard.

Contacted them and was informed I had to pay first before they order it?

I’d waited so long, I foolishly went down and paid the now threatening looking fellow. He said it would be a week or two before it arrives, and he would let me know.

Four weeks later I called at the shop once again. He said it would come the next Monday – and reminded me to that there would be £100 cash to pay the carpet fitters?


A phone call came in on Friday: They will be arriving Tuesday now, at 0730hrs.

I’d got my INR blood test at the surgery Tuesday, but it wasn’t until 1300hrs, and they told me it would not take long to lay the carpet.

003aThe carpet men arrived at 0930hrs, three of them. But there were two of them with another calling in to see them now and then.

They looked a bit on the hard side, scars, tattoos and alcohol-smelling breath like.

Communicating with them was difficult because I didn’t fully understand what their different grunts and accents were trying to say.

As they started to lay the underfelt, I popped out to see the lady next door, very nice, lovely, refined and polite she was – and I explained to her about the noise that might emanate from the flat while the chappy-blokes are laying the carpet today.

I returned six minutes later to the apartment: UNBELIEVABLE! They were off to do another job now they have got the underlay (with United Carpets Air-step printed on it) and the door strips down! Then they told me the carpet has not been delivered to them yet from United Carpets!!!

Cowboys or what? – Yes, Cowboys!

They rang back again 1238hrs – the Carpet from ‘United Cowboys’ has just arrived. On their way back to the flat, ETA 15 minutes.

It so Farcical innit?

Really peed off now, this means they are going to rush the job and it’ll be below standard I’m sure. Are they going to get it done in time for the blood test?

Yes, they did – like lighting they were!

It only took em 25 minutes to lay the lot! Worrying that?

I cannot believe how fast they got the hall, bedroom and living room carpet laid!

01W11They demanded their money and were off in a flash – too quick for my liking as I hadn’t the time to check on what they had done.

The bits of carpet left over were rolled up together, and shreds of nylon from the carpet were all over the place, but I think that is to be expected?

The broken wall connections to the internet box I hadn’t expected. Had to push it back in for now.

Months later I gave up complaining, they just denied doing it.

003aOf course, the Untied Carpet people were not interested at all.

I mentioned this to the Nottingham City Homes people, and they wanted to know why I’d drilled into the walls having the box fitted in the first place, without getting permission from them?


Coming Soon:

Nottingham City Homes: Part Six:
Repairs Guide for New Senior Citizens in Indepedendant Living flats

The Door Lock Problems


Inchcock Today Fri 23 Feb 16: Fings going alright for once – I should not have said that, should I?

Have you heard about the lawyers’ word processor?
No matter what font you select, everything comes out in fine print!


BusstopRainTuesday 23 February 2016

Shot awake at around 0300hrs, the TV still flickering away, headphones still on my head, the wind howling outside and in urgent need of the bathroom porcelain.

Stood up, overjoyed at how the leg gave me so little defiance in this effort. Anne Gyna was giving no bother, the Reflux valve was sticking just a bit, and Arthur Itis was very kind to me. It concerns me when I wake up feeling good like this because history tells me I’ll pay for it later? Hehe! As I set off on the long eleven-step walk to the bathroom, I pulled the wire of the headphone with my foot – clunk the mug and mobile phone clattered onto the floor. I bent down and retrieved them, still no hiatus from the leg or back?

Sat there on my throne, I decided to get a shave then. BJ is coming to lift me to the launderette around 0800>0830hrs. So I’ll have to have a bath earlier than usual (Remember I left the hot water tap running last night so couldn’t have one then, besides I fell asleep, Humph!). Hoping it will not disturb my neighbours, I’ll have it around 0715hrs, that should give me time to get the things ready for BJ then.

Deerhat1When I came out to go to the kitchen, (All of at least eight-paces), I actually remembered I’d selected to keep my hearing aids in Auntie Kath’s fancy China pot thing. I got the idea from some of TFZ gals who responded to my photo of it on Facebook.

Well chuffed with oneself, this morning I was… up to now, no agony from the ailments, not forgetting where I’d moved the hearing aids too; this can’t go on I thought? Haha!

CG poorly2I made a good strong cup of Punjana tea and had my breakfast while setting the laptop going to finish Monday’s diary off and start this one.

I’d left the headphones I use for the laptop out on the 1967 G-Plan sideboard where the laptop sits proudly awaiting its next break-down. This prompted me to listen to some music on YouTube. There, the first thing I saw was on the history – ‘Gossip Calypso’, Bernard Cribbins – Argh! The flipping thing came back into my head again. I opted to listen to a compilation of Frankie Vaughan songs, 200 songs on it, all memory provoking stuff. Won’t have time to hear them all mind this time. Ah, ‘He is started with ‘Gimme the moonlight’, nobody could sing this like Frankie. ‘Tower of Strength’ the next one, just like I feel this morning for some reason. Tower; definitely brings back some memories of my lustful days of youth. Margaret her name was, another one I lost. Hey-ho!

Email from Patti. Set about doing another graphicalisation that suited her better and got it sent off via email.

Started to work on a humorous post about ‘Comments and Quotes on Women and Men, by Women and Men. Then realised the time; oh dear, I just had time to get a wash, before BJ rang to say he was on his way.

Forgot my hearing aids, but too late to go back up the lift to collect them, or I might miss BJ.

P1050046I walked to the end of Chestnut Walk and waited for him to arrive. The view from the corner was magnificent with the lighting as it was.

BJ scooped me up and off we went to the launderette in Carrington.

He helped me with the crosswords, and I managed a good gossip with Mandie.

P1050047Back to his house where he popped in for a few minutes, and then off to Asda (Walmart) for some Trousers, because I ripped mine this morning in getting down to clean the bits I’d left in the oven. Tsk!

I found just one pair of trews the size I wanted, so got them. Then had a wander around getting a bit of a nosh in. Spent some more cash today, £36.01! Mind you I did get the trousers didn’t I, £9 there, and I got a DVD that I hadn’t known about for £5, Tremors 5 Bloodlines. I saw Tremors 4 years ago and had such a laugh at it; I hope this one is funny too.

We were soon back at the flats where BJ dropped me off, bless him. If it wasn’t for Duncan and BJ, I don’t know how I’d manage at times.

Up to the flat, five letters had been delivered. Two for Margaret the previous tenant, two advertising bumph and one informing me I have an appointment at the clinic rearranged fro the  6th March.

Made a jolly strong cup of tea while singing Frankie Vaughan’s ‘Green Door to myself, took the midday medications, passed wind, and got the laptop on.

Updated this load of manure then went on facebook for a bit.

Having Lamb stew and Colcannon mash with green beans today for the nosh. I’ll look up what Colcannon mash is later.

Got around to doing some more on the Ladies v Men post.


Lamb stew, carrots, peppers, onions, green beans (from Israel, very sweet!), and the Colcannon mashed potatoes. Rated 9.26/10.

The Colcannon mash had kale and onions in it. Rather delectable, although I’m not supposed to eat kale, there was only a tiny bit of it, and it was so nice! I dipped the continental bread in the gravy. Followed it with a pot of mandarins in orange jelly.

Got an excellent bathing and soak. Got into and out of the bath with relative ease tonight? The leg was not much bother at all; on the mend nicely now.

Fatigue soon came over me again and within minutes, I had turned into a poorly bloke again. Tsk!

Watched some goggle-box and soon went into the land of nod. Zzzz!

TTFN all.