Inchcock’s Wet Walk in Nottingham!

Inchcock’s Wet Walk in Nottingham!

Inchies wet wander to Nottingham City Centre,

The rain would not relenter!

He got soaked, cold, and this he does lamenter! (Oh, dear!)


I started with my viewing the floods on the park,

I went out to picture it and fell over a lump of bark,

The flood was big enough to float the Bismarck,

Time to catch my bus, the flats I did disembark!


I got roughed up getting off of my bus,

Cursed getting soaking wet, Oh, I’m a right wuss,

But I pressed on to the Poundland shop,

My first port of call stop,

In search of some pfeffernuss!


For a Police car, that’s dodgy parking,

No blue lights were flashing?

No Ossifers were in sight,

Should I investigate, make sure all’s alright?

But I didn’t, there might have been a fight!


Shopping all done, I came out of the Poundland shop,

T’was all dark, it reminded me of Betty Wainthrope,

Made my way to the Bargain Shop, for some codswallop!


It was still cold and rainy, though,

I found a nice thick big throw,

At £19.99, I bought it, so…


In guilt, I found myself basking,

At the price that they were asking,

My mind needed an MOT and debunking!

I paid and left… Sulking!


I hid under a bus stop,

And emptied the rain-filled trolley-top tray,

From my shoes, I tipped the water away,

Then to Trinity Square, I made my way.


T’was abandoned by the Nottinghamian folk,

Was it the cold and rain that kept them away?

No man nor woman in view, not even a beggar bloke!

If they had come, they’d have just got a good soak!


Same at the top end, the populace had gone astray,

Might keep the muggers away, I pray,

And the shoplifters, where were they?

What happened to the 45,500 students in Nottingham today?


Down to Parliament Street on my way,

No people in Frankie & Benny’s,

Spending their pennies,

The few folks around, don’t look too happy or gay!

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In Slab Square there were a few more Pavement Cyclists about,

Some, were delivering food, Mange Tout, or maybe fried trout?

A couple on Long Row were close enough to give me a clout,

But, I was too cold and soaked to give them a shout,

And, I’d got a runny snout!


To the bus stop, to go home again,

Arthur Itis giving me pain,

I think the rain had affected my brain,

For I was contented, why? I can’t explain?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Vital Advice for Nottinghamian Senior Citizens, Part one – In Rhyme, of sorts


They’re dangerous, uncouth and some are blind,

The ignorant swine are uncaring, and what’s more,

They often hit you, coming silently from behind,

Leaving your hand arm or elbow, feeling sore,

They test your sanity, patience and mind,

They’ve no warning bells or horn, that’s for sure,

Belting along the pavements, they are a bind,

It’s no use if you beg and implore,

For them to leave more room, not be so unkind,

The few who reply, use sneers, curse-words obscure,

To roads and cycle paths they should be confined,

Their insults, two fingers you’ll have to endure,

Best to use your walking stick – hit ’em on the jaw!


But that’s no solution, not a good idea, you see,

Cause they are young, fit and violence-loving,

They offer scowls and are threatening to me,

Some ride at me, I have to do some manoeuvering,

Which ain’t easy with the walker to push, you see!

Empathy, sympathy, and understanding they are avoiding,

Making this old fart, run and flee!

 Taking their photograph may get me a beating,

But don’t give up the struggle, become an attritee,

Join me on my hobbles, bring a Glock, that’s the thing!


They don’t scare me though… well, not too much.

Alright, the law-breaking and getting-away-with-it ‘Gits’ do!

Inchcock’s Tales (Confessions) of Hounds Gate – Part of ‘The Nottingham Lads True Tales of Woe’!

Inchcock’s Tales (Confessions) of Hounds Gate

Part of ‘The Nottingham Lads True Tales of Woe’!

Hounds Gate 01a

Hounds Gate, Nottingham; The early name for the street was Hungate, and it was referred to as such in 1326 and appeared in this form on John Speed’s map of Nottingham of 1610. It is thought it received this name from being where part of the kennels for Nottingham Castle 100 attack hounds were situated.

We could do with bringing them back! Hehehe!

Hounds Gate 001B

I hobbled up it this morning with the camera, and the brain in nostalgia-Mode! It is a sad sight nowadays. Abandoned retailers, and a muggers and druggies paradise. I have found out that 1098 crimes in May 2019 were reported within and half a mile. Big Issue Sellers, and Ice Cream vans, and muggers today. Rumour has it that two Nottingham policemen were spotted patrolling on foot in Hounds Gate in 2018, but we cannot confirm this overdramatic, ridiculously sensationalised claim.

Hounds Gate 01B

This morning, there were few Nottinghaman’s about, being early in the day. Thus less chance of being mugged, sold some weed or a street beggar begging and his dog snapping at my feet! Hehehe!.

Hounds Gate 01d

It is interesting to remember that the first town steward, John Collishaw, who was appointed in 1787 lived in Houndsgate and he only died so recently as 1809. The spectacular Bridge of Sighs, which connects the two portions of a great soft-goods warehouse and which spans Hounds Gate in really a charming manner, was erected in 1923. My father used to collect and deliver to it as late as 1959. He always called to see if they had any returns, when he was on the Nottingham run. I suspect that this might have been prompted by the threepence 3d, he was paid for each one he collected. I used to go with Dad on school holidays, and the slightly pleasantly built meaty, muscular young lady who managed the warehouse and office, was always a cheerful soul as I recall! Haha! 

Another memory, was of a twenty-year lad, legless, totally drunk, and getting arrested, on a Wednesday night, in about 1966. Yes, it was me! Shame-Mode-Adopted! 

Sister Jane swore she saw two customers in that Sub-Way store last month! Huh!

Hounds Gate 01e

Towards the top of the road, I came across a self-advertised Cargo-Bike. I looked back and took this picture while the chap was busy organising his load. He really ought to fit an alarm to it, you know!

Hounds Gate 01fCloser to the top of Hounds Gate, was Ye Olde Salutation Inn. Claimed to be the second oldest pub in England along with theRoyal Children pub on Castle Gate nearby.

Hounds Gate 01g

I mention this, because I am not a born-again recovering holier than thou alcoholic, and remember visiting both pubs many times in my drinking days. And by gum, they sold some great beer, and the atmosphere was great!

Hounds Gate 01h

I exited Hounds Gate, up the paved path. On to what was called Granby Street in 1963 when it was built. This was a Whoopsiedangleplop moment for me. The three-wheeled trolley guide then toppled over, the toe was mercilessly stubbed again in the process, and a few well-chosen words were spoken. Well, no that’s a fib – they were not well-chosen at all, the just burst out!

Hounds Gate 01J

The memories flooded back at the same time, though.

Finally, a photo from c1920 of Hounds Gate.

Hounds Gate 01k

Not much changed aesthetically I think.

I’ll let you know when I look up what aesthetically means.

T.T.F.N. Folks!

Inchcock – Thur 14 Mar 2019: A phenomenally, phantasmagorical visit from my mate Trev! Even if he did injure me four times. Hehehe!


2019 Mar 14

Thursday 14th March 2019

Scots Gaelic: Diardaoin 14mh Màrt 2019

22:35hrs. Woke with memories of a dream milling about in my head. It seemed that I had gone into hospital, to have shopping trolley wheels fitted in place of my feet, four on each leg. There was concern from the surgeons about that I remember to WD40 them each morning, and not to drink vinegar? The visual memories are distinct in parts, I think they used Warfarin tablets in place of ball bearings. The welder in his helmet and gauntlets, was telling me about his holiday in Blackpool? Hehehe!

WD 128.0.128a Getting my oversized stomach with its balloon-like fluid-filled, rock-hard legs out of the ci1968 second-hand, rickety recliner was not so comfortable this morning, but I managed it. The legs, particularly the knees, although not as bloated as they have been, were so stiff and showed great reluctance and disinclination to allow me to move or bend them, but, eager-enthusiasm to inflict pain on me when I tried to. After gingerly getting to my feet, both soles were tender when I tried to walk, but walk I had to, only a few paces mind, to the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket). The following leak was of the SSDWW (Short-Sensationless-Dribbling-wee-wee) mode.

A call to the Porcelain Throne was activated while I was using the EGPWWB. To the wet room, almost crying out with the pain from the soles of the feet. I thought I was going to be in trouble today with this ailment.

WD 128.0.128a The evacuation was a messy one, Little Inchies Fungal Lesion was bleeding, as was Harold’s Haemorrhoids! So, a lot of painful cleaning up and medicationalisationing had to be done. As a youngster, I never dreamt that life would be so hard when I aged! Tsk!

WD 128.0.128a Even putting on the fresh PPs (Protection Pants) was farcical. My stiff solid legs just were not keen on being lifted up high enough, and the Kidney-Ache-Kevin and Back-Pain-Brenda prevented me from bending down far enough to get a  foot through the leg holes.

WD 128.0.128a Of course, during the repeated losing of my balance, using the wall as support, banging my feet down when I did lose balance, starting the soles hurting more, I used a fair bit of grumpy language and cursing. The longer the failed attempts lasted, the more I suffered. To add insult to injury, with all the movements I had to try in my effort to get the PPs on, Little Inchies Fungal Lesion opened up again! A seriously Sorry-For-Myself-Mode was adopted! I stopped struggling and took a rest from the agony and frustration. Cleaned and medicated the Fungal Lesion.

4Thu01aA check of the pins (legs) revealed far less wrinkling and gnarling of the knees, but I think another leg-ulcer might be coming on. Another SSDWW was needed to be taken. I reckon the overnight fluid increase in the legs might be the reason for the less mangled knees?

I had my second bash at getting the Protection Pants on. Victory at last!

Gawd that was the most difficult, hurtful and contortedly convoluted half-hour exercise of putting on a pair of knickers – Ever! Oy Vey, already!

And later, after I do the ablutions, I’ve got to repeat it all over again! Schmendrick is the name for me today! Born to suffer! Then, of course, the battle of putting on the socks will take place. That, I am not looking forward to either!

I have an appetence for peace and a pain-free existence. Something else that will never turn into reality. I embraced a sad, pitiful, wretched, pathetic “Sorry-For-Myself-Mode” for a while after this.

As I made my way, rather down-heartedly to the kitchen to do the Health Checks, I utilised the EGPWWB for another SSDWW. I wished things would improve, realising there’s not a cat-in-hells chance of this, my mood went to Defcon 3. Hehehe!


4Thu03aAha! Something looking a little better with the results from the sphygmomanometer this time, eh? Although the drop in the Dia with such a low Sys is confusing to me.

I made a mug of tea. Then got on the computer to make a start on updating the Wednesday Inchcock Today.

WD 128.0.128a But my bad luck continued when I went on Facebook first to check if any messages had come in from my mate Trev, about his calling to see me today. He’d send a note, but I kept getting told that a fault was preventing me from posting a reply! I read that: With a worth of $98 billion, a 6% rate of return would earn Mr Gates roughly $149.16 per second he is alive. I am so pleased for him. Noting, that some updates came in from MS yesterday, and now this? Thanks!

4Thu05aI pressed on with the updating of the diary.

I had to take yet another SSDWW, and the well-used EGPWWB had to be emptied and disinfected, it was filled up so much. Grumph!

I made yet another mug of tea and took these pictures on the right while it brewed. Up on to the stepladder, (Carefully!) Hanging out of the unwanted light and view-blocking new windows with the glass that it is impossible to reach to clean, to do so. As you can see it was raining a bit. The row of yellowish street lights on the left going up on the bottom shot, are along Winchester Street.

However, the winds were so less fierce this morning (at the moment anyway), fingers crossed.

I eventually got the updating all done and sent off the post to WordPress. Then on to the Reader section. Some good stuff on it today.

Huh, another SSDWW was performed. Then I got on with creating this blog page.

Got the ablutions tended to. Took the black bags to the waste chute, and nipped down with a recycling bag.

Pal, Trevor arrived on a visit. I went down to let him in, he had a bit of bad news, but we soon got back into our ‘Co-op-Working-Days-Mode’, and the insults, mockery, laughter, and sarcasm flowed! Not had such a good time for ages! Reminiscing, and leg pulling went on for hours.

4Thu06aWD 128.0.128a During Trevor’s visit: 

  • Trev had a view from the balcony. He agreed that the layout was not good for the windows.
  • He trapped my finger in a window when he played- around with them, to try and work out how the locking mechanism worked; because I had 2019 Mar 14forgotten how to do it. We both gave on the task! Haha!
  • He opened one and hit me on the nose and glasses.
  • Trod on my toe when we returned to the flat.
  • Poked me in the neck as he pointed at me joked, telling me I should take more care. He did laugh!
  • Then he hit my knuckle, removing some more skin, as he closed the perilous metal 2019 Mar 14bspring closer for me on the end window after I’d taken photos of the workers below. I hope the emergency services don’t need to get down to Woodthorpe Court in a hurry!
  • Trev’s humour was infectious! Merriment and frivolity as I rarely enjoy were partaken in.
  • Many old times and escapades we got up to as teenagers (Well, he was at the time) were brought up and savoured.
  • When we came in, I made another brew 4Thu07for us, while he gobbled one of my black tomatoes down his gullet! Hehe!

The lad then helped me out on how to download and install my new version of CorelDraw. I could not have managed it without his cheerful assistance.

WD 128.0.128a My short-term memory is unquestionably on the wane, as Trev pointed out as expressed his view that I was going non-compos-mentis in my old age! Haha!

Sadly he had to go after what seemed like ten minutes to me; I was having such a good time. But it was really more like three hours.

WD 128.0.128a During the visit, I’d held back on the wee-wees – a mistake that was, I realise now!  The SSDWWs flowed persistently for a couple of hours after I’d tristfully had to see him off.

No doubt about it, we fed off of each other’s humour, and I love it!

I had to go for a third Porcelain Throne visit. A messy affair once again.

During which I checked on the legs with the camera, and took on the challenge of getting some socks on my feet. Not easy, but less bothersome than I thought it would be. Then again, I was in a good mood after Trev’s visit.


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4Thu24I decided on some Texan Style sausages, a baguette, and a fancy tomato for my nosh. With a fresh orange juice and a naughty Limoncello.

Had to take the EGPWWB and place it next to the recliner, for the although they were only SSDWW’s (Short-Sensationless-Dribbling-Wee-Wees) that followed for a while, they were frequent. I was up and down so many times! An new stinging pain was felt in the inner thigh.

5Fri001I even had to empty the bucket. Which was when I checked the legs when had a wash and got into the night attire.

WD 128.0.128a I could not physically see where the pain on the leg was coming from, so I took a photo of the area. It was a tiny red spot that had been causing me a lot of bother. It felt a bit like it might be a boil coming? Hey-ho!

I tried to watch some TV, but the nod-offs began, so I gave up and got my head down.

TTFNski each.

Inchcock Today- Wed 13 Mar 2019: Piddly day!


2019 Mar 13

Wednesday 13th March 2019

Irish: Dé Céadaoin 13 Márta 2019

23:25hrs. Woke, and I could hear the howling winds, without the hearing aids in! Extracting my bulbous, broad in the beam, blimp-like, flabby, stomach-distended body from the second-hand, ci1968, rickety, rusty recliner, was surprisingly easy this morning. I rose and made my way to make use of the Porcelain Throne. The evacuation was back to the Messy-Mode. Lots of cleaning up to do afterward. 

To the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks.

WDP02A I was going to open the unwanted light & view blocking window, to take a picture of the rain that was accompanying the gale force winds blasting head-on into the building. But when I went up the stepladder to open them, the wind was so strong it blew the window in and rapped me on my left knuckle as I closed it again. Humph, good start to the day that! Did the Health Checks.


WDP02A For some unknown reason to me, the Sys had shot up again, and the pulse remains like it has been for the past three days, high? Made the mug of tea, and took the medications. Then, had another call to the Porcelain Throne. (Mmm?)

WDP02A This visitation to the Throne proved to be one of the worst ever for me. Harold’s Haemorrhoids were bleeding away. Little Inchies Fungal Lesion 3Wed05a1was flowing blood all over the place. Crickey, this is not good! After getting things cleaned up, and partially stopping the lesion bleeding.

Maybe the lesion was stretched as I climbed the stepladder?

WDP02A I went to wash my hands, and the left hand had a Colin Cramp attack and distorted. The agony was almost insufferable, but it only lasted for a minute at most, then the fingers realigned.  Luckily I had taken the camera in with me to make an updated picture of the pins (legs), so I managed to get this shot of Colin-Cramps efforts. Hehe! Changed into some new PP’s. But felt unconfident that I had stopped the lesion bleeding, I’ll have a check again later on. Dread-Mode-Engaged! 

3Wed001I took a photograph of the legs back in the kitchen. It might sound odd, even for me, but the first time I looked at this photograph when I downloaded it later, I thought for a moment that the EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) had left some eggs in my legs and they were coming out of hibernation under the skin! There were that many new tiny blotches appeared that looked the same shape as the weevils do. Haha! A bit of reddening here and there gave the pins a bit of colour for a change.

Had to make another brew of tea, to the computer. Updated yesterday’s Diary, and eventually got it finished and posted off. 

Despite the baddish start to the day, apart from the Fungal Lesion still bleeding, I was feeling rather chirpy about things. There’s no accounting for or reason for this, as far as I can see? 

I did a little TFZer Facebooking, then went on the WordPress Reader. Checked the Emails. One from the Sherringham Park Medical Practice had arrived, with the INR blood test results, and an appointment. ‘Good afternoon Mr Chambers your INR results are as follows; INR is 5.2. Next test is due on the 18.3.2019 I have booked you an appointment for 9.30 am.’ This result, may go some way to explaining the Fungal Lesion bleeding so profusely? The level is higher than the target level. Thus, the blood will be much thinner of course.

3Wed05a1aI made a start on this post. Hearing the moaning winds, I thought I’d get a photo from the new unwanted balcony. When I got out onto the shell, the gaps in between the windows ensured that it was windy, wet and uncomfortable in there. I realised that reflections could not be avoided, but did my bestest to take a shot of the rain-soaked scenery.

3Wed05a2WDP02A As I was closing the sliding door shut, I caught my left arm, right on the bruising I’d collected when tumbling off of the stepladder yesterday, against the handle. Klutz!

I went to the kitchen to get some Germolene to put on it. I had not noticed earlier, how the bruise was coming out at last. I also spotted how the hands were so pale?

It started stinging and hurts when I lift the arm or stretch with it now. Humph! Yet still, I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself, or annoyed. I just felt (EQ maybe?) that things were going to get better later on? It’s incomprehensible the way I was keeping my pecker up. It’s not that I never have any good luck, I probably do have real good fortune, quadrennially. Hehe!

As I went back to updating this blog, yet another call to the Porcelain Throne arrived! Fingers crossed that the fungal lesion bleeding had stopped or at least slowed down, I made my to the wet room.

WDP02A Cor blimus! Another extremely messy evacuation. On the plus side, the fungal lesion was only bleeding a little bit now. The other side was Harold Haemorrhoids that were ensanguining rather severely; however, they responded to the medications. Had a good clean up of the room and myself, made fresh brew and back on the computer. 

Thoughts turned to things of a jentacular nature. I had run out of cornflakes, so decided on a pot of porridge, and some Highland Shorties.

WDP02A Back to the computer, Facebook was coming up with Error messages. Always something goes wrong when a Windows Update comes in like I had earlier! Thank you, Mr Gates. Then… Thank you, Mr Fries!

Virgin (4a)

So, I got some turnips, mushrooms and onions prepared and into the slow-cooker, with some Basil flavouring.

3Wed08Back to the computer, it was going again now, but rather jittery. The Ocado order arrived. The fancy tomatoes, planned to go on my vegetable and tomato sarnies for dinner, looked different and attractive. The Sicilian green and some Spanish Blacks.

I started to make up the funny ode post. Took me a few hours to complete, but I think it is humorous enough to be blogged.

Got the ablutions and medicationalisationalistical duties as needed.

Took the black bags to the waste chute, and made up a white bag of recyclables to take down with me on the way out to Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, Toilet, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Rumourmongering Clinic. Tenants Socialisation Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room hut.

3Wed09The highly decorated and attractive looking foyer had suffered from things being blown in with the very extreme winds every time the doors are opened. The gale continued.

It was hard walking in the strong, but not cold winds along Chestnut Way to the shed. I wondered if some of the more frail tenants would be able to get out at all. Which of course, brought the thoughts of the L9 buses being cut to every two hours from 09:30, which will mean only five or six buses a day in the week, as they do not run in the rush hour. Spirit Levels Dropped to 30%!

Riechsführeress Warden/Camp-Guard and Ex-Tiller-Girl Julie was in. Had a natter and some nibbles I’d ordered in error were accepted. Brenda (I may have got the name wrong, not good with them you know. Tsk!) and we had a laugh, moan and nattering session.

Despite the almost hurricane winds, I stopped a few times en route back to my beloved Woodthorpe Court to take some photographicalisations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back in the flat, I did the Health Checks, had a wee-wee (a rare thing today, Hehe!), and went to update the diary…

Virgin (4a)

WDP02A Again! I turned everything off, rebooted box and computer, to no avail! Thank you, Mr Fries.

3Wed12aThen, I got the sarnies made, a different variation today. The mushrooms, onions and turnips went well with the tomato sandwiches.

Despite my being on a low, thanks to Mr Gates and Fries incompetencies, uncaring nature and their obviously obsessive quomodocunquizing, acquisitiveness, and the voraciousness of their libidinousness for self-profit, gain and aggrandisement. Thank the Lord that neither of these blasé, callous, impervious to humanity, money-grabbing-gannets didn’t become politicians! Jealous? Me? Hehe!

Tried the computer once more, it started fine. Tsk! Too tired to do anything now.

3Wed12aaLast Health Checks were done.

Got into the £300 second-hand recliner, with two moulds of filled with fluid again legs, and thoughts permeated from the brain: Somehow, I have to get out for a sample pot, buy a pair of too large for me shoes, for the Mary Potter leg-ulcer clinic visit, and get the kitchen done. Oh, dear!


Inchcock Today – Tues 12 Mar 2019: Fluctuant, fickle, fitful, flighty, flexible, frequently-fidgety, sort of day


2019 Mar 12

Tuesday 12th March 2019

Sudanese: Salasa 12 Maret 2019

23:15hrs. WD 0.25.0 I had to laugh at my self; I must admit, waking up and moving straight away, enforced by the demand for the Porcelain Throne needs, was almost comical. Following last night’s Accifauxpa with the stepladder, there were not many parts of my Brobdingnagian body that didn’t have an ache or pain somewhere! Things were exacerbated by the pins (legs) now fluid-filled again, and not in a mood to be moved or used without offering up some pain to discourage me from using them! But, needs must. So I hobbled uncomfortably to the wet room.

2Tue01 WD 0.25.0 The evacuation took second place to the photographicalisationing of the pins for posterity and the leg ulcer clinic. The pale, bloodless legs and bloated with water, had made the skin look polished, yet very-pale and bloodless!

The liquid inside had even removed most of the warped mangled clumps of skin from both patellas! I think one mark is a little bruising from the fall. The feet felt like I was walking painfully on sponges, causing a little difficulty in keeping balance for a while until I got used to it! This reminded me of the first time I wore Brothel-Creepers back in the day, but with more pain! Hehehe! The right elbow was a bit stiff. The left wrist had a bruise. The right shoulder and back of the neck ached a bit. The few of the right and left ribs felt a bit achy, too. However, putting up with this seemed little to pay for the absence of Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna, Shaking Shaun, Reflux Roger, Arthur Itis, and even Dizzy Dennis was leaving me alone!

I’ve only waited six weeks for my appointment with the ulcer clinic, and hope they can change the date they gave me that falls on another appointment day at the GUM clinic, and my much missed Winwood Social Hours. But of course, they will not be able to bring it forward to alter it so I can expect to be being tended to in around three weeks, making a waiting time of roughly nine weeks.

2Tue04WD 0.25.0 The leg actual leg ulcer has almost cleared up entirely! I had to abandon my efforts to change the socks, as I could not bend the fluid-filled legs far enough to take them off! I got one sock half off, and had just to get it back on, roll it up; and that was almost excruciating!

Methinks that any more cleaning up and sorting out of the kitchen, may not get done. But, you never know, if I take the Furesomides and extra pain-killer with the medications later, things might improve sufficiently to allow me to have another go at it. The ultimate in furustrationalisticalness this is. And Sister Jane will not be happy the sorting out is not getting done. Not that she frightens me of course. More sort of scares the pants off of me with her tremendously good logic! Hehehe!

I got carried away there! The evacuation was easy-peasy and not messy at all. Did the medicating and washed-up. Then, I limped extra-carefully to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.


2Tue02The sys and Dia were down a bit. Most noticeable was the fall in temperature, though, it’s tumbling down so far, this week. Monday: 34.8°- 34.7°-34.6° this morning, 34.2°, If this keeps on, I’ll mention it to someone at the surgery or call 111 and ask if this is okay. Mind you, it did feel so cold this morning.

As I got with starting the updating of the Monday post, I had to return to the Porcelain Throne again. And, once more, it was an easy-pain-free evacuation. But I could sense that Harold’s Haemorrhoids were starting to sting, but had bled only a smidgeon, nothing much at all.

Back to the computerisationing. Achieved the goal of finishing it, and sent it off.

WD 0.25.0 I began to do this blog, and a third call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. This time, Harold’s Haemorrhoids were stinging away. Not surprisingly with so many visits being needed, this morning. I cleaned things and applied some of the Care relief cream, generously.

2Tue09WD 0.25.0 I was amazed at how the legs had become so much less fluid-filled suddenly. It baffled me! The pins were undoubtedly less-bloated now. I could tell because the knee-cap picture outlines, wrinkles, and warping had returned. Detail is being shown up more. And the spider veins could be seen much clearer, too. Also, one leg was showing as being fatter than the other again, now?

What’s going on here? Tsk!

Damned good job I’d forgot to take the medications when I did the Health Checks, or I would have taken a Furesomide, phew! So, I took the belated tablets and medicines next.

2Tue10Then went on the WordPress Reader.

WD 0.25.0 The intercom chimed up, it was the Morrison order that I’d forgotten all about coming, and did the shopping yesterday! Oy Vey, what a Klutz!

The kind lady put the bags inside for me.

I took them 2Tue10athrough to the bomb-site… I mean, kitchen, and started to sort them out and into wherever they would go, mostly on the floor with the other stuff I have not cleaned the cupboards for yet.

I now have got a never-before so cram-packed fridge and freezer!

I got back to the computer and doing this blog, and guess what?


I pottered about getting the nibbles to take for the Sturmbannführeress Warden/Guards around 08:30hrs when I inquire about the leg ulcer appointment.

Back to doing this page.

I collected the nibble-treats and made way to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Operations Bunker for the Keep our Hourly weekday buses running. Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents hut.

WD 0.25.0 Entering the shed door, I banged my left arm right where banged it yesterday on my tumble from the ladder. It is now worse than ever pain-wise, but I cannot see any bruising yet?  Riechsführeress and Catwalk Model Warden/Guard Deana told me she had not heard anything from the Health Centre Leg Ulcer Clinic about the appointment yet. Shame. Still, the sourdough bread and nibbles were welcomed.

I took these photographs as I walked back to the flat.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Going in I noticed that a machine was free in the laundry room. So I shot up (Not the best of choice of wording, Hehe!) Got the washing and back down to get the washer going.

2Tue12cWD 0.25.0 The feed drawers were covered with liquid soap, and the freshener drawer had soap powder caked on it, as well as the floor beneath (Right). I tried my best clean out the soap powder from the freshener tray, got most of it off.

I met Mary on her way out as  I returned to the flat. She still hadn’t when she can move into her new flat at Sneinton.

WD 0.25.0 Up and did some updating on this blog, then down to move the togs into the dryer. Elizabeth and Penny were in the lift when I went down. They were concerned with the high winds, as I was for them.

The filter was clogged up and not been2Tue12d emptied, so I did that. I was not up cleaning the floor or casing of the washer I’d used, but I wiped the drum and had another go at the caked-on soap powder on top of the machine and drawers again.

Back up the in the lift. Both were working today. When I got into the flat, I realise how few wee-wees I’d had up to now today.

The left lower arm, still showing no signs of bruising as far as I can see was now my main hassle ailment-wise. It hurts when I lift the limb up, lift anything (even a one-litre bottle of bleach) or stretch. I reckon its just bruising, but as I say, I can’t see any blue on the arm? Another 72 Woodthorpe Court mystery. 2Tue12eThat lies somewhere between the twilight zone and a wormhole slipping through a tear in the fabric of outer space & the spacetime continuum, illusion, delusion, & hallucination! Hahaha!

Typical, I just had another look when I typed the above. Looks like I was premature, I think a bruise is coming out now. Well, it’s only fair, if one has pain, it’s nice to see what it is causing it. Hehehe!

Please note the Charity-shop-bought £2 watch with the £10 strap now attached, has not been lost again.

Hello, sounds like the fire sprinkler blokes are working next door methinks, judging by the drilling noises. Knocking ones now. Then back to drilling.

Apart from the arm and swollen feet, I was feeling a little perkier now. So I went onto the Facebook page to update the picture albums and visit the TFZer site.

The sound of the workers has steadied up. The weather was now wet and windy. But it doesn’t stop the lads working outside!


WD 0.25.0 Went to make a mug of tea. ‘Oh ‘eck!’ I was so involved in and enjoying doing the Facebooking, I forgot all about collecting the laundry! So, I sped along at my bestest rate down to the machine. As luck would have it, no one had wanted the machine. Phew! I folded the clothes and wiped the machine and emptied the filter, and back up to my mug of tea. En route, I cursed my stupidity, using self-reprimandical names, such as pillock, dim-witted schlub, twit, clot, Bozzo, Chaim-yankel, Idiot, fool, dunderhead, klutz imbecile, moron and nebekh. I’ll not mention the stronger words I called myself.

2Tue15aI got the clothes, there were not many of them, into the airing cupboard and topped the tea up with a drop of boiling water, and got back on the computer to update things.

The arm’s still stinging, but the legs seem to be thinning fluid-wise, although the joints are refusing to bend without giving me some stick? It’s all a mystery to me. I think it is to the medical people as well!

2Tue15I rubbed some pain-gel on the arm and took this picture. Showing Cavendish Rise, in the rain. I was somewhat satisfied with how this one came out.

Smug-Mode-Adopted. Hahaha!

Back to the Facebooking again. I enjoyed that. Better get my lamb hock in minted gravy in the oven, now.


I served up the minted lamb-hock and mushrooms in baked beans. Some sourdough bread to go with it, and ate it all up. The lamb was not the best I’ve ever had, so only 6/10 for the taste-rating o this one.

Did the Health Checks. Very few wee-wees needed today, another mystery.

I got down on the £300 second-hand, rickety 2Tue22ci1968 recliner, and listened to some Acker Bilk and Ken Colyer jazz on CD.

Nodded off, and had a dream about an army in blue uniforms walking on water (The Channel?) firing at me, the only person on a beach. I had a pea-shooter and catapult; in which I was catapulting dried peas at the thousands of soldiers who were shooting muskets at me? I was hit hundreds of times and lost an arm. I can’t recall much then until it seems to me that the dream ended with the soldiers all around a ‘Pick-a-Duck’ for a prize stall, and I was running the place, and charging threepence a go?

I woke up with a start. The dream could not have lasted long, although much happened in it, cause the jazz CD as still coming through the headphones. I soon nodded off again.

Inchcock Today – Mon 11 Mar 2019: Bad start, fair middle, sad end for today. Ah, well, Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit, as they say.


2019 Mar 09

Monday 11th March 2019

Swedish: Måndag 11 mars 2019

WD 200.0.0 00:05hrs. I woke, in what I can only describe as with a stinking attitude and demeanour. It had to be said! It was as if someone else was controlling my thoughts. And those were a mixed bag of fears and apprehensiveness, littered with feelings of sybylline foreboding.  Naturally, I hoped these sensations would go away. Which they did later.

I lay there pondering on the quotidian tasks that are ahead. The thoughts flowed into my poor brain: Blood test at 09:00hrs. I’ll have to leave flat by 08:00hrs to walk to surgery in time. Must get the ablutions and medications started at 07:00hrs. Don’t forget to check with Kamp Kommander Warden Deana later, to see if any message about the leg ulcer treatment appointment has arrived. Remember to ask the doctors for a sample tube. How will Brexit affect us all? Must get some bread from Aldi, later. Why are both of my legs hanging over the arm of the £300 second-hand recliner with no jammies on?

1Mon02WD 200.0.0 The legs needed my concentration and determination to get down off of the chair. I was fortunate in that Arthur Itis was not active. Although the odd, warped swellings underneath the patella were a smidge painful. The legs looked particularly ashen. At least they looked a lot more balanced colourwise, and the fluids had gone down a great deal. Overall, things went better than I could have hoped for. Which was worrying, me having something go well – it’s not natural you know! Hahaha!

Off to the wet room. Decent evacuation, only a smidge of bleeding from the rear, and Little Inchies Fungal Lesion as well. Can this good news continue?

Got the Health Checks done, and got on the computer to create the Excel record for last week and today.


Got the Sunday diary updated and finished, then sent off to WordPress.

1Mon06Went to make a brew, an discovered that the fridge-freezer had developed a concerning noise. A sort of faint cough (Splutt), followed immediately by a dull clunk-clunk! It reminded me of a similar sound that the hot-water-geyser gave out in the flat I was living in around 1966. The one I got thrown out of, due to the amorous attentions of the landladies daughter. Humph!

Had some cornflakes for brekkers, that last of them. Must get some more when I go out.

Visited the WP Reader section, and made a Willmott Dixon album on my Pinterest page.

Sorted the paperwork, nibbles and accoutrements needed for the blood test.

1Mon07Then got the ablutions tended to. Too early to use the waste chute when I left. But I did take down a white bag of recyclables and put it near the caretaker’s door. Walked along Chestnut Way to the end and stopped, turning back to take this picture of the Windwood Heights complex. The weather was looking a bit gloomy, a nip in the air, too.

1Mon07aBut, I was feeling so good at getting out and about after such a long time. I got a move on to keep off the cold, faster than I should have really, cause Back-Pain-Brenda kicked off before I got to the bottom of Winchester Street. Tsk!

1Mon07cWD 200.0.0 A git of a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist belted by me from behind and brushed against my shoulder. I shouted something derogatory to the anti-social scum-bag, but he wouldn’t have heard me, he was going that fast. May his testicles slowly rot in revenge!

1Mon07dBy the time I got near the top of the hill, the traffic was beginning to build up.

The sun was coming out and going in a bit often. Not that it had much heat to it, but it looked nice.

It dawned on me, how well I was doing with the ailments at this time. Only Back-Pain-1Mon08Brenda was bothering me. Good, this is! 

As I went down the other side of the hill into Carrington, I spotted some beautiful flowers on a bush in a garden. No idea what they are called, but they were very appealling to the eye. It made me wonder at nature, and fear for the future of my fellow tellurians.

1Mon09A few hundred yards from the surgery, I came across this piece of Nottinghamian Street Art.

It looked like the artist had used a broken breeze block, and some paint and shredded paper to get his desired result. Well, it beats that Tate Gallery display of a pile of bricks claiming to me art! By the American (claimed artist) Carl Andre. Huh!

“Seldom has the 1Mon14subject of masonry ignited such passion. Yet the explosion of interest that surrounded the Tate Gallery’s exhibition of US artist Carl Andre’s Equivalent VIII, better known as The Bricks, triggered a national debate. Purchased by the Tate for £2,297 in 1972 and exhibited!”

I got in the surgery and logged on with the receptionist, sat down and got out the crossword book to do while waiting for my 0900hr appointment with the nurse. After a long time struggling with the puzzles, it dawned on me how late it was, 0920hrs. I continued to fail to get any more clues solved for a while; until I heard the most welcoming voice of Nurse Nichole calling me.

Instantly cheered, I followed her to the treatment room. It is lovely to have someone who is so lovely and shows an interest outwardly in her patients. We chatted while she took the blood. I handed some nibbles to Nurse Nichole and went to drop some off for the reception team on my way out. I found Nurse Ann there, so gave her a pouch of dog treats for her beloved lady dog.

Out and walked to the Lidl store to get some bread. Noticing how much colder it felt now, than on the walk to the surgery. Brr!

Shopped and I got to the self-serve checkout, with part-baked bread rolls, a small sourdough boule loaf, onions, vine tomatoes, and some Strawberries to treat Obergruppenführeress Kamp Commandant and Opera Singer Deana to, for her help with the appointment ringing to sort out for me. This activity, was watched over by a Lidl employee who never took his eyes off of me? Hehe!

1Mon09aOut to the bus stop to get to Sherwood, and I swear it was even colder out now.

WD 200.0.0 I spotted the advertisement at the end of the bus shelter. CV-Library, I registered with them many donkeys of years ago when I was made redundant at Sawley Security. I never heard from them again. This notice bought on a few minutes of 1Mon10reliving sad memories, as I stood to wait for the bus. But the daydreaming didn’t last long, thanks to a lady who trod on my corn foot as she entered the shelter. The sky with its fast-moving clouds looked beautiful.

WD 200.0.0 I got to Sherwood and called in Abdul’s shop to get shortchanged, overcharged or both. I got Highland Shorties, two packets of whiskey bbq crisps for the nibble box, and a bag of licorice allsorts for myself. Inexplicably, I also bought a large loaf of the Polish sliced sourdough bread – why, after just purchasing the boule at Lidl, beats me! Abdul overcharged full price for the crisps that were on offer. Nothing unusual there then, apart from my not noticing until it was too late! Klutz!

Crossed over the pelican-lights and walked around the two rough-looking young beggars sat outside the shops with their dogs, fags and mobile phones, and got into the Wilko store. I came out with some liquid-soap flakes and fragrance booster. Walked the long circular way back, avoiding the young scroungers again, and up the road to the bus stop to catch the L9 back to the flats. I was surprised by the many young ladies who stopped to talk to and donate money to the lads. My EQ tells me they were are dodgy. Not that I feel superior to, or hate them in any way, just suspicious, thanks to my usually right EQ! 

I had a chinwag with the resident at the shelter. Lamenting the cutting of the bus service mostly, but expecting the petition will have no effect on the Nottingham City Councils decision, and will go ahead anyway. The Tory Party ensuing their Fiscal Austerity policy, while cocking up Brexit for ulterior motives, will ensure that older folk and immigrants have no protection. Just look at the Conservative-controlled Kensington and Chelsea Council, and their actions and decisions in ignoring warnings from tenants, fire brigade and safety regulations, financial cutbacks, etc. allowed, almost encouraged the Grenfell Tower disaster.

We arrived at our Winwood Heights (soon be almost busless) Complex. I called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Holding cells. Rumourmongering Clinic. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationalistic Area. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and r1Mon11esidents porta-cabin. No one was about. So I could not ask about the appointment activity for the Leg-Ulcer clinic, nor hand over the strawberries or bread.

So, out and on, back to my beloved Woodthorpe Court. 

I met Mo in the foyer, and stopped for 1Mon13schmooze and laugh with her.

Up to the flat, had a weak wee-wee, and changed the PPs, to a clean, bloodless pair. Hehe!

The pins (legs) were filling up with fluid again, but this meant the warped knees as well, so I’ve lost the outlines of chickens and faces in them. Hee-hee!

I did the Health Checks and took the medications.

2017b I had a go at sorting the bottom cupboard out again. But the fluid in the legs stopped this activity within minutes; the bending was just too painful.

WD 200.0.0 So, I thought, I’d try to get at least one cupboard top cleared and cleaned, with I can smugly say, I did manage. (Well, emptied anyway) I can also add, ashamedly and embarrassingly, right at the end, coming down from the step ladder, I tumbled backward off of it, taking it with me. I sort of bounced off of the heater, landing luckily in the corner near the window, thus missing any sharp bits. I did lay for a moment assessing things. But at no time did I consider using the alarm wristlet. Amazingly, apart from the odd bruise, and agony from the legs and knees, I seemed in good fettle. I rose up shakily. Feeling such a clumsy old fool. A right schlimazel! The kitchen now looked worse than ever! The bottles from the bottom cupboard were scattered all over, the things from the top were mixed in the other rubbish on the floor, the step ladder looked sad as it rested over against the waste bins, and I’d knocked some stuff off of the window ledge. Ah well, must get it looking better tomorrow. Humph!

I got some potato slices in the oven. Sliced some sourdough french bread and buttered it thickly. Added some onions and sliced some tomatoes on the plate ready.

WD 200.0.0 The body had various parts beginning to stiffen now after the fall. Then that well-known to me wet warm sensation started from the fungal lesion. (Obviously, the parting of the ways with the stepladder had affected things more than I had thought at first). Off to the shower room, cleaned and medicated the lesion, and adorned another pair of PPs put on.

1Mon12I did the last Health Checks and got the nosh served up.

Taste Rating for this effort was a worthy 8.2/10. Flavoursome!

I got settled in the ci 1968 old recliner. But getting into a comfortable position was not easy. The aches and pains from the fall were showing up now. But, my tiredness overcame them, and I fell into a blissful, wee-wee-uninterrupted kip! Zzzz!

Inchcock Today – Sun 10 Mar 2019: Roll on Monday. Hehe!


2019 Mar 11

Sunday 10th March 2019

Moari: Rātapu 10 o Maehe 2019

2016-06-14 11.28.2301:05hrs. When I woke, I found it hard to believe how long I had slept for, considering all the hours I nodded off for yesterday. At least I was in a slightly better mood with myself this morning. The self-depreciation had eased off a bit, and I thought today might bring forth a better frame of mind and less anguish. My thoughts were still Farmisht, but for some reason, I was living with them more comfortably? Probably, most likely, due to my defeatist relinquishing and renouncing of any hopes of improvement in my sepulchral, bleak existence.

WD128.0.0 I fear that the Grumps, Kvetching and Curmudgeoning modes will take-over later, from my usual acceptingly-placid, go-with-the-flow style. My EQ tells me this. But I pray it is wrong for once.

After my few minutes mournful, morning-musings, I extracted my most abdominous, overheavy, bloated legs and stomached body from the second-hand, £300, ci 1968 rickety recliner, and gained a semi-perpendicular stance. I’m glad to report that the nocturnal-activities had not involved any nibbling or dropping, scattering items on the carpet for me to tread on this time.

Over to the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket). The release was just a trickle, and the bucket had not been used overnight. I thought I’d be able to safely empty and clean it and then store it away now.

7Sun03Especially after I checked the legs. The gnarling of the knees had lessened, they were both of the sameish colour, though they had moved positions again. Ha-ha!

I thought I could see an outline of a chicken on one of the knees after taking this photo, The right one as you look at the picture) I can’t find it now. Tsk!

Cleaned and stored the EGPWWB handily in the kitchen, in plain unobstructed view, just in case.

Got the hemadynamometer and thermometer out, to carry out the Health Checks. But was side-tracked by the call to the Porcelain Throne.

WD128.0.0 I was caught out with the amount of bleeding from Hammorhoid Harold. The evacuation went well, and I read a page or two of the Victoria Wood biography. I cleansed and applied some Germoloid Cream, gently. Hehe! Put some new PPs on, and wrapped the used ones in the bag supplied.

WD128.0.0 Back to the Health Checks. Again I was surprised, at the readings all round really. Sys up, Dia down, and pulse up! I wish I could fathom out why this is.


I made a brew of the deliciously-strong Glenghettie Assam tea and swallowed the medications, tablets, capsules, and medicines. No injections this morning, and no Furesomide needed (I hope).

On to the computer, to update the Saturday post. This lasted for only a few minutes, and a second-demand for the Porcelain Throne interjected. A bit soon after the first one? 

WD128.0.0 As I stood up to make my way to the wet room, I knew from the wet-warm sensations from the front and back of the PPs, I was in trouble! And I was right, I’m afraid. The evacuation itself was fine, but Haemorrhoid Harold’s and Little Inchies fungal lesion had been ensanguining worse than I can remember for a long time. There followed a marathon, painful and worrying ten-minutes or more, of cleaning and medicationalisationing to the tender areas included applying; Dakacort nitrate hydrocortisone and Allantoin, Lidocaine Hydrochloride. (All right, blood stopper and pile cream, Hehehe!). Changed the PPs again. Good job my mate Michael helps me out with these!

Back to my blogging. I got the diary finished and sent off to WordPress. During doing this, I needed only one wee-wee. That was again, a drip-drip affair. Why have things changed so quickly on the wee-weeing side? I was beginning to let myself get uptight again, with all these irregular ailments kicking off and bleeding so much, and my not understanding why.

To the kitchen to make another brew, and could see many emergency vehicle blue lights nearby. By the time I’d fetched the camera, they had all gone or been turned off. So I took these shots of the general view.


Back on the computer and made a start on this blog. Checked the Emails and a weather warning was received… Snow in Nottingham! Warning in place Between 3 am, and 11 am on Sunday 10th March. Snow Warning Nottinghamshire The Post put this picture up of the same day last year.


Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun overcame me, quite suddenly. I sat down in the £300 second-hand rickety recliner and fell asleep.

Sister Jane rang, it was a terrible connection, that cut-off after a couple of minutes. Jane rang back, still a bad line, but we struggled through for a few minutes, then I lost her again.

Went to make a brew, feeling more in line with things now that the ailments have cleared.

Did the Health Checks, and suddenly felt so tired? Confusing me today. The wee-wee’s being so few and of no power, just a trickle? Dennis and Shaun, the bleeding, my feeling so weary as such a decent sleep as well? My not feeling hungry as well, all doing my confidence no benefit. But still, hey-ho, I’m still here.

JPIceskateI rang Jane back and although still a struggle to hear everything she commanded and lambasted me for, at least we didn’t lose the connection this time. During this telephone-chinwag, I discovered I was overeating, too much bread and must cut-it-out. The buses being cut-back will make me walk further and be good for me. And… oh, I’ve forgotten the last telling off subject… Hahaha!

I put this photo in to cheer them up and make up for my bending of Jane’s words. Hehe! A dashing looking couple!

I thought of something I can usually eat easily for the not-felt-like-eating meal. Thought I do some oven chips tomatoes and a slice or two of the small milk roll bread, I should manage to eat it if made only a few chips.

Off to the kitchen, and Oh boy, was it snowing out there. I took some photographs.

I decided I could not face anything to eat yet, so I made a brew and watched some TV instead. Naturally, I fell asleep once more. Woke up needing the Porcelain Throne. An easier evacuation this time. Washed and got the Health Checks done, then I took two more weather pictures. They stick out don’t they, the last two? I’ve put them all together here. These later ones were taken with the newer camera.


7Sun25Got the nosh served up, such as it was.

Took the evening medications with the fodder. 

I had planned, to make a list of the medications ready for the leg ulcer clinic, and do the ablutions to save time in the morning before I go to the blood test at the surgery.

But, I fell asleep – yet once more! This old age is a drag. Now it seems I’m licenced to fall asleep anywhere, anytime! Grumph!



Inchcock – Fri 8 Mar 2019: A day, that I think I could have been forgiven for losing my marbles. Hahaha!


2019 Mar 07

Friday 8th March 2019

Bulgarian: Петък, 8 март 2019 г.

“Chestit Praznik” International Women’s Day

00:10hrs. I woketh, and unenthusiastically, reluctantly, got the brain functioning, then roused my weighty-wobbly body, freeing it from the ci 1968, second-hand,  soon to need replacing, rickety recliner. The pain from the left foot-sole, was far less bothersome than it has been lately. No doubt a ploy conjured up by the ailments to catch me off guard! An irritating cough (Caroline Coughing) started, that was I admit, concerning at first. But within ten minutes it had stopped?

WD 0.0.0 A wee-wee, of the SWPDWW (Short-Weak-Painful-Dribbling-Wee-Wee) classification, was taken. The PP’s were ensanguined, and the blood had dried. So the lesion must have been bleeding for a good while. Nasty! I was surprised to see that the Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee bucket so full. I could not recall using it at all last night. To the kitchen. Washed and disinfected the EMGPWW bin. Then, do the Health Checks.

WD 0.0.0 Where, when I got out the medication pots, I found that I had not taken last night dosages, again. Oy Vey! What a Shlimazel I am!


5Fri002The sphygmomanometer operated the first time. With decent looking results recorded.

I put some of last nights medications (Magnesium, Warfarin and Simvastatin with this morning doses to take. (I threw away the other tablets to avoid my duplicating any of the medications).

The temperature was down a bit, but it looks like this has been the trend up to now this week.

I made a start on updating the Thursday blog. In between the odd SWPDWW.

Got it done, at last, and went on TFZ Facebooking and added some photographicalisations.

Started this post going.

05:00hrs. I was sure I could hear some popping noises, well almost sure. So I put in the hearing aids and carried on with updating. During the next ten minutes, I heard this noise a few times more. Curious, I had a look around to see if I could locate the source.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After this, I didn’t hear the noise again. Humph!

5Fri08WD 0.0.0 However, I did come across a letter on the floor near the door. Opening it left me spiritually poor! (No charge for the poor poetry, Hehehe!)

An appointment for the Leg Ulcer Assessment. I have to take a urine sample, a list of all medications I am on, and wear a pair of shoes, at least one size larger than usual! I assume this is in case they ere to put bandages on? But this will not be necessary, with it being so long to get the appointment, the ulcer has all but cleared up of its own accord. Isn’t old age interesting? Hehehe!

Of course, it has been four weeks now since the doctor referred me. Despite what I put on the photo, it will be six weeks since. Thursday 21st March, at 11:00hrs (So late for me, which will mean my no being able to get anything else done that day!) So, this will again mean my having to miss the Social Hour for a third week! Having to get to the Mary Potter Health Centre is disappointing, with the Sherwood Health Centre, as pointed out in the graphic map below, of the route I’ll have to take; How close the Sherwood Health Centre is to my beloved Woodthorpe Court home! (See blue arrows)


The maps assessment of how long it should take me to get there on foot (46 Minutes), is much over-optimistic. It can take me some days, that long just to get down onto Mansfield Road on a bad legs day!


  • I can walk down onto Mansfield Road, and catch a but to the traffic island, then walk along about a half mile or more to the centre. There is no bus service along Gregory Boulevard at all.
  • Or, I can catch a bus to town, then a tram to the Forest, and walk far less a distance to the centre. Either way, it will kill my day with the time needed.
  • Or, I can call at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Holding cells. Rumourmongering Clinic. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationalistic Area. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and residents porta-cabin, this morning, hope I can catch on the Warden/Guards in, and ask them if they would be kind enough to ring the Mary Potter Health centre and see if they can alter the appointment to an earlier time and or day for me.

I’ll try the third option I think. At least if the clinic can get me in early, I can do something with the day after the visit, theoretically anyway, and then I won’t mind walking all the way at all.

Definitely a miffed-off Inchcock, now!

5Fri22I decided to have some brekkers and mug of tea. Excruciatingly sadly, I used the last of the fancy tomatoes to make some bread-thin buttered sarnies. Wonderful flavour!

Then I tended to the Ablutions. Got things ready to go to see Riechsführeress and Catwalk Model Warden Deana, to beg for help with the Mary Potter farce.

Had a wee-wee and set-off out.

On my hobble to the hut, I had a mini-photographicalisationing session. I can use some of these late to create a funny graphic of two for the Willmott Dixon lads, methinks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Got in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Guards/Wardens Temporary HQ, Toilet, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Rumourmongering Clinic. Tenants Socialisation Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, residents room.

5Fri28I spotted a petition on the table. To request that they keep the L9 bus timetable as it is, instead of the planned making them every two hours, instead of one hour.

WD 0.0.0 It’ll cause much bother and hassle if, as I expect they will, the two hourly four buses a day to town is enforced. I’ll request a move to another complex with a bus service nearby I can use I think. It’s going to be a nightmare in bad weather. And, when the legs, back, Kidney Ache Kevin, knees, Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger, Arthur Itis, Hernia Harold, Dizzy Dennis or Shaking Shaun are active, for me to get to the hospital, surgery or the clinics. Something else to worry over. Tsk!  

WD 0.0.0 You might find this hard to believe. But when Warden Officer Guard Deana kindly rang the Potter centre for me, this being around 0850hrs; A message telling her, There is no one available at the moment. This Centre is open from 08:00hrs to 17:00hrs on weekdays, please call during these times! Eh, wot?

As I waited for the bus to go and get some Milk Roll Bread and search for some of the Sicilian tomatoes (Which I failed to find!). Oberschützeress Camp Commandant Deana tried a few more times to get through to the Mary Potter Clinic, without any luck. She said she’d try again later and let me know the result, bless her pink cotton jackboots.

5Fri017I thanked Deana and went out to the bus stop.

I caught the Bestwood bound bus and sat next to Caroline from the Briarwood Court Home at the end of Chestnut Way. She was a little upset, and I lent an ear and did my best to try to cheer her up.

She got off at the Sainsbury store in Daybrook, and I did the same in Arnold at the Asda (Walmart) shop. Went in and had a poddle around. I got the sliced Milk Roll loaves alright, but a lot of unneeded stuff that I just fancied. And here I am trying to get rid of unwanted foods as I struggle to clean up the kitchen! I paid at the self-serve checkouts without making any cock-ups Smug-Mode-Adopted! 

WD 0.0.0 I got a few bunches of daffodils to hand out if I saw any of the gals, with it being International Women’s Day, you know. When I paid the gal on the news counter, she pointed out that I was trying to pay with two of the seven-pound coins being of the old type and not usable anymore! Don’t know who slipped them to me! Huh!

I came out with seven tiny pots of mandarins in jelly, two sliced Milk Roll loaves (One for May, as I think she said she liked them the other week), Soft French mini baguettes, Kit Kats for the nibble box (If I ever get to a Social Meeting again!), mushrooms, potato slices, hot dogs and some smoked bacon.

5Fri29WD 0.0.0 I’d missed the bus back. Most annoying! So I went for a walk around and had a look in the Fulton Foods shop to kill time. They had nothing appealing to me in stock.

Imagine what this will be like when the buses go every 2 hours! I will be in a pickle!

I made my way up to the bus stop, and Caroline arrived. We had another chinwagging on the way back. But I think we were both very weary and tired.

Back at the flats, I wished Caroline all the best and popped into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Holding cells. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents shed. But nobody about. So I trotted up to the apartment block. May was sat there in the foyer. So I gave her some daffodils, and we had a jolly good laugh and chinwag. As Mo was about to leave, Deana appeared. She told me she had got in touch with someone at the Mary Potter Health Centre, but they could not alter or change any timings for us. She will ring Deana back, and she’ll let me know whats-what later. I handed her some flowers.

5Fri30Up to the flat. I began to feel extremely tired now. Worn-outish!

I did the Health Checks and changed into my nightwear, and got some fodder cooking.

Put some basil in a can of tomatoes in the pan to warm up slowly and got the smoked bacon in the oven.

WD 0.0.0 I’d just got the fodder on the tray, and the doorbells chimed! Two engineers had come to check the smoke alarms… There’s never any peace living here! You would not be blamed for thinking the place would be full of elderly Nottinghamian’s living a tranquil, calm, restful, pleasant, quiet, relaxed, soothing, undisturbed, untroubled, secluded, free from disturbance, free from interference, free from interruption, and strife-free existence as we await the grim-reaper… but no, not for me anyway! Add my lousy luck, Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas, ailments, medical appointments always going wrong, my forfeiture of short term memory, loss of mobility and now the buses going to be reduced… No, I’d sooner not think of it!

I put the TV on to watch the A-Team, which I did with about eight or nine nod-offs, then I changed to channel twenty, to enjoy a Boon and Pie in the Sky episodes. But I drifted off within minutes of Boon starting, waking up as the credits were rolling at the end of Pie in the Sky! How do I do this every single day?

And, the kitchen-battle-ground-bomb-site didn’t get any work done on it at all today!

I suppose things will get no betterer.


P.S.: Is it Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Psychoanalyst or a Physiotherapist that I needHehehe!