Inchcock: Wednesday’s Diary & Ode

The moon landing was expensive in terms of costs and men dying…
But had to be done cause of Uri Gagarin…
Space race? The Russians were now leading,
First to the moon, the USA not conceding…
Conspiracists said the films were misleading,
Shadows in the wrong place, the flag was waving…
The trip took 109 hours, 42 minutes, launch to landing,
About the time it took me to get to see Dr Sanding…
Then she wasn’t there, more complex than a moon landing!.


Inchcocks Diary

Approx 05:30 hours, I stirred back into life and promptly tumbled out of the £300, second-hand, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, sleep-deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not working recliner. There I was, on my bum, with one leg on the swivel chair and the other bent awkwardly but somehow under the chair. And in a bit of a predicament! I stunned myself for a smidgeon. (Obvious to me that I’d been doing some tossing and turning and edged towards the front of the chair? Can’t recall any dreaming.)
I could sense the wet warm flow of blood in the Protection pants, which would be either Little Inchies Fungal Lesion, or Harold’s Haemorrhoids, whichever or both, the need to get up and investigate, clean and medicate things was causing a bit of a panic in me. (I panic so well!) There was an urgency to my need to somehow get back up and onto my feet…
In my sad, messy manoeuvring painfully, first back on the chair, then onto my feet, I stubbed my same, the same one twice, which with the swollen feet and toes was worse than usual. I slipped my arm off the side of the recliner, getting up. Hitting my chin on the corner arm. No time to mess about, though, and I got Metal Micky, and we hobbled to the wet room. Bit of good fortune here. It was only Harold’s Haemorrhoids that were bleeding. Thus it was far less painful to medicate than the lesion would have been. The toes and chin were enough to keep my attention.
I did notice the vast improvement in the ankle ulcer, though, compared to Tuesday evening’s photo, this morning was much calmer and swollen looking. It must have been around an hour after waking that I started to think the day’s needs through. Food order to do, ask Meridian if they have sorted anything out with the Diabetes session. Get Richards’s treats sorted out. Got to… No, I’d better have a wee-wee first. And what a leak that was! Galore, and one of the longest wee-wees that I’ve ever taken! And they kept coming throughout the day!

The Blood Pressure sphygmomanometerisationing was yet another great set of results: SYS 44, DIA 62 and the Pulse, a smidgeon up, at 91 bpm!   
The body temperature had risen to an almost perfect figure, at 35.1°f.
Interruption: The landline burst forth; it was a very hard-to-hear and understand lady (I think?), from the dentist’s surgery, on Mansfield Road. Reminding me of my appointment next. Plenty of time for me to forget it, though.
I input the BP numbers into the NHS Work-it-out site. (Left graphic wot I sun) It came out the same as yesterday! Don’t know why I made a sad face on it?
I got the computer on to finalise yesterday’s blog and found the SD car was reading again? I swiftly got the few, well, three photos from yesterday that I could not get on done. Then titivated the blog and felt a smidge smug, but what with my luck in waking up and thudding to the floor, I thought it best not to get too confident.

The lad was worn out, and I was his last call. Richard arrived, and I thanked him for getting me some help yesterday, and I flashed him my much better-looking ankles… Hehehe! He warned me that thunderstorms were forecast for this afternoon. I thought it was a lot cooler today. We had a little natter, too and froing, and a laugh or two. This is good then; when he’s not too tired, he can spend a little longer with me, chinwagging. Gave him some treats in thanks, and off he trotted, in much need of his bed.

I am walking much better this morning after the initial waking-up boo-boo! Not having to walk on the heels today shows how the swelling has gone down in the legs and feet.

Although the toes still look like baby ones. Hehe! And, the bruise under the chin has not given me any bother at all! Even Arthur Itis in the knees has calmed done.

♫ Oh, Susana ♫ chimed out from the door chime. It was neighbour Josie, returning Sunday’s crumb-covered tray and dishes from her meal. I’m not sure which of us is the worst, Hahaha! The poor gal didn’t look too well. I pointed the walking stick at my feet and said they were much better. Josie replied, “Yes, very good; I’ll try to…” Smiled and wandered back into her flat. I’m not sure who is the worst with Dementia and our lousy hearing. Hahaha! I tried to work out what she thought I had said but without success. Bless her ♥

Noise merchant Herbert from the flat above kicked off with his tap-tapping, the odd thud, and scuffing noises thrown in. He kept it u[ for hours on and off. He must have a special job lined up? Hello, I think he just dropped a box of tools. Ah, the drilling and grating noises have started now; he must be getting on with it, bless him. Back to the tap-tapping again…

I finally got the blog finished and posted off to WordPress. Went on the comments page. I had tons come in. But got them both answered. Then nipped on the WP Reader. Now it is time to get the ablutionalisationing tended to; and check Harolds Haemorrhoids, amongst other ailments. Hehehe! Back soon. Well, I hope to be back shortly.
I’m back. And what a good session that was! Only one teeny-weeny cut shaving on the chin where I ‘Chin-Butted’ the arm of the chair first thing this morning getting back up from the floor after my tumble out of the chair. No toe-stubbing, no Dizzies, I walked into nothing either. I have a mini involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler drop-something and flail-about dance while I was shaving, hence, the little nick.
Had a wee-wee (it must have been number twelve of the day at least) and remembered what Carer Richard said when he was checking the use-by dates for me; “I’ve never seen yer with so little in yer fridge!”. So, I investigated and made an order for Iceland. They have no bottled water in stock either. So I ordered some low-cal lemonade. I must keep up with the drinking in this hot weather while the legs and feet retain so much fluid. Coming in the morning twixt 06:00 > 08:00hrs.
As I started prepping the meal, I remembered the last Iceland delivery I’d had last week. The squashed bananas, the leaking bottle of liquid soap, short-dated yoghourt… and of course, there not having any of my beloved No Bull burgers or bread I ordered in stock. And the crap substitutions… I may have made a mistake here…

Had a tin of curried beans that I seasoned with the usual squid vinegar, malt vinegar and Vegan BBQ sauce. Put a part-baked loaf in the oven halfway through cooking. The beans and bread were excellent, but the veggie burgers were terrible; the crispy crumbs were not crisp. How clearly now, after making the order, one remembers one’s self-promise never to trust or use Iceland again! Being low on choices with the low stocks in the fridge, I decided to use up the crap and substituted it with Iceland bean burgers in crispy breadcrumbs.
As instructed, I got my feet up on a chair and sat watching TV. I soon nodded off, but could I stay asleep? Not a chance!

When I gave up on sleep, I took a photograph of the ankle ulcer and feet, and they looked so much improved from how Tuesdays were. The toes remain a bit pudgy. The retained fluid, giving me rock-hard legs, was also reduced.
The ♫Oh, Susana♫ tune chimed out, and in walked Valerie. She was a little happier tonight. Got the medications sorted, and I gave her a can of cold orange Fanta from the fridge; she liked that. Val took the waste bags with her on her way out.

I settled down to watch the England Ladies Game v Spain. I’ve never been more proud of an England team since 1966! I wish could have been France we beat, though. That would have been the icing on the cake. We will have to play against Sweden or Belgium, if we get through, France will have to be conquered!


I no longer have inspiration and very little gumption,
Life for me is sinking into declension…
Dementia means I’ve little recent memory retention,
Yet sometimes recall things, to my stupefaction…
I’m waiting on the EENT to have an operation,
For my cataracts, called Phacoemulsification,
I persistently wee-wee; and have hypertension.
I’m almost deaf, yet have tintinnabulation?

Arthur Itis, Ankle ulcer, and fluid-filled legs, with many a contusion,
Peripheral Neuropathy, a mechanical ticker, destitution…
I think St Peter should give me restitution!
Should I have been born? Am I a substitution?
Was I meant to be a boy or girl? That’s the question…
Parents named Inchcock, during gestation…
With a man-tool the same size, did my prospect worsen?
Unfortunately, I can’t make past miseries unhappen.

At birth, Mother said, ‘I don’t want it; I was crestfallen…
No wonder, as a youngster, I was so sullen!
Slowly my resistance began to weaken…
I lived on lard sarnies and Iprobrufen…
I asked every adult I met for an adoption,
I ran away from home, I had no option…
I went for shelter from Auntie Gretchen,
She just threw me out of the kitchen!

The next day, I hobbled back home, downfallen…
I got in and spoke, hoping they would listen.
No one knew I’d gone; my life never started to glisten?
My developing years were misery and rotten…
Then Mother was freed from jail; she’d been forgotten…
Laughing and being happy was then verboten…
I left school at 14 and got a job baling cotton!.

Depressed, I considered becoming an anthropophaginian,
There was a week when my life seemed ambrosian!
Matilda was her name, an arithmetician,
Randy? No need to ask her for her permission!.

But she turned out to be a Pinoccohian,
Not only that but an absinthian,
I returned to Nottingham, working as a beautician.




Inchcock Today – Thursday 16th May 2019: Caroline, Sonia, Jemma, Muhsina and Inchcock gathering in the flat – Yee-Ha!

May 16

2019 May 16

Thursday 16th May 2019

Chichewa: Lachinayi pa 16 May 2019

WD0.51.102 03:25hrs. After a night of oh, so many WPSWWs (Weak-Painful-Spraying-Wee-Wees), that together would not have filled a small cup. Naturally, I was still tired. I woke in need of another visit to the EGPWWB Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee bucket (And peed-off, Hehehe!), out of the £300 second-hand, c1968, grotty-beige rickety recliner, and to the bucket. I reckon I passed enough this time, to wet a cotton wool bud, but not saturate it! I must tell the nurse about this ongoing problem.

WD0.51.102 Then as I was getting myself balanced and sorted, a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, and with some urgency about it for once. Unhesitatingly, and with high hopes, I grabbed the stick to facilitate a quicker journey time, and shot (Well, that may be a little overdoing it), to the wet room. Where to my surprise, a motion was passed at last! Painful and not a lot, but more than for days now. A multi-coloured offering; that left a frowsy, mephitic aroma, that I hope will hold no pheromonic content. Haha!

I wish there were a kind of panchymagogue available over the counter, I might have tried some. Hehehe! 

I sorted the morning medications and had a search again, for the thermometer. (I found the box days ago), but the machine needed finding. To my own amazement, I found it in a 4Thu02drawer I must have searched in several times this week. What a putz! 35.4° Low, was the reading.

I got some Gungo beans marinating in, tomato puree, black bean sauce, mustard, demerara sugar, and balsamic vinegar. 

I got on the computer and updated the Wednesday post.

I believe that my blog, is a way for me to desarcinate my problems, and write in such a way, humorously; that it may encourage readers to have a laugh at my antics and Whoopsiedangleplops. And I get the satisfaction in return when it does. I don’t know why I said that! Hehe!

I got the post finalised and sent off, at last.

Then, I set about sorting the old hearing aids, cleaning, getting rid of the wax, and drying them and refitting. During which, the Carer arrived. New chap again, name of Chris, decent sort of chap. He got the hang of the Ankle-Support with the help of the larger photo I’d put on the computer, no bother.

After he had gone, the Axonotmesis ridden right leg went into one of its ‘Shaking Shaun’ Modes. Honestly, if anyone had seen it belting away on its own accord, they would have thought it was a comedy sketch! Hahaha!  

WD0.51.102 Several more unnecessary trips to the WC, well for what came out, every WPSWW was nothing more than Inchcock giving out ‘Oohs and Arghs, as he lunged over the raised toilet, knowing he should have used the EGPWWB really, cause the few seconds of splashed needed cleaning up every time. Most vagarius! Humph!

4Thu001I started this blog going and made a Thoughts and a page top Brexit graphic. While listening to the noises from up above. Scratch, tap-tap bang!

Around 09:00hrs, I checked the calendar to confirm today’s appointments.

Afternoon sessions that are going to guarantee sleeplessness for me. But you never know nowadays.

I gathered the raffle prizes and nibbles in the walker-trolley, ready for the Social Hour at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and the much-used emergency Toilet.

4Thu03aTook the nine black bags to the waste chute and set off down and out to the Social Hour. A long time since I’ve been to one, looking forward to it.

The legs and ankle felt reasonable this morning, as I plodded along Chestnut Way with my Three-Wheeled-Walker.

There were very few people about, and I did 4Thu04not see a single worker on site. Might be there tea-break time.

I limped along at what I thought was a fast pace, and was overtaken by a lady with her Three-Wheeled Walker. Left me standing she did! Haha!

I got a decent welcome when I entered the hut. I put the raffle prizes on the trolley, and Cyndy handed around the nibbles for me, Bless her! ♥

WD0.51.102 I spoke with Big Brian, getting the conversation going, and I sensed that I needed a wee-wee. By the time I had stood up, it was too late… I had an accident and the fluid escaped of its own accord! The embarrassment crescendoed, and I had to leave for fear of any smells that may humiliatingly show themselves. Thank heavens that I had the Protection Pants on, at least. Another Social Meeting ruined for me! This Stroke is making life so hard, wearying, worrying, debilitating, fatiguing, daunting, and stressful. Still, I’m still here. Na-na-na-nan nana! Hahaha!

I beat a quiet as a possible retreat, back to the flat and the wet room to freshen and clean things up. The shame helped me move faster, I think.

It may be all that time with the catheter on in Hospital that is part of the reason. I recall they were about to take it off so the body could get used to handling thins itself when  I found I had an allergy to one of the new medicines. That took a few days to sort out, by then, they needed the bed and moved me to the Residential Home at the Acorn, no, Oaks. So not much time for the bladder to get working again. I’ve not had a proper wee in eleven weeks!

4Thu05I did stop a minute to take a shot of Woodthorpe Court, though. Snapped it so quickly, I was surprised how well it came out.

As I got to the flat door, I pressed Josie’s doorbells, but no answer. I got inside and put the trolley in the spare room, and then to the wet room and washed my crassulent body, and put new fresh PPs on. I felt a little better but still self-conscious and aware of my Whoopsiedangleplop, and a little guilt-ridden.

My doorbell chimes rang out with Dusty Springfield’s “I only want to be with you” tune. It was Josie, she was in the shower when I rang. I asked if she would like some Cheesy Potatoes this Saturday, and she seemed agreeable to that. I get pleasure out of cooking for someone, it’s been donkey’s years since I have before. The conversation was not easy. Josie’s hearing worse than mine, and with my current hearing aids awaiting having new moulds fitted, and the old ones I was wearing seemingly gone to pot, it was, to say the least, an entertaining gossip. Hahaha! Cheered me, all the same.

4Thu06I stirred the Gungo beans again and got the computer on to update this post.

Went to make a brew, and took these pictures in the sunshine, through the unwanted, multi-paned, light & view blocking, this framed new kitchen windows.Bootiful!

The camera battery-light flashed. So, I put it on to recharge.

I used the new Panasonic to take this photo.


I’ve got three medical staff coming to see me at the same time later today. That should be fun trying to hear what they say! What next can go wrong? I’ll take that question back. Please, I don’t want to know. Oy Vey!

Did some TFZer Facebooking and went on the WordPress Reader.

In the space of ten minutes, I had Nurse Jemma and a student nurse Muhsina, and Caroline and Sonia in the flat. Pandemonium reigned. Cause of having no hearing aids, things got a little confusing for me. Hehe! 

WD0.51.102 After some initial sorting out, pandemonium, brouhaha, hurly-burlyness ensued. And it was good! Nurse Jemma and Muhsina were left in the flat, for her to try and sort out the medications for me. Caroline, Sonia and I went outside, to try out the four-wheeled-walker they had brought for me to try out. It is naturally more significant, but so much safer! Bless em! ♥ Plenty of comments from the gals as we passed by in the lobby. Haha! I took the camera with us, but I forgot all about it. Humph!

When we got back, Jemma had done an excellent job and took me through the current medications. She had called the doctors and the chemists for me. And arranged for someone from, ‘Medical Compliance Service’ to call and see me on Monday, about blister packs that she had also organised, and the new medications.

Caroline and Sonia, gave dates for their next visits, and we spoke of so much safety methods, antics, etc. and much more that I just cannot remember. The pair left, with me a more contented person for their visit.

Jemma went through the medications as were in the drawer. Told me not to use the Gee-up pills or magnesium at all again. Taking my pulse took about eight attempts and two machines.  I joked that I must be dead! Hahaha! Jemma, aware of my wee-wee problems, got me supplied with some urine in a sample bottle and she checked it against the listing. Seems I have a urine infection and need some antibiotics. Which she had already informed the doctors and arranged for a prescription to be sent to the chemist – then offered to fetch and return to the flat with them! Off she went, leaving me a pleased and happier person.

I got the beans stirred and on a low heat. And the oven warming. Updated this blog, again.

WD0.51.102 Jemma returned, with April’s prescriptions! She explained they had been forgotten about by Doctor, and the Chemist! She reminded me that the Antibiotic course could turn the urine green or brown, but this is to be expected and of no concern. The tablets are to be taken four times a day, with food, to avoid sleepiness and something else, I forgot what it was. They are named Nitrofurantoin.

She went through the bag and found several more medications that are no longer to be taken. I must take these to a chemist for destroying, or could give them to the ‘Medical Compliance Service’ man or woman, on Monday or Tuesday.

With helpers like Caroline, Sonia, Jemma, and Muhsina, the Stroke was almost worth it!

I was well shattered when they had all left, but in good spirits that someone really cares.

Updating this blog, and Nottingham City Homes Housing Patch Manager and Belly-Dancer Angela rang me. She had read the Inchcock Today and informed me I could use the shower any morning at 0700hrs. That was kind of her. ♥ I thanked her for her concern and kindness.

Got the nosh prepared and served up. Taking the medications, starting the antibiotics at the same time. I looked it up: Nitrofurantoin is an antibacterial drug used to treat urinary tract and bladder infections caused by Escherichia coli or Staphyloccocus saprophyticus strains of bacteria that are sensitive to this drug. By gum, that makes me sound clever, 4Thu07Hehe!

I did take a photo of the meal, but I had left the SD card in the computer. Gnash! I found out when I took this picture later. I had actually eaten all of the food! First time in ages. Must have been the attention of the ladies that perked me up! Certainly brought my appetite back! Hahaha!

And getting to sleep was no problem either… ZZZ!

Inchcock – Thu 6th Dec 2018: Cunning Weevils, Dentist visit, Short but great Social Hour – Betterer day today!


Willmott Dixon women supporters? Hehe!


Thursday 6th December 2018

Swedish: Torsdagen den 6 December 2018

00:25hrs: Extraordinarily, as I woke up, I found myself already disentangling my roly-poly, paunchy, pot-bellied body from the £300 second-hand recliner. With some speed and ease as well! The brain finally informed me that the need to utilise the Porcelain Throne was why I was up and about in no time! Without further ado and avoiding toe stubbings and knocking into or anything over, before I could say, Jack Robinson, I was in the wet room and seated on the Throne.

Perfect timing. Had a cleanup and antisepticalisationing session, and I spotted only one of the 0Stegobium paniceum (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) anywhere in the room. Not to be fooled by the cunningly guileful army of insects again, by their crafty pretending to be retreating and a day later they return to counterattack in number, I decided to use up what was left of the £6.59 can of Rentokill bug spray over the wet room floor and in the corners. Persisting with my expensive battleground defensive counter-measures, I put a replacement can of the killer in the wet room, and then used up another can, this time of the Sanmex bug killer in the kitchen. There were many baby Weevils in there this morning, some alive others dead. Not giving up on my mission, I went to check out the spare room… surprisingly that was all-clear of the Stegobium paniceum (Weevils).

WD54.39.1 In all, I had used up or finished off £15 worth of insecticide, and started the coughing off again. Oy vey is mir! I blame myself, if I hadn’t told people where I keep my hoard of jewellery and stash of cash for them to help themselves to when I croak-out, I might have got more help with the Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles problem. Only joking! Tsk! Hehehe!

Industrially… that’s not the right word, is it? Productively, I got on with updating the Wednesday post, and eventually, got it posted off.

Then I had a brainwave for an idea for a funny ode. Got it written and graphicalisationed, then I posted that off.

4Thu04Went for the forth of the day up to now, SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee).

Checked the emails. Morrison sent this one on the left. Tsk!

I had planned that as a little Christmas present for someone as well. Grumph!

Also and as well as, I had an 4Thu001aemail from the surgery.

The Warfarin INR level came back as being very high for some reason?

So, I must take care not to cut myself. No wonder that the Fungal lesion is bleeding, I know why now.

The appointment for next week was a bit disappointing; they had made if for 1020hrs.

Which will mean with my sleeping pattern, by the time I get their and back, the day will be over for me, I’ll be too shattered to get anything else done. I sent an email in return thanking them and mentioning the lateness of the appointment for me. Hey-Ho!

WD54.39.1 Just about to make a start on this blog, and I realised I had not done the Health Checks or taken the medications yet! So, I put things right. Klutz!


3Wed29The readings had come down nicely.

Please note the weight decrease!

Extra Smug Mode Pleasurably Adopted!

It’s not been easy this dieting and exercising. 

Mind you, look at what I’ve had to do to get it down, shall we?

  • Long Walk Sunday
  • Mammoth getting soaked to the skin hobble Monday
  • Long hobble in the drizzle on Tuesday.

And the toe and ankle are giving me some real hassle now. As for cutting back on the food, that is the hardest bit of the plan for me. No, I lie… cutting back on the nocturnal nibbling is the worst and most difficult! My pot of jelly babies has had sweeties taken out and put back in so often, they have gone misshaped and soggy! Truth Mode Adopted!

I got the nibbles, prizes and the treats into the bag ready. I’ll have to carry that weight with me to the Dentists so I can call at the hut for the Winwood Social Hour on the way back if I get it done in time, that is.

I counted out the four Scottish Shorties ready to be dunked in my tea later for breakfast. Four! Pathetic! Damned dieting… Grrr! Sod-it, I’ll have six now instead! Naughty boy, hehe!

Got a start made on this diary at last.

Ablutions all done, changed, got the bag and set off out, taking empty jars of pickled egg and gherkin to the Alcoholic addict’s glass bin. Haha!

I got the second Health Checks done, in case I forget later in the event of my having any injections at the Dentists.

I called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, Toilet, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Rumourmongering Clinic. Tenants Socialisation Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room shed. Glad to see Regal Jenny there and both of the Wardens. Quick natter and nibble giving, and off on the walk to the dentist.

4Thu05Going down Winchester Street, I took a photographicalisation of the allotments on the corner.

Doris, my neighbour has one of these plots, I believe.

Down the hill, and took the opportunity of 4Thu06making another of the ‘Moody’ traffic shots again.

I went right up the hill, to the Wilko Store. I came out with some liquid soap flakes, nibbles for the box, Dia-limit capsules and stress relief tablets. And, £10.20 less well off.

Up to the Dentist, and logged in. The nurse came to fetch me, and up the apples & pears to the number three surgery. The dentist and nurse were both new to me and were most helpful. After the check-up, I was passed AOK.

Down and out into the gloomy weather again, and further up the hill to the chemists, 4Thu06awhere I got some Co-Codamol capsules. I struggle with the tablets sometimes, they being so large and in need of breaking can cause me bother, too. I’ve still got two halves somewhere in the kitchen that I’ve never found after they shot-off while splitting them. Haha!

Another piece of Nottinghamian Street Art between two shops was recorded.

4Thu07Up the hill into the Woodthorpe Grange Park.

I stopped on the way to have a bit of fuss with some dogs who were taking their owners for a walk.

The top of the gravel footpath that had all the wet leaves that made walking difficult it was even worse today. But I got through it alright without any Accifauxpas.

4Thu08Halfway down the pathway, I took this picture of all three components of the now named Winwood Heights complex.

Woodthorpe on the left, the new Extra Care Unit in the centre Don’t know what they are going to call that yet? And Winchester Court on the right as you look at the picture.

4Thu09Down and into the foyer to the lifts, taking this shot of our Christmas Tree.

Up to 72, and took an SSWW I got this blog updated and rushed off to the Winwood Social Hour.

A most delightful session, although not many in attendance, we had much laughter and rib-taking to keep us amused. And much pleasure was taken in my having stick about the size of my meals and walking too far on my hobbles. Hahaha! Many little chinwags, as well. I do enjoy having these confabs, laughs and even the mick-taking. Haha!

I walked back to the flats with Catwalk model Gaynor, Cuddly Mo and Herbert-John.

While I waited for the Morrison Delivery (No alcohol-free wine, though, Humph!) I again updated this blog, then got some page top headers prepped for the Inchcock Diaries.

4Thu10Got the nosh prepared and consumed, a little earlier than planned.

Baked beans seasoned with balsamic vinegar, mustard, BBQ flavouring and oregano. Beef pie and a few oven chips. Naturally, being a dedicated dietist, I had no bread, the gorgeous pastry of the pie was more than suffice.

The common or garden custard and strawberry (I think, it was a fruit of some sort) jelly dessert, followed. A worthy Taste Rating of 9.2/10 granted for this one.

4Thu11The Morrison delivery arrived.

A smaller one than usual. I got most of the nibbles and pressies needed for the season of ‘Goodwill’ in now. 

Got the fodder put away.

Washed the dish and pots.

Did the Health Checks. Had an LSWW (Long-Sharp-Wee-Wee)

I settled to watch one of my most favourite of all my films on DVD. ‘Pat & Margaret’. Starring the much missed, Victoria Wood and Julie Walters.

But the usual fatigue got the better of me. I tried rewinding a few times but kept nodding off, so I gave up, and fell asleep, to have what turned out to be a hilarious dream!

TTFNski folks.

Inchcock – Thursday 18th May 2017: Computer Google Chrome Problems, Accifauxpa and


Thursday 18th May 2017

Italian: Giovedi 18 Maggio 2017

0200hrs Woke and off for a wee-wee. Got back down again and slept until 0306hrs.


First thing, I took the medications, had another wee-wee and heavy duty session on the Throne, messy gooey.

Then got on with trying to uninstall and reload Google Chrome to get rid of the freezing. Searched for advice first, but I could only get at far as Programs, clicked Chrome in the box and the computer telling me to ‘Select all Google Chrome Items’ – there were no more to pick or choose? Fed-up with this, I’ll see if I can get some help or anyone knows of someone who can come to the flat to have a look at and give me a hand, I’ll ask at the Windwood Social Hour, not very hopeful though. Grr!

Very frustrating having to wait for hours for it to reset itself when it does, it doesn’t frequently, reset reboot reload, turn off and reboot all the time, and every time I try to go on Facebook or YouTube. I’ll have to stay off for until I can get someone to pay to this sorted out… if I can?

Losing heart here.

Back to the Porcelain Throne again, no pebble-dash but gooey and sticky now! Going through the toilet paper at a fast rate of knots. Tsk! Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding badly this morning.

Tried doing this update and finishing yesterday’s diary, which took hours due to my being too nervous to do it when I got back from the trip out Wednesday and being convinced I could sort out the Chrome uninstall and reinstall procedure today. Foolish me!

I wish I’d taken a photo from the kitchen window earlier now.This morning when I got up was crystal clear, look at it now?

This morning when I got up, it was crystal clear, look at it now?

I realised I’d not put the map of yesterday’s marathon hobble in the diary.

4Thur03So, here it is.

Just to show off and pretend I’m as fit as a fiddle.

The feet ain’t half stinging now, but I’ve only got myself to blame. Although I did enjoy the visit to the park and ducks and was well pleased with the results from Mr Redmain… or, was it Redman?

Although I did enjoy the visit to the park and ducks and was well satisfied with the results from Mr Redmain… or, was it Redman?

I’d like to make a note of my appreciation of the Pensioners Free Bus Pass too.

I reckon without this, yesterday’s bus trips would have cost me around the figure of £12-£15 in total!

By heck… the stomach and innards have just started off grinding and bubbling away again now. Tsk!

I did some WordPr4Thur04ess reading for a while.

Still unable to get on and use Facebook without Chrome problems.


The view from the kitchen window, when I made another mug of tea has changed again. A lot clearer once more? I got the last of the pod peas, some small potatoes and beef in the Crock-Pot cooking.

Took the rubbish bags to the chute. Then got the ablutions tended to and deodorised me up nicely. Made sure the raffle prizes and nibbles were in the bag.

Set off to the Tenants Social Hour.

A good session and one lady suggested I go to the phone shop in the Victoria Centre and ask ‘The Geeks’ for help with the computer problem. If I sign to pay the something monthly, they will always be on hand to help. That lady had signed with them. So, I decided to go into town afterwards and have a word with them, might try to get some pod peas at the same time.

4Thur05BJ was there, and a few laughs were had.

At the bus stop the weather looked marvellous to me, the trees so beautiful.

Another good listen best I could to the chinwagging.

As the bus went along Porchester Road, I took this photographicalisation of the sky towards the City Centre.


I could see a face in the clouds. When I got back, I made up the above graphic of it. I just wondered if anyone else can see it?

Dropped off the bus at the usual place near the Victoria Centre and hobbled in and through to the Phone Warehouse shop and to the back counter where the ‘Geek Squad’ sign indicated they would be located.



The chap with the blonde hair informed me the Geeks are only there for three hours a week on Saturday mornings! Deflated about that.

Poddled to the Tesco store, but they didn’t have any fresh pod peas in stock again! Bought some SourDough Bread, though.

So I went to the Fruit and Veg market and got some peas up there.

Out of the mall and into the Wilko Store. Got some disinfectant, foil and deodorant.


4Thur11Had a walk up Clinton Street window shopping.

But it was little, well, a lot more hectic than yesterday, so I gave up and got out soon as I could back onto Upper Parliament Street, and went to the bus-top, just avoiding a Burk on a bike Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.

Caught the L9 bus back to the flat complex.

4Thur07As the bus turned right, off of Porchester Street and down a narrow part of the route, I tried to get a photograph of the steep hill. But didn’t make too good a job of it cause a van turned in at the same time in front of the bus.

Battling falling asleep again now. I actually did nod off a few times, but luckily as the bus turned into Chestnut Walk, I stirred.

A quick chinwag with some residents at the bus stop and up with a little concern that I might not make it in time, to the flat and the Porcelain Throne.

Then, I moved the fodder into a saucepan to warm through and washed the slow cooker. The computer and Google are still letting me down. Will not let me work on Facebook again.

05Thu12I got the meal, a stew of sorts served up.

Podded peas, turnip, small potatoes, made a nice caramelised gravy to go with it and added some beef gravy and a tin of stewed steak to it.

Slices of Sourdough bread to soak up the nice rich gravy and a Lemon Fool to follow with this fool enjoying it a lot. 9.4/10 rating.

Got a phone call from Obergruppenfurheress Jenny, she had kindly arranged for a friend to call and have a look at my Google Chrome problems. Later when I was asleep and in the land of nod, the door chime burst forth and a note had been posted through the letterbox for me from Jenny. She told me a chap called Sam would be visiting me tomorrow night sometime after 1800hrs. That was so kind of her to help out.

Having woken up, I decided to make a mug of tea… Accifauxpa Time! Dropped the milk and cleaned it up.

Watched some TV for ages, no nod-offs in between. But the worries over the Chrome issue kept overtaking other thoughts.

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 9th May 2017


Tuesday 9th May 2017

French Mardi 9 Mai 2017

0030hrs: Woke hanging half in and half out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the mind racing and worrying about all sorts of things, but these were overtaken by the need to visit the Porcelain Throne.

As I stood myself up, the big toe stung and reminded me of last nights ‘Toe Stubbing’ in the kitchen!

Haemorrhoid Harold had been and was bleeding a little, Anne Gyna was in a bad mood. Arthur Itis was the opposite and in a good mood with me. Duodenal Donald was far easier this morning, and Little Inchy had calmed down and not bleeding at all. No signs of Dizzy Dennis either. Looking good!

2Tue04 Took the medications and did the Health Checks. Again, looking okay, to me? The weight was up a bit though.

I had a read of the book Andy sent me, ‘Emotions’ again, but I’m having to read the same bits repeatedly. A clever or educated person wrote this.

With so much going on with the estimated timing of the orders from Amazon over the next few days confusing me, I consulted the Google diary:


I decided to send an email to the Doctor’s surgery, explaining I would not be able to get to my INR Blood test today, having to stay in because an email from Amazon told me the delivery would be arriving today. (We’ll see eh?) I can then go to the City Hospital for the blood test tomorrow, after Susan, the foot lady has visited me?

The other things ordered should be arriving over the next few days? Messy innit? Next time someone asks me to order something for them, I’ll think twice. Hehe!

Constant pain and hassle can be detrimental to one’s health, mental and otherwise.

Made a mug of tea and wrote the email and sent it to the Surgery.

Finished the Monday Diary and posted it, then started this one off.

01Did some Facebooking then.

Onto CorelDraw 2017 and did a graphic for the TFZer site.

One of the parcels arrived from Amazon via a despatch lorry. Now had time to fit in the INR Blood  Test today.

Did the ablutions and got changed and ready for the hobble to the hospital.

On the way out, I called at the flat of the chap whose name escapes me, who asked me to order the keyboard letters. He was not in. I left a copy of the Email about the delivery through his letterbox.

2Tue12I met Roys wife in the lobby and we had a laugh and chinwag.

As I got out to cross the road to the gravel path up to the Park, I realised how quiet it was… then went back up to the flat and got the one working hearing aid put in. Tsk!

Set out again, not through the park this time, but along to Winchester Hill and down into Sherwood, right at the traffic light junction and all the way down and left onto the Valley Ring Road.

Down to the next traffic island and right up and into the hospital grounds.


Passed some wonderful wildflowers, en route. Also, noticed they had extended the tennis courts. Including a new Petanque Court. Never heard of this game? I looked it up, it’s apparently a bit like Boules?


2Tue15Entered by the side of the GUM clinic.

I thought about walking by the window in case the usual Hitlertarian receptionist was on duty to give him a wave… but decided against this. Haha!

To the top of the drive and right into the Phlebotomy Department, took a queue ticket from the machine, sat down and got the crossword book out. Half an hour later, my number was called out, and I limped to Clinic 2 Bay Three as instructed.

Soon got the sample taken and I was off, after giving the nurse some nibbles. The nurse was from Poland and she could not wait to go home she said.

I left and hobbled back to the flats by a different route this time a2Tue16nd ended up not sure where I was going. Fancy that!

I cut through private areas and woodland managing to get my bearings again.

Over the ring road and up into Sherwood.

The old legs and feet were aching well now!

Onto Mansfield Road, left over the hill and 2Tue17down to the entrance into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Not many folks about now, some of the vehicle drivers had put their lights on.

Up through the park and right down by the Croft on my right, and was visited by Dizzy Dennis and he was not happy.

Got in, wee-wee’d and made this map of the route I’d hobbled.


Dizzy Dennis had another go at me. I had a pot of porridge.

Updated this tosh again. Facebooked a while.

Had another pot of porridge, stomach rumbling joined in now. Blimey, Dizzy Dennis again, and Haemorrhoid Harold has forced me to clean up and put the protective pants on again. I’m going to get a cup of tea, take the medications and just sit down.

See’s you laters alligators.

Inchcock – Thursday 27 April 2017: Busiest Day of the Year!


Thursday 27 April 2017

Arabic: الخميس 27 أبريل 2017

0300hrs: Woke, reluctantly, tried to get back to sleep, knew I’d been dreaming, but again, no memories of them. I hate that. Hehe! Gave up trying to nod off again when the urge to visit the porcelain throne appeared.

Flipping cold this morning.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and nearly went over as Dizzy Dennis caught me unawares as I dismounted. Onto the throne and Duodenal Donald kicked in and the stomach rumbling began. Thought about how I enjoyed yesterday’s Fish and Chip meal and how foolish I was to have gone for it.

Carried out the Health Checks and printed the last few day off so as to show the doctor later on.


All those 163 to 174 Sys readings and then it goes down to 155 on the day I go to see the Doctor? Humph! The weight down a bit again too, mind you, I got onto the scales after the Porcelain Throne session.

Took the medication4Thur03s.

I threw back the curtains as it began to get lighter, and realised why it was so nippy, I’d left the window open!


Did some WordPress reading done, made a mug of strong tea… during which I had to make a rather hasty a trip back to the porcelain… just in time! Great! The runs, on a day I’ve got to go to the surgery, chemist, back for the Social Hour, back out to the bank, then the clinic!

4Thur04Back to put the above photograph on here, and noticed some smoke in it, left of the right curtain.

Got a close-up of it from the kitchen window.

No emergency lights were showing. Looked like it was on the housing estate?

Got the paperwork for the day’s needs, Surgery, Bank and Clinic into a folder, put the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag for the Social Hour and staff. Realised I had not booked an appointment with the Doctor’s Nurse for the Tuesday INR Blood Test… Huh! I’ll have to go to the City Hospital for it then. Far too late to get an appointment for Tuesday now. Hey-ho!

Made some reminder notes to take with me to avoid forgetting to mention something to the Doctor.

Updated this twollop.

Ablutions tended to.

Remembered to gather the things for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop to take them with me – plan to walk up through the park, up over the hill and to the surgery.

Set out and went the wrong way, half way along Chestnut Walk, I stopped and walked back in the opposite direction, so as to go to the Nottingham Hospice shop – stopped again when I realised I’d put their stuff in the wrong bag, and went back in the original direction. I’ll bet someone was watching and thinking; Look at that fool, what’s he up to now? Hehe!

4Thur05Plenty of time to spare so I took a nice steady hobble down the hill.

Damn it, I had not got the hearing aids in!

A bit of an obstacle course on the pavement with the bins lined up for collection, but still.

Anne Gyna now amalgamated with Duodenal Dennis, and this was most annoying and persistent. Hey-ho!

4Thur06Left and up the hill on Mansfield Road and over the crest… or should that be apex or maybe the crown of the road?

The traffic was building up here in Carrington as I had to stop a few moments to let Anne Gyna calm down.

Even Roger Reflux had a go at me then.

Tsk! Not feeling well at all, yet oddly not poorly.

Does that make sense to you?

4Thur07Further down the hill as I approached the surgery, a sudden uplifting insanity came over me… no not insanity, erm, jollity!

I found Dennis had eased off quickly and I was singing to myself?

Well, maybe insanity after all. Hehe!

I got into the Surgery and consulted my list of things to remember and asked the receptionist if I had booked in for Monday or Tuesday for an INR Blood Test, she confirmed that I had, for 1020hrs. I thanked her, took my seat and got out the crossword book. Noticing as I did, some new posters on the board. It seems the senior Doctor is retiring and Dr Vinla is currently interviewing for a replacement. I thought she was off ill? Big decisions to make for her.

A locum for Dr Vinla was on duty today.

I was told to go in and the Doctor, a far Eastern Gentleman was very cross with me for forgetting the hearing aids, and when I had to ask for confirmation or misheard him, it made him angrier still. Oh dear! Got it wrong again didn’t I? But he was straight to the point. Well, in all but when I asked about and explained the depression and anxiety symptoms, which he told me we all have, and told me to leave it until Dr Vindla returned and warned me that referrals take months sometimes.

Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna’s hassle I mentioned. He said to double up with the Omeprazole for a few days until things calm down. I pointed out that perhaps the stocks might run low, and he said if the do ask for some more later.

4Thur10I requested some extra Codeine Phosphates and was pleased when after he’d read my statistics on the computer, he agreed to do so, because of the Morphgesic SR 30 mg Tablets being stopped in readiness for the graft operation and it should be safe to take some extra 30g Codeines, in place of them. So glad he agreed to this, bless him.

I thanked him, left his office and gave the staff some nibbles in a bag and walked (Very painfully now the feet had started singing) down the road into Carrington and the Chemist shop.

4Thur11Deepak, the chemist and owner, asked me to have a talk with him while I waited for the prescription to be filled.

I mentioned how I was feeling depressed and why. Somehow it was easier to speak with him. A really nice chap, Deepak is.

The chinwag only took a few minutes, and I collected the medications and was off hobbling to the Lidl store.

4Thur08I got only three things today, A bag of small potatoes, a small packet of Sugar-Peas and two small cheese cobs.

I paid on the serve yourself till and got rid of all my small change.

Hehehe! I later regretted this.

Out to the bus stop, (Weary legs and feet now) and got lifted up into Sherwood. Where I dropped off and called at the bank as instructed by the bank manageress last week, to talk to her about the direct debits and how I wanted things handling.

I explained all this to the lady serving, put my card and number into the machine on the counter, and she seemed to concentrate and read things on the screen for ages and ages? I began to fear that something was wrong… My IQ told me something was wrong!

Eventually, after I nearly fell asleep a few times waiting, she said that the manageress was unavailable today??? She added in a wholly disquieting, nerve-making tone, (To me anyway!) That the transfer had gone through and I could now use the new card. Conviction, was missing in her voice? Knowing my luck, I found it hard to believe that things were alright with it. Time will prove me right, my IQ is rarely wrong. Watch this space! Oh, dear…

Started to hobble up the hill to see if any buses might be coming to get me back up to the flats and realised the L8 service had finished, so no matter what the time, no luck. As I knew the L9 route came at 25 minutes past the hour, and it was 54 minutes past now.

So I limped back the way I came from and walked up Winchester Street Hill back to the flats.

Amazingly, I arrived in time (Well, not very late anyway) for the Tenants Social Hour. But it was hard work not hearing folks unless they were next to me and I could see the lips.

Got the raffle tickets and donated them to a table of ladies, handed out the nibbles, managed a quick bit of a gossip with Penny and BJ – then decided to call it quits and go back to the flat to get the hearing aids and take some painkillers and an extra Omeprazole.

4Thur09Boy, was I lucky, just missed the downpour that started as I got in, put the fodder away and had a wee-wee before taking the midday and the extra medications. A bit of a mouthful that, Haha!

The rain was so fine it was hard to see, I’d got the hearing aids in by then and heard it more than saw it.

It only lasted a few minutes, but anyone in it would have recognised it as ‘That wet rain’ and got soaked through!

Did an order for Morrison’s while I thought of it. A job getting the new card accepted, but all okay now.

Set off on slow, nice and easy hobble to the Clinic at the City Hospital, remembering to take the attendance card and bus pass to get back with. See? Sometimes I can get things right, Hehe!


When I crossed over Valley Road at the pelican lights, a gentleman in a BMW went over on amber, gave me a fright he did.

I was well pleased with Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald (Actually he was less bothersome now?) on the limp to the clinic. Only the feet gave me a lot of any bother. And no rain in sight. Come think of it, the roads might have been greasy, and that’s why Mr BMW didn’t try to stop? Glad I didn’t call him a naughty name now.

The usual Po-faced Obergruppenfurher on the reception again. I’ve worked out to annoy now. I keep a smile on my face and am extremely friendly and polite to him. Haha!

No waiting at all, I was called in within 2 minutes – into an office full of medical professionals and students. They explained As I thought about the Morphine removal being so that if I need it during the graft operation, it would be more efficient for me. The head man (I assumed as the others said nothing to him, except in answer to his prompting, but hung on his every word) explained the procedure in detail to me. But I will not repeat anything on here, cause it fritted me. Hehehe!

Then we all went into the treatment room, and they had a silent giggle and declared me all okay for the surgery to take place, as long as I have no more bad bleeds. After much embarrassment and poking and prodding, we returned back into the office and, he was a Mr, not Doctor? Advised me that having to cancel the original surgical time will mean a longer wait, this time around. Fair enough!  He gave me more cream.

I thanked him, got out into the reception area and smiled at Hitler, the sweetest smile I could manage and said Thank you, my friend, received a look back that should have killed me actually, and got out quickly. Hehe!

I was going to take a photographicalisation of the clinic but had left the camera in the flat. Tsk!

A number 40 bus arrived within seconds of my getting to the bus stop. All this good luck is very worrying yer know! If had got the camera and used it, I’d have missed the bus!

The uphill, but a short walk from the 40 bus stop back to to the apartment block, was excruciating for me, thanks to the state of the feet and Anne Gyna starting to kicking off again.

So glad to get back inside. Had a long wee-wee. Checked on the man and woman handled Little inchy, no bleeding. Phew!

Kettle on, and I took the evening medications then, got the computer on to update this again. Did the last Health Checks. Sys still a little high, but lower than the first two checks.

Oh, the feet and Anne Gyna… but Duodena4Thur08l Donald was bearable.

Got the fodder away went on Facebook catch-up then the meal was prepared and consumed.

The ‘Luxury’ fish surimi sticks were delicious and tasty. I didn’t eat all of it, left most of the potatoes, the pepper was a little too hot for me. The egg was of a plasticity and rubber texture that was unpleasant. However, I did have an orange sucker and a handful of chocolate balls afterwards.

Got the DVD going to watch some more of the Jonathan Creek episodes, the new headphones are marvellous.

Repeatedly fell asleep and had to rewind, so often I gave up trying.


Inchcock – Friday 14th April 2017


Friday 14th April 2017

Irish: Dé hAoine 14 Aibreán, 2017

0425hrs: Stirred, head full of memories of the dreams spinning around and made some notes scribbled quickly, before they evaporated. 5Fri02

Out of the second-hand £300 rickety recliner and to the porcelain thrown. Hard, painful work in more ways than one.

Coming out of the wet room, a flashing green light near the door caught my eye, and I put the light on in the hall to investigate and photographicalised the culprit up on the wall near the ceiling.

What the heck is it? Not to worry, the light, whatever it symbolises, was slowly flashing green.

Made a cuppa and took a Senna with the medications.

Drank the tea and pondered over the dream notes. Seems I was a German soldier somewhere in Russia. There were three others with me – In a building hiding from thousands of Russian troops with dozens of T34s and Katyusha’s knocking the hell out of the area around us – We had no ammunition left, but made up a bottle of vodka mixed with my Betamethasone ointment? But we were calm and talked among ourselves, amazingly it appeared we heard each other’s voices amidst the cacophony of noise – It was like a comedy really. We were putting our Party Membership cards in envelopes with our resignations, and worried that the mail might not get through?

Then I found myself in a sparsely decorated room with large attractive ladies of all ages and origins coming through one of two doors, laughing, or sneering at me then, going out of the other door? A chap came in eventually, after seemingly hours of the visiting ladies of all sorts of ages and types ended – Told me they had failed to find one that was willing to have a date with me? And the agency will not charge me for the assessment – or something like that?

As I wrote the above from my notes, I thought what good ideas for a comedy sketch? Wish I had the energy, willpower and concentration to write them.

Got out the sphygmomanometer and did the first Health Checks. I looked this up on Google. (sphygmomanometer. 1891, from comb. form of Greek sphygmos “pulse,” from sphyzein “to beat, throb” + -meter. An instrument for measuring blood pressure in the arteries, especially one consisting of a pressure gauge and a rubber cuff that wraps around the upper arm and inflates to constrict the arteries)

Many thanks to Tim Price in America for the word sphygmomanometer! I might not be able to pronounce it, but I can write it. Hehe!

5Fri02aThe first readings of the day for this week seem to be settled and okay? Despite having missed two of the evening doses of my medications, which of course include the Warfarin doses.

Had a dizzy as I made another cuppa, a long one this time. Tsk!

Got the dairy for yesterday finalised and sent off. Started this one off, then did some WordPress reading and commenting.

Went onto Facebook. Realising then, why I was so confused yesterday. It was Easter. No wonder the crowds in Nottingham were so few, no wonder there was L9 buses not turning up, no wonder I thought it was Saturday today. Sad indeed!

TupperThen worked on the next TFZer graphicalisation, and got it finished.

Then began on the next one.

This one is Lona Dean, at her individualised Tupperware Party.

Noticed the serving trolley well stocked with alcoholic beverages?


Hopes she likes it.

Had a campaign leaflet delivered on behalf of the Tory candidate in respect of the upcoming local Council voting poll. Usual splurge of nothingness, and who believes them anyway… from any party!

I put it to one side so I could ignore it later in comfort.

Carried out the ablutions and medical checks. Little Inchy was bleeding far even less than earlier, so that was good, still a bit tender mind. Haemorrhoid Harold, just a few spots of haemoglobin leaked. Couldn’t even see the burn on the hand now.

Got ready and set off to town to see if I could get a set of headphones to replace the one’s that have started to break up on me.

Good chinwag in the foyer with some residents before catching the bus into town with Mary (Or is it Sheila?). The bus filled up en route.

5Fri04Dropped off the bus and into Victoria Centre and up to the Fruit & Veg Market. Got some more garden peas, a leek and a turnip. Then to the nut stall and got som dark chocolate cashew nuts.

To the end of the mall and down into Tesco. Got a Sourdough loaf, vegetarian hot dog sausages appetising! And astonishingly, another pack of two Fresh Cream Horns jumped into the basket! (Hard to believe I know [Cause this is a lie], Hehe!)

5Fri05Paid up and departed across the road in the rain to the Curry-PC World shop to look at the headphones.

I had to admire the staff in there, they managed not to see me or ignore with every time I began or even thought of approaching one, and they it with style, ease and determination. Once I moved over to the computer section, I was mobbed by staff who seemed to appear suddenly, as if they were in Dr Who or a Star Trek episode! They, of course, lost their adopted artificial fake-phoney smiles immediately on hearing I wanted help with selecting some headphones to suit my needs and I didn’t understand the jargon on the tickets on shelves: “Oh, no, I’m on the Computer side!” Etc.

I departed.

5Fri09Walked up through Trinity Walk and could not resist taking this photographicalisation of one of the new giant eateries, branded as ‘Curious Manor’.

The open sign lit up and not a soul of customer or even prospective patron, inside or out of it.

I wondered if they had got enough chairs and tables to cope with the stampede? Hahaha!

5Fri12bI noticed in the jewellery shop window these two ladies watches and took a photograph to use as a competition to guess the prices on the TFZer site.

Wondered if they were real diamonds.

If I remember of course.

Thought they looked a bit different like?

Wondered into5Fri11 the town centre and down Exchange Walk and had a potter around the M&S store.

I got tempted in the Food Hall again, Tsk! They had some really tiny packs of Chinese Pork Ribs that are usually £4 each at £1.50 cause they only had one day left on the sell by date. So I got one.

Then, the same with the Potato Rostis, 4 for 85p instead of £2.99. That’s tonight’s meal sorted I thought.

5Fri12Out and wondered down to the Argos Store to see if they had any suitable headphones, not that I knew much about them. But if they didn’t have Wifi – Mobile Phone or cordless on the descriptions I should be alright?

But if they didn’t have Wifi – Mobile Phone, Connectivity or Cordless on the descriptions I should be alright?

Looked in the catalogue and selected a set of Sony MDR-XB450AP RRD Over-ear-headphones!

I know this because it is written on the receipt. I managed to fend off the ladies rather insistent request for me to take out a three-year insurance policy on them, as well as she wanting me to become an Argos Fan and sign up with them? She did wrangle my email address out of me, though.

5Fri10I walked back into the Slab Square, feet aching a bit now.

Popped into the Primark Store, but only got a few yards into it. It was like Goose Fair or a Cup Final in there!

Too dangerous for me in my condition. I retreated back out.

5Fri12aI noted a, well I don’t know the word really, milliners perhaps?A shop that did clothes mending sewing and

A shop that did clothes mending sewing and adjusting, stitching. It made me think of TFZer Nancy, so I took this picture hoping to add Nancy to it for a bit of fun later.

Up to Queen Street and caught the L9 bus back to the apartment… on my own. I was the only passenger on it, no one got on en route either! It was like catching a large taxi – apart from the route of course.

Got in and had a wee-wee. Little Inchy had been leaking, but only a tiny bit. Cleaned and Betamethasoned him!

Emptied the bins and took the bags to the chute. Got the oven warming up ready to put the Rostis and Ribs in later.

Made a mug of tea and set about updating this diary. Took the evening medications, a bit early, but I didn’t want to miss any more doses.

Went in to check on the fodder in the oven – by gum the view was beautiful. Not sunny, just calm and nice.


Got the meal sorted and cooking.

Another dizzy-spell, again a bad one (Two bad ones in the same day, not good that).

Put the computer off and took a St John’s Wort with a glass… well not glass, I don’t have any, a mug of spring water, and the usual medications.

5Fri12dGot the plate filled with a spread of Potato Rostis, Asda vegetarian sausages, beetroots, fresh Garden Peas, Sourdough bread, orange yoghourt and a banana.

I really enjoyed this one.

Had to sort out the pod peas from the stalks, there was probably more stalk than pods! I forgot to ask the lady at the fruit and veg stall where they came from. Egypt would be my guess. Not anything like as sweet as the English, but having been deprived of the flavour for so long, I still liked them. And those Asda veg sausages are good too.

Had a peep at what was available on the TV – Too much, many programmes on different channels at the same time that I fancied seeing. Tsk!

Not that it mattered though, I spend a larger proportion of the next three hour nodded off than awake.

Up for a wee-wee.

Took the plate and cutlery from the meal and put them in to soak overnight, had yet another dizzy (Not a bad one this time, though), and settled into the ‘Even-more-shaky £300 second-hand recliner and was off into the land of nod, almost immediately.

Inchcock Today: Thursday 16th March 2017


Thursday 16th March 2017

Irish: Déardaoin 16 Márta, 2017

Woke around 0250hrs (According to the living room clock), thought it was much later for some reason. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the porcelain. Little Inchy had been bleeding, Haemorrhoid Harry too.

Then I noticed that the clock in there, in5Fri02dicated it was 0142hrs?

Went into the kitchen, and the clock in there read 0645hrs?

Confused, I made a brew, took the medications and did the health checks.

Then searched for the mobile phone, I found it in the jacket pocket almost out of battery, no missed calls. That and the computer both agreed it was actually, 0330hrs? At this point, I made a connection with the cocks and a dream I’d had earlier, but no details. I put the mobile on charge.

Realising I was probably going bonkers and almost ready to be institutionalised, I tried what logic I could muster to attempt to work out what could have happened here with these clocks. It’s true that I felt a little yonderly and my psyche seemed to have departed company with my brain. First, I thought I might have been sleep-walking? But I don’t imagine that I could manage to get out of the recliner when asleep, it’s difficult enough some mornings when I’m awake? But you never know.

What else could have taken place, though? An Alien visitation? Hehehe! Genuinely worried about this, but I put it out of my mind (An easy option for me sometimes) and got on the computer to do some work finishing another TFZer graphic. Then updated the diaries and got yesterday’s posted off.

At this point I realised, thank heavens, the cramps from last night had dissipated. Anne Gyna still with me, though, and Duodenal Daniel felt like he was on his way to visit me.

Bash on Facebook, then had an hour or so to work on the next TFZer graphic, before I had to get the things ready for today’s Winwood Tenants Social Hour Meeting.

Carried out the ablutions, Haemorrhoid Harry bleeding a bit.

Off I poddled to the Social Hour, taking the nibbles and raffle prizes with me.

All change today, many new faces, tenants relatives, but some old ones missing. There was an atmosphere lingering, at first, I could not understand what or why this was.

I sat down next to a bloke’s daughter, being as that was the only chair. BJ arrived, and old Bill joined us at the table, their seats are always sacrosanct and saved for them.

When the raffle started, it came out as to why some of the old dears were pensive. The visitors won a lot of prizes, and some did not donate any themselves, this was the cause of the silent angst. I found this out afterwards when I handed the nibbles out, and one of my tenant darlings told me. The lady next to me had won five prizes, and this did not go down well, cause they all noticed that she does not bring anything for the raffle with her. I never thought of that.

I had some new pains come on while I was nattering to Bill and BJ. On the left side of the chest and around under the armpit? I’ll not hide it, I was worried and felt proper ill.

Left a few minutes earlier than usual, as I walked out and said my cheerios to the regulars, I was ignored a bit. Possibly they thought the woman I was sat next to was a relative of mine? Or, they were busy chinwagging themselves? Peggy, who runs the Social noticed my discomfort earlier and inquired how I was and told me to seek assistance if it continues.

Walked back to the flat and had a dizzy en route. Only a short one, though.

Got into the flat and got the potatoes boiling and the bacon in the oven. The pain eased but remained on and off. The imprecision and vagueness of mind returned.

I’d intended to get out and see the bank manager, but felt drained already, and not in a good state. Then tried doing the TFZ graphics, but concentration was minimal and tiring.

4Thur09Blogged and did some more Facebooking without problems, and the meal was ready.

Notwithstanding feeling a little delicate, I did enjoy this din-din.

Small potatoes boiled, pickled mushrooms, beetroots and two bacon pieces (Dribbled with BBQ sauce).

Two slices of the half-Rye-Half-sourdough bread followed with the banana and lemon fool.

Put the washing up to soak in the bowl, had another dizzy and got sat down in the £300 second-hand recliner, put the TV on and fell asleep for a couple of hours, woken by the sound of the door chime banging out a rendition of Dusty Springfield’s “I only want to be with you”. As I struggled to get out of the chair before whoever it was, gave up, I thought it might be someone checking if I was alright? No, it was Don from another flat wanting some 20p pieces for his laundry.

4Thur11I made a mug of tea and searched for the camera to take this photographicalisation of the Sherwood sunset.

Settled once again to watch some TV – nodded off again.

Woke by the telephone ringing away – another struggle to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair before they rang off.

Jpose03It was Sister Jane, so nice to hear from her. I’m afraid I waffled a bit and didn’t get the full message, as I was a bit droopy from the kip.

She sounded well, bless her.

Something we said must have triggered my thoughts, for I do recall sitting and musing over memories from long ago for an hour or so as I sat there in the dark pondering on life and it’s problems, personal and global, peace being the main worry… I mean, the violence and hatred being the primary concern for the world that needs corrective and compassionate attention – but it will not get it, that is certain.

The engrossment and mortification over the world’s worries had worn me out, but I could not get back to sleep for hours.

Waking up around 0350hrs, drained!

Inchcock Today – Fri 3rd March 2017: Increased contentment, then Depression returns!

Friday 3rd March 2017

פרייטאג מערץ 3, 2017 Yiddish

5fri11I stirred around 0130hrs, extracted myself out of the recliner and to the porcelain. Pleased to report no bleeding, although, the hands and arms had acquired a rash of some sort?

Did the early Health Checks, the weight had gone up a bit?

Got a drink of orange juice and photographed the hand, then I returned once again to the £300 second-hand recliner to settle once more.

I noticed I had written something on the pad I keep handy to make notes of any dreams or any things I remember need doing, during the night. All I’d wrote was: floods, river, cave and dark?

Nodded off and stirred again at 0315hrs. The porcelain needed attending again (Oh, dear!). Made a flask of tea to last me a while, and onto the computer to do the diaries. Finished Thursday’s and posted it.

Then on CorelDraw to work on a graphic for the TFZ site.

Got the new header updated: Trimmed and posted to go in with the others.


4thur04Got the vegetables cut up and into cold water in the Crock-Pot ready to put on when I go out to see Pete later.

Rang Olive to get permission to visit her on my way back fro the meeting and shopping.

Did the ablutions and got things ready to take with me that I needed, passed wing and set out to catch the bus in plenty of time.

5fri02So sad to see the tree that was in the centre of the green now gone, just the trump left, Humph!

A new Scottish resident who rarley speaks or even answers when anyone says anything to him, like, ‘Good morning’, was ranting away in his strong accent about the destruction of the trees.

Listened to a few residents chibwagging while waiting to catch a bus, but I was the only one wanting the L9 destined for the City Centre.

5fri01I noticed that each nad every one of the concrete bollards has its own Loveliness of Ladybirds that seemed to have settled together on the tip of each post.

The other two came and went and I waited in the drizzle and wind another ten minutes for the City bus, which eventually arrived very late. This could not be avoided due to roadworks in Daybrook delaying all the traffic at the mement.

The other two buses came and went and I waited in the drizzle and wind another ten minutes for the City bus, which eventually arrived very late. This could not be avoided due to roadworks in Daybrook delaying all the traffice at the mement.

Arrived in town and dropped off into the rain on Upper Parliament Street and hobbled into the Victoria Centre.

Had a good walk around the Market, didn’t buy anything though. Down to the lower level and popped into the HMV shop, got a Jonathon Creek DVD. I was feeling far more cheerful than I have done for a good while.

Then into Tesco and got some bits, bread, bacon and Sopocka loin.

Out then to meet Pete at his bus stop. Gave im the pressies and nibbles, had a few minutes gossip and then went over the road to catch the last L9 bus back to the flats.

Into the flat and put the things away, went to check on the Crock-Pot vegetables and found that I had not put turned pot on! This started my sinking into a self loathing and pitying depression again…

I called in to see Olive and she had a look at the paperwork from the bank for me – while doing this, I got a phone call on the mobile from the bank manager – It seems that one of the qualifying items I’d supplied, from the Council Tax, had got the wrong postcode on it and is no acceptable. He is going to give me time to look for another statement from the m with 2016-2017 on it… which of course is impossible, as only one statement is issued a year?

He said he would phone me on Monday to see if I had found one. If Olive had not been there, I would have cried out loud.

I left Olive a different person to how I was when I arrived there. Morbid, listless and morose, dispitirited, woebegone and utterley depressed.

5fri04Back to the flat and had a meal, Mushroom Risotto, vegetable sausages (Very nice), chestnut, shiitasha and Po-Ku mushrooms and crispy bacon;

It should have been a wonderful nosh, but how I was feeling, so low now, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have.

To make things worse, I carried out the last Health Check and I’d put on 2lb from yesterday?

Feeling melancholy, lugubrious and so sorry for missen.

I hate me when I get like this.

Inchcock Today – Thur 2nd Mar 17:


Thursday 2nd March 2017

Javanese: Thursday 2 Maret 2017

0240hrs: Woke in the £300 second-hand recliner chair, disappointed that I could not recall anything about the dreams I knew I had had. However, despite this, I felt far less sullen about life and almost sanguine in my outlook. Why, and what had changed? I’ve no idea: but was so glad at how I felt, praying this outlook will persist a while longer for me.

The wind was howling and the rain was beating down and I made my way to the porcelain for a heavy-duty session and once again, no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harry or Little Inchy at all. This rare good start to the day almost jargogled my brain as I thought maybe I was really still asleep and dreaming? Hehe!

Did the first health checks, made a mug of tea and took the first medications of the day.

I made sure I’d got all the things needed for the visit to the new prospective bank man meeting to transfer all my stuff to, and I put them in the bag ready to go later.

Computer turned on and worked on yesterday’s post, then moved to start this one while I remembered things I’d done this morning up until now, then back to the Wednesday post to finalise and post it off.

clanConfirmed via email with Sister Jane that I would meet her in the morning… no, afternoon tomorrow at her bus stop at 1445hrs.

Updated the Health Check List on Excel. Responded to messages on WordPress. Then went onto Facebook.

Onto CorelDraw and titivated the graphic of TFZer gal Suzieann, and posted it to the TFZers site.

Took a good ablutionising session and set off with the bag of nibbles and raffle prizes to drop 4thur11off at the Winwood Social Hut, along with notes from Olive to ask the bank manager at the meeting.

Rather sad to the blokes doing the preparation work for the modernisationing of the dwellings by hacking down the Chestnut Trees.

Penny and Obergruppenfurheress Warden Julie were in. Gave Penny (Past Warden of the flats and now newly self- appointed4thur12 Social Hour Organiser) the things and explained why I will be missing yet another Social Hour, then plodded down Winchester Hill into Sherwood.

Espied whatever these berries are growing in the hedgerow over the wall and wondered what they were?The wind was a blowing somewhat, so this is the best

The wind was a blowing somewhat, so this blurry effort is the best I could manage at taking a photo of them.

I was in plenty of time for the meeting, so had an amble up Mansfield Road, noticing that in the Bird’s Cake shop, they had only about six of the iced scones I liked. So I nipped in and asked them if I could pay for a couple and collect them later (Cause they are bound to be sold by the time I get out of the meeting with the bank manager) – and the girl said no problem.

Poddled further up the hill and got a TV magazine for next week then strolled down to the bank and waited for the meeting.

The Bank Manager greeted me in the foyer and asked me to wait a while and that a lady would be sitting in with us on the meeting if that is alright. I said okay and did some of the crosswords in the book while waiting.

My having difficulty in hearing what he was saying and him having a mouth that was so hard if not impossible to lip read made it hard going for both of us, although he was patient. I actually changed the batteries in the Hearing Aids and tried different settings without any luck in getting them to work, this puzzled me until I saw the solidly impacted ear wax blocking the earpiece on the right lughole.

After over an hour of, to me, hard work in form filling signing etc, I thought to myself: They recognise dyslexia as an ailment illness, so why do they not acknowledge folk like me who have similar problems with maths and numbers? Just a thought like.

I had to pull up the manager a few time (3) when I saw him enter details on the computer that were wrong. He misspelt my name on one, put a wrong number in and selection of my personal details on a page, one of the many pages he was forced to fill-in and explain to me as he did so.

5fri07About two hours after entering the room, he said we are onto the last session now… another hour later it was all done, and I ended up with a folder of waffle to ‘Read through later at my leisure’ as he said.

They must be 30 forms and booklets in the pack, and I’m going to need a bit of advice and help on digesting all this.

He added that I will be receiving two phone calls from the bank asking about the interview and how it went?

Then a call from him to arrange another meeting to discuss investment opportunities and other accounts and options available. He already mentioned they supply home and other insurances, pensions etc. 

All this I imagine, to cover regulations and to satisfy the bank’s natural addiction to quomodocunquising?

We nattered between sorting things, and the lady kindly reminded me tp collect my cream cakes from the shop. Hehe!

I felt well drained as I left to walk to collect my cream cakes from the shop.

5fri01Up the hill to the bus stop and nearly fell asleep and missed the stop at the flats. As I dismounted the bus, all of the concrete bollards had ladybirds massing on them. I still can’t find out why, though? Should they even be about in February?

Got in the flat and put the folder from the bank away and visited the porcelain – no bleeding again. Good!

Sister Jane rang, she thought I was meeting her today and had been waiting for me at her bus stop in town… Oh dear! She could not meet me tomorrow but will send hubby Pete to meet me and collect the nibbles and pressies.

5fri02Got the nosh going.

The Sourdough bread, unfortunately, was uneatable, it had gone bitter for some reason? And I threw away the tomatoes, they were extremely bitter too. Not that I needed them, plenty of other fodder to eat. The cream cakes were nice afterwards.

I did the washing up and sat down with a mug of orange juice and pondered over whether or not I should get the ever increasing pile of washing done… and fell asleep.

5fri04Woke and it was getting dark.

Took the medications and changed into night attire.

Got the TV on to watch some Heartbeat. Fell asleep and woke up again late on.

Made a drink, and settled to watch The Persuaders, didn’t even get to the first commercial break, nodded off again.