Inchcock Today: Wed 22nd Feb 2017

3wed01Arose and dismounted the creaking £300 second-hand recliner. Feeling a bit less depressed after my third go at having a sleep without nightmares. (Failed).

Porcelain duties, then took the medications, readings (BP, Temperature, Pulse, Weight) and creamed and medicated the areas requiring such activity. (Hehe, plenty of them when you get older, Haha)

It all looks okay to me so far this week?

Made a brew of nice strong tea, and the Morrison delivery arrived as I was putting some potatoes in the crock-pot for later.

3wed03The Morrison food delivery arrived and I was soon putting them away.

I’d got some Meal in a jar, to try out. Polish made. I tried the names, Fasolka and Po Bretonsku in the translator on the web.

Fasolka means Beans, Bretonsku means, Bean and Meat Stew from Britanny.

Large jars that contain 580g – 1lb 6oz, Large 3wed04white beans, Bacon, Polish sausage, onion, tomatoes and paste. I felt it looked so good in the photo, I could add some fresh tomatoes and I felt so sure I’d like it, I got two jars in.

If it turns out bad and I don’t like it, I can always put the other jar in as a raffle prize at the Social Hour Meeting. Hehe!

I readied myself for the Foot Lady, Sue to arrive, got her money out so she could see it when she arrives, she likes that. Hehe!

3wed05The rains stopped now, went into the kitchen to make another cuppa and we had a faint rainbow on the horizon.

Took the bin bags out to the chute.

Feeling a lot better than yesterday in spirits (guilty too), I finished sorting out the produce I’d had delivered earlier.

Boy, had they sent me some large bananas or 3wed06what? I nearly lost me flipping hand in them when I moved ’em, Hehehe!

I can have one of them for a complete meal, methinks?

I called Olive, but no answer and I  assumed she was with the cleaner gals.I’ve got to go see one of the

I’ve got to go see one of the lexiphanic Nottingham City Council social workers on their Empowerment Team later. To see if I can beg them to change the kitchen window when they do the improvements to the flats. Which, according to Warden Deana, they are not going to change the current windows apart from one on the balcony? It’s blowing in something rotten again this morning (The wind).

I finished some graphicalisationing for the TFZer Site.


The Foot lady has not come yet, hope I haven’t got the day wrong and end up staying in and got getting out for me fresh foods?

Phoned her up. I got the right day, but the wrong month! Humph! got myself ready and had a slow walk up to Mapperley shops for the vegetables.

3wed02Wot a PlonkaThe hip and legs were a painful bother, but so was Anne Gyna when going up any gradient.

Near the top of the park, the howling winds almost had me off my feet. Not cold with it though, at least.

What few folk were about all looked a little depressed, to say the least.

3wed03Seeing the Spring flowers force their way up, fighting nature, people’s feet, dog poo etc, always makes me appreciate nature.

Struggled on up and out of the park and up Mapperley Hill onto the top road and the shops.

Not easy, but I took it slowly. By the time I arrived on Mapperley Top, I was in a bad state with Anne and Arthur giving me gip, and I felt for the first time in my life, old. Especially when people were asking me if I was alright and holding doors open for me! I must have looked proper poorly limping along and having to stop to catch my breath and balance?

Got to the greengrocers and purchased some little carrots, purple, white and green, just a few of each to try with my belly pork later. Cox’s apples and a yoghourt. Then wandered around a bit and found a Birds Fresh Cream Cake Shop…

To Boot’s and got a battery powered toothbrush – had a dizzy on the way out of the shop.

3wed04On the way to the bus stop near the Pelican Crossing, there were two large flower displays. I had to think to myself, how kind of the Council to plant cigarettes for the electors? Hehe!

Caught the bus back and met Bill (Fellow Tenant) and he told me the Social Hour for tomorrow had been cancelled and would be on Friday this week instead, cause Penny, the lady who runs it has to go to a funeral. That cheered me up. I must remember to ring BJ in the morning to let him know.

I rang Olive again when I got in and received a stern heartfelt telling off for not waiting long enough when I rang her earlier.

3wed05Got the fodder going.

No burns, dropped articles or cuts and bruises this time, although I can’t seem to find the black pepper pot?

Aching limbs meant an uncomfortable session in the £300 second-hand recliner falling asleep and waking every few minutes while I pretended to watch the TV.

Missed the evening medications.