Inchcock – Thur 22 Nov 2018: Hectic eventful day again. Laundry done. Food deliveries. FootLady Sue arrived late. Started frustratingly messy, but got a lot betterer – Chinwags enjoyed!


Thursday 22nd November 2018

Thursday 22nd November 2018

0030hrs: Woke up, recalling a lot of the non-fictitious-like dream, I’d been having seconds earlier it seemed to me. Odd little teaser of a fantasy it was. I was living in a single room, it appeared to have elements of many of the places I have lived in and worked at, but kept changing appearance and furniture, colours etc. all the time. The thing was, I could not find a door, to get out through? Any amateur dream interpreters who can help me? Not that it matters really, cause it wasn’t a frightening or worrying nightmare for once. I seemed to be content with the situation (in the dream).

I removed my ghastly overweight, short, stubby but wobble-bellied decaying body from the £300 second-hand recliner without any accifauxpas. Off to the kitchen to take the medications and do the Health Checks.

WD 29.29.255 I got out the weekly dosage pots from the drawer, and dang-me, I’d missed taking yesterday mornings and last nights medications! Grumph! What a Yold! I imagine that this was due to all of Wednesday’s Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas? I took this morning’s and had a stern word or two with myself about being a right pillock-brain again!

Tended to the Health Checks


4Thu001aThe results, all sadly apart from the weight, were within the required range I think. I suspect that the scales are playing up or broken. Hehehe!

I made a brew of Assam tea in the small China mug. I do live well, don’t I?

The hemadynamometer, by the way, worked first try.

WD 29.29.255 I received an out of the blue message from my innards for me to visit the Porcelain Throne with sudden urgency. I got there in plenty of time, but, there no need to rush this morning. The evacuation was a solid, painful, laborious affair. I got through several pages of the Jeremy Clarkson Biography book before the action was finished! It was the complete opposite of the last four-days visits. At least there was not much cleaning up to do afterwards for once, Hehe!

4Thu01Got the computer going, and checked the Goodge Calendar first job.

Oh dear, a busy day dawning I see!

Hope FootLady Sue is not late. I pray that things work out alright, and I am forced into missing my Winwood Social Hour meeting.

4Thu03I took a photograph of the moon, using the night scene option, it took 30 seconds to record the picture. The white scar mark to the left as you look at the moon was an airliner, but think I didn’t hold the camera steady enough and it came out like a scratch in the sky. Tsk!

I got on with finishing off the Wednesday blog and got it posted off. Then went on WordPress Reader and looked at comments and replied.

Made a start on this post.

4Thu03aI’d better get the ablutions done early today before the deliveries arrive.

WD 29.29.255 I spotted some EIBWBBBs (Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) in the waste bin in the wet room. Dead ones. 

After doing the ablutions, this encouraged me to carry out an EIBWBBBs Search & Destroy Mission. Two in the spare room and four in the kitchen, all small ones and deceased.

4Thu04I sprayed all around with the ‘Raid Bug Killer’ with a cough-inducing guarantee. Hehe!

Found this note that had been put through the door yesterday.

Back on the computer, working on creating some page top graphics, while I awaited the arrival of the Iceland Delivery… No, Sorry, the Morrison Delivery.

4Thu050610hrs: The Morrison delivery arrived.

Only a small order today, but it cost more than the usual one because I bought some treats for folks for Christmas.

I treated myself to a Lamb Leg Steak. A tiny one that cost £3.19 – which is £14.00 a kg! I just hope I don’t make a faux pas cooking it. Haha!

4Thu02I put the bits away and restocked the Social Hour nibble bag.

To the wet room for an SSWW.

WD 29.29.255 More EIBWBBBs found, all deceased. Had another squirt around with some Sanmex Bug Killer and coughed up some more of my lungs. Tsk!

4Thu06Made a brew, noticing how the mist had descended.

Back on the computer to catch-up with the TFZer Facebooking for a while, waiting for the Iceland delivery to arrive.

While moving some stuff about, I came across a letter from the landlord, Nottingham City Homes. It is an eight-4Thu06apage double-sided questionnaire!

It gave an internet address where I could fill it in on there to save all the writing, so I keyed in the given wording on Google.

But, I was informed that the address does not exist?

4Thu07With all due care I could muster, I made sure that the two addresses were the same.

Still, it came up with no match to any documents?

Frustrated, I was concerned that another day like yesterday might be coming. So I considering suicide methods. Only joking!

WD 29.29.255 The door chime rang out, I thought it was FootLady Sue, but no, it was Obersturmführeress Warden Julie. She’d come to test the alarms. I asked her if she would ring Sue for me, as it was now 0955hrs. She said she would bless her cotton socks, and got out her phone and asked me for the number – just as the intercom chirped into life, it was Sue arriving for her 0930hrs appointment. Deana departed, and Sue came in. Did the feet, we had a natter, I paid her, and off she went too. I walked down to her car with her, which meant a bit of a rush to get things ready. I ended up going out without the hearing aids, in the wrong glasses and full of self-angst!

Got in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin. I was greeted with cheers!

WD 29.29.255 I was too late for the raffle. But got the nibbles and pressies handed out, and was having some good chinwags, when the place got severe. I’m afraid, as Jenny started to address us all, about twenty-two of us were in there, giving a talk, I could not hear anything she was saying without the hearing aids in. I moved closer and stood behind her, but still only picked up the odd word or two. But it would have been rude of me to leave, so I waited until whatever was being discussed was finished.

4Thu09Then made my way back to the flats and the wet room for an SSWW.

En route, I took this photographicalisation of the Winwood Heights Complex.

It was drizzling with cold rain, overcast and a little gloomy.

4Thu11I caught Willmott-Dixons Plonk-Brewer and Plant Perambulator Paulius on his tractor come fork-lift near the centre Extra Care Flats compound. Right

And below, Innocent Claiming Ian Incharge, giving the thumbs-up.

4Thu10.A decent couple of lads.

I can doctor these pictures up on CorelDraw for a bit of fun later when I get the time.

I got back to the flat and the much-needed SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee wee).

I got the laundry down as fast as I could because all the machines were empty! Took some black bags to the waste chute on the way down to the washer, got it going, and back up to update this blog.

4Thu12Down to move the stuff into the dryer, taking a recycling bag down with me.

Gaynor, Mo and Mary were in the lobby having a sit-down and gossiping session. I joined in. Well, I am fond of a good natter!

Back up to the flat and set the timer and continued doing this post until the alarm rang.

Then down to collect the laundry. Gaynor and Mo still chinwagging. Handed ’em a nibble each. Lovely gals. Moved the washing to the dryer, and yet again back up to the flat. Has as SSWW, and continued doing this diary until it was time to return down to the tenant’s laundry room. 

4Thu13Removed and folded my washing, cleaned the drum and filter, passed wind and returned up to the apartment.

On the way up on the lift, I decided to go out on the bus to Aldi to get some potatoes and replacement nibbles for the Social Hour box.

Late for me to go out, I know. I think the terrible, messy start to the day, and now things coming together and having enjoyed a few chinwags, my spirits had improved and with it, my determination and will-power. Klutz!

I got to the bus stop, no one else there when I arrived. A chap joined me later. The guy told me that this bus was 20 minutes late yesterday when he caught it. Not good news, as it was getting cold and a little misty out there. Well, it was 22 minutes late today. The bloke had given up and gone back to his flat by then.

WD 29.29.255 When I got on, I said to the driver; “Busy traffic in Arnold again?” He adopted a sneer that would put Sylvester Stallone’s sneeriest sneer, to shame and he forced an almost growling “No!” in reply. At this stage, I thought it wise for me say nowt else, and get myself seated. My EQ told me the lad was under pressure.

WD 29.29.255 I got to the Aldi store, and as I crossed the pedestrian crossing to the doors, a car coming in seemed not to notice me until the last moment and had to jam his anchors on to avoid hitting me. Tsk!

I had a good wander around the shop and selected some items more than the bag of potatoes I had gone for initially. Tsk! I paid the patient gentleman on the checkout and with a heavy bag of fodder, thanked him and departed. With, two small bags of potatoes, a pack of ham trimmings, one of German smoked ham, extra mature cheddar cheese, yellow tomatoes, two bottles of spring water and a variety of nibble-box top-ups; jelly babies, spirals, chocolate wafers, nut bars and caramel wafers.

4Thu13aaHobbled along Woodborough Road and right down Mapperley Rise.

As I got to the junction with Park View, I got the camera out of my pocket to take these photographicalisations.

Each one zoomed in a little more than the previous one.

I did this so I could show the top of a Winwood Heights block of apartments, that I could see above and behind one of the house chimneys.

It indicated how the mist was falling now, and the flats were hardly noticeable in any of the distance shots.

Them being painted a light grey on that side of the building is perfect camouflage in the fog. Good job it is not on any aeroplane flight route. Hehehe!

I assumed it would be Winchester Court, that being the nearest one as the crow flies.

I noticed that the house had been fitted with Solar panels. I must ask someone in the know, how this works in practicality. Does the electricity produced save much on costs for the tenant? How is the working-out of the price and level produced? And, how long will that black brick with all the mortar around it last before it falls out? Haha!

I limped on, stopping now and then take a break from carrying the weighty bag.

4Thu14At the junction of Winchester Street. Sherwood Rise and Chestnut Walk, a Nottingham City Homes van came out, as I was taking a rest break.

I have to say, that the feet were a lot better now that FootLady Sue had done them. And the other ailments apart from Back-Pain-Brenda were agreeable to me. Things had gone from terrible to delightful suddenly, well, it felt like 4Thu15that to me.

But, of course, things can change!

As I got down Chestnut Walk, I took this photograph of the workers. It looked to me, like they were covering the electricity cable they buried earlier. And, I reckon, they were making way for the new bus turn-around island that will be located outside the new Extra Care and  Generalfeldmarschalless Warden’s block eventually.

Things are beginning to take shape now.

I got in the apartment and put away the purchasers. Then I emptied the laundry bag I’d left with the clothes in the hallway earlier when I made the sudden decision to go to Aldi. Refilled the cleaning pots ready for the next wash.

I got the nosh prepared.

4Thu16I got some McCains chips in the oven and made up some buttered wholemeal flatbread sandwiches with the ham off-cuts.

I decorated the plate with red, yellow and orange tomatoes, gherkins, dried roast onions, chestnuts, extra-strong cheddar cheese and shredded beetroot. Added the chips when they were finished cooking, and a half-filled bottle of orange juice.

I got this gobbled-up (Nearly all of it anyway!) Giving it a flavour rating of 9/10.

Washed the pots, had an SSWW, did the Health Checks, took the medications and got onto the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV and nibble an orange iced-sucker.

WD 29.29.255 I fell off to sleep quickly tonight. So fast, that when I woke up an hour or so later, I found a sticky-gooey mess that had once been an orange sucker, gelled to chest hairs as it melted while I slept, forming a lake of fruit stuck and partially dried in the dip formed by my bulbous belly and welded to the hairs! I had to laugh as I cleaned it up! An interested after-fact about this here… I have yet to find the wooden handle from the ice-lolly? Don’t know whether to be worried or not? Hahaha!

Inchcock – Tuesday 9th October 2018: Odd sort of day, shame I missed the last bit of it… Hehe!


Tuesday 9th October 2018

Portuguese: Terça-Feira, 9 de Outubro de 2018

2Tue001Having been up since 2130hrs, like yesterday, I was all confused. I had a few wee-wee’s while I started on updating the Monday Post.

The sky from the unwanted, view-blocking, light-eliminating new kitchen window, looked almost foreboding.

Had to go to the Porcelain Throne and sort-put best I could the fungal lesion sanguineness.

2Tue02fI found that the legs were still full of fluid, this time, with the left one being bigger, or fuller than the right one. The mystery growth on the lower right leg remains a conundrum as to what it is from! I think another one might be growing on the right leg, to keep it company? Haha!

I seem to have hairy knees? I’ve not noticed that before. Hehe!

Did the Health Checks.


0125hrs: Got the blog for Monday finished and posted off.

I went to make a brew of tea. I took the morning medications.

I had a hunt around for any Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles and found only dead ones. Well, until later when I discovered and eliminated a few live ones from the spare room.

0220hrs: Back to the computer. Had a read of WP Reader section. Then onto the TFZer Facebooking and adding to the photo albums.

It took me until 0438hrs – the Facebook or internet was that slow. Turned it all off and rebooted. Then tried to reply to some Facebook comments. Another two hours spent on Facebooking!

I had the back-stabbing-pains getting worse, so I got up and had a walk about for a bit – it did no good of course. Haha!

On my hobble around, I found eight letters stuck in the letterbox. Seven were junk mail, and one from Nottingham City Homes. A two-sided message. An invitation to a meeting to view the design ideas for the new Winwood Centre, the conference for next Tuesday at 1400hrs>1600hrs on Tuesday 23rd October.

  • Ground Floor: Large social area with tea point and kitchen: Dining tables and chairs, informal seating area. Possible partitions.
  • First Floor: Craft Activity Room, IT points. Storage areas. Judging by all the empty spirit and beer bottle in the recycling bin, I think that Craft Beers would entice most tenants to have a go. Hehehe! Only joking.
  • Second Floor: TV lounge, chairs, and a sofa. That would be somewhere different for me to fall asleep? Haha!
  • Third Floor: Games Room. Snooker, table tennis or air hockey. Board games and a dart board. The mind shudders!
  • Fourth Floor: Sun Room. Retro feel, CD’s MP3’s (Whatever they are?), opening out onto a roof terrace.


By gum, they are going to a lot of expense and effort for us all. Lucky residents we are!

I must remember to get to see Jenny and ask her which weekday would be best for me to take up her kind offer to let me take some photographs of the new build before it is completed, from her kitchen and lounge windows.

I went on CorelDraw to prepare some more TFZer graphics. I managed to get three done before it was time to tend to the ablutions and medicationing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Got the shaving, showering, creaming, lotioning, and refreshing all done.


Took three shots from the window to show the morning to you all. Left, ahead and right.

I popped up to see Roy and his better half, but no answer.

2Tue06Treat Jenny and Frank on the way out. Great people.

As I left the flats, this beast of a plant wagon approached.


Plant Perambulator Paulius Plonk-Brewer (Hyphenated) and Eric Incharge were manipulating the vehicle.

Along to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed. I was first in, but the place soon filled up: Cindy, Elizabeth, Lynne, Welsh William and Big John from the flat above plus many others. I harkened to the chatter.

2Tue07When it was time, we all went out to the bus stop. The City bound bus arrived first, and Big John and I got on it. I dropped off at Woodborough top Plains Road junction and wobbled along to the Aldi Store.

Where I spent and got a little more than I needed to. Tsk, Klutz!

Nibbles for the Christmas ‘do’ meeting. Melton 2Tue07bMowbray pork pie, cheese twists, pork shoulder steaks, mini-potatoes, vine tomatoes, hoisin pork ribs, and some brown sandwich thins.

Oh, and some boxes of two cream cakes on offer. One for me, one of Jenny and one for Cyndy. Guilt Mode Adopted!

I decided to get the bus back instead of walking, then I could get to the hospital quicker.

2Tue08aBack at the flats, I used the safety passage mad up from fence thingies. Naturally, Big John walked bravely on the road section. Oh, I am good! Haha!

Got in the flat and went up to Cyndy’s and gave Eric the nibbles, then to Jennies for the same reason. I asked if Jenny could let me know when was best for me to call to use her windows for the photographicalisationing of the new block. Left the cakes and back to the flat.

WD0.51.102 Then I realised it was tomorrow, not today for the hospital. What a Shlemiel! I seem to have got myself in a right muddle appointment-wise.

2Tue26Did the Health Checks.

So I got the meal on.

Hoisin pork ribs, green beans, tomatoes, mini-potatoes and chip sticks. Mandarin yoghourt and an apple.

The naughty but nice jam & cream doughnuts went down too well. Hehe! Flavour Rating: 9.1/10.

I must have nodded off after eating this meal.

Cause I woke up around midnight with the plate and things still on the tray on the next chair, and positive signs of nocturnal nibbling spread over my stomach (Crumbs!)

What happened on the 5 hours before this, is a mystery. But I either had a somnambulant episode, or woke up to gather the fodder to nibble… or, I don’t know. Humph!




Inchcock Today – Tuesday 28th November 2017

Tuesday 28th November 2017

Sesotho: Labobeli la 28 November 2017

1150hrs: Awoke, the body not up to any pandiculating. Once again the body was not suffering in a poorly way, just still tired, weary and aching in places.

The mind, was very polyphiloprogenitive, I was momentarily concerned as it seemed to be doing its own thing, going where it wanted, as if feverishly searching for something but not letting me know what it was? When it found it, I was informed of, in what was almost a command; “Get the laundry done!” Then the central nervous system enclosed in the cranium of my head, the convoluted mass of grey and white matter returned to its usual state of only just coping with controlling and coordinating my mental actions (Poorly), rested.

I robotically removed my mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, and off into the wet room for a wee-wee. It turned into a Porcelain Throne Session, but an almost perfect one this time. No bleeding bled at all.

Then I gathered the washing things together in the big bag. Got some togs on and made my way down to the laundry room. Only one of the lifts working, the other had a blank blue screen above. Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald both being kind to me, Anne Gyna just a bit of bother, hardly worth mentioning though, yes… I’ll take that back. Hehehe!

0030hrs: Got the machine going and back up the lift. The second elevator now lit up, but stuck on the ninth floor?

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Mug of tea.

0100hrs: Down to move the clothes into the dryer. Both lifts operational now? Someone had not cleaned out the filter, and there were new to me stains in the sink, that I could not get off.

0120hrs: Up and got the diaries updating done.

The time flew by, it was soon 0200hrs, and I was down once more to the laundry room. Number one lift now stuck on the 9th floor again? There are no quotidian moments here, are there. Haha!

Got the washing out, folded and into the bag.

Tried again to clean the sink marks off, without any success. Cleared the filters, wiped the drums and casings.

The number one cage was out of action this time, no lights at all?

Is someone playing about? Are Aliens to blame? Is Elvis still alive? Am I going bonkers? These lifts remind me of two things; Heath Robinson and a Carry-On-film. Hehe!

It was a lot warmer this morning.

Made another brew and got a header done for the upcoming funny ode about my Mini-Ottoman, blog.

0430hrs: Went on to WordPress Reader. Then checks the comments received.

Facebooked next.

Then onto CorelDraw and graphicalisationing prep work.

Got two fun ones finished.

Must get off to the ablutioning session now. Got all cleaned and fresh, dressed.

Did the Health Checks and medication.

Took the sorted black bags to the rubbish chute on the way out, and down the lift and out into the not precisely hot sunshine. Popped in the Obergruppenfurheress Deana hut. Out to the bus stop to join the ganglet of Senior Citizens there amassed. Then realised I had not taken the mobile phone or camera with me, and it was too late for me to return to get them. Fool!

I decided not to go to Arnold after all. Because sorting out the time without the phone could well mean I miss the bus back. So I just caught the City Bus up to Mapperley Top and hobbled to the Aldi Store.

I poddled around and ended up buying 2 pots of lemon yoghourt. Not cheap and very small, but they looked delicious with the lemon settled at the bottom of the glass pots. Some Part-Baked Rolls. The very naughty Frikadellens, and two tins of garden peas. I only spent £4.18. Good for me, that I think.

Had a wee-wee and made a mug of tea.

I then hung out of the window to take a picture of the balcony as was.

I got the computer on and updated this load of absolute tosh.

On CorelDraw to start the idea I had for a Bexit Funny. Had a job setting it up over the next two hours. Got it done. Don’t want to let on what it is yet until I publish the diary that I’m putting it on.

The weariness dawned, so I closed everything down and made the nosh; not that it needed much making. Balsamic vinegared tomatoes and franks.

Did some of the part-cooked brown mini-cobs Ten minutes in the oven) and had a pot of lemon fool and one of the tremendously tasty jars of Lemon Farmhouse Yoghourt, along with the evening medications. Taking the things to put in soak and mail arrived.

The DVT, INR Warfarin Level Results and new doses. No Email from the doctor surgery again. So, no chance of getting to the dentist.

Also, yet another note from Willmott Dixon builders. This time about training for how to operate the new heaters. Wednesday 6th December there will be three training sessions for groups of us old fogies, we have to book a seat with their Unterscharführeresses, Herrens Cath or Lynne by ringing them on their mobiles.

Rang Sister Jane, who rang back a few minutes later. Passed on the messages from cyber-friends for her, over the loss of Fooey.

Washed the pots and got my head down to watch some Jonathan Creek DVD episodes.

Soon off into the land of Nod.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 26th October 2017: Tenants Social Hour

A Sign of Mankind’s abject failure, squander-mania, greed, ingordigious, intolerance, esurient cravings, avarice, jealousness and self-destructiveness!

Thursday 26th October 2017

Esperanto: Ĵaŭdo 26 Oktobro 2017

2230hrs (Yesterday): I’d woken up thinking it was morning and discovered what time it actually was.

I’d taken the Health Checks but did notice the time before swallowing the medications and applying the various creams and lotions Tsk!

I got the Wednesday Post finished and started on this one. A little confused to say the least!

Did some graphic tops for future use.

Turned everything off and Nipped into the wet room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. All was good in this department this morning.

0110hrs: Made a fresh brew of tea and had a peek out of the window.

No rain or wind, and it was warm really.

Got CorelDraw back on, and the Virgin Media Internet returned.

Although depressed with things, the toothache and NHS Helpline had not rung back etc. The brain did not have its Boeotian spell like it has for the last three mornings. I wish it had, then I might not feel so low if the grey-cells had played up and gave me something else to worry about. Hehehe!

I updated an old TFZer graphic on CorelDraw.

Emails, Facebooking and WordPress Reading followed.

I got a good long hard ablutionalisational session done. Scouring pad, back brush and elbow grease used in the shower. Hehehe!

Applied the medications and lotions and sat on the Porcelain Throne… where I stayed for hours! I’d got to a fascinating chapter in the Lenigrad book, and seemed unable to put it down. Several pages later, as the body mass and extremities started to feel the cold, I put the book down and adorned my well-upholstered flobby body in some clothes. A challenge this is you know!

Assembled the raffle prizes and nibbles box in the bag, and did the second of the day’s Health Checks. The reading seemed to have come down and steadied a bit now. I wondered if I might get a call today from the NHS Helpline?

Soon it was time for me to set off to the Winwood Tenants Social Hour. Where I was so pleased to see that Jenny and Frank had returned from their short holiday. Jenny looked in fine fettle and spirits. She actually sang to the three gals and me as we entered. Welcome to my World, I think it was, of course, I might well be wrong on that. I probably am. Bless her.

Jenny supplied me with a small cup of tea. I put the raffle prizes on the trolly. Bill (William on Sundays) was at the same table, along with the big superior chap who helps me with the crosswords sometimes, and the lady who is assigned to the flats for the duration of the building works. A few more in attendance this week, and seemed cheerier. I took the nibbles around in the hopes of getting a chinwag or two in with the other residents, but it didn’t work out like that again.

I was thinking of leaving to catch the L9 bus up to Mapperley Tops to get some fodder when BJ arrived. Managed a quick natter with him, he was looking in good health today.

Bid my fond farewells to one and all, but they were nattering away, and no one responded. Which was not a bad thing, cause they were communicating, laughing and I was glad to see them having such a good time.

To the bus stop and a few others joined me.

I took this photo from the stop, of my Woodthorpe Court Flats. The builders were putting something up at the back of the block, to the right. Looked like a climbing frame of some sort to me.

Caught the bus up to Woodborough Road.

Walked along to the Aldi Store. Where I spent a fair bit of my ever-dwindling cash. Tsk!

They did not look busy as I approached through the car park. But when I got inside, it was pandemonium.

On my hobble around, getting many things I did not need or were painful for the poorly teeth to eat (Humph!). Some tiny potatoes, long-life skimmed milk, fresh whole milk, cooked Free-range Chicken Thighs, tomatoes, tinned garden peas, a packet of two Ciabatta rolls, belly-pork slices and a bargain bottle of Maple Syrup for £2.99, that is £2 less than Morrison charge for theirs.

Of course, I withhold judgement until I actually get around to tasting it.

Paid the young man and got to the door to leave, and I had to stop and distribute the weight between the two bags.

As I got out onto the road to walk along to turn right and down Winchester Street Hill, I was struggling with the bags and did not see tenants Margaret and her hubby. (I think her name is Margret). She laughed as she nudged me. They were on their way to the Aldi store I reckon. Lovely couple, I always like to have a talk with them.

A short distance down the road, I noticed this Speed-Warning sign. Most likely that is had been there for years, but for some reason, I had not seen it before. This brought on a moment of self-pity and feeling sorry for myself. Huh! No longer having a licence or car and there I was with Anne Gyna giving me grief and carrying a bag that was making it worse.

But I soon came out of it, when I came across this piece of Nottingham Street Art.

I wondered what it was?

Walked on with a little visit from Dizzy Dennis that only lasted a few moments, thankfully. Anne Gyna not happy, but I was because Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis were both giving me a rest.

I got back and into the flat, not feeling bad at all, just so tired.

I got the fodder away and prepped the meal.

So exhausted now, I got a Rumpole of the Bailey DVD on and watched a couple of episodes while the meal cooked. Glad to say, I did not nod-off and let anything burn.

The meal itself looked grand and tasty, as indeed it should have been. But, my option of the chicken thighs was a bad one. For the teeth would not let me masticate at all, as the flesh was so tough. Usually, when the teeth are okay, I like it like this.

As I did my best with it, I noticed blood had dripped down from the loose tooth onto me and the plate. Ah-well, that’s life nowadays!

This took the edge off of the meal. The potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peas and apple were grand.

The bullet-like beetroot from the Sainsbury’s British Baby (Note that these were quartered and are still as big as the potatoes) Beetroot in Sweet Vinegar jar will have to be given or thrown away now. Never in the field of Gastronomic Disasters have I come across such rock-hard undercooked tasteless beetroot in my life! Argh!

Did the washing-up and turned the TV on.

Soon off into the land of nod, at the time the first set of commercials started.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 1st July 2017

Saturday 1st July 2017

Dutch: Zaterdag 1 Juli 2017

0345hrs: Once again the memories of the dreams I knew I’d been having dissipated within seconds. Got out of the recliner and had a wee-wee. The bruise that I acquired last night on my foot was no bother. Must try the trodden on last night DVD remote control later to see if it still works.

Took the morning medications.

Started to finish off yesterday’s diary on the computer, and had to return to the wetroom for a heavy duty session. An instant, immediate evacuation that felt all wrong somehow? Needed a lot of tissue and a cleaning up afterwards? Oh dear!

Back on the computer and completed the Friday diary. Got it posted.

Made a brew and did the Health Checks.

Back to the Porcelain Throne… talk about pebble dashing! Most uncomfortable sensation. I think that Diarrhoea Derek has returned.

Took a lot more clearing and cleaning up again. My rear-end department was now so sore. I applied some antiseptic cream! Tsk!

No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold at all.

Made another cuppa and took two Senna tablets. By mistake for the Morrison Diahorrea Capsule! FOOL!

I pressed the wrist alarm to check the battery with the Control Room and mentioned the flashing yellow/orange light on the box. She said not to worry, she’ll leave a message for the warden. Thanked her and apologised for bothering her.

0500hrs: Got this diary started off.

Checked the Emails and WordPress responses.

Found this in an Email from the Nottingham City Council. Depicting the ‘Tricycle Joust’ from last year in the Nottingham Castle grounds.

I’d love to have a go at this, but Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna might not permit me to? Hehe!

Had a go at starting another graphic off for the TFZer site. TFZer Nancy in her new shop, with TFZer Thomas playing with his train engine? Hehehe!

Did some Facebooking.

I made the decision to go to town today, and get some interesting (I hope) photographs to share on here.

Had a wee-wee. Did the ablutions and readied me to go catch the bus. Took the bin bags to the rubbish chute on the way out to the lift.

Outside the flat foyer entrance door, the builders who re-updating the complex had erected these steel poles come bars in front of my beloved Woodthorpe Court block.

I wondered what they were for?

Had to do a bit of manoeuvring to get around them and to the bus stop at the top end of the road, next to the Winchester Flats. They had moved the letter box as well, closer to 6Sat03the Winchester Court of course. Hehe!

A woman and husband from my Woodthorpe flats passed me as I walked along. My cheery ‘Good Morning’ going unresponded to. They got seated on the bench they have kindly supplied for us near the bus stop.

Across the road was the new temporary staff 6Sat066Sat05offices being erected for the duration of the ‘Build’ and modernisation of the place. 2½ to 3 years, is the forecast.

Took a photograph looking back towards the Woodthorpe Court. The new temporary staff offices being built for the two and a half year period of the updating of the compound.

Then I had a stroll behind the Winchester Court onto the Woodthorpe Park. And I 6Sat04photoed the workers building section off area on the previously grass lawned patch.

Off course being a Saturday, there were no workmen about.

No vandalisation had taken place as far as I could see. Although a bit of Nottingham Street Art was spotted nearby near the garages awaiting demolition.

Back to the bus stop and few more tenants had arrived at it, but they were all from the other flats, not mine. Not vert talkative either, only amongst themselves.

Got on the City bound L9 and was soon in the City Centre.

Walked up to the Aldi Store on Upper Parliament Street, where I spent too much and got stuff I did not need, again! They were having a Taste of America event.

Thought I’d take this photo of some and put it on the TFZer site, see if they are interested or actually eat any of this stuff on show, or are they copies, not genuine?

Out of the shop and hobbled into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) and to the Tesco Store. As I walked the length of the ground floor, carefully, as there were many folk milling about today, I thought I could hear an elephant wailing at first.

Nearing the Tesco shop, I gleaned what the racket was. Artists were singing on a stage and being filmed doing it. The acoustics in the place did them no favours – of course, my hearing ain’t right – but it sounded terrible to me. Overly loud, distorted and cringe-making.

Just got some fresh garden peas from Tesco, I’d spend too much as it is in the Aldi shop. Batteries, nibbles, pate, pasty, Frikadellens, potato slices, thrice-cooked chips (Had these later for my meal), etc.

Left and recorded this set of closed down shops on Glasshouse Street. Sad!

Hobbled around the City Centre snapping away, Clinton Street first.

You’ll notice I’d managed to move the selector wheel on the camera? So many photographs came out horrible and just not right the colour at all. Humph! Disappointing!

Long Row next.

Still packed with folks, I knew why then. I could see the distant market stalls in Slab Square.

This bloke was doing football tricks, and he had all the females donating into his bucket. Jealous? Me? Hehe!

I had a hobble around the market stalls. (See the wrong setting still on the camera, Tsk!) It was too dangerous for me to stay there long. Kids were running about, cyclists, women with pushchairs, Mobility scooters, etc.

I did manage to6Sat15 take a photo of one stall that

was selling what looked like Bill & Ben wooden models for the garden. They started at £23.99 for the tiny ones, up to £69.99 for these larger ones.

I decided it would be better for me to do a hobble of the peripheral area then, best not to risk injury. As the crowds were milling and rushing about, many with phones on their earholes, too dangerous

for me anyway.

The gigantic new Burger King on the corner of South Parade and Exchange Walk only had three customers at the tables inside, and they have another floor with another dining area upstairs apparently.

How do they make it pay?

Back on Long Row near the Primark Store, this entryway leads to the book shop and a bookie.

I imagine that Americans would find this so cute. But again, how do they make it pay?

All the time I was in the area, I saw nobody actually go into or come out of the alleyway?

Maybe there might be another way in or out?

The only photograph I was pleased with was this one of a Fothergill Watson designed building behind the Council House.


This hairdressing shop only opened a few months ago. The girls who started it made such a good effort to make it look nice as well.So sad that they failed, like so many others in Nottingham.

So sorry that they failed, like so many others in Nottingham.

As I made my way back to the bus stop on Queen Street, the police were removing four people from the Primark Store. With all the bags with them, I assumed this would have been Nottingham shoplifters again.

Caught the bus back to the flats.

On the way, I took this photograph through the buses window. Not a good one, all reflection. But I can’t remember why I made it?

Sad innit?

The extra walk now they moved the bus stop to the other block of flats, meant I was lucky in getting in the apartment and to the Porcelain Throne in time… Just!

Absolutely drained now.

Got the meal cooking,

Had a wee-wee,

Perused the TV magazine, some films on I fancied watching.

Great meal tonight. Chicken leg, cheese and mini pickle pies, triple cooked chips, pork & mushroom pate and beetroots.

Lemon yoghourt, a luxury lemon yoghourt! Hehe!

Got settled to watch the box and the films. I forgot all about testing the DVD remote that I stood on.

Stayed awake, well, there might have been the odd ten minute here and five minutes there of my nodding off and viewed two of the films. Of course, a few breaks for wee-weeing.

When I could no longer stay awake, I dreamed wildly, but can only recall them being about me being lost?

TTFN all.