Inchie Tuesday 13th June 2023: EENT Hospital… Not good!

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Up at 04:35hrs. (I thought it was later)
Removed the attached night bag with some effort, from . Empted and wrapped the night bag in another bag, and sealed it in the yellow box.

It looked nice and light in the first picture.
I took a second to show the content level.
It now looked darker?

Stripped off to go and to get the ABLUTIONS done. By the time I got inside the wet room, a sudden grumbling from the innards, forced a change of plans, and I lunged towards the much-needed swiftly . I half-expected a fully-controlled evacuation; it felt solid enough, though, and the current regulation two torpedoes almost shot out, creating a tsunami in the bowl. Six trips to fetch water to refill the not-working, unmended W.C. tank.

Five cuts shaving, all in the neck area. Let’s face it, that should be expected; this is the only area on the head where hairs grow still. apart from the ‘tash, and that is running out fast. Hehehe!
Body wash completed. It is not so easy doing around , or the inserted tube in Little Inchie. Even in the bum cleaning session, I dropped the cloth twice, then got over-enthusiastic and got the external perishers of ! Tsk!

I struggled to get some cream on the right ankle ulcer.
Looks like it is developing and ready to burst out again soon.
He’s not done this for many a month.

Oh, Sod-It!
Just got the aftershave, and deodorants were used, medicated the various areas in need; and could hardly believe it, once again, the was needed! now in full control. Gooey, yet splattery. What a mess; it took me ages to get the porcelain and, yes… floor, and I cleaned up again!

Then, of course, the job of hauling water to refill the tank.
Got it all sorted in the end.

Got the waste gag sorted and ready to go.

Got the computer on. Carer Kara arrived. Soon got me sorted out. Eye drops, medications, and bless her, she rubbed some
into my back.

No sooner had she gone, than a worryingly third summoning to the was needed. was in full flow now. I’m concerned about going to the hospital in this state… don’t need any more in that department! I’ll put some toilet rolls in the trolley.

Made up some Soda water drinks, adding the raspberry flavoured juice in them.

Checked the kitchen. All safe.

Turned off the computer, and started to get the things ready before my last clean-up to set off for the lift.

Sister Jane rang me with news of an incident that has closed part of the City Centre, ST Anns and close to me, Magdala Road!

This is the latest from the BBC

What do we know so far?

Developments in Nottingham are moving fast – and we are working double time to get you the full picture.

Here’s a rundown of what we know so far:

  • A 31-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after three people died in Nottingham city centre last night
  • In a statement, the force said it was called to Ilkeston Road in the city at 04:00 BST, where two people were found dead
  • Officers were called to a second incident on Milton Street, where a van had attempted to run over three people, who are being treated for their injuries, condition unknown.
  • A man has also been found dead on Magdala Road
  • Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Home Secretary Suella Braverman say they are being kept updated about developments
  • Chief Constable Kate Meynell says the three “horrific and tragic” incidents are believed to be linked
  • Several roads are closed, and public transport services have been suspended

Incident locations MAP
The flats here are underneath the top red sign.

OF course, even if the culprits are caught and given life imprisonment; The murderous themselves, Parole Board animals will ensure they get freed to kill again in a few years!
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Getting ready for the hospital trip was something of a daymare!

❶ Managed to get the trousers. (No socks attempted, no help).
❷ Getting the shoes on was the hardest part, and as gave up, to try again on the first one. acci-whoop, the urine flowed from the Catheter! Arrgh!
❸ Had a hell-of-a-mess! Peed on my legs and feet, the trousers, the shoe, and it took so long to get cleaned up…
❹ Then, the trousers were thrown out, and I had to get another pair from the racking – time running out here…
   ❹ But the fresh pair were too wide, and then I had to get the belt threaded through the hoops. Had to take the trews down to enable access… all the time worrying about another catching of the valve and leak!
❺ Got them back on, and then the challenge of getting the shoes on started again… it was a painful battle, but no help was available; so I pressed on. It took me ages to get them on, and I could not get to straighten the tongue, so I had to wear feet crippling painful shoes all day.

Then a mad rush to get down to the lobby in time. I managed with three minutes to spare, then spent the next ten minutes sitting in the lobby, worrying if, in my haste, I might have left a tap running, or the stove on in the flat… Oh, dearie me!

The lift arrived, no signage on it, so I hoped it was them. It was! I got onto the bus, tied down in the seat, for a worrying trip, as the seat was narrow, and pressing against the one in front, threatening to burst or cause to leak from the valve of pouch!


The driver got us hastily to his next pick up neat Middleton Boulevard. Collected a lady, and on to the QMC...
With him having the lady in the mini-bus, the driver could not escort me to the department needed, but I felt confident I remembered the way from the last visit. (I didn’t, how wrong can one be?) I got in through the doors, and…
, and kicked off. Add that there must have been a somewhere during the next few minutes, because; The next thing I recall is being on another floor and simply lost! Someone came to me and asked if I was alright. Showed him or her the letter, and told me I wanted the ground floor. Took the lift down, and by the time I got there, my mind was clearing nicely. Found my way to the reception.

I tried to sneak a photograph of the large waiting room. Realising although I’d remembered to take the Kodak, I’d left the SD card in the computer at home. Grrr!

As the lady told me to take a seat, the Mind-Fog returned. I sat down, and within minutes a lady came to collect me. A stern young lady. Not forthcoming with any details but went through whatever procedure it was checking each eye. Opened the door, pointed to the seating, and said, ‘Wait there’, so I did.

I rearranged tackle to a more comfortable position, I was collected by another medic, and I walked into another waiting room, and took, as instructed, a seat to await being called into the next surgery.
Then someone else came out and took me to a treatment room there. This lady did a few Eye Tests on the machine… And on another machine, then eye tests on both eyes.
Both repeated using an. OCCLUDER
What is the purpose of an eye occluder?
I looked it up: A pinhole occluder (an opaque disc with one or more small holes) is used to determine whether the reduced vision is caused by refractive error, possibly Myopia.
If this is the case, the pinhole will cause an improvement in visual acuity. It improved one of the eyes but not the other, I can’t recall which one, though. My guess is, it was either the left or mayhap the right one! Hehehe!

Back out and led to yet another waiting area. Shortly another lady came to me, to tell me that this was for the last checks, with the lady in charge. Dr Dahlia Said. Off into her office, and some checks made in both eyes with weird squiggly colours and lines flashing. She did not look too happy and silently consulted her computer. Then, gave me the results of all the tests collectively; I may have got things wrong, but this is how I remember it going.

The right eye: with the new cataract: Tiny crack underneath – further investigation needs surgery and an x-ray. It’s possible the cataract will need removing/lasering and a new one fitted; then, a new cornea will need to be put over the eye. Overnight job if done together.
I was given a prescription, to take to the Hospital’s Pharmacy for filling. These will be for two different eye drops: both just for the right eye. The first one will need putting in four times a day, for a month – important you do take them on time and miss none of this first course of drops.
The second bottle of drops, is totally different, which should help during the upcoming surgery. Do not mix them! These are also four a day, for the next month. Take extreme care not to let any of either medication spill on your face.

The left eye: Needs the cataract done afterwards. The
Glaucoma drops are not to be supplied until all is as it should be with my cataracts on both eyes. The main treatment will be just eye drops initially. Hey-Ho!

On my way out, a lady stopped me and explained that my going to the Pharmacy at the hospital at this time, would possibly involve a 5-6 hour wait, as they get very busy. So, we will post, it in the mail to you. So you can leave now. That was extremely nice of her, and I said so. ♥

So, off to the front door forecourt area, without getting lost, I might add.
I had a farcical chinwag with another old-timer who was waiting for a lift. I’m not sure of what he was saying, any more than he knew what I was going on about. Hehehe! But we both seemed glad to have some sort of a natter, I think.

My lift arrived spot on time. And was driven Stirling Moss-style back to the flat in Sherwood. As we passed the Willow House Chinese takeaway, on Mansfield Road, all illuminated, I really would have loved to get something to eat.

No bother from the usually troublesome flipping bag, when I go out at all. The bag was not half full when I got back into the flat. Which I found . Up to the flat. considered calling for a takeaway, but relented.
I called Meridian’s Nightline and told them I was back home from the hospital, and asked them to inform the Carer for me. Which he did. Carer Chris arrived. He arrived ten minutes later. I nearly bored him to death with my tale of the trip to the QMC. Hehe! Medications were given, but no Phorpain Gel, as I forgot to ask him, me wanting to relate the day’s happenings. Haha!
Eye drops were issued. Peptac taken.

Chips in gravy, two roast potatoes, both done in the microwave.
I’ll not bother with these again. Two wholemeal rolls to soak up the liquid… it was horrible!
Taste rating 3/10. That was generous!

Put the TV on, and fell asleep.
Woken up with Carer Chris returning.
He got the eye drops in and sorted out the night back being attached to the .

An earlier photo that I missed. Tsk!

Wednesday evening by the time I got this done. Humph!

Sleep? What’s that, then?

Inchie: Thursday 8th June 2023

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A Day with a Difference
Well, several! The usual confusion and misunderstandings were rife – as expected. But today, there was an almost carefree attitude… a feeling of whatever I do, it ain’t gonna go right, so why bother? So, for an hour or so, I didn’t have that cloud of clumsiness and depression lingering over me.
Naturally, as is almost guaranteed, (it is, of course), Mr Fries’s mob at Liberty-Global Virgin Media, assured me of spitting blood, and hatred-urging, loathing and cursing at their incapabilities to get internet service to me.
When I got home from the bank, I rushed and got back onto the blog catching up. Four hours later (now), I have just got it back on again, after SIX sickening service severances, that cost me time, as with no Liberty-Global Virgin signal, I could not save any of the work I’d done and had to do it all again.

Malignance, dislike, execration, and revulsion flowed from my brain, and loins, for the Liberty-Global, and its smoke & mirrors, money-manipulating, camouflaged-dealings, mere façade, ulterior-motivated $24m salaried Mr Fries.
And a spot or two of jealousy, of course.
I wish him no harm, heart attack, being assassinated, poisoned, ran over with a steam roller, or electrocuted (preferably in an electric chair), nor any undeserving ill-will.
He’s got the Liberty-Global oligarchs financially contaminated with Vodafone, Three, BT & EE as well. Plus, Dutch, German and French internet companies. Hence my mentioning an ulterior motive that must be in his plans? The only benefit for me is when the end of the world comes, forecast for November 3rd this year, he will be sick to death at the thought of his billions being unable to go with him to heaven. (Or possibly Hell) Where I, will not be sorry at all after the misery, pain and money Liberty-Global have cost me.
I hope to see him at St Peters’s gate – I will larf!
Just a few random thoughts on the subject!

06:00hrs: Woke, Struggled, but took the night pouch off of tackle.
The colour of the urine was very pleasing and light, within the NHS colour charts ‘Healthy Wee’ scale chart!
The mind engaged early today. And I sat there pondering on the timing of the appointment at the bank, had I arranged a lift? Worked out the timing, passed some wind and acknowledged that the was needed… but not urgently, so considered the things I needed to take with me to the bank. Then realised I needed a good scrub-up and shave, freshening and certain delicate areas were in need of some medicationalisationing.
So, I escaped the confines of the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, grotty-looking, rickety, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus-breeding, acne-giving, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner, and whistling merrily , waltzed off to get the tended to. Other than a few extra nicks shaving, and, I’m afraid, , things went very well, with the ablutioning!
But not so, with the struggle on the .
was in charge for the third day. Firmly, solidly and damned painfully!
I spent an awfully long time trying to urge things along but ended up just sitting there awaiting things to start off…
The two evenly sized bloodied torpedoes, when they did nudge their way out, double-plonked into the WC, and I felt the splashes hit my bottom. Huh! I’d just cleaned that as well! Hehehe! So I cleaned things up again and then feared the trek into the kitchen to get four buckets of water to use, as Nottingham City Homes maintenance does not consider it an emergency, and will not arrive to mend it until 7th July, 3 months after it was first reported. Yet, fetching and carrying the water to the W.C. tank didn’t seem to upset anywhere near as usual. Naturally, I expect to pay for this in some other way later. And I did!
The IV bruise on the back of the right hand had faded a lot. Drying my back with the towel I hit that hand against the sink, I hardly felt it at all.

I got the PPs & trousers on without much hassle. Carer Kara came. And kindly spent a minute or two checking that I’d got things in hand for the bank visit. Bless her!

After she departed, I got the paperwork, and notes written for me in the bag in the 3-wheeled-walker. I was hoping that Carer Chris would arrive at the flat to help me with the shoes, but he didn’t show. I assume he’ll meet me in the lobby. Pleased to see I still had a good stock of soda water and spring water. I’m drinking a minimum of 3 bottles a day now. Gathered the things, ready in the trolley in the hallway, then checked on the stove and taps to make sure I’d turned them all off – which I had. Another .

Got down in the lobby to await Carer Chris and The EasyLink lift. The EasyLink lift was due at 14:00hrs. Chris arrived at 14:05hrs, and the lift at 14:15hrs. I could not close the velcro on the shoes, and they were uncomfortable, not to mention a little dangerous for tripping; so I asked Chris to do them up for me straight away. Which he did.

We mounted the EasyLink bus. Two other people on board to be dropped of en route, no problem, we had plenty of time. Although I got a smidge, I’ll say uncomfortable in the area.
I enjoyed the trip, actually, despite the pain from a now angry . My how the City Centre has changed since my last outing there. Amazing how quickly new flats have been built for the students. I wonder if they get plumbers that take 12 weeks and are in agony? Hahaha!

We arrived at the bank, but it didn’t look like a bank. No cashiers at all? The few staff I saw all looked mega-depressed to me.
The meeting was weird to me. I think that my having a mini while in the room, convinced the banker that I was a wanker, and all following communications were between Carer Chris and the man. Couldn’t hear a word of what was being said.
As far as I know, or understand; they are going to send me paper statements. I have to ask Carer Kara to go to or phone the bank? I hope Carer Chris got it all down.
‘s Performance left me a little unsteady, but I’ve had a lot worse.
When we left we had a good while to wait for the lift home. So we went into the M&S food store, I was convinced they would have some Borscht on sale. But, no!

Back to Davies Road to the pick-up point. A long wait. During this, I took a photo of Carer Chris. A good-looking, tall, young lad. Makes you sick! Har-har!

He took the camera to take a comparison photo of both hands. As you can see, the IV-bruised right hand is markedly different to the left. It’s healed now; no pain.

He then took a photo of yours truly.
I said; I don’t look 98 years old, do I?.
He replied… ‘Oh Yes!’ Hahaha!.

It seemed an age before the lift arrived.
But, it was sunny and warm.
When it did arrive, we were soon on the way… Picking up two chaps en route, and dropping them off en route.
Not sure what time we got back. I really must get around to buying some watch batteries ASAP!

Chris scuttled off back to his local duties, and I got back in the flat and hastily emptied pouch. Just in time, Phew!

Got on the computer to start this blog. (12 hours ago now) within minutes; A-Bloody-Gain!
This lasted for around about fifteen minutes

Ten minutes after it had restarted. It went off yet again!
I lost some of the photos I’d taken from the SD card, so, when it did start, about ten minutes later, the work had been saved. Once again, I had to repeat tasks I’d already done, which cost even more time! This time it seemed to be working a little slower, though. I was pressing on… after another ten minutes…
Down it went!
Along with my enthusiasm. My hatred of Liberty-Global, Fries, and Virgin Media, did not go down; it grew!

I had to do another close-down without being able to save the work done. All turned off, then unplugged Liberty-Globals router box, or whatever it’s called, unplug it, give it a few minutes, then, I replugged it, press the box reset button, and waited and prayed…
In between cursing Liberty-Global, Fries and Virgin Media, I emptied pouch again…

Carer Chris arrived, I asked him to confirm the decisions that were made at the meeting. I’m not sure what he said; what’s going on here? Am I going bonkers?

Aha, a mistake, an error surely… no, it’s right; Liberty-Global Virgin Media was back online! I try to rush to get things done before it went down again.
Five minutes later…
Came back on its own this time. I’m worried about Liberty-Global’s boss, Fries. Coming back on, on its own? He may have a heart attack. Though I suspect he had nothing to do with the running of the business, how it runs, how bad it is, etc.

Yes, 20 minutes later, it was back to the normal shitty Liberty-Global Virgin rubbish again! I’m running out of expletives for this company and boss.
It was back on again 18 minutes later. And stayed on for over two hours! Honestly!

Carer Chris did his last call, adding the night pouch to . I forgot to ask, and he forgot to put some of the Phorpain Gel on my rear end to counter the pain from ever-present
I was getting so tired, weary and frustrated. But continued with this blog.
I stopped to put some gel on my back; not easy; it probably causes as much pain as it relieves with my stretching to reach the affected area.
I took this rather nice photograph of the evening scene. Amazing how it shows up with a brown hue. Cause to my eyes, it looked blue? But it’s still a lovely view.
Well, fancy that!
Still, I wouldn’t give up.
Uneducated. A smidge on the thick side physically as well as mentally.
Ten minutes or so later, it returned… Note I do not say; Ten minutes or so later Liberty-Global Virgin Media and Fries got a signal to Nottingham… I said that wrong and lost the effect of my sarcasm there – I’m so tired.
04:30hrs now. Took this snap of the early morning view. Not a good one, but what can I do?
I decided to get my head down, won’t be for long; the Carer will be shortly due!
A superior effort this one was.
Getting done to reach the wounded digit, wipe and cream, then gauze on it; was probably as painful as the initial toe stub was!
Still, yer can’t win ’em all!

For sanity, another blow,
How does Inchie do it, though?
It’s a mystery, as you may know,
Not bright; he’s a little slow!
But, he’s such a nice fellow…
And, he hit his hammertoe!

Then the bank sent this email. It confused the already confused Inchie, a bit.

05:30hrs: I’ve been up for one hell of a time. Got up at 06:00hrs… made the meal at 06:00 the next day… have I been up and angry with Liberty-Global’s failures for 2 hours then?

The meal was welcome.
Taste Rating of 8.2/10, despite falling asleep eating it and making a mess all over the dressing gown, my chest and the chair…

What a long, lugubrious, almost hallucinatory day it’s been.

Keep Your Pecker Up!

Inchie: Saturday 13th May 2023

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Started the day today…
In a totally different way… Well, not really, it was still farcical, but it started later than usual – for an excellent reason!
I’d had a great late sleep of about six hours of bliss. Not waking up until nearly 07:00hrs! brought me back to imitation life as the door chime chimed! I fumbled my way out of the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, sickeningly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner, to unlock the front door for the Carer. It was the new gal .

Sobia got the medications sorted out as I was showing her the lack of wee-wee in the night bag.

She and I were astounded to see the tiny amount of urine in pouch. Less than 100, whatever they are, milligrams? Took the medications, and as I set about taking the night bag off… it was half full!?!?
My immediate thought was that I had done something wrong.
Said after we forced the urine into the night bag, there were over 250 whatever we’re in now. I believe I must have trapped or blocked the tubing in my long sleep. But I’ll never know. In the flapping about, I nearly forgot to take the morning’s breakfast medications. Hehe!
Just look at the gnarled fingers on my hand. I was such a beautiful baby as well!
Off to the wet room to utilise the ..

Much to the displeasure and annoyance of
Who wasted no time in setting about issuing her agony aches when I started lifting the bowls of water that were needed to refill the non-working W.C. water tank.
No sweat to me, of course. I laugh in the faces of the ailments. .
Dried off, cursed a little, took another painkiller, passed wind involuntarily, and got the kettle on. It was still misty out there. I went to get the milk out of the fridge and dropped it.
I’ll say no more!.
When I’d recovered from the dropped milk bottle hitting my foot and toe, I took this photographicalisationing of the house being done up near the bottom field. There were no signs of any activity. But my poor was throbbing somewhat. Huh!

The mist was clearing at last.
Not that it ever went away all day.
I managed to knock the poor sodding toe again while closing the window under the heater radiator. I did laugh!

I got some potatoes in the crock pot ready to go in the oven later.
Well, that was the plan. But, of course, I still had to get yesterday’s blog completed.
I started with hope in my heart… Forgetting about Liberty-Global!.

I could have cried, swore, gotten depressed, angry, annoyed and groaned. Well, I did, all of them!
The thought that Mr Fries of Liberty-Global. getting £28 million, a guaranteed bonus, and an open expense account… gauled me!  Jealousy, of course.
I turned everything of and unplugged the oligarch’s box, and went to open a can of artichokes, for later.
Got back to reset the system, and wallah! Fries crap service was back on again. Hurrah!

I lost a lot of time trying to remember what it was and where I was with the blogging. Some stuff had been saved,  others not… Bet Fries is enjoying this!
I’d just about got the CorelDraw sorted and…I stopped my blubbering, cursing, loathing and spitting, and the hostility, hatred, loathing, disappointment, chagrin, and vexation, with feeling infuriated, irritated, nettled, peeved and splenetic: inspired a reaction from deep within my limited anger box!
And when Fries’ farce of an internet service returned again, I wrote my piece for TrustPilot, and posted it first thing!

No answer from them yet. Not that I expect, or want one

The answers they have given to other suckers, sorry, I meant customers, posting their one vote because there is no option for a nil vote; Offering you a link via video, or to sites that use language that I fail to understand, and can’t see or hear anyway.
Not that I blame the staff at all. They must be leaving in droves?.

Ah, well, I’ll get the nosh sorted now.

Sunday Morning; Up at 0:400hrs, Ablutions, two throne visits, which left in a vicious cruel mood, with all the hauling water from the kitchen to the wet room so many times.
Back to update:

I got the potatoes out of the oven. Just the one burnt finger, well, knuckle on the finger.
They smelt good and looked good.

But didn’t taste very good!
I dropped the tray taking it to plate the spuds!
Bending down to retrieve and clean them, started of on her mission to cause as much pain as is possible to me. Arrgh!
Got the fodder on the plate and tray. The wholemeal bread stick was undercooked and a little mealy, and gooey. The peas were nice.
, or was it, possibly arrived as was about to take the fodder into the front room to eat it. He took it through for me; actually, bless him.
Got the medications issued. We had a little natter and off on his rounds. Not getting the meal hot was of no consequence this time, cause it was horrible anyway. (Not the peas, they were okay!)
Flavour-Rating: 2.5/10.
A brown colouration in the sky as I took the plate tray and things to be washed.
The sun got through on its way down. I must stay awake to take the end bit of the sunset, the clouds were higher than usual, and I hoped to get some decent shots of it for once.

Washed and settled into the second-hand, £300, c1968, overwhelmingly-sickening beige coloured, tatty, uncomfortable, wobbly, germ producing, falling to pieces, food residue collecting recliner. The only thing worth watching on the TV was a documentary on the Falklands War – The untold story of how close we came to failure.
Changed the channel to it, watched it for about two minutes, and drifted off to sleep.
Woken up by the late Carer calling. Can’t recall much of this visit at all… nothing new here; The were ever-present. I’ve got to get used to this. Somehow, it’s driving me mad!

After the departure of the Carer, I checked the taps and stove to make sure nothing had been left on and saw the amazing sunset.

Well, maybe not amazing, but it was nice to see one after so many nights without one.

I loved the brown tinge in the sky.
An atmospheric brown cloud is a layer of air pollution containing aerosols such as soot or dust that absorb as well as scatter incoming solar radiation, leading to regional and global climatic effects and posing risks to human health and food security. This layer extends from Earth’s surface to an altitude of roughly 3 km (1.8 miles).
The presence of so-called brown clouds of pollution over urban areas has been of concern for decades.

See how knowledgeable I am?
What? Me? Looked it up on the Britannica website? No, no, no… Here is the link: Britannica Brown Clouds.

Head down again, but the earlier ease of drifting off had departed. The rampaged through my brain, with the wicked assailant and brain invader , seemingly mixing up the usual bunch of fears, sorrows, worries, regrets, failures, disappointments, quandaries, anxieties and degradations.

acci-whoop When, hours later, I burst awake with a force of great magnitude – I clouted my elbow as I twitched about, a knocked over a bottle of tonic water, which landed on my . Then spent two Thought-Storm-free hours, but waking every few minutes with the regulation pullulating jolting jerks. I gave up and got up…


It’s worth remembering that in 2022,
2,859 Americans were hospitalised, &.
166 died choking on the cherry pip within.

Inchie: Monday 1st May 2023

– – – – Or is that 1.84bn? – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -.

Another ‘in and out of it’ day.
However, far fewer ‘Out-of-its’ than ‘Almost with it’ moments.
Genuine ‘With-It’ events you can count on one hand.
I still managed to get so far behind with everything.
Make multiple errors & mistakes.
Not a bad day, really, for me!
No, that might be stretching the point!
Sorry about the delightful moments of my Pareidoliaing.
I found a feast of figures in the clouds at various
times during the day & night. ..
A weakness of mine, as you know!

Up at 04:30hrs; Throne and ablutions were tended to.

Care Richard arrived. Nice to see him. He got the prescription medications issued and evaluated. Managed a mini-natter.

Healthier-looking pins today?

Only three visits to the challenging today.
was not so bothersome, but… the
were back again. Humph!

No work was done on my unknown neighbour’s house today.
Fair enough; it is Bank Holiday!

Got some fresh veg cooking, and am going to add them to a can of cheap vegetable soup. My designs were to have this at around 13:00hrs. But as per, they didn’t work out. I got the meal at 22.45hrs.
Better late than never!

A few Pareidoliaing moments were enjoyed, as the sky with its fast-moving clouds turned a smidgen blur… Two eyes, or marbles at the bottom of the first effort, above.
Higher in the sky shot. An explosion taking place?
A Pareidoliaing success here. (Above)
It looked to me as if a keyhole had been cut through the clouds as if they were made of snow? I can see a head in there, as well.

The fresh and canned vegetables were merged in the saucepan and flavoured a little… Then got forgotten about for a good few hours!

Later on, the skies began to lose their blue tinge a little.
I can see two whales kissing each other?
And a swan taking to flight?

Ten minutes later, the sun started to descend.
Looks like a Red-Dwarf craft in there?.

Would you believe it – , , , barely believable…

Late afternoon.
Down comes the sun.
Pareidoliaing: I see an animal’s head
with its jaws open in the clouds? Mayhap
chasing the small clouds on the right?.
A mane on the animal’s head?.

Back onto the computer…
Would you believe it – , , , barely believable…

The handsome-looking mirrors & Smoke boss Man Fries, paid with Liberty-Global’s $ 24 billion to buy Virgin Media, doesn’t seem to be interested in this constant failure? Yet manages to afford flashy untrue, advertisements on the TV, of how great, and reliable… (Sorry, I had to stop for a laugh there!) Virgin Media is.
Mind you, my experiences with BT a few years ago, were almost as bad as Liberty-Global-Virgin Media.


I was taking out the potatoes from the oven to add to the soup.
I thought about other people with neurotic problems, and wondered how they coped when the shakes, shudders or topples happen?
At least with my having this as one of my ailments, there are times, like this incident, when can be a semi-blessing. As I tore the finger from the oven door, there was no pain whatsoever. Of course, as ‘s habit, when the nerve ends finally get the message to the brain to tell it that It’s in pain… it could be seconds or hours later, the belated agony can catch you out.
Come think of it, it did today. I was washing out a spring water bottle, when the message got through to my brain, and dropped the flipping thing. Hey-Ho!

The sunset, such as it was, was not photographed very well…

A wide shot first.
Couldn’t get it right, as it looked to me.
A close-up shot.
Couldn’t get it right, as it looked to me..
After the sun had descended.
I got it betterer, as it looked to me.

The Meal Was Served

Not a very pretty-looking meal at all!
But, it went down nicely!
I’m going to try another like this tomorrow.
The Carer called as I was scoffing at it.
I soon finished it off. Taste-Rating: 8.3/10!
Medications taken. A little chin-wag was enjoyed
The gal is off to Skeggie with her boyfriend tomorrow.
Hope she enjoys it.

Then, although so late, I decided to make a start on this blog.
Else it’s going to take too long in the morning if I don’t make a start.
This was the case; when I opened the Internet…

Would you believe it – , , , barely believable…

Their Trustpilot Rating is no surprise!
This made me check on BT…
Blimey, an alternative load of crap!

Things could be worse I may have caught pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!

Inchie: Tuesday 2nd May 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
A few more unavailable items from Asda

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

My memory this Tuesday was very similar to the unreliable; the brain was constantly losing it completely or partially, so often, then returning to a slow, crawling working state. There were a few moments in there all the same. Rare flashes of the old Inchie. Unfortunately, which state I was in and when is a jumbled-up mélange, an assortment of miscellaneous thoughts in my memory bank. Few of them made sense or had anything to do with the matter or problem at hand at any particular moment. Similar to my .
I took a lot of photographs, most of which I think I can recall taking.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

My feet looked less bloated… I think.

Waking up view.

Three visits to the in the first hour.
I hope a plumber will come soon. Refilling the water tank by hand from the kitchen sink might give and a bit of a workout on me, but I’d sooner go without the extra pains; from hauling buckets of water from the kitchen sink to refill the non-working W.C. tank!
Plea to Nottingham City Homes maintenance plumbers:

I got a delightful selection of fresh-cut vegetables into the slow cooker. Seasoned with just sea salt and a drop of Worcestershire sauce. Carrots, peas, leeks, potatoes and swede.
Oh, and added some soy bacon bits.

The Asda delivery arrived.

Obviously, without some products.
The chap took the carriers through to the kitchen for me.
And arrived. She whipped the things away for me, bless her cotton socks.
Took these snaps after had put the food away and medicationalised me prescriptionally. Plenty of fodder to last me now! The cupboards are all full.
The fridge was looking betterer too..

I had one of the longest periods of Mind-Blanks ever! Well, I can recall odd bits; While I was supposedly out of it, Carers called, and I did a lot of work on the blog for Monday to get it posted off, at last. But this is not really remembering; it’s just that I found the blog done, although poorly, and the Carers had signed the log sheet after I came back to semi-consciousness but had still been operational? Sort 0ff…

I also found that the day bag had filled up quickly. That or I’d been ‘out-of-it’ longer than I thought?
The urine colour was much improved on that which I woke up to find it a 2 0r 3 on the card.

Apophenialising with these two slate afternoon shot
Fish with babies in an aquarium?

Bulging Veins? And a bruise?

♥ The Haematology, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Warfarin, Anticoagulation Clinic’s Nurse Hristina called…
A welcome pleasure to see this wonderful, kind, highly desirable, Nurse, Hristina. (Christina in Polish)
Got the blood taken caringly the sweetheart. Off she went, and a short time sulking I spent. Hehe!

A few hours later, a Landline Call Arrived…At the time, I was a smidgen miffed, because I was deep into CorelDrawing and caring mistakes, unwanted duplicates, and searching for a graphic I started yesterday, but had forgotten which file I’d put it and what I’d named it!
It was the lady receptionist from Sherrington Park Medical Practice. The nice lady with a clear voice that is in tune with and receptive to my hearing aids, thankfully.
She gave me the new dosages for Warfarin. Increased, due to my INR level now having gone up from a low 2.2 up to a high 4.4!
She asked if I could make an appointment to have the test taken next week. I pointed out that , and are making hobbling about difficult & painful. She said she’d see if it could be arranged for someone to call on me, and she’ll let me know. (Hard nothing yet)

Got the potato & veg soup done.
Had a wholemeal baton with it.
Flavour: 7.8/10. Not bad at all!

The sun was lowering, and it was getting darker. I wanted to take shots to see if any would be suitable for a blog top photo.
No, the sun needs to be at the far left or right…
Got the position, but a terrible photo”
Not far enough to the left…
Mmm… No good, shame!

came. Checked the day pouch for me. Issued some Peptac & Painkillers, and took some shots of the sunset, before it disappeared! I grabbed the Kodak and took one from the kitchenette, window…
Bootiful! Although not a good shot, I rushed it. on the way back into the other room…

Of course, there was no whining, howling, cursing or swearing...  well, I think I may have expleted an “ARRGH!”. But of course, no crying, bad language or spitting. .
It was in one respect, an almost perfectly done act of a I’ve ever done. Spot in the right foots , it didn’t even need to bang any other toe; if I had, it couldn’t have been more painful!

Peace & Good Will to All!

Inchie:Wednesday 3rd May 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
It is now approaching midday on Thursday, and I’m only just starting this blog going! So this will be a short one, or else I’ll never get today’s done!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I think I might have misjudged the colour on the chart?.

This meant to be one photo…
The camera took three…
Wrong setting by me?

Taken through the kitchen window.

Belated .
Just the one visit…
Which was pleased about.


Inchie went the whole day… honestly…

Without a mug of tea!

The Sherwood-Homesteaders
improvements were still
progressing today!

Evening Pareidoliaising
Can you see what I see?
Or is it just me?.
It could be…

Vegetarian Feast!
A bit of a blip with this one…
The veggie sausages were not very good.
So, I tried a bite of one, & binned them all.
Everything else was super-tasty!
Great variety of veg done in the slow.
cooker for hours. sea salt, and basil as
seasoning this time. Oh, and a
good sprinkling of the…
Spelt that wrong… Tsk!
PRZYPRAWA – it should be.
A seasoning from Poland. Not unlike
Worcester Sauce, but milder.

I got settled… well, I did my best to, in the second-hand, £300, c1968, overwhelmingly-sickening beige coloured, tatty, uncomfortable, wobbly, germ-producing, falling to pieces, rickety, food residue-collecting, horrendously uncomfortable recliner.

The legs and feet were both far less swollen than of late.
Just about at the point of nodding off, and the evening Carer called.
We had a laugh as she medicated me, and little natter, which I enjoyed greatly, and off she went on her rounds.

Was not interested in my wishes.
Then, the developed.
I’d decided to just put up with them… and
they stopped suddenly, out of the blue!
I spent hours waiting for them to kick-off again.
What a Clot!

All the bestest!

Inchie: Friday 5th May 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It’s Saturday tomorrow.
I can say with sorrow,
Saturday could be my Alamo…
Cause my EQ tells me it’s so!
And he’s never wrong, you know!
Summat will crash, go wrong or blow!
I’ll be depressed or lose my mojo?
Collapse in a heap, like a ball of dough?
The chance of good luck – is zero!
I’ll take no chances, not go alfresco,
To avoid being hit by a VW Scirocco?.
I don’t know what it’ll be, though…
I may choke on a marshmallow?
King Charlie’s Coronation…
Costing a scaled-back $125 million.
For me, Saturday’ll hold no jollification,
But, I write with lallation…
I think I may be due for damnation.
But it could just be a misapprehension.
My mind’s on an obambulation!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Less time than ever today. Tsk!My feet were well down this morning. Very little bloating
Particularly the toes – I could move them!

But the overnight

The Carer told me was graded as a ‘Four’ on the NHS colour scale.
I’ve had worse, but still disappointing.

When it came to the first emptying of the day bag, things looked much better to me, shade-wise.
A 2.5 or 3, methinks.

Down came the rain.
Took this from the bottom of the kitchen window.

Time for a little tip…
When selecting a cooking spoon, to stir your boiling vegetables. It’s best not to pick one that has little hole in it to strain whatever.

The rain soon stopped, leaving me with a
Pareidolian’s Delight view of the clouds.
Can you see the same in the above snap?
The shoulder, ears, head, eyes, nose and open jaw
of a beast in the centre?

The only call of the entire day to the .
As per usual, hauling the water into the non-working W.C.
water tank; and kicked off, and is still giving
jip, some 23hrs later! The promised attention of a Nottingham City Homes plumber that ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), Oberstgrüppenfuhreress, and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana said, did not come to fruition. Then again, I’m not fully with things, so may have got the day wrong?

The landlines bust into action…

At last, communication from DHL regarding the order not arriving.
It seems that the wrong postcode was on the parcel. Confirmed the right one, and it will be delivered in the morning.

The majority of the afternoon was a complete Memory Blank. Yet I’d been working on the blog?

Finding these photos help trigger the memory a smidge…
Aha, the sun beginning its descent, got through some clouds.
Getting pretty now…
Moved to take a photo from another angle. I’m sure I recall seeing lots of items and figures in this last one at the time. But can’t see or remember what they were? No!

I took… (Well, thought I did) a photo of the meal I’d made.
I#m sure I recall taking it underneath the 60w light bulb, to avoid shadows – but yet once again, it was not on the SD card.
The same thing happened when I (though I did) took a photo of the urine colour. Then the finger bleeding. Then one of the fallen-over stacks of waste bags and mess it made on the kitchen floor.
Not one of these efforts made it to the SD Card!
It must be with the help of . Another way of passing the blame there? Hehe!

The Carer arrived, waking me up from a rare slumber and put the night pouch onto my day bag on for me. Think we had a natter about something, sure I enjoyed it, but, what is was about is just another of the mysteries of the Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodaemonic apparitions, and other grotesqueries that haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchie; to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare. worry and confuse me!

I went to the door with the Carer, to lock it in case the yobbos return and walk in again… have I told you about that night? No? I will!
At about 02:30hrs, I was hobbling in the dark to the wet room to utilise the . Obviously, I did not hear them coming in, but the light as they opened the door showed an outline of the youths who came in. Two lads, a very tall one, a shorter, plumper one and a girl who came in first. They saw me, must have been a shock for them; I was naked… They shouted something, then one of them sort of screeched, said a few words, and they legged it.
I reported this to the Management. Apparently, they had been seen by other residents too. Nothing happened. No one came for a description of the intruders. No one contacted me… give them time, though; it only happened about six months ago.
Where was I before I lost the plot there?

Oh, yes, as I got back I checked the taps and cooker in the kitchen, and got the Kodak to take some shots of the late evening view.

I did some pareidoliaising. Islands, countries on a black sea?
Tried to take a close up shot…
But it didn’t come out well.
But these made it to the SD card?

Had lost interest again. I kept putting the TV on and off, hoping that my semi-successful trick would nod me off during the commercial breaks. I did slip off a few times, but only for minutes at a time.
I recall getting up, carrying the night pouch in the bucket, and glancing at the one remaining working clock in the flat clock. The four wristwatches, wet room and kitchen clocks all have dead batteries… it was 03:10hrs. Anyway, I got to the , which was a waste of time; another change in the Command Line, Constipation Konrad was back in charge.

Eventually, after a good, but failed go at the crosswording, I returned to the c1966, £300 pound, second-hand charity-shop bought, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-working, virus-breeding recliner. En route to the front room, I gave myself a

With a minute of settling in the grotty antique chair…


Inchie: Sunday 7th May 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I was greeted by three ailments on awakening after the amazingly long three hours of sleep I enjoyed. (Touch of sarcasm kept in there!)
, and . were so bad, I wondered how I even got the three hours in that I did manage! This probably inspired the ode above?
The thought of having to fetch the water from the kitchen when I utilise the later were not pleasant. I took off the night pouch from , and gingerly rose from the £300, second-hand, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, sleep-deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-working, recliner.
The plates-of-meat looked in decent nick.

I took an extra pain-killer to fight off , who was in full attack mode, before my carrying the water from the kitchen to the wet room four times each visit. and were joined in their attack formation by my . I’ve waited for a month now to get the WC mended. Giving me a date if attendance was nice of them. It was for the 11th of July – I’m going to have agony for

another four weeks. The thought of it is not a good start to any day!

Pretty glum out there.
Did a close-up of rectangular eyes.

I did the Blood Pressure figures.
And got an email about next weeks Iceland delivery.
It’s coming today. The usual shortages mind you..

Carer Israel called this morning both early visits.
Iceland delivered on his first one.
The other drivers usually take the bags into the kitchen for me. Not today, must have been extra-busy. By the time I’d got the into the kitchen, as you can imagine; and the both upgraded their attacks… with support from
I think the warning about things getting painful from EQ, might have been meant for today. Cause already the pains are hard to cope with, and I’ve not been to the WC yet, and done any water-fetching activity?
Wot? Me? Worry!
I got the bags into the kitchenette. Back to the Carer for the medication-taking, and am ashamed to say, so bad were the combined pains, I took another of the disallowed painkillers. It was really bad at this point, although had calmed down a lot, and was still in full flourish. The suddenly eased off. Great!

I went back to the kitchen to sort the fodder out and took this snap of the house next to the park being done up. Coming on well, methinks?

At least Iceland had some of the little potato-bake potatoes in stock.
And the treats of cartons of ice-cream flavoured Aviva drinks.
Bread thins, tomatoes, potatoes & veggie oxo cubes.
No shortages of fodder here!
Even if some are unwanted substitutes.
Topped up the Carer, Nurses, Drivers’ treats.
Alcohol to the right, others to the left.
Low calorie treats (mostly).

By the time I’d got everything away, only .
was any real hassle.
OF course, I’ve not been carrying bowls &.
buckets of water to and fro, yet.
Still, waiting two months for a plumber should not be.
a bother, really. It’s just the agony I’m going through
every single day, several times when using the W.C.
I’ve got water to get, just being handicapped with
so many ailments are getting to be a far too
painful task every so often for me.
I glean that it cannot be classed as an emergency; at least I have water. It’s just killing me fetching it! If other elderly folks have no water to use, or families with ankle snappers, or Cannabis growers need water for the plants… I don’t mind, really.
But I do wish someone could please, help the pain.

The bloody have come back again.
Can’t concentrate now on blogging. I’ll have a go at getting back onto WordPress Reader – fingers crossed 🤞.
Hurrah! Got on it!
Now to sort some nosh out!

Imitation belly pork slices sarnies made, with much of the gorgeous.
plant butter lathered on them.
The Iceland crunchy potato chunks had too many
black eyes in them, so I had to check each one
before putting them in the oven.
The beetroots were, unfortunately, similar to ball-bearings
in texture. Disappointing!

I still give this meal a Taste Rating of 7/10.

Nodded off, woke up by the final Carer calling. (Tomey?)
Night-bag was attached.
No painkillers: too soon after the previous ones. I’m sure I heard the vicious, angry laughing at this! Haha!

Another broken-nights kip. Pains & Thought Storms to blame!

FARE THEE WELL!Go forth in Peace…
Let problems decrease…
You splice your mainbrace…
That fears & worries decease…
Help & health can resurface,
Life gives you fewer curses…
And +get more visits from the nurses!

👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

Inchie: Friday 28th April 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – The Short Low-Down – – – – – – – – – –
Out of the blue, unbeknown and unexpectedly, two young lassies, District Nurses, arrived. Their mission was to change the catheter, clean up Little Inchie and check the bum for me! This soon got an added duty and became: to change the catheter, clean up Little Inchie and check the bum for me – and try not to laugh or smirk when they saw Little Inchie for the first time! (They were not very successful at that!) Out of the blue, unbeknown and unexpectedly, two young lassies, District Nurses, arrived. Their mission was to change the catheter, clean up Little Inchie and check the bum for me! This soon got an added duty and became: to change the catheter, clean up Little Inchie and check the bum for me – and try not to laugh or smirk when they saw Little Inchie for the first time!
(They were not very successful at that!)
Then a Social Worker arrived as the nurses were leaving. An
in-depth Q-A session on my needs, this took another hour. I wish I could remember more of what took place, but Dementia Doreen was in full flow today
Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet went down three times today, thus delaying me even more in my own mission of getting the blog done!
It was Saturday morning late on when I finally got around to starting this blog from scratch – and up to this time of writing..,
Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet’s gone down three times alrSody!
I have to get a move on to get this one done, and the chances of my statodaydare’s, is somewhat remote… like the chances of Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet ever working without going down, really!

I did manage some incrediblewesome sunsets; all the same, I think I might deserve a medal or ar least going into a Smug-Mode?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Feet are still bloated.

Morning view.
Close-up of home extensionings. Coming on well?
The bottomfield, is getting greener!

The dreaded water carriers!

Ablutionings done!

Spuds in the crock-pot.

First catheter pouch emptying after the nurses had left.
I think I can see some spots of whatever in the wee?
Oh, dearie me!

The second shot of the home extensionings was taken because I’d forgot I took the first one. Looks like some more work has been done?

Went dark in the afternoon.
Pareidoliaist Joy! And it got
much better over the next

I see so many things in these later clouds!
Wider shot.
My favourite, found fish (some flying) and a face or two?
A wider shot reveals so much!
Later, looks like are waves approaching?
Sun gets through as she gets lower.
Took a zoomed-in shot…
All gone!

The last caller arrived and put the night catheter bag on for me.
A quick natter, and off she trotted.

It was very late by the time I got the meal served up.
It was only potatoes, nowt else but salt…
Well, the butter that wasn’t butter…
Yet it tasted even better than butter!
On offer at the moment at Asda! (Walmart).

Jolly Good Morning!

INCHIE: Wednesday 26th April 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Spike Milligan Rare Interview

Please Click the Above Link – YouTube

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I started in the usual of late meandering around. Picking up the pain from each time I had to refill the W.C. tank by hand
However, the problem coping was not good at all. When the famously inept , I was just in the process and saving my work on Word, Excel, WordPress, and CorelDraw.
After waiting for a  long time for Mr Fries’ money-manipulating Liberty-Global gang of oligarchically-minded smoke & mirrors utilisationing company to get it back online.
It’s not surprising; it’s been down five times in three days.
Up until around midday, things seemed (other than Liberty-Global – Virgin Media letting me down) had seemed to be going well…
Then, the computer stopped me from typing in anything. Was it the keyboard? I put in new batteries. With help, we got it going again in a short time. Ten minutes later off for the third visit. This time with the added excitement (That’s not the best choice of words), I had an !
Taking the last of three buckets of water to the wet room to refill the non-working W.C. tank…
I had a bout with , and dropped the bucket! There was not a lot of mess made .
Apart from spilling the water in the hallway and Wet room at the same time, , followed swiftly by rather pissed-me-off.
By the time I’d cleaned things up, I was a different person who entered the wet room. Absolute lack of concentration, getting befuddled almost without a reason. Sadly, no notes were taken down for this blog at all! Either that or, in my confusion, I threw away the wrong notes? But I always make notes? Fair enough, Sometimes I can’t read them… surely I did – didn’t I? What a day to miss doing them; with me suffering a horrible ‘Massive Mind Blank’, too! Harrumphs! I think it was for four hours or so in the afternoon? Or did I nod off? Some bits are plainly recallable, others like mud, unclear… but did they actually happen to me in the first place?
Only one ailment to blame!

Like the circadian event of Liberty-Global – Virgin Internet failure.
The guaranteed agony of fetching water to fill the W.C. tank.
The daily walking into a door frame, cabinet or cupboard. Thanks to
Sac & .
intermittently in the day, assured at night!
Here are the photos I found…

Some with no recollection of why…
One that I can’t even recognise…

My awakening moment, and was in desperate need of a good scratching, scratching session.
Until O moved my crumpled dressing gown and saw the state of the Catherised knee…
My first thought was of Pareidoliaing!
Immediately, I saw a face… blood spots as eyes with a mask on, bottom strap scar as lips, papules as a nose…
Can anyone else see it?

Moving to the left leg…
The Water-Geyser Papules seemed to be wanting to erupt again?

Early morning pictures of the view?

Mystery Photo
I’ve no idea what it was of?

This one, I do recall…
I heard the sound of the mobile tone and set about searching for it. It had to be in this room, else I would not have heard it…
A long search for the 1982 Nokia ensued. No luck.
I did find it this morning.
In the dressing gown pocket!

Photo of potatoes in the crock-pot.
I’m certain, positive, sure that I took photos of the finished and served-up meal… I think! By the time I got around to updating this on Wednesday near noon, they were not on the SD card? The same with my memories of taking photos of the tree copse and people walking their dogs… am I getting confused with other days?
And I swear I took some poor-quality sunset pictures – none on the card again, either? Grumph!

Only these photos of the feet were left on the card???
I took these over the day, can’t recall the actual times, but think they are in order chronologically.

Humpty Dumpty Feet!