Inchcock Today – Tuesday 17th October 2017: Warfarin INR test – Warden Deana Help and Visit, Oddlymost dream

Tuesday 17th October 2017

Slovak: Utorok 17. Októbra 2017

0105hrs: Gave up trying to get to sleep. The high winds in the flats were just too noisy. A bit nerve-racking too. With the windows rattling, gales blowing in through every crevis and what the poor tree copse will look like when I get out, I don’t know.

The electric-like pains in the right wrist have now been joined with by the same in the left wrist. Tsk!

I did the Health Checks and medications taken. Made a mug of tea.

Before I could drink the tea, I needed to attend the Porcelain Throne. A decent evacuation session this one, little bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, and no struggling to evacuate, not compared to the last two days anyway. Haha!

The winds were still powerful as I took this photo from the kitchen window. But they did calm down hours later.

0115hrs: I made a start on the computer and eventually got yesterdays chronicle of woe finished and sent off.

0400hrs: Made a start on this one. As I did so, I realised I could not hear the winds howling? I returned to open the window and have a look down outside.

It looked like the residents had parked up all nice and neatly, no blocked in vehicles either!

The winds seemed to be abating, although they did blow over the kitchen towels when I opened the window frame, so still strongish.

I’d forgotten this needed doing, so I checked the paperwork from the Audio Clinic.

Added appointment dates to both diaries.

Had a look at the instruction leaflet given to me by the attractive, cuddly, desirable and highly appealing young twinkling-eyed, thick thighed, loin-girding Lady Audiologist yesterday. Where’re my tablets?

It seems there are a few options that are not available. But I could have applied for them to be added and paid for them.

I did some WordPress Reading next.

Checked the Email, then I went on Facebook to get things sorted, so I am not late in getting ready for the blood test.

We can’t say we haven’t been warned about the wind, can we?

The ablutions done, gathered the nibbles for the nurses and set off.

Got as far as in the lift, and realised I had not got the hearing aids on. Back to collect them. This time out, it was painful to hear the noise of the wind blasting through the lift shafts, the cladding, vents and every possible opening or cracks within the structure of the building!

In the lift, the Alien Blob had transformed itself; I thought I could see something moving in the gel as it spread out?

Perhaps not.

Got out of the elevator and round through the doorway into the lobby.

It was clear that the wind overnight had been blowing in the Autumnal leaves at a fair rate. More hassle for the caretaker to sort out.

Plodded onto the end of Chestnut Walk and right down Winchester Street.

Once I got down the hill a bit on the walk to the surgery, the wind was far less bothersome.

The wind seemed to be getting less severe as I hobbled along. Although, signs of tree damage and other sorts of wind caused mayhem was noticed en route to the Sherringham Park Surgery in Carrington.

Some poor devil had thrown away his or her ‘turned inside-out’ umbrella, or it had blown away from them and landed on this lamp post in the picture.

Poor devil.

Up to the top of the hill, and a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came by me a little close for my liking.

Over the crest and down into Carrington.

Where the traffic had built up, and the faces of the drivers indicated there frustrations and annoyance.

Down into the surgery.

Logged me in with the Obergefrieteress receptionist and got the crossword book out and had a go at it.

Oberfurheress Nurse Anne came out and ordered me to the treatment room. So I went into the treatment room. So sad that I didn’t get to talk to Nurse Nichole.

Blood was taken, I gave her the nibbles and departed. Hoping that they would let me have the IRN level reading result and an appointment for when needed by the DVT clinic. I should have reminded them, but my spirits were low.

I walked down into Carrington and called into the newspaper shop and got a TV magazine. Heaven knows why, because I never fail to fall asleep when I put the  TV on anyway. Tsk!

I went into the Aldi no, Lidl Store. Came out with a packet of soft biscuits, a tin of garden peas, Battered Haddock, milk and some Cherry Vine tomatoes.

Caught the bus to Sherwood and went into the Wilko store. I inquired of the lady on the checkout whether they will ever stock the Dettol Lavender Antiseptic Disinfectant again. “No” was the reply.  I got some first-aid bits in to replace the ones I cannot find in the flat. (I expect I will see them now!) Lint, plasters, Magnesium, Bandage and crepe bandages and wash-proof tape. Oh, and some Citrus air-spray.

Then up to the bus stop. Welsh Bill was there waiting. His operation is on the 23rd October, and the lad is longing for it to get done, and he can get off of the Morphine, bless him.

When I got in the apartment, the feet were aching, Anne Gyna was playing up, an I’d had a Nottingham City Homes two-sided letter delivered.

As I was cleaning the kitchen carpet thanks to my having dropped a bottle of Wine Vinegar on it (I know, what a clot!), Obergruppenhureress Warden Deana rang the bell. I welcomed her in, and she told me she had arranged for someone from Nottingham City Homes (Ryan) to call and see me on the afternoon of Tuesday 24th October about my needing a strobe alarm linked to the fire alarm. That was kind of her.  Shows her benevolent approachable nature at its loveable best.

I got the computer back on to update this rubbish.

Got the oven warming to cook the fish later. The potatoes in the crock pot were ready to be mixed with some cheese, so I did so prepared to go in with the fish then. I tried one of the tomatoes I’d bought from Lidl. Foul, and bitter it was. So, I cut some up and marinated them with dark Soy sauce. Added some fish sauce to the garden peas. The potatoes had already been cooked in Wine Vinegar. I hope all this comes out right, Hehe!

The horrid tomatoes. I’d soaked them in balsamic vinegar for hours, and this made them just about bearable to eat.

Why I didn’t hcook and eat the smoked Basi fish fillets is a bit of a mystery to me, I know I meant to have them, cause they have only two days sell-by-date left on them?

It was getting late now and as usual my strength and concentration had weakened and complete enervation had taken a hold over me.

Washed the pots, managed to stay awake long enough to get the medications taken, Health Checks done and wash the pots up.

I turned on the TV and settled down to try and watch something or othere, drifted off almost immediately into a dream filled sleep.

I was back in the underground tunnels again. Even in the nightmare, I thought how lucky I was to recall a dream after such a long time? And, what an odd dream it was, even for me.

Ghostly looking women ketp appearing before me and beckoned me unto them, as I willingly approached each one in turn, they would dissapear and reappear further in the distance down the tunnel?

I had the sense that my eyes were a camera, and occasionally saw my own feet come into view as I made my way along the shaft in pursuit of the ladies, feeling a need to talk to them, but failed to get near enough?

Around 0100hrs I woke with a start, scribbled notes to use here later and drew a rough sketch of the tunnel in the nightmare.

0120hrs: I decided to get up and update this diary straight away while it was fresh in my muddled brain. A need for the porcelain Throne diverted me to the wet room.


Inchcock Today Friday 14th October 2016: Marathon Hobble today

5fri01 Friday 14th October 2016

Freitag, den 14. Oktober 2016

Woke up 0205hrs: Half-out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair. Been dreaming of working in shops again, very busy chaotic and being robbed by staff and customers?

Although it wasn’t very warm in the flat, I was ringing with sweat – then I realised why I think. The ulcer was giving me gip, and Anne Gyna seemed determined not to lose her grip on me. I was shaky on my feet when I eventually rose up to go and have a WRHD session. Arthur Itis it seems had joined the Axis of Agony in attacking me fiercely this morning. This is not going to be a good day for Inchcock. But the worst thing was the depression was back with a vengeance. I’ve told the doctor about this happening, and she seemed to think I should expect it? I hate feeling like this, the slightest thing, failure, comparison or thought gets to me, and the self-pity reigns. I feel like nothing matters, so why should things bother me? Hey-ho.

Even Haem Aroid was bleeding, the first time in three days – of course, this thought got to me as I felt I was doomed – always think of Private Fraser in Dad’s Army when I use this term. 

 To the kitchen kettle on. Noticed I’d missed some beetroot juice on the floor from last night’s accidental spillage. Got down to wipe it up, then took ages in getting back up, accompanied by a dizzy. I was getting more depressed as the day went on at this stage.

Took the medications, made a cuppa and got the laptop on. I think I figured diving into doing the WordPressing and graphics would get my mind off of the ailment? Spent hours doing the diary, but concentration was often lost when my mind wandered onto darker thoughts.

Several mugs of tea (Blimey I’ve got a thirst on this morning) and WRWW’s later, I tried to download the photo of the meal last night, and it had vanished? Not on the camera or card? Am I going deranged or Gaga?

Sorry if the start if this post is how it is. Not like me usually. Surely I’ll come out of this melancholia soon? I’ll try to do some more of a graphic I started last week, see if that helps rid me of this feeling of isolation, unwantedness and defeatism I’ve attracted.

5fri01aI really got into doing the graphicalisationing then lost the work when the Virgin Media internet went down! Grrr!

At least it gave me something else to concentrate my anger and frustrations on. I tried several times to reset it.

I called them, and the automatic system needed Password, Customer number, Area Code, etc. before I got through to a Scottish lass with an accent reminiscent of Janet in Doctor Finlay’s Casebook.

Of course, by then the damned thing had come back on. She then wished me a good day and asked if there was anything else she could do for me. I mentioned about the TV nature programmes and asked if she could post me some details of what was available and the price/cost. She said she would.

Within seconds, I got an email telling me to go to the Virgin website for details of programmes available. Tsk!

Wanted to redo the graphic, but the heart had gone out of doing it by now.

WRWW and made a cuppa, then updated this tosh.

Updated this again and listened to some Shadow music while I checked the emails etc. Then got my ablutions done and readied myself for a walk in Woodthorpe Grange Park and into Sherwood – weather permitting. I’ll call on Olive on the way out, see how she is.


5fri10Olive was in excellent form and doing well, and as gorgeous as ever! I felt so much better in myself then. The haze of depression had decreased phenomenally, and the enthusiasm returned, so much I felt like I was on some drug or other, released from captivity! I decided I would get a bus to Arnold, try to get some of the cheese twists from the Fulton Foods, and walk all the way back home, calling in B&M in search of curried beans and feed the ducks in Arnot Hill Park.

Whatta mistaka to maker!

Left to catch the L9 into Arnold.

No tenants about, in fact, I wondered if the world had ended and no one had told me, very odd. The bus arrived, and in no time I was dropping off on High Street, Arnold, right opposite the Fulton Food Store.

5fri03Where I went in search of the unusual cheese twists… Tsk! I got the last packet.

As I came out decided to make my way out of Arnold to the park to feed the mallards and other wildlife, the sky looked beautiful.

It felt and looked like some rain was due, but it didn’t come.

I meandered on, calling in the Saver store and got some chocolate coins. Then out to the Arno Hill Park.


Where the birds appreciated the earthworm pellets and fed in a harmonious sharing way, no pecking at each other or squabbles to get the food. I stayed a while just talking to them, no one else was about.

5fri05As I made my way out of the park, I took a different route than normal and came across this it of Agricultural Artwork on the right here.

I hope the tree wasn’t topped just to make it? I suppose it might have been diseased.

Made my way out and up and over Mansfield Road and left along to the B&M store to see if they had any of the Hoopers Curried Beans in stock. They hadn’t of course. I got a pack of citrus flavoured, no, I mean citrus scented toilet blocks.

5fri06Out and along the Mansfield Road towards Sherwood.

I called into the tennis court toilets as no one was about and had a wee-wee. (Cheeky me!)

Got to the Tesco mini-shop and nipped in to have a look around, never been in there before. I got a pack of Crispy beetroots and crispy sweet potato nibbles. Bet they will be nice, expensive mind, £1.05 for a packet of merely 30g. They had some reduced short-dated ready to eat prawns, so I treated myself. This turned out to be false value later, they were horrible foul tasting, and I threw them away. The reduced custard slices with icing on top that I also purchased, were okay. (Guilt mode adopted here).

Pressed on up the hill, the feet ankles and knees now in the right painful condition they are, and I began to regret walking back after all. As I entered the park gates…


A Council Van, parked with its hazard lights flashing had to be got around, and as I moved off the concrete onto the grass, I came as close as I’ve ever have done to slipping over without doing so, if you see what I mean. A minute or so further on up the incline and the van overtook me with inches to spare from hitting me! He just might have given me pap on his horn to let me know he was coming? Huh!

5fri08aOn to the top and right down passing the Copse, and into view came a sight I didn’t want to see.

A paramedic van and an ambulance outside the foyer entrance to the flats.

Haven’t found out what had occurred yet.

Up to the twelfth floor and to the porcelain and made use of it.

Tired and physically drained, but in much better spirits than when the day started I’m happy to say, I got preparing the evening fodder. The prawns were 5fri09thrown out, a large battered fishcake and battered fish fingers were put in the oven. Tin of garden peas in the saucepan, beetroots and tomato sliced, apple peeled, pickled egg on the plate, small banana and the two custard slices with icing on readied.peas

I did have two little brown cobs and filled them with fish fingers dunking them in the tomato sauce as I devoured the meal. Succulent is the word to describe this effort at my culinary preparations.

5fri11The ankles, feet and knees were still not surprisingly in a bad state and causing me some grief. But Anne Gyna had been good to me considering my foolish decision to walk so far. I checked when I made the Google map trip, it said the travel was 2.40 miles? This surprised me somewhat. I’d have guessed about 1.5 miles maximum? If the Google thing is right, it’s no wonder my plates are still stinging. Hehe!

Checked the TV paper and found something to watch from 1755hrs to 2200hrs. Got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, a mug of orange juice and nibbles in a pot at my side to enjoy the viewing. Fell asleep at 19oohrs during the break between programmes and woke up at 2155hrs to catch the last few minutes of the last programme I’d planned to see.

I’d been dreaming, but only bits of them remained in the brain. Being chased again in derelict buildings high in the sky?

A WRWW, a slurp of orange juice and off into the pleasant land of nod.

Inchcock Today Saturday 17th September 2016:

Saturday 17th September 2016


I stirred around 0229hrs, and in need of an urgent WRWW, operated the £300 second-hand recliner chair and was nearly shaken out of the thing as it shuddered and shook. No recollections of any dream details.

To the kitchen and took the medications with water, then got the washing things ready to go down to the laundry room.

0238hrs: Down with the bags and got the things into the washer number two. Back up to the apartment for a WRHD session, bloody and painful this time.

Went back up again and got the laptop going. Took the photograph above from the kitchen window.

0335hrs: Down and moved the things into the dryer. Did a bit of graphicationalisationing and it was soon time

Once again, back up to the flat. Must remember today by 1230hrs I have to catch the L9 bus to get to the Feet First Chiropodist. Gives me time to have an amble around before the 1400hrs appointment. Hope it doesn’t take too long, then I can catch the last L9 bus back to the flat at 1505hrs. Made sure the Pensioners Free Bus pass was in my jacket pocket.

sat02Did I did some more of the graphicationalisationing and started this update. The time went so quickly, and it was soon time to go down again to collect the clothes.

I must say the colour coded socks made life easier.

Cleaned the filter out and wiped down the machines that I’d used.

Back up in the lift yet again to number 72 and another WRHD, oh dear.

Put away the washing and made up a bag with the accoutrements needed for the next visit. Accoutrements, I wonder if that’s the right word? I’ll look it up, hang on, please. Ah, it says “gear, outfit, tackle, paraphernalia, rigging” so I think that’s right. I meant, the soap capsules and powder, fabric softener and the inwash freshener crystals?

Made another cuppa and got on with the diaries and graphic making.

Did some WordPress viewing. Got carried away with the new funny-ode page and got it finished and posted off at last. I hope it gets received well because it took me weeks to get it right. Every time I planned to get some more done, a new appointment would arrive from the hospital clinic or doctors.


There are only four of them there buses on a Saturday, and I have to catch the 1130hrs one, to ensure I get to the clinic in time for the appointment.

Still, it’s better than Sundays, there none then. Hehe!

I hope to get it all done in time to catch the last bus back to the apartment from town at 1505hrs.

Did my ablutions, lemon soap, citrus body spray were used this morning. Applied the creams lotions and potions. Hehe!

All finished, I got my myself looking half decent and set out, calling at Olive’s on the way, but she was not available. Bet she’s having a lie-in, and I don’t blame her either.

At the bus stop, I was joined by Frank and two other tenants and we enjoyed an excellent blether about everything and nothing. The bus was well late arriving, and the driver seemed a bit tense. As we pulled up at the next stop near the Winchester Court flats, Frank realised he’s left his bag a the bus stop behind. Well, when he told the driver and asked him to wait while he retrieved it, the bloke went bonkers, told Frank to stay on the bus, and he drove around back to the bus stop so Frank could get his bag – cursing and mumbling about his being 12 minutes behind schedule already! Poor old Frank, I felt so sorry for him. I got some of the other passengers laughing about it and telling them it could have been any one of us. This did not help the drivers mood! Hehe!

sat06In town, I got off on Queen Street and fought my way dangerously through the crowds down through the City Centre and onto Exchange Walk.

What I had not realised was, with the bus being so late, when I arrived at the Bank it was closed! It was a bit scary making my hobbling on my way to the bank. Crowds or what! Phew!

sat04 sat05

So I made my way stutteringly, due to having to stop very often to prevent someone walking into me, back up to Clumber Street to get to the Victoria Centre Market to get a belt and me cashew nuts. I decided to bar myself from the City Centre on Saturdays in future, far too risky for anyone dodgy on their feet!

Got a belt £6.99 and the dark chocolate covered cashew nut, 200grm for £3.38. Had a hobble around and got shoulder charged by a bloke who I thought ought to be playing American football or Rugby. Recovered and a couple asked if I was okay, which I was, cause I didn’t go over, although it was close. Packed solid with shoppers and shoplifters it was today.

I took a longer, but less populated route out and to the Chiropodists in plenty of time for my appointment. This visit was reminiscent of my going to the sat09Dentist – with Japanese trained concentration camp guards in place of the usual staff! Humph!

A woman shouted at me, calling out my name and getting all upset because I didn’t hear her her the first time.

She marched me to the treatment room and barked: “You take off your shoes and socks, put feet into the bowl, and wait for me, yes?”

I was so scared, I wasn’t going to argue with her, I meekly replied “Yes”.

I took this photograph of a new sign that had appeared on the wall, I was going to take another one of the new price lists. Thought I heard the Obergruppenfurher woman returning, being a little nervous, I put away the camera.

She did my feet in about three minutes, and told me, well, commanded me: “You put on shoes and socks, meet me in reception, yes?” More a threat than a question!

I was inwardly a jibbering wreck after I paid them, re-booked and left the place, out into the crowds again to make me way to the L9 bus stop.

sat07 sat08Wearily, I got through the crowds.

Got to bus stop and awaited the arrival of the last L9 bus. It arrived on time and I was soon on the way back to the apartment.

I called in to see Olive first, she was a bit better today and as radiant as ever. A jolly good gossip and laugh. She recommended that I stop going to the Feet First place and said she’d phone a home visit chiropodist and find out how much they charge, and if they could add me to their list. Wonderfully caring is Olive, and she is excellent on the phone. She will call them next week for me.

A kiss and  cuddle, and I was on my way back to number 72. Where an overdue call for a WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session, was performed first thing. I put some pain gel on the arm and shoulder where the bloke barged into me, cream on the slightly bloodied rear end, and took an extra painkiller with the medications.

sat10Got the meal prepared in no time. Beef slices, a tiny tin of garden peas, pickled eggs and beetroot.

A banana and lemon curd yoghourt to follow.

I enjoyed this meal and am rather pleased with how I am managing to resist eating bread with my meals so often nowadays.

It had been a good day healthwise today, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Duo Denal all been kind to me. Hernia Harry, got a bit bothersome after the Man-Ape shopper had tackled me in Victoria Centre, though. Hey-ho!

I’ll ask olive tomorrow if she wouldn’t mind rubbing some Phorpain gel over my shoulder back for me.

Chose some TV to watch, Pie in the Sky, and then a film. Fell asleep several time during Pie in the Sky, got to the start of the film, first set of adverts and off I went, until 0400hrs when I stirred in desperate need of a WRWW.

TTFN folks.

Inchcock Today Mon 5th Sept 2016: Dedicated Whoopsiedangleplop Avoidance Day – Failed Tsk! Hehe!


I have made today, this pledge to myself. We’ll see?

Monday 5th Sept 2016


Oh, got that wrong – 8oz down! Hurrah!

0455hrs: Moved and the tender piles forced me to get up. The cushion with a hole was not giving me any relief from the pain. I’ll have to mention it to the nurse tomorrow. To the WRHD session, much bleeding and tenderness from this read end. Humph! No signs of any dizziness, though, so that’s good.

Popped onto the scales, I’d sooner not talk about this if you don’t mind. Oh, yes I will, I’ve just checked my weight list, It’s down, down I say! Alright, it’s only 8oz, but better than the other way? Hehe!

I’m determined to avoid any Whoopsidangleplops today – if I can, I’m getting fed-up with having them!

To the kitchen, to find I’d left the flipping tap running all night – A good start, Damnations! Took the medications with tomato juice and made a cuppa, laptop on.

Did some graphicalisationing for this post, finished off Monday’s and started this one off.

I couldn’t remember what time I had to meet Linda (The fuel poverty lady) today, so I looked back on Thursday’s diary and found it was 1100hrs, in the foyer.

Did some graphicalisationing for the TFZ site for a few hours. I’m starting a new series titled ‘You never know who’s watching – do you?’ Putting the TFZer gal with a famous bloke, with another TFZer sneaked into the graphic watching them?

It took me three and a half hours and I’ve only got four done, so it’ll take a while to get them all done. Hehehe!

Oh, must get missen ready for the meeting with Linda now. TTFN.

1355hrs: Down to the foyer, and felt so horrible about myself when I later found out it should have been 1100hrs, and, about me getting it wrong! I must try to apologise to Linda. Idiot!

Up to the flat and got the things needed, back down and caught the last L9 bus into town.

I went into the Wilko store to see if they had any of those what I now know, are called Protection Stamps, (That Olive informed me of) for blotting out names on letters etc. to save me using the shredder each time. Asked a lady on the Customer Service counter, but no luck, she suggested I try W H Smiths in Victoria Centre.

So I departed and climbed the stairs up and over the road into the Centre and 0001called in the Market to get some nuts. Took a photo of interest as I was over the roadway. In the distance, I spied the flashing blue lights of an emergency vehicle and zoomed in with the camera to investigate. Note the cyclist just about to pass the car?

He pulled out without looking in front of the bus, which had to swerve to avoid hitting him. Naughty!

Onward into the top floor of the centre and to the nut stall in the vegetable place. I overspent a bit here… Chocolate and yoghourt covered cashews and some yoghourt covered hazelnuts. Then got some pod peas and yellow mini tomatoes.

Hobbled along to W H Smiths, but they had never heard of anything like a thing called a Protection Stamp.

Carried on and down into Tesco to spend a bit more. Tomato Juice and salt and vinegar rice cakes.

01iThen out into the busy streets and over into Trinity Square, where I spotted some stuff in the used jewellery shop window, that I thought might appeal to the TFZer ladies, so I took a photograph.

Pearls and diamonds!

I wish I could buy some and take them to the gals.

Then I popped into the Little Waitrose store to spend even more.

Got a yellow pepper, Marmite Rice Cakes, cheese twists and an onion.

01fWalked down through the City Centre on my way to try the stationery store on Exchange Walk for the Protection Stamp.

The folk were clearing and packing up the Nottingham Beach rides and sand.

Looking at the mayhem, I nearly walked into a Community Policeman near the council house steps – but I don’t think he was aware of this, as he stared at the workmen with a smile on his face?

Down the alleyway to the Ryman stationery shop. A very kind lady who I asked about the Protection thingy, went and fetched me one and returned with it, a smile on her face and wished me good luck. I think I might have looked a bit pale and poorly to her? Bless her.

I proceeded, after realising the funds were now getting low, to the bank to get some cash. I had ten minutes before the 40 bus was due to leave, but there were no people at the bank counter, so I entered and got served immediately. Then, the dreaded Whoopsidangleplop – I could not find me bank card!

I was flapping and panicking a bit now, so angry with myself again. I hoped I’d used it when ordering Morrisons online and left it near the laptop? The girl sorted getting me some cash. Humph!

To the bus stop and while I waited, did another search of my pockets – and found the bank card! Oh, the relief! Still felt a right plonker, though!

10bCaught the number 40 back to near the flat. As the bus pulled off, there were four people all looking at their phones at the same time, and I thought this scene if I got a photograph of them, would be of use for a humorous graphic. But the bus stopped to let them cross before I got the camera out. Ass we moved on, another lady on her own was on her phone, so that had to do for me idea for a funny shot. but I couldn’t think of anything to write on it.

When I dropped off the bus on Winchester Hill and I managed to get across the road safely, a chap who got off at the same time as I did, shot past me at a good rate of knots. Further on he had to stop for traffic to cross the narrow road onto Chestnut Walk to the flats. We started a conversation and nattered away. He lived in the other block of flats, Winchester Court. on the first floor. He told he was 85 and had seen here for four years. We both agreed how nice it was. He departed briskly into his block and I thought, I’m not doing very well… he is 86 and he left me for standing with his athletic walking rate? Hehe!

I called in to see Olive, but she was not available. (Sob!)

I got in and just missed a phone call – I hope it wasn’t Linda I’d missed. Very embarrassed about getting the time of our meeting wrong. Shame mode adopted!

In the flat, a quick WRWW, then I got the food away and started the meal preparations. Took the medications while I thought of it.

BR02As the darkness began to fall, I noticed the wonderful red/orange glow from the sun’s decline from the kitchen window.

I took this photograhicalisation of it, but it came out nothing like as vivid as the eye saw it.

The choice of repast was again decided by the  use-by dates on the BGafood in stock. Minced lamb and potato ready meal. Colcannon potatoes, yellow tomatoes, beetroot and marmite rice cake, followed by the last of the short dated honey yoghourts.


I think I’ve been getting up too early the last few mornings – I was struggling to stay awake to watch the goggle-box, yet sleep would not come?

So, the planned avoidance of any Whoopsiedanglplops was a failure today!

I’m just happy that card was found!

TTFN all!

Inchcock Today Tue 30 Aug 2016: No celerity today!

Tuesday 30th August 2016


Woke and rose at 0425hrs: Realised I was not wearing the alarm wristlet and panicked, trying to think of where I’d left it was no use, I was in such a pickle and state last night… weary drained and in pain.

As I fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, the pains from yesterday were still lingering around my bloated body-mass. The boil was still tender, the Anne Gyna letting me know she was there, the knees were hassled by Arthur Itis. However, the hernia was far less of a bother. Still feeling weary, overdid it yesterday I reckon.

The only thing on my mind was, where is the Alarm Wristlet. I tried to recall logically; I was on the laptop when BJ phoned to ask me to go to Papplewick… so I searched the desktop, no red and white alarm wristlet found.

Into the wetroom and searched all over, nothing found.

To the laundry bag, felt in the sleeves of the two tops to see if I’d taken them off forgetting about the wristlet. Nothing found.

All coats on the hallway pegs, inside the shoes, on the floor, Nothing found.

Kitchen, checked the bins drawers, cupboards food storage areas, Nothing found!

Front room; Took the covers off both chairs, got the torch and looked under both of them, cabinet, all drawers checked, rubbish bin checked. Nothing found.

In a state now. I shall have to throw myself on Deana’s mercy and pay for a new one then.

Took the medications, and had a stand-up wash and shave, it was still too early to make a noise using the shower.

A quick check around in case the alarm might be somewhere visible, nothing found.

0730hrs: Got the laptop on ready to do yesterday’s diary and… there, right next to the left-hand side of the laptop was the Wristlet Alarm! It was turned inside out, and the red and white parts were hidden under the black elastic. I probably turned it inside out in a rush to get it off when BJ rang me yesterday.

Now, this might sound like an excuse for my failure to see it, especially as this was the first area I looked in? It is.

But the joy of finding it after only three and a half hours of searching for it was incredible!

Much Facebooking and graphicationalisationing followed.Rang Deana

1115hrs: Rang Deana to see what time she would be calling, then I could work out finding time to get to the shop for some fresh vegetables hopefully before the buses stopped at 15oohrs. Deana was busy covering for holidays at another complex on Sneinton or St Ann’s I think she said. Told me to call and see her in the morning at the Winwood Community Shed early.

I’ve got a Morrisons delivery coming twixt 0900>1000hrs, the wonderful cleaners arriving twixt 1000>1100hrs, and I need to get to town for a new doorbell battery somehow. I’ll try to get to see Deana EASP, although I don’t think the talk will take too long. I’ve got to pay this second-meter bill now I reckon. But would like it, if when the bill is settled, she can help me sort out a new supplier for the electricity. I’d like to know why they kept lying to Deana telling her often, that the mystery meter account had been closed then make it into my main one?

Deana is up to the neck in work normally, but even more so now, poor gal.

Did some light ablutionisationing and got ready to go to the shops, thought I’d call to see how Olive was on the way out. She told me not to pay the British Gas bill and to cancel the arrangements they have already made without me being aware of until it was all done. And tell Deana I was not going to pay. She (Olive) was in goodish form today, bless her. She told me where the Aldi store was on Woodborough Road that I could use by catching the L8 free bus.

A peck on the cheek and quick pleasurable cuddle and I off I poddled.

Caught the L8 and got off up the hill a stop too early, Humph! (I can’t take myself anywhere Hehe!) Plodded up and right down Woodborough Road to the Aldi shop.

Got some leeks, sunflower oil, porridge pots, cheese topped cobs, vine tomatoes, red pepper, 3 bananas, cheese twists and the thing I went for, some fresh pod garden peas. The lady at the checkout was so different to many of the till operators and did not rush me through too fast, bless her.


Split the stuff into two bags, and walked slowly back to the flats, well, it was downhill nearly all the way. Made a slight detour into the woods to look for wildlife to photograph. I didn’t see any, just as well, I’d forgotten to take the camera with me.

Good job olive told me about this shop, it’ll come in handy knowing I can use the L8 bus up the hill, and get some gentle exercise walking back down after buying my fodder, in good weather anyway.

Got back in the flat, WRWW and WWHD tended to, put the nosh away and back for another WRWW?

Got the kettle on and weariness overcame me. I put on ‘Diehard with a Vengeance’ DVD, and nodded off for so many minutes here and there, I gave up with it. Tried watching the TV and the same thing happened.

Got reading the war book and that seemed to do the trick… nodded off after two chapters and hearing a noise from somewhere, I know not where… next thing it was 0500hrs when I woke, having missed the evening medications again! Humph, clot and 11b !

Inchcock Today Fri 26th Aug 16: Not a Good Day at all, apart from Olive looking good!


Friday 26th August 2016

0405hrs: Gae up trying to sleep and struggled out of the not-working-again £300 second-hand recliner chair and to off for a WRHD. Not a pleasant experience this morning.

01aTook the medications with some orange juice, and got the things ready for the laundry room visitation. During which the first Whoopsiedangleplop of the day took place.

I was reaching into the cupboard and had a little dizzy spell, and caught the stack of storage bins and over they went!

What a mess!

I believe I might have said something like “Oh, dear me, fancy that!”

Clean it up as I muttered some obscenities.

0425hrs: Down to the washing room and got the machine going. The place was in a bit of a state. Back to the flat.

010505hrs: Down to the laundry room and got the clothes into the… wait for it… New Drying Machine! At last, after waiting for about nine weeks, we now have two dryers again. I was surprised to see it was a similar model to the one that conked out, and they could not get the spare part to mend it cause it was so aged? The drum appeared a lot larger on this one. Got it going and returned to the apartment again.

An hour to wait so I got the vegetables prepped and in the Crock-Pot. Fresh garden peas, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, turnips and parsnips. I added tomato puree, salt, vegetable seasoning and then added some Oregano – Whoopsiedangleplop number two here: The lid came off the Oregano pot, and the contents all went in me vegetable stew!and 

I said something like (Not really, though, it was something a little more vitriolic) “Oh dearie me, I seem to be having an error-ridden morning, ah-well!”

01b0605hrs: This was quickly followed by Whoopsiedangleplop number three. I started to clean and clear properly, where the bins had fallen earlier and clouted my head on the draining board as I bent down.

0615hrs: Checked the Crock-Pot, tried to get out as much of the Oregano as I could, and went down with some cleaning stuff to the laundry room to collect the washing. Titivated around and cleaned the soap in slots and trays and filters that had not been cleaned. Felt quite proud of myself at this point.

0625hrs: Back once more up to 72, opened the door, and boy did that Oregano pong! Stunk the place out.

01cI opened the window in the kitchen to let the aroma out.

Took a photo while hanging out of the window.

Can you spot something out of order in the picture on the left?

Naughty person. Hehe!

Put the clothes away, one pair of trousers had shrunk that much, I put it with the other stuff in the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop bag. I’ll take the bag down today, it’s nearly full now, mostly with things that have shrunk… alright then, things that no longer fit due to me increased flobby-body mass. Tsk! This encouraged me to get on the scales that were nearby… but that is a horror story you can do without. Ahem!

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on and set about finishing the Thursday post and starting this one.

Tried some Facebooking. Not too good, sticking a bit, but I got some done.

Did my ablutions, and called to see Olive on my way out. She was in good from considering, and this cheered me up no end.

Went to see if I could contact Deana bout the British Gas cock-up. She was not in today.

01hCaught the L8 bus into Sherwood and went to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop and unloaded the bag of clothing.

A lot of emergency vehicles running about Sherwood today.

Nipped in the shop and got some mushrooms to add to the Crock-Pot… the over Origami’d Crock-Pot. Got two cheese cobs as well.

01iCaught the bus back up to the flats and had a good chinwag with some other tenants en route.

2Aug16aThe view from the kitchen window was very nice.

Not going to last long, though, I’m afraid.

Forecast heavy storms for tomorrow.Got in to find two letters in the box from British Gas!

Got in the apartment, to find two letters in the box from British Gas!

They had closed the proper account and made the …67 one, a new report adding £253 to the total making me in debt now for £375.38.

Confused now, I went on the internet to email Deana, and found she had sent me a copy of BG’s last email sent to her yesterday!

You can find this here: Updated British Gas record It’s a long detailed one. This addition is at the end of the post.

She will not be available to see me until next Tuesday to discuss the outcome and what tactics to adopt. Just my luck – holidays again! Tsk!

Put the fodder away, took the late medications and added the mushrooms to the Crock-Pot.

Updated this post and went on Facebook. Still sticking a bit, telling me I had not finished commenting when I had?

The food in the Crock-pot had to be sorted, to get rid of some of the juices. I added a tin of beef to it after draining and added a bit more black bean sauce, to weaken the Origami taste. NO! I  mean the Oregano taste. Hope it is eatable as a stew with the cobs when I get it sorted. Tsk!

Well, I have to say that it came out as the most horrible tasting meal of the year! A failure of epic proportions, even after my assiduous day long efforts!

10Within minutes of foolishly finishing eating this monstrous so-called edible creation, the stomach was rumbling, bodily winds were escaping from all extremities, and I felt that along with the dissatisfaction and worry of the unfair British Gas charging me affair, these should have been sufficient to ensure my suicide.

But, being a coward, I decided against any such intentions and put the goggle-box on, fell asleep and dreamed of me being pursued in tunnels by just about everyone.

Around 0200hrs, I sprang awake and struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and went to the door of the flat… why I did this I had no idea? Feeling rather foolish, I wandered between the door and the recliner chair a few time hoping the reason for me waking and going to the door might return to me. It didn’t, so feeling uncomfortable with my state of sanity, I climbed back into the recliner and spent an hour or so wondering what I might have been intending to do in going to the door?

Inchcock Today Friday 12th August 2016: Chiropodist, Nottingham Beach, Visited Olive and flaked out!


Friday 12th August 2016

0535hrs: Woke hanging half in and half out of the shuddering £300 second-hand recliner. The TV was still on, crumbs on my belly (Rice cake crumbs), and with thoughts from the dreams flaying about rampantly in my mind. They faded almost instantly, leaving just a couple of them left. I was in heaven and having a ball with many of the folk I have known over the years, I think I even went fishing at one stage with Duncan Robertson, Marissa Bergen and Mike Steeden, on a canal in Amsterdam?

I manipulated my way off of the not working at the moment £300 second-hand recliner and went to put the kettle on, took the medications and then off for a WRWW and WRHD session. As I opened the door, the heat greeted me like as if I was walking into a gigantic oven! Yes, I’d left the heater on!

01iAfter performing the required functions, the blood was splattered over the porcelain pan, and my stomach, which had previously been fine before the ‘passing’ moments before, started to churn rumble hurt and felt it wanted to escape from my innards? (The lamb burgers last night perhaps?)

The involuntary passing of wind was so violent and mephitic, I feared with all the heat from the eleven hours of the leaving the wall heater on in the wetroom, I might have an explosion on my hands! (Hehehe!)

Then, I stubbed my already blackened middle left foot toe on the trolley in there. Not a good start I thought?

With the memory letting me down lately and forgetting to take the camera out with me, I thought I’d get some batteries into the little old camera and put it in the shopping bag.

Made a brew and got the laptop on to finish yesterday’s diary and make a start on this one. The spontaneous emissions from the rear continued.

Checked the emails in case the doctor had sent an appointment time for the next INR Warfarin Blood Test on Tuesday 16th, as instructed by the Anticoagulation team. They sent:  Good afternoon Mr Chambers, We can offer you an appointment for you INR blood test on Wednesday 17th August at 1.30pm. Sorry but this is the earliest appointment available. Please let us know if this is suitable for you. Kind Regards.

Every time over the last three months, when I’ve requested an appointment for the INR test, I have asked for a morning one if possible. Never got one yet, Tsk! Wednesday, I have the cleaning ladies coming in, so will have to get my skates on to get to the surgery in time afterwards. Int life complicated sometimes?

Patti Beckert, (Cyber-Friend Extraordinaire) sent me this email:


Got some Facebooking done. The door bell rang, it was the Red Cross man calling with the shower stool. I signed for it, and he collected the shower chair and off he went.

Back to the Facebooking and suddenly realised how late it was!11b

01iRushed about, had a quick wash, changed the togs, no time for a shower or shave.

Hobbled as quickly as I could, up through the park and to the bus stop in Sherwood.

The bus soon arrived, and it was jam packed!

Amazingly when I dropped off the bus at the Victoria Centre, I still had about 6 minutes to go until the Feet First appointment. Exhausted and blowing a bit with painful feet, I arrived just in time! A different lady did me toes today, I told her about what I’d written on the TrustPilot page about British Gas, and she said she’d have a look.

01jOut and onto Upper Parliament Street, went up over the walkway above the street and took the photographs above. Police, Ambulances and a pavement being repaired that made pedestrians struggle to get around it.

01kOver on into Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) and down into Boots to have a look around. Then out across the road and into Clinton Street (Above). I’ve never seen so few people on it before?

Then into the Pound Shop to see if they had any Lavender soap or aerosol fabric spray in, they did not. But I got some Caramelised biscuits, bog cleaner and Bisto Chip Shop gravy granules. 

11aI walked down and around the Council House.

Taking extra care of the Pavement Cyclists that were all over the place.

Outside Primark store, the Police had their hands full with removing some shoplifters from the building and getting them to go into the Police Van, around five officers and three perps, not helped by the suspects talking and shouting, spitting, presumably swearing too, in what sounded like Polish or Lithuanian like accented language to me.

I stood and watched them for a while, entertaining it was.

09There was a huddle of folk on Long Row, so I investigated what was going on.

It was some scantily dressed young ladies handing out free mini-cans of Coca-Cola.

And the Nottingham Citizens liked that… very much!

I fought my way into the Slab-Square and the entertainments and the imported beach to take some photographicalisations of the same.

Nottingham Beach Photographicalisations Today

10 10bVery popular today.

Made my way up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop with my bags of stuff and aching feet. I’d forgot to mention them to the chiropodist with being so late arriving. Tsk!

No hiatus on the bus… until we got to the traffic lights on the corner of Porchester Road and Woodborough Road, where a lady driver in the inside lane managed to hit the front corner of the bus as she passed to turn left! Made for a bit of interest again. Poor gal, she came to the bus apologising and the drive put her at rest, telling her she’s only scraped the paintwork.

They exchanged detail, and we were on our way in ten minutes or so. Of course, this made the driver well behind on his schedule, so we old ones on the bus aged a bit quicker as tried to make up the time. Hehe!

Back at the flat, and a WRWW later, I’d started the Crock-pot, put the things away, and made a cup of tea. Took the evening medications and was on my way to visit Olive. Who, incidentally I’ve always thought lived at 82, but actually, lives at 68. Just thought I’d mention it like.

I knew straight away she was feeling okay, cause she told me off for getting her a cream dessert and making her eat the wrong sort of foods! Hehehe! I was so glad to report she had got her appointment at the South Wing at the Queens Medical Centre for Tuesday after next.

We had a chinwag, then a most pleasurable kiss and cuddle, and I departed.

Back to me own place and got on with updating this diary.

I decided to have a lamb hotpot with the vegetables from the slow cooker, 01acause I’d seasoned them with mint and thought they’d go together well?

The Stock-Pot vegetables came out grand and flavoursome.

I admit to doing a bit of nibbling later on, that’ll not help my depression when I use the scales in the morning, will it? Tsk!

I got the new jammy bottoms.

Sleep was again, despite my getting a decent hobble about in today, so very hard to obtain, a few minutes here and there nod-0ffs, but I was still stubbornly winding back the DVD as late as 0100hrs or later before I eventually drifted off.

This was not helped when I had to get up rather urgently for a WRWW and found I’d got the jammy bottoms on back to front!

Inchcock Today 10 Aug 16: Much artwork done, British Gas Farce Continues – Hospital visit


Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Duo Denal and Rea Flux all being kind to me this morning. WRWW’s rampant, and toe and leg much easier! No dizzies or shakes yet. Looking Good! (Shouldn’t have said that should I?)

Wednesday 10th August 2016

I stirred around 0425hrs and sat there pondered on the dream I had been having for a few moments. Underground again, crawling through tunnels, this time, I had on a face mask, goggles, knee pads, etc., but was wearing my slippers? Being chased again, the pursuers caught me this time and tattooed me on my back and neck? Found myself in a luxury high rise apartment with cats and dogs licking me as I changed channels on an old Rediffusion Radio on the wall… much more took place I felt, but could only recall these bits of the dream. Tsk!

 The £300 second-hand recliner noisily and shudderingly allowed me out of it to get for a WRWW and WWHD. The tiniest bit of blood from the rear and Little Inchy, and the activities were far less painful than of recent. Not a bad start I thought.

Carried out the checks and medicating of the required areas, then into the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the medications and wash the pots in the sink that I’d failed to do last night…

11bWhoopsiedangleplop! I’d left the oven on 220 degrees all night long! Oh dear, I thought to myself.  Still, it was nice and warm in the kitchen!

Got on with finishing the Tuesday diary and starting this one, doing the graphic for the top of the page first. (Hope it gets a laugh?)

I mustn’t get carried away with lap-topping or internetting today, the appointment at the Cancer Clinic is for 1600hrs. This really gets me down, a late appointment. I’ve got get a bus to town and another, or a tram to get to the QMC, I know I’ll be tired and weary when I arrive because I always lose steam around this hour every day. Then, getting back will be a nightmare! I’ll be coming home in the rush-hour, the legs and feet will be aching, and I’ll face the onslaught of being crushed and knocked by the other passengers as they attack the tram doors, the seats are not supportive so the back will start to play up as I limp through town to catch a bus to Sherwood.

Of course, the L9 bus will have long stopped running, the last one will have departed from town at 1503 hrs! So I’ve to catch one that drops me off in Sherwood, then either walk up Winchester Street hill, or through the Woodthorpe Grange Park to get back to the flats. I anticipate, a weary, irritated and antisocial Inchcock will arrive home. That is, if they don’t keep me in, I’ve got to take me jammies shaving stuff, etc. in with me in case, like. That reminds me, I’ll put the things in the bag ready now!

Done it.

Updated this tosh.

Deana came to the flat as I was about to have a shower. She’s received this email from British Gas in reply to her complaint about the hassling me with Red Letter demands for a non-existent meter.

Wednesday 10 August: Warden Deana emailed the answer to me from BG. The five grammatical errors in the email have been corrected by Inchcock, before being put on this page 
From: “” <>
Date: 9 August 2016 12:38:24 BST
To: <>
Subject: Your reply from British Gas (18953202) (KMM43902975V30033L0KM)

Dear Ms Walker
Thank you for the enquiry you sent regarding Mr Chamber’s account, I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you.

Unfortunately, I am unable to help for the time being, as you are currently not named on the account, and as such I am unable to disclose or change any information regarding the account.
This is due to the Data Protection Act.
If you would like to be named on the account, please call us on 0800 048 0202* when you are with the account holder so we can get permission to either speak to yourself or add your name to the account.
Alternatively, you can send a signed power of attorney letter from the account holder, with the account number and details, authorising you to be added to the account. This can be posted, or attached to an email. Our mailing address is British Gas, PO Box 227, Rotherham, S98 1PD.

Once you have been added to the account, or we have verbal permission from the account holder to discuss the account with yourself, we will be able to disclose any information you require.
I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please contact us should you need any help in the future and thank you for contacting British Gas.
Kind regards Grace Winearls – Looking after your world

Deana came to the flat at 0955hrs and rang BG and got her name on record as my representative and added her name to the account. (Which account, the actual one or the fictional one, we were not sure)
She ran the BG Complaints number, and tried to get put through to them, but had to make-do with the Billing section.
She explained the situation yet again to this BG agent, and was put through to another agent and explained everything to him as well. To complained to each person she spoke to, and asked them why she could not get through to the complaints department?
She was put on hold. (Half an hour o the phone up to here)
Someone spoke to her and decided to put her through to someone else again.
She was put on hold.
She explained everything again to this agent.
She was put on hold.
She asked for written confirmation that the account had actually been close like he has been verbally told on four occasions now, but the demands continue?
She was put on hold.
Mr Ricmondo came on the line.
We were told it had been cancelled (Again!).
She was asked to give the meter readings from the one meter I have. (Which of course is not the meter in question (…67), but the meter I am paying by direct debit (…95). Bewildered we both were!
Deana complained again, about not being able to talk to their Complaints Department directly!
Her phone battery was now down to one bar. She complained about being kept waiting on hold so often.
She was put on hold.
Ricmondo returned to the phone eventually.
1) It seems an engineer will contact Deana to make an appointment to disconnect the non-existent meter and take the readings?
2) No further demands would be received. (Oh yes, very confident about this we were!)
Deana spent 53 minutes in total on hold – the poor woman had lost the will to live!

After the frustrated and deflated woman had left, I got the details put on G+, Facebook and updated the sad story on TrustPilot.

Emailed the GP surgery to get an INR Warfarin blood test booked.

Then had to get ready for the trip to the cancer clinic at the Queens Medical Centre. Ablutions, paperwork got ready.

Called in to see Olive, but she was out. All alone at the bus stop, I was the only person on the bus, it felt like a chauffeured service. Hehe! In town early so I could take some photographs… Oh, no, forgot the camera didn’t I! 11b

Had a walk through the Market in Victoria Centre – got a pair of trousers in my size from a stall there. Must remember this when I need another pair.

Bought a bacon cob and newspaper. Ate the cob.

Walked down to the Slab Square to catch a tram to the hospital. There was much going on that was photographable, but of course, I was without the camera. Humph!

Swiped the bus-pass on the machine then realised I was stood on the wrong side of the tram station where the trams went in the opposite direction. So, I crossed over and caught the right one, had to wait a while as I’d just missed one. I was the only person waiting on the platform, swiped my card again, and the crowds grew as I waited. When the tram arrived, I buffeted about a bit in the rush and was the last one to get on it. Packed solid it was, but I got the last disabled seat, if you can call them seats, they are very tiny plastic, flat and uncomfortable.

No hiatus getting off at the hospital, with it being late in the day I suppose? Walked down the winding staircase, across the crossing over the road (The driver of the white van, the index starting with BD51, might like to know he didn’t hit me as I crossed over, although, he made a valiant effort), and into the Treatment Centre.

Logged in with the receptionist and got the buzzer thing they give you to inform you when it is your turn, sat down and read the newspaper while I waited.

The buzzer buzzed, and I was led into a corridor to take a seat outside a consulting room. Minutes late I was in with the doctor and being checked. The blotch on the side of my head first (The old one), he decided it as definitely a safe form of cancer. Then he moved to look at the one on my back that Olive had told me about.

Walked up and logged in with their receptionist, and was called in almost straight away, and they did an autopsy on my back. It was obviously a lot smaller than the last one that one took over an hour to dig out and stitch, this was over in a few minutes.I caught a view of my blobby body in the mirror when they weighed me

I caught a view of my blobby body in the mirror when they weighed me, it was horrendous, terrifying!

Awaiting the results now. Took the paperwork back to the receptionist, and plodded out and back up to the Tram Station above.

Getting on the tram reminded me of when I went to see Nottingham Forest play Arsenal on a boxing day around 1968? It was so crowded it took me twenty minutes to find out Arsenal were playing in blue and yellow!

Thus, was the tram so crowded! Bruised, actually bruised I was by the time the masses had got onto the tram. Mind you, that helped I think, I just got carried onto the tram between the stern-faced determined passengers battling each other, scowling, with bottom chins protruding. How many of them hung onto their mobile phones I don’t know.

I got off in the Slab Square in Nottingham without much bother and walked up Queen Street to see what buses were available, and I was in luck for once. A number 40 bus was due in fifteen minutes. This bus is the best for me, when like now, the L9’s that take me to the actual flats, had long since stopped running.

01The lady driver, apparently a Demolition Derby fan, soon had me well bruised and nervously getting off the bus-stop on Mapperley Drive above Winchester Street Hill.

Walked back up the hill to use the small central reservation on the bend.

I got onto the reservation quickly, then sort of lost heart and interest as I had to wait for what seemed like hours, for a break in the traffic so I could complete my crossing of the road.

I thought at one time, I’d grow hair or snuff it from old age before I got over the road! Hehe!

In fact, I suppose it was only a few minutes I had to wait, by the time a gap came up, Arthritis had set in!

Wobbled along back to the flats, and called to see Olive, but again she was not in. (Sob!)

Back to the apartment and utilised the wetroom throne painfully and at length.

As I got the meal ready, the dizzies returned.

01aI had an easy meal as I was feeling a bit drained by now.

Tinned sweet and sour chicken in sauce (Added some extra sauce from the jar), potato cakes, the last cheesy cob and followed with a jelly, honey yoghourt and an apple.

Seeing my body mass in the mirror at the hospital, helped me resist having any nibbles afterwards!

I soon nodded off while trying to watch some TV.

Inchcock Today Mon 18 July 16: Lively day… speaking figuratively


Monday 18th July 2016

0240hrs: Woke up in the unmoving second-hand £300 recliner chair in a right state.

All the hassle to come and to get through over the next few days were running through my fevered brain. Today, to hopefully sort the French-owned British Gas overcharge, which will mean hoping to get to see Deana to arrange once again for me. Then get back for the delivery at the flat. Then get  the things packed and catch the buses to Sister Jane and Pete’s to lug to give them their pressies and see the pussies. Looks like being a tiring day.

Tuesday, launderette with BJ, GUM Clinic, INR blood test. Wednesday, find out what is wrong with the blood from the Cardiac Dep’t… And along with this sudden mental upheaval, the ailments were having a grand bout of fun with me this morning. Duo Denal: Worse for ages, Anne Gyna still hassling and the back pains had returned with a vengeance.

I actually nodded off again and reawoke at 0525hrs. Still confused in the brain a bit. Wondered if I’d been having a dream that had affected me? But no recall of anything.

Doubtful of my sanity and bewildered, I climbed out of the refusing to work £300 recliner chair and had a WWHD and WHWW session. Bleeding from the rear, Little Inchy tender and the Throne had to be flushed three times to make it disappear. Noticed all the rubbish in the hallway awaiting my attention – that’s something I might struggle with today I thought, paying attention and concentrating?

10bHad a bit of a dizzy as I went into the kitchen. Made mug of tea and took the medications. I did the Daily tests while I thought of them. Yesterday the BP was not looking right, Sys 128 Dia 61? Crossed my fingers (Figuratively speaking, Arthur Itis would not allow to cross them, even if I wanted to – Hehe) for today’s efforts. All looked better today, well, not the weight perhaps: Sys 151 Dia 67 Pulse 82 Temp 34.9 and weight 14s 4lbs still, so no decrease, but no increase – in fact, it was the same as yesterday… I do waffle on!

The stomach churning joined in with the other ailments as I got the laptop on to update this and finish off the Sunday diary.

Popped back out, for a WRWW and forgot I’d left the scales out – stubbed me toe on them again!

Got problems with CorelDrawx8 again, not working at all now! Used CorelDrawx7.

Olive jul02

Olive, radiant this evening

Got the paperwork regarding the French Owned British Gas overcharge for the unknown account in my name ready to give to Deana at the Tenant’s Social Hut, and called in to see Olive see how she was.

In fine form, she was, radiant! We had a gossip and she told me about her weekend with some of her clan. She enjoyed it so much but was not sorry she was back to normal now. I’m glad she is too! Told her I’d call back later and she offered to massage some pain gel in for me, she is nice!

Hobbled to the hut, and only Julie was in, she said to leave the paperwork and she’d give it to Deana for me. Thanked her.

I set off to the bus stop, had another chinwag at the stop, and caught the bus into town. Very warm this morning.

GCJDropped off on the busy Upper Parliament Street, and walked a few yards to Sister Jane’s bus stop and got one straight away!

A lot of nearly dressed young females about…

Caught the number 8 bus, and I arrived in West Bridgford and called Jane after I got off the bus to tell her of my progress.

A nice steady walk to their Mansion. Jane was outside when I arrived with next doors cat being fussed.

10kA gossip and they gave me a cuppa. I made up the footstool with a haven-hole for the pussies in it, along with the cat laser pointer and pet nibble treats.

It tickled Pete anyway, he was fascinated with it… unfortunately, all the cats had absconded?

10k2Janet posed for a photograph and told me off for eating the wrong foods.

She was looking good this afternoon.

Their garden flower looked wonderful, but somehow the photograph I took seems to have disappeared from the SD card in my camera? Of course, I might have got it wrong while taking it?

I didn’t stay too long because I wanted to get time to visit Olive and get things ready for the early morning tasks, thus get to sleep early. (I can hope? Hehe!)

10e2Caught the bus into town, and noticed there were. even more, young almost dressed ladies floating about. The Slab Square was being got ready for the yearly Nottingham Beach amusement show. Plenty of sand piled up ready for spreading.

I decided against taking any photographs of the young ladies.

A trip to the bank for some cash, a walk around the Council House and up Queen Street to the L9 bus-stop.

Bill, who I sit with at the Tenants Social Hour, got on the bus en route and another chinwag was enjoyed.

I called at the Community Hut, but Deana was busy, and Julie had not had time to tell her about the French-owned British Gas charging me yet again for an account they said had been closed! I moved the paperwork from the office to Deana’s desk. She was busy with someone, so I nipped off. I think she said she’d look at it on Wednesday, call then.

To the flat, WRWW and kettle on, then the laptop on to update this.

Called to see Olive. We had a cuddle and chinwag, then the gal massaged in the pain gel for me.

So tired when I got back to the flat.

P1110359Made a tasty too large salad.

Chicken thighs, yellow peppers, egg, tomatoes, red and roast onions, pickled cucumber, pate with caramelised onions. And two rice cakes instead of bread.

Tasty, bet this still ensures the scales will record a slightly higher result in the morning?

Sleep disturbed the TV watching with regularity… 

Inchcock Today Sat 9 July 16: Fantastic, got to visit Olive today!


Saturday 9th July 2016


Stirred into life and did my best to recall some of the dreams I’d suffered during the night. Definitely, I was being chased again, but not by the vague riffraff I usually am, this time, it was Royalty doing the pursuing, no less! HRM and Prince Charles led the mob, with of all people, Princess Margaret with a  fag on in the mob behind! They were throwing things at me that turned into long toothed wasps as the neared me and I soon had more blotches and stings than skin! Uncertain of how or why, but I ended up in a cellar, hung around the neck and I was hanging from a thick rusty iron ring on the wall?

I thought about the needs of the day. The Morrisons order coming twixt 1000 > 1000hrs, with some flowers for Olive in thanks of her massaging me aching areas. Hope they don’t get crushed. And the Mike Steeden book-of-poems is due sometime today according to Amazon.

Then it dawned on me the mess around me. I was again half in, and half out of £300 second-hand recliner, the fodder tray still on the chair next to me (Well cleared of the food I might add), spectacles luckily, unbroken on the recliner between my arm and the side of the chair, the TV remote between my legs, the bottle of Pentax medicine lingering precariously on the arm of the seat… I reckon the dreams might have got to me a bit maybe?

I got out of the now working £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the wetroom for WRWW and WWHD duties – and found I’d left the light and fan heater on all night! The stomach rumbled and grumbled a bit after using the porcelain.

To the kitchen to make a cuppa and take my medications and found a full pot of evening pills near the kettle. Had I or had I not taken last nights doses? I had no idea. But, with the arm, right wrist and shoulder, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Rea Flux all giving me a good start to the day, I wasn’t complaining. I felt a different person this morning, more alive and active – then carried on with the day fully expecting some Whoopsiegangleplop, hiatus, disaster or calamity to present itself later. It always does when I feel like this, I could be ten years younger with how I feel at this moment? The mind seemed inaniloquent with the thoughts that were racing through it. I had ideas and images that I know nothing about or understand wandering about in my head?

Got the laptop on and diary work done, started this one and then did some Facebooking. Four hours later I’d finished on Facebooking.

During this time, I had to wee-wee about eight times… oh dear!

The rain started pouring and has not stopped since.

10gThe Morrisons delivery arrived.

Olive’s flowers looked alright.

Put the food stuff way.

Stored the Roses in the box they came in, in the dark hallway to take to Olive later.

Made a cuppa and got on again with WordPress reading.

Hello, the lights just flickered a bit then… Back to the WordPress reading and commenting… More flickering from the lights!

Got a lot of graphic work done over the next few hours, then did some more Facebooking.

Tittivated me up and nipped to see Olive in her flat, took her Rose Bouquet with me. She was feeling a lot better today I’m glad to say. Made me a cup of tea and we had a lovely chat for a couple of hours.

A kiss and cuddle goodbye, and I sadly returned to flat 72.

P1110304Got the days fodder going, but I was not overly keen on the resulting plateful.

Looked okay, but didn’t go down too well, perhaps it was the stomach that started rumbling and grumbling just before I began to dig into it?

The expected burnout and fatigue dawned, and I was no use for much then. I just sat there in the £300, sometimes works, second-hand recliner and daydreamed for a while, about Olive mostly.

When the urge for the throne appeared rather suddenly, I was lucky to make it in time, as the shuddering £300, works sometimes, second-hand recliner wasn’t too interested in letting me get out of it! I don’t think it will last much longer… mind you, I might not as well and also! Hehehe!

TV on, as there were several programmes of interest on tonight that I wanted to fall asleep watching.