Inchcock Today – Tues 28 May 2019: Sorry it is a long one, but a lot happened today, some good stuff, too!

rhinocerosMay 27

2019 May 31

Tuesday 28th May 2019

Croatian: Utorak, 28 Svibnja 2019

WD0.0.128 Monday evening, 20:25hrs: Gave up trying to sleep, and rose up, made a brew and passed a urination of the FSSWW (Frisky-Short-Sharp-Wee-Wee) variety, it was still brown in colouration. Thankfully, the accompanying pong was nowhere near so pungent now!

Got the computer on, and began to conclude the Monday Inchcock Today. Finally completed, I sent it off to WordPress. Then had a look at the WordPress Reader. The fingers were not jumping about anywhere near as much as earlier in the day. The right leg still tries occasionally to do its impersonation of the hokey cokey, as performed by a three-legged rhinoceros, with the foot stamping down on the floor, of its own accord. Hehehe!

2Tue03I took the belated evening medications. I am a right clot of the highest order!

I made another mug of Glengettie tea.

I noticed the rain had started off again.

And I took a picture through the dirty glass pane of the unwanted, thick-framed, light & view blocking, impossible to get at for cleaning the glass, in the kitchen windows; and that needs the use of the stepladders to see anything down below – like a fire engine, ambulance, police vehicle or gangs of yobboes. For the other photo, I opened the stiff mechanics of the handle and took a distance shot, which didn’t show the rain very well.

The precipitation stopped, and put the kettle on, and nipped into the wet room, in response to a warm, wet sensation from the lower regions. I checked things out, to find it was only a little blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, and nothing to fret over.

2Tue06WD0.0.128 A quick check of the pins (legs), revealed that they had swapped fluid retention between the legs again. The different ones this time. Puzzling, but this is always happening? The knee patella areas seemed to have lost their warpedness and gnarled appearance as well.

At first, after looking at these pictures, I thought things looked a lot healthier colour-wise. But then it dawned on me, I had taken these shots in the hallway, where it is much darker. Ah, well!

I returned to the kitchen to make the brew.

When I noticed how quickly the view had changed outside, I just had to take some shots to record the beauty of the skies.


2Tue07I still cannot hold the camera steady enough for me to take a panorama photograph I’m afraid.

I did my best and tried several times, but just got the Unable to take Scenic shot – Hold the camera steady. Or, Unable to take Scenic shot – Move in one direction only or similar messages were coming up. So, I made an auto-selected shot and cut it down. But it is not a very good effort. The best I could muster I fear. Grumph!

Made the tea, and had another FSSWW. Back to the computer. Around about 04:00hrs, I drifted off into an all-too-short, but much needed delightsome sleep.

WD0.0.128 I shot awake at 05:55hrs. I fumbled with great flummoxing haste. Groping my extracting and removing my unwieldy, heavily-ladened body from the welcoming warmth of the £300, second-hand, c1968, gungy-beige, tatty, rickety recliner!

Once freed, and uprightish; I made a grab for the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket). I was caught by surprise at the strength of the evacuating fluids this morning, still of brown colouring. To give this effort an acronym or initialisation, I’d plump for of an ELDOPWW (Extra-Long-Drawn-Out-Persistent-Wee-Wee) mode. That’s a first! I emptied the third-filled bucket and sanitised it.

WD0.0.128 Back to the front room and titivated the mess around the recliner. In my expeditiousness to get to the bucket in time, I’d knocked the remote control, two bottles of spring water, a pad & pen, and the mobile phone off of the larger Ottoman. Well, blow me down with a feather duster, Fancy that, Tsk!

2Tue01I then got the socks, and jumper hand-washed in the kitchen sink bowl, and hung up to dry before moving the shirt to an airer later. If I get the time, what with Caroline’s visit and the Dentist to be visited today.

I took the morning medications and made up an evening pot for later use. The health checks were sorted out next.

2Tue02The BP results were better, I think so at least. The Sys was down to 139, the Dia 72, the pulse at 82, and the temperature read 35.8°c – which is a little higher than average, but it has been low for a while, so another good reading, methinks?

WD0.0.128 I nearly made a daft and silly Accifauxpa and gave myself a shot of “Enoxaparin”. How this nearly happened is 2Tue04beyond me. I know that the last week’s INR reading came back as being high. I rechecked the resulting form, to find that it was actually low, at 2.2! Yet I firmly believed it to be the other way? It is likely that having a Stroke, can change you from an everyday schmuck, bozo and an idiot, into a higher-class twit… such as a halfwit, cretin, imbecile, lamebrained-clodpole, as well! Huh!

Got the ablutions tended to. The floor in the wet room was looking a bit grotty, so I mopped around the edges.

Then on the computer, to make a start on this post.

Caroline from the Stroke Team arrived, and I cheered up exponentially and immediately. She got the telling of out of the way first (Hehehe!), and discussed what we should do, as the planned bus trip to assess my handling of the four-wheeled trolley walker, had to be sidelined again, due to the Dentist changing the appointment day to today. Life can be such a hassle and bother – but Caroline and Sonia coming to help and assess things make up for it.

Caroline rang the Age Concern, to get me booked in with one of their arranged chiropodists. £30 a session, for nail-cutting. Caroline then fitted the Ankle-Support for me, the first time try. She’s a natural at this. 

2Tue10We decided to have a walk up to Mapperley Top with the trolley, and get some Sourdough Baguettes from Aldi. And I am now so glad we did, for it was like a holiday for me.


A lovely day outside as we departed. I asked Caroline if I could take her photograph, showing the Woodthorpe Court foyer door entrance and signage. Thus giving me a wonderful memory-photo to look back on later, after I 2Tue10alose the wonderful helpers from the Stroke Team. (Sob!) Chestnut Way, looked a dangerous, almost a life-threatening no footpath, busy with road-works, to have to walk along the roadway. This was because it is a dangerous, almost a life-threatening no footpath, busy with road-works way to have to walk along the roadway.

We walked to the end of the Way, me feeling a little vulnerable, and onto and up Sherbrooke Rise. A good nattering session was enjoyed as we tackled the steep road up to Mapperley Top.

WD0.0.128 We were soon arriving at the Aldi store. Where I foolishly tried to go in through the exit doors! I did feel a right-fool standing there, wondering why the automatic doors were not letting me in! Laugh? We had to as we realised I was trying to gain entry at the exit. Shoppers going in had to smile too! Haha!

I got carried away with failing to resist some fantastic looking food. I came out with crispy bacon, mini-potatoes, sourdough baguettes, Brunswick smoked ham, naughty lemon slice cakes and, believe it or not, some English ‘Blue’ eggs? These eggs amazed me. They were very small, and I wondered if they might be Bantam eggs? I intend to have a couple in mid-morning tomorrow.

2Tue11Caroline and I began the walk back to the flats. As we turned down Mapperley Rise, I got Caroline to pose showing the eggs for me.

The four-wheeled trolley was a lot more stable and more comfortable to cope with going downhill than the three-wheeler is. But there is far less room to carry anything in it. In fact, Caroline had to ack the things into the little box, else they would not have fitted at all.

We had a good natter and laugh, with Caroline keeping her eye on my progress, on the way down. When we reached the end of Chestnut Way, I took a couple of shots of Winwood Heights. The momentary shakes affected one, I think.

The area was choc-a-block with sub-contractor, and road repair vehicles.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue12cOn the Cow Parsley (I had to ask Caroline for the name again, Tsk!) on the left, where new flats are to be built, had a Ladybird that I really wanted to try and take a good photo of.

WD0.0.128 But, I’m afraid the shakes inconveniently arrived as I was trying to take the pictures. It was impossible for me to get a partly unsmudged shot!

Caroline to the rescue again, and she took the photographs for me. Hidden talents in her there, no doubt! Thanks, gal ♥.

She got me home, the feet were stinging a bit, and had to shoot off to her next lucky patient.

I put away the food and had a wee-wee of the SSWW variety. Then I got the things ready for the visit to the dentist. I did not take any walkers with me, just the walking stick. As the stairs at the Dentist’s are very steep and were not easy to climb before, and this will be the first time I have tried since before the Stroke. So, taking a wheeler is not an option.

2Tue12dI caught the bus down the hill. Had a natter with some residents on the way.

Crossed the road and climbed the steep stairs into the dentist place. Waited in the queue, in the baron of adornments but with plenty of stuff for sale in cabinets, but clean looking reception of the Sherwood Dental stalag.

As soon as I signed in, a lady came to collect me. She followed, very frustratedly, I imagine, behind me as I climbed the stairs, strugglingly, slowly and painfully, up to the treatment room.

The dentist spoke to me, but I didn’t catch it all. I indicated that the hearing aids were not there. He said something after examining the partly toothed mouth, about “Not many left, but well-cleaned teeth…” I gathered that there was no call for any treatment, thanked him, pretending to hear what it was he was saying and offered a farewell. Down to the receptionist, carefully taking my time down the steps, but it was easier than getting up them. The receptionist, who I felt I ought to really try and cheer-up, and paid my £22.70 bill. I tried a wide-dimpled-smile in her direction, but it was ignored, poor girl, so depressed and sad looking. All I got was a look of incredulousness in return.

2Tue12eThere was a good while until the bus was due back. I hobbled down to the Co-op store and had a wander around. I came out with some sweet peas and cooked beef slices. Made a cock-up at the checkout, and selecting the cooked beef. Farcical really. The stick was the problem, whenever possible when going out, I will take the trolley-walker with me, but it was impossible today.

WD0.0.128 The farce: I opened the door to the chiller and got the shakes at the wrong time again. I dropped several packets of the beef, some landing inside of the cooler, others on the floor in the aisle. A lady kindly came and helped me out, picking up those from the deck and shutting the sliding-door for me. I did feel uncomfortable and thanked the woman.

WD0.0.128 At the checkout, the shakes again, they lasted a bit longer this time. This ended up with the stick being knocked onto the floor, the packet of beef ending up yards away on the floor as well, I dropped the change the lady had given me, and I lost grip of the backpack-bag I was putting things into! What a right picklement! At first, no one came to assist me, but a lady in the ever-growing queue did. I think she was getting impatient and annoyed with me. Hehe! I think I must have been red-faced with the sheer embarrassment this time!

2Tue12fWith the time lost, I had to move a bit faster than was comfortable, and awkward with the stick up the road, to the bus stop!

WD0.0.128 On the way, a Nottingamian pedal cyclist shot by me from behind, going at a great pace.

I tried to get a photograph of the ignorant bullying scum-ball of an uncaring young git! But was hidden behind some pedestrians he was weaving between, so could not record his nastiness and careless actions. Swine!

2Tue12gI got up to the bus shelter. Where I realised I need not have rushed after all – the bus was not due for another ten-minutes yet. Fancy me getting confused. Humph!

Gasconading is not my thing, let’s face it, there is precious little I have to brag about. Haha! But, this picture I took at the bus stop, turned out to be one of my better ones. The sky clouds made me take in in the first place, beautiful! It must have been the sunshines direction, that made the lower section come out as if it was cloudy? I liked this one. And no shakes when I took it, another positive!

The bus ride home was packed, and I missed out on some conversation as I could not hear what was being chatted about. Tsk!

The walk from the bus stop to the flat, was not only risky, due to no footpath and the traffic is naturally, going in and out. But the shakes hit me badly en route. I got in the 2Tue14apartment as the shakes eased off. Got the bits put away, and added the next dentist appointment to the Google Calendar.

Got the nosh sorted out. Put the sourdough baguettes in the oven. And got the plate readied with tomatoes sliced and salted, all ready to put in the baguette, with a slice, well, two slices of the German smoked Brunswick Ham. Washed a few sweet-peas, and sliced up a New Zealand 2Tue15Cox’s apple. A pot of mandarins in jelly added onto the tray.

By which time the bread was all crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, perfect! Buttered it up (Lurpak Softer) and filled it with the delicious tomatoes (Dutch vine).

Oh, and two mini-iced lemon cakes!

This time the appetite was ready and waiting. I ate it all up, with a rare relishfullness I haven’t had for ages. Now all I need is for some sleep, tonight.

WD0.0.128 A lady from Age UK rang me about the chiropodist. I had to answer some medical questions, of which my answers did not go down well. I was refused permission to go onto their listing, as I had too many medical issues. The woman will inform Caroline later. Shame! But I was not exactly surprised. What has one to do, to get one’s toe-nails clipped and some treatment to the corns and callouses? It’s been about twelve weeks or more now! Hey-ho!

I settled down and drifted off to sleep almost straight away. I woke up three hours later for a wee-wee, and got back down again, and blessedly slept for another six hours! Around 540 minutes! Sounds a lot more this way, Hehe! When I woke again, in need of another wee-wee, I felt better in myself and a lot more refreshed than for a long time.


Sorry that it’s a long diary today, but a lot happened.

I know my circumlocution addiction, doesn’t help either. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Mon 27 May 2019: A surprise visit from Physio Nurse – very nice, but left me aching all over! As Johnny Kidd & the Pirates nearly sang. Hehe!

May 28

2019 May 28

Monday 27th May 2019 – Bank Holiday

Welsh: Dydd Llun 27 Mai 2019 – Gŵyl y Banc

7Sun22WD 0.0.255c 00:25hrs. Having been woken up by fifteen landline phone calls over an hour, from a food delivery personage, I decided sleep was once again not to be attainable for me. Gadzooks!

I can’t remember if I put this photo I took in yesterdays Inchcock Today or not, but it is so beautiful, I’ll put it on again, just in case.

The wee-wees were of the VSFWWW (Very short Frequent-Weak-Wee-wees) mould again, but pretty frequent. The EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee bucket) needed emptying and sanitising.

I made a brew and got on with the updating of the Sunday blog. Got it finished and posted off, then had a visit to the WordPress Reader.

The tea had gone cold, and I required another wee-wee to go with the three taken while doing the updating. No cramps, and although the leg is dancing and stamping of its own accord occasionally, the fingers and hands are much calmer this morning. Typing is much easier today. (Hope I don’t regret saying this later… Mmm!) I made a fresh mug of Glengettie Special Assam/Nigerian blend tea. Possibly the best-tasting tea ever!

WD 0.0.255c While the kettle was boiling, the need for another wee-wee arrived. Nothing felt urgent in any way, and I grabbed the EGPWWB and began to relieve myself. This time, it was of the LSPDOWW (Long-Slow-Painful-Drawn-out-Wee-Wee) variety. I can’t remember ever having taken so long a wee-wee before in my life! Hehehe! Within five minutes, I needed another wee-wee. This time, it was back to the SWDWW (Short-Weak-Dribbling-Wee-Wee) type. Confusing!

I went on the TFZer Facebooking next. 

Then made a start on this post.

WD 0.0.255c I’m still a bit confused about whether or not I should wear the Ankle-Support-Strapping or not. The problem is, it is now hurting the feet and toes. With all those weeks of my being institutionalised, the toenails are far too long, and the corns and callouses are giving some stick when I wear the Support? I am not supposed to go out without it on. But the only paediatrician… no that’s not right, erm… Chiropodist, I can find, works only at a call-in centre on Mondays. But not today, of course, cause it’s another Bank Holiday. This means I have to wait another week to see him. I might ask the nurse in the morning if she has any id2Tue03eas that might help. I’m a bit nervous in case the foot and ankle give way and goes over, and breaks any bones. That would not be good at all. I think Caroline is due tomorrow, I’ll check the Google Calendar. Yes, that’s right, Caroline is due, and the Dentist check-up at 12:40hrs.

The mystery kitchen object remains just that, a mystery?

I’ve just realised that I have not had a wee-wee for over two hours now. The bladder seems to be doing its own thing? Haha!

1Mon06I got carried away and decided to do some hand-washing again. Or should I, I thought to myself? Being a dippydro, and indecisive-ponderer, after much ado and much shilly-shallying, uncertainty and scrupling, I decided I would do the washing after-all. Just a T-shirt and heavy long-sleeved thermal baselayer jumper to do.

WD 0.0.255c The leg and arm, of course, both started shaking at the same time as I was cleaning the thermal jumper. I dropped it and slashed soapy water all over the sink, drying area, floor and myself! Now I know why I was hesitating over whether I should do the job in the first place – my EQ knew I shouldn’t, but I had frittered away and squandered the EQ advice that I should have known to listen to! Will I ever learn? I am such a nudzh!

WD 0.0.255c Making things even worse; I cleaned up the mess and was getting the T-shirt on the flat airer. With the cunningly positioned bowls and basins to catch any water that drips, which they were doing a grand job of. And I knocked over the big vase with my sticking-out right foot, emptying the water where I had just cleaned up the first chance-medley. And soaked the right foot, slipper and sock through! I am such a schnook! I was in a right shemozzle. Oy Gevalt!

I cleared the newly wetted things up again. Amidst some silent oaths and firm self-mumblage! Then another wee-wee was tended to, thankfully they seemed to have settled back as of the SWDWW (Short-weak-dribbling-wee-wee) type.

It was snug and warm in the flat this morning. I was piddling around with just the night socks, short-sleeved shirt and the PPs on. Not even got my slippers on now (They were drying next to the stand-up airer drying, Humph!).

WD 0.0.255c A feeling that I may need the Porcelain Throne prompted me to put the kettle on and nip to the wet room. After yesterday’s agonisingly painful, and marathon activity session, that was the longest bar one, that I have ever taken. The other was many years ago, in about 1972, when I had a barium meal at the hospital, and the swine didn’t give me any of the loosening crystals afterwards! As I recall, that was a two-hour session! I was not really forward to this evacuation. But it was a false alarm. Plenty of splurting wind arrived, but no signs of any movement from the innards at all!

WD 0.0.255c 1Mon07I did sit there a while, just in case. While I waited in vain for some activity, I did notice how the pins (legs), and one was fatter than the other, both were the new standard for me pale and anaemic. Also, they had accrued some more papsules, spots and growths to go with the scar from yesterday’s battle I lost with the sock-glide when the shakes started at an inopportune moment, just as I was about to put my foot in the glide. Had it been a few seconds earlier or later, I may not have got the wound at all. Hey-Ho!

I think this problem might be caused by Lou Gehrig’s disease or Axonotmesis nerve problem. Either way, its effects are facinorous. The right leg did a bit of its jumping, shaking and stomping while I was in wet room. However, the fingers remain far calmer than yesterday. So, every cloud has a silver lining. I looked this up on Google, it means that even the worst events or situations have some positive aspect. I can’t think of any at the moment, but I think they could be right, I suppose. Humph!

I went onto CorelDraw to create some Inchcock Thoughts of the Day, and a couple of Brexit Humour graphics.

The landline flashed. It was someone from the Stroke Team, a lady, asking if she could call on me in about an hour. I could not catch every word, but she said she’ll be here about 0900hrs. I was surprised by it being a Bank Holiday Monday. So, I ran about getting a wash, shave, and teggies were all done, etc.

WD 0.0.255c I then realised that the wristlet alarm was not on my wrist. Panic! I searched each room repeatedly. I’m sure I had it on when I woke up as well. After half-and-hour of flapping about, checking drawers, shelves and the finnimbrun pots, I recognised that it was 0915hrs, no one had come yet? Had I misheard? Then, I rechecked the kitchen again. The moment I found the alarm, it all came back to me… Tsk! When I was doing the hand-washing, I took the wristlet off, to keep it dry! Hey-ho!

1Mon07aIt was Physio Lucy who arrived around 10:15hrs. A quickie today. Exercises done, that all seemed to go well, to me.

I took a snap of the view from the unwanted, light & view blocking new multi-panes of ungettable-to glass to clean windows.

A hue to it that was pleasing this time.

1Mon07cAn hour or so later, from roughly the same area, but taken from a wider angle.

An early nosh was decided on. I raided the freezer for some Aberdeen Angus beef-burgers, and very fatty they were indeed.

The oven tray I did them in was 1/3rd deep in melted fat in no time at all.

1Mon07dThe chips I added to the oven was soon soaked in fat, and uneatable really, so they got thrown away.

The tomatoes salad and mushrooms were lovely. But the beefburgers were plastic in both composition and taste! Eurgh! Not a lot was eaten.

The body finally gave in to sleep, and I drifted 1Mon08off. I woke a few hours later, an when I burst awake, I was confused as to just what time it was.

It was early evening, and the sky looked quite magnificent. Moody and threatening a little, mind you.

I had an SWDWW, got the kettle on, and updated this diary.

Caroline coming in the morning, then the Dentist check-ups to go for.

Off for a Porcelain Throne visit. Same as of late, hard, solid and a painful devil to move.

Caught up on the TFZer Facebooking. Then went on the WordPress Reader for a while.

Again, sweet Morpheus was denied.

Grrr! But I did catch up a little bit when I nodded off earlier. Hehehe!

Mon 4.5.15 Inchcock Today

Monday 4th April 2015

What a good sleep – got up when I sprang awake at… 1010hrs!


Early Morning Sky (Well late morning really – Tsk!)

I reckon I got six hours in. Vague memories of me dreams but nowt in detail. Tsk!

WC’d – then went to make a flask of tea – but found the flask leaking – oh dear!

Made a mug and a pot of porridge.

Did me BP: Sys 157 Dia 95 Pulse 100 – but couldn’t IMG_0058find me thermometer to take me temperature?

Laptop on and set about doing me LOMM entries for last week like.

I’ll have to get out and buy another flask – and call at the shop in Victoria Centre to get a prod-pen thingy to use with me new phone soon.

Feeling nervous again for some reason today.

Washed, titivated, medicated missen and set off to the bus-stop with me free-pensioners bus-pass. Being Bank Holiday there were few people about and the buses were running less often.

0103As I walked to Mansfield Road (with no pigeons coming down – probably because I was later than I usual?), down Church Drive, the beauty of the scenery caught me eye, and I put down me bag to take as best a shot of it as I could.

On to the end of the road and then went back to collect me bag what I’d left on the pavement. Tsk!

0102At the bus-stop I was about to take a photo of the beautiful skyline and realised here I was on a main arterial Mansfield Road and there was no traffic to be seen – not even a pavement cyclist! I turned the camera onto the road to catch this phenomenon in the warm sunshine. 

Moments later I took another photo as the obviously held up traffic came over the hill.

There was quite a wait for the bus – not that it mattered to me – I got up so late today – and with finding so many things I’d lost or misplaced I knew things were not 0104boding well and resigned myself to waiting while whistling away to myself.

A lady came to the bus-stop and I greeted her with “Good morning, nice weather for the Bank Holiday” – She gave me a look that made me wither, tuned up her nose and tutted?

I thought “Oh dear”.

It was fun cramming together on the over-full bus, but at least the driver left no-one behind.

0114As I was spewed out of the bus by the overzealous passengers in a hurry I caught my composure, avoided being hit by a burk of a Pavement Cyclist and went into Victoria Centre to go to the MansWorld shop to see if they had one of those pen-swipe multitool gizmos in stock.

I got one and a USB Charge & Sync cable – why I got the USB Charge & Sync Cable I have yet to find out – it seemed a good idea at the time. But why?

0105I took a photograph of the Boost stall as I was passing above it.

Not only was I amazed to see so many customers fraternising the stall, but the fact that they had 5… yes 5 members of staff on duty surprised me muchly?

I really must try one of their fruit drinks one day.

0106As I walked on I noticed a group of youngsters on the ground floor.

They looked well ensconced of the floor with their i-pods?, food and drinks.

Well laid back they reminded me of the Hippies of old, bless em.

0113 I plodded along the top floor of the mall, taking a photo of some ‘Bling’ fer the TFZ gals en-route to Boots.

Down through the store to the bottom level of the store and started searching for the thermometers.

Perhaps a good 15 minutes later I found a member of staff to ask the locations of them and she kindly led me to where they were situated.

0108As I departed from Boots (£10 lighter) it dawned on me how busy it was everywhere today.

In the old days Bank Holidays were for relaxing and recuperating.

Nowadays it’s the shoppers delight – me included.

Mind you, if I hadn’t lost me thermometer and storage drive and broke me flask I wouldn’t be here.

0115I hobbled into Jessops store and had a look at the drink flasks they had to offer.

The second cheapest (the one I bought) was Thermos brand made in China – but then they were all made in China.

I’m hoping this £20 one will last longer than the £8.99 one made in Italy did – which was about 3 months before it broke inside – I can’t remember dropping it?

0107As I went to leave the mall – I took a photo of the newly refurbished area.

I thought how clinical and characterless they had made it look.

Drab, lifeless despite the many Nottingham shoplifters… I mean

Nottingham Shoppers there were about.

0110I walked over the road to the Trinity Square and found the citizenry in a more relaxed mood as they actually used the new food court.

The skateboarder were out in number here.

Then I plodded down Trinity Walk and took another ‘Bling’ photo for the gals 0109on the TFZ site.

These are actually mobile phones in a store window.

Loved the owl one with the buttons on the outside they were second hand but I could not see any prices on them?

Down to the bus-stop and joined the marathon queue and waited patiently for the bus to arrive, while listening to  he others in the queue gossip away.

I hope the girl in the leather jeans who was speaking to a lanky youth with acne and a girl with her ear rings in her lips managed to persuade her parent to get her the ISO 8 she desired. Whatever ISO 8 is like?

0112While waiting for the bus to arrive I took a photo of some wonderful office buildings on Queen Street.

These have real character and great design features – I wondered when the council would be getting around to pulling them down too?

The bus came and somehow we all crammed into it and I was soon back in Carrington – and the yobs were lurking and drinking on the seats in the twitchell again.

So I walked the long way around back to the flea-pit.

0116WC’s – a bit of blood but nowt to worry about from the rear end exhaust.

Set about preparing me nosh fer the night.

A Beef pastie slice, tomatoes, garden peas, cooked beetroots and the best of the lot – seasoned herb small potatoes in olive oil. Followed with a vanilla mousse, Strawberry & vanilla ice-cream pot, a blackcurrant ice-cream lolly and a Cox’s apple!

By gum, I enjoyed this.

Fell into ‘A grumpy old man’ sleep afterwards for a couple of hours.

Tried the new thermometer – 34.2c

Laptop on, and took me medications later than planned – the new flask seemed to keep me tea warm enough.

Finished this Diary off – despite of me shaking then cramp ridden hands.

At 2230hrs I was determined to get some sleep in.

0215hrs, still determined to get some sleep in…

0255hrs, still determined to get some sleep in…