Inchcock Today – Thursday 22nd February 2018

Thursday 22nd February 2018

Kazakh: Бейсенбі, 22 ақпан, 2018

1125hrs: Woke up, feeling tremendously upbeat. A few seconds for the brain to join the body, and the laundry needed doing came forth from the depths of the grey-cells. I extracted the body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner.

Fought back the acidulous thoughts about life, and got the washing bag and accoutrements collated and down to the Laundry Room.

The bleakness of the ground floor lobby seemed to bring down my earlier feelings of contentment.

Got the washer loaded and started and returned up to the flat.

Got the Health Checks done, made a brew then took the medications.

All looked fine on the results from the sphygmomanometer. Which incidentally, once again took three goes before it recorded, just showed up as a fault? It had new batteries in, as well.

Time to go down and move the clothing from the washer to dryer.

Got the dryer going, then I cleaned the drum and door of the washer.

Back up to the apartment and refilled the pot with capsules and freshener ready for the next visit to the laundry room.

Got the computer on to start this post off. The machine was going slow again this morning, and I had a heck of a job uploading these photographs. Tsk!

Time to go and retrieve the hopefully dried washing.

Into the elevator, where I noticed just one of the beetles beetling about on the lift floor. If these insects are going to be regular visitors, I’ll have to think of a name for them. Hehe!

I had a closer look at the notice about the water being turned off in March for Monday and Tuesday 12th and 13th.

I spotted the word ‘Secondlement’.

I looked it up on the web later. And the only thing that came up was this?

To the laundry room and emptied the dryer of clothing and folded them up and cleaned the filter and drum.

I’m pleased to report that no odd socks found this time. As Jenny said, if I throw away the odd one, sure as heck I’ll discover the missing one, then! Haha!

Got the gear in the bag and went back to the lifts. Where the electronic information sign indicated, it was ‘Sunny’ outside. I nipped out of the foyer door to take this picture of the sunshine. Hehehe!

Into the flat and put the clobber away.

Made a fresh brew and continued to update this up to here. Then began finalising yesterday’s post and got it sent off.

Computer problems started. Sticking, jumpy. Not allowing me to post photos on Facebook or email now. Did a disc cleanup and now I’ve lost all my passwords! Not the foggiest idea how to solve the issues, and expect to lose computer and or internet anytime. I’m fed-up and sorry for myself in the extreme now! I need help, but who from?

I tried posting on Facebook again on Chrome, but that was not letting me even write, let alone post photos. Back to FireFox to work there still. No, not allowing me to post again.

Tried YouTube to see if that is working. I had to sign in again, but luckily remembered the password for this.

Finished a TFZer fun graphic. IT went on FB twice but wouldn’t let me add it to the other stuff. Tried to load it on here.

I had to try several times, but eventually, I managed to get it to on. Phew! But it took far too long.

Dispirited, I turned everything off and got the ablutions tended to. The medicationalisationing of the lower regions gave me a bit of bother. Huh!

I got the nibble box and raffle prizes in the bag. Sorted the black bags out and took them with me, dropping them in the chute en route.

As I left the foyer, I got this photo of one of the lifts in use. It looked like it was picking up some ready-built wall panels or whatever. The day was not too cold or windy and no rain about. But the forecast on the radio when I was shaving, informed me that it was going to go down to -4°c – 24.8°f, and that did nothing to cheer me up.

I crossed over the road and espied a little ganglet of inestimable residents just beyond the Obergruppenfurheress’s temporary shed, at the bus stop further along.

I got in and had a quick word with the Wardens in their office. Then into the Social Hour room.

Jenny was there, looking after the others, making tea or coffee for them, and handing out cakes. Not many people yet. It soon filled up a bit more, though.

Put the raffle prizes on the trolley and had a nice nattering session with Jenny. She warned me not to use the path between the trees, that lead down to Winchester Street. Her other half, Frank, was mugged using it a couple of years ago. I thanked her for the advice.

Did some crosswording. I had planned to catch a bus at 1030hrs to town to fetch some batteries, but the innards started gurgling, and Hippy Hilda played up a bit. So I decided against going out.

Frank, Cindy, Bill (William on Sundays), BJ and John sat close to me.

I departed, full of worry about the computer mostly.

Back to the flat and had a wee-wee. Rubbed some gel into Hippy Hilda, checked the PPs and made a mug of tea. The computer on to update this post.

Nosh: Cheesy mashed potatoes, tomatoes, BBQ nibbles and pork sausages

Not feeling ill as such, just in low spirits and out of sorts.

I just sat with the TV on, tray still on the other chair and drifted off, but woke so often and fretted over anything, fall asleep and suffer terrible dreams, then the whole thing repeated all night. Tsk!


Inchcock Today – Thursday 4th January 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas – Virgin Media goes down…

Thursday 4th January 2018

Swahili: Alhamisi 4 Januari 2018

0120hrs: Up and lively too. Hippy Hilda was not over-bad at all. Confusing, but cheering at the same time. Went for a wee-wee. 3Wed00b1 The wet room light still flashing, nictating, almost sparkling on and off permanently – I could not stay in there.

Got the laundry ready, a big bag this time, and went down and got it in the washer, took a couple of photographs outside the foyer door, and back up to the apartment.


Started the computer and got some nibbles ready for the Social Hour later. I must remember three things: Tell Obergruppenfureress Warden Deana about the circular flashing light tube, ask about Friday and if I can be absent for the heaters being blocked off, and something else I can’t recall?

Down to move the things from one machine to the other, and started another small load of washing going. I stayed down there while the second amount was washed, reading the English Words book. When finished I moved the damp wash into the dryer with the others.

Back to the flat and into the wet room.

ToUseThe Virgin internet had gone down! Again I might add! I tried all I knew to fix it, but with resulting failure. I got out the Virgin folder and found the help number and rang it. It was a recorded voice requiring many option button to be pressed. Hearing this voice was not easy, but the message was “All seems right at their end” Told try a to pressing the reset on their box. If that didn’t work, turn off and leave for four minutes and replug. Ring-back if you are still having difficulties!

So I tried this advice. Still no connection. I gave up and went for a heavy-duty session.

3Wed00b1The herky-jerky wet room light decided to go off completely! It would now not work at all. Alas, it went while I was making use of the Porcelain Throne. Sat there in complete darkness, half-way through the session, too! I stumbled about to find the toilet roll, 3Wed00b2knocking over the deodorant, bleach and disinfectant, then tripped against the floor cabinet and tumbled to the floor, clouting the top of my head against the other box. I think I said something to the tune of “Well, fancy that!” Then cleaned the mess and me up. Well annoyed and frustrated now! Tsk!

All this faffing and arfing about, I turned everything off. Back down to collect the clothes from the laundry room.

04Thur02I’d not noticed it earlier, but the state of the washer I’d not used was disgusting.

Had a while to wait for the dryer to finish, and did my best to clean out the gunk and dried solid soap powder from the input drawers.

The outer casing had soap powder, and liquid cleaner dripped all down the front. As you can see in the photograph, it didn’t come up very good despite my efforts. As for the floor beneath, even I could do nothing with that. The annoyances so far, the light, the Accifauxpa and Virgin internet going down had got me in dark mood. Other days this would not have bothered me.

04Thur05I got the togs out of the dryer. Cleaned the filter.

A bit larger load than usual, that took a bit of extra folding.

I’d emptied all the clothes out, and during the folding session, I found I’d got an odd sock again! Checked inside the dryer, nothing in there. This didn’t bother so much as it typically might have. But the last article I folded was the dressing gown, and the miscreant sock fell out from within it as I shook it ready to be wrapped. Hehe!

Up in the lift and home. Put away the washed washing. Started the computer and tried to get Virgin Internet on, once more, went through the turning the router off routine, no success. I wanted to spit! Also, I could feel the gentle rumblings in the stomach indicating that I may need another visit to the Porcelain Throne soon. This concerned me somewhat, risking going in the darkened or flashing like lighting, filled shower room again!

Around 0730hrs, the door chime tune (Dusty Springfields ‘I only wanna be with you!’) rang out. It was the Morrison’s delivery bloke. Not seen this one before. He kindly carried the bags into the kitchen for me and collected last weeks bags.

04Thur15The cream cakes I’d ordered for Joy’s (I think that’s her name) birthday arrived in excellent condition. I got some for Jenny and Frank and the Warden Obergruppenfurheresses as well, with some sourdough bread. I got the stuff into storage and the hand-outs in the bag ready with the nibbles.

I got the NHS Cardiac Patient questionnaire filled in and into the envelope. Six big pages of it.

Had a think about how I was going to get the ablutions done. No showering in the dark would be risked. So I had a stand-up strip wash at the sink with the door open. Did the teggies.

Then took the shaving tackle into the kitchen along with the Daktacort cream and pain gel. Had an uncomfortable shave, and treated Little Inchy who was bleeding still, but not much and applied the gel on the dodgy areas in need. Hippy Hilda, the knees and wrists.

The lump on the head from the fall was a bit tender.

04Thur03Cleaned up the kitchen and returned the stuff back to the wet room.

Then, belatedly got the morning medications and Health Checks sorted and done. Took the medicines with a warm drink for a change. A beautiful mug of the Extra Strong English Breakfast tea-bag. Nice!


Still annoyed at the loss of the Richard ‘Rich & Robbing’ Branson Virgin Internet, I tried once more to get it on. No luck – Globdangerations!

I assembled everything in the bag and checked them. Cream cakes, nibble box, DVDs for Mary, jars for the recycling bin, notes, the NHS form etc. to post on the way out.

Feeling a little down with all the problems suffered. But told me to appear happy with everyone at the meeting, cause they will all have difficulties of their own to cope with.

04Thur17I called in flat 38 on the sixth, no, the fifth floor, on the way down, to give Mary some cakes and the Seagal DVDs. Bless her!

Out into the drizzle and wind. Dropped off the jars in the bin. Doing well here remembering stuff. Haha!).

Got to the Obergruppenfurheresse Wardens and Social Hut. Well early I was as intended, so I could see Deana and get some help with the list of things I’d taken with me. Some tenants were in there waiting on the warm for the bus to arrive. Jenny seemed in good spirits and health and greeted me.

I got to see Deans and explained about the internet failure and asked if she knew of any reliable computer wizards, but she did not. Informed her of Friday’s cock-up with my arranging to go see Sister Jane for her birthday and finding out I’d forgotten about the radiators being isolated on that day. Deana said she would let them in for me. Phew! I added the wet room light. Deana said she would call them as long as I would be in. They will be here in no longer than four hours, and to let her know when I leave the Social so she can call them. I thanked her.

The meeting went very well. Joy got two rounds of Happy Birthday, presents and a cake with candles for her to blow out. All great stuff. When I got the raffle tickets, I handed them both to the Birthday Girl with her cream cakes. She said they were her favourites too! That cheered me up!

I found out from Jenny, that her Richard ‘Rich & Robbing’ Branson Virgin Internet was also down this morning as well! This also gave me hopes of it coming back on later.

BJ arrived, and we managed a little natter. Mostly me complaining about things going wrong, I’m afraid. I handed out the nibbles.

I left early, offering my farewells to all, and remembering to call at the office and tell Deana I was on my way back to the flat.

Got in and tried the internet again. To my greatest of joy, it came on at the third attempt! Hurrah!

Updating this post on Google Chrome, WordPress won’t work on Firefox it doesn’t save at all. And to my dismay, WordPress stopped saving on Chrome! I tried opening it in Firefox, and it was now saving on that, but not on Chrome? Totally confused I pressed on with crossed fingers and an in an irritated mood.

I’d taken two-and-half hours to catch up on this diary. No signs of the Nottingham City Homes workmen to replace the light in the wet-room yet?

The test results arrived. The next one for Tuesday 16th January, they left it for two weeks this time, cause the outcome at 2.4 was very close.

I went on email and requested an appointment for as early as possible with the surgery. Done that.

Now I’ll have get yesterdays blog finished. What a day. Up 12 hours plus and only just getting around to this! Accifauxpas, Whoopsiedangleplops, Internet, Chrome, Firefox failures and problems, no light in the wet room and I can’t do the ablutions! Grrr! Humph and Curse!

Well over four hours since I was told the light in the wet room should have been replaced. It’s dangerous using the Porcelain Throne in pitch darkness, and so messy having to wash in the cold kitchen and moving stuff around to do so. I hope they do arrive, even if I have to wait up till late. That’ll do me a lot of good, waiting up and they do not come!

Ah, well, I’ll try to get caught up on Facebook first. Thank you, Mr Richard ‘Rich & Robbing’ Branson of the ownership of the pathetic Virgin Internet! Boo!

I got the camera and left Facebooking when the Fire Brigade arrived.


04Thur21They were here for a good while. No alarms activating in the flats, but that is not unusual.

I’m pleased to see that they searched for and found the offending driver of the Mini, and got him to remove his car parked in the Emergency Vehicles Only chevroned area.

They apparently had a few words with him.

Moments later after they drove off, boy did the rain come down!


04Thur23But did this discourage the workers out there on the hoists and scaffolding?

Not a bit if it.

They pressed on drilling and banging and knocking as if there was no rain or heavy winds at all! Brave lads, who wanted to finish the job! Heros each! Must be on piecework?

Opened Facebook again, and the intercom rang out. It was the chap from Nottingham City Homes come to replace the light in the wet room.

Ang05And look at it now!

I’ll be able to apply my creams, corticoids, Enoxaparin injections and lotions much more accurately now.

Mind you, seeing my face in the mirror more clearly when shaving, might be a bit of a shock for me. Haha!

I is different to the old one, I hope that it will not cost more to run.

Back to Facebook.

Getting so tired out now. It’s been a long and stressful day for this Nottingham Pensioner. I’ll have to try and catch up with WordPress reading, time, health, computer and internet permitting tomorrow.

04Thur12xCarried out the Health Checks and took the medications.

Just too drained to do any ablutions.

Getting the nosh prepared now.

In the recliner, tray on knee, TV on, headphones on and nodded off.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 26th October 2017: Tenants Social Hour

A Sign of Mankind’s abject failure, squander-mania, greed, ingordigious, intolerance, esurient cravings, avarice, jealousness and self-destructiveness!

Thursday 26th October 2017

Esperanto: Ĵaŭdo 26 Oktobro 2017

2230hrs (Yesterday): I’d woken up thinking it was morning and discovered what time it actually was.

I’d taken the Health Checks but did notice the time before swallowing the medications and applying the various creams and lotions Tsk!

I got the Wednesday Post finished and started on this one. A little confused to say the least!

Did some graphic tops for future use.

Turned everything off and Nipped into the wet room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. All was good in this department this morning.

0110hrs: Made a fresh brew of tea and had a peek out of the window.

No rain or wind, and it was warm really.

Got CorelDraw back on, and the Virgin Media Internet returned.

Although depressed with things, the toothache and NHS Helpline had not rung back etc. The brain did not have its Boeotian spell like it has for the last three mornings. I wish it had, then I might not feel so low if the grey-cells had played up and gave me something else to worry about. Hehehe!

I updated an old TFZer graphic on CorelDraw.

Emails, Facebooking and WordPress Reading followed.

I got a good long hard ablutionalisational session done. Scouring pad, back brush and elbow grease used in the shower. Hehehe!

Applied the medications and lotions and sat on the Porcelain Throne… where I stayed for hours! I’d got to a fascinating chapter in the Lenigrad book, and seemed unable to put it down. Several pages later, as the body mass and extremities started to feel the cold, I put the book down and adorned my well-upholstered flobby body in some clothes. A challenge this is you know!

Assembled the raffle prizes and nibbles box in the bag, and did the second of the day’s Health Checks. The reading seemed to have come down and steadied a bit now. I wondered if I might get a call today from the NHS Helpline?

Soon it was time for me to set off to the Winwood Tenants Social Hour. Where I was so pleased to see that Jenny and Frank had returned from their short holiday. Jenny looked in fine fettle and spirits. She actually sang to the three gals and me as we entered. Welcome to my World, I think it was, of course, I might well be wrong on that. I probably am. Bless her.

Jenny supplied me with a small cup of tea. I put the raffle prizes on the trolly. Bill (William on Sundays) was at the same table, along with the big superior chap who helps me with the crosswords sometimes, and the lady who is assigned to the flats for the duration of the building works. A few more in attendance this week, and seemed cheerier. I took the nibbles around in the hopes of getting a chinwag or two in with the other residents, but it didn’t work out like that again.

I was thinking of leaving to catch the L9 bus up to Mapperley Tops to get some fodder when BJ arrived. Managed a quick natter with him, he was looking in good health today.

Bid my fond farewells to one and all, but they were nattering away, and no one responded. Which was not a bad thing, cause they were communicating, laughing and I was glad to see them having such a good time.

To the bus stop and a few others joined me.

I took this photo from the stop, of my Woodthorpe Court Flats. The builders were putting something up at the back of the block, to the right. Looked like a climbing frame of some sort to me.

Caught the bus up to Woodborough Road.

Walked along to the Aldi Store. Where I spent a fair bit of my ever-dwindling cash. Tsk!

They did not look busy as I approached through the car park. But when I got inside, it was pandemonium.

On my hobble around, getting many things I did not need or were painful for the poorly teeth to eat (Humph!). Some tiny potatoes, long-life skimmed milk, fresh whole milk, cooked Free-range Chicken Thighs, tomatoes, tinned garden peas, a packet of two Ciabatta rolls, belly-pork slices and a bargain bottle of Maple Syrup for £2.99, that is £2 less than Morrison charge for theirs.

Of course, I withhold judgement until I actually get around to tasting it.

Paid the young man and got to the door to leave, and I had to stop and distribute the weight between the two bags.

As I got out onto the road to walk along to turn right and down Winchester Street Hill, I was struggling with the bags and did not see tenants Margaret and her hubby. (I think her name is Margret). She laughed as she nudged me. They were on their way to the Aldi store I reckon. Lovely couple, I always like to have a talk with them.

A short distance down the road, I noticed this Speed-Warning sign. Most likely that is had been there for years, but for some reason, I had not seen it before. This brought on a moment of self-pity and feeling sorry for myself. Huh! No longer having a licence or car and there I was with Anne Gyna giving me grief and carrying a bag that was making it worse.

But I soon came out of it, when I came across this piece of Nottingham Street Art.

I wondered what it was?

Walked on with a little visit from Dizzy Dennis that only lasted a few moments, thankfully. Anne Gyna not happy, but I was because Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis were both giving me a rest.

I got back and into the flat, not feeling bad at all, just so tired.

I got the fodder away and prepped the meal.

So exhausted now, I got a Rumpole of the Bailey DVD on and watched a couple of episodes while the meal cooked. Glad to say, I did not nod-off and let anything burn.

The meal itself looked grand and tasty, as indeed it should have been. But, my option of the chicken thighs was a bad one. For the teeth would not let me masticate at all, as the flesh was so tough. Usually, when the teeth are okay, I like it like this.

As I did my best with it, I noticed blood had dripped down from the loose tooth onto me and the plate. Ah-well, that’s life nowadays!

This took the edge off of the meal. The potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peas and apple were grand.

The bullet-like beetroot from the Sainsbury’s British Baby (Note that these were quartered and are still as big as the potatoes) Beetroot in Sweet Vinegar jar will have to be given or thrown away now. Never in the field of Gastronomic Disasters have I come across such rock-hard undercooked tasteless beetroot in my life! Argh!

Did the washing-up and turned the TV on.

Soon off into the land of nod, at the time the first set of commercials started.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 3rd October 2017: Mysteries Abound!

Tuesday 3rd October 2017


A terrible night of repeatedly waking, passing wind and nodding off again! 0255hrs, I surrender trying to rest, rose-up out of the £300 second-hand recliner, stubbed my toe and off to the Porcelain Throne. Where the resulting efforts produced only more wind and rumbling, gurgling sounds from within.

Caught a reflection of myself in the kitchen window when I went to do the Health Checks and take the medications. Gawd-blimey, I looked pale! Sys 156, Dia 71, Pulse 84, Temp 33.8, Weight 14.9.

Made a mug of tea, and added the milk… it had gone off! Cleaned the cup and made a fresh brew and opened the last tub of the long-life semi-skimmed milk to use – then I had to abandon these plans for a drink, and hasten back to the Porcelain Throne. A messy, needing cleaning up afterwards session! By the time I’d cleaned up the WC and medicated myself, the second mug of tea had gone cold. I think that perhaps the baked beans eating for two nights may have affected things in the now very sore Haemorrhoid Harold’s department. Serves me right I suppose. Hehe!

Computer turned on, and I had another search for the new reading glasses, they must be somewhere, but where? I gave up and used the old ones again. That’s two pairs of goggles I can’t find now, the new reading spectacles, and the latest bifocals?

Made a start on this diary up to here, and then finished yesterday’s off.

1Mon18Back to updating this journal.

Doing this, I discovered this what can only be called a mystery photographicalisation on the Sim Card. It seems I took this one at 0114hrs this morning according to the camera?

Note the conservative-style nightwear I’m wearing? I’m not sure where my other leg had got to? Hehehe!

Started the Email and WordPressing.

Got the nibbles and appointment card in the bag, then got on with the ablutions.

Set off down to the lobby and was greeted by three tenants waiting to be lifted by taxi.

2Tue07Meandered out and started the hobble into Sherwood and the surgery for the INR blood test.

Not too much traffic about when I made my way through Sherwood and up the incline.

The knee was a little bothersome, but I was doing very well.Doug cats

2Tue08A little further on, the traffic got thicker, and a Sherwood Pavement Cyclist belted by me and swerved around a bloke and his two kids. The man shouted something at the ignorant cyclist but was ignored totally.

Over and down the hill into Carrington, now the traffic had started flowing even more as I neared the doctor’s surgery.


Got in and logged on with the receptionist, sat down and started the crosswords as I waited.

Bit of back luck, it was Obergruppenfurheress Nurse Anne who did me today, not Nurse Nichole.

Bitterly disappointed! Sometimes life can seem so unfair, can’t it?

2Tue11This was the reason the vehicles were held up earlier, and it seemed so quiet in Sherwood traffic-wise.

Getting a bit windier now, too.

I poddled down and over the road to the Lidl store to have a decker.

I spotted my mate BJ in the launderette and popped in to have a chinwag with him. He seemed a little down today. I gave him my money for the Papplewick Pumping Station Membership, he said he would pay it in for me on Saturday at the Steaming Session. I’m afraid I could not attend, as the hearing aids and GUM clinic visits on Friday might mean my having to have anaesthetics. Is that the right word? Going brain dead here!

2Tue09aInto the Lidl store then. Where I spent a bit of money on, Lemon Fools, fresh milk, Bread Thins and three cans of Nixe Kippers in tomato sauce and vegetables.

They were £2 each, but so lovely and flavoursome.

And I have not seen any about for ages.

2Tue10Tried the Self-Pay tills again. And again I had to seek assistance to get the thing to work properly.

The assistant in the blue coat here had to attend to me twice – during which time I got no communication from him at all. Well, bar the odd grunt!

No advice was given!

When I had sorted it and left the till area, I made a point of taking his photograph. Caught him smiling for the first time? I soon realised why. He was giving assistance and talking to a rather illecebrous woman! Tsk!

1Mon14Out and to the bus stop nearby. A 58 arrived in minutes. The five stops to Sherwood travelled. Hobbled over the road and joined some other tenants at the bus stop there, had a chinwagging session for a few minutes and the L9 arrived and lifted us all up the hill to the flats.

Annie and Welsh Bill went up with me in the lift, managed a few laughs on the way.

I got in and felt a lit2Tue12tle guilty at buying stuff I really did not need again! Then realised it was only the lemon fool and Kippers that represented any blame. But still. Hehe!

Into the Porcelain Throne, this time nothing but wind, a lot of wind.

But I could feel the rumbling, churning and gurgling inside and was aware that a splattering session 04Thur12aawas brewing-up ready to attack!

Took a Relief capsule with the Medications when I made a cuppa.

2Tue12aI spotted a caretaker from the kitchen window in his red Nottingham City Homes jumper. Such a rare sight I took his photograph. It was not our blocks usual caretaker, though.

Not that many of us can recall what he actually looks like. Hehehe!

I wondered if he was going to tackle the Alien Blob in lift number one?

I got on updating this post.

I made myself another mug of tea when Mary from the 6th floor called at the flat to see me. She had returned a DVD I’d loaned her. We had a nattering session and chose some more DVDs. She took the Chicken Risotto from me, hope she likes it. I was daft in buying it, the rice would have no doubt have caused me toothache problems if I’d tried to eat it.

After an hour or so she departed.

I did the log up to here, then caught up with Facebooking and WordPressing.

2Tue14Got the meal cooking, fish and rostis in the oven, peas in the saucepan.

Fingers crossed it all come out right.

Not bad at all.

The Basi smoked catfish was pleasantly tasting.

B the time I got the washing up done, I was well overtired.

Foolishly tried to watch some TV. Nodded off early, and woke at 0045hrs.

Inchcock Today Thursday 28th September 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop Day, well, more an Accifauxpa one come think about it. Huh!

Thursday 28th September 2017

0225hrs: Bad night for waking up and fighting to try and stop the brain wandering off on its own course. Going AWOL but taking me with it, sort of thing. I fretted and worried about Sister Janes operation, the noisy git upstairs, my own regular ailments and failures, the toothache, trying to accept my oncoming caducity… You name it, I think it rambled through the grey-cells at some point over the next ten minutes or so.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and straight to the Porcelain Throne. Far less a messy session this time, but boy, was it a painful one! Oddly enough, Harold’s Haemorrhoids did not bleed at all? Just stung like buggery! Hehe!

Did the health checks and took the medications, then I think I decided to do the remaining washing left over from yesterday, partly to give the still partly-fuddled brain-box something else to ponder on?

Got the bag and accoutrements needed and went with them to the lifts.

Number One Elevator (The one with the breeding alien blob on its floor), was out of action. The sense of humour was still working in the brain though… I imagined that the caretaker had after 3 weeks got around to cleaning up the blob and had probably been bitten by the Alien and mutated into something else? Hehehe!

Got the machine going and up to the flat.

Arthur itis in the left knee particularly bothersome now?

Making a mug of tea, I looked down outside and thought there was a free parking space opposite the building! Never been known I thought, and took a photograph to show others the proof. Haha!

When I got in, on the computer later, I found it was not a parking space, but a black car that was hidden in the drizzle and darkness.

Made a start on this diary, then back down to the laundry room to move the clothes into the dryer.

Getting out of the elevator, and Duodenal Donald started giving me a lot of jip suddenly.

Carried on with the dairy. When the alarm/timer beeped, I collected the empty bottles and took them down with me, to put them in the Recycling bin.

On the short journey down, Craig Cramps affected the fingers, and I had a job to get one of them out of the bottle. I had to smile to myself.

Out through the lobby doors, the rain was falling, and a collection of fallen leaves had gathered rather artistically against the brickwork divider, I thought.

It was warm but wet out there.

I sneezed as I approached, and the teeth began aching like mad again! Slowly the ailments were taking over my day again! Humph!

When I lifted the lid of the bin as mentioned earlier and gently laid my three sauce cleaned bottles on top of the nearly full receptacle (Not wanting to make a noise and disturb anyone), I realised that I may be the only non-alcoholic tenant in the place!

And likely, the only one who could not afford to drink Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whisky (93-year-old Polish Eddie?). Famous Grouse Whisky (86-year-old Bill – William on Sundays?). Hayman’s 1859 Reserve Gin, I could not guess who had drunk this, but there were two empty bottles mixed in with a good selection of wine, spirits and beer ones. For a fleeting moment, just seconds, I was tempted to start drinking again. Luckily, as I closed the lid, I belted my elbow on the corner of the brickwork, that did the trick, cleared away any alcoholicismistic thoughts. (Jealous? Me?)

Back into the laundry room to collect the things and titivate it up a bit.

Disaster! The lovely brown throw came out with the edges tattered and loose. Lost its colouring and all wrinkled up beyond saving I think. My Kippah had shrunken to barely wider than my hand when stretched. I’d done something wrong, but could not tell what, because, the settings clear after use on this machine? Tsk!

Cleaned out the filter and wiped the inside of the drum and the shell.

Back up again to the little dwelling box on the 12th floor. A wee-wee, kettle on and another wee-wee? Oh, dear!

Getting a bit lighter now.

Another mug of brew.

Had a wee-wee.

Checked on the weather forecast for the rain situations. Oh, we’ve got a lot to come and worse on Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

On with updating this again.

Ablutions tended to. Assembled the nibbles and raffle prizes for the Tenants Social hour meeting.

Had a wee-wee (Tsk) Took the black bin bags and put them down the chute.Then set off on a walk

Then set off on a hobble around the back of Woodthorpe Courts, by Winchester Court, up the hill onto Sherwood Vale. And right down to Chestnut Walk and down that to the Winwood Social & Obergruppenfureresses cabin come hut.

Then right down to Chestnut Walk and down that to the Winwood Social & Obergruppenfureresses cabin come hut.

Between the two blocks of flats, I actually saw some workmen.

Not many, but still, an improvement on lately.

A machine was moving very slowly towards my block. It had the name of a Mast-Erector Company on it. Appear more like a pile-driver to me?

I noticed through the fencing that ready-made concrete was being delivered this morning. So I assume the team will soon be getting on with the foundations for the new block of apartments to go in-between the two old ones.

As I walked along the side of the dividers, I had to take care not to slip in the wet mud from the rains.

Up the hill and onto Sherwood Vale without any mishaps, though.

As I turned right down Chestnut Walk, more caution was called for as sadly, the falling Autumn leaves combined with the rain, made walking decidedly dodgy! Hehe!

As I passed the top of Winchester Street on my way to the shed, I espied they had put up new signs on both sides of the road.

Resident Parking Only. Which apparently made no difference to the two people who got out of their car at the end of the Walk, and nipped off with their dog, up into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

I noticed through the fencing on Chestnut Walk, a load of Nottingham Street Art had appeared, thrown through or over the railings into the park. Humph!

Into the meeting, and got myself ensconced on a table. One that I usually get turned away from and sent to the one near the door to use. But not today, for the one near the doors was filled with four visitors of Frank Two, and no room was available. Which tickled me pink, cause I could have a proper chinwag with the gals at this larger table.

Put the raffle prizes on the table with the others, bought some raffle tickets and gave them away to two gals.

I dare not have a drink, cause it might start the rear end leaking. Jenny took the nibbles around for me. Not many came back to be used next week. BJ was in good form, no time to talk though he was helping to do the raffle.

Then, just as I was laughing about the crossword and not one of us could remember how to spell Deutschmark. (I can now when it’s too late to show off, Tsk!) And a Whoopsiedangleplop of an embarrassing nature took place! I felt the warm-and-wet sensation from the rear quarters, that is so commonplace for me, but not for ages now. Something had caused the bleeding to start again.

I knew I had to get back to the wet room and check things out quickly and was very uncomfortable with having to leave so urgently.

I think I red-facedly waved my farewells as I left. Rushing as fast as I could, and limping with Arthur Itis’s left knee and the right-angled right ankle bothering me, I must have looked a right wally hobbling at speed back to the flats. Especially with trying to walk in a fashion that prevented any more leakage!

What a mess to clean-up and treat, when I did get in. No going out for me today, too hazardous now.

It was Duodenal Donald that was the cause, which I was content with, for I feared it might be Little Inchy and his lesion causing the problem, luckily it was not so.

More flipping washing to do, now!

Made a brew. I half expected someone from the thirty or so folk at the meeting to call see if I was alright, but no, not yet anyway.

Updated this with the photos and verbiage. Then went on to sort the Emails and WordPress replies out.

The ‘Herbert’ upstairs is knocking and banging again!

About to go onto Facebooking, and both fire alarms went off, Communal and the one for this flat! I can’t hear the Communal one, but my alarm was going off, made me investigate outside, and I heard it then. Oh dearie me!

I looked out of the kitchen window and saw one fire tender – they usually sent a tender, ladder and back-up van to our alarms, but only the one today.

Mind you, just as well really, cause there was nowhere for the one to park, let alone three!

Two workers vans in the Emergency Vehicles Only double lined parking space!

By the time I got the camera out the crew were in the foyer I assume. The cab doors were left open

A minute later (eight minutes in total) they were out again in the tender and were off to the end to turn around, then they appeared again, as they left the site.

I bet there will be some bother over the parking in their dedicated bay, and I hope they kick-up a stink too!

Had a wee-wee.

Did the health-checks and took the medications.

Back on the computer and forgot I was doing Facebook and I did a Morrison order for next week. 0630>0730hrs Wednesday 4th October.

Back on Facebook. What a mess. It kept freezing and would not let me edit the photo galleries. Most disappointing. It took me three hours to get through and almost finish what I wanted to do. Tsk!

Did the Health Checks and took the evening medications.

Had a wee-wee.

Finally got around to WordPress comment reading.

Tired now, I got the meal on the go and served it up.

The loose one of the two bad Incisors had become a lot looser. But I coped without too much trouble to masticate with unbearable pain. I’m becoming a bit of a Mastication Maestro. Hehehe!

While sorting the meal, I stopped to photograph a most beautiful scene from the kitchen window. It produced an amazing crepuscular ray, and the dust reflected the sun, it was marvellous. However, by the time I got the camera, the sun had gone.

What I still think is a good un, though. The wind showing in the trees?

Tired as I felt, the nodding off routine of late, did not mature: as I watched the TV for over two hours without any.

Then when they did begin later, I reckon I had a dream everytime I nodded. But annoyingly I could recall nothing about them at all. I think they were all sort of set in my younger days, but don’t understand how I think I know this?

Inchcock Today – Monday 28th August 2017: Papplewick Pumping Station Visit today

Monday 28th August 2017

Scots Gaelic: Diluain 28 Lùnastal 2017

0430hrs: After a dream filled forever waking up sort of night, I rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner, stubbed my toe, had a Dizzy Dennis visit and made my way to the Porcelain Throne, discovering en route that Hernia Harry was also in a bad mood.

The dream recollections were very vague.

Much bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harry, but the session went well regarding the passage, and Trotsky Terence seemed to have eased off again.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications, made a brew and made sure the bag of nibbles was ready to take tothePapplewick Pumping Station for the Craft Fair visit later, with BJ and David. BJ is to ring me before he arrives after picking up David, to take us to the station.

Caught up with finishing the weekend post and started this one off.

I went to make another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold, and peered down out of the kitchen window, to see that we were back to no car parking spaces available. I think that some of the tenants have returned from their holidays?

Checked Email, WordPress reading.

Titivated the Morrison order for Wednesday delivery.

Facebooked a while.

1100hrs: Tended to the ablutions, just in case BJ is on time. (Of course, he wasn’t, bless him. Hehe!) He rang 1215hrs to say he was on his way, told him I’d meet him at the end of the road cause of the parking difficulties near the flats.

I was very pleased to see that they had supplied us with a bin outside the lifts on the ground floor, to put out glass in for recycling. Pound to a penny when I get back there will be some other sort of waste in it?

BJ picked us up at the end of the road with David installed in the back seats. David seemed a lot less distracted than usual and his ‘Voices’ were not bothering him so much, or so it seemed. Cheered me up this did, as I chatted with him en route.

At Papplewick Pumping Station, BJ and David went their way and me mine. First thing I did, was to walk around the pond and admire the foliage as I wandered limpingly through the woods. The model boat people were out in force, but a mystery of why the photographs I took of them were not on the SDH card, still remains? I was very disappointed in that!

I’m sad to report that Dizzy Dennis and Duodenal Donald both started to kick off then. I was not up to much for a couple of hours. I got myself in the trees on a bench, out of the sun and listened to a group of ladies giving a musical show on a nearby lawn. They were outstanding, singing the oldies songs in harmony. Dennis made it hard for me to concentrate, and when the foursome of gals stopped singing, and what started like a kiddies entertainment started, I tried to get up to start my walk around again, but gave up and returned to the bench. I got the crossword book out. It is Collin’s version, that is a little harder to solve (For me, anyway), and I spent ages on them. Everything else seemed to disappear from my brain. Odd sensation? Then I needed a wee-wee, hobbled to the WC and began to feel a lot better. The weather was hot, and the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves everywhere. Not a tantrum in sight!

I met BJ and David near cafe the tables, and a group of BJ’s friends arrived for a chinwag with them. I managed to catch a photograph as the mini-train went by some of them. BJ left, David in the middle.

I felt in better nick now, and set off to have a hobble around the Station and fair, while BJ and his mates went to the cafe for a nosh.

I found out much later that some more of the shots I’d taken had also failed to record on the camera card? I think I might have been doing something wrong, but what?

Duodenal Donald had now been joined by Anne Gyna in giving me some grief, and things were not good… well, maybe more like just uncomfortable.

I managed a decent hobble around and was so pleased when they found me, and we were ready to leave. Big hearted BJ, told his two friends he would give them a lift home, as it is on our way. A good chap, our BJ!

As we approached the gatehouse, I tried to get a shot of this little wasp whatever it is, ferreting on this flower, whatever it is. Hehe!

In the distance, I could see an orchard and zoomed in to have a look to see if I could identify the apples in it.

They looked like they might be Discovery variety, but perhaps not, they fruit in winter, I think.Most of them had brown spots on them and did not look very appetising. I mentioned this to BJ, and he said he thought they were grown to sell to a cider maker?

Eventually, we all arrived at the Gatehouse.

I approached from the rear nearer to the orchard, thus avoided struggling up the steps to get through.

I had cunningly taken this photograph earlier on arrival.

BJ’s car didn’t half sink when all four of us (No lightweights either, Hehe) got in.

I was a little surprised when BJ dropped off the man and woman at a Premier Inn on Mansfield Road in Daybrook on the way back.

BJ insisted on going right up to the flats to drop me off, as he said: “Yer don’t look too good yoof, hang on til I get back from my holidays before yer croak, see ya later, cheers!” Haha!

I thanked him, bade my farewells to David, and struggled up to the apartment.

The sun now blazing more than ever. I opened the windows wider, got the Health Checks done, took the medications, taking an extra Ramipril and got the fodder cooking.

Into the wet room to sort things out down below.

Not up to doing anything now really, so drained, but I’d had a trip out and enjoyed it despite the ailments.

Served up the food and enjoyed what of it I could eat. For some reason, the appetite was not as large as usual. However, it was tasty, delicious. I had to use distilled vinegar as I have run out of malt vinegar.

Got myself settled eventually and the TV on with programmes selected to watch.

Craig Cramps started off with the hands. This occasion was so different to any others I’d had. The fingers did not warp and bent as they normally would, a few of the digits straightened out painfully and it was a bit of a job getting them to bend again afterwards. Humph!
One finger actually seemed to grow fatter for some reason? (Arthur Itis joining in? Haha!)

Still, it made a nice change. If you see what I mean.

Nodding off and having little dreams ensued. What about, I have no idea, I just know I had them?

Poor old twit!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 17th August 2017: Tenants Social Hour Day

Thursday 17th August 2017

Filipino: Huwebes Agosto 17, 2017

Woke at 0300hrs: To the wet room for a rather hefty Porcelain Throne session. No bleeding anywhere, mind.

Collected the washing together to take down to the laundry room.

Went into the entrance lobby to make this photographicalisationalistical effort.

The rain looked set in for the day.

Back up in the lift, had a wee-wee and shelled the garden peas for later.

Time to go back down and move the stuff from the washer to the dryer.

Made a cuppa and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The feet were still stinging from the all the walking I’ve been doing, so I took an extra pain-killer. Another wee-wee.

Got the computer going and started downloading photographs to use in the Wednesday Diary and updating it.

Down once more to collect the washing and clean up the filters sink and laundry room.

My plates (feet) and knees, were stinging and still so painful. Tsk!

To the flat and put the washing away. Had a wee-wee. As I went into the front room, I turned on the light, and nothing happened illumination-wise!

Yet another bulb had blown! Unbelievable! That must be eight bulbs in two years.

I changed the deceased bulb for one of those that Mary (Flat 38) had given me. Fetched the step ladder and wobbled up it to swap them. You can see how dimly feeble the new one is. I’m managing though, any close up work can be done in the kitchen. Hehe!

Hunger pangs began. Such a rarity for me. Then I realised yesterday with the Eat-Out-Nosh yesterday and me having only one meal a day, and this one was so early, I should have expected the pangs. (I think?)

So I put two of the Cheesy Potato Pockets in the oven, and when they were cooked, I woofed them down with a spot of Tomato Ketchup and flatbread. Crispy on the outside, soft and cheesy inside, I can recommend these.

Did the Emails, and WordPress reading.

Had a wee-wee. (Getting repetitive this, hehehe!)

Did the graphic to use for the top of this page. Then started today’s diary off.

Had a wee-wee and put the kettle on and rang Sister Jane. She rang back bless her cotton socks. I inquired if she knew if I was doing right, in putting the lids on foil side-up in the aluminium oven dishes I use to cook the black beans and intend to on the Chinese Curry and rice later today. It was not very successful, explaining over the phone what I meant. So I took a photograph of them and went to the computer with my mug of tea, intending to send the picture by Email to her, and… Whoopsiedangleplop! I dropped the cup! Whatta da Plonka!

Had to ring-off sharpishly. Reckon it took me six minutes to get it cleaned up. Four of those minutes were in trying to get back up off of the floor! Hehe!

Got carried away with updating the graphics on CorelDraw.

Rushed the ablutions, hence a few knicks here and there. Acquired myself a very artistically decorated face by the time I’d finished shaving. (Tsk!)

Got to the Tenants Social Hours as soon as I could. (Arrived half-an-hour late) Many residents had left when I got there. Tsk! BJ was still there with Bill (William on Sunday), and six of the lady tenants along with Obergruppenfurheress Jenny.

Handed out the nibbles, gave Obergruppenfurheress Jenny the raffle-prizes to use for next week. Had a chinwag or two, moving between people for a gossip; To keep the knees moving. Departed and returned to the flat, with two of my fellow tenant ladies.

I asked about the foil sided lid and which way up to use it. The consensus of opinion was the opposite of what Sister Jane thought – to use it foil-side down.Departed and returned to the flat.

Departed and returned to the apartment. Had a wee-wee.

I got some fresh garden peas and small potatoes in the saucepan, seasoned with beetroot and balsamic vinegar and Soy Sauce. I’d decided not to have the egg rice today. I’ll put the Chinese chicken curry sauce in the oven later, using the foil tray with the lid facing foil-side down.

The rain was easing off now, I think it will soon stop. The sun was trying to come out a bit later, as well.

On the computer and posted off yesterdays, and updated this one.

Rechecked the Emails, then went back to CorelDraw and continued the prep work on the TFZer series. Managed to get another one finished.

Had a wee-wee.Set about getting the meal ready

Set about getting the meal ready. Not a great success and I’ll be giving away the other Chinese Chicken Curry meal tomorrow.

The lemon yoghourt, tomatoes, garden peas and potatoes were all grand. The chicken curry was almost putrid! I will not be investing in any more of these!

The weariness dawned a lot earlier today.

Got me into the £300 second-hand recliner with the Boon DVD on, and fell asleep in no time.

Woke up for a visit to the Porcelain Throne and made a brew, then back in the chair.

Turned the set to TV mode and watched a documentary about the 1st World War for an hour and a half, without any nodding off.

Got up for a wee-wee.

Back down and started to watch more of Boon and drifted into a flitting sleep – a dream filled one. Obviously, viewing the documentary must have affected me, because they were all about war, fighting etc. I died in one of them, starved and frozen, in I assume to be Finland or Russia, as the snow was thick and it was well below freezing. Of the others, there seems to have so many, I was in Italy fighting in the Alps I reckon. What appeared to be the longest dream, I was in the trenches and had trench-foot. Lived through the war, got home minus a leg and the guilt of surviving was terrible. As were all of these mini-dreams.

Woke and had a wee-wee.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 27th July 2017: Tenants Social Hour today

Thursday 27th July 2017

Catalan: Dijous 27 de Juliol de 2017

0400hrs: Woke in need of the Porcelain Throne. Scribbled down notes of some dreams that I could remember, and shot off to the Throne in time, just. A messy session with Little Inchy in a state that needed sorting. Haemorrhoid Harold stinging, but no bleeding from that area.

Washed up and back to the £300 second-hand recliner. By then I’d forgotten all about any dreams until I saw the scribbled note on the pad.But, they meant little to me

But, they were so poorly written, that they meant little to me. Just odd words with no mental connection.

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee.

Kettle on and did the Health Checks: S159 – D78 – P90 – T33.8f – W14.81. The temperature in the kitchen was only 61f?

A colourful burst of reds seemed to glow from the sky and down onto the scene below.

Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit as I was taking the medications.

Onto WordPress and started this page going, then finished off yesterday’s diary.

Checked the Emails.

Amongst them this one from the Surgery about the INR blood level results.

Shot up to 5.8, well too high, with the new dosages for the week, and I sent off a request for a test on the day they said, the 2nd August.

Onto Facebook to catch-up again. Did some WordPress reading.

Got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour.

To the wet room for medicationalisationing, antisepticalisationing, shaving, teeth cleaning and a safe showering.

All medicated and cleaned up, I set off to the new Community Shed.

Much activities from the workmen, and moans from some tenants on the way there, of their parking difficulties and altercations.

I walked over the road and on the verge to avoid the traffic. But it was not easy, with all the parked cars on the grass-verge.

Looking down the hill through the trees and bushes I spotted a squirrel.

But, by the time I’d got the camera out it was long gone.

Further along the road, more parked cars made progress more difficult to manoeuvre along my chosen route.

Yikes, I nearly had a Whoopsiedangleplop or Accifauxpa as I saw a beautiful wood pigeon down the hill near the pathway that had been developed for use by the local ankle-snappers and trainee vandals.

I tried to get a picture of it, but off it flew at just the wrong moment. Tsk!

I seem to be failing in my photographicalistic attempts this morning.

As I went into the New Temporary Winwood Social Hut, I was hit by the silence. The “I’m too upset to even talk. I need some time to cool down and gather myself” – silence! together. Many faces had that look that said; “Well I was right” or ” So what!” showing. I wish I knew what I’d just missed. Hehe! By the time I’d put the raffle prizes on the trolley and got some raffle tickets to hand out, the murmurings between the residents had started again, so I gave the nibbles and raffle tickets out.

BJ was very late arriving but got a round of applause when he did get here.

Generally a muted session I’d say.

They had put an artists impression of what the flats will look like when they are finished. Great-idea I thought, cause with it taking up to 36 months to complete, many of us ‘Oldies’ will not see the end result. Haha!

Said the farewells and out onto Chestnut Walk. In need of checking out the lower regions, as a warm wet feeling was growing. Tsk!

Took these photographs of some of the works on the Walk.

A new poster was on the board near the elevators this morning. Seems that many others were not enamoured to the way the letter about moving the door-mats was written. Nottingham City Homes Obergruppenfurheress Angela Gould signed the original demand and threateningly worded letter, too!

No mention of her name on the apology? And those items of personal property outside the doors in the communal areas have been there since the flats were built in 1964, at every door!

I wonder how much the pretentious snot-bag gets paid? Phwert!

Yes, she made a few enemies with that superior sounding letter!

Chinwag in the lift on the way up with some tenants.

As the other residents dropped off on their floor, I thought how dark it looked.

The same on the twelfth one too. Also in the communal area where we used to have door mats before being threatened to move them. This seemed to be in half power lighting too.

Someone might like to mention this to Furheress Gould… but not me, I don’t want to lose my Good Tenant status or be thrown out of the flat… and I’m a coward as well. Hahaha!

Into the wet room and sorted out the bleeding and re-medicated things.

Got the tinned tomatoes seasoned and marinating for later. Made a brew and started to update this diary.

Went onto CorelDraw 2017 to created the graphic below, to show how the flats looked before the work started and how they think it will appear after the upgrading work is all done and finished.

Stopped, to take the midday medications and do the Health Checks, between wee-wees. Sys 159 – Dia 72, Pulse 91, Temp’ 35.8 looks fair to me.

Email from the surgery arrived.

Your next INR appointment will be 2.8.2017 at 10.30. Kind Regards

Emailed them back thanking them.

Another one from the Clinic, booking me in for an appointment 2.8.2017 at 10.30!!! What a pickle! Sent Email back explaining about the INR appointment, asking for an earlier one if possible please, or an earlier on a different day. Awaiting reply, and feeling disappointed with my rotten luck again.

Updated Facebook.

Checked the Email in case the Clinic had contacted me. Nope, not yet.

Got the bacon bits in the oven.

Finished the TFZer graphic I started yesterday.

Hopefully, it will get some funny, witty comments.

Had a look at the bacon, not ready yet.

Ah, it is now!

Got it served up, and guiltily enjoyed.

Did the Health Checks afterwards.

D. 164 – S. 78 – P 94 – Temp 35.9 W- 14.8 Worried about the weight increases so much, mind. Took the evening medications and got down in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some of the Boon episodes on the DVD. Got through these without any nodding off! Changed to the TV and that was the trigger – the advertisements! In and out of kip for ages.

Had to get up to sort out the Little Inchy leakage, out on some protection pants (How I hate wearing these nappies for adults!) to be on the safe side

Sleep did not come again at all.

I was up around 0100hrs and decided to get the laundry room duties tended to.


Inchcock Today – Thursday 29th June 2017: Not one of my luckiest days!

It could happen to anyone – Hehe!

Thursday 29th June 2017

Cebuano: Huwebes Hunyo 29, 2017

0300hrs: Lay there in the £300 second-hand recliner for ages. First trying to recall the dreams without any success again.

Then thinking through the days’ activities.

0325hrs: Gingerly I escaped the recliner, had a Dizzy Dennis moment and made my way to the wetroom, for a Porcelain Throne session. All went well.

Reflux Roger and Rumbling Rupert were both active this morning.

Did the Health Checks:

Update the weeks’ records. Only the ever increasing weight was of any concern, I think.

Made a nice strong mug of tea and took the morning medications, then back to the wetroom for a wee-wee.

Checked the letter from the NCH (Nottingham City Homes) with the dates of the upcoming individual flat Survey times. IT is mine next Monday between 1300hrs and 1700hrs.

Computer activated, and I put this in the written diary and the Google calendar.

The tea had gone cold, so went to make another one. As I did so, I could make out some noise, even without the hearing aids in, so knew it had to be pretty loud.

It was like a metallic grating. Popped the head out of the window and nearly got myself blown back inside with the howling wind, paperwork in the other room exploded all over, kitchen towels toppled onto the floor and the wonderfully wet rain splattered through, soaking the counter and me!

Humph. Hehe, serves me right!

Looked down outside but could see no reason for the noise, that was now no longer audible?

Had a wee-wee. Then back on the computer to start this diary off to here.

Realised then, that I had not finished yesterday’s journal yet, so got on with that. Got it done and did some WordPress reading and comment answering.

Facebooked a while.

Got a TFZer graphic finished and started on a new one, very complicated and involved. Ran out of time, but I’m reasonably satisfied with the progress. I’ll see if I get time later to finish it, or at least get some more work done on it.

This is the one I’d completed. With Janet from the TFZers.

Turned off everything and got the ablutions done. Scratches and nicks acquired during the shaving process.

Moved the stuff into a bag that is a bit more waterproof (It still let the wet rain in, Tsk) bag and set off taking two jars with me to drop off at the Bottle Bank.

As I hobbled along to the bank, so much of the compound was blocked off with temporary Harris railings, I had to walk on the road for a good distance to get there. The rain was light at this stage, but the wind was a bit nasty. I’ll see how the new umbrella can cope with it later.

When I got into the shed, a lot of Tenants were already in there early, and laughter flowed freely.

A new bloke had taken the seat where I usually do, the only chair available part from Bills was right in a corner away from everyone. Put the raffle prizes on the stand and gave out the nibbles early, being as I was going to have to leave early. I told them all to take two picks, so as to make less weight to carry to the doctors and back. Not that it mattered in the end, I left the box there on the floor when I departed later. Huh!

Bill (William on Sundays) arrived, I noticed no one had taken his seat! Humph, Hehe!

No one to talk to that I could hear if they replied. T’was such a lonely session. BJ arrived with his better half, had a few words, but while I did this someone sat in the corner chair. Laugh?

I gave out a few of the emergency towels, and bid farewell to everyone – but nobody answered (That I heard anyway). Began to get depresses then, Ha!

As I got to the end of the road and turned onto Winchester Hill, the rain commenced to heavier, so, up with the new brolly. It rattled a lot from the handle area in use but coped with both the wind and rain well enough.

Two ambulances were at the old people’s flats on Mansfield Road, took the photo from under the new brolly.

The rain got even worse as I got over the brow of the hill into Carrington. The buses and lorries were hitting the standing water and cascading with the stagnant rain when they did! The trouser leg bottoms were soaking now. Hey-ho!

Into the surgery, in plenty of time and asked the receptionist if I could make an appointment for the CHD Checks. She booked me in for Tuesday 18th July at 0930hrs. Requested a sample tube and she gave me one.

Sat to wait my turn and I noticed I’m dragged in wet leaves on the souls of the shoes. Got a tissue out of the bag and tried to pick some up, but the knees and back prevented any success. I did cope with getting the shoes off and wiping them, though.

Nurse Nichol came into view, it was such a pleasure to see her smile as she greeted me and led me into the treatment room.

Gave her some Chocolate Orange discs, thanked her and into the reception area and gave them their nibbles, only one gal there and she didn’t answer me. She did manage an unsmiling lifting of her head that said, Yes alright!

Am I imagining the bad day I’m having social-wise or what?

Out with the brolly up on the road and walked down to the Lidl store. Where I got some replacement nibbles, a minced-beef pasty, canned tomatoes, smoked bacon, a tin of garden peas and a wholemeal loaf. I was intending to put this bread in the freezer for later, but there was no room. Humph!

Out and to the bus stop, where I could not get under the shelter for the other passengers waiting, and with the two bags now, the brolly could not be utilised, so I got wet again. (No problem in doing so, I was becoming an expert at it this morning. Hehe!)

Caught the bus and dropped off in Sherwood. Over the crossing and to the L9 bus stop.

The lovely lady from the 8th floor was there, and we had a good chinwag and laugh.

The L9 was late coming, but we didn’t mind. The rain went down to a trickle of that; Fine-soak you through type.

Up to the flats and now they have moved the bus stop there, we got another soaking as we had to walk the length of Chestnut Walk to get to out foyer.

Up in the lift, said my farewell to the gal, and she did to me.

As I got in, I had a wee-wee. Into the kitchen to put the bits away, the rain came walloping down again.

A moment later, it went back to the drizzly wet-rain?

Took the medications and did the Health Checks, which produced some surprising result: Sys 154, Dia 77, Pulse 94, Temp 36.0? Perhaps I did not settle down enough before taking them?

Got a can of tomatoes in the saucepan and bacon in the oven tray ready to cook later.

Had a wee-wee.

Put the nibbles in the spare room.

Made a nice strong brew of Thompson’s tea bags.

Computer turned on and saw the photograph above, I had the idea for a bit of TFZer fun, to put some of the gals onto it. So I did. I put Pattie and Marie, my heartthrobs onto it. Hope they like it.

Started the updating of this diary.

Checked on Facebook and then WordPress reading.

Back to CorelDraw and working on that difficult TFZer one.

Got it done it last. Phew!

TFZer ladies, Josie, Betty, Linda, Janet and Dizz with support from Andy and Thomas.

Had a wee-wee.

Got the meal out and served up.

Unhealthy but so tasty a simple meal. Mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and smoked streaky bacon, with some Polish half-rye sourdough bread.

Lemon fool to follow.

Had a wee-wee.

Got settled to watch some of the excellent TV programmes on offer tonight. A great Inchcock selection!

1800hrs: Channel 72: Two episodes of the first series of Law & Order

2000hrs: Channel 20: Hetty Wainthrope Investigates – then New Tricks

2200hrs: Channel 21:  Law & Order SVU, two episodes.

I nodded off at around 1812hrs when the first commercial break came on and woke at midnight just as the credit screen at the end of the second of the Law & Order SVU finished.

Had a wee-wee.


Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st June 2017: Tenants Social Hour, then shopping, Graphicationalisationing. Oh, made time for a Whoopsiedangleplops later, as well. Hehe!


Thursday 1st June 2017

Serbian: Четвртак 1 јун 2017

Woke around 0420hrs, no demands for the use of the Porcelain Throne, despite the rumbling innards. And, no memories of the dreams I knew I’d been having.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to do the Health checks, take the medications and make a brew. Reading all seemed okay: Sys 159, Dia 80, Pulse 88, Temp 35.6, Weight 14.91, apart from the weight still high.

4Thur02Onto the computer to update the diaries.

Making a mug of tea for the one that had gone cold, I took this photograph of the distant City Hospital where I should be visiting this month for the op, just waiting for the confirmation.

Got yesterday’s diary finished off and started this one going.

Checked the Emails and got one from Sister Jane. This is part of her message:

Had a brilliant day at Cherry Tree Garden Centre in Bradmore.
Dorothy kept us fit “dashing” from one section to another – and says she’s 93 NOT 94!!
While we were having lunch, there was a private function going on with all kinds of animals to stroke and hold.  A meerkat, skunk, baby fox, shrew, micro-pig, tarantula, scorpion, and 2 snakes, one bright yellow and about 10ft long.  Most of the kids were loving it and some of the grown-ups too.
You’d have loved it.  Looked well cared for.

She sent these wonderful photographicalisations below:


She’s right, I would have loved it.

The stomach suddenly burst into pain, and in an urgent response, I made for the Porcelain Throne. Came on so quickly!

Not so bad as I thought it would be at all?

Went on the GPO site and extended the Mail Redirection instructions for letters bound for the old house to be moved to here. Of course, I forgot the PW. However, I got there in the end.

Did some more work on the TFZer latest series graphics.

Then got the ablutions tended to. A couple of nicks but no bad cuts with the shaving this morning.

Checked the Emails before setting out for the Tenants Social Hour and taking the empty jars to the recycling bin en route.

4Thur07They were painting double yellow lines on Chestnut Walk where the cabin is now in place.

Into the current Winwood Social Hut to find so few folks there this morning. But we all had a laugh anyway.

Noticed when coming out, that they were now painting yellow lines near the flats.

Up to the Porcelain Throne, got the bag and down to the bus stop.

Interesting listening to what I could hear of the tenants gossiping at the bus stop. It seems all our problems are due to immigrants and I think the builders are in for a few ear-fulls from some of the girls and gals. Hehe!

Caught the L9 and failed miserably with the crosswords on the trip into town.

4Thur03Dropped off near Wilko’s and went over the road to the Victoria Centre Shopping Centre (Mall) and the fruit & veg stall. They had some fresh pod peas in, I recalled being conned last time I got some peas from there – but thought if Tesco does not have any I’ll have to walk all the way back here again to get some. There was a different lady serving. So I risked it and bought some. Turned out okay, she did not slip the older ones in the bag.

Wandered around the market for a while and then to the other end of the Mall and down a floor to the Tesco store, They had pod peas, so I got some more! (Note the poetry there? Haha!). Also got some flatbread on offer. Just managed to squeeze them into the freezer when I got home.

4Thur04Out of the centre and hobbled along towards the town centre to call at Primark to look for some long sleeve T-shirts.

Passed this sign while walking along Milton Street.

I took a photo of it, I was rather tempted, as I rate and like Chris Rock and his style.

Saw there were no details of where he was appearing? Oddly, tickets were only available online? Checked later on the web, and got all sorts of warnings about this site via the Virus Checker and Warnings?

I walked up and through Trinity Square. Saw these ornaments or whatever they are called in the jewellery 4Thur05shop window.

Took the picture to put on the TFZers site and ask their opinion of them.

Pressed on and down Trinity Walk with its five nadies nail shops and three barber shops.

One of them proudly displaying tht Men’s Haircuts from only £12.

Glad I have no hair when I read that!

4Thur06Walked down into the Slab Square.

The Big Issue sellers were in pairs today. Most likely one of the poor souls being trained by the other?

Pavement Cyclists all over the place.

Made my way to the Primark Store on Long Row, an up to the gents clothing section.

They had done a makeover of the displays, and definitly gone for the younger persons sales.

4Thur07After a long hobble around I found nothing of any interest to me.

Exited the store and in front of me was an interesting view, I thought. The highly expensive Pizza take-away had its usual rush on… Hehehe!

The old folk were making use of the pigeon dropping covered uncomfortable metal seats.

The balloon seller seemed to be attracting some interest form the passers by; Or maybe it was the lady with thehsort dress on? Hehe!

4Thur08To Queen Street and up to where the outdoor seating was for one of the many restuartants on there to take this photographicalisation with the Council House dome in the background.

Caught the bus back to the flats. Had another go at the crossword book, with dismal results yet again.

When I got back, the double yellow lines had been added to various more locations, but where the ycould not get to paint them due to the parked vehicles, they had added cones?

4Thur09Took the medications and did the Health Checks, then got on with making the meal.

I’d cooked some of the pod peas, had some cold potatoes left over from yesterday, tomatoes and did some of the red extra strong grated cheddar cheese in the oven at the same time as the haddock in batter. Pressed it flat in the oven dish and sprayed the top with oil. Pleased with how it came out, nice and crispy.

A lemon mousse and bit of brown bread and it was a delightfully tasty repast.

05Thu12After consuming it, I took the things to the kitchen to clean them up and…


I’d left the kitchen sink tap running with some cleaning clothes in it!

Well fancy that, I didn’t say to myself!

Good job the cold tap was only trickling.

Mop and bucket to the rescue. Getting the disinfectant from under the sink to use and what a mess there was inside. Down on the knees job and took every thing out, wiped it and replaced the cleaning things – this I found was surprisingly easy to do – getting up again afterwards was not! Hehehe!

Another good thing was that I had plenty of kitchen rolls in stock – I haven’t now, mind.

Went down to the Obergruppenfhureresses Hut to report what had happened just in case any water had filtered through to the flat below.

4Thur11Julie checked and all was fine. Phew!

On the way back to the flat, I spotted some local Nottingham Street Art. I’m not certain, but I think I saw a similar piece of artwork in exactly the same place last year?

The birds and animals were not showing any interest in it.

Back up to the apartment and got washed and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV.

Tired as I felt, no nod-offs at all tonight? After a few hours after enjoying Star Trek, Heart Beat and starting to watch Hetty Wainthrope, I drifted off and did not wake until 0400hrs!