Inchcock: Friday 2nd December 2022

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06:30hrs: The eyes popped open. The brain refused to engage a gear, I think. Because I found myself wee-weeing, then sorting the bins out, making up waste bags… then sitting on the Porcelain Throne. All within 30 minutes!
Washed and refreshed, I got the computer going and got the worked out.
Adding up to the NHSS analyser placing me in the Hypertension-1 Red area.

Which was not bad, looking at the previous week’s returns.

I see there is a good mix in levels recently: I make it 3x High Norms, 1x Hyper Three The highest),  1x Hyper Two, and 2x Hyper Ones.
The Normal one on Thursday stands out like a sore thumb.
Today’s Hyper-One was very close to being a High-Norm,
So no complaints there!
Well, it had to happen again. Virgin Media went Down! Didn’t it, Mr $26 million a year salaried boss of Global-Liberty Fries, who bought Virgin Media and told the customer call centre staff in England,  never to mention Liberty Global to customers!

There has to be something dodgy about this, surely? Financial wizardry? Money-Laundering? (The act of engaging in transactions designed to obscure the origin of money that has been obtained dodgily). Figure manipulating? The ulterior motive that will lead to bigger profits? Deceitfulness? Deception? Dishonesty?, Dissimulation?  Double-dealing? Hocuspocus?, maybe Jiggery-pokery?
Why pay $24b to buy a company just to run it into the ground? I wonder if Liberty-Global’s lesser financiers in the insurance business are involved somewhere along the line?
No, I’m not jealous of the man just because he gets a ridiculous amount in salary and guaranteed bonuses, even an unmonitored expense account. Nor that he is totally incapable of running an internet service that may manage a day without going offline. Or that he keeps putting up the prices to customers. then advertises his business as ‘Super-Fast’, ‘Most Reliable’ etc.

Arrived without pressing the door chime. I asked her to do so in future, please, nicely like, and explained why. She said she would when the reasons were given to her; bless her. We had a mini-natter and laugh, and off she trotted.

Ah, Liberty-Global Virgin Media came back online. Don’t anyone tell Fries, though; someone at Virgin may get into trouble for doing something right! We can’t have competent people working at Liberty-Global; it’s not natural.

I made an Asda order for Sunday delivery. This should give me time to sort out Richards in thanks treats, so he can have them on Monday morning.
I even managed to find the ‘No Substitutes’ page and used it for most of the items.
As I was closing the site, I espied a link to Georges Clothing, so went on to investigate if they had any dressing gowns in stock. I feel awful about wearing the one warm one I have left on for so long.
Of course, if the ones I ordered from Amazon had arrived, there would have been no need to get any others, but they haven’t. Before having a look, I checked on Amazon to see if there was any chance of them arriving.
Nope, but they did say it was the Post Office worker’s actions that were delaying the gowns from arriving.
Also, I couldn’t cancel the order until I had contacted the seller? Swine!
So I contacted them via the link on the page. Explaining that I’d had to buy some elsewhere, so wish to cancel the order.
So having contacted the seller, I went to cancel the order on Amazon.
I got the above answer; If the seller does not resolve the issue within 48 hours of your first message, you can revisit this page to ‘Check’ if you are eligible to ‘Request’ an A-Z Guarantee refund.
This stinks! Note the ‘to see if you are eligible… I’m not going to get a refund or the bloody dressing gowns at this rate – and still, I can’t cancel the order! Which Amazon has taken the money for!

Arrived. She was busy on the mobile, trying to get help for a previous client from Nottingham City Homes. No problem with that. She got the medications sorted and gave me help with the Amazon issue; bless her ♥. Got the refund from the supplier!  We had a little natter and laugh, and I insisted on her treat in thanks for being chosen.

I updated the Google Calendar with the two deliveries coming, the dressing gowns and the Asda food order.

Got an imitation beef pie in the oven cooking.
Chips in curry in the microwave.
Made a meal of sorts, and with the two last slices of wholemeal bread and a pot of soya lemon mousse, I tucked into it.
I enjoyed it, too, for once.
Flavour rating: 7/10.


Four years? Bearing in mind his history of armed robbery, is this a deterrent or Present for him? And what a mitigating statement from Raglan Ashton to read to the court, and still he gets only four years. Look at him! Unquestionably the pathetic overpaid Parole Board parasites will free him on licence within months! But it will be kept quiet!

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Got down in the recliner and awaited the last Carer Call of the day. I really wanted to just sleep. Ah, Sweet Morpheus
Came in and gave me the last dose of Peptac, and checked the taps (faucets) were not running. Took the waste bag with her on departing; bless her.

ZZZz... But too many springing awakes.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 7th August 2022 – Diary


I woke in need of a wee-wee. Assessed the time I’d had sleeping; 3-hours… better than two!
While waiting for the after-leaking to stop, it took a while; I remembered the food delivery coming twixt 07:00>08:00hrs.
The feet and legs were looking just fine this morning. So good, I may advertise them as a pair of 1947 legs and feet for sale. Hehe!

So, I got the sphygmomanometerisationing tended to. Then, speedily got the body temperature taken before the sphygmomanometer turned itself off to catch both sets.
When I entered the results into the NHS DVT site, it would not let me put in 39 for the DIA, just told me that DIA has to be a minimum of 40. Please check your figures! So, I put 40 in to get a graph up. How frustrating to know that I must be dead with a 39 Reading. Of course, it didn’t bother me in the slightest.
At least I know that’s two of us old uns that is still alive. The arrogant, noisy snotty Herbert from above started a tap-tapping, clunk concerto. So he’s not snuffed it yet, either.
The view from the kitchenette window was so like an oil or water painting this morning. A Constable, mayhaps? Which reminds me, I’ve not seen a policeman on foot in Sherwood since January. No wonder crime has risen!
The intercom flashed, and it was the William Morrison order arriving. One of the most disappointing deliveries, other than Iceland’s, of course, that I’ve ever had. Here’s the sad, hardly believable story.
The men, through the goods into the two delivery boxes, naturally with cakes going in first, to be squashed by blah and water bottlers.
Got the things sorted and put away, but t’was not easy.

They had some of the Jacob’s Leicester Cheese cheddar biscuits. I bought four packets, as they are my favourites. Taking them out of the box. Do you notice only three on the counter?
Glad to report they have not substituted the Roast Vegetable Risotto, another of my personal favourites. That’s because one packet was torn open, and broken biscuits were all over the other food. I got them in a lidded tub and threw the other emancipated bits of bikkies into the waste bag.
Then, disappointed, they had swapped the vegan mushroom pate with a caramelised pork & onion version. Huh!. Still, Richard can have that in the morning.
The fridge looked mighty low in stocks, even after I’d got the fresh foods packed away!

The three packets of mini rolls were reduced to two; they were crushed but not as bad as the third packet, which had burst open, and I ended up washing off the sticky goo from other items delivered. By the time I’d sorted things out, I’d eaten a load of broken cheddar biscuits, a whole six mini rolls from the burst open and pre-mashed cakes. It all came back to why I stopped using Morrison direct and went to Amazon. But Morrison does not offer all their range when using Amazon, and when I read they had some Leicester flavoured cheddars, I just had to have some! Cragknangles! Sorry I bothered now!

MEAL-PREPPING: I spent the next few hours preparing Josie’s Chilli dinner. A bit of a mind-testing job… Why? I’ll tell yer!
①: The Iceland mushrooms that still had two days in-date showing; had shrivelled and gone grey. Comically, they had a Guarantee of Freshness sticker on the pack! So I had to use canned ones, which threw out my timing to get other things to be ready simultaneously
②: Getting the potatoes done separately, as I usually do, so I can add some basil. I sliced them into Josie’s bite-size cubes and got a cut-down fingernail!

③: When I got the frozen leeks out of the freezer, attacked, I dropped the bag, and it burst on contact with the floor. I struggled to get things cleaned up, and Back-Pain-Brenda kicked in.
④: After much kerfuffling, sorting and swearing, I got the meal into one pan and on low heat to marinate.
⑤ By then, Guilt had set in when I realised all the cheddars and mini Swiss rolls I’d eaten while preparing Josie’s food.

Started blogging, at last. Not going too badly, and I went to check on Josie’s meal progress… I realised it was twenty-to-twelve already! I got the meal served up, cleaning up as I went along.
As I was lifting the finished tray… an epiphany! I noticed that the kitchen clock was showing 10:50hrs. Confused now! I nipped into the front room to check the watch time, and it concurred with the kitchen clock.
Had misread the wristwatch earlier. Oh, dear, what do I do now? I bravely took a gamble and delivered the meal to Josie’s door. Embarrassed beyond belief! I mumbled my pathetic Whoopsiedangleplop in getting the time wrong to Josie. I don’t think she was impressed. But she accepted the meal anyway. Like a guilty pet dog, I thanked her and scurried back into the flat. Red-faced and something of panic mode came over me.

Suddenly, I felt so tired, and a touch of Dizzy Dennis appeared. Waking up four hours later! Woken by the evening carer. I was not hungry, having digested the biscuits and cakes earlier, so I got myself down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, haemorrhoid-testing, easily-falloutable, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner.

Arrived. Gave me the tablets one at a time but missed off the Codeine. Luckily I was more with after the kip, and I noticed. No nibbles or drinkies accepted in thanks, and he did not take the waste bags to the bin for me… and I forgot to ask her to. Tsk! She seemed a little withdrawn, just tired, methinks.

I got on with the updating of this blog. Well, this is going to take some time. Luckily the most activity was me, sleeping. Hahaha! Got the post done eventually.

Over an hour or so of slogging away on the computer, I took these three pictures of the sunsetting from the kitchenette window.
I liked the last one.

The legs, feet, and ankles were slightly inflamed after days of calmness.

I think an ulcer is doing its best to erupt on the left ankle now. The right one looks and feels a bit raw, so I took off my trews. It’s hot tonight, and I’ve got the balcony doors wide open.

I had a bash at the Snippets blog; I might get it finished. Then again… (I didn’t, but I did it in the morning).
Made a simple nosh. Curried chips (fries), tomatoes and fresh raw garden peas. I’d found eight escaped peas at the last count (Monday morning). The highlight was the one I discovered in the wee-wee bucket…Haha! Beats me: the bucket was about five feet from the recliner where I shelled and ate the peas and meal!
The last photograph of the evening sky taken from the kitchenette window. Bootiful Nature!

With the nodding of this afternoon, sleep did not come very easily or quickly. It did eventually, belatedly putting the TV on, helped, I think. Soon as the adverts came on, I was off into the land of nod!

Yee, Haa!

Inchcock Today: Rescued Photographs and Diary


Ode to the last few days… It’s been a struggle!

Worra job, fighting the SD card reader, t’was pathetic!
Four days of failing, it was terribly acrostic…
Three or six times a day, I tried and was feeling threnetic,
The neighbour was noisy; I resisted any rhetoric,
Cause I could have hit him with my mashie-niblick!
But at least his noise today is only sporadic.

I know that I’m uneducated, got dementia, and am thick…
But repeated failings to get the piccies on… I felt sick…
Got some of them on today, and then I felt fantastic…
But once out of five days? Proves I’m no clever dick…
But my moods are temporary, changing, erratic…
I can be depressed, then minutes later, charismatic?

Sometimes, well, rarely, I can believe I’m being realistic…
But then consider myself unreliable and eccentric…
Other times concentration can be enjoyed, therapeutic…
But it’s only me being toying with hopes, being simplistic.
Hopes for improvement in mental health and lethargic,
Ever new problems with neurotransmitters and neuralgic.

I don’t expect that life’s ailments or mental logic,
A problem is I’m my own worst critic,
To expect to get back to normal is unrealistic…
I anticipate daily pains and struggles… am I masochistic?
That’s not the word I mean; I do feel a dick…
I somehow cope well with pain that’s chronic?

But not with Peripheral Neuropathy, or owt anapeiratic,
I manage with being deaf and arthritic,
Not Doreen Dementia, who denies anything copacetic…
I try not to get depressed or apathetic,
I can often laugh it off, then I find it all too dramatic,
I cannot cope; I find it all too frantic!

Having got rid of the depressive rot, onward…

Not sure what day this blood test was done, but I’ll hazard a guess on Saturday. To think, a couple of days earlier, the SYS was 208! Noe down to the second-lowest ever! Hehe! I’m not complaining, mind you.

And the body temperature, well, another fantastic result. Almost spot on the target figure (NHS) of 35°c!

I can remember taking this temperature, although not the day – because I dropped the thermometer, bent down to retrieve it, and clouted my head against the corner of the chair. And knocked the camera off of the table, and it would not work for a day or so, Tsk!

This I recognise quickly enough, along with the error I made doing it…

I’d made the nosh for Josie, as usual on a Sunday. Got it just right tastewise, and delivered it to her door at the agreed time of midday, feeling rather smug, with her treats for the weekend on the tray. Josie said nothing out of the usual. But I did an odd look from the gal… had I done something wrong? Mmm!

When I got back to my flat to start my dinner, it came to me… It was Saturday! Not Sunday! I felt such a berk!

I got my fodder served up. Vegetable pastie. Green and black grapes, garden peas, baked potatoes, lemon yoghourt. It was lovely. I granted the meal a taste-Rating of 8/10.

I’ve no idea why I took the picture whatsoever? I think it was on Saturday that I was having problems with the computer, other than the usual regular temper and sanity-testing card reader.

This night (Saturday maybe), the sky seemed a smidge misty with it during the sunsetting process.

I stayed up late to catch it and took these two relatively poor photographicalisations from the kitchen windows.

Saturday night, I think, possibly, mayhaps, if not, then Sunday…

I had a bad bleed from Little Inchies Fungal lesion.

Sunday, I think these results are from. And a fine set of figures they were. Sys 144, DIA 54 (A little low, maybe, but no worries about this), the pulse showed 83.

Well, blow me down, another good reading from my Chinese (Hong Kong) made by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd™, contactless thermometer. Dang, close to perfect for the third day!

Ah, my beloved puffer clouds were up in the sky for me to picture them. I recall taking these pictures and suddenly needing the Porcelain Throne, so off I trotted without any delay…

I was sitting on that plastic seat in there for over 25 minutes! I also took a Codeine afterwards to ease the sore bum from the concrete torpedo; I’d just grindingly released with a Clonk of a noise when it landed in the bowl! Constipation Conrad had won the competition against his competitor Trotsky Terence by several lengths. Still, I got a few clues answered in the crossword book.

Another sort of cloudy, hazy sunset that night. Of course, I have no idea what night it was, Sunday or Monday, I imagine.

Buttered tatties, tomatoes, fish fingers, fishcakes with mushy peas inside, and battered fish fingers, Birds Eye as well, and they were crap tasting! Some grapes, and I see the milk roll slices, which was excellent cause I could mask the cardboard taste of the Birds Eys battered fish fingers a little by the bread. Eurgh! The potatoes were undercooked, but they were cooked bu a grand chap (Me!) Hahaha! Flavour: 5/10.

Tuesday’s nosh, this was more like it. There are tons of garden peas, tomatoes, tattie chunks, yellow and red tomatoes, and two sizeable battered fish portions. This fish in batter tasted a lot better than the last Birds Eye ones.

Unfortunately, the rest of the meal was a disappointment, well, crap again, actually! The bananas had gone oversweet with age, the potatoes tasteless, and the peas were bitter and sour. The tomatoes were fair enough. Flavour: 5.5/10.

Wednesday: The Iceland order arrived. I was unsure what to expect after they sent me the chinks that had gone green last week. The driver took the bags through to the kitchenette for me and got his choice of cans in thanks. Three items were not available, and two substitutions, but at least they had better dates on them this week. I got the bags unloaded, doing the freezer and fridge items first.

Tried some of their veggieburgers and pies this time. Frozen, of course, and had a job to get them into the fridge and freezer. The substituted tomatoes were Italian ones, So maybe a disappointment. We’ll see. They usually are but compared to last week’s Algerian ones…

The substituted Richmond sausages, Carer Richard, can have in the morning.

Well, yet another fine set of results from the Health Checks! Sys 133, Dia 70, Pulse 69 (A smidge low again), Then I got the thermometer out.

Brilliant! Four days now since the 248 SYS reading, Yee-Haa! Anyone’s guess is how long these promising results will go on for.

Gong to get some nosh on now. Hopefully, I can make something worthwhile and tasty this time.

Got the chips in the oven. And noted the popularity of the Chestnut Way end car park – And no red-van-man is on sight. Unless he’s parked elsewhere than his favourite spot on the yellow no parking chevrons?

The evening Carer arrived, Valerie (Nibbles). Sorted the medications and took the bag to the chute on her way out.

Got the burnt chips based nosh finished and served up. Do you know, they tasted super-good and so tasty! At last, a decent rated meal. A burger on a cob, tomatoes, and garden peas. For afters, a mini strawberry cheesecake and a banana. Taste Rating: 9/10!

The Amazon ordered slippers arrived a little late on. Thanked the driver and offered his choice of canned refreshments.

I didn’t open the bag yet, I’ll do that in the morning, but I could tell I was going to be disappointed by the shape of the package. It felt more like a giant teddy bear inside than footwear. Squashed up and no doubt well-misshapen. Hey-Ho!

I was deprived of getting to sleep again, can’t blame the Thought-Storms this time – Thoughts of all kinds and types were absent! I was not depressed, just in a passive, what-the-heck mood. Although hours later, after failing to nod off, the darned Thought-Storms did kick off. The long done and gone mistakes I’d made flourished about in my head, seemingly in amazing chronological order? Around 02:20hrs, I put the TV on, a desperate measure… but it seemed to work… Until I sprang awake at 04:00hrs!

The Nottingham Lad’s True Tales of Woe

Inchcock Today: Diary with Odes

General Ode To The Day

Today, when good luck and success ran away,
Making me want to cry, die, and even pray!
It’s this horrendously-heinous Wednesday!
Very little humour, fun or flimflammery!

Problems of intense magnitude and stupidity…
Errors, Whoopsiedangleplops, and I got all forgettery…
Accifauxpas, mind-blanks, bonkerness and pettifoggery,
So much so my mind requires mental surgery!

I ended up nervous yet showing frustrated badassery!
The brain crumbled, the body tumbled…
Nothing this day was of the slightest bit ordinary,
Then the innards painfully rumbled…
My last bit of willpower crumbled!

Self-hatred, for myself, and a vile loathing…
So many failures, one in my underclothing!
But that, I’m too ashamed to be describing,
It had some occasions that were nice, touching…
But they were scarce, and so many were scathing!

Computers I should know would mock and beat me…
I thought I’d get the problem sorted, very foolishly!
I’d never have mended it if I tried until next January…
As I should have known, I just made things worse,
I sobbed, got depressed, and voiced many a curse…

I thought at one time, I was growing insanity…
Why am plagued by this unknown, unlucky entity?
It started at birth… and has grown nasty, by plenty!
In my previous life, was I a murderer, a scoundrel? Maybe…

When I’m burnt to ashes by the Brothers Baguley…
I want my mourners to know, there’s no need for sorrow,
At the moment, I’d be content, no, glad to go…
Life’s always been a battle against the flow…
I may miss cheesy potatoes, and bread, buttered sourdough,
Carers like Julia and Jilly both leave me with an afterglow. ♥

Not enough to make me stay here, though!
Life to me has been like at the Alamo…
Surrounded, outnumbered and nowhere to go,
Failings, errors, fretting, my life’s been so!
I’d hoped things would improve, but no, oh, no!

Reincarnation? That would be hard to swallow,
I might return as a soaring eagle or a brave buffalo?
Or most likely a stickleback, mousse or minnow!
See, that’s depression; I’m feeling so low…

And what’s to come later… death, maybe, yes or no,
I’ll continue as a failed saddo and fatso…
I’ll snuff-it, not bothered how maybe tomorrow?
I’ll die never having had a cup of cappuccino!
It’s been forty-odd years since I’ve been on a beano!
My friends and family will gather to say cheerio…
But there’s only three of them, so I don’t know…

They’ll search for my money, and they’ll be very thorough,
Cupboards, drawers, clothes and behind the big photo…
I don’t blame ’em; that’s how it will go…
I can’t take it with me… I don’t mean to crow…

That’s summat else, why did I live life in a constant imbroglio?
Calling things electrical, mechanical, complicated, a gizmo?
Cause the Vascular Dementia Doreen said so?
I had problems; I became an alcoholic, not wino…
Which at the time for me, was no problemo!

I danced like a three-legged drunken rhino…
The gal who said that was named Clio,
Ailments, being shot, being made redundant did follow…
Didn’t matter too much; life was already shallow…
But I’ve always been that way, uneducated and callow…

With quips and replies, I’ve been sharp, never slow,
I once nearly bought a second-hand Volvo…
What that’s got to go with this Ode, I don’t know?
I’m trying to live an inoffensive life, but whereunto?
I’ve lost the plot now. Shall I make a cuppa? Righteo!

It took me that long to formulate this Ode, so many errors, mistakes, and Mind-Blanks! The time is running out for me to get the Diary bit done. So, it will be in condensed form, sorry!



A great sleep once I managed to get off. Which was at about 02:00hrs. But, I was well pleased with only jump-waking up three times. On the third, it was already 06:10hrs! So, over four hours, not bad, that. I think the Hemp seems to be working.

As I fought my way out of the £300, second-hand bought, c1968, nauseously beige-coloured, not-working, rusty, rickety, difficile, crumb-covered tatty recliner, two things dawned on me. This morning is the Ocado food delivery twixt 6-7:00hrs, and Cartilage Cathy was still as bad as yesterday. So, I took a Codeine and checked that I had not missed any calls on the intercom – I feared I would not have heard it if he had come early while I was sleeping. No missed calls on the list, so that cheered me a little.

I got the medical checks sorted straight away. The body temperature was still too low. But what should I do? It might be the machine? They tell me to ring 999 if it is below 45°c? But it’s not far off this time.

There was no hassle about the Blood Pressure, though, all looking pretty good, with SIA 152. DIA 74. and Pulse at 80. This seemed fair to me. Glad the BP machine was working after my dropping it yesterday.

Into the kitchenette to put the kettle on, and I trod on something small and challenging – I guessed right, it was an escaped garden pea gone rock hard. Hehe! Made me jump a bit! I also found a tablet?

The intercom rang at 06:30hrs, and the Ocado driver brought the bags up to the flat. Nice chap.

Got the bags into the kitchen; there seemed a lot of them today?

Sorted out what’s what and where they are to go. The frozen Heinz Beanz Burgers went in the freezer, along with the battered cod bites and fishcakes with mushy peas in them. Natoora black tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, steak pie into the fridge, with some difficulty… Cartilage Cathy was in a right rotten mood with me when I bent to get the bottom tray filled. Cor, blimey, was she! But the bending to pick up the peas and pill might have contributed to Cartilage Cathy’s annoyance. Hehe!

Then I moved on to the third or fourth bag. The black box held 12 mini-pots of M&S fruit and jelly. Which I read when ordering to be strawberry flavoured. They had actual fruit in the jelly, but one of them was the forbidden for me pineapples. On a closer look, they also had seeds in them, which will most likely cause me a toothache. They’ll have to go! I know how to live! I made a bottle of spring water up with some of the lemon and lime cordial for later.

I got some fresh garden peas and lemon and lime yoghourts too. Two favourites there!

Just after getting them stored away and returning to the computer, Everything went wrong computer-wise. The icons had shrunk, the screen had gone darker, and Norton came up[ with things that needed attention. Crapwranglers! It was all too much for me, and I ended up changing things, uncertain if I was doing right or wrong. After changing things, it was far worse. I could have cried!

I stopped making changes too late and could not work out how to correct things. I went for a break and made a brew of Glengettie, taking this photograph of the morning view, in which I caught some crows on their way to a tree-top murder in the park. Then around 08:15hrs, the landline rang out. It was the gorgeous Nurse Hristina to tell me she was coming in the morning to do a Warfarin blood test, and I’ll be back on the Enoxaparin injections.

Then it rang again, it was Nicola from Meridian, Carer Richard who was sue to do me and stay with a poorly patient. They have arranged for Carer Julie to come and do me, she’ll be here as soon as possible. Bless her! Thanked her for letting me know.

Doing the updating of the blog for yesterday and got deeper into a mess of confusion with the computer for an hour or so, and the ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ tune rang out.

Julie got the medications sorted; she had been called in to cover. She was as sweet as ever and helped me with the computer. ♥

After Carer Julie had left, Norton flashed up again. I’d no idea what was what. Humph! Now I cannot access my dropbox or save anything to it!!! The pointer keeps changing size? Oh dearie me! I may have changed something when I had a Norton defrag? I just can’t remember what I changed…

MedPhorpainI carried on with this blog. The top Ode taking me yonks to get done. I gave Cartilage Cathy another good rubbing with the Phorpain again. This is the second day of Cathy’s hassle. Never had two days’ worth before.

I stopped computing on the blog to take a look at the food situation and catch up on what, if anything else, is due. I think I’ve ordered a Sainsbury’s order for next Sunday, but Dementia Doreen is determined; I’ll not remember. I’ll check the calendar first. I must get the ablutions done soon.

Yes, JS on Sunday. I’ll do an Iceland one for midweek. All done!

Now back on with this blog.

17:15hrs Ode

The day stopped, as frustration grew, abysmally,
But memories remained of this morning’s jollity.
Although it was just for microscopical scintillae…
I felt my depression wanting to go away…
But would it? Well, maybe one day it may…

Yet I no longer felt the self-hatred, not acidulously,
The evening Carer should soon be coming to see me…
Will they be contented, happy? Or rather grumpy?
Or a chinwagger? Who entertains me wryly?
I hope no one considers a natter avoidably!

Hopefully, one that looks after me, assiduously,
Who doesn’t mind a laugh and is not over assertively…
Carers who really care, I greet applaudingly…
And consider them to be admiringly adorably,
Like Jillie and Julie, compassionate, addictively!

I’ve got the oven on to heat up, to do the chips later, fresh garden peas and a pastie methinks tonight. But I must try not to make too much this time. Ah, it’s 18:00 now; the approx. ETA is twixt 18:00>19:00hrs for the evening carers.

I made a brew and took some photographs of the evening sun setting. Computed a little, took the mug to be washed, and took three more pictures. The ones on the left earlier ones, the right the later ones, but only by about 15 minutes. Mother Nature – absolutely Bootiful!

1848hrs: Carer Kiya came into the room. Having failed again to use the door chime… three times now. I had to ask her again, explaining that I could have been using the grey bucket… It made little difference. But she’s a confident little thing and witty with it. She let us chat for a couple of minutes, chose her nibbles and drink, took the waste bags with her without me asking, of off she went, happily.

I managed to encourage the picture ap to recognise the photo of the end car park at last. I took it this morning around 08:00hrs or thereabouts. Only just got it on the computer. I’m having all sorts of problems with it now –  a case of last legs, methinks? (Me too, Haha!)

No red van, man. Well, he might be in court; you never know. Har-har! Plenty of vehicles compared to normal in there this morning.

Got the chips in the oven, then changed my mind and pulled them straight out again. (I know, I know!) I realised just how late it was now, and I still had to finish this blog. Otherwise, they’d have been cooked to a frazzled by the time I got the blog completed, posted, the Facebooking catch-up done, and photo albums updated. Then I’ve the WordPress Reader reading and commentating to do. The read and answer to the blog comments… Good heavens, I’d better get on with it!…


Monday 26th December 2016 – Whoopsiedangleplop


The Reason for this marathon hobble?

A Whoopsiedangleplop!

I awoke in a rather confused state of mind – befuddled.

I called to see Olive, her son Malcolm was there and we were gossiping about something or other and it seems I drifted off into my own little world and started making no sense of what I was saying?

Malcolm took me back to the flat and had to tell me that the paramedic was on the way.

Found these notes I’d done:

1230hrs: Visiting Olive and I a lost consciousness while talking.
1245hrs: Olive rang ambulance paramedic.
1320hrs: Paramedic arrived. Tests.
1600hrs: The ambulance arrived. More tests and they took me away.
1700hrs: Arrived for more tests from different doctors and departments.
I felt a bit sorry for some of the patients in the big holding area, there must have been dozens of trolley-bound patients waiting, they all had a relative or friends with them and the resulting mayhem with patients being moved along and ever squashed further in an effort to create more room as other arrived all the  time.
2015hrs: Seen by Cardiac – After tests, I was told that I was being admitted.
2055hrs: Got ready to go to the ward.
2200hrs: Still on trolley waiting. But felt so much better and more alive.
2225hrs: Different doctor arrived with INR blood test results. Very high, 4.7. Then another blood pressure test and that was far too low after the previous one was found to be far too high. Another doctor arrived and told me to stop taking the Ramipril and Warfarin for two days, and they would let the Doctor Vindla (My GP) know of the situation.
2205hrs: I was placed in a long remote corridor along with several other patients waiting for a bed to come free. None did. The queue grew.
2255hrs: Told I was being released (No beds). Must make an appointment to see my own doctor.
Officially released.
No buses and no taxis, not that I saw any on the walk home anyway, and I had no money with me either.
Took about an hour and 45 minutes to walk home.
Strangely I enjoyed the hobble, apart from the pain from the calves. I nip in the air, and several gangs of youths kept my attention and forced a rapid rate of walking was attained and kept throughout the hobble home.
Got in and pain gelled the legs, took a codeine and ate a thick slice of shoulder ham.
Sat and fell into a deep much-needed sleep.
Slept for over nine hours.
Rang Olive to thank her for the help from Malcolm and herself yesterday. Arranged for me to visit her at 1400hrs today. When I intend to cuddle and thank her for caring for me.
2tue01Set about doing this post.
The calves were still aching relentlessly, but all the other ailments, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia,  Roger Reflux Valve, Duodenal Daniel, Inchies Lesion, Donald Dizzy and bruised head were of no concern at this moment.
I was just glad to be here in acceptable health and Compos Mentis.
TTFN all.

Friday 31 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Not one of me better days… Tsk!

Friday 31st July 2015


Brekkers this morning


0425hrs: Woke and lay there accompanied by the now familiar Thud, rattle.. whir Mmmmm, grunt, clunk thud bang musical tones of the fridge-freezer belting away.

Dr Vindla to see this morning 0930hrs – so will need to walk there as me free pensioners bus pass can’t be used until 0930hrs which is the time the first bus arrives at the flats.

Got me list of worries done ready to take wiv me: check readings okay for BP etc -Sys 135 Dia 59 Pulse 71 Temp 34.02 – Itching and bruising under arms/chest – Stronger med’s for duodenal ulcer? – Bleeding Inch worse – Dizzies more frequent? – Book INR blood level test for Monday if possible, otherwise I’ll have to go to the QMC Haematology dep’t.

Cuppa brekkers and medications taken.

Laptop on and finished off yesterdays diary then started this one.

DSC00015Had a good scrub-up and set off on me walk into Carrington and the GP surgery.

I called in the cabin on the way, and Julie and Deana were in. Deana had called the carpet people and got the quote for me – £596 all-in.

Blimey I wasn’t expecting that much… Hey-ho.

Got there (To the surgery) in a new record time of 34 minutes!

Mind you me plates are stinging summat rotten now.

Dr Vindla is a bit special I reckon – has a sense of humour and tells it like it is bless her.

She had a look at where the itching was under me arms and said not to worry.

She told me to increase me Omeprazole to two a day and double me doses of the antacid medicine for a week and let her know how the Duodenal ulcer was then.

Told me to stop worrying.

Said the increase in dizzies was due to the hassle I was having.

DSCF0201She kindly took a photo or two of me skin-cancer wound scar so I could share it on the TFZ Facebook site. She even put a ruler against it. Said it had been done very neatly.

She checked me BP, Temp, and pulse recordings and said they were okay.

She did me a prescription for extra Codeine phosphates that went though to the chemist automatically and told me to collect it from there afterwards.

I was in and out in about ten minutes, and feeling a tad happier – she is lovely and unfussy!

I gave the receptionists their nibbles on the way out and set off down the road to the chemists.

DSCF0202Collected the tablets and walked through the twitchel to the old dump, feeding the pigeons en-route with Duncan Robertson’s seed wot he brought me on his welcome visit to the flat last month.

The rubbish from the bins had been spilt all over again by the ‘Bin Dippers’ of the area.

Poor things having to resort to going into bins and splitting the black bags in search of… whatever it was they were searching for.

Got in and no mail had been delivered.

Got some more paperwork that needs sorting in the bag, some DVD’s that I want to keep, cleaners and electrical stuff as well.

Took some rubbish to the bins and set off to the bus-stop with the bags and me free pensioner’s bus pass at the ready.

Into Sherwood and across the road to catch a L9 or 40 bus up the hill – and as I got to the bus-stop an L9 pulled up.

I recognised two people getting on the bus – Norman and a lady from the flats – that was nice talking to folk.

DSCF0203Got back to the flat and put the bags down so as to visit the porcelain again.

Got the kettle on and checked the emails.

Deana Walker the Nottingham City homes woman sent me an email, and I sent one back.

Asked her if she could contact the carpet people for me and ask them it next Tuesday they could fit the carpets? Awaiting a reply on that one.

Also told her the walker could be collected or I could deliver it to any needy tenant today.

IMG_0119Facebooked me noshes that I’d forgotten to.

This one might not look very good, but it tasted grand.

Then, when I was taking the bags of stuff to store in the front room it happened – and I realised then I’d forgotten to mention this medicational problem to Dr Vinda – the warm wet feeling of me little Inch pouring blood from the lesion.

With none of the creams left it took me ages to get it to stop – and then had the job of cleaning up after it. Tsk!

Cleaned up I then put some of the sliced seasoned potatoes in the oven – very disappointed with them the other day – so I sprinkled cheese on them in the hopes of getting some flavour from the them this time.

IMG_0121Had a look at a DVD, one of me favourites with Lionel Jeffries in one of his best rolls of all time in ‘H G Well’s First Men in the Moon’.

Note by the photo I then started having a visitation from Arthur Itis in me hands and fingers, typing is not easy now. so I’ve stop until it eases off later. Tsk!

Better now. Deana emailed to tell me that the carpet shop need me to visit the shop to pay them £400 and arrange fitting, and I’ve to give the Carpet fitter on the day £100 in cash! Very professional I must say.

0704So I got the walker and took it to the community shed for Deana, but no one was there – so had to take it back to the flats and set off again on me marathon walk to the carpet shop.

Walked up the hill into Woodthorpe Park and down the tree-lined path onto Mansfield Road, avoiding the mad dog not on a lead and stepping into any of the many dog droppings.

Into Daybrook where the Carpet Shop Amateurs are situated…

Took a photo of the sign outside, that I bet has lured many an unsuspecting and trusting member of the public into parting with their money for a crap IMG_0125IMG_0127service from the uninterested staff?

The chap forced himself to speak to me without swearing – I can tell these things cause I have a very high EQ – low IQ, but high EQ.

We arranged for the fitting to be done on Tuesday 11th August by a contract carpet fitter – bet that’ll be interesting, mark my words!

I asked about the bed I had ordered – they apparently come via another contractor who will be in touch with me later?

Farcical comes to mind!

I came out £475 lighter and still got no carpets or bed yet!

I’m so gullible.

IMG_0130I nipped into Arno Vale Park to try to get a photo of the wildlife to post on Facebook specialist page.

I managed a decentish one with pigeons and various ducks in it eating the seeds I threw down for em.

I walked into Arnold cause I had time easily to catch the last L9 bus from there that takes me right into the flats, and got some cooked meat and cheapo blackcurrant iced lollies from Fulton Foods.

Then nipped through the twitchel to the bus stop where the L9 passes in plenty of time – just as well, it came three minutes early – naughty!

Back to the flat in no time – me feet and knees really aching now after the walk to the GP and now this blooming marathon to the damned Carpet shop – Steve the so-called help from Age UK, who said keep him informed has not answered his phone for the last eight times I’ve called him – Git!

WC’d made a cuppa and put the carpet mans arranged visit on me Google diary. Not with a lot of confidence mind…

With burning feet and the knees now being targeted my Arthur Itis instead of me fingers, I took some extra anti-acid medicine with me usual medications, of course this means I’m going to run out of that before me next prescriptions are ready – but why worry about that when I’ve got the failed repairs to cope with and the carpet-turd to tackle with yet? Huh!

Fed-up? Me?

Managed to heat up me nosh prepared earlier – only to drop it on the floor – sad is just not a word of sufficient magnitude to use, but it’ll have to do.


Sixty-seconds later, it was on the kitchen floor. Huh!

IMG_0131I stood looking out of the window, fighting back the tears of frustration and caught sight of the bills I’d put on the ledge mounting up… I let a few words of an unsavoury nature loose and all the work waiting to be done, the shredding, paperwork sorting, windows need cleaning, another load of laundry to do, no help from Steve from Age UK, carpet situation, repairs and condemned window and heater, the mess still to sort at the old place, the double bills and had no interest in having owt to eat in place of dropped and now interned in the bin nosh that I took so much pride in getting ready, the angina, reflux valve, skin cancer, dodgy ticker, haemmorhoids, arthritis, hernia, bowel cancer, duodenal ulcer, hearing-aids playing up, dwindling bank balance, lost me reading glasses, and depression looming… and I thought, Sod-it, I’m not going to let all these things get me down! I will survive, I will get it right… I am going to cheer up and cope like other do with their problems, no more moping about and feeling sorry fer missen!

Proudly I went into the bathroom to clean me teggies…

I’d left the tap running… turned taps off, dived down with the towel to mop up quickly and e back went and little Inch started bleeding.

Wot a plonka.

I have nothing else to add.

Not one of me better days… Tsk!

Fri 8.5.15: Inchcock Today – Out and about

Friday 8th May 2015

After falling asleep early last night and waking up around 0200hrs – I realised I’d missed me Warfarin along with me other medications last night – Tsk!

Vague memories of bits of me dreams but not enough to formulate any actual activity, just the feelings of frustration and depression?

Had to do yesterday’s diary and get it posted off. Took me hours as Coreldraw9 was playing up again, and things kept jumping about when typing?

IMG_0117Around 0400hrs I took a break to go down and take the bins out for collection later, make a flask of tea and pot of porridge.

Nippy this morning, too dark to take a photo of outside yet.

Took me morning medications and did me health checks list.

The haemorrhoids were not bad and no bleeding – The Inch Lesion had only bled a tiny bit – Anne Gyna was no bother – Arthur Itis and cramps were much better than yesterday – the skin cancer growth was the same, painful if touched or caught on owt – No bother from the ulcer at all. Good stuff this morning in these findings. Did me BP thingy:

Sys 143 – Dia 89 – Pulse 94 and Temp 30.2 looks alright to me too!

Set up this diary to here and checked on election results to date (early yet I know)


* Labour 126 – 19% Tories 101 – 16% SNP 48 – 7% LibDems 5 – 1% UKIP 1 

Then did some Facebooking.


* Labour 174 – 19% Tories 165 – 16% SNP 53 – 7% LibDems 6 – 1% UKIP 1


* Labour 216 – 33% Tories 268 – 41% SNP 56 – 9% LibDems 8 – 1% UKIP 1

Had a wash and brush-up and got ready fer me walk into town.

0501Set off – a fine looking day.

I set off up Mansfield Road into the City Centre on me walk.

I enjoyed it today, despite the knees being a bit tender like – no rushing, just plodded along yer know.

I’m glad to report that there was only 0502one Pavement cyclist en-route!

Mind you, this git was of more danger than the normal morons who scare pedestrians and older folk with their uncaring attitude.

He was on his mobile phone or ipod thing!

Tsk and cobblenuts to him!

As I approached the centre I stopped to take a photograph of the Victoria Flats (Apartments to our American friends I think).

0503The building in front contains students flats, hundreds of student flats.

The ground floor contains a disabled contact point and at one time several retail outlets. but they have all gone bankrupt and departed elsewhere.

I slipped some seeds and mealworms to the pigeons… clandestinely like.

When I walked walked through the Victoria Bus-station 0504and I couldn’t believe it was a Friday – hardly a sole about… no plaice either… hehehe, I am a fool! Sorry!

I poddled into the mall on the top floor and walked the length to the other end and the walk-over where I could take a photo of the traffic from above like.

0505There wasn’t much traffic or folk either, although the dustbin lorry… no sorry, the Refuse Collectors Vehicle managed to miss the traffic lights as he turned right, just.

I went down the stairs and wobbled on to the Co-op Bank.

They were not open yet, so I hobbled up Friar Lane to the Boots Opticians.

The lady tending to deciding where to put the 0512split in the bifocals informed me I had a large scratch on my head. Took a photo of it.

I had no idea?



Yesterday when I walked into the drooping wet tree leaves perhaps?

Either I’m getting pimples or it’s the skin cancer marks on top of head?

Hey-ho, I’ll find out on June 12th when I have me appointment with the knife.

0506I wondered back to the Bank and en-route saw this sign outside a cafe in town: “It will rain now I’ve put this board out!”

Liked the humour – and he/she was right, it did rain later!

To the bank and sorted me confusion out eventually.

Then a wander to get a photographicalisation of the second oldest pub in Nottingham, the ‘Salutation Inn’.

05071210 or 1216 I think it first opened.

Very much a young yuppie type clientele nowadays.

And the students from the thousands of dedicated living flats all around town seem to like it.

Plenty (far too many) pavement cyclists all over the town today.

I walked down to Wheeler Gate and took a 0508photo in a wine shop window for the TFZ fold, and some ‘Bling’ from the jewellers.

Made my way back to the Victoria Mall and called in Tesco to get some Bread thins.

Weakness overcame me – and I got some of the Polish chicken sausage, Marmite Crisps, canned peas and… er… two fresh cream French Horns.

Then to Aldi for some of their microwaveable small new potatoes in herb and oil.

Guilt ridden I made for the bus stop and caught a bus back to Carrington.

0509One of the gals on the TFZ site asked me about the spaces made available for the disabled on our buses – so I took this photo of the area for her.

The wheelchair is backed up to the pad, the grey arm on the right can be dropped down for extra safety.

I was soon back in Carrington and in the hovel and on the porcelain again.

0511aGot me nosh prepared and watched a DVD while eating it with glee.

Them chicken sausages are so sweet and tender inside.

The potatoes were as usual excellent!

Took me medications and fell asleep – fancy that!

I woke up and checked the election results:

* Tories 331 51% – Labour 232 – 36%  41% SNP 56 – 9% LibDems 8 – 1%

general election - final result

This result means the end of the free NHS.

The result was caused by Miliband’s total inability to challenge Cameron.

The resignations of Clegg Miliband and Farage are too late to save the situation, Clegg and Miliband should have gone long ago – why did they stay to destroy their own parties? Will Farage actually go?

Feeling down now…

The riots will return soon too, mark my words!

29.4.15 Inchcock Today: Forgetful Fool!

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Woke at 0530hrs.

DaktacortWC’d – I’m afraid the lesion on the Inch is still leaking. Applied some more cream.

Took me morning medications then made a flask of tea then took me BP thingy tests:

IMG_0163Sys 162 Dia 94 Pul 82 Temp 32.2

The rain was falling and it looked a bit drab outside – are we in for some snow later I wondered?

Should I get out and get some food in today while it’s not as bad as it might be and is in some areas of the country?


So glad that if it does come, it’s forecast for tomorrow to start here in Nottingham, local shops aren’t too far away.

Regarding the bleeding Inch, the GUM clinic is a devil to get to. I think I’ll carry on using the cream I have in the hope that is clears it up so I don’t have to risk it going out in this weather – but the lesion seems larger than last time. Huh, Tsk and bother!

Decisions decisions.

IMG_0164Finished and posted yesterday’s Diary and spent a while trying to master Corel Paint Pro without much success.

The rain had stopped and the beautiful clouds were milling about in the high winds just before I left to catch the bus into town – with the hope of getting some advice from the EE shop about the new mobile phone worra got from em yesterday.

IMG_0165In the few minutes it took me to get to the bus-stop the clouds had turned a bit threatening.

Minutes later the sky was bright once again?

The only constant this morning was the wind.

At the bus-stop  managed to drop me bus-pass – you wouldn’t believe the problems I had trying to retrieve it from the floor – even I had to laugh.

IMG_0166Caught the bus into the City Centre and walked down Milton Street and over the lights into Clinton Street.

A police car with blues and twos on turned into the pedestrian area just before I did – I’m glad to say.

There was a Street Musician playing a tiny banjo and I felt a bit sorry for him so dropped a bit in his hat.

I called in the EE shop and asked a chap about locking the phone, and how to download pictures to the laptop – explaining that the other chap yesterday told me there was a lead in the box – there wasn’t. This chap explained it is part of the battery connector that has a plug both ends. I thanked him. Later when I got home I found this to be untrue, the lead is permanently fixed at the charger with no facility to remove it – Huh!

I walked and caught a bus into Arnold.

Straight to the Fultons shop and had a poddle about. They had some chilled lamb shanks in gravy that were microwaveable at only £2.99 for a box of two. Gonna have one of them tonight methinks.

As I left the shop I narrowly missed being Whoopsidangleplopped by a Pavement Cyclist!

IMG_0167Caught the bus back to Carrington and the asylum.

Passing the Arnold Police Station I wondered if it was still operational. Couldn’t see any vehicles anywhere, no lights or bodies in sight anywhere at all.

As we drove down Oxclose Lane the IMG_0168block of shops on the housing estate I noticed still only had one occupied and open.

Two people seemed unscared enough to have left their vehicles outside too – maybe the owners are part of the local Mafia?

A few hundred yards further on were IMG_0169two vehicles on the side-road that the drivers had intertwined with each other in a head-on crunch. Moment later the paramedic was arriving on scene.

Clever how I managed to miss of the crashed cars in the photo – Tsk!

Still bright but breezy weather.

Dropped off at the Co-op store in Carrington to get some bread-thins. I noticed they have put Image result for co-op bread thinsup the price of Warburton Thins 6’s from £1 to £1.39 now… shame!

They did have some Co-op label ones in eights that were smaller at £1 so I got a pack to try em out tonight.

The twitchel (Definition: A slang word particular to the people of Nottingham meaning a path/alleyway/cut-through in a residential area) was free of anti-social elements so I cut through and back to the hovel, dropping a few seeds for Fatima and Fred.

…. I’m back, sorry about that I got the cramps with me arthritis and a dizzy spell all at the same time then. Botherski! Took me medications while I waited fer me fingers to return to near normal – nearly dropped me tablets too. Hehe!

Got me nosh prepared.

Lamb shank  in gravy, potatoes, garden peas, & Co-op Bread Thins.

Followed by two iced lollies.

Nosh Report:

IMG_0170Lamb shanks  in gravy (Fultons): 9/10

Tinned New Potatoes (Iceland): 8/10

Petit Pois (Farmfoods): 8/10

Bread Thins (Co-op): 4/10

Iced Lollies –

Blackcurrant / Ice-cream: (Fultons): 9/10

Strawberry / Ice-cream: (Tesco): 5/10

Took me evening medications and applied me creams and lotions.

Did some Facebooking and Blogging and created the header for today’s Diary.

Soon felt tired, but could I nod off when I wanted to?


Mon 27.4.15 Inchcock Today – Nervous!


Monday 27th April 2015

Got to sleep around 0400hrs. Woke at 0830hrs and while attending the porcelain found bleeding from the haemorrhoids.

Did me BP: Sys 174 Dia 74 Pulse 79 – Temp 32.7 Look okay to me I think maybe, perhaps?

Still feeling nervous and weary?

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

IMG_0132Took a photograph from the window on the way back up.

Cloudless sky this morning.

The white spot near the centre of the picture is I think – Solar panels from the roof of one of the big posh houses up in the Magdala Road area.

I noticed the pallets had been thrown about in the back garden again?

Still feeling a bit nervous and apprehensive today.

Stomach a bit tender inside and bloated outside?

Started this diary, and used Coreldraw9 to create the header, then tried to age it in Corelpaint9, then in Corel Paint pro x6. Coreldraw froze – Tsk!

Eventually pulled missen away from the laptop and had a wash and brush-up ready for me walk into town.

0101artSet off and down the road turned right into Loscoe Road and hey-presto – the first bit of Pavement (Well Street) Art of the day.

I could see Poland mentioned a few times.

Homesick Polish kids?

No idea what the symbols mean?

Obviously Internet connection somewhere in the messages that were written neatly in different coloured chalks.

0102CyclDown through the titchell and onto Mansfield Road.

Within a couple of hundred yards the first of the Pavement Cyclists appeared near the New Carrington public House and launderette.

I moved on and within the next few yards near to the Lidl store – yes you’ve guessed it…

0103CyclAnother Pavement Cyclist.

This one nearly clouted a lad walking up the pavement.


Had a little dizzy after taking this photograph of the criminal cyclist – took a few minutes but everything went back to normal and I pressed on with me walk into town.

0104skyCI took a photograph of the sky as I left Carrington, it was particularly beautiful now, the low clouds and light blue above showing nature at its finest?

Anne Gyna gave me a few painful reminders of her presence as I crossed the road and hobbled on u the hill towards town.

0105busAs I crossed over the top and down into town the police pulled up a car and dragged the driver and passenger out and into their Transit Van.

As I got into town I took the route through the bus station and out the other end so I could drop some seeds for the pigeons.

For some reason me mind strayed back to the old buses of Nottingham, and that led to me thinking of happier times – had  to stop myself.

At House of Fraser in the window where they had the topless torso display0105cShop of jeans – I noticed things had been redone – this time the mannequins had a top half to them – but no heads yet?

Money saving?

I plodded on to the bus-stop – checking to make sure I’d took me Free pensioners bus-pass – that wonderful Free pensioners bus-pass with me – all okay it was there.

0106bus2En route I did some of me crosswords in me book – and when the bus stopped at a stop… took a photo of the greenery at the side of the road with the sky background – amazing sight I thought – I was going to say so typical of England but I’d better not for fear of being called a bigot or worse… oh… I’ve said it now ain’t I? Hehe!

We got to Bulwell bus-station and I walked down by the side of the river lean into the Market area, where I narrowly missed getting 0107b1hit by a pavement cyclist.

I fed the pigeons and had a chat with them, much to the surprise of those sat nearby on the bench.

I didn’t notice them until it was too late – I wondered what they made of me chatting away?

To the end of the bank and passed the graffitid war memorial and spend a few minutes in contemplation – as I turned to walk back to the 0107b2road I noticed the flowers, Tulips and white flowers of some sort I think they were, in the corner plot.

I could see patches where some had been stolen from.


0107b3bagOver the lights and looked on the material shop to see if they had any pressure pads, but they did not sell them.

Then into Fulton to see if they had any if the microwave sausages in stock, no go… but they did have some blackcurrant and ice-cream lollies in! Only four boxes so I snaffled them all.

They also had some Krakowska at… wait for it… 20p! Use by tomorrows date, but I took one anyway, that’ll do me fer me nosh later.

I got some cheap fish and chip biscuits as well, oh, and some Scotts porridge pots at 3 for a quid, I bought six, and a loaf of bread!

As I was hobbling back to the bus-station it dawned on me I should have gone to the Queens Medical Centre today fer me Warfarin INR level tests! What a plonker with bar!

0108CyclI’ll have to go tomorrow after doing me laundry – Tsk & Tut!

As the bus pulled away I spotted two more Pavement Cyclists through the bus window – the Pavement Cyclists weren’t cycling through the window like – I took the photo of the Pavement Cyclist through the window…

Soon got back in Carrington – spotted a gang of yobs at the bus-stop to got off at the one after and walked back like.

There were several apprentice yobs on the street, kicking footballs, smoking, drinking and calling people as they passed by.

Got in and WC’s, quite a bit of blood.

0109noshGot me nosh ready, decided on curried beans, beetroot, rocket, tomatoes, Olde Amterdam strong cheese and some slices of the Krakowska.

Watched a DVD while I ate it and then got the laptop going to do this Diary like.

Took me medications.

Did some blogging and Facebooking.

The hands are shaking a bit now – that’s summat new?

Must remember launderette then INR checks tomorrow… Mmm… we’ll see… Hehe!

TTFN all.

Wed 8/4/15: Inchcock Today – Great News Arrives!

Wednesday 8th April 2015

I woke up around 0530hrs WC’d and put the water heater on. Nodded off again and around 0745hrs I rose and set-about getting  the stuff ready for the hospital visit.

0301Used me new ‘Boots’ £29.99 Blood Pressure Monitor for the first time this morning.

Recorded the results that were:

Syst: 139 Dia: 67 Pulse: 78

I’ll have to find out if this is expected and normal – not that much can be considered normal abut me I’m sure. Hehe!

Made in China I noticed.

I’ll look it up after doing this diary if I don’t fall asleep first that is.

0302Got myself spit and polished and set off on me walk into town.

Hot today, sunny too.

Took a photo at Gregory Boulevard Junction, but it came out a bit shaky… Tsk!

Pressed on into town, having to avoid another pavement cyclist on the way up the hill.

As I was hobbling passed the newly  renovated houses that had been advertised as:

0304A unique opportunity to acquire a beautifully refurbished grade II listed Victorian town-house just five minutes walk from Nottingham City Centre.

The spacious accommodation comprises of a spacious lounge, a modern open plan kitchen/dining room having built in appliances which include gas hob, double oven, cooker hood, dishwasher, american style fridge freezer and microwave, utility/guest cloakroom to the ground floor.

The property boasts four double bedrooms over two floors, the master with a luxury en-suite shower room, a generous sized family bathroom and an extensive basement/cellar having the potential to convert into further accommodation.

There is a lawned garden to the front and off street parking to the rear. Must be viewed!

Offers above £280,000 considered.

Has been bought by someone who has opened it as ‘Mama’s Inn’ – Boutique Guest House. What’s a ’boutique guest house’ I wondered? A posh bed and breakfast? I also wondered how much they have to charge to get their money back?

0303Onward up the traffic was accumulating.

Over the top and down into the City Centre, I called into a shop and some extra bits of nibbles for the nurses to add to me bits in me bag I had already for them.

Caught a bus out to the Queens Medical Centre, thinking about our Jane going for her results today – said she’d let me know how things went later. Crossed fingers.

0306Arrived at the QMC and noticed a patient outside smoking one of those new electric cigarettes. At least the weather was nice for him.

As I moved across to the entrance door – the old smokers corner was still in use on the front corner. Comical in some ways to see several people, some with drips attached, all in their wheel-chairs and the smoke rising above them as they chuffed away and had a natter.

I should have thought of a post on this I thought – but with me being so very busy lately me concentration has gone to pot.

0307A good few in the waiting area when I arrived at the haematology department.

As I got me ticket and sat down I said to the lady sat next to me – “Good morning” that’s all, just good morning – she tutted picked up her things and moved to the back and another seat?

Oh dear…

Got seen too after only about half an hour – no time for a natter with the nurses today, they were too busy.

Went up to the 4th floor for me results from the scan last week – straight in to see the Doc – all clear on the prostate front.

Out and caught the bus back into town where I had a poddle about for a bit, taking a photo of some bling for the TFZ gals.

0305Noticed these Asian ladies showing an interest in the ‘Bling’ in the Pawnbrokers window. The shop is near premises that include: An American Ladies Nail shop, a French Restaurant, Chinese herbalist, Japanese Nails shop, Jewish Jewellery shop, Italian Restaurant, Halal take-away food shop, and a closed down English cafe. Never let anyone tell you that Nottnigham isn’t doing its bit for multiculturalism. I like it.

0308Had a  walk through Trinity Square back to the bus-stop.

Noticed the World Buffet place that sells all sorts of food from all over the world.

I think one day I’d like to try it and went over to have a closer look – the prices frit me a bit!

0309Caught the bus home, as it stopped near the BBC building being demolished there was little left for the mechanical triffids to pull down.

Dropping off the bus in Carrington – there was a motley collection apprentice villains sat and stood around drinking on the seats in the twitchel, so I took the long route back to the hovel to avoid them.

Fed the pigeons en-route.

Got in WD’d and wondered about how Jane had gone on today at her hospital visit?.

Must also remember Friday I’m going with Pete for the removal of his infected mole.

So busy…

0310Made a nosh of ham sandwiches, banana, pork pie, cheese pasty, cooked beetroot, franks and medications. I forgot to get some tomatoes when I was out. Fancy that Me? Forgetting? Hehe!

Couldn’t eat it all. Tsk!

Fell asleep after eating what I could – and  was awoken by the mobile ringing – by the time I’d found it I’d missed the call.

It was from sister Jane so I rang back nervously anticipated the conversation about to take place…

Great News!

Jane is okay – the growth in her innards is benign!

I could have cried with joy. (I did, but I’m not telling anyone about it so please don’t tell anyone!)

So, with Pete on Friday to get sorted, then Inchcock in a fortnight or so with his skin cancer tests.

Might just sleep in for all of tomorrow hehehe! Oh no, me GUM clinic checks, no rest fer the wicked. Tut and Tsk!

I’m so glad the pain in the bum was not another growth and only a boil.

Now good news about Jane has arrived I might be able to concentrate a bit better? Or not… hehe!