Inchcockski – Tuesday 8th October 2019: A long, hard, stressful, traumatic day, so a long diary. Sorry!

2019 sOct 09

2019 sOct 08

Tuesday 8th October 2019

Icelandic: Þriðjudaginn 8 Október 2019


WD 171.0.171 01:00hrs: I woke up with an instant mind-storming session rattling away in the fount of missing knowledge/wisdom/advice/ideas etc. brain-box; fears, worries, frustrations, bad memories, trials, and tribulations. The lack of hot water, and how I will manage to cope with bringing hot water from the kitchen to the wet room to do the ablutions was the main worry. Closely followed by, ‘Will the plumber arrive this afternoon, tonight, or the Wednesday morning, afternoon, or night… or later?’ ‘Will he call at all?’ The third in line in the fretting stakes were; ‘Should I not go to the After-Stroke session after all, and stay in, just in case they do arrive this morning’… which started the whole circle of predicaments, quandaries, catch-22s, hassles, and hindrances all over again! It was a good while before things settled, and the almost panicking situation resolved itself when a wee-wee was needed, quickly followed by the Porcelain Throne requirement needing attention.

I heaved my ever-augmenting, accrescent, wobbly-porkodile body out of the Xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-law Pete knackered while he was flat-sitting, when I was in the Stroke Ward, and he fitted new CCTC cameras, and searched for my valuables, which he found and took, (I still haven’t got them back yet four-months later), £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working, but not often nowadays, recliner, and took a PWWDIB (Pathetic-Weak, Why-Did-I-Bother) mode wee-wee in the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency Bucket). Then to the wet room, and enjoyed a not too messy evacuation session.

Then I tended, to avoid doing it later, and it needed tackling, to the ablutions. Regrettably, the hardest and messiest I have ever taken in my time here in the flats! Talk about painful! I dare not use the shower to fill the sink, as suggested by Warden Deana, because of the noise it makes when the water goes down the drain, and when it works. Certainly not at this time in a morning! I went to the kitchen and got the saucepans filled and on the rings, put the kettle on, and returned to the wet room to do the teeth-cleaning. All okay up to hear, this is where it got uncomfortable!

wdp02LeftWD 171.0.171WD 171.0.171A I fetched a pan of hot water from the stove ring, and as I reentered the wet room, the right leg launched into one of its imitation Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance routines. Resulting in a stubbed toe, dropping the saucepan, burning my foot and clouting my head on the sink when I tried to retrieve the pan from the floor! Then I had to go to get some more hot water again!

wdp02LeftWD 171.0.171WD 171.0.171A I was not interested much about washing when I got back. The shaving was done in a half-hearted fashion, and with more than a little… what’re the best words to describe how I was feeling? Erm? Pissed-offedness, I’d had enough of things going wrong! That might represent my emotional state at the time bestest! I was irritable, annoyed, self-critical, shirty, snarky, and now sore-headed! The brain-blast started again as I was drying myself and applying the medications to specific areas in need of it! ‘Will the plumber arrive this afternoon or not?’ Will I catch the 40 bus on time?’ How can I get caught up on blogging?’ ‘Why did fate make me not look at the note about Pete passing away?’ ‘How come the RAI (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis) in both knees kicking off again, just before the After-Stroke session?’ ‘Will I find the exact £2.30 in cash for the bus fare as needed?’ There was much more waffling and nervous thoughts being bandied-about from the brain, but I lost interest in them after I’d knocked over the bloody sock-glide! Now, I was worried in case the noise had disturbed someone! When drying the rear-end, a sore spot was felt. I got the camera to investigate – fancy that, it was a boil! I shan’t show the photo. Gawed, I was on a downer! 

A smidge of self-pity showed itself for a moment. ‘Not my fault, all this shirty, snarky, and now sore-headed! The muddle, disarray, fracas, hullabaloo and chaos, was not caused by me doing anything wrong, surely? No one list… and then I pulled myself together, silently offered some insults and put-downs for my abhorrent thoughts and pathetic mawkish, maudlin approach to the difficulties. I didn’t clean the wet room after the ablutions, cause that would mean more carrying of hot water (Too risky!) ‘Will the plumber arrive… ‘Oh, shut up Inchcock!’

wdp02LeftWD 171.0.171 I took the medications and made a brew of tea. On to the computer to update as much as I could. As I got typing, that famously annoying whing, humming sound from outside (I think anyway), was the loudest it had ever been? I wanted to know what was causing it, others can hear it as well. It was extra-teeth-grittingly-pesterous this morning!

I felt a little better when I had got the updating finished and sent off. About four hours it took me to do, a lot of photographs to get on. Very few wee-wees needed during this time, and several mugs of tea were made and let go cold. Haha! I posted the blog, then some stuff to Pinterest. Then I caught up with the TFZer Facebooking. But there was no time to start this post off, as I had to prepare myself, get things sorted out, to catch the 40 bus to town. I found the right cash for the bus fair.. no, Bus Fare! Tsk! It’s the thought of Xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law using my money to go to the fair that caused that mistake I think!

I have no idea why, but I was definitely feeling perkier now, as I galloped around checking I had everything needed. I set off but returned to make sure that I had not left anything on that I shouldn’t have and had turned off what needed being turned-off. Sad innit?

2Tue01I went through the link-passage, into Winwood Court, and out through the foyer entrance doors. The morning was dark, dank and a little wet, with a fair wind blowing, and not a warm one. Glad I put the jumper on now.

As I hastened to the bus stop on Winchester Street, I found that I was singing to myself, I even remember the song. ‘Walking Back to Happiness’ by Helen Shapiro, her first song as a 14-year-old, and a number one hit! I 2Tue02remembered a lot of the lyrics, too? I can’t understand how she didn’t answer my letter her all those years ago. I fancied her something rotten!

Waiting at the bus stop, the incredible cloud formation was coming up in the distance, it almost looked like a Sunami! Bit of an eerie picture this one, methinks. Especially as the hands and fingers were doing a little dancing when I took this photograph.

The 40 bus got even fuller with passengers than the one last week did! But at least I was prepared for it this week. I got the three-wheeler right tight up to my legs,  and the ankle-snappers getting on and off, did far less damage to my feet and legs this time. At one stage, the driver had to herd them to the back of the bus, to allow more folks on the bus. Hilarious it was – watching about fifteen schoolkids all moving to the rear, and all bar one were on their mobiles! Hehe!

2Tue02aI stayed on the bus to the terminus on Queen Street, to avoid too much walking in the drizzle. I Hobbled down into the Slab Square, and took this photo of the Council House, with again, an amazing sky in the background.

I limped slowly to go around the square, and along 2Tue03towards Wheeler Gate.

WD 171.0.171 One of the infamously ignorant Nottinghamian Pavement cyclists passed by, and I turned to snap him as a school lad was sidestepping to avoid the idiot hitting him! Grumph!

2Tue04I took a shot over the Slab Square, towards Wheeler Gate, where my destination of the Poundland shop was based. Mainly, I took the chance to catch yet another great and fantastic skyline again! How the sky was so bright and everything else in the dark, captivated my attention!

2Tue05I snapped the picture below, to show the different styles of building in the City Centre. The decaying, the new, the old, the being repaired, and some of the many thousands of student apartments. Not one of my best photos, but I did zoom in a lot to take it, and the fingers were a bit wobbly at the time.

I had a steady nosey around Poundland. I bought a lot of stuff this morning. Tunnock’s for the nibble bag. Some pens, twenty for a quid! Bread rolls. Two large bags of Twiglets (A sad story to follow later about these!) Fabric softener. Mini-sausages. Nuts. And, a 2020 diary for a quid! I paid at the self-service tills and made my way to the front of the shop, to redistribute the things between the trolly bag and the carrier. (The sad part is I took out the two Twiglet bags while sorting, and left then on the shelf, leaving without them! What a draycup!)

2Tue06As I left the shop, I came across this piece of Nottinghamian Street Art near the taxi rank. Whatever the contents were, they didn’t go down very well with the purchaser, did they? Perhaps, over-alcoholic intake might have played a part? Haha!

2Tue07I had another walk around the Slab Square.

And again I was nearly clobbered, my an arrogant, uncaring, dangerous, self-centred, and egotistic young male Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist. Argh!

2Tue08One more recordable almost exciting sky v land contrasting view was taken.

I have to say that some of the locals actually had smiles on their faces! Not many, mind!

2Tue09The place was abuzz with student and schoolchildren.

A smartly dressed young lady Pavement Cyclist passed by, and she nearly came off of the kerb onto the tramlines at one stage, but she was alright.

2Tue10More Nottingham Street at was spotted. McDonald’s nosh this time. I had a little memory prompting thought pattern at this stage. I recalled the original Wimpey Bar we had, on Maid Marion Way. Or more precisely, a girl who worked there. Why now, after all of my capabilities have left me, died, gone away, 2Tue11am I thinking of things I can no longer do? Hehehe!

Walking up Market Street on my way to the Church Hall for the meeting, I spotted some new Notti0nghamian Street art. Vandals, winos, druggies or drunks, had smashed a window in a shop some poor devil was getting ready to open. Grumph!

Along Goldsmith Street, the college and student stronghold, I spotted more Nottingham Street art!


2Tue14I arrived a little early and remembered the look of derision I got when I was early at last weeks After-Stroke Physio session.

So I had a little walkabout, as the day finally grew a tad lighter, and the sunshine, cold as it was, broke through. I walked down the hill, then back up and to the other side of the road, back 2Tue15towards the church. As I crossed again over Goldsmith Street, yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist was spotted! A student, I assume.

I approached the doorway to the church. There were five patients in there, and a different nurse, the same droll, matter-of-fact, book-checking lady was in charge. And we six were all that arrived today! I handed some nibbles over.  We seem to be dwindling in numbers? The session went wellish and passed quickly enough, but, the Arthur Itis ridden knees gave me a fair amount of hassle and pain.

They tell me that when the silly-to-me relaxation tape was played, I fell asleep and snored rather loudly! Red-Face-Adopted!

The nurse took my BP. It was 160 sys, Dia 100. She said the pulse and temp’ was very high but did not reveal what they were. Ah, well, with all the hassle, I wasn’t surprised.

When it came to where we would usually do the social bowling game, a rather good looking handsome well dressed and muscular bloke arrived, to give us a talk on what to eat and why, etcetera. I didn’t like him, young, had his own hair, didn’t wear hearing aids or glasses… Huh! The lesson lasted about an hour, I took to him later. Haha! It turned out amusing and exciting at times, humour was used cleverly as he told us off.

2Tue19With aching limbs, I said my farewells and departed. And blow-me-dow with a feather duster the same lorry as last week was unloading on Goldsmith Street, so I had to go over the road and take a different route. Not that it mattered, I’d missed the L9 bus home anyway. 

2Tue16A Deliveroo pavement Cyclist lurked about, but he was far enough away from me!

So, I caught the 40 bus. The three-way traffic lights at the roadworks needed a bit of care in getting over and through, but all was okay. The hobble back to the flats was a bit uncomfortable, but the mind was racing again now… Has the plumber been? Will he come this afternoon or tonight? Maybe in the morning? No one is keeping me informed of the situation.

I called in the Wardens Holding-cell room, to ask if they knew anything about the plumber. But Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden and Ice-skating Champion Deana was not in, she was out and about. Obersturmführer and Catwalk Model Warden Julie, only knew that someone else had the same problem, but could advise me of nothing about the plumbing situation. I handed out the nibbles, thanked her. 

2Tue17Then I was off on the way home via the link-passage to Woodthorpe Court. I put the buys away. This was when I realised I had no Twiglets in the bags! I actually remembered taking them out in the shop when I changed the bags. What a plonker!

2Tue18I had a job to get the intercom camera to work. It was showing fault when I tried to view it several times. I tried setting without any luck. So I thought I’d take a picture of the ‘Fault’ sign on the panel. Got the camera, and it was working! Ah, well! Tsk!

2Tue19I took another snap of the view from the kitchen window. Which was a pleasant one!

I made a start updating this blog, with so many photographs again, and the finger-ends not recognising touch still, I spent many hours, frustrated and annoyed with things.

2Tue21Put the kettle on, and readied the stuff for the meal later. Unsure of when I can make it, though. Still no word about whether the plumbers will be calling or not today or tonight. Christ! It is night already! Hours passed my head-down time 2Tue20already! But I must not fall asleep, just in case something really fantasmagorical happens – like a plumber arriving! Sarcasm-Mode-Adopted there, did you notice? Haha!

I went out on the crumbling balcony, to do battle with the window openers, and take this picture on the left, at an angle of the end of Chestnut Drive, and to check to see if I could see any Nottingham City Homes vans about. None!

2Tue22Back to updating again. Getting dark a bit now. I’m tired-out and so annoyed at not being kept in the picture about the repairs. Whenever they come, it would have nice to have been informed. And of course, I still have no hot water, so face the same farce and struggle to do the ablutions in the morning! I’m really fed-up now! 

2Tue23I pressed on with the blogging, ever-struggling more to keep awake. It must be 46 hours since I reported the problem, and I’ve only had 6 hours of sleep in that time. Gone through the Stroke Physio session, done a fair bit of walking, too.

WD 171.0.171 Bad-Luck has infested my life. Good-Luck shies away from me. I’m getting to the stage of not being able to cope with any more bad news, failings etcetera.

I can’t concentrate anymore. I’ll get the fodder sorted out, and try to stay awake long enough to eat it.

2Tue25BBQ rice, with dashes of light soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sliced tomatoes and half a little jar of black bean sauce. And, of course, they told not to eat after I’d bought the mini-sausages. These are going to be hard to resist in the future. Tired out and depressed as I was feeling, this nosh went down a treat! Taste-rating of 9.25/10 granted. An umami delicious, lip-smacking, cornucopial feast!

wdp02LeftWD 171.0.171A So much so, that I somehow dropped the limoncello, and later when I rose to clean the pots, I stod on it…

While I was boiling the water to clean the plate etc. (What a bind!) the mind started to work again… Would the plumber arrive this late? How can I get the handwashing done? I dare not go out until they have been! I’m shattered! Is it worth the fight anymore? And so on!

I managed to stay awake until ten o’clock. Which in itself, should make me eligible for an award of some sort. Hehehe!

wdp02Left WD 171.0.171 While thinking it was time now that I can get some sleep – I fell asleep! And did so for eight-hours straight! Plainly, much-needed, but I woke up after the start-time for the Ocado delivery. Which set me off, panicking, fretting, worrying again: Will the Nottingham City Homes plumber arrive in the morning? Or will he not? I’ll have to stay indoors, just in case! Will someone actually contact me? Will someone advise me of their ETA? The last two thoughts were right idiotic ones!

I hope things get sorted soon.


Thur 11.6.2015: Inchcock Today

Thursday 11th June 2015


The ‘Hand’ statue at the Queens Medical treatment Centre from a previous visit on 21.4.15

Another night of frequent springing awakes with a jump.

I’m certain I had a different dream each time I nodded off again, but can’t recall any of them really – just something about trying to buy an old pipe from Harold Wilson but he wouldn’t sell it to me, I think I was counting money in £. s. d. There was an old ten-bob note in there somewhere too?

When I looked at me Lumia Mobile phone, the message I’d put on me Google Diary to remind myself of the hospital visit for today with Pete was showing. No idea how I did that? But none of the other diary notes were on it?

Had a bash at making me second ‘Inchock: It’s a funny old life’ ode/rhyme/prose/poem for me to post for a few hours. Me mind wasn’t very concentrated though.

Found a new boil coming on me right wrist as I caught it on the desk… Well fancy that!

I searched the web again for sheltered housing in Nottingham. Searched on Accent, ASRA, Longhurst, NCHA, Metrolpitan, Derwent and Tuntum sites without any luck, then went on hte Guinness Trust site and found facility to send the an email inquiring as I was writing finishing this email – I thought to let Steve from Age UK know.

Good job I did too – he’d got a number from them for me to phone asking to fill in an application form on the phone. Not good with my hearing… or lack of, but still. He said for me to try and get a appointment to see the flat (Two available currently) for Tuesday when he is going to meet me at the high-rise council flats to view them.

I rang the number it asked me to press option 1 – but could I find out how to access the number pad on the phone? Huh! Rang off and fiddled with it to find out, and rang them back again. Of course I couldn’t make out half what the bloke was saying – but I think he said after I explained everything he’s going to send me an email with the form on to be filled in and returned.

I’ll have a look now see if it’s come… Yes it’s here now…

Took me over an hour trying to get it filled in saved and posted to the email. First off I could only save the original and lost all what I’d filled in – Huh! Then I went into the green windows screen on me second attempt and couldn’t get back to me desktop – so had to restart. Double huh!

Eventually got it (The one sent to fill in) onto PDF and filled it in for the third time saving it as PDF file and loaded it as a file attachment at last to the email. Thanked them and sent it off. What a pa-lava!

Well mentally drained now – and I’ve got to go with Peter in an hour to the hospital yet, in case he has any adverse effects reactions to the medications like, and he don’t like hospitals much bless him.

Steve from Age UK and Donald from Guiness might both be calling later on the mobile, so I must make sure the phone is near me ears all the time.


Through Town to meet Pete at his bus-stop

Got myself cleaned up and bussed to town to meet Pete a his bus-stop.

Being a tad early I called into the EE shop and asked an assistant if it was possible to block my voice messages as I can’t hear them anyway.


Nottinghomians in the summer wear today – crossing the lights against the red of course…

Many of the staff discussed this between themselves and one said i’d have to contact customer services while another toyed with the phone and blocked them?

Met Pete and we had a chin-wag of sort, both of us being a bit deaf like.

Caught the bus to the QMC and walked to the treatment centre at the back of the compound.


Pete and “The Hand of Help”

When we arrived Pete was interested in the aluminium so called artwork of the hand.

We went in and pete handed his paperwork in and we sat down to await being called in.

Which was only about 5 minutes and well before the appointed time – they even let me go into a waiting room and have a cup of tea from the machine.


View from the waiting room window

Pete was seen to quickly and about half an hour later he returned.

I took a photo of the view from the window while waiting.


Pete looking good as he left the QMC

Sample taken for diagnosis and a pressure pad applied. He’s to go to his GP for the stitches to be removed later and await the results. I  assume I’ll be going through the same tomorrow when it’s my turn for the same treatment?

Took a photo of Pete, looking good as we made our way to the bus-stop to return to the City Centre.

We were soon dropping off the bus in town, and he traffic was horrendous. Well it would be as it was the rush-hour now.

I was well drained and tired by then.

As we alighted the bus I noticed some blood on Pete’s back coming from the dressing through his shirt. Only a little bit, but told him so he could have Janet check it out when he got home like.

I decided that trying catch a bus would be too hassle-ridden and decided to walk home to back to Carrington.

Pete thanked me for going with him and said cheerio and we parted.

Pete could not do the same for me tomorrow as he was going with Sister Jane to the City Hospital for her cancer checks.


On the walk home from town

We ain’t much of a family are we? We’re using up all the NHS resources between the three of us. Hahaha!.

I set off on me walk through town and up Mansfield Road.

The youngsters form the colleges were out and about with their flesh showing early as the set off on the prowl for entertainment of some sort.

Wearily I plodded on, feet and knees aching, so tired.


Nosh. Chips, bacon, roasted onions and bread thins – and the last of me Lemon cheesecakes.

I made it to Carrington and was tempted by the smells from the chip shop into buying a bag of chips and on to the dump.

Too weary to do any diarying or owt else I made me nosh and fell asleep.

Thinking about tomorrow and my turn for the Treatment centre.

Oh, knucklewhoopsiedangles! I’ve forgot about the clinic visit! Tsk!

Fri 10/4/15 – Inchcock Today

Friday 10th April 2015

I woke up around 0730hrs IMG_0053WC’d and made a cuppa, consumed me breakfast.

While nibbling away I remembered remembering “Well I’m bound to remember that dream” earlier. But could not remember it – so galling innit!

Medicationalised missen then on the laptop and at the ‘When will Coreldraw9 freeze today’ stage.

No solutions to this problem in sight – Tsk!

Meeting brother-in-law Pete at 1230hrs in town at his bus-stop, then going to the NHS Treatment Centre with him to have his mole removed.

IMG_0054Spit and polished I set off to the bus-stop, feeding Fatima and Fred on the way, and took a photo of the traffic when I arrived at the stop.

The weather was nice and warm.

For some reason it was ages before a bus arrived – when it did it was like getting into a tin of  sardines!

I had to stand in the narrow bit near the luggage thingy – and at every stop there was someone getting on and off – and every one had to squash by me, thus causing the boil-on-me-bum great pain! Tsk!

Got into town and met Pete, who seemed a tad preoccupied. We caught the bus out to the Queens Medical Centre and walked through to the rear and the Treatment Centre.

IMG_0055Very hygienic cold and clinical it looked to.

To the ‘G’ station top floor and Pete logged in and we had a farcical chin-wag (Us both being hard of hearing like).

Pete was called in and I got me book out to read and waited until he was released.

He seemed happy with how it went – said a Chinese chappy had done the cutting out of his mole and seemed to think it went well – also Pete mentioned the red patches that were appearing on this face and the Doc gave him a prescription to have filled on site.

Good that I thought.

We walked to the Chemists place and put in Pete’s prescription. While we were waiting a lady with a child handed in a prescription and the lady asked if she had any allergies… It took the woman ages to list them off, she must have told of about 8 at least… poor thing.

Pete gave me a look at his back and the plaster was already falling off of the wound where they had removed his mole. I pressed it back on best I could.

IMG_0057Pete’s prescription had some of the same things in it that were in my G.U.M. cream.

We poddled (Still chin-wagging of course) to the bus-stop and it was ages and ages until one came.

Took a posed photograph of Pete as he was getting a bit irked at not being able to get back to Jane as soon as he would have liked to. I think he forced a smile. 

IMG_0058Pete was taking a photograph of me at the stop.

Me looking  in my usual cheery ebullient happy-go-lucky upbeat self.

Then it rained for all of 30 seconds and stopped.

We caught the Airport bus back into Nottingham and dropped-off in Friar Lane.

Said farewells to Pete who wanted to rush back off to Jane and left me as I crossed over to and through the Slab Square.

IMG_0059I lot of folk about so I hobbled through the square, noticing that the fountains were well used by the young kids enjoying themselves under the water and getting thoroughly soaked and loving it.

I thought best not to take a photo of these kids, because someone might get the wrong end of the stick like… yer know?

IMG_0060In front of the Council House on the pedestrianised area were apprentice yobs doing wheelies on their bikes – the CPO’s doing nothing about it – yet last week when I sheltered from the rain they moved me back into the rain on so I didn’t block the entrance for the wedding guests… Didn’t bother me mind… I had a word with them…

IMG_0061Having realised how late it was and seeing  the size of the queues at the bus-stops I decided to walk it back to Carrington.

Walked up through Trinity Square onto Mansfield Road and further examples of the Nottingham (Sod the pedestrians) Cyclists were discovered.

But they don’t bovver me like…

Onto Mansfield Road and up the hill out of IMG_0062town to the Cemetery.

Although I felt tired, I was in fine form as I hastily hobbled up the road.

I reckon Arthur Itis was giving me a nice break today.

Anne Gyna too!

Half way up the hill and the roadworks had caused the usual chaos with the traffic.

IMG_0063The usual collection of wino’s and alcoholics that would be gathering outside the 24 hour store that sell the high content lager were conspicuous by their absence –  odd that?

On this stretch of Mansfield Road one can get a variety of pongs that are maybe not available elsewhere yer know… The different brewery smells, the pizza, beefburger, Turkish foods, Chinese foods, wonderful smells from the ‘Tings Caribbean’ store, The Plava Laguna aromas, the Umar Kayyam restaurants smell of IMG_0064grease, Chez Cors noshery, Jalisco Eatery, Daylan Turkish Cuisine, The Uni Take-away, The Lobster Pot etc.

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist threatening on the way up the hill. Tsk!

Totally oblivious he rides along hand on hips.

I walked up and over the brow of the hill and down towards Gregory Boulevard.

IMG_0067Another Pavement Cyclist who belted passed me making me jump and then carried on to do it again to pedestrians lower down the hill.

IMG_0065Yet another damned Pavement Cyclist on Mansfield Road threatening!

Further on, a mere few hundred yards and what do I find?

Yes, yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.

This timeIMG_0066 even more dangerous perhaps?

As he gets his head down and doesn’t even look where he’s racing to?

I did try shouting at this Herbert, but it made no difference he plodded on – I rather hoped he’s slip off the kerb and get crushed by the bus – but then felt rather guilty.


As I walked limpingly now through Carrington to the twitchel – I espied the Chinese Takeaway was open – so I treated missen to a Vegetables in bean sauce and a bag of chips – then hastened back to the flea-pit made a cuppa and enjoyed eating this delightful concoction with relish and me medications.

WC’d no bleeding.

Fell asleep… ahh!

Mon 6/4/15 – Inchcock Today: Papplewick Pumping Station

Monday 6th April 2015


Didn’t get to sleep until around 0400hrs. Slept through until 0830hrs. Took medications and applied gels and lotions.

Started prep for this diary – checked emails, Facebook between visitations to the porcelain.

Spit and polished myself changed and got ready to wait for BJ’s arrival for out trip to Papplewick Pumping Station.

Looking forward to the trip out and seeing Young David and BJ again.

BJ arrived with David in the car and we were off to Papplewick Pumping Station.

The sun was out today, but of course muggins here had to keep the sun off me head and skin so everyone there kept giving me odd looks – most folk in tee-shirts or summer wear, me wrapped up like Scott of the North. Tsk!

0106David was excited and him and I went on a wander around, David as usual wanting to eat at the cafe, a big lad David who despite his problems is a happy sort and I usually enjoy being in his company.

Today we walked around happily for a while chin-wagging to some of the volunteers on site.

They had some new engines working today.

I took some photographs of the Mini-Train that David likes to go on. this time I was not up to going on it with him though – the boil on me 0102bum and haemorrhoids made sure of that.

Note they were in shirtsleeves – looking at me as I took the photo here on the left – no doubt wondering why this old chap had his hat and a big coat on?

Eventually I chanced taking me hat off and kept in the shade as much as possible.

The steam engine chap had his daughter and a large dog with him today on his tractor.

0105I noticed the dog was chained to the tractor trailer and a large grip collar was on him. So reading into this I didn’t go close to it – oh no.

I took the shot from a distance using the zoom facility.

The animal didn’t look too friendly to me like.

We were now at the pond where there were many model boating enthusiasts including 0104some with model lifeboats, QE2, etc.

We walked around the circumference of the lake.

With so many people around today, the Carp in the lake were keeping out of view and deep within the depths.

0107I had to wait for a while for the folk to pass before taking this shot of the lakeside.

David and I walked to the rear where there were just two vintage cars there today.

This Morris 10 I think car stole me heart.

0103It brought back memories for me and as I looked closely to take the photo, the lady in the passenger seat hid her face behind the pillar. That brought back memories too Hehe!

David wanted to go on the trip to the reservoir but I was in no state to go with him and he was little sad about that bless him.

We met BJ as we walked around and as we were talking to him, the dizzies started and I felt unwell with them.

0108David and BJ went on a walk and I found myself sat rather comically in an uncouth position on a slated bench – to avoid catching me boil and piles taking a rest – I can’t really remember going there though.

I put me hat back on then fell asleep after taking this photo and woke feeling not too good but better than I was – if you know what I mean?

BJ rang me to see where I was, and we all met up and nattered with staff at the gatehouse before departing – me feeling a lot better now. Worried about losing memory of had happened for a while though.

Must make note of this for the doctor tomorrow.

BJ ran us home and I thanked him and David seemed happy as I got out of the car and waved them goodbye as they drove off.

0109I got in the dump and WC’d then made a nosh of BBQ beans a beef slice and some bread thins. Followed by an ice-lolly and a pot of ice-cream – I thought I was feeling a bit better now.

I think I enjoyed this nosh, cause afterwards I nodded off… for 11 hours! When I woke up and put the light on I found the dirty dish bereft of food and well wiped.