Inchcock Today: Monday 13th June 2022

13th June 2022


Apparently, he also had charges pending for arson,
Drug supplying, TWOC and mugging with aggression,
He resisted arrest in June, giving a PC an abrasion…
Which bled, and the PC needed a blood transfusion,
Some good news, although he was bitten by a police Alsatian!

Luke Riley was jailed for 18 years; what are the chances?
Guilty of 11 child sex offences… it brings hatred & tears!
Including two counts of rape of a child under 13 years!
The Parole board’ll free the swine after 10, sad dears,
To enable him to rape again, of course…
They’re as guilty as he is, but what is worse…
For another child, it’ll prove disastrous…
Parole namby-pambies deserve some adverse…
Black Magic, hexing, a witches curse,
Locking up, hanging, at least something mortiferous!

No mention of Brayan’s admission of getting 139 illegals into Nottingham last year. No doubt he runs ten properties in the Nott’m area, which is all owned on paper by his Sister back in the city of Kirkuk in south Kurdistanin, and them being room rented out… Ah, Gorrit! Bet he’s shopped on the bosses of the slave trade? That’ll be why they have been treated so lightly for the despicable crimes they have committed? Profiteering by getting the poor lost souls into the country hidden in vans, and making them pay through the nose for years! Gits!

His defence? Almighty God wanted me there! I wouldn’t have thought that Putin would be too bothered?

I bravely hung out of the window this morning…
To take this photo, it was cold, I was shaking…
I hurried it, all done in a twinkling,
But, getting back in, Glaucoma Gladys was itching…
The hospital told me there’s to be no scratching!
The Cataract left eye, not even any touching…
So, I stubbed my toe instead… Hello, the mobile’s ringing?
Who can this be a three o’clock in the morning?

The message above, you see, was somewhat confusing…
I thought the tune was a telephone ring…
But no, definitely someone was texting.
Was this genuine, or was someone hacking?
Mayhaps a cold-caller pestering?
A con-job, this’ll need careful handling?
Carer Richard’s due in two hours; I’m praying…
He’s the lad to help, no quibbling!

It was getting lighter later but not much brighter,
Shut the window, trapped finger… blood blister!
Dropped the ointment and trod on it in a fluster,
But my bravery, I did muster…
Proud, I felt like a boshter!

Three visits, over £2,500 worth of stock filtered…
Had they not caught him, he’d have made a fortune!
Luckily they got him as he faltered…
He’ll be out on parole by the end of June…
To carry on, and Wilko will be pilfered!…

He punctures a stranger’s lungs, fractured his sternum, stabbed him in his chest, he’s on drugs of course – and what do the good old protect the public Crown Court turnips give him for this unprovoked attack? 10 months in Young Offenders holiday camp!!! Then tell him he’ll only serve half of the sentence and be released on licence… I can help but remember the 30 murderers who were released early and all killed again! The 44 early release prisoners who raped again! The 9 who stabbed again… the 11 who raped again… And my biggest hatred, the overpaid yet inept Parole Board scumbags who allowed these to happen – they should be found guilty of the offences of their freed early prisoners!

Just thought I’d mention it.



Inchcock Meal Snippet News

Chips: passable
Turnips: Undercooked
Mushrooms: Nicely seasoned for once
Tomatoes: Okay
Gherkins: Good
Pickle Balls: Enjoyed them
Apple: Too hard for the teeth to cope
Strawberry dessert: Too sweet
Veggie Hot Dogs: Terrible binned them


e-scooters: Eleven deaths and over 1000 injuries were reported across England, Scotland and Wales last year. The use of privately-owned e-scooters on public roads is illegal. The figures alone should be enough for the Government (sic) to act on this.

The poor woman’s family do not want any bother or attention, and they have asked to be left alone, to mourn.

What with these e-scooter killings and injuries, the repeated releasing of killers & rapists early by the Parole Board, who murder and rape again… It baffles me.

Keep Safe Out There!

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Local News Snippets – With Odeing

An ode in comment for every snippet,
Not all pleasant, I have to admit,
I’d sooner have written of the error, Brexit…
But nowt in the news at all about that!
Any murders, I do write implicit,
Lots of stories of those acting illicit…
Violence, hatred, drugs I cannot omit…
Most items were chosen as a posit…
Good news? I’ll try to find a tidbit!

There we go…

Danielle De Carpentier

Scum-riiden solicitor Danielle De Carpentier,
Stealing from an 80-year-old woman with dementia…
Solicitor? Surely she’d make a better gangster!
Richard Gibbs, solicitor, in efforts to defend her…
Because of this, she has lost her career… Oh, poor dear!
Sentenced her to 18 months, she pled guilty…
The term should definitely have been heftier!

Albanian Gangs, and we house them too!
Polish, Latvian, Czech, Bulgaria, to name a few,
Hungary Estonia… are all coming through…
Legal, illegal, murderers, sex offenders, any’ll do!
Brexiteers now want an immigration revue…
But that’s something that I wouldn’t do…
Turning away Ukrainians? That would be taboo!

Suspended sentencing, leniency rampant?

Suspended sentencing, leniency, I’m told?
Not his fault for the drug stranglehold?
Let him off lightly? I suppose that’s bold!
A rare bit of common sense, pure gold!.

Another Nottingham murder, catastrophic!
Jealousy the cause, was it romantic?
Or prompted by something phycological?
Maybe drug addiction? or alcholohlical?
A mistake in treating someone psychiatrical?
A noisy neighbour, mayhaps psychoacoustic?
A disagreement twixt Muslim and Catholic?
A chance return of the black death, or bubonic?
Did someone spill their gin and tonic?
Lust, money, or something more mystagogic?
Did drugs drive someone to get tsunamic?
Or was the poor lady just agammaglobulinemic?
Either way, mankind’s violence to each other makes me sick!.

Immigrants seem to be unhappy here?

Opening a takeaway in Nottingham was their intention…
If they thought they’d get custom and socialisation…
Local youths will rob places, at times through inebriation,
Although this happens throughout our beleaguered nation,
There’s Skunk, Acid, PCP, etc. They have an addiction,
Yet many were too scared to have the Virus Vaccination?
They tell me Heroin brings on dreams and delusion?
Today’s youths come with their own pollution…
The drugs the use brings on self- zombification?.


Woman battering, according to the police cataloguing…
In Nottingham, is per-capita, ever-increasing!
As is murder, anti-social behaviour and mugging,
Blaggings are down; that’s encouraging…
But no use to the lady with her head bashed in!.

First-time offence, no suspended sentence like woman-batterers and drug gangsters get then? Huh!

The poor old coppers keep on getting hit.
The population couldn’t give a shit!
The judges care even less, Gawdamit!
The police continue playing at whodunnit?
Nottingham’s becoming a crime-ridden cesspit!
Judges look after, care more for the criminal culprit…
No thoughts at all for the bloodied-bobbies haematocrit!


Daily Free Competition – I got one! – My best effort for weeks!


Inchcock Today: Local News Snippets – Part 11¼

Inchcock Today: Local News Snippets – Part 11¼

Made this graphicalisation for a bit of a laugh… well laugh then!

On with the genuine stuff then…

The driver was three times over the drink-drive limit,
Carted off to the station, gave him tea and a biscuit,
His licence he will no doubt temporarily disinherit?
His fourth-time drink driving – Goddammit!
He should have had just one alcohol-free gin and tonic!

Came from Birmingham for a night out?
We’ve already got many a local lout…
Imported turds we can do without…
Did he come to do a burglary or knockabout?
Ahmed Kalif, shouldn’t he be tea-total and devout?
But Christian, church, kids also need to keep an eye out…
Especially with the boy-liking Vicars lurking about!

Cockroaches, beetles? To be fair…
Didn’t they find some once at the Mayfair,
The big posh one, in Leicester Square?
Hong Kong restaurant, they found cat food there!
And Harrods’, they found maggots in an armchair…
Still, they let him stay open; that’s extremely fair…
There’s some logic in these actions… somewhere!

A year, suspended sentencing from Mcadam, it’s nowt!
The sentence deciding Mcadam is the bigger lout!
What made him so weak and chicken out?
I bet the lady is now scared and will freak out…
Maybe it’s the same pub in which they both hang out?
Both of them are alcoholics?… well, I have some doubt!

On a lighter note, my luck’s still out!

Well, effective sentencing is something new…
And well and truly, cheer-making, although overdue,
To the judge, I feel the need to say thank you…
Ah, I reread this, tried in Derby, you see…
Had it been Nottingham, they’d likely have walked free!.

Drunken Animal!

Ah, a new Coronavirus overview…
But figure one can easily misconstrue,
Are they genuine, real, untainted, true?
At least they claim the virus is lessening; phew!.

So, the police have £360,000 worth of cannabis accrued,
By a cunning tip-off, that should be reviewed…
I think it is cheaper and less hullabaloo…
For competing gangs to split on another, it’s true…
Then arrange to attack them… when the police will do?

Scum of the planet, beyond humanity and saving,
What can be done to tame these shits needs probing,
They survive on our fear, robbing, stabbing, thieving!
These animals, beyond any respect, acquiescing!
No good the gallows, or electrocution reintroducing,
Or corporal punished embracing…
They can’t lose in my experience,
But on them both, I wouldn’t mind peeing!

Still not enough for potential murderers, though,
They’ll all be out in a few years, so…
They’ll be buying more guns and ammo…
They’re all empathically dead, fallow…
Full of greed and bullying mojo!


Cost of supermarket staples up 8% in a year across Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco

Just thought I’d end with a bit of good news!

Inchcocks Local News Snippets in Odes – Issue 4⅜

Nor Human Traffickers!

Local News Snippets in Odes – Issue 4⅜

What do you think has caused this stabbing?
The first thing that comes to mind involves drug taking,
Perhaps it could be protection racketeering?
Lot’s of affluent students in Nottingham educating?
Of course, with kids, there’ll be sex rampaging,
And students getting drunk, meths drinking?
Which is more interesting than wordsmithing!
No doubt greed, jealousy, drugs or loathing!

They say it’s the twelfth fire on this estate…
The third in two months, a dodgy state,
Most on sites involving freight…
Or waste, recycling bases, what does this connotate?
I’ll let you know if I find out owt at a later date…

The gal had been taking drugs into prison, for hubby,
Well, they are not married; they met at a drugs orgy,
Making the prisoner an awful lot of money…
Well, for highs, they both have an affinity…
The Judge showed a lot of affability…
‘Go home and give your children a big kiss?
That sounds a bit naughty and cheeky?
From a Judge? What the hell is this?
I don’t want to sound finicky…
Does he want her to supply him cocaine or a kiss?
Mayhaps on the day the Judge was tipsy?

Just to show you how I’m keeping up with my usual luck in the gambling stakes. Humph!

Well, another Constabulary mystery?
Whatever has occurred? Was it unsightly?
Something vicious, frighteningly?
Eight police vehicles attended… Getaway!
Murder, terrorists or? What unpleasantry?

Bank robbers hiding? A car with no MOT?
Folks signing into their own homes to have a brew of tea?
One more police car, and there’ll be none free!
Trouble at Mill here, I can see!

I read these figures apprehensively…
I sense a Government con here; we’ll see…
Corona Virus, all about money, money…
They’ve upped tax, food prices, and to me…
That’s what they wanted to do, disagreeably!
Help kill off the NHS… do you agree?
There are more folks with the virus around me…
Grenfell, why’s no one been punished, Lordy Me!
Tories get voted in again! They get off scot-free?
Disgusting! Absobloodylutely!

Her killer doesn’t want to be involved in the inquest of his wife, who he murdered? But you would like to know the outcome?

And he’ll be Freed to Kill Again. I guarantee it! Knowing our Parole Board pillocks!


I think that Lucifer is winning.

What’s the plan, God? Got any?

Pathetic PC sentencing here, methinks?
The legal system, I believe, stinks!
Scared to death of sentencing Muslims?
I can understand that; I come from the slums…
The future scares me…
From terrorism, gangs and every bent MP,
Today’s youngsters will never be free!

At least he only threatened to kill!

That’s the spirit, Judge. Lock ’em up! Seven years equates to about three methinks. With good behaviour?

A Cruel Tax!

I am so delighted to report on this sentence.

A jury of six men and six women took two-and-a-half hours to return a unanimous guilty verdict of manslaughter on Lawson Byrd, who deliberately caused the death of 19-year-old Gianne Obafial.
But they cleared him of the more severe charge of murder. During a two-week trial, Crown Court heard how the defendant, also 19, drove at and then over Mr Obafial in Mercian Way and headed off up Abbey Street.
Giving evidence, Byrd claimed he had no intention of causing the fatal injuries his victim received. Instead, he told a jury he “panicked” after seeing ” a glimmer of metal” in the waistband of Mr Obafial’s trousers and thought it was a knife.

BOLLOCKS! If that had been true, he could have got back in his murder weapon and driven off! Judge Shaun Smith QC said: “Mr Byrd, you have been found guilty and criminally responsible for the death of Mr Obafial, but they have decided you did not intend to kill him or cause him really serious injury. The bullying toss-ball was sentenced to jail for 12 years for manslaughter.

Convicted murderers have got less. I’m tickled pink!

See what I meant above?

Spotted this on Facebook

Interestingly, I spotted the Meridian logo on his uniform. The same company that Nottingham Council uses and tend to my needs. There’s no getting bored with them. In the two months that I’ve been using them, they have failed to turn up six times. Twice coming after midday, which meant it was too late for me to take my medications… in case the evening Carer came. Hehehe! 

On two occasions, they came late but early enough to allow me to take the prescriptions. My trouble… one of many, is having Vascular Dementia, and some days, I don’t realise if they are late, and my mind wanders off. Sad, but true! If someone was to contact me and let me know what’s going off, it would help. The other two times, no one came for the morning visit at all. I often wonder if I am being charged for it? However, and notwithstanding…

The Caring Industry is like the Security Guarding was when I worked for them. Under-staffed, underpaid, and so hectic you wouldn’t believe it! So, I can relate to the branch managers and the staffs’ frustrations. People not turning up and informing you ten minutes before their shift starts, and not showing at all! The good Carers are precious but have to cover all the time for a few. Just the same with the Guards. I have some really caring Carers who call on me, so patient and understanding. The industries are so competitive, with so many available, but none can be 100% reliable. What can they do? Charging more, thus paying higher wages, is a no-no for growth. Sacking bad time-keepers would be a pleasure for some managers, I know… but things would be worse then!

So, I have empathy and understanding of these problems. But that does not offer a solution, does it? Shame!

Luckily, I no longer have to struggle with those problems… nowadays I work to walk, do the ablutions, control my dementia, the eyesight failing with glaucoma, cataracts, and saccades all to be treated with a prospective up to 43 weeks to wait for the first

cataract to be done, the wait again for the other eye to be done. Hopefully, they will be using the Phacoemulsification method. I pray they might do both eyes lens replacements at the same time.

Then, glaucoma in both eyes as well needs to be sorted. (Eye drops only, I think?) Then the saccades in the right eye.

I’ll be getting my telegram from the Queen or King by the time I get around to having all these done and get to have an eye test done to get new lenses from the optician!

You can bet the dentist, DVT, or Cardiac appointments will come when I’m having the eyes done. That happened when I had the stroke; I went back to the bottom of the list. Hehehe!

I’ll just press blindly on!

The Nottingham Lads News Snippets in Ode

Breaking News – Political Odes

Tuesday 11th January 2022

Politics today

Political farces, what a worrying thought,
Criminals abound, but not so many are getting caught!
But always motorists, cannabis users, end up in court?
Easier for the police… whose number is getting short…
Trying to understand why; I get bestaught!

The court’s sentencing seems unfair, unequal…
I thought judges were intellectual, but there’re ineffectual!
One lad had cannabis 2 ounces, got six months jail,
And armed robber, got tagged, no jail, another fail?
A shoplifter… charged 28 times, no jail; makes you wail!

If a citizen is violent, acts antisocially…
Or shoplifts, pickpockets occasionally…
Very few of them are dealt with properly,
But park in the City Centre, illegally…
Judges, magistrates, come over all schoolmasterly,
Massive fines, driving bans, even prison, arbitrarily!

With sentences for criminals, magistrates are miserly,
Youth beats up an 88-year-old, the youth could not get a job,
Magistrate ‘feels for him’ slaps his wrist, supposedly wisely…
Sent him home; on the way, he hit a woman in her gob!
The Magistrate should retire, obviously…

A Judge-parole-boarder, who frees murderers to kill again,
Are guilty of the crime repeated, for certain!
Their career in law should be slain, I wouldn’t complain…
If they were locked up until Jesus returns again!

Prisoners get the same healthcare and treatment as anyone outside of prison. Bollocks! I can’t get to see my Doctor. Would a prisoner have to wait for weeks to get a Dentist appointment? Just asking!

Prisoners can get Specialist support:

If they have drug or alcohol problems, Coronavirus, HIV or Aids. Are disabled or have a learning difficulty.
I get no help with my disabilities; I have to pay for Carers. Where’s my help with hearing, eyesight, Peripheral Neuropathy, Shaking Shaun, Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger, Arthur Itis, Shuddering Shoulder Shirley, Back-Pain-Brenda, Walking, Vascular Dementia, Haemorrhoid Harold etc.? No!

♫ It was all over my jealousy ♫ Hehehe!