Inchcock Today Fri 14 Feb 2020: A finical, pernickety, delusory, yet better day than of late. Confusing innit?

2020 Feb 14

He’d only have called for a referendum!

2020 tttFeb14

Friday 14th February 2020

Georgian: პარასკევი, 2020 წლის 14 თებერვალი

00 Feb 14

GM01 Brown02:05hrs: I stirred, glad to be free of the nightmare I was having, it was all ackamarackus. For a few moments, the brains thoughts were fissiparous, and it took a while to gather them into a semi-coherent order. There was no thought-storm as such, just that I had difficulty in controlling the little wandering demurral blighters.

The need for a wee-wee emerged. I removed my morbidly-obese, flabby bellied body from the £300, second-hand, c1968 recliner, with ease. Other than Arthur Itis’s knees complaining. Wandered precariously without the walking stick for two paces, wobbled, back to pick up the walking stick, and off to the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket). For a sadly ineffective and hurtful WUPT (Weak-Unwilling-Painful-Trickling) style evacuation. That tended to, I took the bucket to be cleaned, and hands washed.

5Fri001Got the kettle on, (I very nearly had an Accifauxpas when the neurotransmitters failed while I was filling the pot), took the medications and made a brew. The knees were most bothersome this morning, so I nipped to the wet room and gave them a good massaging with the Phorpain Gel.

A close inspection of the pins (legs), surprisingly revealed that they, (apart from the paleness and worryingly anaemic appearance) were looking far better than they have for ages. They had both gone thin again?

WD 80.0.0 I was miffed with myself when I realised that I had done a stupid thing! Even after so many warnings from the clinic staff, I had fallen asleep with the Bamboo diabetic socks on! A definite No-No that! Humph! What an imbecile, nebekh, and dunderhead! No wonder I was in such pain. Grumph! I still can’t understand why leaving them on overnight bothers the knees so much? They did explain ut to me, but things that happened in the stroke ward, are getting blurred now.

Ah, well, am I ever going to get owt right again?

After a smidge of verbal self-flagellation, and adopting a Shame & Disgust mode, I got the computer on. But concentration was hard to find. Mind you, Saccades Sandra was in an excellent mood with me so far, no vision warping or loss whatsoever! (Huh, typing this, and she kicked-off again! Am I naturally lucky or what?

I got a graphic made for today.s diary. Then, I did some TFZer Facebooking, then onto the WordPress Reader. Finally, I got on with this blog.

5Fri03WD 80.0.0 Again, like yesterday, it dawned on me that I hadn’t updated the day before’s post yet! So, I got on with it. I took a shot of the morning sky first.

The updating finished, some stuff sent to Pinterest, then I started on this blog again. After an hour or so, I had to stop.

WDP 003l Ablutions to do, so off I trotted off to the wet room.

Multiple WD 80.0.0 WD 80.0.0aC The story of this session really deserves a blog of its own! After the showering, even I found it hard to believe the things that had all gone awry!

Not necessarily in order, but as best I can recall:

  1. Got in the wet room, took off the dressing gown, and cleared the standing floor cabinet of every single item, no, I tell a lie, everything bar the crossword book and pen, onto the floor! Cleaning-Up-Session!
  2. Cleaning teeth, the brush snapped in two, gums bleeding and I have had toothache ever since! Medicating-Session!
  3. Shaving, I avoided any cuts whatsoever! But had about ten dropsies. Resulting in one of the new razors breaking as it slipped-out of my dodgy fingers, hit my little toe, bounced off and smashed against the porcelain sink pedestal! Moment of-Frustration- Session
  4. I then moved the chair and sock-glide out of the way, and stubbed my middle right toe in doing so, against the metal chair leg! Well-Chosen-Curse -Word-Session!
  5. I had a cracking visit from Dizzy Dennis. I was incapacitated for a minute or two, had I got my alarm wristlet on, I would have pressed it! Like turning on a light switch, Dennis had gone, and I was so glad the wristlet was on the tray to keep it dry. Phew! Close call that one!
  6. I let the carbolic soak go through my fingers again – Guess where it landed? Go on, have a guesstimate! No need, it landed on my right middle toe! With this current run of unfortunate events, should I risk going out to get the long-picker-upperer? I decided I will anyway, a long picker can come in so handy! Although the short one Jenny gave me is a life-saver!
  7. Getting the medicationalisationing done after the shower, I picked up the Care Haemorrhoid cream and the cap shot-off of the tube! I then had a cleaning-up session again, to get the cream off of the floor, and my stomach and legs!
  8. Arthur Itis did not like all this bending as I did my best to put some Savlon on the toe.
  9. The final Whoopsie of this session, was as I was putting the towel back on the stand-up airer, it slipped off of it straight away. But somehow or other I managed to turn back take a pace, and caught it before it fell on the floor… no smugness though, I cracked my left knee on the edge of the doorframe! At least it was easy enough to get to for putting some Phorpain gel on it! Frogglemoths!

Well, I was in a right foul mood now! But I soon cheered up after realising that the nerves on the right side of my body, (Those I have Christened, as, Neurotransmitter-Nicodemus), were not getting messages through to the brain, so I had virtually no pain! Hahaha! Of course, when they come back on-line, so’s to speak, I’ll know about it.

I merrily got the handwashing done, wrung and hung to dry. Then made up some bags for the waste bin, and put the cleaned empty jars in a bag, to take with me on the way out.

I took three photos of the reddish morning sky. You know they say about a red sky in the morning. Storm Dennis? Haha!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I faffled about, my OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is not getting any better! Eventually, I set off. As I opened the flat door, a voice, that sounded like it really meant to say “Christ! another one wants to come out!” Muttered, “Are you coming out?” ‘Yes!’ I replied. It was the Fire Sprinkler fitters. Obviously, Josie and Malcolm must have already gone out. Grumpily, they had to get down off of their ladders to tackle out of the way for me to get through to the lift lobby. I didn’t improve things by telling them that the 0930hrs bus is the most popular with us tenants! No, response! Hahaha! But, they are a grand bunch of lads. One took the bags off of me and put them down the chute for me.

Down in the lift, Welsh (The Put-Downer) William got in the elevator on the way down. He also went to the bins. And had to point out that the glass now goes into the big skip with the other bags. Pointing out the new signs on the side of the refuse to me. I did feel a fool having not noticed them before!

To keep out of the wind, I went back inside and walked along the link passage.

5Fri04I called into the ILC’s Holding Cell and Interrogation Office, dropped off the weekend treats. Through the Social area and in the link-route to Winchester Court. I spotted this through the window, and thought of a funny! I thought, ah, they are growing Tubers? Hahaha! Well, I thought it was hilarious! All around the site, a lot of the delicate flowers and plants have been destroyed by last weekend’s Storm, Ciara. Which reminded me, there is a new Storm Dennis yellow warning going about now.


5Fri05I got into the lobby and sat down to read the Nottingham City Homes monthly magazine while I waited for the bus to arrive. I went out to the bus shelter. Arthur Itis was not pleased with having to get up again. Hehe!

I got the bus next to last, allowed to by 5Fri007cMalcolm. Most folks got off in Sherwood, I stayed on until Daybrook, where Malcolm also got off. We both went to the Sainsbury’s store. He left for dead as he shot off. Well, he’s younger, fitter, more prosperous, more intelligent and better looking than wot I am. Gawd, I hate him! Not really, only joking.

The Sainsbury experience had its moment too! I struggled a bit with their high shelves. But got some of the beautiful tasting black tomatoes with some other stuff. Storm Dennis is not going to make me starve!

WD 80.0.0 At the checkout, it was rather busy, as I was moving along with my purchases on the belt, a bloke behind shoulder-charged me to get to grab the next customer sign. At first, I turned, stared him in the face, and asked him if  I was in his way! But got no reply, just a vague not interested stare! I soon calmed down when I realised he was about my age and I understood that perhaps he lost his own balance in overreaching? He might be as senile as I am? Or as deaf as me? Or, even was not even aware that he had banged into me? Phwert! I paid for my things, instant mash, chestnuts, BBQ sauce, Hoisin sauce, cheapo tinned potatoes, lemon curd yoghourts, bavarian sliced ham, lemon yoghourts, the Ledicia tomatoes, sliced fresh mushrooms and some vine tomatoes. £14.65 spent

5Fri08I checked the time as I left. I’d just missed the L9 bus. So I hobbled into Arnold, intent on checking if Iceland had any tins of potatoes back in stock. (Although I had just bought some from Sansbury’s, I expected Iceland would not have any – I was wrong!), then call at the Mobility Store to see if they had got any of the extended foldable picker-uppers in stock yet. I thought I might call in a shop on Front Street, to see if he had any dark brown throws in, however. All planned out, it shook me as well. Har-har!

WD 80.0.0 I got in the Arnold proper and called first at the haberdashery shop. But he had no brown throws available but said he will have next week. (As the disabled-shop told me two weeks ago about the picker-uppers, but they didn’t).

5Fri10I plodded on towards Iceland. I spotted these ‘Yankee Candles’ in a shop window. I put the photo on here, to show my beloved Troll Free Zone cyber friends, and hope they can tell me about them.

WD 80.0.0 I got to the Iceland store, and it was mayhem in there! I thought about not bothering to go in but carried on wearily. I selected wholemeal sliced rolls, yoghourt and chocolate-covered peanuts, and pork & pickle mini-pork-pies. Blow me down; they had some of the wonderful Batchelor’s canned potatoes in stock, not many left mind you. For they are popular 5Fri11while on special offer. I bought six cans, aware that getting home safely carrying them may prove fatal. Hahaha!

WD 80.0.0 The lady ahead of me in the queue spent £264 on her shopping! Blimey! I was in no rush, but those around me and in the waiting line were, though! A fourth till was opened to the left of this one. But by the time I’d positioned myself and convinced Arthur Itis to let me move, no less than four people, all blokes incidentally, had pushed by me and got served! The lady in the photo expressed her disgust at this to the woman on our checkout! Bless her cotton socks! I did not have a very good shopping trip, was I? I got to be served, the lady on the till was charming with me. I paid up my £7.19 and got outside to toy with the two shopping bags and trolley holder, to make them as easily distributed as I could, for an 5Fri16optimum balancing act, so I could get them home.

WD 80.0.0 I was almost excited at the thought of getting the fold-up picker-upperer from the mobility shop. I hastened carefully over the road and down to the store, to find they still didn’t have any in stock.

WD 80.0.0 This has been the most hapless, grimmest, lamentable, infelicitous and disheartening shopping trip I’ve had for a long time! But there were few welcome highlights mixed in, and from kind tellurians as well! So many stores have run out of stock! Brexit to blame, already?

5Fri12I made my way with some haste, such as was available with the over-burdened trolley full and bags hanging on the handles of the three-wheeler. Which wasn’t too keen on going up or downhill, without wanting to topple over!

The bus arrived, and I had a chinwag with some unknown folks, a laugh, and we considered what to expect from Storm Dennis. That’s a thing, I thought they named the storms with female names only?

WD 80.0.0 The bus driver got a move on and my staying in the side-saddle seat, and keeping the trolley from rolling away, was a work of art, en route.

5Fri13Back home at last! I got off of the bus after the others, only two of them this time. No one to chase after for a chinwag. I turned back and took a picture of the L9 at the stop. The cars parked all around half on the pavement. But this problem will not go away until the poor devils get more parking spaces, but there is no room to put any? One day someone will get their vehicle hit by a bus, fire-engine or another car. Maybe someone will get knocked 5Fri14over because of having to go in the roadway to get around the vehicles with the trolleys, disable scooter or shopping trolley. It’s a problem!

As I ambled along, it was sad to see the plants outside Winwood Court, already destroyed by Storm Ciara, and now having to face Storm 5Fri15Dennis tomorrow!

I entered Winwood Court and walked through the link passage back to my beloved Woodthorpe Court, with its illusions, delusions, hallucinations, Three years of upgradings, infestations, Fire Sprinkler works, Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas and manic machinations that thrive here freely, and are so bountiful. Haha!

5Fri017The lads who had been working on the 12th-floor lobby were either on their lunch break or on strike! Hehehe!

WD 80.0.0 I had a tussle to get the overfilled unbalance trolley-guide through both doors but got myself into the flat eventually. Tsk!

5Fri018I was so glad to get back, it’s been a frustrating trip out. I found myself singing when I got inside?

I got the shopping put away, and got the kettle on, made a brew of Thompson Pujana tea, and got on with updating this blog. By the time I’d 5Fri22finished it, I was all-in! Weary, and ready for something to eat. So, I was going to get the meal sorted out.

Aha, a parcel arrived. This was a present from Tim Price in New Mexico, my cyber-buddy. It cost him a fortune to make and send. I will email him later in the morning, with thanks!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Absolutely over the moon with it! Tim is a Genius! For sure as apples are apples when I was taking out of the package, Neurotransmitters-Nicodemus failed on me, and it slid out of my hand. I was devastated at first, thinking I’d broken it, and could have died! But my cyber-mate had made sure it was unbreakable, and in a perfect frame for me! Phew! He spent a fortune on it, and took all that bother and further cost and time of getting it to me, all that way from America! Thanks, Tim, it’s perfect!

6Sat28A reet-feast was made. Smoked Haddock, whiting in batter, cheap new canned potatoes, garden peas, tomatoes, a Marmite and Baby-Bell cheese disc. Wholemeal bread flaps. And fresh orange juice and Lemon Curd yoghourt to follow. I ate it all up, thought it worth a taste-rating of 7/10.

5Fri26Off to wash the pots, thought about doing the handwashing, but chicken-out. Took a photo of the sky.

WD 80.0.0 Then settled in the £300, second-hand, c1968, recliner. Put the TV on, and saw that a film was on Channel 81, a 1964 comedy. With Harry H. Corbett, Hugh Griffith & Ronnie Barker. But it was late, but I tried to stay awake to watch it. Failing miserably to do so, and missing the last half-hour or so.

But, I slept for around six-hours! That was good for me!

Inchcock Today – Mon 1st April 2019: Out and about, photographing, chinwagging – Great Day!


2019 April 01

Monday 1st April 2019

Italian: Lunedì 1 Aprile 2019

01:25hrs. I woke, reluctantly, and resisted any encouragement of movement or brain activity as long as I could. The main expergefactor was the need for a wee-wee; that forced me to move my oleogustus body out of the £300 second-hand, ci1968 rickety recliner and the few paces to the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket). A rather pathetic UWTWW (Unwilling-Weak-Trickle-Wee-Wee) followed. After making an effort to get to this bucket, this was most disappointing! Hehe!

I was well drained and still tired, as I responded to my stubbing my toe on the way to the kitchen, with a few silently mouthed well-chosen unchristian-like words.

1Mon01aGot the Health Checks sorted out first thing.

The hemadynamometer operated at the first try. Sys is still low, and the only thing that concerned me a tad was the pulse: Like yesterday, it was showing 103? I’ll look this up I think, hang on, please… Oh, seems to be okay according to what I could find out on Google, high-end but alright. Then why was it for two days earlier on 69? All the ailments must affect it in some way? Tsk! Made a brew and got the computer going to update the sad Sunday post.

1Mon02WD 51.0.0 The call to the Porcelain Throne arrived and diverted my attention, off to the wet room and the Throne. The evacuation was easier than of late, but still messy and a lot of deep-rich-red-blood came from within. It didn’t appear to be from Harold’s Haemorrhoids this time, well, not the external ones anyway. No pains or aches from the rear-end area were there?

WD 51.0.0 I checked the pins out when I put on some fresh PPs. The knees seemed okay. I can see still a face in the knee on the right. Can you see it?

But the shins and ankles were not very good.

Around the ankles were getting to look a bit overactive with the blood papsules, blotches, spots, and swelling, spoiling my youthful appearance. Hehehe! The left foot and lower leg was still more fluid-filled or swollen than the right one again, but, the bent toe seems to have righted itself somehow or other?

I’ll be glad when the socks and glide arrive. It’s only been about three weeks though since they ordered them for me. So I mustn’t complain. I was surprised initially that they didn’t prescribe some cream of some sort. But, of course, after the nurses told me that with the nerve-end problem, there is nothing, no treatment that will help, I accepted things how they are. At least they have tried to make things easier for me to change the socks, well, of course, I haven’t got the equipment or unique specialist thin, comfortable hosiery yet, to find out if it will work or not. I’ll be miffed if I snuff-it before it arrives! Hahaha!

As I finished off, I needed another wee-wee. Definitely an upgraded status one this time, an SPSHPLWW (Short-Painfull-Semi-Hose-Pipe-like-Wee-wee) style one.

Back on the computer and got the Sunday blog updated and sent off.

Around 04:00hrs, I heard some odd noises again coming from I know not where, I thought they were from somewhere well above me at first, but at times they seemed to be coming from elsewhere. Very peculiar. Hard to define what was making the sounds. Moving furniture perhaps, with the odd rattling sound in between? I rather hope its not the concrete crumbling, Hehe!

1Mon06Then it sounded like it was at the front of the building? I looked out of the unwanted, light & view blocking kitchen window and tried to have a look to see if I could find the cause.

Of course, looking straight down from the unwanted new windows to see anything, over the dirty great window ledges, fitted, would mean using the step ladders, I was not prepared to use them at the moment, I’ve tumbled off of them a few too many times. Did I imagine this noise or what? Am I going potty?  No, I just this second heard a dull thud sound, followed by a whooshing noise, then nothing? Ah, it’ll be the Aliens sending in reinforcements or a replacement army of Weevils, perhaps? Hahaha!

Had another wee-wee, still an SPSHPLWW version, and finally, I made a start on this post.

Another SPSHPLWW, then another Porcelain Throne visit. Messy, but no bleeding this time.

Virgin Internet down again!

Virgin (5)30

As I went off to get the ablutions done, the lower legs felt just like there had worms wriggling about inside! The scrubbing-up went well, got the attire adorned, and dropped some black bags in the chute on the way out, and a recycling bag at the caretaker’s door.

Hobbled along to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, Toilet, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Rumourmongering Clinic. Tenants Socialisation Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room.

The aroma of burnt toast greeted me, much to the amusement of all the tenants in there. We all agreed, it made us feel hungry! Hehehe! Several mini-chinwags, mostly of a complaining and moaning mode.

1Mon07As I departed to join the others at the bus stop, I couldn’t help but think that the assembled ‘huddle of residents’ that might have been holding a prayer meeting? Hehehe! Either that or they were brewing up some dastardly plan. But most likely they were examing and criticising Roy’s new deadly to the ankle and knees of others, four-wheeled shopping trolly. Haha!

I had a nice nattering and stirring things-up session, en route to town on the bus with Mary and Kath. Off the bus, farewelled to the gals, and went into the Wilko store. Where I spent too much on things, I did not really need and came out with: Wilko Liquid Soapflakes (Needed). I couldn’t find any Magnesium tablets. And several bags of sweets. Guilt Mode Adopted! Tsk!

1Mon07aNext, I called in the Poundland Shop. This visit ensured the shopping bag was well-filled when I left. Guilt Mode moved to Defcon Three!

Chocolate nougat, jelly buttons, liquorice comfits, Mini-pork pies, chocolate peanuts, Strawberry trifle pots, egg & bacon ready-made sarnies… there was no limit to my greed and shame! As I left the store, I could hear some absolutely horrendous wailing of someone singing and trying to play the guitar, seemed they were using a microphone that distorted the chronic singing voice, not that it mattered, but it was just too loud!

1Mon07cAs I walked along Upper Parliament Street, at the traffic light junction with Milton Street, I was alarmed at seeing people crossing the road against the red don’t walk lights.

Particularly the woman with the red hair and dress, shoving her baby nonchalantly across, and the chap on sticks (who would have difficulty avoiding any car coming at him). But this is always happening on these and other crossings. The three deaths and nineteen injury accidents suffered there in 2018, did not seem to bother them at all.

I came across the source of the terrible wailing as I turned into Clumber Street. I took a photo of the guilty earsplitting, bedizened, perpetrator, a street performer who looked like a cross between Worsel Gummage and the Wurzel bloke with a beard! I put this picture more prominent, so it would show the real highlight: The young girl, fresh from Primark shopping with her bag, and that absolutely fantastic expression on her face as she looked with amazement at the weird and in disguise for some reason, imitation street musician. Priceless!


1Mon08I limped through to the end of Clumber Street and took a shot with a difference on the corner, (showing the street sign of Clumber Street) and the back of the Council House.

I had a walk through the Exchange shopping arcade inside. Sparse of customers it was as well!

1Mon18Where I found one of the many empty units had been reoccupied, as a Barbers Shop. I looked for any signs of a price list, but couldn’t see any. Be it is costly – if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it! Hehe!

I stopped on Long Row, to watch the police struggling to remove a shoplifter from a nearby store. She just didn’t want to get into the car! I decided against taking any pictures.

1Mon08aI wandered into the slab square. Where I did a spot of memory-recalling, of what it used to look like, and some of the things I got up to back then and the people I did it with. It didn’t do my confidence any good, though.

So I turned my attention to taking some 1Mon11photographicalisation.

I went to Long Row and positioned myself to take a closer shot, and some pigeons caught my limited attention.

Then the mind went off on a tangent again. How do these birds survive? It is not allowed to feed them. So, how do they live on the crumbs dropped by the take-away-food drunks? Mind you, there are plenty about.

I then pondered on the Brexit farce for a while. But that soon gave me a headache with the frustrations.

1Mon09I took a picture of Long Row. And that set off the memory-recalling again. Sad innit?

Griffin & Spalding, now replaced with a Debenhams that is on the verge of closing down. The Arnold buses, the number 40 and 41 trolleybuses that used to have stops along Long Row. The Lyons Corner Cafe, the Alleyway with the record shop, the time I had pigeon poo dropped on both shoulders within second of each splat… on my new Teddy Boy coat as well! Eventually, I pulled myself away from the pointless, often painful 1Mon12reminiscing.

As I made my way up Queen Street to get to the bus stop and home, a rare, almost strange sight was beheld. Two imitation police officers out and about! I should think that between them they might have weighed about 12 stone. But size isn’t everything… as many a gal has told me over the years! Hehe!

I met with Kath, and we limped up together to the stop. Nattering as we do, you know. Mary got on at the first stop, and chinwagging flowed en route back to the flats.

1Mon14On Chestnut (Don’t-get-knocked-over) Way, I took this shot of Mary and Kath, before Kath nipped over the road to her flat in Winchester Court, as we said our farewells.

Mary had bought herself a new four-wheeled ankle and shin destroying shopping trolley. Exactly like the one that Roy had bought.

1Mon15It looked like the Winwood Court was getting close to completion now. It will be very lonely and quiete when they finish. Mind you, we will still have the Fire Alarm Sprinklers and new communications to be installed.

As Mary and I walked along to Woodthorpe Court, the tarmac was being put on near what 1Mon16will eventually be the bus turnaround island.

We eventually got to our block of flats, and I got out of the elevator, wishing Mary all the best, as she went up to her 15th floor flat. She will be moving soon, to an apartment in the Sneinton Dale complex.

1Mon17In the flat, the usual fatigue overcame me.

I took the medications, noon and evening.

I was not up to doing any updating of this diary. I got the nosh prepared, an easy task. Ready-made egg sarnies (Very nice!), potato hash balls, Sicilian tomatoes, Marmite cheese buttons and a couple of mini-pork pies, and consumed it all! Followed by a strawberry trifle.

No opportunity to do anything else, too tired. I put on the Doctor Who DVD and was soon in the land of Nod. Zzzz!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 7th February 2018: A Whoopsiedangleplop, busy, incident ridden day: But enjoyable at the same time. Is that an oxymoron?

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Scotch Gaelic: Diciadain 7 Gearran 2018

2350hrs: Stirred and awaited the brain to join the body in life. It took a while, but when it did burst forth into action, it was little like a thunderstorm; of wild, violent thoughts, fears and uncontrolled self-loathing. As luck would have it, I banged my shin on the Ottoman as I escaped from the £300 second-hand recliner, and this seemed to bring the normality of the ailments and memory blanks back, I felt the warm wet worrying sensation from the lower regions, and things returned to usual in the grey-cell-box.

To the kitchen. Stubbed my toe on the waste bin.

Got the kettle on. The snow had cleared up and gone. This will make the foot journey easier to the surgery for the blood tests. And, to have the rear-end investigated over the increase in the bleeding. Not looking forward to that in the least!

Hope the rain doesn’t decide to come, though. Had a peek at the forecast, no rain on it.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Had a wee-wee, but this caused the fungal infection to start bleeding again. Messy sort out session.

The lower arm, just above the right wrist seems to be aching and hurting a lot this morning, and both arms are itching away along with the upper back area? After a bit of rubbing the back against the door frame and fetching blood, through over scratching the limbs, I applied some cream to the arm, but couldn’t do this on my own to the back, of course. I must remember to mention it to the nurse later. Hopefully, nurse Nichole this time.

Got the nibble-bags prepared and in the bag for the staff and nurse at the surgery.

On to the computer. Started this post off. Then finished the Tuesday diary and got it posted.

Got the shakes and shivers this morning. I think this is due to the workers removing more cladding yesterday?

Visited the WordPress Reader. Then comments responded to.

Got the shakes and shivers this morning. I think this is due to the workers removing more cladding yesterday?

Went on Facebooking and added graphics to the albums.

A Cyber-Friend, Tim Price, wrote this ditty in response to one of the page top graphics;

I thought it well-worthy of inclusion here and put it on Facebook too.

Closed down the computer and got the ablutions tended to. As I suspected, the medicationalisationing of the Fungal Lesion was not something I’d like to do very often. Unpleasant, nocive and messy. Hey-ho!

Having the scrub-up, I realised why the tootsies were hurting so much. The toenails were far too long! Not being able to cut them myself, I have the pleasant foot-Lady Sue come to trim them. Being so long now, it is apparently well past her calling-on-me day? Is she poorly? Did she call and I was not in and got upset? Had the appointment or something changed, and I had forgotten about it? Oh heck! When I get back from the Treatment room, Chemists, Lidl and the Blood Test, I’ll call into the Obergruppenfureres Warden Shed and ask if someone will be willing to help me by calling her and finding out for me. Then if no luck, I’ll have to do a quick search to get someone to do for me pretty soon, cause I can do without the pain from this as well, I bet it’ll be lousy today by the time I’ve hobbled to Carrington and back? The onyxis can get dangerous if left untreated. This being poked, pressed and squashed does the subungual no favours either.

I got the nibbles into the bag and sorted out the black bags of rubbish and recycling and took them to the chute. On returning to the flat, with time getting short, I popped my head in the wet room to make sure I’d not left any taps running, lights on or spots of blood missed when I cleaned up earlier. Checked the bin in the front room had a black bag in it. Computer off, no alarms ringing or flashing, and then into the kitchen to look at the taps, cooker etc… and blow me down, I had three bins in there instead of two, and I’d missed taking a sealed bag that needed to be chuted as if to speak. Hehe! For a second I thought I must be losing it quicker than I realised. Had the Aliens been at it again? I went back in the front room and comprehended what had happened. I’d put a new refuse black-bag on the chair, and it had fallen where the bin would usually be, hence, fooling this old twit into thinking the container was there when it wasn’t! I didn’t explain that very clearly, did I? Sorry.

Set off, hobbling as fast as things would let me, to avoid my being late for the first appointment. On Chestnut Walk outside the apartments, the puddle near the builders compound was frozen solid. But I have to say, the new jacket was keeping me nice and warm. Mind you, I was moving at a fair rate of knots, for me.

Down Winchester Street Hill, through some side-streets and out turning left onto Mansfield Road. Where a handily placed van was parked right across the pavement. As I took this photo, he had just started to reverse into the traffic solid main road illegally!

I bravely gave him a look of disdain as I waited for him to find a gap or be let in by some kind driver. In return, I got myself a curled lip and the popular amongst sign amongst road-rage perpetrators; suggestive that ‘I Go Forth and Multiply! Hehe!

Along and up and over the crest of the hill.

A right kerfuffle was taking place at the Mapperley Hall Drive junction. Cars trying to exit the Drive had blocked other traffic, and there had been bump connection between two vehicles.

I pressed on down the hill and into Carrington.

As the traffic started to move again, I arrived at the Surgery, straight in, with fifteen minutes to spare. Logged in with the receptionist, the one who has a perfect look of contempt on her face for me each time I go when she is on duty. She makes me want to apologise for bothering her. So compelling is her obviously trained look of unprovable haughtiness. I have to give her credit where its due. Personally, I think she ought to be dealing with the Brexit negotiations for us.

I got the crossword book out, and two minutes later, I was called into the treatment room.

Two nurses,  a doctor and five students greeted me on my entry to the place. I was asked; Am I alright with the presence of the students and the Trainee Home Health Nurse being present? “Of course, certainly, no problem”I replied; Not what I was thinking though! Apparently, I was going to have a Proctoscopy. No idea what one was… but I do now. Humph! Eurgh, shudder!

Knees up, on my side, rear end sprayed with something, scope and torch inserted and moved in every crevice, lump and pathway. I could hear the attractive, highly-desirable Doctor talking to the trainees as she went on her expedition.

Half an hour or so later, red-faced, I was feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable, the doctor handed me some cream to apply and told the others to leave. Then the gorgeous gal went on a machine for a minute or two. I have Stage Four haemorrhoids it seems. An appointment will be made for me at the City Hospital, but there is a long waiting list for banding or sclerotherapy operations at the moment. So I must keep using the cortisone cream whenever they are bleeding. Which this year so far, is all the time, only the degree varies. Electrotherapy (I think that was the word) is an alternative method of treatment and could be a better choice for me. She explained the procedure. Sounded rather like being Tasered up my bum. Haha!

A patient, kind sounding woman, that doctor. She got to the bottom of the problem. Hehehehehe! Sorry.

Out into the waiting room, got the crossword book out, but no time to do any, the nurse came to collect me for the blood test straight away. I’d not met this nurse before. She eyed me with a look of suspicion.

I explained about my accidentally throwing away the wrong part of the result sheet so I could not fill in the Q & A section. She didn’t seem too impressed with me at all. We went through it verbally. As she was putting the needle in, I remember thinking; “How much further is she going to delve into my arm? She left me holding the cotton wool firmly on the hole and went to add the details on her computer. She returned, and the wound was flowing with blood when she removed the cotton. She seemed concerned as to why it was taking so long to stop bleeding. I explained that this often happens. By now she was over time allowed for the blood taking, and I could see she was getting worried about keeping others waiting. I thanked her and departed, handing in the nibbles at the reception desk as I left.

With sincere regrets that Nurse Nichole had not seen me today, I lugubriously made my way down to the Carrington shops, over the road and into the Lidl store.

Where I got some seasoned sliced potatoes Sunstream vine tomatoes, Cox’s apples, Greek Lemon flavoured yoghourts, fresh orange juice, cheap chocolate bars an washing up liquid. Went to pay at the Self-Serve tills, but did not get on very very well. A Lidl bloke looked right pissed off, as he was permanently moving between customers who all seemed to be struggling to get the tills to swipe correctly. I used him once, and got down to the sliced potatoes that would not swipe, no matter what I tried. Of the six tills, five now had their red-light flashing for assistance. So I just left the packet on the side and paid for the consumables I’d already got to go through, then left.

I called at the Chemist and asked him when the next prescription will be due. 17th of this month. I wrote this down on the yoghourt packet in the hope that I will remember to record the date on the calendar later.

I thanked them and started the hobble back into Sherwood. Not so far to walk this time, as I hoped to catch an L9 bus in Sherwood back up the hill to the flats. According to Google Maps, when I got home made a plan of the route limped to and back from the surgery; My outward bound hobble was 1.8 miles, and the return limp was of 0.7 miles.

As I was passing Peugeot Dealership in Carrington, this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist didn’t slow down at all as he came to the illegally parked van on double yellow lines. He swerved around the vehicle going out into the road in one continuous movement without even looking. How the blue 4×4 missed hitting him, I don’t know.

I caught this cause I was getting ready to take a photo of the traffic, so had the camera handy.

Up the hill and down into Sherwood, and up the incline and called into the new bakery, to see if they had any small sourdough bread or cobs on sale. They were… and I’m not joking, selling the bread 800g, at £5 each! I retreated!

Across the pelican lights and into the Wilko store. They had some of my favourite Citrus Fresh Air Sprays on sale at half-price. So I got two of them, along with a fragrance booster and a bottle of liquid soap flakes. These are great for when I have to soak any bloodied clothing, very effective.

Up to the bus stop and waited. Penny and Roy joined the queue.

Arriving at Chestnut Walk, I went into the Wardens Hut to see if either of them could help with phoning Footlady Sue. Two unknown to me ladies were at the desk chinwagging. I asked them if anyone was in. “No!” came the reply. So that was that another plan foiled! Haha!

Got in the flat. Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

I took the pork from the crock-pot, cut it up into small pieces and put it in a saucepan. Added sliced onions, fresh chopped tomatoes, large soaked and boiled white beans, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, distilled vinegar, tomato puree, basil and a pot of black bean sauce and gently simmered away for an hour or so. Got the thick triple-fried oven chips heating up.

A quick bash on Facebooking. Then WordPress Comments.

Time to get the fodder served up.

What a highly-palatable meal this was.

A deserved 9.45/10 rating for this effort.

Washed the pots and dishes up, then did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Changing into my night attire, I had a Dennis Dizzy spell at the exact time I didn’t need it. I was stood on one foot at the time, in the process of painfully extracting my left leg from the trousers. Ended up in what must have been a hilariously funny picture to behold. On my back after tumbling over, trousers half-on and half-off and legs up in the air, and I clouted the back of my head on the wall when I landed.  With blood trickling out from the Protection Pants. Even I had to smile to myself, partly because I had not seriously hurt myself, I expect. Tsk! Got the bleeding tended to, washed, got the new PPs on and jammies and returned to the kitchen, to get a mug of orange juice. Took some nits of the Lidl cheap chocolate bar with me.

Settled down in the £300 second-hand recliner and got the TV on. The Lidl chocolate bar lumps tasted horrible.

Fell asleep very quickly.

Inchcock Today Fri 24 June 16: Euro voting results – The Leave’s Won. I was surprised!

Friday 24th June 2016


At 0555hrs, I woke thinking of the dreams I’d had but recalled very little – being chased again was in there somewhere I’m sure. The £300 second-hand recliner chair was one more in the half-up, half down position? Then I remembered I’d got a Morrison’s delivery coming twixt 0600 – 0700hrs this morning. Carried out my ablutions as quickly as I could.

On the throne, bloody and painful yet again. Dressed and started to update the Thursday post and the intercom rang, the Morrison man had arrived. I put the fodder away, made a cuppa and took the morning medications. Then 10dstarted this post off, after finding out that the Brexit Leave vote had won the referendum.

I really felt the remains would win. Even more surprising to find that Nottingham had voted to leave – narrowly, but still a shock to me. And with only a 61,75% turnout too?

Did the graphics for above then some Facebooking. Spent a  good few hours on it too. Far too many, got  carried away and realised how late it was. Had to rush around (Well, hobble rapidly) and get ready for the clinic visit to catch the 1130hrs L9 bus… Oh dear me…

Just made it in time, even had a quick chinwag. The chap from the top floor was out with his wife and sticks, he was just back for having his right knee replaced.

Into Arnold, being as I’d caught the wrong bus… Whoopsiedangleplop again!

Nipped into Fulton store and to my delight they had both the blackcurrant and vanilla iced lollies and, just one pack of the lamb shanks cook-in the-bag with minted and rosemary gravy left! I got one of each in that case.

CreamsCaught the bus to the clinic and went through some embarrassing examinations. First by the female doctor in the ante room after she interviewed me. She fetched a male colleague to have a look at Little Inchy and his lesion, then they brought three more female students to examine me. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, well, muttering to each other, but one of the student couldn’t contain a smirk or two. Hehe! I hope they were giving them some lessons to learn later, and not the ‘Come here and have a laugh at this’ routine. They all left bar the male doctor, and he prescribed some more of the same ointment, the green one at the bottom this time.

I’d forgotten to mention the photo of the sky I took at the bus-stop, caught a bird in it.

I didn’t notice it when I took the photo though, and the damaged seat near the Arnold bus-stop has now had it’s front plank torn off.

P1050933 10a

Out of interest, the shot I took a couple of weeks ago of the bench, and today’s, both have the same car in the background. an Asda workers I bet?

I departed the clinic and caught a bus to Sherwood, then one up the hill back to the flats.

Got the lamb, potatoes and mushrooms cooking away and put the lollies in the freezer. Only just enough room.

A blast on Facebook to catch up and proceeded with updating this post again.

Kept checking on the nosh. Wee-weeing and cleaning up the bleeding from Little Inchy who was not bleeding before being examined at the clinic! Humph, Huh and Tsk!

07Had the evening medications with the nosh. Nice too. Lamb shank in gravy, new potatoes and mushrooms.

Tried some Rye bread later with Vegemite – not recommended! They don’t go together, the Rye Bread is not Vegemite or Marmite friendly, be warned folks.

Despite nodding off so regularly while trying to watch the goggle-box, actual proper sleep didn’t come until the early hours. Shame!