Inchcock Today: Saturday 25th March 2017


Saturday 25th March 2017

Estonian: Laupäev 25 märts, 2017

Stirred around 0245hrs, the dirty dinner plate on the next chair, notes about a dream on the arm of it and desperate for a heavy duty session on the porcelain.

Untangled my ever increasing body mass from the delicate and rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair and off to the porcelain throne. Once again, no bleeding from the front or rear… I’m beginning to worry about Haemorrhoid Harold, Hehe!

6Sat03Got the dirty pots washed up, made a brew and took the medications, then trimmed the carrots and got them into the slow cooker with Mushroom Soy Sauce.

Performed the Health Checks. All looking good here too!

Perused the scribbled notepaper, and found I’d been dreaming apparently, about an underground fight with gigantic earthworms… or was it that I was shrunken? Whichever, after the conflict I found myself in a room being interviewed by, well some secret service type people I reckon, they were not messing about, and I was bloodied and battered during the conversation about my not renewing my TV licence? The words Linctus and Doormat (I think that is what I’d written) on the paper meant nothing to me?

Got on and spent the next two and a half hours or more, sorting yesterday’s mammoth diary and got it posted off. A long busy day, leaving me with photographicalisation to sort and post as well as recall all that had happened… mind you, seeing the photos helped me.


The view out of the window was almost pretty, with the sun coming up and creating shadows over the houses.When I took the photo, I thought I could see an aeroplane on the right, but it seems to have disappeared?

When I took the picture, I thought I could see an aircraft on the right, but it appears to have gone?

Guess what? I’ll tell yers… I went into the other 6Sat01room to do the weighing of my fat frame, and I found the missing camera! Perfectly naturally and to be expected, it was in the laundry bag! Huh?

Oh heck! Back up again by more than it went down yesterday! Humph!

But all the other reading seemed about right and no surprises.

6Sat04Even the pulse had gone down nicely. Add the fact that Haemorrhoid Harold and Little Inchy had not been bleeding and Arthur Itis was so kind this morning, even after yesterday’s struggle in town. And Duodenal Donald had eased too, things were looking good I thought – That was before I tested the carrots again and managed without any bother to stab myself between the fingernail and finger with the sharp end knife!

Someone (Well a lot of folks) have said I am too much of a pessimist. Here is proof, or one of the root causes that I am one. Every time I start to get that dreaded feel-good factor in my life… Mr Thatservesyouright visits me. Humph, Hehe!

It’s a good job I’m used to it, or I could get discouraged you know!

Started this diary off, then did some WordPressing.

Did some Facebooking then.

Got the ablutions tended to, in time I hope, to catch the first bus at 1030hrs into Sherwood. Missed the bus, so walked down to Sherwood.

Limping along Chestnut Walk passing the vehicles and on the right, I fell in love with a single Daisy. All on her own she was. I had a chat with her. Hopefully, no one realised this.


Onto Winchester Street Hill. Halfway down I took this photograph below left, and near the bottom the second photograph.


These represent the beauteousness weather and the wonder of nature.

Also, that Arthur Itis was still kind to my knees and ankles as I poddled along slowly but fairly comfortable this afternoon down to the shops.

Arrived at the Continental Food Store and invested in some of my favourite Roast Belly Pork with herbs and garlic, and two slices of another belly pork that looked good, without herbs. A small sliced Continental loaf and a jar of garden peas and carrots with flavouring.

Arthur was beginning to affect the fingers for some reason.

I lazily strolled very slowly up the hill on Mansfield Road and called into the Wilko store to get some disposable razors. I left with the blades, a Citrus body deodorant for men (Of course, Hehe!) some disposable oven trays, Vitamin B complex tablets, and electrical extension lead with four sockets with on/off controls on each and one more of the Pure Citrus fresh air without water sprays at half-price, £1.50!

As I was taking the change from the helpful lady serving me, the damned fingers froze. I had to walk further up the road to the bus stop with the receipt, and a fiver stuck firmly in my grasp! Tried to prise them out and the receipt got torn in half, but the five-pound note was okay as the fingers relented and loosened their grip of steel.

Roy was at the bus-stop and had a right laugh over my fingers declaring independence, as he said. But it was a hard conversation as we had both not got out hearing aids in. What a pair we are!

Chinwag with Roy and back to the flat. Wee-wee, put the things away and made a cuppa and onto the computer to update this diary and do some work on graphicalisationing.

And there I remained for seven hours. The result (below):


Very late by the time I’d got it finished, and I was so tired, but semi-pleased with the resulting graphicalisation.

6Sat08Got the nosh ready. The red carrots cooked in the crock-pot with mushroom soy sauce were appetising, the belly pork divine with the beetroot cheeses and pickled eggs.

Lemon Fool to follow with a banana.

I devoured it with relish and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner with a mug of tea and digested the evening medications, rather later than usual with the good strong Yorkshire 6Sat07atea brew.

The finger I had stabbed down the nail with the paring knife in the picture on the left seemed to smile at me with a metallic glint that said threateningly; “I’ll get you again Inchcock…Hehehe!”

I knew then that I was either overtired or going bonkers… perhaps both?

7Sun03I repeatedly drifted off for a few minutes, woke, realised the programme had finished, drifted off again, realised the prog… you get the picture. The mind was seemingly over-active, and I have no idea when I eventually nodded off proper-like, but it was well after midnight.

I must remember tomorrow to add some of the Polish half-rye-half wheat Sourdough bread to my order for next Wednesday.

I did wake momentarily during a dream. I lay trying to remember it, but nothing there in the memory of any details.

Fri 1/5/15 Inchcock Today: Reminiscing

Friday 1st May 2015

0501Woke at 0730hrs with a jump – almost in a panic and didn’t know why?

The sky looked daunting this morning.

WC’d – no bleeding from the hemorrhoids, but the lesion in me Inch was dribbling blood and very tender and the boil was annoyed when I cleaned meself up and caught it!

Took me temperature 31.1c – Forgot to do me BP tests – Tsk!

Went down and made a flask of tea.

Pulled the bins out for collection.

Took me medications and applied me creams.

0745hrs: Laptop on and started this diary. Opened Coreldraw to do the header for it.

0834hrs Got the header done and on. Coreldraw9 froze on me and I had to start again – Huh!

0502Did a bit of Facebooking then got myself spruced up and ready to go on a walk into Nottingham City Centre in search of some Bling’ photographs for the gals on the TFZ site.

The weather had brightened up.
Again some amazing patterns in the clouds this afternoon as I left the bomb-site.

I called in the Co-op on me way and got some bread-Thins and Jam Doughnuts.

0503On me hobble into town I was nearly assaulted by various Nottingham Pavement Cyclists – it’s getting worse than ever now.

This one with his back-pack was particularly dangerous due to the speed he was belting along at I thought.

No sooner had I belatedly took a photo of the animal and a few hundred yards further on another one came belting passed me swerving all over the pavement en-route.

0504 Getting a tad nervous now as me ankles were worse, much worse than usual and my agility – such as it is, was much impeded.

About half way up the hill and as I stopped to take a photo of the trees in the Rock cemetery from the other side of the road, I gave such a sneeze – and this shook even me – that one of me hearing-aids fell out.

Painfully I bent down to retrieve it.

Then yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came passed – I think this one 0505just might have been a touch tiddly.

The immature yob-hoody lookalike who was obviously so tough he was too scared to cycle on the road was gong all over the place – a straight line was not in his vocabulary today.

Maybe he thought he was on the road?

Who knows eh!

Up to the top of the hill and down into town.

0507When I reached the junction with Woodborough road I kept me camera in me hand, a this is a regular spot for the inconsiderate unconcerned nonchalant nasty nihilistic Nottingham Pavement Cyclists to appear on me walks into town.

Today though it was one of the Councils electric powered mini-street-cleaners that nearly hit someone (Not me, the bloke in the picture – who was not pleased at all).

0508I plodded down onto Milton Street and faced the prospect of getting through the maddening crowds on Clinton Street.

I managed to get through unmolested to the back of the Council House.

Slipped some seeds to the dicky-birds.

As I passed some people on the Coffee Shop seating I realised that they were all drinking out of giant size mugs and didn’t seem to be enjoying the drinks really.

I wondered if it was addictive qualities of coffee that make folk pay £3 a mug like and still not be happy?

0509That started me reminiscing about the old days when around the corner from where I was, used to be a Cafe where coffee was four old pence and tea three old pence a cup and we enjoyed it?

I was so deep in me memories that I nearly walked into a tree – luckily nowadays me rate of knots was slow I managed to avoid this at the last second. Huh!

I crossed the road and went down Bridlesmith Gate.

0510No street musicians, no Big Issue sellers and no yobs about in the area today – good that.

I did notice a shop selling ladies shoes had a special offer on some of them… ‘Save 40% on the latest design footwear’ the sign indicated.

On a closer inspection I saw the ladies could get a pair of crocodile high heel boots for only £299 in the Sale – £299?

Crickey and blimey!

0511To the end of the street and facing the entrance into the sad Broad Marsh Shopping Centre I took a photo and started to reminisce again…

All the retail units that used to be their now closed down.

Worse still, the wonderful Drury Hill this medieval street was destroyed to 0518make way for this doomed shopping mall – a crime if ever there was one by the Nottingham City Council the Banks and the nihilists in charge at the time!

They should be brought back to life and flogged!


I went in and had a look around the 99p shop. I got a microwave dish and some bikkies for the nurses amongst other bits.

I walked down and through the pathetic centre.

A stall was selling mobile phone accessories and I asked if they had any for the Nokia Lumia – he did at £9.99 – which was much better than the £25 they wanted at the EE shop, so I got one.

0512Out the other end onto Wheeler Gate and up into the City Centre.

Plenty of street musicians and entertainers around this area – Muslims pushing the Koran and trying to convert peoples, Christians pushing the Bible and trying to convert people, Opinion surveyors stopping people (Mind you, they see me hobbling along and never seem to bother me?).

0513Up through Exchange Walk and into the slab square.

No CPOs around today – the cut-backs I suppose.

Around passed Primark and up Clumber Street – right and up onto the Walk-over to take a photograph from a different angle of the traffic.

0514I say different, but nothing seems to stop the suicidal Nottinghamians from crossing the traffic lights against the signals.

I carried on over into the Victoria Centre and had a gander around the market – gad it is so sad there nowadays. Closed stalls, un-fresh produce at high prices with owners who are likely to cut yer fingers off if you have the cheek to even look like your about to touch ‘Their’ fruit and veg on display, which is not the fruit or veg you get served with, they come from behind and under the counter of course.

0515Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist minging with pedestrians on Upper Parliament Street.

I limped on in some discomfort now – the knees have join the ankles in a mutual effort to make Inchcock hurt. Hehehe!

I went into Tesco – and what a mistaka -to-maka!

I spent a small fortune.

The Pork Loin, the Polish Chicken Sausages etc 0517bwere all too tempting for me.

So, along with the bread and doughnuts from the Co-op earlier, I’d got cooked sliced beetroot, Japanese Rice nibbles, Pork Loin, Chicken Sausages, New Potatoes in herbs and butter, Cox’s apples, tomatoes and a much lighter wallet.


0516As I left the mall, I espied a single Robin in the centre.

Poor thing seemed confused.

I hope it finds its way out safely?

I departed and walked up to Trinity Square.

There were many more fold about there today,but none of them seemed very happy.

I took a photograph of some ‘Bling’ for the girls at the TFZ on Facebook during me 0517walk today – Broad Marsh, Vic Centre and in Kings Walk.

Bling04aThis one on the left was me favourite one.

Pearls in reality as the girls on TFZ are also Pearls in reality.

I poddled down and caught a bus back to Carrington. (Long live the Free Pensioners Bus-pass!).

Got back and WC’d, applied some more cream on me lesion.

Oh how I dined!

0518Tesco New potatoes – 10/10

Strong Amsterdam Cheese – 8/10

Tesco Vine Tomatoes Dutch – 8/10

Tesco Sweet Beetroot shredded – 7/10

Rocket – 8/10

Polish Chicken Sausage – 9/10

Co-op Bread Thins – 6/10

Cox’s Apple (Tesco) – 10/10

Co-op Jam Doughnut – 7/10

Marvellous, and I watched a DVD ‘A good Day to Die Hard’ while I ate it – I bet the Queen didn’t?

The Polish cooked chicken sausage was excellent.

Fell asleep.

Woke up three hours later disorientated and wondering what time and day it was.

Laptop on and updated this diary – during which a nasty dizzy spell visited me.

Took me ages to get this done.

Take care all and thanks fer reading.

Inchcock Today: Monday 15th December 2014

 Monday 15th December 2014

01Mon01Up at 0315hrs.


Really annoyed at not being able to recall dreams yet again. I woke up a few times and repeated to myself what I had just dreamt of in an effort to remember later to put it in this diary because I thought them so weird they should go in this diary… no such luck, the mind was blank – then again the missus used to know that fifty years ago.

Started laptop.

Down and made a cuppa, back up to start this Diary.


Great news from the lower regions… not a single drop of blood from ‘Little Inchy’ And the lesions are healing a lot better now! Just thought I’d mention it like… by way of a desperate effort to find summat positive to write about to ease the gloom a tad. Hehehe!

Another cuppa was brewed.

Yesterday’s Diary finished and posted.

Another cuppa brewed and mediations taken.

Got a bit carried away with graphicastionalising and somehow thought it was 0930hrs when I’d finished abluting and was ready to go out. I even waited a while to make sure I wasn’t going to get on the bus in the pensions-panic-period of between 0930 and 1000hrs when the bus fills-up with us old foggies using out bus-passes.

When I arrived at the bus-stop, the time on the read-out thingy was 1035hrs – hmm, I lost an hour somewhere there?

I Caught the bus to town, then another one out to the Queens Medical Centre.

01Mon02The sky over the Medical Centre when I arrived was so beautiful I took a photo of it from the front entrance.

Being a tad later than planned to arrive (By an hour – Tsk) the haematology dep’t waiting area was like a football match crowd.

Still it didn’t really matter, so I got out me book and delved into it.

Eventually my number was called and I hobbled into the blood room. The nurses greeted me with affection and a smile – nothing to do with my promising them some extra treats for Christmas last week. I’m sure the reason for their jollity was the arrival of my magnetic personality?

They were soon delving into the carrier bag to pick their favourites before I left. The big box of biscuits extra was in for a bashing I suspect too.

Bless em, someone has to prove their value and worth, I’m proud I did.

I took me leave and walked to the bus-stop for the bus to town.

01Mon03Next to the stop was some railings that fenced off some trees and grass, this was where i had a dizzy turn and leant against the railing for a moment until it cleared. I noticed the amount of things that had been thrown over or through the railings.

Food and drink containers mostly, but there were some cigarette packets and other bits deposited there was well – Nottingham the cleanest city in the  UK? Huh!

I caught a Broad Marsh bus as opposed to a City bound one, so I could go in the 99p shop to see if they had any of the meal-worm pellets for me Mallards.

I got off at the bus-station and saw three women having a hell of an argument… but being a natural born coward that I am, I didn’t take any photographs like!

I walked into the centre and up the escalator to the 99p shop.

They didn’t have any of the pellets, but I did get another pair (the last on the shelves) of the headphone’s like the one  got last week, because they worked okay. But they are delicate and I feel sure it is only a matter of time before I break them. Usually by my falling asleep with them on. It has been known several times in the past you know?

Then I poddled along towards the bus stop far end of town, passing a Pound Shop and thought it would be a jolly good idea to call in to see if they had any of the meal-worm pellets.

Unfortunately they had their pet section up the stairs.

Undaunted I slowly and carefully mounted the steps and found they had got some, so I got some.

Pleased with this, but not with how my knees reacted to going up and down the stairs, I paid and made my way to the bus stop.

01Mon04I noticed as I limped over Upper Parliament Street that there were not so many people about today, bet it won’t be like this in a day or two?

I walked through Trininty Square and the sky over the little use new food Court caught my eye (Not that I was throwing it like) and I put down me bags to get out me camera.

But me arthritic fingers stuck a bit and somehow the camers tool a few photos on its own before I realised it. (Tsk!)

01Mon05I took a photo of the sparsely populated new £3m food court anyway cause the sky appealed.

Then I hobbled down Trinity Walk to the bus-stop for Carrington.

When I got in, I took me things out of the bag made a cuppa and started to update this Diary.

Three photo’s I imported into Coreldraw to resize I did not recognise, in fact two of them were just plain grey – the third was through a window of a lady in a shop?

01Mon07It took me while until I realised these were the one’s taken when my fingers froze in Trinity Square.

Oh dear… I hope the lady didn’t notice? (Red face at the thought of it developing now I can see in the photo that she was showing a bit of flesh off)

I went down to make a cup of char and a leaflet had been posted though the door.


Have you received treatment from Mr Desmond D’Mello at Daybrook Dental practice?

Desmond M’Mello has been suspended by the General Dental Council. It is said that he did not wash his hands or sterilise equipment between patients.

Up to 22,ooo former patients have been recalled for testing of blood-borne viruses.

* If you have been a patient then you are entitled to claim for the worry and stress of having a blood test.

* We are already acting for clients for the stress and worry and will be dealing with cases for HIV, Hepatitis B and C should they arise.

* We work on a No in No Fee basis.

Blah blah blah…

Don’t miss out…..


0800 634 7 7 Call us 24/7

I’m not sure why, but I find these types of leaflets from so called professionals offensive and rather crude.

Just saying like…

Inchcock Today: Monday 8th December 2014

01M01Monday 8th December 2014

Woke around 0450hrs.


Laptop on and working, did posts for the League of Mental Men and Inchcock blog sites.

Checked ‘Little Inchy’ when I scrubbed him up, no blood! I think it is moderately safe now to say after 9 weeks, he’s healing up is almost complete… or should I have said that? Oh dear…

Washed and titivated meself and assembled things for me trip to the Queens Medical Centre Haematology for INR Warfarin level tests.

Card, bus-pass, camera, specs, long-johns on, gloves, hearing-aids in etc.

01M03Set off on my hobble into town and the sky that was so threatening yesterday morning was less daunting, although obviously holding some rain I thought.

Cold wind again but not so strong.

As I approached the Hucknall Road junction, I was taking out my camera to film the sky from the same angle as yesterday when a very loud bang was hear.

I could see passengers in the buses and car drivers looking around – but I could not find what caused the noise.

It sounded very close to me… but with my hearing who knows? A clear bang if that is the word to use?

01M02Another mystery of Nottingham life? I didn’t hear owt about it on the news later.

I carried on me walk up Mansfield Road (0940hrs approx) and the traffic was queuing already on its slow way into town.

A walked through ic bus station and into Victoria Centre to get some Lion bars from the cheapo shop. Four for a pound yer know…

01M04Caught the bus out to the hospital… what a driver I’m sure his intention was to cripple as many passengers as possible… or the brakes had just been serviced?

Still, we free bus-pass merchants mustn’t complain.

As I entered the frontage, I noticed a Christmas tree had been placed in the centre spot in the middle of the road so all those ward windows would allow the patients to see it?

Big queue at the Haematology Dep’t, but I’d took me crossword book so it didn’t matter.

Next time I’ll take a pen as well!

01M03aWhen I got in and I got done I gave the nurses their nibbles to which I’d added a few chocolate liqueurs to cheer em up and thank em for Christmas.

On my way out I noticed the rain had started to fall and stayed under cover a few minutes until it lessened a tad… a good job I did.

Cause I’d left one of me bags behind in the waiting area at the haematology, so limped as quickly as I could back there to find this man and woman going through the contents. They were looking for some identification they said, and handed over me bag when I told them the contents.

01M05I can’t take myself anywhere nowadays… Tsk!

As I came out of the hospital again, I looked down at the lower level and noticed the queue of cars for the car park was not moving, and some cars had been parked on the chevrons and double yellow lines. I should imagine this would be overlooked while all the tram works were hampering things.

01M01bThe new tram bridge into the compound was being inched into place in this photo from the Nottingham Post paper.

I caught a bus to town but it was a Broad Marsh bus, not the city centre – lethal for me finances that – I had to hobble passed three DVD shops… oh dear… Ans Lorna from the Troll Free Zone had recommended a film called UP – so naturally I called in to see if they had it in stock…

01M06I came put of the shopping centre with ‘The Expendables 3’, ‘All Creatures Great and Small full series’ and ‘Grudge Match’.

Then walked to Marks and Sparks to see if they had any headphones. They didn’t.

I continued on me walk to town in the drizzle, and noticed outside the 24hour McDonald’s was a street artists looking rather glum poor devil. He’d been working making a dog and cat entwined representation in sand and the rain had ruined it. Felt so sorry for him I gave him a quid anyway.

01M07I poddled up exchange walk, not easy with the crowds motorbility scooters, Big issue sellers and people on pushbikes… and got to the top eventually without injury and took a photo of the Winter Wonderland stalls, with all the happy cheerful friendly people (Lie detected!)

The background of the old Prudential building looked grand against the skyline.

I limped up and caught a bus back to Carrington and the flea-pit.


01M08Had to sort me medication dose pots anew.

All colour coded mind… good stuff yer know. Took me flipping ages to do.

Laptop started, had me nosh while I waited for it to start…

Blow me no internet connection again… bloody BT! So much for them convincing me to go on fibre and how it will be faster more reliable… and they said no extra cost, then the prices went up after I’d been on it for 1 week! It’s the French yer know, they own it… I think?

It came on after a few resets and rebooting the latop… Huh!

Set about finishing this Diary, then did some facebooking and blog reading.

TTFN all…

Inchcock Today: Monday 27th October 2014



Monday 27th October 2014

I woke at around 0230hrs, read a bit of me book and managed to nod off again while doing so. Unusual that!

Sprang awake again at 0315hrs and remembered it is my day for posting to the League of Mental Men site.


So I had to gerrup smartish to get em done and posted because I really must get to the Queens Medical hospital for me tests early as I can to avoid the crush and rush of last Monday when I went latish.

Laptop seemed to working okay this morning, slow but working and after a bit of kerfuffle Coreldraw let me in. So I did my weekly diary first cause that is the longest.

Got carried away with it and realised I was late go out early for the bus to town as it was drizzling.

I ran (Ran, did I say ran? Slight exaggeration there methinks) up to do me prettifying and tend to the bleeding ‘Inch’.

Made sure I’d got the stuff for the Hospice shop, bus-pass camera etc.

Limped rapidly, (that’s more the wording!) to the bus stop. Felt such a fool when I tried to get on and use me bus-pass Tsk! The driver pointed out that I was too early to use it!

Confused a mite I got off the bus somewhat red-faced.

I then realised I had in fact yesterday not put me wall clock that fell off the wall back an hour! Hey-ho.

0102Limped rapidly as I could into town and caught a bus to the Queens Medical Centre where I noticed they had hoisted a new English and NHS flag at the entrance to the premises from the Derby Road entrance. and a bloke must have been suicidal as he looked at more than the traffic?

I wonder just what the inimitable 0103arapacious predatory David Cameron would have to say about that folks.

I hobbled into the waiting area, well full it were, took a ticket and waited me turn like a good little boy should.

When I got in there was a trainee nurse who asked if she could do me. Well, the answers that came to mind had to stopped from coming out in me voice like if yer know worra mean. I said “Yes please” but she was so nervous she didn’t catch me innuendo.

0102aShe decided to take the scenic route into me vein bless her.

I left the nurses their nibbles said me farewells and went off to catch a bus back to town – not as easy as it sounds as it turned out.

When the first one arrived, i picked me bags up and the handle on one parted company with the rest of the bag. By the time I’d sorted it out the bus was long gone.

The next one which I didn’t want pulled up, and the one that came behind that one, which I did want drove straight passed it.

The third one pulled up a little far down the road, and I only just limped to it in time!

0103It dropped us off at Broad Marsh Centre, where I had hopped to get a couple of ready meals, but Heron had nowt in I fancied, but I foolishly bought some iced suckers, that by the time I got home was liquid. (Wotta clot I am).

Then I meandered on me limping way through the Centre and espied a DVD shop lurking in the mall. (Fatal for me bank account that!).

I had a look and found the new New Tricks DVD was in so decided to treat missen again – when I reached into me back pocket for the £20 note, which is what the DVD cost to pay em – I realised I’d left that £2o note in the bathroom when I changed trousers. Good job I’d got me cash card with me… or was it?

0104I was about to take a photo of some pigeons in the slab square and a female community officer came into view and she was staggering about a bit – drunk, drugged or in trouble I thought – better go and ask her if she’s alright… but another CPO arrived before I could get to her. So I left em to it like.

Plodded on a bit more towards the bus stop in the City centre and failed to resist going in the pound Shop to get a few extra bits for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop to add to the bits in me bag.

0105As I got to the top of Kings Street the traffic was at a standstill, with a Private Hire car parked right across the pedestrian crossing. I didn’t say, the driver had a beard a scowling expression on his face and looked like a big un to me.

Being a natural born coward I walked on and caught the bus to Sherwood.

0106Dropped off and left me stuff for em.

As I was walking back to Carrington (painfully) I spotted the alcoholic mobility scooter driver belting over road at the traffic light.

By the time I’d got me camera out they had long gone on their journey to  the pub, bless em.

Jealous? Me?

Poddled back to the crumbling shack, urgent visit to the WC. Laptop started, cuppa made, medications taken, ‘Inch’ tended to and updated this non-fascinating load of… oh someone at the door.

No hearing aids in, I think they were Jehovah Witnesses. I see plenty of them lately all around town in groups waving their pamphlets.

JaneyoAh well, I’ll post this then have a quick flurry on the web, facebook check me emails and get summat to eat.

Oh I forgot, Sister Jane got in touch, she’s got to have some x-rays, I emailed her and said if it was not on Monday or Tuesday I can go with her like, keep her pecker up a bit. She’s not keen on hospitals bless her cotton socks.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Friday 10th October 2014



St John’s graveyard

Woke a few times with stomach/lower abdominal pains.

At around 0400hrs I woke again, and set about trying o read me book thinking that would send me off again.

0510hrs: Many chapters later, I felt the warm wet sensation around me ‘Inch’ – but it was not as bad as I thought. So I cleaned myself up and put the cream on.


Walk into Sherwood

Came down about 0600hrs and started the laptop, made a cuppa and took me morning medications. Took some stuff out to the bin, and got the stuff i tried to deliver to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop yesterday in the bag for another try today. Added a few bits to it.

Did some blogging and graphics for facebook.

Went up to beautify missen, and then set off on me walk to Sherwood, going passed St John’s graveyard… St John’s foetus covered graveyard.

Onto Mansfield Road and down then up the hill to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop. It was still closed?

I decided to take the stuff to the Age Concern shop in town, thus I caught a bus.

It was busy in town, I suppose being a Friday I should have expected it.

I espied a poster for the Contemporary Gallery in town, telling of a BBC  special  show about the First World War – and thought yes, I’ll have some of that thank you.


Milton Street busy

I was going to walk through Milton Street, but the crowds were very thick, so walked to the Age Concern the long way around to avoid them.

Managing to avoid the mobility scooter drivers en route. I’m sure they must get bonus points for scaring or running into people yer know?

I hoped to take some pictures of the exhibition and was really looking forward to it too.


Puzzled youth

At this point, I’d like to point out and explain about me camera situation for you all. The Oldie Olympus is still working, but tends to turn itself off when it feels like it? But the screen is developing black patches and is becoming difficult to view.

I bought a Cannon camera which I really liked a lot, it was easy to use and download to the laptop.

Then I had me last burglary. I didn’t use it for a while then couldn’t find it anywhere and thought it had been taken with the other bits.

So, I went and got conned by the kind chap a Jessops Photography shop into buying a Sony camera I didn’t really feel comfortable with, and I had to get Pete me brother in law to assemble the ‘free’ case wot cum with it and show me some pointers on how it worked.

Yesterday I found the ‘new’ Canon camera and am tickled pink. So I used it today, apart from the disinfectant and cake photo that is, for that I used the old Olympus.

I’ve done a search a few minutes ago to try and find the new Canon camera… not to worry, I must have put it somewhere safe…


The mystery of the disappearing Poppy’s?

Then I poddled up Bridlesmith Gate and out to the Gallery, who had a sign outside 0509about the BBC exhibition… and another in the foyer area… then I saw this sign!

Ah well…

Off to the cheapo 99p shop in Broad Marsh. (Limping now)

There were very few people in the centre for a Friday, and the 99p shop shelves looked decidedly bare to me?

Took a photo, that cheered up the staff who descended upon me!

Still, I got a 2.5 litre Lavender disinfectant and a pack of ten Chocolate biscuits/cakes for 99p each. I got the cakes for the nurses at the QMC yer know. I might try one myself later.

A steady walk down the centre and up into town, stopping to listen to the Sax player and throw a bit into his collection box.


The Lord Mayors Jaguar

Took a photo of the Lord Mayors Jaguar, parked where in 2010 I was given a parking ticket when I was responding to an alarm activation when I was working in security. (Huh, blow and Tsk!)

Then up King Street, and while there were not many folk around I took a photo of Brian Clough’s statue.

Caught the bus to Carrington, and limped to the hovel, well tired and aching again.


Brian’s statue and Wot I bought

Updated this tosh, made a cuppa, and set alarm to remind me to take the penicillin capsule later.

I must remember to text sister Jane to see if it is alright for me to visit them in them tomorrow.

Tried to do some graphics, but Coreldraw9 kept freezing… oh dear… is this the end?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGot text back from Jane. Can’t visit them they are having flu jabs in the morning then going to meal in afternoon. Ah well can’t be helped.

Hello, yobs kurking in the middle of the street again.

Ah, they’ve moved on thank heavens.