Inchcock: Thursday 17th November 2022

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03:15hrs: I woke, wee-wee’d, and went to sort the waste bags… and realised how confused I was this morning.
milling-about in the brain were a few concerns that took priority in the fretting stakes: Will the Easy-Link be calling at 09:30hrs, as I wrote in the Google calendar? Did I put in on the right day? How easily the mode comes to one! This, I think, was because they usually ring me to confirm the day before – but, of course, I was out yesterday at the quacks, so so not know if they tried or not. Indicating to my perilously inept mind that perhaps I got the day wrong… or did I? Ah, it was Esther who called for me to book the lifts, wasn’t it? Yes, they should be coming today… He says…

I got the blog updating done and posted Tuesdays off to WordPress. Took me a few hours, but I got there. I was going to get a brew of LGengettie. But, I  thought I’d have time to get the done before Carer Richard arrived. I rushed doing them, so I hope I got it all right.
No time for me to worry about this big increase up to the Hypertension – Zone Two, Red area.

As I said, it may have been me rushing so much, and I made a cock-up somewhere along the line? I hope!

I’ve still got to get the ablutions done, and I have yet to make a brew of Glengettie.


I went into the kitchen, taking last night’s plate tray and cutlery to wash and get the kettle on. Having my hand on the tray and the other on the walking stick, I popped the things in the sink and ran the hot tap, then turned to put the light on… Flash,  flicker… it was blinding! I can tell you that was not impressed, and all but had me on the floor, but I turned off the presumably dying tube in time.
I was virtually blinded. (Obviously, it was still dark at the time!) So, I needed a brew made, and got the wind-up torch and made the tea using that to see by. Took the brew and went back to the computer.

I Pinterested some photographs from yesterday, and I finished off the Ode for today’s blog and graphicalised it.

I’ll have to get the ablutions done and be quick about it; good job Richard was running late.

THREE! Took the mug back into the kitchen, remembering not to turn on the light and take the torch with me, and I temporarily, very temporarily, a .
I’d left the hot tap running again! !!!
Now I was in trouble! How do I get a shave and wash using boiled hot water from the saucepans and kettle… more seriously; is how do I carry them with the walking stick and no lights on in the kitchen? Will let me see enough to do it?
Mayhap the will cause me to lose my grip, or as he has been known on many occasions, not allow me to let go of things?  What do I do if get an And; where do I stick the torch, then? No! Don’t say that! Hehehe! It was getting lighter now, so soon I’ll be able to get on with the ablutions.

Came in while I was filling the two saucepans with cold. He turned the light on, but I was too slow to stop him. Hahaha! I related my Whoopsiedangleplops of the morning to him.
Richard got the medications sorted, then showed his concern and compassion by ringing Nottingham City Homes for me about the light. He pointed out the dangers of another night trying to cook in a dark kitchen. He told me when he’d done that, I was to call them straight away when I got back from the appointment and ask for a visit. 
The lad even wrote this on the back of the whiteboard and left it on the Carers table, where I’d be bound to see it.
We spent a while, deep in conversation, but Richard had to go; it was his last shift of the rota. The lad looked tired. He has not recovered-fully himself yet. Gave him some treats on his way.
I have a semi-warm wash, in water, provided by Richard to the wet room sink. But I just didn’t think I’d have the time for a shave, just a good stand-up as best I could. Then checked everything was safe in the flat, got dressed, and completed the checklist consulted… Then checked everything was safe in the flat! . Finally, escaped the flat… but was earlier than I realised.

Out into the floor lobby with the trolley and into the lift (elevator).
On the way down, I had a moment of real uncertainty; Had I locked the flat door?
But then turned to wonder if I’ll get down in time for the lift. My thoughts were flighty this morning, now.
Checked the time on my quality £8 bought off of Bulwell Market watch. Ah, plenty of time yet!
I tried to read the electronic news board outside the lift. But no, even as big as the letters were, the eyes couldn’t decipher what they said. I think the flashing kitchen lights this morning may have had some effect. (It did!)
After all that faffing about and fretting, I’d still got half an hour to spare before the Easy-Link bus was due to arrive at Winwood Heights Prison… No, no, no, Flats. I got the crossword book out and had a go at it.

I even managed to get a few solutions in.

The minibus arrived at 09:35hrs. T’was a nice driver, who likes a natter at times, which suited me, other than I could not hear much of what she was saying to me. We arrived at the clinic dead on time. I was a little late by the time I found the right room to go to. No details to mention other than it went very well.
I departed out into the pouring rain. (Again! Every time I go to Bulwell, it seems to rain)
I tried to use steer the walker-guide trolley with one hand and hold an umbrella with the other. Not successful at all. It was too windy with it! No control over the movement of the guide with one hand. The rain hit me smack in the face. Within minutes, the shoes had acquired enough water to fill a small goldfish tank.
Taking the photos was risky; there was no way to avoid the rain.
Well, other than to dive into a shop. Hehe! Which I did; the first one was the B&M store. I got some different drinks there for the carers and nurses. Along with BBQ sauce, they only had one to pick from, a large Heinz one, for £3 . Some chocolates for Christmas gifts. Plain caramelised and shortcake biscuits (For me, me, me!, Hehe!). Oh, and some nuts.

Paid my dues, and outside, got soaked, and ducked into the Heron Food Store. where more bank-manager-worrying transactions took place. Vegetarian sausages, vegan pie, cakes and chocolates for the treats shelf. Kitchen towels, three different brands of BBQ sauce, and three cans of ready-mixed drinks I’d never heard of. Got the last two cans of Martini & Passion Fruit, which sounded posh, and the last one of Vodka Raspberry & Rhubarb. So, there’ll be no more on offer, folks. Come over and see me! Hahaha!

Off to the Wilko Store to see if they had any cooking tongues. I was wet and tired by then. The store is massive, and finding things took me yonks. Eventually, I found the right section, and they just had one type on sale. I was pretty sure that they were £1.99 last year when I bought them. Now they are £3, identical to the others.
I was on the way trying to find out where the checkouts were, and I spotted the pet food shelves. Had a look at the bird food, and I bought a large packet; they were not a bad price at all, I thought, at £1.75. (I got them home and found it was Rat Food!) Still, it feels small enough for the birds to eat it?
Later I searched the web for a photo of these to save me from taking out the Lumix that was low on battery power and charging up.

Guess what; this picture was from last month; it said October 15th. A hike of 50p a pack! As I said, I hope the birds can feed on it?

Found the checkout and paid the lady. Then I went to the cobbler’s stall that Richard told me about; to ask the price of watch batteries. The leery smart-alecky manager stood there with his hands on his hips and answered with a smirk when I asked him: “Well, that depends if you mean for a Rolex or (some other name I didn’t recognise). They can cost hundreds of…” I rudely interrupted him, “That depends if you charge extra for the sarcasm and your snotty attitude – adding quickly – My watches are cheap rubbish £8 ones from the Market Stall… Sorry to bother you!” And I almost proudly walked away, no idea if he said anything, I couldn’t hear him if he did, and didn’t look back either (He was a big lad! – Hehe!) Smart Alec, smug Git! – Is what I really wanted to say, but being a natural-born coward, I didn’t!

I realised I had to make my way back to the Medical Centre in the rain, so ambled alongside the river Leen, passing the yobboes-delight free-scooter base.
Last Friday, there were nine Escooters in the racking. I was surprised with the weather that so many had been used… or were they stolen, mayhap? Just a thought!

I got back to the centre with plenty of time to spare to catch the minibus when it did arrive. I thought I’d have another go at the crossword book. But after looking through the three bags of stuff I had and couldn’t find it, I decided not to. If I dug into them, the rainwater would spread over everything even more than it had. Did you see that? A moment of clarity if thought that made sense.

I read some of the labels on the stuff on top of the bags.
Were you aware that Lotus Biscoff Caramelised Biscuits contain Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil (palm oil from sustainable and certified plantations, rapeseed oil), candy sugar syrup, raising agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate), soy flour, salt, and cinnamon? Haha!

The mini-bus with the same lady driver (I think?) arrived spot on time. We managed a little nattering en route. The traffic was horrendous. The gal dropped me off as I asked her to, and the Winchester Block, so I could try to get in touch with ILC, Night Club Bouncer, Trapeze artist, and jolly good egg, Obersturmbannführeress Deana. I met Esther as I went in. She told me that the ILCs (Independent Living Coordinators) and the Big Brass were having a Pow-Wow.
acci-whoop So that was the end of my hopes to ask for help with arranging a lift for the hospital and surgery, one for next week, the other for January at the Nuthall Brain Disorder Hospital. And, with understanding the eight double-sided A4 pages of instructions, the three guide booklets are too small in print for me to read. Oh, and I was going to ask her to ring Maintenance, as they told Richard this morning for me to tell them I got backHey-Ho!
Esther came up with me to the flat. She kindly rang the maintenance people. Here she is, giving me the dagger looks. Hehehe! The lady on the phone told Esther they would be here within 24 hours. That could be difficult for me. Having to get anything done like cooking or cleaning in the darkness, using a torch. But it can’t be helped. Thanks to Esther. Anyway, they may call earlier.
She asked if I wanted my laundry done today. I said no thanks, do it whenever you want to. Then explained that she digs into everything all the time, and I did not want her to find things that I’d got her for Christmas. Good that? But it’s true.

I started to unpack and store away the purchases. Those in this photo: The Skinny treats are for the ILCs, and any left for the Carers treat stand.
The caramelised biscuits and Haribo Marshmallows are for the good-looking, young, handsome beast known as Inchie, Inchcock or Gerry. Hehehe!
Definitely just for the old man these are. The new Wilko tongues are next to the old ones that have started to fall to pieces (the red plastic bits fell off).
To the right, some bargain-priced shortcake biscuits I bought to share, and I tried one myself. Too sweet for me, though.
Aha, now I’ve got a few bottles of BBQ sauce. The Crucial ones were very cheap, but you never know, I might like them.
The Heinz and Hellmans (So pricey, but nice!) I’ve had them before, and they are tasty enough for me. I do love BBQ sauce if they are not too strong.
I was going to get something to eat before the darkness fell. But, No! I got into updating this blog, and the rest of the world did not exist for the next six hours. I was frustrated and embarrassed, I was making so many errors grammatically, and the most common of words kept hiding behind that witch .
I did get a little with things but just pressed on, hoping for the best. Even as my energy sank, & tiredness loomed.

acci-whoop Eventually, I realised that getting soaked to the skin earlier had not done me a lot of good. A sore throat was developing, and I was occasionally having little shivers running through me.
I got a warm hat on and took a Codeine 30g and Paracetamol. The eyes were worse than ever then, which slowed me down even more on the blogging! and

Ooh, the legs have suddenly gone all cold? But why? I’m not sure. Hello, on the move now!
So I got the thick bobble cap and jammie bottoms on and the trews off. Brrr! No, that’s not worked. So, being the cunningly clever person I am, I got the thick dressing gown out of the laundry bag and got that on, with a jumper underneath it. Blimey, it’s gone cold… or I have. Haha!

I don’t know what’s going on here; now, the hurtful flaming on the right foot is suddenly giving me pain. No either? It just kicked off while I was sitting here on the computer.
All a part of the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodemons, apparitions, and other grotesqueries that haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchcock; to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare. worry and confuse me, I  suppose.

The rain is still coming down out there. I took this photo when I was taking a rest from the computer and making a mug of Thompson’s Punjana tea. The rain stopped for a bit minutes later. I got the mug of Punjana tea made, then returned to the computer to press on with this blog. But not for long. I got the urge to go ing. I just had to check the kitchen again since I tried the hot water tap, and it was warming up nicely; the fear of leaving it running forced me to check. All okay this time.
The change in the view from ten minutes ago was . I’d still got the camera in my pocket, so took this shot of the blueish scene on view.

The Carer arrived. It was a new starter, a young man, who introduced himself as Ty. Who got the medications sorted out. He was a little serious, but that is perfectly understandable, reasonable, indeed, almost inevitable for a new starter on his first day on the job.
I think he’ll be alright. Hope he is and stays. He did not take the waste bag with him, but then I forgot to ask him to; that’s fair enough to me.

Somehow, after being up for seventeen hours, getting soaked to the skin, spending money like it was going out of fashion, and now shivering and so tired, and not having eaten anything, I was not doing badly. But the blogging I used to love so much is almost becoming a burden. Especially at times like this, where I’ve had two medical appointments in a row, can only result in more lack of sleep, and mistakes being made, and losing even more time cocking up the amendments I’ve made. And probably getting the correction wrong as well. So very .

Then, I had a lump of good luck! Oh, Yes, Sirree! Grrreat.
sounded, and the Electrician from Nottingham City Homes Maintenance came in. I thought I’d seen him before; in fact, I was pretty certain it was this chap who had changed the neon tube in the kitchen about a year ago. And here he was back again.
And as it turned out, I was right! Yes, Me, Right! .
He said he remembered me when the job came in. He was going off shift, but thought, being as it was for me, he called to do the job. That was so nice of him!
He got the tube changed in no time. I asked him to take a treat from the selection on show.
I thought it nice that he said he’d take his wife a Strawberry Daiquiri to treat her tonight. Nice touch!
Well done, mate!.
Back to the slog, updating this blog.
And it was gone midnight by the time I’d done it, and ready for the 215th grammar checking!

Then that the kicked off. Around and around! I had no chance of getting things sorted out then, so they’ll have to wait until mind-boggling thoughts have ceased.
I went to make a brew, being as I can now see what I’m doing again now the lights have been replaced.
I took this shot of the morning view from the kitchen window while waiting for the kettle to boil and the to pack up! In which I had a bit of luck…

I trapped the burnt index in the window when closing it. Which was most painful (I can’t understand why this particular wound hurts so much – worse than any of the others did?) But it seemed to kill off the darned , Grrreat!

It’s no good. I’ll have to get this sorted later; I’m all in.
See you in the morning… Oh, it is the morning…
I’ll get summat to eat and get my head down.


Inchcock Today: Friday 14th October 2022

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Who do you think they are?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

02:40hrs: I rose full of determination, willpower and commitment to get yesterday’s blog updated and posted puff in record time!
CorelDrawing, Photo Recovery, Excel, Word for the Ode, and back to CorelDraw. Posted the blog and finally found time to get the ablutioning done! Oh, better get the Health Checks done first… Two in the green zone again; it’s looking good! Body temperature is still low, though.

I took these three-morning shots from the kitchenette window as I checked for running taps etc.

Got the clobber I needed to change into after the sh… shave & shower. And, off the wet room.

This session was possibly, mayhap, could have been, was in the running for, very possibly, conceivably, in all likelihood, mayhap, ostensibly, putatively,  very likely, one of the best, easiest, least  Accifauxpa and Whoopsiedangleplop affected visits for months! Oh, yes! A delight from start to finish.

The medicationalisationing went well too! I left to get dressed. A  ! Then…
I cracked my right shoulder against the wet room door frame. Even as began to perform, I merely laughed it off.

By gum, the legs looked so good that I took a photo of them. You never know; the Tate or the Nottingham Art galleries may wish to buy a copy? Hehehe!

06:50hrs now. The Carer is likely to be due soon.
I put the mobile, ailment ID’s wristlets, watch, hearing aids batteries and Spare and sunglasses on the Carer’s table. So as not to forget to take them with me. Got the kettle on for a brew of Co-op 99 tea.

Gathered the things needed from the table and then got them in my jacket pockets and the walker-guide basket. Got the items ready for departure.

Then Carried checks. A good job that I’d given myself plenty of time cause they were persistently double-checked.
We all know who to thank for this. (Photo on the right!)

I arrived in the ground floor lobby with plenty of time to spare. The ETA given to me by the lady at Easy-Link was for 10:20hrs,

By 1035hrs, it had not arrived.

So, I moved into the outer lobby, which offered me a better view for me while waiting.

Around 10:40hrs, I spotted the mini-bus coming along Citrus Way, and it turned around at the end of the road and stopped to pick me up.
I realised then; that we could not get to the Riverside complex in time for the start of the meeting session.

There is always something for and at every Diabetes session that goes wrong! I seem fated with this place! The first meeting was the only one I’d arrived at on time. And since then, the other seven meetings have had hassle! Not in order, but; Late arrivals, Meeting dates were being changed mid-way through. So ensured, I got in a mess with changing the dates and asking Deana to change the bookings with Easy-Link; Meaning I went to one session when it wasn’t on – Missed another altogether – Then they changed the starting time of another meeting, and I ended up stuck in Bulwell for an extra hour & a half because the Easy-Link timing was not changed – Spent a fortune on shopping – Got soaking, sodden wet through, carrier bags, shoes and me dripping wet when the bus arrived – There were events, but I can’t remember them all.
Now today’s arrival was going to be late… Guaranteed to be late when we arrived at Basford. Roadworks traffic was at a standstill at the traffic lights. This was not the driver’s fault; even if he had arrived at the flats on time, we’d still have been late.
So, when the man dropped me off at the Riverside complex, the meeting lasted for fifteen minutes. I decided to forget about going into the room and disturbing everyone. Having missed so much already, what was the point? Feeling pretty pee’d-off now! I wonder if things will ever go right for me again? Fool! What are you saying!

I decided to walk slowly around Bulwell until it was time to go back for the pick-up. Another near-fatal more for the bank account! Fancy letting me free amongst shops and having the bank card with me? Humph!+.
During the hour-and-a-half I was meandering and spending money, I saw no less than four police vehicles arrive in the Bulwell Market area. Three were to collect shop-lifters, the other for a fight taking place between two women on Commercial Road.

That is the road that has closed the Boots store, Cheap food shop, record store, Farmfoods shop, hairdressers, Brighthouse and even a charity outlet! And others as well!

Main Street is heading the same way as Commercial Street. This area too has many closed-down businesses.
Sad to this, it used to be a great shopping area, with little things that could not be purchased in the vicinity.
Three banks closed. Cash-Savers, Beer-off, hairdressers, Two pubs, a Travel agent, Hardware stores, and Heron food shops, among them. So sad!
I spotted a Liberty-Global Virgin Media power unit that had been blocked off Main Street. Somehow, I was not surprised in the least to see this.
A little message in there for the boss of Liberty-Global, Mr Fries, who bought Virgin Media and is in the

process of totally destroying its good name, Mr ($23.6m salaried) Fries. The smoke & mirrors, money manipulator, con man, number crunching chap, who I admire so! No wonder the Virgin internet signal is so crap!

Where was I? Oh, yes… I shopped at the B&M store, then went into the Heron shop. Then as I was window shopping, yes, some of them were still trading; I had a massive Blank. When I came back to hear normality, I was in the Bulwell Market area with a bag of birdseed in the walker basket? I took this photo of the spot where I regained the memory (Sort-off). I didn’t actually regain any memory of the lost period as such. For instance, where I got the birdseed from will have to remain a mystery.
I made use of the bird food; by going to the River Leen and feeding the ducks and birds. Had a chinwag with them, of course. Which attracted some funny looks from those nearby… I can’t understand why?

I hobbled, slightly confused, back to the Riverside Complex and sat inside the car park entrance to await the Easy-Link pick-up. We were soon back at the flats, and I managed to cheer the same driver up with an offer of the can or bottle of his choice. (A Gin & Lime can chose, a smile produced, and a thank you, in the knowledge that he will enjoy that tonight)

I got into the flat and took pictures of the view from the kitchenette window. Then put the kettle on the boil while I put away the things from the carrier bags and trolley basket.

I was surprisingly feeling so tired, and the confusion of earlier returned? I could have done without that.

I forgot all about the mug of tea brewing in the kitchen. Worryingly, I had yet another Blank. It’s difficult to explain these. I don’t know how I will explain to the doctor on Tuesday. At the moment, I think it best not to say anything about them. Not that I believe she listens anymore, anyway.
I was actually in the middle of using the Porcelain Throne duties when I returned from my second mental sojourn of the day. Hahaha!

Most outstandingly, when I went to the kitchen, I found a pan with beans in it, the oven on cooking something that looked like pork slices, and that in itself was a shock; indeed, I would not have bought meat? They must be veggie ones? Also, I found two frozen potatoes in front of the microwave. I genuinely thought I’d lost the plot! This made me more determined not to mention it to the Doctor; she’d never believe me!
I’m not sure what I did? How, why, when… What!

The tune played, and Rihanna came in. Nice to see her again; she’s such a pretty young thing. Soon had the medications sorted, and I explained about the new doses and the Pentax medicine-taking to be checked on. I felt this was not going to happen. With so many different Carers, I will forget who I have and haven’t informed. The paper note I left in the Carers folder is nowhere to be seen? We had a little natter, which was as good as medicine is to me. Treat in thanks chosen, and she took the waste bag for me as she left.

I was definitely having visits from Confusion Conrad today. I was not thinking clearly, at all. Yet, not seemingly bothered by the lapses? I felt chirpy, in fact!

I made up the perfectly cooked nosh by adding the spuds to the beans and whatever it was that looked like belly pork but definitely wasn’t tasting like it.

I ate it slowly, occasionally stopping to think what the heck it was that I’d bought. But it tasted grand, all the same. Not the meat substitute, but it was okay for me, just not what I had expected it to taste like. Hehe! I also wondered where I bought it from.
Mayhap a search of the kitchen waste bag will reveal a box; to reveal the contents of the packaging of the product I purchased? Lackaday it was not to be. For there was no such box within. There was a white plastic bag in there that was not before? I took a sniff at the inside of it… Aha! That smelt like the vegan burgers I have? Guilt appeased!

I did some safety checks around the flat and hit the sack. Got up, did some safety checks around the flat and hit the sack… I had to get up later for a wee-wee. But I resisted doing any more checks. I got down in the recliner, and am pleased to report, that I . At last!

It’s been such a strange day. 

Inchcock: Friday 30th September 2022

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


04;30hrs: I woke, but not time for  Thought Storms, self-pitying, or passing the usual wind… For the  was desperately needed, I frantically farted about and somehow made it to the Throne in time, just. The evacuation took about 30 seconds, and it was all over. Minor bleeding, but not a lot. No effort from me was needed; it was all passed in auto-mode.
Besides the regulation cuts shaving, everything went so well that it worried me. However, on leaving the wet room, I did a Master-Class Top Quality, Damned painfully . Right on the edge of the door as I was closing it! Of course, it didn’t bother me at all, being the brave, heroic sort of young man that I am. Ahem!

Off to the kitchenette to make a brew of J. Sainsbury’s Extra Strong Brown Label tea.

But the morning’s views from the window caught my good eye.
It was raining and appeared so different to what it normally is.
Out came the Lumix; I offered up a prayer that it would fail me again and took these shots. The second one was taken through the bottom portion of the window. I tried different modes from the SCN options. But didn’t do very well. Although the last one was not too bad, I’m not claiming it is good, mind you.

As I was taking the last shot, an even more urgent than the first one needed for the
. This time a totally changed mode of evacuation again! Rock hard, reluctant and bloody painful. The cracks in the ceiling counted up to 46 this visit.
I spent an hour updating the Thursday blog and a further 45 minutes putting photographs on Pinterest.

Then got the seen, starting with the temperature and Blood Pressure. Roughly the same as yesterday’s results.
The NHS site indicated that the Blood Pressure was almost down in the Amber zone. The Excel graphs have broken the run of reds, and it looks much better now!

The Body Temperature has come down nicely, too! It’s taken a while for it to tumble… but all fine now!

I checked the flat repeatedly for safely leaving, lights, oven, windows, taps, heaters etc.

Jodie arrived and got the medications sorted out for me. The regulation treats accepted. ♥

Herbert above was giving me some banging, tapping and knocking. But I knew I’d soon be going out, so it didn’t bother me so much.

Then I spotted how the weather had changed so quickly. To fog!

As it turned out, I foolishly got the Lumix out of my coat pocket to take these two pictures. The first straight ahead, and the second one of the car park below on Chestnut Walk.

Oh, I’d better get ready for the bus trip. Tried to make sure I’d got everything needed, pen, mobile, hearing-aids and batteries… but I’ll tell you now, I forgot to put the camera back in my pocket!

I got down and waited for the EasyLink bus. The lady was lovely, and we chatted, and we were soon in Riverside, Bulwell. As she dropped me off, she said the pick-up was at 15:30hrs! I was sure Deana had asked them to make it for 13:30hrs? The lady said just ring us if you want it earlier, and if we can, we will do it. Fair enough. Of course, I forgot to ask her for the number!

Up in the lift, and all the others were in the room, the meeting was starting. I gave a cheery “Good morning each”, displaying my bestest smile. Humph! No one answered.
The usual thing was that so many of us could not hear everything the tutor was saying. He just carried on in the same tone when I pointed this out.
When he was talking about the exercise details of what we need to do… I could not resist letting myself talk out: “Well, on Wednesday, my morning Carer arrived just after I’d collapsed onto the floor… I went down to get the bus that did not arrive. I went back up to the flat, took off my outer clothes, and rang Easy-Link, who told me they were due at 10:00hrs. I dashed about to get dressed again. Caught the bus to the doctor, who told me that I didn’t have an appointment today. The Doctor gave me the flu jab. I had to walk back to Sherwood. Catching the bus back up the hill, I missed the step. The driver and passengers got me back on my feet. Now, I think that was a reasonable amount of exercise, bearing in mind that I had a fight with the sock glide and lost when I got into the flat? (I kept a straight face throughout) And I got the best bout of laughter from the patients for it! Although a couple on the other side just furrowed their brows and looked confused, the educator Nathaniel’s glare should really have melted me on the spot!
The best moment of the day for me, this was!

But, of course, there were bad things on the horizon going to happen that would send me back into a Dracula Depression.

I was last to leave and made my way in the windy weather that had got up into Bulwell Market to have a delve into the shops.
Going into the shops was a mistake. A shopaholic should never risk it when he has his bank card. A financial disaster! In the B&M store, I got some drinks for the nurses, Wardens and Carers. Different ones, I like to tweak their interest. I came out of the shop with two big bags full of stuff! Babycham, cokes, disinfectant, snacks, chocolates, mini wines, and biscuits (A lot of them!)
As I turned from the checkout and the dangerously overloaded with the two bags hanging on the handles of the walker, I realised there was a min-rainstorm out there!

I was soaked to the skin in minutes. People were running into shops to escape the wind and rain, and the Market Stalls were abandoned. I got out the umbrella, and with needing both hands to control the walker-trolley in the howling wind, this was an impossibility. So I just had to get wetterer!
What could I do? So I went into the Heron Foods store. I came out with non-alcoholic drinks (I0), a Korean black bean Chilli. (I still don’t know why I did that), lemon desserts, black bags and Skinny Whips for the Carers. Came out, and the rain and wind were no better, so I took cover in the Iceland Shop. Tsk! Black bags, rice, Orange flavoured Wagon Wheels (they were for me!), Zoflora, and Party Ring biscuits.

This is where I thought I could get some smashing shots of the abandoned stalls, people running this way and that, and the atrocious weather. I got outside again, and the weather was worse than ever! The Market Place looked like a bomb site as the wind blew the emptied stalls all over. I tried to hasten back to the shelter of the Riverside Venue to get under cover, at least. But controlling the three-wheeler with all that weight on it, there was more weight now as the carrier bags filled with rainwater! Then I realised I’d forgotten to take the camera with me! Wot an Idiot!

Fighting to keep control, I walked into a massive puddle; I had no choice in the matter. The way the wind went, so did I! The shoes filled up with the cold rain. Eventually, I got into the building. And walked through to the car park entrance. Checked the time, and I still had over an hour to wait for the Easy-Link bus to arrive.

The waiting area inside had these massive automatic sliding doors for exit and ingress. The rain and wind continued! And those sliding doors never stopped opening and closing, even when no one was near them. I was chilled to the bone, wet and miserable.

Also, when I got the crossword book out to have a go at during my marathon wait for the lift, it was soaked through. Not surprising, really. But it did annoy me a bit.

When the minibus arrived, and the driver chap came in, boy was I happy! I could have kissed him, but didn’t! He was not a natural natterer, so a silent journey, apart from me talking. But, he cheered up when we got back to the flats. When I gave him a choice of drinkies from the trolley bag.

All I wanted to do, was to get a mug of tea and dried off. BUT NO!
There in the foyer, hands on her hips and looking threatening was Warden Julie. “They’re waiting for you in the salon, you’ve got yer feet appointed, and that was for over an hour ago!”
I couldn’t argue or even bother to explain the reason for my being late; I was drained and very damp. She kindly frog-marched to the salon. Not really, but it sounded good, dinnit? Just walked with the dripping trolley and soaked all over in the squelching shoes as fast as I could to the salon.
I don’t think the nail-cutter was very happy at having to stay on longer to do me. I did explain to her why I was late, but it didn’t raise a smile, get me out of her hatred zone, or even get any comment after telling her.
She did speak to me after cutting two of my toes. She only nobbled one last time? She told me I  now had two ingrowing toenails. From start to finish, she did the job in less than five minutes? I was certainly in pain from the normal toenails she cut; the last toe that she cut; made me jump. I said a naughty word! Shame!
Usually, I offer them a drinkie, but the cans were in the water in the carrier bags, and I didn’t know which one anyway. I’ll take some down for them next week. Paid the £25 demanded, with my last £30. Telling the lady at the desk, who owns the salon, about how I struggle to find pound coins to pay the Easy-Link with, and she gave me Five coins instead of a fiver. x

Got back into the flat at long last. Got the wet clothes off, drained the carrier bags, and sorted out the purchases bought.
Disinfectants wot I got. The Fabulosa washing scent stuff stunk awful to me, but the Carer loved it?

Ah, the treats here, each and every one a new variety. No, they are!

I can’t understand why I bought those Mexican beans in chilli? They’re bound to be too hot for me! That Dairy-Free spread looks worth a try.

Chestnut mushrooms. Sausages for Richard on Monday, and I’m looking forward to trying that Korean BBQ-flavoured rice. I’ll ask Richard to help me break them up.
I got on the computer about six hours ago, and am still on it doing this blog, now. Apart from when Sam (I think) called. Some names I can remember… but not many. Got me sorted and chose one of the new drinkies and a Chunky White Milky Bar for nibbles in thanks.

I pressed on until I started getting the shivers, obviously, from getting soaked through earlier.
I shall get something to eat and call it quits. I’ll have to finish this in the morning… There’s a thought, I hope I get a Carer, it’s Saturday innit tomorrow.
Back in the morning… I hope!

A sad meal was made up. A veggie burger on three uncut sliced cobs, and I sliced up some of Jenny’s donated tomatoes. ♥ And a banana for afters. Not the best looking or appetizing meals I’ve done, but I was in pain and so weary. The Taste-Rating of 3.5/10. But most likely, this low score was due to my state of Health. I can’t smell things very well now with the cold coming on. I’m still shivering cold, sniffling, stabbing away at me, and the feet are so painful, it’s hard to believe! To counter the discomfort, I took an extra Codeine and a Hemp capsule. Sleep will help as much as anything, I think. After the care calls, I’ll get myself settled in the second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-producing, smell-retaining, gungy beige coloured, none-working, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, c1968 recliner, and if it’s not on, turn on the TV, in hopes that it will help me get to sleep. It normally does; I’ll nod off when the commercials come on screen.

Ad KI was checking the SD file before turning off the computer, and I found the one on the left was on the SD card.

The Mystery Photo of the Month?

I know what I think it might have just been, but that would have been a physical impossibility. Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject? Obviously, a shot was taken by mistake?

18:25hrs: Jodie, I think it was, but you never know for sure – Well, I don’t anyway! Sad, innit? I was watching an episode of ‘Heartbeat’ at the time she arrived, and I was almost dropping off. Hehehe!
Got the tablets issued. The Carer put my socks on… not on herself, on me. Hehe! I think I’ve made a mess of this? Might have been Sam? We had a chat then, she chose some treats, and she took the waste bag to the chute on her way out.

I settled to watch the second episode of Heartbeat. During which I estimate I nodded off about eight or nine times. Ruined the viewing.
The next time I woke up was about an hour later.
I turned off the TV, assured now that I would soon be in the Land of Nod within minutes, which I was!

, I bounded back awake, convinced I’d left the hot water tap running! I rose painfully onto my feet. The feet and toes were giving me some bother and a half!
mainly. The knees seemed to have given way to the new Unguis incarnates pains. Off into the kitchenette, no tap running, then I went into the wet room to check there and shoulder-charged the doorframe going in. This got going; the toes were getting worse, and
after all that, the hot tap was not running.
Not that that was the end of the little mental pandemonium known as , Oh, no!
Back in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety recliner, without the slightest chance of nodding off again, due to the hurting and activities of !
But nothing could stop the Thought Storms from raging into life. This triggered the . As far as recall, I got up to check the fridge and freezer doors, and the oven had not been left on, and then if the front door had been locked.

Each trip was making the toes more painful! Thus even less chance of dropping off to sleep now!
I elapid there, train to think of something I could concentrate on to avoid the Thought Storm messages. I made a story up, a comedy, with relative to me failures and Whoopsiedangleplops on it. The feet were now getting the attention of Colin Cramps!
I think I might have been about to fall asleep, for the Thought Storms had gone offline in my brain. And I started sneezing hard and often. Of course, this set off , and I gave up any hopes of sleep, all together. I dare not take any more painkillers today… or yesterday as it is now.

Not one of my betterer days!

Inchcock Today – Fri 19 Oct 2018: Sorry, it’s a long one, burrit wus a busy day! Plenty of Nottinghamian piccies, though!


Friday 19th October 2018

Welsh: Dydd Gwener 19 Hydref 2018

0005hrs: Woke, thought for a moment about the laundry needing to be done, passed-wind and fell back to sleep.

0025hrs: Stirred again, somniferously.

WD 166.3.85 The right eyelid was sticking closed again and had to be gently eased and prised into opening up.

I wiggled in the £300 second-hand recliner, to see if the rear-end repair procedure was hurting or bleeding. There was some itching, but this was to be expected. Good result, I could sense no discomfiture at all. Feeling good! My thanks and appreciation to the medics!

For once, and rare for me, I felt I’d like to stay laying there for a while, and let the grey-cells ponder to their heart’s content. But, the need for a wee-wee arrived. Oy Vay!

I disconnected my body, with its obesely potbellied short torso and fluid-filled legs and dangly arms from the now working recliner again, and off to the wet room. Sept19c

WD 166.3.85 I found a few of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles on the floor and three live ones.

I sprayed some of the Bug Killer around. Had a wash of the dandies, and went to check the other rooms for the infestationing weevils.

Sept24The spare room’s unwanted light and view-blocking new windows with the holes in the plastering from installation was inundated with all dead weevils the full length of the inner ledge.

WD 166.3.85 The kitchen had a lot of dead weevils that will need hoovering up later when the noise will not disturb any of my neighbours.

I got the Health Checks done, the sphygmomanometer working first time this morning.


The Sys, Dia and Pulse all up a bit again compared to yesterday’s AM checks.

Made a brew and took the medications. Then, back to the wet room and Porcelain Throne for evacuational duties. Which turned out to be almost enjoyable, pain-free, blood free and not as loose as it has been. Now I’m worried… I always am when something goes right for me… it’s unnatural. Hehe!

5Fri001Washing afterwards, I could not help but notice the bouncing flesh around my ample midriff. And to think that in January, I wanted to lose 10 pounds this year. Ah, well, only 18 to go!

Back in the kitchen to make another brew, and the moon was seeable for once. None of the usual mist was concealing it, so I took this photograph on the right.

Started the computer, only to find that the Liberty-global Virgin Media Internet was not allowing me access to anything.


Annoyed, I closed down the Firefox and tried to open Google, the same thing. Tried Firefox again, and hey-presto, it worked?

I found my scribbled reminder hanging on top of the computer screen, about going up to Gaynor’s flat to take some photographs, after 1030hrs this morning. Kind of her to let me, bless her cotton socks.

Updated this blog up to here, then went on to update yesterday’s post and get it sent off. All finished now. Onto the WordPress Reader section.

The TFZer Facebooking to add pictures and a read. Spent hours doing this, enjoyed it mind!

WD 166.3.85 Ablutions tended to, and I got the meat in the bag with the other things and went on a farcical absurd mystery trip on the elevator to go up one level to the 13th floor to drop of the pork at Roy’s place. Here’s how it went:

  • Got in the cage, pressed button 13…
  • The lift went down to the 6th floor, where a chap got in.
  • Then down to the 4th floor – there was nobody waiting to get on?
  • Then down to the Ground floor. The man alighted, and I pressed the 13th-floor button again…
  • The cage went up to the 14th floor – nobody was waiting to get on?
  • Then, at last, it went down to the 13th floor! Oy Vey!

WD 166.3.85 No one was in at Roy’s. Back to my own ramshackle flat on the 12th, to change my hearing aid batteries that had both died a sudden death.

WD 166.3.85 Out again and into the ghost-lift. Pressed for the 15th floor, and it stopped at the 14th floor, and there was no one waiting to get in. Doors closed and I arrived on the 15th floor. I will hand the pork to Cyndy and Eric, cause I know it will not be wasted with Eric liking pork a lot. There was no one in! Humph!

Back to my own Weevil infested flea-pit. One of the plastic mould tubes and got blocked with ear-wax and needed clearing, which I did. I had aimed to arrive at Gaynor’s flat for 1030hrs, but it was already gone that. On the way out, my next door neighbour came out to take her bag to the recycling. I took it with me for her as I was going that way.

WD 166.3.85 I got a bit confused then, and went down to the ground floor instead of up to the 15th! Still, I dropped off the recycling bag in the big bin, then back up once again to Gaynor’s apartment. I met Eric coming back in and handed him the pork steaks. Hopefully, I can get the food-ordering process right next time. Glad that the food was not wasted, though.

I was welcomed by the delightful Gaynor, who was having her daughter visit and stay with her a while, which was sweet and heart-warming to see.

We had a natter between us, and Gaynor led me to her kitchen, (which puts mine to shame Hehe!), and set me up to take photographs from the window in there. I took this attempted panoramic shot first.


Straight ahead shot. Capturing the Woodthorpe Grange Park, and to the left, park of the kiddies play area and in the background left, Daybrook and Arnold hamlets. The builder’s scaffold for the hoists on the left too.


Then, to the right. Mapperley area. The aerial array of TV and mobile communication sticking up on the skyline in the distance. Both beautiful views, a bit like Gaynor, really. ♥

Then, the external hoist started to go up and down. The two chaps were a social pair, and Gaynor warned them of what I might do with doctoring the photographs, adding a young lady perhaps? Hehe! They did laugh! Here are the pictures I took, for ‘doctoring’ later.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m looking forward to creating them tomorrow. Well, I do like making folks smile and laugh! Haha!

5Fri007A straight down picture lastly. Showing part of one of the builder’s compounds and the park.

The three of us had a chinwag for a while, I had to decline an offer of a cup of tea (Sob!), due to my going out. The bladder, you know!

I had to withdraw shortly after, to catch the 11:30hrs bus to town, to get another one to Bulwell. I thanked Gaynor for letting me use her facilities and sadly departed.

5Fri10Down and out of the building along Chestnut Walk to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin. Where a little nattering took place with the folks in there.

I caught the bus with Bill (William on Sundays) and enjoyed a lovely nattering session with him en route to town. I grabbed a 17 bus into Bulwell. These are photographs take en route.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5Fri25Arrived in Bulwell and a had a long hobble around the place calling in many shops for a look around for bargains.

First, called in the cheapo shop and got three small packets of Scottish Shorties for a quid, and some bits for the nibble box.

Then, into the Farmfood shop. Came out with a 250g packet of Hills Shorties and a box of Ritz Chipsters.

Then to the Fulton Food Store, which was a bit disappointing for choice available. I got a pack of cooked ham pieces and nibbles.

To the B&M store next. But they had nowt of any interest to me.

WD 166.3.85 Finally, to the Poundland shop. Where I bought some more Sanex Bug Killer spray, some Doulton choc’s to use as Christmas Presents and bought a fly spray by accident thinking it was a bug-killer. Eizel!

The Mobility Scooter Group were lurking at the cafe the gang uses. None of them seemed disabled, much younger than me, all of them moved quicker than I can. Mostly overweight, had headphones on, using their mobiles, swearing a lot and not to be tangled with! Hehe! I moved on hastily. Talk about Hell’s Angels! Hehehe!


5Fri017Bulwell Market Place had more pickpockets and muggers… Sorry, I meant shoppers, in it than I have seen for a while.

Oddly enough, Bulwell had no Big Issue sellers, sleep sleepers or beggars at all! Too dangerous for them I suppose? Only joking here, folks!

Over the road to the River Lean, where the mallards were back in situ this time. Fed and had a talk with them. Hehe!


5Fri019aTo the station. The tram arrived at the same time as I did.

It was packed with passengers standing, not that the woman sat on the Disability and Age seat with her bag on the chair next to her, or the globlet of young guttersnipes youths in the same seats opposite her were interested in the old folks and one man on crutches who were all standing. But I was lucky enough to get a seat. But this uncaring nonchalant attitude from the youngsters makes me want to plotz!

5Fri20Into town, dropped off at the Theatre Royal.

The sun was out, but not warming we Nottinghamians up much.

There was a feeling of… er, erm… what’re the words I’m looking for? Precariousness, state of suspense, even vacillation perhaps, lingering in the aura. People’s countenances had the odd sneer, scowl or frown worn, but mainly a sort 5Fri21of vagueness, nihility?

I made my way across the pedestrian lights and over the crossing on Upper Parliament Street, to Queen Street and waited at the L9 bus stop shelter.

The bus was due at 5-minutes past the hour. Which was only ten minutes away.

WD 166.3.85 Fifteen minutes later, I noticed on the electronic timing board (Better late than never) that the L9 was delayed due to an accident in Daybrook, and the new arrival time was given as Twenty four minutes later! Humph!

5Fri22It was late in the day for me, and the fatigue was already beginning to fall on me. Tsk!

I took a photograph of where the gargoyles that have been removed on safety ground used to be located. On top of the old Elite building, and walked down the hill to catch the 40 bus. Which of course means a shorter but more uncomfortable journey, because of two things. This bus is always overfull, and there is a long walk at the other end, to get home.

As I waited for this bus, Paul from the flats joined me. He’s had to buy a new shopping trolley. He told me one of his wheels on his old shopper came loose. More worryingly for him, he had his booze in the thing! Hehe! He pressed on a bit, and then the other wheel came off altogether. So, he had to buy another.

The bus soon got cram packed, and we had to sit on the side-saddle seats. Although on this route, it is not a bad thing, cause we are nearer the door to get out. The stop we need is on a steep grade, and we usually get sent flying forward as we approach the door. We chatted as best we could as we travelled. The bus was very noisy, or rather the passengers who were crammed together were, noisy, so I had difficulty in picking out what Paul (I think that’s his name) was saying to me.

A second lady with a pram got on, and asked us to move and stand-up at the back so she can get her pram and ankle-snapper in. Luckily for us, the lady already on with her pushchair and nipperoony, moved to one side to allow the newcomer in.

5Fri22aWe alighted the bus, with some difficulty. Crossed the road with some difficulty, we have to cross the road on a sharp bend, and that hill is a busy one traffic-wise).

I was pleased to get back to the flats. As we both hobbled along, I must say Paul had soon mastered his new two-wheeled beer trolly.

As we got to the end of the middle block new build for the Extra Care unit, I heard my name being called out, but I had no idea where from. Paul did though, he pointed out two of the Willmott-Dixon lads up on the roof of the construction which was doing the calling.

5Fri23I stopped and took this photograph.

It was Plonk-Brewer and Plant Perambulator Paulius on the left, and Ian-Incharge on the right.

I was well-pleased with how this one came out, considering I had to zoom-in so much. Another one to be doctored when I get the chance and time that is.

Got in and did the traditional wee-wee. Put away the purchases and did the Health Checks. Medications, I forgot about. Klutz!

I was well shattered and was in with a chance of falling asleep stood-up, so strong was fatigue. No chance of getting this blog updated, too weary!

Incidentally, it took me over 7 hours to get it done in the morning! Oy Vay!

5Fri24I made  bigger dinner than usual tonight.

But, I gobbled it all up!

Cheesy mashed potatoes, tomatoes, ham off-cuts and garden peas!

Perhaps it was becuase I was tired, or had had a great day, I don’t know. But I loved this nosh and gave it a Flovour Rating of 9.45/10!

Sleep came, I know not when. But it was flipping quick! Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Friday 31st August 2018: Went to Bulwell to feed the Mallards – there were none there? Humph!


Friday 31st August 2018

Albanian: E Premte 31 Gusht 2018

0225hrs: I woke with a start – still feeling tired, and the mind racing away so fast, I forgot each subject, fear or worry I was having the second the next one came along to agonise over. Tsk!

0245hrs: Once again, the ailments seemed to be kind to me, but of course, I haven’t moved physically yet. Although mentally, intangible as they were, the maelstrom of thoughts, anxieties, and ideas steadily dissipated. To be suddenly replaced with Duodenal Donald as he kicked off with a vengeance rarely known. Grumph!

It was no surprise to me, recently my afflictions, malaise’ and infections have been catching me out with their changes in attack formations and timings. Hehe!

0255hrs: As I positioned myself to get out of the £300 second-hand whining-in-use recliner, furuncular thoughts developed when I caught my rear-end getting up. An initial investigation was carried out by touch.

Whoosie3W01 Boils I think, right next to some of Harold’s Haemorrhoids! I made my way to the wet room for further examination. Not that I could see them of course. Four growths that I sense are boils, carbuncles, or maybe abscesses. But they are very minute in size, and often these things don’t burst forth and just seem to go away. I hope these will be those types. They are not really painful, just a smidgeon and then only when I catch the area. I hope I’ll be able to sit painlessly and comfortably on the computer chair later.

Washed and medicated the ‘spots’ with antiseptic cream. Got the dressing gown on (it was a little cooler this morning), and went to get the Health Checks completed.


Getting the kettle on, and the need for the Porcelain Throne arrived. Off back to the wet room I trudged. No movement whatsoever, but the sensation that things needed to be evacuated remained? Three full pages of the book l4Thu11ater, I gave up.

Whoosie3W01 Went to wash my hands, and found three of the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles in the washing sink.


But I could not see any of the little buggers on the floor anywhere?


I spotted some mail on the floor near the door. A message from Jenny. And the INR blood test results with new dosages. The INR (International Normalised Ratio, also referred to as Prothrombin time (PT), and is a standardised measurement of the time it takes for blood to clot. – [Thanks to Tim Price]) was 3.4 which was almost spot on!

4Thu25To the kitchen and got the kettle on.

I emptied the black bags and disinfected sprayed the insides and made up three of them to go to the chute later.

Just one Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetle inside today.

I got him and executed the trespasser.

5Fri001Made a brew and got the computer on and settled to make a start on this blog.

I got into it, and let the mug of tea go cold. Tsk! Went to make another one.

Blow me down with a feather duster! A single lone Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetle was nonchalantly patrolling the top of the cooker. Cheek Already!

I decided that today, I would appease my ecdemomania, and have a hobble around Bulwell. This will enable me to get some of the Scottish Shorties biscuits, I hope.

I got up to here with this blog and went on the WordPress Reader section.

Liberty GlobWhoosie3W01 Well, Hell Bell’s, Liberty Global-Virgin Media Internet went down a few times!

Hard to believe, I know. (Sarcastic Mode Engaged) Tsk! and Humph! Ahntoisht!

Despite the best efforts of Virgin Media, I got yesterdays blog finished off and posted to WordPress.

Dance05aThen, I went on TFZer Facebooking.

I got a graphicalisation for the TFZ site, Hobble in the Woods series made and posted off.

I like this one, hope the others do too.

Whoosie3W01 Then, the danged Liberty Global-Virgin Media Internet started to go dead slow again, so I decided to get the ablutions sorted.

Had to rush a bit, with spending so much time on the graphicationalisationing. But it was refreshing deep-decoking session. Hehehe!

I popped up to Jenny’s flat and took the butter and oil with me. Handed it to Frank, and he gave me in return, a packet of Scottish Shorties that Jenny had got for me. Bless her!

I put the empty pickle jar in the bag, gathered the black bags and took them to the waste chute. Dropped the glass off in the recycling bin. And made my way along Chestnut Walk to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.

5Fri005aThe lorry on hire to Willmott-Dixon looked a bit threatening, but he stopped short before there was any danger of his crushing me under his tyres.


I went on what was left of the grass verge to take this decent shot of the Woodthorpe Court flats.

Beginning to look rather pristine, now.

I just hope the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles I’d left rampaging through my apartment, appreciate the builder letting them in when they installed the new unwanted windows.

I was thinking of giving the weevils names? Only joking!

The grabber on the back of the wagon was soon busy removing concrete, soil and other undesired debris, aggregate and detritus from inside the compound.

Try saying that when you’ve had a few? Hehe!

The paddling-pool seems to be coming on well. Not really, but it does look like one! Harf-Harf!

I shared greeting with a few tenants en route to the cabin. Once inside I chinwagged with Warden Deans. Mable, Penny, Welsh William and two other gals and me had a good natter and laugh. The mobile went a few times, but I was not quick enough to get it out of my pocket before it stopped.

5Fri009aaThe bus arrived, a few talks with others on the way. I was soon dropping off in town, on Upper Parliament Street.

On Milton Street, I spotted this giant model bird, and I wondered what it was all about.

Got to the bus stop to await the arrival of a number 17 to Bulwell.

I was the only one in the queue, but it soon built up.

I saw a sign on the rubbish bin. It appears there are 31 of these Robins to find in the City Centre. I suppose there is a prize or something, to be won?

5Fri009aWhoosie3W01 When the bus arrived, the Nottinghamian’s surge forward, ensured I was the last to get on the bus. Uncouth lot!

The route the bus takes, passes the end of the road where I lived before moving into the Winwood flats. The vehicle was getting a move on, so I was lucky the picture came out as well as it did.

Whoosie3W01 The view took me back. The hassle, the muggings, the break-ins, the hospital… Oh never mind!

It made me feel glad I had escaped.

I think the bus driver, just might have been The Stig. Haha!

5Fri010aOff the bus, I cut-through onto Main Street.

More people about on this visit – but an atmosphere was lingering, my EQ picked up on it.

I suppose it is best described as the people seemed to be going about with bated breath and partial fear.

5Fri011aI went into the Fulton Food Store.

They had no Scottish Shorties on sale, so I had a look around, but found nothing I needed or was exceptionally cheap, so left empty handed.

I spent a while in the Market Place, but it is a sad place compared to what it used to be, all vibrant and full of laughter. Now it has pickpockets, a lousy choice of food and wears 5Fri012and it being watched by the police. I recognised a CID officer, Sergeant Redgate sat in a car.

I went to the Heron Food Store and had a nosey about. I came out with a box of tomato passata, smoked bacon and a packet of biscuits called Tasties, that looked like Scottish Shorties to me.

Over the road to the River Leen to feed the 5Fri013Mallards. But they were not to be seen anywhere?

Thankfully, a few pigeons saved the day and prevented me wasting my time, altogether.

Back to the Farmfood Store. Came out with Chinese mini-ribs, Glazed parsnips and some Scottish Shorties! Hurrah! With Jennies, I have enough for over a week now. Nocturnal nibbling not interfering, that is.

I nipped in the B & M shop. But came out empty-handed.

5Fri014Off to the bus station and caught a bus to town.

Managed to get a half-decent photo through the bus window, of the amazing clouds in the very blue sky, travelling to the City Centre.


I’d only got a tiny bit of a hobble in today, but it is better than nothing, and I did enjoy it.

Took my time and pottered around, feeling almost stress-free.

And the ailments (other than Duodenal Donald and the plates-of-meat), have indeed been kind to me, so no complaints there.

I glanced up at the old Elite building as I passed by, where the gargoyles us to be on the roof. They really did give the place a touch of class. But, Health & Safety have forced them to be taken down.

Which is a shame, because three of the scaffolders removing them were hospitalised.

5Fri015You can see in this photograph on the right, the housings on the top where they used to be on display. Newly cleaned and painted now.

Whoosie3W01 I limped to Queen Street, just in time to miss the L9 bus back to the flats. Humph!

5Fri016Ah-well, you can’t win em all!

I moved down to the number 40 bus stop. One heck of a queue there. The Nottinghamian’s were not a happy looking bunch of bunnies either.

When the bus arrived, and I got on, only one seat was free.

On the way, I struggled but did get out the 5Fri017camera to take another shot of the beautiful sky again.

I dropped off the bus on the bend in Winchester Street Hill.

Crossed the road without any bother, and started to make my way down the hill towards the flats.

5Fri018You can’t see the new extra-care flats in this picture, with Winchester Court (right, nearest) and Woodthorpe at the back, both looked a lot better now that the Wilmott-Dixon lads were making progress with the upgrade.

Mind you, I think it will be another year before they are all done.

I called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights,  Oberfeldwebeless Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.

5Fri019Chinwagged with Frank and he told me to go see Jenny.

So I did. I said my farewells and moved on out the other end of the building, out into the now hazy sunshine.

Took a shot of the new build and Winchester Courts as I was about to go into my beloved Woodthorpe Court.

I went to see Jenny first. She needed a telephone number of someone, luckily I had it on my mobile and supplied it.

5Fri25Down to my flat, and had a wee-wee.

Seeing some Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles, in the sink. I nobbled them and went in search of any other of the damned things I could get.

Whoosie3W01 On the wet room floor, were a lot of the weevils. So I got down to photograph the Critter Box victims, and much to my dismay, getting myself back up, proved not to be a natural or pain-free procedure. It started Duodenal Donald off worse than ever, and Anne Gyna joined in. (Albeit not so bad)

By the time I got myself ready to attack them, they were long gone – where to I has no idea. Humph!

To the kitchen to get the medications taken, and do the Health Checks taken.

I found three more of the little creatures in the washing-up bowl in the sink.

Did the checks and tablet taking.

5Fri23Not doing so well now, am I? Haha!

I decided on bacon, passata and mushrooms for the nosh.

I chopped up some, of what Morrisons comically called and labelled as SMALL chestnut mushrooms.

Got updating this blog again.

Health Checks and medications sorted out. Then the Nosh was prepared.

5Fri35Smoked bacon and tomato passata, with some of the wholemeal bread tins.

A simple meal to make, but it was delightfully tasty! 

A Flavour-Rating of 8.2/10 was given.

I decided to watch a Hetty Wainthroppe Investigates DVD – and watched it all the way through without any nodding-off!

5Fri34Whoosie3W01 I did the pot washing and found a dang Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetle or two on the kitchen towel.

I turned to the TV to watch the Dog Whisperers, and the doorbell chimed. By the time I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the door, whoever it was had long gone, no signs of any letters or notes or parcels?

Back to the recliner and into it, to watch the Heartbeat on channel 10.

Ten minutes later, and the doorbell chimed! Again, no one there when I opened the door. Tsk!

I soon fell asleep when the commercials came on the TV.

Whoosie3W01 Later, I don’t know what time it was, the flipping doorbell chimed again. I ignored it.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 7th August 2018: Photos of Bulwell, Nottingham Slab Square, Beach and Winwood Heights’ dangerous Chestnut Walk!


Tuesday 7th August 2018

Welsh: Dydd Mawrth 7 Awst 2018

0355hrs: I woke, wanting a wee-wee. Stupidly, I hung on for a while, as the brain rampaged through its now becoming regular routine, of fretting, worrying and self-criticism infested matutinal meanderings and then settled into its acceptance and expectancy of failure, and loser mode.

I struggled to get out of the rickety £300 second-hand recliner this morning. The bruise on the left arm and the poor left middle toe (also bruised) continued giving me some bother as I did so. But, hey-ho, no Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald or Reflux Roger bother. The rumbling innards I could feel and sense as they started to brew-up grumbling and rumbling away.

I logged an item to do; Email Jane to find out when she might be in and not out galavanting on coastal visits, going to the Theatre so I can visit her.

Over the first ten-minutes of uprightness, I suffered two short-sharp painful wee-wees. I must see the quack about these.

Into the kitchen and did the Health Checks.


3Wed01After three decent looking Sys readings yesterday, it had gone down again. Took the medications with spring water. The stomach is getting a little more volatile.

Cooler again, like it was on Monday A.M.

I got the computer on and made a start on this blog. Concentration seemed to be a having some little dispersal and vagueness interfering moments this morning.

I checked the delivery time for the Iceland fodder coming, twixt 08:00 > 10:00hrs.

As soon as the tummy offered forth an almost earthquake-like rumble, I made for the Porcelain Throne and sat there reading the book, awaiting the explosion-like evacuation that all the indications told me was on the way. Oh, dearie me!

2Tue04I couldn’t understand why it took so long for the evacuation to get started.

Mainly, as when it did arrive, things were messy and soft?

Just glad I keep the book in there to have a perusal of. Hehehe!

I made a brew of 2Tue05Assam tea and returned to the computer.

This seemed to help calm down the brains wanderlust.

Got as far as here, and then I finalised the Monday post and got it posted off to WordPress.

Carried on updating this blog.

2Tue06The sky looked a bit dodgy through the abominably dirty main room windows.

I got the ablutions done and dressed ready to leave.

I took a recycling bag and washed empty gherkin jar down with me on the way out.

2Tue07Threw the bag down the waste chute.

Then I went down in lift number two. More lights had conked-out this morning.

It was a bit of an eerie ride down. Haha!

2Tue07aThe Willmott-Dixon crew were very busy again as I poddled to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers secondary breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen 2Tue07bfrom, and residents room.

The alcoholic lads were out with their extra-strong cans of lager.

The builders plant and delivering vehicles were everywhere. Somehow they cleverly timed it for the road to be free near the bus stop, just in time for the first bus to arrive. Smart stuff, I thought!

2Tue08Had some great natterings with some other tenants, and Warden’s Deana and Julie, we said…

Ah, I forgot, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself. I’ll cross it off.

Gave them a nibble. Cyndy and three more tenants were in the shed. Penny was there, she had been on holiday to America. 

I must try to find a way and time to listen to her activities. Glad she sounded over the moon about going there. Lovely gals in there, this morning. Cyndy, Penny and the gal who’s name evades me, from Winchester Court.

We moved out to the bus stop.

2Tue08aOnly three of us old uns got on the City bound vehicle.

The sky kept going a little dark and then the sun would return.

I had no one to talk to, so I had a go at the crossword book on the journey into town.

When I got off in town, the space on the 2Tue09pavement near the church was occupied by a different Nottinghamian Street Sleeper today. But there were too many folk about for me to take his photograph.

As I got onto Milton Street and to catch a number 17 bus into Bulwell, I spotted a different druggie looking man, laying up against the closed down Pound World shop. A young spotty-faced girl joined him.

I had a little hobble around Bulwell.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I went straight to the Farmfoods Store. Came out with some more black bags (Smaller ones), McCains gastro chips, potato fritters and Scottish Highland Shorties. (My current favourites!)

Walked through the market-place and over the road, crossing over the river Leen, and fed my beloved mallards and a few pigeons. These birds are not like the ones at Nottingham Arboretum, here sadly, they do not get on well with each other.

I caught a tram into town. What a ride it was too. Kids were screaming, not crying correctly, just creating a loud did that very loosely sounded like they are crying, the Nottinghamian passengers all looked depressed and ready for a fight, to me! B.O. and bad language, one bloke, spitting! Big young lad, I said nowt! Chicken!

Whoosie3W01 And when I was gladly getting off the tram, a student getting on, knocked into me, right on the bruise on my left arm. Humph!

I got in town to find the Nottingham Beach much better attended today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Lister Gate near the Sweet Stall, I turned to go up the road… and;

Whoosie3W01 I walked into a stand full of popcorn tubs, and knocked it over! Oh no, it wasn’t, sorry. It was tubs of Candy Floss. Hehehe! I did feel a fool putting the barrels back on the sticks. Not that the female who was running it noticed anything, mind. A bloke took a photo of me (Possible fame in the offing? Haha!), and a lady saw me struggling to bend down to retrieve the pots and gave me a hand, bless her Cotton Socks!

2Tue12fI ambled a different route up to Upper Parliament Street, to try to avoid the embarrassment factor. Tsk!

Unfortunately, this diversion caused me to just miss the L9 bus. Klutz!

I decided to walk further down Queen Street to the number 40 bus stop.

2Tue12gAfter taking this photograph of Nottingham City Buses on the Upper Parliament Street junction.

I think that some of the TFZers might like to see so many different types together. Now I must remember to post it on their Facebook as well, later. I’m sure that I’ll remember, a man of my calibre and memory retention.

2Tue14When I got down to the bus stop, I observed some Nottingham Stree Art on the pavement, right next to a waste bin with a container for cigarettes too.

It looked like the nub-ends had been welded together?

Beats me! Haha!

2Tue15I got off the bus and carefully manoeuvered my way over the dangerous road and down Winchester Street to the top of Mapperley Rise.

The line of parked vehicles had reached right up to the top of the road now.

Believe or not, that the buses have to turn into and out of this junction, too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue15hTook this snap of the Willmott-Dixon chaps grafting away on Winchester Court.

They are fast catching up with Woodthorpe Courts status, which the started first.

I didn’t see a soul to talk to, as I made my way up to the apartment.

Some chaps were working in the lift lobby of my floor. Wonder what they were doing? No mess, so they would not be plasterers of electricians.

Stripped off, well, down to the PPs and socks, to keep cool.

I noticed that they had removed the cellophane from the new unwanted bedroom window?

Did the Health Checks and medications.

I had a wee-wee, they were still coming in short-sharp-painful fashion. Humph!

Started to update this blog again.

Put the oven to warm up for doing the triple fried chips later on.

Made the first TFZ graphic in the next series. I’ll keep them in a file so I can post them all at the same time.

2Tue26Checked the Freeview programmes on tonight

Got the nosh served up.

The Boczeck was terrific, the chestnuts were too. The mini sausages, chips, and tomatoes not so good at all. The newly opened jar of gherkins… Eugh!

Best I could give for a Taste-Rating was 6/10. Hey-ho!

As for watching the TV, I managed about ten minutes before I drifted off into slumber. (And, very nice it was too. Hehe!)

Woke an hour or so later, the tummy rumbling and in need of at least a wee-wee. Forced my lumbering spherical body out of the £300 second-hand recliner, suffered a short-sharp-pain ridden wee-wee.

Whoosie3W01 I was a little tired and confused, but I think I saw many of the Fast moving, Iron-clad mini-biting-beetles milling around near the shower drain. By the time I had located the fly-spray and returned with it, I could not find any of the coleopteran invaders anywhere. Humph!

I got the pots washed, and returned to the recliner. Tried to drill it into my head to remember I have to go to the City Hospital in the morning for the Warfarin INR blood test. Having little confidence in my memorisational ability, I removed my body mass yet again from the chair, and wrote a note and left it hanging over the TV screen, to remind myself in the morning.

Whoosie3W01 I stubbed my left toes on the Ottoman, bent down to move it out of the way and caught the bruise on the left arm against the recliner corner.

In pain now, (What a Nayfish!).

As the mind was preparing to go off on its own accord, to delve into my failings, inadequacies, and fears… I nodded off!

Inchcock Today – Monday 22nd May 2017: Nice hobble to the hospital blood test

Monday 22nd May 2017

Latin: 22 Lunae Maii MMXVII

0530hrs: Woke, felt sorry for myself for getting no response to me begging for help with the Chrome problem. Out of the £300 second-hand wobbly recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. I reread some bits of the ‘Emotions’ book while there.

No bleeding anywhere, an easier session and decided to do the ablutions while I was in there.

Only two cuts this morning (The new Bic razors you know?), shaving, had a visit from Dizzy Dennis.

Out and got the nibble bag ready for the nurses at the Blood Clinic and put the Anticoagulation Record Card in the jacket pocket so as not to forget it later.

A bit nippy this morning.

Got the computer on and made sure that Chrome would load and did some WordPress reading.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. The only thing about the results that bothered me was the 14.82 Weight. Sys:155 Dia:85 Pul:84 Temp:34.9. With staying in, in case the Tech Man called for two days (He didn’t) thus not getting any hobbles in may have contributed to the increase in mass weight? I must remember to email Sam, the Tech Man when Chrome allows me to and inform him of the No Change situation with Google Chrome going unresponsive, even after all the work he’s done on it, and ask him to have a look again when he gets the time.

Made a mug of tea and started this dairy off. Then I finished off yesterday’s post.

Oh dear, the tummy rumbling is back again now, suddenly came on? And I have a long hobble coming up to get to the City Hospital Anticoagulation INR blood test session.

Had to stop doing this at this moment, or I will be late if I don’t get a move on now… Hope things (Google Chrome) will let me back on later.

1Mon01Been no bother yet today?

Would you believe it, after typing the above, guess what happened?

Not feeling too good with the innards, hope I can get to the hospital without any hassle. Hehe! Thank heavens for the free Pensioners Bus pass.


I’m back.

I’d set off and up through the park passing and talking to the tree Copse as I went. (I know, sad innit?)

Up over the hill and right down towards Valley Road Dual Carriageway.

Not too cold at all this morning, and no signs of any rain imminent either.

1Mon02On the hill hobbling down to the main road, I came across these giant daisies in a driveway of one of the houses.

I cannot remember seeing any of this giant variety of this species of daisy, the Asteraceae family ever before in England. I recall seeing some on a fishing holiday in Ireland at Athlone, though. Bootiful!

1Mon03As I approached the dual carriageway to turn left down to the turn at the next traffic island for the hospital, the fifth Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came at me.

I had the camera out from taking the flowers shot.

Along the footpath near the turn-off for the blood tests, I saw through the railings, one lone 1Mon04Ladybird, or Lady Bug as the Americans call them.

Did the best I could to get a clear shot of it, but ended up with the one here on the left as the best I could manage.

Onward through the ground passing the GUM Clinic and right into the Anticoagulation Section.

Took a ticket and went to get the Crossword Book out of the bag. But I’d left it in the flat. So I took the ticket from the machine and ventured to a mini-shop and bought another one. I must have about six of them now. Tsk!

Got seated and waited for the number to come up. The book I had bought had odd shaped crosswords grids where there were fewer answers crossing each other so made it a little hard to get some of the answers. That’s my excuse anyway. Hehe!

Half an hour or so later my number came up, and I hobbled into the clinic. Once again no bother with the extraction, but a right job to stop it bleeding afterwards.

Out and over the road to the bus stop with the bus pass in hand ready. I would have liked to have had a crash helmet and knee pads on too. Boy, was it busy on that bus! Haha!

1Mon09Got into Bulwell and walked to the cheapo shop where I found nothing I wanted. Limped to the Fulton Food Store to get the Sterilised milk – but they had none in stock. Not doing very well with the shopping today. They had none of the Bread Thins in either. I did get some battered fishcakes and fish fingers, though.

At £1 each on offers, so not all a waste of time, eh?

1Mon05Out of the shop through the Market Place.

Not many folks around today.

Although I could hear many emergency vehicles sirens and horn somewhere nearby? Mind you, this not uncommon in Bulwell I have to say.

To the River Lean Bridge to have a talk to the 1Mon07Mallard Ducks.

Gave them some of the fodder I’d mixed for them that I know they like.

Birdseed, Cornmeal pellets, Sunflower seeds and Mealworm Pellets.

Oh, I do look after them, and in return, it gives me so much pleasure to see them gobble them up.

1Mon06One white duck, a little larger than the others, did not join in the feast.

He or she was far more interested in something on the bottom of the river – and that is all I could in the photographicalisations I took of the bird – The Bottom!