Local News Snippets – Part 23⅗ths

DCI Billum checks the crime figures.
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A little far away from Nottingham, but a names-sake? Just look at the crimes on the first day. “One reveller said: It is uplifting and warming!” What is either uplifting or warming about 209 arrests, 96 assaults, 36 possessions of drugs, 63 possessions of offensive weapons, 27 public order crimes, 12 sexual assaults and a murder? Not to mention Gawd knows how many pick-pockets were at it… Still, some of the gals beat them by wearing very little clothing… Hahaha!

Nottingham August Naughtiest – well, some of them…

Infinite Hospitalisation? What? Does that mean if he gets cataracts, he’ll get them done? I’ve waited two years already for mine to be done… I’m waiting on diabetes treatment, dentists, the audio clinic, and help with vascular dementia. As for Peripheral Neuropathy and my neurotransmitters dying, the only advice or help I was given was at the Mary Potter Health Clinic: “We can’t do anything about this it’s impossible to mend dying nerve ends” 

And this scumbag, I bet if he gets any of my ailments, he’ll not have to wait three weeks for a Doctors appointment. Not that it pisses me off or bothers me when murderers, perverts and the like get looked after.  

Covid Confusion?

I got a Green Symbol!

They should not be using the money paid by victims’ families of members killed by the Parole Board freed convicted killers to Murder again! To pay for crap denials like the one above!

And sentences being given out to murderers, farcical!
Then, Parollers free them early – contemptible!
My views, of course, are seemingly empirical,
And to many, will appear to be esoterical,
But not to family members, who will be inconsolable…
When a freed-early killer, Parollers guilt, is undeniable!
Murders again, Patroller prosecutions are possible,
Parollers are utterly disregardful…
Each freed killer’s victim they’ve killed themselves!
But get no blame attached; they make me so rageful!
Unfair, overpaid, you’d think they were sadists or Royal,
They certainly are killing people…
With no remorse, care, nor feeling fearful…
I’d love to give them more than an earful!
Thinking of these murderers, I think excremental!

When the August revelations are made available,
I’ll reveal those murdered and accosted, however eristical,
Crime nowadays seems to be acceptable…
Personally, I find violence detestable…

Nottingham, The Queen of the Midlands!

Inchcocks Local News Snippets – Comments & Odes

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You could almost finish the sentence for the detective investigating what happened, can’t you? “Somebody should recognise the men for us. We can’t do everything ourselves… Excuse me, a phone call coming in might be important… “Yes… erm, yes. No, no, no, hold the anchovies…”



What’s the law regarding having animal sex?







Inchcock’s Local News Snippets – Issue 33↉


Some say crime is committed by the riffraff, the social residue,
And we’re all aware this is in itself, true…
Those who escape punishment are often the true blue…
Bankers, the rich can get away with crimes, so often do!
Anteriority and ruling classes are dishonest too…

But get prosecuted? There are so very few!
Worldwide there is deception, greed, murders, a hullabaloo…
For the Grenfell fire, justice is long overdue…
A Tory Council killed so many people, seventy-two!
Over Grenfell, the councillor’s actions are still under review!
It makes my blood boil and stew…

Why no protests? Cause they were immigrants or a Jew?
From Lithuania, India, China, Pakistan, or Timbuktu?
Misleading claims, lies, and cover-ups, for us to misconstrue,
The brave firefighters dejected, hitherto…
Their ladders were too short, they suffered Deja Vu,
The victims and relatives need justice, but from who?
Let’s be honest; prosecutions are long overdue!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


You can see why they needed so many weapons about…
All of their drugs, it’s worth the law to flout?
Bet they drink champagne, and the police on stout,
With so many weapons, they could give Putin a hand-out?
Every gang member, each one a lout!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Well, these angelic little Angels would tempt most waverers on the bringing back hanging to reconsider! Don’t they look nervous?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Can anyone help them?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

He was feeling a little depressed. This can happen to anyone…
Defending himself, is he an arrogant paragon arrogant?
Obviously, money-mad, being a plastic surgeon,
Why not an EENT man, cancer, or psychosurgeon?
Mayhaps he drinks champagne by the flagon?
Has an evening meal of caviar and sturgeon?
His hopes of being found innocent? A smidgeon!
If so, he can run away and start surgery in the Yukon!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I hope this murdering scumball is not getting paid for his appearance on Gogglebox? I’d bet that he is!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

An Uber spokesperson said: “The safety of riders and drivers is a top priority for Uber, and this is a concerning report. We will investigate this incident.”
Must be more to this, worra you think?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Result in the minus for the first time in a while!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Inchcock continues to fail to win in the free Play-To-Win competition!
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These are the latest available records of Nottingham Violent Crime Statistics.
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Peripheral Neuropathy has made me ambisinister.
We’ve got Rishi or Lizzie for Prime Minister…
Either one could prove to be sinister,
I was never much of a student or educator…
But I self-taught myself later…
Which was a disaster…
He hated me… the headmaster,
On the balcony last night, I thought I saw Jupiter,
Taking 10-minutes of wee-weeing; makes me loopier…
Do you think my Arithmophobia…
Would it stop me from getting a job as a croupier?
I think my memory is getting more forgettier!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Keep Safe.

Local News Snippets – Part 23⅞ths

Will justice ever be seen again?

Will murderers ever are executed, slain,
Although hanging is looked upon with disdain,
Are all MPs against it? I can’t ascertain…
Convicted to life in prison, they should remain,
In prison, it’s easy for them to get cocaine!
Many have broken out again and again!
The injustice of the legal system drives me insane,
Execution will never return; is it concrete, certain…
Then again, in a few years, although by then inane…
People will realise life on earth we cannot sustain!
Too many people to feed will cause our destruction,

We have to urgently reduce the world’s population,
3 million murders a day, and we lock them away,
Feed them, medicate them… well, this is no way…
I suggest we use the skills of our local electrician,
To electrocute murderers or try decapitation?
Get rid of the scumbags that infest our Nation,
And remove their breeding stick; that’ll do the trick!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Local News Snippets – Part 23⅞ths

We’ll start off with a report on the Covid pox,
I imagine there’ll be more soon on the monkeypox…
Or maybe one on the return of chickenpox?
But first, we’ve Covid yet, outfox,
First, I’ve got to get my head around Firefox,
Then when time, I’ve got Germoloid my buttocks,
While Nottingham scum work out the new car locks,
I must order some new diabetic kneesocks…
Then get through the day full of shocks and shlocks,
I’m waffling again; sorry if I got you in a flummox!

Released on bail, it makes me wail…
So he can get more drugs and ale?
Didn’t know what it was, his conditional bale…
Tell him not to drive? That’s a fairytale…
Not to get drunk, on spirits or impale a female?
He mustn’t run away to Wensleydale?
I’m guessing, him responding to his bale? A dwale!

Blimey, reminds me of my mother. Regretfully!

Yet another one does a runner!
Parole boards’ reputation gets murkier!
Deterrents for crime get flimsier,
Scumballs are getting treated kindlier?
Escapees are getting more regular…
None-returnees are getting cunninger…
And I’m definitely getting portlier!
That’s nowt to do with escaper…
Who’s a  naughty boy and a fibber!

One thought appeals. Best not say!

Despite my total lack of winning anything gambling-wise, for about 62-years now – I anticipate and expect a win of some sort shortly. Surely?

See his sneer? He’s got no fear…
He may well like it up the rear,
Will he settle in the nick? Or disappear?
Things happen, and he may even get leerier?
I’d sooner he dies slowly, contracts malaria,
He can be educated on how to be friendlier…
Be good if another prisoner went for his jugular!

Learn summat new every day!


 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Proletariats from all around the land, Bless them…
Cheltenham, Birmingham, Nottingham or West Ham,
Wherever; realise that MPs & the law are a sham…
Anytime now, expects riots with a wham!

Inchcock’s Local News Snippets – Part 33⅓rd

Inchcock’s Local News Snippets – Part 33⅓rd

Seems to be a question over which part this is? Haha!

Breaking News – Deadly Caterpillars found in Nottingham!

What with swine fever & poisonous insecticide…
Covid, Putin, bird flu, which is worse? You decide!
Drunk drivers, murderers, and a shortage of cyanide…
We’d better sort out the best choice for suicide…
Jump off a high building, shoot yourself, or use Fungicide?
Easy for me, I’ll take 10 Warfarins and a few Furosemide
The kids would be heartbroken if their dog died…
But would self-immolation really be justified?
Maybe, cause Putin’s war will soon go worldwide!

I’ll try to catch the court case to see the sentence,
Unless the lily-livered judge decides on his innocence,
All he’ll have to do is show the mock judge reticence,
The judge will bring up some 1895 jurisprudence…
See that the lad didn’t mean to kill, using grandiloquence…
The beak congratulates the lawyer on his great defence…
Fines the lad £50 and pays his court cost expense!

I keep seeing in these reports; the word Sherwood…
Me living there midst of the violence and blood…
Means I don’t feel safe, as any innocent would!
I think I should have left, absquatulated…
Mayhaps the miscreants are misunderstood?
Whatever happened to an eye for an eye, blood for blood…
Christs, it’s dangerous living in Sherwood!

An Angel of Mercy came to the rescue,
Gave no name, a white van driver, too!
Would you think he was from Nottingham, do you?
Probably from Wales, Devon or Crewe?

According to the court records, (a chap here works there). This animal has had 91 convictions for 41 offences. He’s awaiting trial for four fraud charges, attempted robbery, carrying a knife in a  public place, and demanding money from several taxi drivers! There are another 44 charges that were ‘dropped’ through lack of evidence (that seems a lot?) and domestic abuse. Five years and five months, with eight months for the eleven fraud charges. I need a mathematician here… how long did the scumbag get for each crime he committed, please?


We’ll trace the suspects earnestly!
No doubt, using their renowned synergy,
And cunningly concealed sagacity…
And scribble a note on the back of the hand!

By pure default.
This man’s a dolt!

Parole Board idiots let him leave clink early,
They should be prosecuted and sued, clearly…
They got it wrong yet again, then surely…
There are not up to the job, pathetically!
As Hughie Green said, ‘I mean this sincerely’…
The Parollers should be sacked and fined, but severely!

Mayhaps in prison, Brown could train…
The Parole Board idiots again…
Tell them they are thick, nonsane!
Freeing scumbags early is transmundane,
They’ll commit crimes again, fly off in a plane…
Laugh at them, call them names profane!

A murderer, drug dealer and a crackbrain…
They have been freed this year, have they no brain?
Everyone who was freed and committed a crime again!
I’ve proved at catching runaways; you are inane…
Parole Boarders have no morals to maintain,
Freeing murderers to kill again is inhumane!

Parole Boarders are as guilty… of this, I am certain…
Off the crimes committed by the freed-early lurdane!
Are the idiots’ drug addicts, or do they use enflurane?
Cause the arseholes free killers again and again?

We (UK) have 246 Parole Board members. It’s agreed,
The highest-paid member gets £166,560 indeed!
The Prime Ministers’ pay, this does exceed!
Justice for the innocents killed by Murderers freed…
The wife, husband or child victims’ families…

Guilty Parole members should be locked up or sauteed,
On bread and water, with the occasional fried centipede,
I wouldn’t say I hate or loath those that intercede…
Indeed one or two must-have accurately refereed?
Too many freed killers kill again! For revenge or greed!


Got Him!

Fair enough!

Nottingham News to encourage Tourists

Nottingham News to encourage tourists – February 2015

Comments in green are by Inchcock

Shanay Walker murder accused pleads not guilty

A woman accused of murdering her young niece and cruelty offences has denied all charges against her.BBC02a

Kay-Ann Morris, 24, from Nottingham, is charged with killing Shanay Walker, who was found dead at a house in the city’s Bestwood Park area in July.

Ms Morris, of Beckhampton Road, is also accused of cruelty to Shanay, in 2012, along with the same charge against two other children, in 2011.

A second woman has also been charged with cruelty towards the girl.

Juanila Smikle, 53, of Easegill Court in Top Valley, Nottingham, has been charged with cruelty to Shanay and to four other children, dating back to 2011.

Both women appeared at Nottingham Crown Court earlier, and were remanded back into custody.

A trial date has been set for 15 April.


Inspectors criticise Nottingham prison violence and poor conditions

Three wings of prison had to be locked down for three days because of ‘prisoner ill-discipline’, report reveals.

Emergency measures had to be taken to stop Nottingham prison from spinning out of control because of unrest among inmates last September, inspectors have revealed.

Nick Hardwick, the chief inspector of prisons, said that a week before a snap inspection in September, three wings at the prison had been locked down for three days “because of what the governor described as prisoner ill-discipline”.

Get caught for the crime – do the time… no longer applies it seems.

Nottingham paramedics quitting as stress levels reach crisis point

It comes as stark statistics reveal that the number of paramedics resigning and taking daysBBC0001 off work with stress has nearly doubled in the last four years.

A total of 87 paramedics have resigned their posts already this financial year, with 6,325 calendar days also taken off work with stress – a huge rise from 47 resignations and 3,151 days off in 2010/11.

And health experts say the workload in the service is just not sustainable.

Not glad to read this in my condition…hehehe

Crackdown on Nottingham’s problem with illegal cigarettes

BBC02aBootleg, counterfeit or smuggled cigarettes sold cheaply line the pockets of crooks.

And Jane Bailey, trading standards manager for Nottingham City Council, said: “There is an issue with counterfeit cigarettes in Nottingham and we are working with our partners within the police and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to tackle the problem. We would always urge anyone tempted to buy a packet of cheap cigarettes from a dubious source to think again.

A criminal activity surely brought about by the Governments over-taxation of the tobacco products?

Mansfield murderer Susan Edwards loses appeal

BBC02aA woman who spun a web of lies over 15 years after she murdered her parents and buried them in their own back garden has lost her appeal against her 25-year minimum sentence.

Susan Edwards and her husband Christopher, killed her mother and father, Patricia and William Wycherley, in Mansfield in 1998.

They then spent the next 15 years living off more than £280,000 of the dead couple’s money and creating an ‘elaborate charade’ to make people believe they were still alive.

The pair were jailed for life at Nottingham Crown Court in June, after being found guilty of the murders, and were ordered to serve at least 25 years each behind bars.

They should not have been given an appeal surely?

Three men arrested after a city centre fight which led to the death of a man have been charged and are due to appear in court

BBC01Muhamad Adnan, 22, of Middleton Boulevard, Nottingham, Callum Levi Ibrahim, 22, of Belfry Way, Edwalton and Azeem Khan, 28, of no fixed address, will be at Nottingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning.

The arrests were made following a fight in Thurland Street, just before 4am on Sunday morning, in which Joshua Bradley from Bulwell died as a result.

A 24-year-old man will appear at crown court, charged with the murder of Bulwell boxer Josh Bradley.

Richard Johnson, of Belton Sreet, Hyson Green, appeared at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on Thursday February 12.

Wearing a baggy plain white t-shirt, dark blue trousers, and with his hair in dreadlocks, he spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth and address.

Johnson, who turned 24 just two days ago, stared at his feet, as the judge read the charge.

I wonder if found guilty, will he be given a suitable sentence? Oh of course not, we don’t hang murderers any more do we… just give them a few years being fed and free of financial worries for them then let them out to kill again…

Nottingham ‘loner’ jailed for home-made grenade

BBC0headA loner who lives with his parents has been jailed after police found a home-made grenade in his bedroom capable of exploding and injuring people.

Andrew Bird was sentenced to two years at Nottingham Crown Court on Wednesday, February 11.

The device, containing more than 100 pieces of metal, was found when his home was searched by police investigating him for harassing a 21-year-old ex-girlfriend.

As a result jobless Bird was convicted of harassing her and given a suspended prison sentence.

Nasty piece of work – a suspended sentence – Huh!

Shoplifting mum fined after stealing twice from Sainsbury’s

BBC02A mother-of-two has been fined for shoplifting twice from the same supermarket.

Sabrina McLean, of Longmead Drive, Arnold, stole alcohol and food from Sainsbury’s in Arnold last month.

The 30-year-old pleaded guilty to theft at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court and was fined £75 with £60 costs.

Marlene Domrynski head of the Nottingham Police Retail Crime monitoring team said: ‘In January we had an increase of 65% in shoplifting in Nottingham, this is pushing our resources to the limits.’

It’s rife nowadays!

Shoplifter spared prison and given chance to reform

BBC02aA former heroin user has been given a chance to reform despite shoplifting weeks after being released from prison.

Gareth Freestone, 34, stole two bottles of aftershave worth £50 from Wilkinson in the city centre on January 22.

He pleaded guilty to theft at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court yesterday asking for 18 previous shoplifting crimes to be taken into consideration and was given a 12-month community order, where he must carry out 120 hours of unpaid work. He must also pay £150 costs. Freestone, of the YMCA in Shakespeare Street, was last jailed in November for a similar offence.

Defending, Emma Wyborn said he had previously used heroin but had been clean for five months. She said he stole the items to pay for “everyday things” as his benefits payments had been complicated by his time in jail.


Nottingham Serial Thief

BBC02aA serial thief stole more than £1,000-worth of goods from shops over the course of four months – as well as stealing hundreds from his 87-year-old grandmother’s bank account.

David Brooks, of Manor Road in Eastwood, appeared at Nottingham Magistrate’s Court yesterday after admitting a total of 14 offences, including 11 thefts.

The court heard that the 34-year-old had stolen items such as perfume, joints of meat and a set of knives from shops in Eastwood and Giltbrook between September and January.

He had also stolen £380 from his grandmother’s account using her bank card, and admitted one count of fraud by false representation.

Brooks also pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to surrender to court bail.

Sentencing him to 22 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months, chairman of the bench Keith Burd said: “We’ve given you quite a good deal. I want you to be under no illusion that if you fail to comply this time, you will not get a forth chance and you will go to prison.”


Nottingham murderer still on the run.

BBC03Convicted murderer Mark Stoner-Seed is still on the run more than a week after absconding from jail – despite a nationwide manhunt.

The criminal, who torched a Nottingham house, killing a teenage girl and severely burning another woman, has been missing since Friday, January 23.

He had been released on a temporary licence from a prison in South Gloucestershire, but failed to return.

The 52-year-old is originally from Bestwood Park, and killed 17-year-old Christina Bunning when he set fire to a house in Forest Fields.

I’ll keep me eye out for him…

Two thefts from pay and display machines have been reported, one in broad BBC001daylight, in The Park.

Thieves plundered a pay and display machine by the Ropewalk at 3.15pm on January 11 and a theft from a machine at the same address was reported at 10.07pm on February 9.

In the local area crime update from Nottinghamshire Police, it was reported that a “serious number” of tyres were slashed overnight in The Park between January 28 and 29.

A burglary, two thefts from vehicles and another theft were all reported.

It was also reported that a “serious number” of tyres were slashed overnight in The Park between January 28 and February 5th.

Four burglaries, two thefts from vehicles, one mugging, one stabbing an attempted rape and another theft were all reported.

And The Park is a posh area of Nottingham!

Inchcock Today: Thursday January 1st 2015

Dreams were rife but I cannot recall any part of them this morning – huh!

Got woke up at midnight of course with the fireworks and drunken sounds from all around the house – shook me a bit at first, I thought a war had started. Hehe.


Some of the Troll Free Zone gals bless em 

Got up about 0230hrs and made a cuppa and set to work doing a graphic for the TFZers site.

It took me until 0715hrs to get it right and posted, in fact I’ll put it on here hang on…

Here it is.

Took me medications and did a bit of Facebooking.

I’m hoping that the ice has eased off it didn’t look anywhere near as bad as yesterday when I peeped out of the windows earlier, so maybe I can get a good walk into town and wander around getting some bread and long sleeved t-shirts? I’ll see later.

Had a look outside and was well pleased to see the ice had all but gone now.


Rather peaceful for my locality this morning

So I did myself up hygienically like and got me clean togs on and set off on a walk into town.

Took a photo of the sky at the end of the road… that doesn’t the sky was only at the end of the road it means I took the photo of the sky from the end of the road yer see?

It didn’t look too threatening at all and there were no threatening folk, cyclists. yobs or muggers about – heaven really!


One car and fewer pedestrians this morning

I wandered down to Mansfield Road. There were few people about and even less cars at this point.

In fact I tooketh a photo of the road for I’ve not seen it so barren of vehicles for along time – then it dawned on me what day it was. (I get there in the end… usually).

All still sozzled I expect.

I pressed on the arthritis not too bad at all. The angina fair. The haemorrhoids calm. The rumbling innards fairly good, all in all I felt good to be out in the fresh air and limping along nicely (This situation was to change drastically later!).


How do they make it pay?

40 minutes later when I arrived in Nottingham and was going into the Victoria Centre through the bus station something else dawned upon me. There were no buses! So I’d have to walk all the way back as well after I hobbled there and around town to get me shopping… oh dear never mind I’ve done it before so I can do it again. Huh!.

As I waddled through the centre I noticed the Juice stall below was again customer free and had two staff on duty. I wonder how they make it pay?

0410I walked through and out the other end over walk-way and along to Primark to see if they had any of the really warm long t-shirts in stock.

I plodded up tp the gents department and found them still at £6 each so bought five of them and a pair of lounge pants reduced to £3. I got the XL size in them al this time making sure I did after getting the L last time and it’s an Hell of a job getting into and out of them I can tell yer.

Pleased with myself but not with the knees and angina starting to play up, I limped along checking on the few food stores that were open, but none of them had fresh bread in.

Eventually I found some store made cobs at the Mini-Waitrose. They each cost more than a loaf of bread elsewhere, but hey-ho I’d got me bread of sorts to have with the other half of me Prok Farms pie. I also got a tiny pot BBQ mix beans. Had I realised they cost £2.80 I wouldn’t have bought them, but I was so pleased at getting the warm shirts I didn’t notice the price of the beans. Tsk!

As I came out of the shop the police were cordoning off a bus shelter. As I passed by I could see some crushed spectacles and blood on the floor. I thought about taking a photo but the look the officer gave me discouraged me from doing so.


Rare dancing shoes on sale

I started me walk back to Carrington up Mansfield Road.

I saw an independent shop had some children’s shoes for sale: Girls Cromwell Shoes £5, Scottish Dance Shoes £10, Boys Jig Shoes £5, Jazz Boots £10 and Girls PU Cuban heel Top Shoes on sale. The prices seemed reasonable to me. However I didn’t know what some of them were, all dancing shoes of some type I imagine though? Notice the straw 0406hats? I liked them for some unknown reason.

As I struggled along with the bangs I had a dizzy spell. Not surprising in my condition with the blood being prevented from flowing and my hands were well red. (That’s not a typing error and meaning I had my fortune told be a gypsy like – I meant red the colour your see. Hehe! Forgive me, I feel so good getting me walk in)

As I crossed to the other side of the road I spotted three Police vehicles arriving at some business premises.

0407I took a photo from there and then one of the Scientific Support Vehicle when passed by it. The Nottingham burglars are not taking a day off for the New Year then I thought.

The New Year in Nottingham seems to have continued like the old one, muggings shoplifting burglaries etc?

A limped on, and I mean limped, the feet and knees were rather painful at this stage of me enforced longer walk, on up the hill and down passed the cemetery.


More Nottingham Street Art spotted

Noticing some more Nottingham Street Art in near an entrance gate to some student flats.

It was better than what I saw earlier, the blood and broken glasses in the City Centre anyway.

I plodded down the hill and three fire engines went by, blues and twos on. I hope all these emergency services activity are not a portent sign of things to come again this year in my beloved Nottingham. (Did I say that?)


The pigeons cheered me up

I was struggling walking now but got through the cutting and the pigeons came down and landed and looked up at me as if to say “Come on then, where’s the seed youth?”.

That cheered me up. I gave them some seed and earth-worm pellets and managed the last few hundred yards back to the dump.

A painful rush to the WC first thing demanded.

Took some extra painkillers, started the laptop and made a cuppa.

Started to finish if you know what I mean, this diary.

0411Well shattered physically, poor old twerp.

My nosh tonight consisted of Rustic cobs, pork pie, BBQ bean mix, crispy bacon rashes, Marmite crisps two lollies and a cup of strong tea, along with me medications of course.

An unhealthy choice and including some forbidden by the doctor foodstuffs. And the bean mix contained sweetcorn which is on my definitely-not-to-eat list. I ate many of them and enjoyed them before  realised they were in the mix – bet I suffer from the rear-end after this… oh dear!

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Tuesday 2nd September 2014

GC corner3jpegUp at 0650hrs, WC and got the launderette togs ready, remembering in the drying balls, soap tablets and nibbles for the laundry girl.

Then a cuppa, and on the laptop… eventually thanks BT Internet.

Then up the apples to have a wash and WC.

Rubbish to the bin, and then out to walk to launderette. As I started walking, BJ arrived in his car to give me a lift. Kind of him that.

Got the things in the machine, then walked to chemist for me prescriptions, that were ready on time. Then realised I would not be able to carry Tue001the big bag of medications as well as me two bags of washing back home again.

So when I’d got the washing into the drier, I walked back to the pit with the medications, picked up two lollies from the freezer, and took ‘em back to the launderette with me. Mandy was tickled pink that I’d taken them for her, and gave me her excellent ‘Poor old sod’ look.

Tue01Got the togs, waved cheerio to Mandy, and legged it back to the flea-pit – where I found a police car, forensic van and reporters outside the house opposite just down the road from mine. An officer was looking for prints on the window frame, so I assume it was another break-in. Why the reporters though? A simple break-in around here is not worth their reporting; else they’d get sued for repetition!


I updated this Diary, did a bit of blog viewing.


Then I decided to have a walk into town, and have a look see if any cheapo pyjamas could be obtained. Then changed me mind, and decided to have a walk to Sherwood Nottingham Hospice Shop, take em me ticket maker and few bits and then bus to town for a wander about like.

Had a nice gentle walk into Sherwood, donated me bits and pieces, and glad to be free of the weight I was carrying too. Then I caught a bus to town.

Tue02When I got off and walked to cross over towards Clumber Street, I noticed there seemed a lot of people on it for a Monday.

I found out why as I walked down to near McDonalds – two women were going at it something awful, did everything but clobber each other, and that’s what attracted the crowd yer see.

Tue03I took a photo of the Nottingham Beach in the slab square, everyone seemed quiet happy.

I moved on and hobbled to the bank, where I waited for twenty five minutes to get served. The teller apologised, but I couldn’t help pointing out the sign behind him that advertised their excellent customer service!

The feet were aching a bit now, and the angina was kicking in. (Tsk)

Tue05I hobbled up to the NHS drop-in centre. As recommended to by my GP receptionist who I asked last week where I could get another Medical Card from, as the one the hospital gave me was almost unreadable now. She replied, try thr NHS drop-in centre, so I did.

I explained all this to the lady, who said: “Try your GP!”

Tue04Ah well…

I limped back up to the second had record/tape/DVD shop, and he’s saved me a rare Acker Bilk CD, £5, so I treated missen to it.

As I walked down to catch the bus back to Carrington, I took photo’s of a Chinese Medical Shop and the NHS drop-in Centre, don’t know why I did, but I did.

The queue at the bus-stop was enormous, so I went to catch another bus that took another longer route, and got on it and got a seat.

Unfortunately I was unsure which stop to get off at, and overdid it a bit, and found myself with another marathon walk. Never mind eh.

Tue06At the end of my street, I saw the Fire Brigade had put up a notice warning us about arsonist working in the area. The police put one up about burglars burgling in the area last month, but someone nicked it.

I called in Lidl to get some cobs – and was in the queue at the check-out for yonks and yonks, eventually giving up and leaving. There were only two tills open, and the poor gal on the one I was at, was having some sort of trouble with the till.

So I hobbled up to the Co-op store and got some Bread Thins on offer at £1, and a pack of 6 iced lollies for the same offer price. Why I did this, having purchased some from Fulton’s yesterday, I haven’t worked out yet.

Got in and made me sandwiches for later.

Feeling weary.