Tuesday 6th September 2022

What a mess! Got up late, ablutions Throne, Doctors things and list, Carer Richard, Shave changed checked emails. No time for blogging – I had to rush to get to the Doctor’s surgery on time. Three-wheeler trolley; hope I’ve got and done all that is needed, jacket, bus pass to get to the surgery, Carer Richards list of things to mention, etc. Fool! Going to walk back.
I’ll only flit through the happenings before the catastrophic events go to, in and coming back from the surgery.

Bless her busy heart ♥

Bless her busy heart ♥

Carer Richard was in a rush again, so a bit of rabbiting and nattering was lost there. I think he had extra calls on again.
After much messing about and feeling so unsure of what I was doing, I departed my little flat, and I went down to drop some treats off at the ILC’s (Independent Living Coordinators) office. I met Carol there, and she advised us that Esther is staying in South Africa for another fortnight, so Carol will do my laundry for me tomorrow. I was pleased to hear this; I like Carol.

Also, having missed out on a chinwag with Richard, it was heaven to see and speak to people at the bus stop. Christine, Carol, Deana, Frank, Mark… I was in my eyeholes, although concerned that I get to the surgery on time. The bus arrived, I dropped off on Mansfield Road, and I caught a bus a few stops into Carrington. Hobbled to the surgery, and it had changed so much from my last visit… naturally, that was years ago, I think.

Got into the reception, a new young girl there now. She was behind windows and plastic a bank would have been proud of. She was not too keen on me when I had to keep asking her what she said, ending up with a Hitler-like arm outstretched with a finger, pointing at the waiting area chairs. So I obediently sat down and got the crossword book and magnifying glass out… but I’d forgotten to take a pen with me. Humph!
I waited and waited. Folks were coming half an hour later and being called into the surgery. It was apparent that I’d made another cock-up with the timing?
Another fifteen or twenty minutes, and I summoned in.

“And what do you want this morning?” I handed her the list, and she typed things off of it into her computer. No signs of interest or concerns; until I told her about the last item, where I had a mind blank and memory blank, in Bulwell and came round hundreds of yards away, in the Pound Land shop.  She had another bash at the computer and told me to arrange an appointment with the receptionist for an advanced memory test. Then asked me if I’d booked my Flu jab yet; I swear I heard her ‘tut’ when I said no. Hehe!
She changed her mind about me arranging the visits and came out with me and told the receptionist, who gave me a card with the dates on it. I forced a thank you out and meandered out onto Mansfield Road for the walk back to Sherwood. For some reason, it was a memory prompting hobble, an Accifauxpa and injury-acquiring one, as I discovered later. Here are the photographs that were taken, to which I recorded my thought on taking each one: I do my bestest, despite Dementia, Doreen! Hehe!

Well, Tsk!

I caught a number 40 bus back up Winchester Street to the flats.
I called in at the Warden’s holding cell office. And showed her the appointment card, asking if she could arrange for a lift there each time, but I could make my own way back. She’s up to the neck in it but said she would – then she noticed something of a mystery; Dang dang dang Dang!

The new surgery receptionist had made a bloomer or two here! (And this, from the second-best surgery in Nottingham certificated, Sherrington Park!)

Deana told me she’d look into it for me and let me know. I thanked her and made my way up to the flat, intent on getting some Phorpain gel on the right knee; it was definitely worse than earlier.

Hobbling slowly now, through the Winwood Court passage to Woodthorpe Court, up in the lift and into the flat. I got the trousers off and checked over the knee from the front…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Made a start on this blog, another late night? This could be serious?

Warden & Skiing Champion Deana called. To tell me the changed confirmed dates and times of the Doctor’s appointments.
19th September 11:00hrs – Mem Test.
24th September 10:30hrs – Flu – Pneumonia jabs.
I thanked her muchly. Then got the new times added to the Google Calendar

Sam, or erm… yes, I’m sure it was; arrived, not pressing the door tune button again! She’ll be the death of me. Talk about making me jump!
So late now, I’ve spent about six hours on this blogging. I’m going to get something to eat and catch up in the morning… Catch up in the morning? Did I really think that was a possibility?

, I’ve not done the yet, Humph! Better get on with them then – no rest for the wicked!

Well, I put in the analyser… Oh, dearie me!

Got some chips and veggie burgers into the oven. Going to have tomatoes, and the fresh raw garden was with it. 

That was the plan, as it turned out, I forgot to put the tomatoes on the dish – it could happen to anyone – with Dementia Doreen in their head. Tsk!
I took these two pictures with the Lumix on the ‘Auto’ option. It looked peaceful and calming to me, and I stood a while thinking things over… Until the sound of emergency vehicles, sirens and klaxons could be heard nearby. Twigged me back to reality!
I made up the somewhat larger than planned meal, got it on the tray, but could not resist eating some of the fresh raw pod peas before taking it through to the front room.
When I settled down with my feet up, the right knee went well down, but the rest of the leg bloated up with water retention. The banging and twisting it in the tumble, the reason I imagine?
I took the things through to the kitchenette and got them washed, and to my eyes, the sun was still in the sky as I saw it. So I took this picture, is it the sun, or a hole come gap in the clouds?

I washed things up and returned to the second-hand, £300, c1968, overwhelmingly-sickeningly beige coloured, tatty, uncomfortable, wobbly-recliner. Then walloped and rubbed in a lot of my Phorpain gel. The knee pain was still bad, although it was getting less blotchy and coloured all the time. MedPhorpainTo help me sleep; if Sweet Morpheus allows me to… less pain should mean fewer waking-ups.

What an idiot! I remembered that I’d already taken an extra Codeine earlier, then another when Sam gave me the evening medications! I’ll have to look up the risks of taking too many Codeines. I’ll do it now…

Codeine should only be taken as a ‘top up’ or ‘rescue’ painkiller. Codeine may make you feel light-headed, dizzy or drowsy. Make sure you are at home when you take the tablets – Codeine can also cause constipation,
Allergic reactions (itch, hives, skin rash, redness, increased sweating, flushed face, difficulty breathing), death,  increased pressure in the skull (painful eyes, changes in vision or headache behind the eyes), fits (convulsions)
Other side effects: Confusion, dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness, changes in mood, nightmares, mental depression, restlessness/excitement, headache, hallucinations (seeing, feeling or hearing things that are not there), feeling sick (nausea), constipation
, vomiting, dry mouth, abdominal pain (may be caused by spasm of the bile ducts), low body temperature, blurred or double vision, tiny pupils, (Sorry, not this; I thought it said extremely small penis) palpitations, low blood pressure, low blood pressure on standing, slow or fast heartbeat, malaise (general discomfort), pain and difficulty in passing water, uncontrolled muscle movements and rigidity, decrease in sex drive.

Hehehe! I’m sorry I bothered you now. All the red-coloured risks I’ve already got. So taking extra Codeine should make little difference to me.

I’ve just two pairs of the not-so-effective Morrisons PPs left.
But fear not, for tomorrow, all being well, I’ve got some fresh ones arriving from Amazon.
These  Depend Comfort type Protection Pants are not as thick as the chunky show-through your trousers Morrison ones.
They are cheaper than Morrison’s, but then again, Morrison’s prices have increased more than other places, so it’s not a surprise.
I find the Depend ones will protect in the event of any suddenly unstoppable wee-wee or blood from the rear end leaks, better than all the other PPs I’ve tried. Not a topic that should be on here, perhaps. But I know the benefit of using these pants. I’d like to pass this on to any other sufferers. Economical and trustworthy. Never let me down yet.

I got down in the recliner and dropped off in no time! Great! Besides that, apart from one waking for a wee-wee that had what felt like gallons of , Hehehe, I was in the land of nod for about six hours.

Inchcock’s Third Escape from the Lock-Down, to Nottingham. Photographically recorded!

Inchcock’s Third brave but stupid, Escape from the Lock-Down

We understand, that the Nottingham City Council Security, the Police, and the newly-formed Boy Scouts Woggle-Anti-Lock-Down-Escapers-Retrieval-Team are after him, again!

He arrived at Upper Parliament Street, where he spied and ogled some Nottinghamian ladies, on his way into the Poundland Store, had a Dizzy Dennis visit, and came out with more unwanted goods, such as Zoflora disinfectants, Carnation milk pots, Cooked beef misshapes, and 3×8 bags of his destroyers-to his diet, Frazzles!

He paid the lady, who helped him when he had his funny-turn and dropped his money on the floor, thanked her and made his way to the Bargain Shop on Milton Street. Observing a pair of fine legs-displaying young Nottinghamiam lady, crossing the road against the cross-walk lights. He forgave her we understand.

He patiently waited for some fine bottom-shaped, Nottinghamian Mothers to get there ankle-snappers locked securely in the pushchair, then entered the store. Hoping they would have some of the Pakistani made potato cakes, and lemon air-spray in stock. They didn’t. But the old fool felt so guilty at the thought of not buying anything, he bought a pack of four-mini oven trays, for £1.99, and left to walk through Trinity Square, up the incline, so as to take some pictures of Trinity Walk, but got yet another visit from Dizzy Dennis, and hobbled down to Upper Parliament Street.

The first of the Pavement Cyclist he saw on the short hobble, all-but ran into him. He claims to have called out, “You silly boy!” and waved at him.

Investigations are underway to find out what he actually shouted!

He limped down Queen Street to Nottingham’s Slab Square.

His near-miss at being run into again by another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, (he says) drew a slightly more forceful response. The old grumpy claimed he said “Tsk! You rascal!”

He walked across to South Parade, where he took a shot of the side of the Council House. Not many folks there, so he turned back and took one of the Square.

He hobbled down Arcade Walk. Amused at how the Nottinghamians were totally ignoring the signs written on the paving stone, to keep to the left.

St Peter’s Square; and the silence was overbearing.

He says he felt like a disaster was about to take place, as he avoided another of the many Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists.

He told our reporter, that he wanted after over a year and a half, to go into the M&S Foodhall, to get some treats from there ready-made meal section for himself. Shame that. He could not gain entry with his walker to any door but one, all the others have stairs or step that needed tackling to get in. So, after a long painful hobble around he found the doorway, and for his bother, got walked into by two rather large ladies coming out. He could not tell what they said to him, but the words were accompanied by some well-used, superior class sneers and curled lips.

Then he had to walk for what seemed miles, to get to the lift down to the Food Hall. Luckily, there was no one wanting to use the lift, which pleased him, but felt odd, the place used to be very busy all of the day? When he got down, it was a very sad sight! The Coronavirus has had a shocking impact, for M&S. Fridges were curtained off and not in use at all! The usually well-stocked shelves looked bare, by comparison now. 

The fool paid £2 for a tiny bag of small potatoes, £1 for a mini tray of basic mushrooms, £2 for small-box of Frites, and £2.50 for four minuscule potato-rostis!

He got to the checkout and had another Dennis Dizzy visit, and Stuttering Stephanie hit him. He claims he was overcharged, but who knows, in the state he was in, owt could have happened.

The poor old senile nincompoop struggled to get up the lift and out of the one door he could use, and onto Lister Gate again.

Back wearily up Exchange Walk, with his famously-reliable EQ, telling him that hassle of some sort was on the way. Which didn’t take long to arrive!

He took a zoomed-in shot with his little Canon camera towards King Street, as a Pavement Cyclist zoomed by his, and he felt the draught the speeding idiot made!

Another Pavement Cyclist came into view.

Then another one, too!

This one came close to hitting the old codge, he came from the rear. Inchcok refused to tell me what actual words he shouted at this Pavement Cyclist.

This particular Pavement Cyclist gave our Nottinghamian pensioner a few looks!

The old scrote carried on his way up to the bus stop, and a final Pavement Cyclist belted by him. He claims he was tired, pee’d off and Dizzy Dennis was visiting him again at this stage. There might be something in what he says cause he can’t remember the bus ride back to Winwood Court!

He says he didn’t see a single policeman all day!

The can recall getting off of the bus though, he cracked his ulcered ankle on the trolley-walkers right-hand back wheel!

This was written and potomagraphed, under great stress. Just thought I’d mention it!

Inchcock Today – Monday 29th January 2018

Monday 29th January 2018

Japanese: 2018年1月29日月曜日

0024hrs: Woke and laid there a while, waiting for the brain to start its own pandiculating and join me. As it did, I sensed the warm wet worrying sensation from the lower regions. I dismounted nervously from the £300 second-hand recliner, perpendicularised myself and limped off to the wet room.

  Oh dearie me! Matted and fresh blood this morning from the fungal lesion. I cleaned things but did not do any medicating, changed the PPs (Protection Pants) the medicationalising can wait until I do the shower and ablutions later.

Got the Health Checks tended to and took the medications. Computer put on and did last weeks record in Excel.

Updated the Sunday post, and sent it off.

0230hrs: Made a brew, during which the call to the Porcelain Throne expeditiously arrived. I was so glad no CCTV cameras were running! As I had to run and get on the Throne with much haste and amusement.

I arrived in the nick-of-time, and as I plonked down, the lid slid sideways and trapped some… erm… flesh! The evacuation was slow, big and messy. A lot of relief when it ended, then the cleaning up. I bent down to try to make the seat more secure. All I achieved was to hit my head on the sink getting back up after failing to make any difference to the wandering lid! Changed the PPs again, cause the lesion had been bleeding too. Humph!

Made another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold, and collated the paperwork needed for my visit to the Council Mobility place. Hope I can find it, the map and internet were little help other than saying: Victoria Centre also has a mobility centre, operated by Nottingham City Council, located on Victoria Bus Station Travel Centre
York Street, Nottingham NG1 3EN. Level 1 of the White Zone Car Park?
The centre site tells me it’s on Level 1 of the White Zone Car Park, Cairns Street?

I’m going to have fun here today, I can tell! I’ll call at the Poundland shop as well, and ask if anyone had handed in my bag of shopping I left there on Saturday, or was it Friday? Either one, I’ve still got the receipt, but not the slightest faith in getting it back!

I made a start on this post up to here and then did some WordPress Reading. On to comments and replied.

0430hrs: The wind is still blowing fiercely out there this morning. Made a lovely mug of Assam tea, before going on CorelDraw to do another Inchcock Today page top graphic for use later.

Ablutions and medicationalisationing were done. Bin bags to the chute.

Down and to the Onerbgruppenfurheresses Shed. Met Welsh Bill en route. I’m glad I did, cause he likes to insult, mock and put down the older folk, and no one else was available. Hehe!

Keine Offiziere oder Kommandeure were available at this time. But a few tenants were sheltering from the rain, and we had a good laugh.

The bus arrived, and I did the crosswords until alighting into the rain at Upper Parliament Street

I called into the PoundShop where I left the food I’d bought on Friday behind. The lady asked others, but they had not had any bag handed in. Didn’t expect them to have indeed. I repurchased some of the same fodder again and made my way to the self-serve checkout. Where a Whoopsiedangleplop of embarrassing and mega proportions was suffered! I’d got the stuff scanned and in the bag alright – but could I get the blocked zip on the coat to open so I could get to my money or bank card? A resounding, thunderous No, would be the answer! What a picklement! The assistant lady tried her best to help me, the checkout till kept asking me if I wanted to continue with the purchase and the Nottinghamians in the queue waiting indicated their desire to, as we locals say… Marmalise Me! After several flunked attempts to sort the zip, she had to put her hand up my under my coat to get the bank card for me to enable me to settle with. With a red face and feeling a twit, I thanked her and paid the bill – remembering to take the food with me this time. The gal had a good wit and humorously said as I was leaving; “Things happen in threes, let me know when you’re coming in again and I’ll take the day off!” She had a lovely smile. Other staff members laughed, but those customers in the queue looked like they were about to explode as they leered, scowled and offered me threatening looks. I beat a hasty retreat!

I crossed the road and went to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Up to the top floor and called in the Market Place and visited the Afghan chaps stall to see if he had any coats suitable to buy as a replacement for the one I had on. I was confident the blocked zip would defeat all attempts to clear it, it was that bad!

Walked the length of the centre and called into the House of Fraser shop, after seeing their Sale signs and the gents department being near the doors.

I got an Extra Large coat that seemed to have enough pockets to suit me.

It was reduced from £180, down to £162 and now £126.

The two young nymphets serving, both tried to free the zip on my jacket for me.

Despite their best efforts, it remained stuck solid and refused to move.

One of the lasses got a pair of scissors, but it was no use, bless them.

I paid the bill and made my way through the exit doors, down a floor and into the bus station, which had changed considerably since my last visit to it.

But, I was lucky enough to find the Nottingham City Council Mobility kiosk here, at the first location that I tried. Bit of luck there… very unusual for me! Hehe!


Another bit of good fortune as I left the building and walked towards Mansfield Road on my way to the bus stop. Taking this photograph and the bus suddenly appearing from behind, I was well pleased that it missed the giant puddle of standing rainwater in the gutter.Thus avoiding another drenching!

I did get a mini-splash or two later, mind. As I walked by the front of the House of Fraser store on the main road, a bus pulled up as I taking this photograph from under my umbrella as the rain got a little stronger. It sprayed some water, but the bloke in front copped for most of it. Was my luck actually changing?

I know it is many years since I have had any alcohol.

But as I plodded on and was passing the Victoria Hotel, oh no, it’s called the Hilton nowadays, I saw a sign with prices displayed.

Boy are these high or what?

Made me so glad I’ve kicked the alcohol into touch!

I admit I am not sure what the things on the list were, or any idea what a Package indicates or means. But 70cl is I assume a measurement of the alcohol, that is on offer. I could be wrong, I often am. I had to look up what Belvedere Pure Illuminated (1.75ml). (Belvedere is the toast of Poland and is feted as a premium Vodka throughout the world) and Laurent Perrier Rose (1.5L). (Laurent Perrier Rosé Champagne Magnum is one of the rare Rosé champagnes to be made using the maceration [skin contact] technique, which gives it the extraordinary depth and freshness that has made it the benchmark for Rosé champagne around the world) meant, when I got home. Not cheap are they? I assume this offer was made with visiting drug dealers, politicians, Brain surgeons and the like in mind? Hehehe! Probably not the likes of this Nottinghamian Street Sleeper I passed on Upper Parliament Street outside the Money Lender and Pawnbroker shop.

Got to the bus shelter and joined a couple of lady tenants. We had a chinwagging session while waiting for the bus to arrive late as is usual for this one.

Arrived at the flats, and called into the Social Hut, hoping to ask Obergruppenfureress Deana or Obergefreitereress Julie for help in detaching the useless coat from my rather rotund misshaped body. But bother were unavailable. The lady who sorts out the power suppliers for us was there with a young man from Nottingham City Homes. I told them of my woes, and they did larf! Haha!

The youth tried to free the zip, but as anticipated it was a fruitless effort, like all those who had tried to help earlier. But I appreciated the people all trying. He lost his grip trying to pull up the zipper, and clouted me on the nose! He tried again, and several zipper-teeth came out as he freed the closure.

Then, him being such a tall man, he had nae bother in dragging the now useless coat over my head and freeing me from the jacket. I thanked him.

Then, I transferred all the many items from the old one to the new coat pockets. I left the deceased one on a chair, hoping whoever has been doing the stealing from the hut, will nick it and find it useless.

Gave both people some nibbles and an Easter Egg, the lady some DVDs I said last week I had, and she fancied. OBergefreiteress Warden Julie popped in and out as she was busy. But I managed to give her the Rolo-Egg pressie.

Off back to the apartment.

No wee-wee or Porcelain Throne attentions needed. Hmm?

The sky kept changing quickly.

The radio said below freezing tonight. Tsk!

Got the computer on and updated this diary to here.

The fatigue is setting in now again. So I got the curls and fish fingers in the oven cooking and readied the other bits on the plate.

Took a look to see if owt worth watching was on the box tonight. Too many choices, hard to make up my mind which to watch.

Got the fodder all done and sorted. Smoked mackerel in BBQ sauce, battered fish fingers, sliced apple, tomatoes, beetroot, potato curls and a couple of anchovies on the last of the buttered cobs.

9.4/10 rating for this one. Only the beetroots being tasteless, let it down.

I settled to view the TV programmes, in readiness for falling asleep and the Strobe Alarm to activate. I have no idea if the fire alarm went off or not, so deep was the sleep I fell into, within minutes.

Woke and scribbled some memories of a dream I’d been having. (I know this, cause I found them in the morning and was glad too, cause actual memories later, were none existent.)

Inchcock – Thursday 18th May 2017: Computer Google Chrome Problems, Accifauxpa and


Thursday 18th May 2017

Italian: Giovedi 18 Maggio 2017

0200hrs Woke and off for a wee-wee. Got back down again and slept until 0306hrs.


First thing, I took the medications, had another wee-wee and heavy duty session on the Throne, messy gooey.

Then got on with trying to uninstall and reload Google Chrome to get rid of the freezing. Searched for advice first, but I could only get at far as Programs, clicked Chrome in the box and the computer telling me to ‘Select all Google Chrome Items’ – there were no more to pick or choose? Fed-up with this, I’ll see if I can get some help or anyone knows of someone who can come to the flat to have a look at and give me a hand, I’ll ask at the Windwood Social Hour, not very hopeful though. Grr!

Very frustrating having to wait for hours for it to reset itself when it does, it doesn’t frequently, reset reboot reload, turn off and reboot all the time, and every time I try to go on Facebook or YouTube. I’ll have to stay off for until I can get someone to pay to this sorted out… if I can?

Losing heart here.

Back to the Porcelain Throne again, no pebble-dash but gooey and sticky now! Going through the toilet paper at a fast rate of knots. Tsk! Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding badly this morning.

Tried doing this update and finishing yesterday’s diary, which took hours due to my being too nervous to do it when I got back from the trip out Wednesday and being convinced I could sort out the Chrome uninstall and reinstall procedure today. Foolish me!

I wish I’d taken a photo from the kitchen window earlier now.This morning when I got up was crystal clear, look at it now?

This morning when I got up, it was crystal clear, look at it now?

I realised I’d not put the map of yesterday’s marathon hobble in the diary.

4Thur03So, here it is.

Just to show off and pretend I’m as fit as a fiddle.

The feet ain’t half stinging now, but I’ve only got myself to blame. Although I did enjoy the visit to the park and ducks and was well pleased with the results from Mr Redmain… or, was it Redman?

Although I did enjoy the visit to the park and ducks and was well satisfied with the results from Mr Redmain… or, was it Redman?

I’d like to make a note of my appreciation of the Pensioners Free Bus Pass too.

I reckon without this, yesterday’s bus trips would have cost me around the figure of £12-£15 in total!

By heck… the stomach and innards have just started off grinding and bubbling away again now. Tsk!

I did some WordPr4Thur04ess reading for a while.

Still unable to get on and use Facebook without Chrome problems.


The view from the kitchen window, when I made another mug of tea has changed again. A lot clearer once more? I got the last of the pod peas, some small potatoes and beef in the Crock-Pot cooking.

Took the rubbish bags to the chute. Then got the ablutions tended to and deodorised me up nicely. Made sure the raffle prizes and nibbles were in the bag.

Set off to the Tenants Social Hour.

A good session and one lady suggested I go to the phone shop in the Victoria Centre and ask ‘The Geeks’ for help with the computer problem. If I sign to pay the something monthly, they will always be on hand to help. That lady had signed with them. So, I decided to go into town afterwards and have a word with them, might try to get some pod peas at the same time.

4Thur05BJ was there, and a few laughs were had.

At the bus stop the weather looked marvellous to me, the trees so beautiful.

Another good listen best I could to the chinwagging.

As the bus went along Porchester Road, I took this photographicalisation of the sky towards the City Centre.


I could see a face in the clouds. When I got back, I made up the above graphic of it. I just wondered if anyone else can see it?

Dropped off the bus at the usual place near the Victoria Centre and hobbled in and through to the Phone Warehouse shop and to the back counter where the ‘Geek Squad’ sign indicated they would be located.



The chap with the blonde hair informed me the Geeks are only there for three hours a week on Saturday mornings! Deflated about that.

Poddled to the Tesco store, but they didn’t have any fresh pod peas in stock again! Bought some SourDough Bread, though.

So I went to the Fruit and Veg market and got some peas up there.

Out of the mall and into the Wilko Store. Got some disinfectant, foil and deodorant.


4Thur11Had a walk up Clinton Street window shopping.

But it was little, well, a lot more hectic than yesterday, so I gave up and got out soon as I could back onto Upper Parliament Street, and went to the bus-top, just avoiding a Burk on a bike Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.

Caught the L9 bus back to the flat complex.

4Thur07As the bus turned right, off of Porchester Street and down a narrow part of the route, I tried to get a photograph of the steep hill. But didn’t make too good a job of it cause a van turned in at the same time in front of the bus.

Battling falling asleep again now. I actually did nod off a few times, but luckily as the bus turned into Chestnut Walk, I stirred.

A quick chinwag with some residents at the bus stop and up with a little concern that I might not make it in time, to the flat and the Porcelain Throne.

Then, I moved the fodder into a saucepan to warm through and washed the slow cooker. The computer and Google are still letting me down. Will not let me work on Facebook again.

05Thu12I got the meal, a stew of sorts served up.

Podded peas, turnip, small potatoes, made a nice caramelised gravy to go with it and added some beef gravy and a tin of stewed steak to it.

Slices of Sourdough bread to soak up the nice rich gravy and a Lemon Fool to follow with this fool enjoying it a lot. 9.4/10 rating.

Got a phone call from Obergruppenfurheress Jenny, she had kindly arranged for a friend to call and have a look at my Google Chrome problems. Later when I was asleep and in the land of nod, the door chime burst forth and a note had been posted through the letterbox for me from Jenny. She told me a chap called Sam would be visiting me tomorrow night sometime after 1800hrs. That was so kind of her to help out.

Having woken up, I decided to make a mug of tea… Accifauxpa Time! Dropped the milk and cleaned it up.

Watched some TV for ages, no nod-offs in between. But the worries over the Chrome issue kept overtaking other thoughts.

TTFN each.

Inchcock – Tuesday 2nd May 2017: Marathon hobble, and tram rides today! Late attack of the Runs!


Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Czech: Úterý 02.05.2017

Woke and up 0330hrs, the dreams I’d think I was having lingered for a moment before drifting off into the ether Tsk! No notes found on the pad either.

2Tue001aNoticed the scribbled note I’d left on the computer scene to remind me of the INR Blood Test with the Surgery nurse later today.

Alighting the £300 second-hand recliner Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit, getting to my feet I found a collection of items on the floor… torch, remote control, pencil, notepad, a squashed tube of Betamethasone cream and a spoon scattered about?

I wondered what I must have been dreaming about that might have caused this mess… Hehehe!

Had a pot of the high protein Porridge for the first time. Very filling, but no better taste than the usual cheapo ones.

Had a search for the INR record card and bus pass without any luck. Humph! Then did the Health Checks.  2Tue04 The body temperature had gone up again.

Found the bus-pass.

2Tue03It was cold this morning, a bit of mist lingering in the air.

Another thing, the twisting outwards of the right ankle was far less pronounced?

What’s going on today?

Arthur Itis in a good mood, Duodenal Donald far easier, Anne Gyna being kind to me, Water retention had gone, Roger Reflux was calm, and when I visited the throne, there was no bleeding again from Haemorrhoid Harold. I’m worried! May they be planning for an Accifauxpa or Whoopsiedangleplop attack? Haha!

I put on the alarm for 0850hrs to remind me to get ready, ablutions, etc. to go to the INR blood test in Carrington in time.

Took the medications and weighed me – it was down again!

2Tue05Found a scrawled note on a used envelope near the recliner.

Wondered what the heck I was trying to write? Got the dairies updated.

2Tue001aThen did some WordPress reading for an hour or two, then went onto Facebook for a while before having to close down and get ready for the surgery visit, and weather permitting, a nice steady long hobble into town to catch the tram into Hucknall.

Felt I needed the exercise.

Into the wetroom to do the ablutions, and observed that not only were the legs seemingly even whiter than yesterday, the right one was far thinner than the left one?

The brain seemed to be racing away on its own for a while, palpitations for a second or two and then whatever it was I was thinking of, fearing or considering, vanished from the brain altogether.

Dressed took the bin bags to the refuse chute and set off on the walk to the surgery.

2Tue06Going down Winchester Street hill, those with flower things that seem so intricate and beautiful were still radiant.

Down and left into Hood Street, right down Marshall Street, then left onto Mansfield Road and up the gradient in the direction of Carrington and the GP surgery.

Not much traffic around, but there was the 2Tue07usual Nottingham Pavement Cyclists of course.

This Herbert on the left, I turned around to take his photograph – he very nearly had over.

But, I don’t think he was aware of it as I saw he had earphone thingies on his head as he passed by so closely at a high rate of knots. Bless him.

Up over the hill and down to the surgery. Logged in, sat down and got the crossword book out.

The nurse fetched me in and got the INR blood test done. When I told her of my going to Hucknall, she pointed out a cheapo shop for me to try, near Tesco. I was soon out and hobbling through Carrington on my way into town.


2Tue08Near the Lidl store on the opposite side of the road, I turned and took a photographicalisation of the lack of traffic and people this morning.

Hehe! I might have guessed it was the EQ that told me to seize this photograph, as seconds later another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist overtook me from behind, not leaving much of a gap twixt I and him.

2Tue09aOnward, the weather just right for walking, not hot, not cold and a gentle breeze. Feeling good (For a while?).

Near the college bus-stop, I just missed making it three Pavement Cyclist in a row, and the one I wanted to photograph turned left into some flats before I could take the shot. However, I realised I’d caught a nice one of Nottingham Street Art?

2Tue10The man-hole covers protected by the plastic erections were Gas Repairs. I thought as I passed, in the old days when I was alive, any works like this from the then, British Gas Works would have stunk something awful!


Passed the traffic island junction and up the hill by the Rock Cemetery, over the lights and down 2Tue11on the last leg of the hobble into town.

Still so few people and traffic.

As I passed a pub, it brought back memories of when as a teenager I was in digs that were ar the back of this pub at the time.

It was so long ago, but the landlady and one of her daughters, Audry I think, came back to 2Tue12mind and I nearly walked into this dustbin!

I wondered if something catastrophic had happened?

Pressed on down the hill, still a bit confused as to where everyone was? I knew I had the time right. Otherwise, the surgery would not have been open?

2Tue14In the City, Milton Street, still not much happening people-wise. Did I wonder if the Bank Holiday Monday had tempted folks to take some sickies? Or where they hungover?

You never know?

To the end and crossed over Upper Parliament Street, nearing what is traditionally Nottingham’s busiest pedestrian street, Clinton 2Tue15Street, I found a good few Nottinghomians there.

Limped through them and made my way to the tram stop.

Wish I had knowledge of how to use the video on the camera now. For I could have possibly done one for YouTube and this young lady in a what was obviously by her speed, must have 2Tue16been an 8 mph version, possibly one of the imported 12 mph disabled scooter was scattering the crowd with a determined sort of Jame Hunt ‘out-of-my-way’ sneer on her face!

Must remember to keep an eye out for a red and yellow scooter in town in future. Hehe!

Caught the tram on South Parade near the Council House and it was easy to find a seat too.

2Tue17At the Hucknall terminus we all dismounted and I walked to the shopping parade the nurse had told me about and had a wander around.

The store she suggested was called ‘Home Bargains’, a big one. I just paid a visit to the food part of it and got some sunflower hearts and black sunflower seeds for when I get to visit the Mallards again.

2Tue20Walked over to the Tesco store and went upstairs to see if they had any brown shoes that use a velcro fastener, or soft brown shoes. They had neither in stock, so I came down again and into the food section.

Spent a bit here: Fish Sticks, fresh pod peas, belly pork, Lemon cheesecake, lemon curd yoghourts and sourdough bread.

I enquired of the young lady on the checkout if I could use contactless payment with my card, because I can’t remember my new number, as soon as she had stopped talking to another member of staff. “Swipe there at the top” she listlessly instructed me. So I did, and nothing happened. The machine would not accept the swipe for the contactless payment. “That happens sometimes.” she said adding “Just put your number in then!” I pointed out that I’d already told her about my not remembering the code, this is why I’m trying to use the contactless payment… “Pay in cash then” was her response.

A good job they were not busy (I wonder why?) as I knew I’d had not enough money left after spending at the other shop, so searched all through my bag and pockets in the hope of remembering the number or if I had written it in the code somewhere. As the gal sat there lifting her eyes to the ceiling occasionally and non-verbally issuing non-covert “Silly old fart” signs to the other staff, and my not finding it, I had one go at putting it in, fearing I might lose the use if I got it wrong… Blimey! It took it!

I shall not be visiting here again in a hurry.

2Tue18Back to the tram terminus and I was soon on my way back into Nottingham. Got the crossword book out and had a bash.

By the time we got to Bulwell, the tram had filled up. The seats on the tram were so small. I put away the book and started nibbling at the fresh pod peas. By the time I neared the Nottingham stop, over half of them had been eaten!

At Hyson Green the tram actually filled up, a chap had to squash in, and I did my best to make room for him. When it came to getting up for the stop, the knees and ankles had stiffened so much, this chap helped me to get out of the seat – I did feel a fool!

Hobbled limpingly to the L9 bus stop and met fellow tenant and Social Hour friend Bill (William on Sundays) and he seemed confused. He said he’d been to the Post Office and didn’t know about the take a ticket routine and was now late for the doctor’s appointment. Poor old Bill. He went down the road and caught a number 40 bus that was going out, but there is a fair walk from the bus stop it drops off at, and crossing the road is very dangerous there on the bends. The L9 was due in five minutes as well… then I realised if he were going to his doctors from town, the 40 route would be better for him.

I was fighting falling asleep on the bus. But as luck would have it, some lady tenants got on en route, and they made sure I did wake up in time. Hehehe!

2Tue19Back in the flat, to the wetroom for a wee-wee, got the kettle on, took the medications, did the health checks and got the meal prepared. 

Decided to have potatoes curried beans, Wieska three small slices of sourdough bread and two mini pork pies.

A Greek-style plain yoghourt with Maple Syrup mixed into it, followed.

I think I left 75% of it. Eyes too big for the thingy again, and I got the seasoning wrong for the beans too? And of course eating the porridge earlier might have had an effect?


After my failed attempt to at the fodder, I washed the pots then settled to watch a Frost DVD.

Fell asleep almost immediately, woke up and rewound, then repeated the nodding off again.

Woke, gave up and put the TV on to watch Top Gear and went to fetch a drink of orange juice from the fridge…


I’d left the hot water tap running again! Stone cold now.

I didn’t fair any better with my TV viewing either, so gave up, turned everything off and drifted off quickly.

Then I awoke with the stomach rumbling and many trips to the Porcelain Throne followed throughout the night… Oh dear!


Inchcock Today: Saturday 25th March 2017


Saturday 25th March 2017

Estonian: Laupäev 25 märts, 2017

Stirred around 0245hrs, the dirty dinner plate on the next chair, notes about a dream on the arm of it and desperate for a heavy duty session on the porcelain.

Untangled my ever increasing body mass from the delicate and rickety £300 second-hand recliner chair and off to the porcelain throne. Once again, no bleeding from the front or rear… I’m beginning to worry about Haemorrhoid Harold, Hehe!

6Sat03Got the dirty pots washed up, made a brew and took the medications, then trimmed the carrots and got them into the slow cooker with Mushroom Soy Sauce.

Performed the Health Checks. All looking good here too!

Perused the scribbled notepaper, and found I’d been dreaming apparently, about an underground fight with gigantic earthworms… or was it that I was shrunken? Whichever, after the conflict I found myself in a room being interviewed by, well some secret service type people I reckon, they were not messing about, and I was bloodied and battered during the conversation about my not renewing my TV licence? The words Linctus and Doormat (I think that is what I’d written) on the paper meant nothing to me?

Got on and spent the next two and a half hours or more, sorting yesterday’s mammoth diary and got it posted off. A long busy day, leaving me with photographicalisation to sort and post as well as recall all that had happened… mind you, seeing the photos helped me.


The view out of the window was almost pretty, with the sun coming up and creating shadows over the houses.When I took the photo, I thought I could see an aeroplane on the right, but it seems to have disappeared?

When I took the picture, I thought I could see an aircraft on the right, but it appears to have gone?

Guess what? I’ll tell yers… I went into the other 6Sat01room to do the weighing of my fat frame, and I found the missing camera! Perfectly naturally and to be expected, it was in the laundry bag! Huh?

Oh heck! Back up again by more than it went down yesterday! Humph!

But all the other reading seemed about right and no surprises.

6Sat04Even the pulse had gone down nicely. Add the fact that Haemorrhoid Harold and Little Inchy had not been bleeding and Arthur Itis was so kind this morning, even after yesterday’s struggle in town. And Duodenal Donald had eased too, things were looking good I thought – That was before I tested the carrots again and managed without any bother to stab myself between the fingernail and finger with the sharp end knife!

Someone (Well a lot of folks) have said I am too much of a pessimist. Here is proof, or one of the root causes that I am one. Every time I start to get that dreaded feel-good factor in my life… Mr Thatservesyouright visits me. Humph, Hehe!

It’s a good job I’m used to it, or I could get discouraged you know!

Started this diary off, then did some WordPressing.

Did some Facebooking then.

Got the ablutions tended to, in time I hope, to catch the first bus at 1030hrs into Sherwood. Missed the bus, so walked down to Sherwood.

Limping along Chestnut Walk passing the vehicles and on the right, I fell in love with a single Daisy. All on her own she was. I had a chat with her. Hopefully, no one realised this.


Onto Winchester Street Hill. Halfway down I took this photograph below left, and near the bottom the second photograph.


These represent the beauteousness weather and the wonder of nature.

Also, that Arthur Itis was still kind to my knees and ankles as I poddled along slowly but fairly comfortable this afternoon down to the shops.

Arrived at the Continental Food Store and invested in some of my favourite Roast Belly Pork with herbs and garlic, and two slices of another belly pork that looked good, without herbs. A small sliced Continental loaf and a jar of garden peas and carrots with flavouring.

Arthur was beginning to affect the fingers for some reason.

I lazily strolled very slowly up the hill on Mansfield Road and called into the Wilko store to get some disposable razors. I left with the blades, a Citrus body deodorant for men (Of course, Hehe!) some disposable oven trays, Vitamin B complex tablets, and electrical extension lead with four sockets with on/off controls on each and one more of the Pure Citrus fresh air without water sprays at half-price, £1.50!

As I was taking the change from the helpful lady serving me, the damned fingers froze. I had to walk further up the road to the bus stop with the receipt, and a fiver stuck firmly in my grasp! Tried to prise them out and the receipt got torn in half, but the five-pound note was okay as the fingers relented and loosened their grip of steel.

Roy was at the bus-stop and had a right laugh over my fingers declaring independence, as he said. But it was a hard conversation as we had both not got out hearing aids in. What a pair we are!

Chinwag with Roy and back to the flat. Wee-wee, put the things away and made a cuppa and onto the computer to update this diary and do some work on graphicalisationing.

And there I remained for seven hours. The result (below):


Very late by the time I’d got it finished, and I was so tired, but semi-pleased with the resulting graphicalisation.

6Sat08Got the nosh ready. The red carrots cooked in the crock-pot with mushroom soy sauce were appetising, the belly pork divine with the beetroot cheeses and pickled eggs.

Lemon Fool to follow with a banana.

I devoured it with relish and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner with a mug of tea and digested the evening medications, rather later than usual with the good strong Yorkshire 6Sat07atea brew.

The finger I had stabbed down the nail with the paring knife in the picture on the left seemed to smile at me with a metallic glint that said threateningly; “I’ll get you again Inchcock…Hehehe!”

I knew then that I was either overtired or going bonkers… perhaps both?

7Sun03I repeatedly drifted off for a few minutes, woke, realised the programme had finished, drifted off again, realised the prog… you get the picture. The mind was seemingly over-active, and I have no idea when I eventually nodded off proper-like, but it was well after midnight.

I must remember tomorrow to add some of the Polish half-rye-half wheat Sourdough bread to my order for next Wednesday.

I did wake momentarily during a dream. I lay trying to remember it, but nothing there in the memory of any details.

Inchcock Today: Thursday 16th March 2017


Thursday 16th March 2017

Irish: Déardaoin 16 Márta, 2017

Woke around 0250hrs (According to the living room clock), thought it was much later for some reason. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the porcelain. Little Inchy had been bleeding, Haemorrhoid Harry too.

Then I noticed that the clock in there, in5Fri02dicated it was 0142hrs?

Went into the kitchen, and the clock in there read 0645hrs?

Confused, I made a brew, took the medications and did the health checks.

Then searched for the mobile phone, I found it in the jacket pocket almost out of battery, no missed calls. That and the computer both agreed it was actually, 0330hrs? At this point, I made a connection with the cocks and a dream I’d had earlier, but no details. I put the mobile on charge.

Realising I was probably going bonkers and almost ready to be institutionalised, I tried what logic I could muster to attempt to work out what could have happened here with these clocks. It’s true that I felt a little yonderly and my psyche seemed to have departed company with my brain. First, I thought I might have been sleep-walking? But I don’t imagine that I could manage to get out of the recliner when asleep, it’s difficult enough some mornings when I’m awake? But you never know.

What else could have taken place, though? An Alien visitation? Hehehe! Genuinely worried about this, but I put it out of my mind (An easy option for me sometimes) and got on the computer to do some work finishing another TFZer graphic. Then updated the diaries and got yesterday’s posted off.

At this point I realised, thank heavens, the cramps from last night had dissipated. Anne Gyna still with me, though, and Duodenal Daniel felt like he was on his way to visit me.

Bash on Facebook, then had an hour or so to work on the next TFZer graphic, before I had to get the things ready for today’s Winwood Tenants Social Hour Meeting.

Carried out the ablutions, Haemorrhoid Harry bleeding a bit.

Off I poddled to the Social Hour, taking the nibbles and raffle prizes with me.

All change today, many new faces, tenants relatives, but some old ones missing. There was an atmosphere lingering, at first, I could not understand what or why this was.

I sat down next to a bloke’s daughter, being as that was the only chair. BJ arrived, and old Bill joined us at the table, their seats are always sacrosanct and saved for them.

When the raffle started, it came out as to why some of the old dears were pensive. The visitors won a lot of prizes, and some did not donate any themselves, this was the cause of the silent angst. I found this out afterwards when I handed the nibbles out, and one of my tenant darlings told me. The lady next to me had won five prizes, and this did not go down well, cause they all noticed that she does not bring anything for the raffle with her. I never thought of that.

I had some new pains come on while I was nattering to Bill and BJ. On the left side of the chest and around under the armpit? I’ll not hide it, I was worried and felt proper ill.

Left a few minutes earlier than usual, as I walked out and said my cheerios to the regulars, I was ignored a bit. Possibly they thought the woman I was sat next to was a relative of mine? Or, they were busy chinwagging themselves? Peggy, who runs the Social noticed my discomfort earlier and inquired how I was and told me to seek assistance if it continues.

Walked back to the flat and had a dizzy en route. Only a short one, though.

Got into the flat and got the potatoes boiling and the bacon in the oven. The pain eased but remained on and off. The imprecision and vagueness of mind returned.

I’d intended to get out and see the bank manager, but felt drained already, and not in a good state. Then tried doing the TFZ graphics, but concentration was minimal and tiring.

4Thur09Blogged and did some more Facebooking without problems, and the meal was ready.

Notwithstanding feeling a little delicate, I did enjoy this din-din.

Small potatoes boiled, pickled mushrooms, beetroots and two bacon pieces (Dribbled with BBQ sauce).

Two slices of the half-Rye-Half-sourdough bread followed with the banana and lemon fool.

Put the washing up to soak in the bowl, had another dizzy and got sat down in the £300 second-hand recliner, put the TV on and fell asleep for a couple of hours, woken by the sound of the door chime banging out a rendition of Dusty Springfield’s “I only want to be with you”. As I struggled to get out of the chair before whoever it was, gave up, I thought it might be someone checking if I was alright? No, it was Don from another flat wanting some 20p pieces for his laundry.

4Thur11I made a mug of tea and searched for the camera to take this photographicalisation of the Sherwood sunset.

Settled once again to watch some TV – nodded off again.

Woke by the telephone ringing away – another struggle to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair before they rang off.

Jpose03It was Sister Jane, so nice to hear from her. I’m afraid I waffled a bit and didn’t get the full message, as I was a bit droopy from the kip.

She sounded well, bless her.

Something we said must have triggered my thoughts, for I do recall sitting and musing over memories from long ago for an hour or so as I sat there in the dark pondering on life and it’s problems, personal and global, peace being the main worry… I mean, the violence and hatred being the primary concern for the world that needs corrective and compassionate attention – but it will not get it, that is certain.

The engrossment and mortification over the world’s worries had worn me out, but I could not get back to sleep for hours.

Waking up around 0350hrs, drained!

Inchcock Today: Saturday 11th March 2017


Saturday 11th March 2017

Chinese Traditional: 星期六2017年3月11日

I was up around 0300hrs, out of the £300 second-hand nerve testing recliner and on the porcelain – the mind full of bits of a dream, and I wrote them down there and then.

Dream11 3 17

Straight onto making a graphic of what I could remember of one of them. Oddly weird one, even for me. Took me hours to get it right, but still, nowt else demanding me time.

About 0600hrs I got it posted on WordPress. I hope to get a dream expert to analyse it for me. Hehe! I recalled some more bits and deciphered them from my handwriting, but it was too late by then.

Did the health checks and took the medications. In decent form this morning, Duodenal Daniel, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry and Arthur Itis, were all being kind to me. Only Anne Gyna was giving me much hassle.

Got the diaries updated.

Hoping to visit Olive later.

CiffFinished off a graphic for the TFZer site.

Then, I got the ablutions and medicationalisationing all sorted out and got ready for me walk into Sherwood, to get a TV magazine and have a wander around getting a bit of exercise and some fresh air again.

Set off, dropping off some used jars in the recycling bin, and down Chestnut Walk then right down the steep Winchester Steet Hill towards Sherwood.

7Sun01aAcross the road, I saw that some more trees were being lopped.

Perhaps this time it as because of the branches overreaching above the road, and with the elevation being so high and the winds bad up here, they were causing a danger to the traffic?

Plodded down the hill and right up Mansfield Road and into the co-op and got a TV magazine.

Coming out of the shop and back up the road, I had the challenge of resisting the temptations of the ice cream buns in the Bird’s shop… I failed! Hehe!

To the bus stop and waited for the L8 which conveniently was due in ten minutes, a bit of luck there, cause they are only every two hours on a Saturday, 1030 till 1430, which is not a lot of buses to pick from. Not complaining, though, they are free for us pensioners.

Back to the flat on the bus, didn’t meet any other tenants at all on the way?

Into the flat and had a desire for some of the Battered chip Shop Style Sausages I’d got in the freezer – why, I don’t know, but still. Got some in the oven and then phoned Olive to see if she was free, she was, so I nipped across to her flat to see her.

This amazing woman chatted with me and we had some laughs. She allowed me to do something for her (I love it when I can actually help someone). She got me to collect some jars to take to the bottle-bank and gave me a letter to post for her. She seemed in good form, although she was still waiting for her date for the hip surgery. Lovely woman.

Gave her a kiss and returned to the flat, the first thing I did was to put the letter in clear view so I would not forget to post it in the morning.

7Sun02Got the make-do meal of sorts done.

I’d overdone the sausages a bit but still enjoyed them. I had a few potatoes left over that I had with them and ate each sausage in a wrap of bread thins, dipping it into the BBQ sauce as I did. Hehe!

The cream iced scone was guiltily consumed too.

Oh, had a bag of Marmite crisps with it as well.

Still a bit peckish afterwards, though. So when I’d done the washing up and settled to watch the Doctor Who DVD, I nibbled on some Rice-Pea snacks and chocolate nuts. Weak willed? Me? Yes!

Very early, even for me, the eyes drooped and I realised I was going to battle to stay awake, so turned off the DVD to enable my submission to the sleep.


Inchcock Today: Thursday 9th March 2017 -Worra day!


Thursday 9th March 2017

Welsh: Dydd Iau 9 Mawrth, 2017

Woke around 0230hrs, doing my bestest to recall the dreams, but not much luck again. Themes and feelings from them yes, this time a happier atmosphere, but no details. Tsk! Deliberated on life in great depth – two minutes later I dismounted the scarily shuddering £300 second-hand recliner and off to the porcelain.

Little Inchy had been bleeding, he always seems to after the medicos take their samples and prod and poke him at the examinations. Not too bad, though, I got the new cream out of the fridge and applied both that and the old one… too late I remembered they told me to use them on alternate days, Tsk! Did my best to removed all of it and reapplied the new one again. No ablutions yet, too early to risk disturbing the neighbours.

Made a mug of tea and took the medications, I did do the Health Checks but decided to carry out the weighing later when I have my shower, and all the clothing will be off this magnificently misshaped wobbly body. Hehe!

The BP was a bit low, well, the Sys (142) was, anyway. So when I made another cuppa, I did them again, this time up to (151), so no worries.


Onto WordPress and finalised yesterday’s diary and got it posted.

Started doing the graphic for the top first.

Moved onto Facebook.

4Thur04Had a good long shave, cleaned teggies, scrub-up under the shower; using the back brush, scouring sponge and Dettol soap.

Then dried off and medicated, creamed and lotioned the areas in need of the same. Oiled the ear-holes, applied the deodorants, then weighed me self while naked…

And still, the flipping untrustworthy dial indicated that I had gained weight again! Tsk!

Got the nibbles and prizes ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour meeting and set off with them… got as far as the lift and realised I’d forgotten to check the kitchen, so returned and was so glad I did, I’d left the tap running. Turned it off, and the wet-room light I’d left on as well (Huh), out to the lift once more, pressed the button… then returned to the flat to collect the hearing aids. Sad, is not the word is it?

Had a natter with Roys wife in the lobby before her taxi arrived, then out to the Winwood Social Hut for the meeting. So happy that I could get to one again at last. 

It was Eddy’s 94th birthday today. Sarnies and cake supplied for him by the group. BJ was late, nothing unusual there with him (Hehe), and he was in fine form and looking well fit. Nice little chinwags, gave out the nibbles and went back to the flats having a laugh with some ladies as we struggled to get back in the high winds.

4Thur05Got in the flat and as I made a strong cuppa to have before going out again, I espied some wood pigeon or doves right over in the copse way off in the distance. A sure sign that the growth on the trees were returning. Took a few shots, this being the only one that came out decently.

Looking at it closer later, when I posted it, they’re three birds, (I thought there were only two) all having a kip by the look of it. The leaf/twig in front of the far one, almost makes it look like a swan? 

Mum, Dad and offshoot? Bootiful!

4Thur11Got the bags and set out to the bus stop and caught the L9 into Nottingham after a gossip with some tenants.

The Ladybirds, or Ladybugs to the Americans, were rampant on the concrete pillars and seats in the bus shelter again today.

Called in the Victoria Centre to get some of the dark chocolate cashew nuts, but they had sold-out. Went to the Jamaican food stall and got the last two tins of Shiitake & PoKu mushrooms. Then caught a bus to Bulwell to have a look for bargains in the cheap food shops there. After wandering around for over two hours or so, I realised that there were none of any interest to me.

Decided to go back to town on the tram, but having just missed one, I caught (Or so I thought) the bus back to town. I settled with the crossword book for a good while, when I looked up, I had no idea where I or the bus was! Extreme Whoopsiedangleplop! Having the comfort of the Pensioners Bus Pass in my power, I let it take me on, and after going through many estates, some I recognised, I knew we were going towards Arnold, so I stayed on and luckily, over an hour after getting on the wrong bus, I got off at the back of Asda in Arnold.

Noticed the bus I got off of was a City Loop one, I was none the wiser. However a bit of luck here, I noticed on the read out board for the stop, the L9, which will take me to the flats, was due in five minutes! Fifteen minutes later it arrived, and I was so pleased. Hehe!

I’d been into town, got two tins of mushrooms, went to Bulwell found nothing I wanted, got lost ending up in Arnold and caught a bus back to the flats… over four hours lost in getting two tins of mushrooms! And I forgot to go to the bank. Hehehe!

A rather inefficacious outing to say the least.

Back at the flats and hastily as I could manage into the porcelain room. Phew, just in the nick of time, too! Little Inchy got caught in the haste for his services, and the blood flowed. Tsk! Cleaned up changed togs and applied the Anti-fungal OTC cream.

Letter from the bank had been received, put it to one side to read when I was in a more receptive mood.

4Thur12Got the fodder prepared.Easy job today, I’d left the mushrooms in the slow cooker and they were ready.

An easy job today, I’d left the mushrooms in the slow cooker and they were ready.

Tin of curried beans and some crispy streaky smoked bacon were added, a pot of Lemon Fool and a banana for afters.

I felt well drained and a bit of a fool myself, with the Whoopsidangleplop on the bus.

Washed the pots and settled to watch some more of the Doctor Who DVD.

Little Inchy had responded well to the new cream and didn’t leak at all from then on.

1800hrs: Turned over to the TV to watch Heartbeat… don’t remember much more until I woke around 2300hrs. This time I tried to recall the dreams I just knew I’d been having without any luck at all, then just drifted off back into the land of nod again.

Worra day!

Inchcock Today: Fri 16 Dec 16: Whoopsidangleplops again… Humph!


Friday 16th December 2016

Irish: Dé hAoine 16 Nollaig, 2016

0230hrs: Sprang awake with an image of me in a big sewer come drainage pipe with my jammies on, trying to do a Rubik’s cube that kept falling apart and turning into Oxo cubes. Perhaps it was part of a dream? I’ve never seen or handled one in my life.

Demand for a WRHD session presented itself, and I dismounted the working perfectly but noisily £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the porcelain room – the stench and stink from last nights Whoopsidenagleplop with the burnt oven-cooking was lingering tenaciously and malodorously. Performed the WRHD session, with no bleeding at all from Haemorrhoid Harold!

Into the kitchen and took the morning medications and opened the window a bit, then sprayed some air freshener around, but it didn’t clear or mask any of the foul smell of burnt lamb juice, that with the flat being so small, had permeated everywhere. Phoo!

If I get out today to try and get to the Sainsbury store again (Hopefully catching the right bus this time, Hehe!), I’ll see if they have any active fresheners on sale.


I stood looking out of the window for a while. My dereistic view on life filtering into my thoughts and a sort of mild melancholy came over me for a few moments.

I pondered on how the horrible fetor in the flat could be alleviated, went to look in the cabinet to see if I had anything capable of being used effectively, stubbed my toe on the scales and lost interest.

5fri01I had an idea to do something with this photo for the TFZ site later, given time that is.

Took a close-up of the house wit the decorations outside, they had altered and changed them around Good effort.

Did some work on the diaries and got one posted off, then went onto CorelDraw to start the TFZ Cooks graphic from scratch.

Spent too much time on the job again, got to rush now to catch the bus… Tsk!

5fri04Ablutionised in record time ad down to the bus stop. Where I proceeded to get carried away again with nattering to some tenants and… hard to believe, but I got on the wrong bus again!

I stayed on all the way to town, then caught a bus out to Arnold.

Dropped off outside the Sainsbury store and proceeded to collect some Yushoi Soy & Balsamic Rice nibbles, a parsnip, two small turnips, two large King Edward potatoes and a Sourdough loaf of bread.

5fri03aWalked into Arnold proper and purchased twp cans of fabric freshener.

Hobbled up to the bus stop and as I waited, espied that the vandalised bench seat had not been attacked again since my last photograph taken of it. Hehe!

Nice chinwag and laugh with a gal on the bus as the darkness began to fall earlier than ever today.

Got into number 72 and attended the porcelain demands for a WRHD session. And it was heavy duty too, a bit bloody. Took the medications along with an added Senna tablet. Got a feeling that things were going to get tough in the WRHD department. Tsk!

5fri05Got the meal cooking and watched some of a DVD film.

Made sure I didn’t nod off this time.

Tomatoes on Sourdough bread, pickled mushrooms, strong cheddar cheese, foul tasting bland BBQ chicken legs, Cox’s dessert apple, appetising baked potatoes with cheese. Followed by a pot of mandarins in orange jelly.

Finished watching the film and got the TV on in plenty of time to watch the most welcome double-bill of Hetty Wainthrope Investigates. Tried to make sure I could enjoy these: I visited the porcelains, made sure all the lights and taps were not left on, brought the pain gel,  sure the diamorphine and antacid were all to hand – so determined I was to enjoy my second favourite ever programme undisturbed!

Fell asleep at the first commercial break – Gnash!