Inchcock Today – Tuesday 20th February 2018

Tuesday 20th February 2018

Africaans: Woensdag 21 Februarie 2018

0220hrs: I stirred a few times, just like yesterday morning, with no desire, urge or interest in actually getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner. I think it was on the fourth attempt I managed to coax the brain to accept my commands and got out of the chair and went to the Porcelain Throne session. Not too bad this one; a little less messy.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

0330hrs: Then got the computer on to finish off yesterday’s post and start creating the advance drafts for the next few days.

Got them finished at 0730hrs, as the Morrison man delivered the food. Got them stored away.

Did the ablutions, during which I used the Morrison’s soft quilted, Aloe Vera toilet rolls. What a farce. Get them anywhere near water, antiseptic cream or shaving foam and they disintegrate, leaving tiny little bits of twisted paper everywhere! Even when used for the purpose they were designed for, they then cause you with a messy, painful retrieval job to tackle! Tsk and Humph! Be Warned folks!

Started this off to here, and got the nibbles and off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Porta-Cabin, on the way to catch the bus into Arnold and the Audio Clinic there.

Took this photographicalisation of the middle block build. I think the lads have done well on Monday and Tuesday, it appears they have started another floor going.

There were no wardens in the hut. Just one bloke. I put the nibbles for the Obegruppenfurheresses in their fridge. Only the usual Sourdough bread and a freebie bottle of Sports Water from Morrisons. Got it today cause of the GUM clinic visit on what is the typical day, Thursday. I sat myself down and got the crossword book out.

Welsh Bill, know-it-all and two other lady tenants joined us later.

Had a chat for a few minutes. Bill is not feeling any better, but no worse.

We went out to catch the bus. A surprising amount of us old seniles got on this morning. But, only I was left on the bus, as all of the others dropped off, three stops later in Sherwood.

I dropped off in Arnold.

Went to see if Chambers Butchers had any of their home-cooked belly pork slices in that were not too fatty.

They did, so I got some. Looked lean, looked good and smelled wonderful!

It kept brightening up and going a bit dark. It was much colder than yesterday.

Limped to the Medical Centre to make up for going to the City Centre one a week last on Monday and finding out they do not open on Mondays now.

I went in and to the audio department counter. All locked-up! I inquired of the receptionist with the well practised ‘I’ll-put-you-in-your-place’ stare; if they had perhaps moved? No, they only open on a Tuesday and Friday; between 1400hrs to 1700hrs, now! Ah-well!

So I wandered down to Front Street and, and went into the Iceland Store. Came out without buying anything.

Then to the Fulton Food Store, came out without buying anything.

Then to the Asda Shop. A different store here. I got three beef stew and potato ready meals for £6, vine tomatoes, Viennese Whirls, Cox’s apples, a TV magazine for next week, Cheese Curls and a box of four Lemon Curd Sundae Cakes. I was going to get some more of the cans of Curried Beans, but they were no longer on Offer Price. Boo!

Struggled with the bag out and up by the car park, to the bus stop.

Passing the charity collection bins, some people were talking about the stink coming from the clothing one.

I couldn’t smell anything, though.

Got to the bus shelter and waited for only five or six minutes and the L9 arrived.

I was soon back at the complex and getting off the bus.

I called in the Obergruppenfurheresses Wardens Temporary Shed, to advise that I’d put the two bits in their fridge earlier. But no signs of either of them. They must be busy elsewhere.

Walked to the flat and put the food away. The fridge is now really cram-packed. Hehe!

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the oven warming up, took a picture from the kitchen window.

It was really bright out there now, but cold with it today.

The computer started, and I got on with updating this diary for an hour or two.

Nosh served up.

Gorgeously palatable effort tonight. An excellent rating of 9.44/10 given.

Made a reminder note to me, about the Warfarin Blood Test at 1020hrs in the morning. Stuck in over the Computer screen

Did the last Health Checks and medications were taken.

Into the £300 second-hand recliner and got a ‘New Tricks’ DVD on to watch. Fell asleep. Woke with my attention drawn to the carnosity of flesh around the midriff area, and the dull aching from within. No idea what caused this.

Then the mind wandered to thoughts of other cyber-friends having troubles with their Bill Gates computers. Tim and Doug in America, Mike and Suzie in the UK… there were no direct specific ideas floating about in the brain. Just vagueness and semi-assimilation of the frustrations and agony suffered by millions of ordinary proletariats at the hands of this highly despised multi-millionaire.

Dropped off to sleep again, and I knew that the dreams that followed had been confusing, even scary at times. But as for the content of them, I could recall nothing.

TTFN all.

A Photographic Visit to see Old pussies Fooey, Albert, Sister Jane and Hubby Pete (Jane’s hubby, not mine! Hehe!)

Fooey consuming his fodder

Fooey having consumed his nosh!

Fooey with that “Anymore please” look. Bless him!

Jane and Pete trying to get Fooey to pose!

Jane, looking good, picking her figs, drink in hand!

Albert, unimpressed with being a photographic model!


Albert threatening the birds – and Humans! Hehe!

Wish someone had told me the hen was a fake. Hehe!

The old pensioner caught Tree-Hugging again!

Whoopsiedangleplop Highlights of Thur/Fri am 5-6th January 2017


0230hrs: Woke with Little Inchy bleeding merrily away. Decided to add the bloodied clothing to the laundry bag and go down to the laundry room, and get the washing done straight away.

During which I managed to knock my head on the top left-hand corner of the dryer, cut my finger of the cracked metal on the filter cage, trap my finger between the door and the sink cupboard and bang my elbow on the sink drain corner.


Noticed one of the chairs had gone missing in the foyer.

You can see the fading on the carpet where it once stood.

It reappeared later in the day?

The only highlight of the day was I got to visit Olive before I went out. She was not very well, and was now waiting further surgery. I love that woman.


4thur12Caught the bus to the clinic. Where the investigating medical team, as they got me laying down and they examined the lesion on Little Inchy through this gigantic electric magnifying glass contraption, with a new control apparently I heard them say. As usual, I had to remove my hearing aids so as not to interfere with the thing.

The new machine was a lot larger than the old one and blocked my view of the students, nurses and Doctors reaction and giggling about the lack of size and volume of the appendage they were investigating and trying to find a way to stop bleeding. After half an hour of smutty looks and amusement for them, I was taken into a room to have some needles inserted with some yellow liquid, that stung a bit, but only a bit.

I waited on the trolley while they analysed the blood. I’d been through similar before, so made sure I’d stuffed my book to read in the dressing gown thingy.

A different Doctor returned with the two others and informed me they were going to give corticoid (I think) cream one more go, and gave me a tube of a stronger one to use this month. This one must be kept in the fridge between usage.

The female doctor said if this does not work, she will arrange for me to see a specialist surgeon and discuss the option on skin grafting.

I went back to the flat and put the tube into the fridge, then set off to Mansfield to see if I could find any of the tins of Beef Goulash at the B&M store there. They had none.

Sister Jane rang me en route, and I agreed to meet Pete in the morning in town.


Back at the flat, I got the meal ready as I felt rather hungrier than usual.

It turned out absolutely divine tasting too! Vegetable sausages, pea-rice sticks, wonderful cooked mint flavoured beetroots, a Cox apple, chicken sticks that were not chicken but TVP I think, and the best of the lot. I’d boiled some potatoes the poured some light Soy Sauce over them and baked them for a bit with the sausage. Rated this one 9.44/10!

4thur06I carried out the BP tests as instructed. All over the place lately, up and down. I’m recording them on Excel so I can take a screenshot and email it to the doctors at the end of the week.



I suddenly felt so tired it was hard to understand why.

I didn’t feel unwell at all, just tired and drained.

Managed to get the washing up done, then sat down and irresistibly, I drifted off.

After a couple of hours, I woke thinking it was morning, but it was tea-time, then I drifted off again!

Sometime later I woke, needing the to use the porcelain. Little Inchy was bleeding, Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding and I had to change togs yet again. Tsk!

Sister Jane rang (I think). I nodded off once more. An hour or so later I thought I heard the phone ringing, picked it up but no one there?

a6Another hour or so and I thought it rang again… then I realised that it was the doorbell chiming. The cleaning ladies had, as they usually do, altered the tune on the bell when they used the socket. By the time I got to the door, whoever it was that had tried at least twice to contact me, had long gone. Humph!

I still felt tired, but could then not get back to sleep. Put the TV on and started to watch a documentary about the war. Nodded off t the first commercial break.

Woke again (Around 0230hrs I think) and had to go back to the wetroom to tend to Little Inchy.

Back in the £300 second-hand recliner and off to sleep again and the many weird dreams.

Woke yet again, thinking it was light, and remembering I was to meet Pete, I hastened out of the chair and as I did, I recognised that the light I thought was morning dawning was from the TV that I’d left on, and it was actually 0500hrs. Oh dear me!

Confusion reigns!

Inchcock Today Wed 6th July 16: Kitchen Whoopsiedangleplop – then Dizzies, Humph!


Wednesday 6th July 2016

Stirred to life, of sorts, at 0600hrs. Memories of the dreams lingered a bit this time. Usual theme, me being chased on and over rooftops, up mountains, falling into a canal this time, near a lock with soap suds on top smelling like TCP? Surprisingly, I could swim in this dream, as in true life I’m scared stiff of deep water? There was a lot more detail that I lost before I could get out of the £300 second-hand stuck half up and half down not working recliner chair to write them down… Tsk!

The first of many wee-wee’s followed, WCHD job, bit of blood from the rear end but not much. I found I’d left the heater on in the wet-room from the showering yesterday… huh, that’ll please the the bank manager no end!

To the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the medications. Of deary me indeed: Whoopsiedangleplop! The stack of storage draws had collapsed, some split open and there was a hell of mess to sort out from the contents that had spilled out, bent lids, sprays, cleaners, rags, bags etc. All lying in an untidy heap spread on the floor and laying in the spilt liquids, disinfectant, soda, washing up liquid etc! It must have made a right noise when it collapsed. Took me ages to sort it all out temporarily at  least. New storage box’s needed again now – I’m not going to get the same ones as these again though! Feeling a bit low now!

Had a job to find the hearing aids though, last night I’d detached the tubing and left it in soak to free the wax in them and I thought I’d left the main bits in the usual (That Auntie Kath left me) porcelain pot, but no. Found them in the kitchen on the counter, I reckoned the falling stuff from the five collapsed John Lewis storage draws and contents, must have knocked them to the back of the counter? Then I had to search all through the contents of the collapsed boxes to find the hearing aid batteries!

The falling mass of plastic, cleaners and medical accoutrements must have made a terrible noise, not that I heard anything like, hope it didn’t bother my neighbours? Wonder when it happened?

Even more depressed now.

10eGot the laptop on to start this post off.

The fingers were giving me some hassle and sticking occasionally.

Couldn’t spend too long a time on it, as I want to get to the shops using the first L9 bus (0930hrs) so I can have time to visit Olive when I get back, before she is picked up and taken for her meal by her son and daughter.

0815hrs: Saved the work and closed the laptop, then got in the wet-room to do my ablutions… remembering just before I did, that I’d not taken me medications with all the kerfuffle with the Whoopsiedangleplop, so I did.

Soon sorted, although I did manage a couple of nicks with the razor in my rush, that took a while to stop bleeding.

I set out, taking the  rubbish bags to the chute on the way down. Not in the best of spirits. Humph!

Caught the bus to town to the terminus on Queen Street and down to the City Centre. Walked down into the slab square and caught a tram to Hucknall and the Tesco store. Off the tram and walked through the Park & Ride, over the road and  into the store.

I had a good wander around, nosing out any new products, getting stuff I didn’t mean to and forgetting the stuff that was on the shopping list I’d made, that was still back at the flat where I left it. Huh! I did get some English vine tomatoes, half red-half yellow to try, some cooked meats of various types, bread, naughty snacks, french toast, Marmite crackers, chicken thighs, a jar of sweet & sour sauce, a turnip, tomato puree, cooked pork chunks, honey roast lamb slices and a packet of Fresh Cream Horns jumped into the trolley… I also got a packet of jam doughnuts for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour tomorrow.

Paid the lady on the check-out, and then the fun started… I’d rather overdone the shopping again and carrying the heavy two bags of the fodder back on the Tram and then bus caused me bother.

10gBack to the tram station and caught it back into Nottingham. This proved to be a  hassle filled journey.

When the tram started off, it had few passengers and things were okay – then as it filled with Nottinghamians en route, I found myself squashed against the window with the bags on the floor by a rather sweet smelling large lady. It filled up even more and I moved one bag onto my knees to make room for the incoming masses. I don’t know how the tram moved with all the folks on it – I realised I’d have a job to get off with the bags and get through all the standing passengers in time to get to the door for  the bus-stop I needed.

10hAs we went through the Radford area I managed to take a photograph of the open market there.

I think the changeable weather had confused us poor Nottinghamians somewhat, everyone was either well wrapped up or in summer wear?

We went on and as the tram neared the Theatre Royal stop that I required to get off at, I felt a right fool trying to manoeuvre myself with the bags to the door. As I got up I had a bad dizzy-spell. The large lady next to me, who was getting off at the same stop, immediately informed me I had ‘Gone all white’ and grabbed the heaviest bag and carried it off the bus for me. The lady who was sat opposite me held my arm as we got off. I did feel a fool! So kind of 10j 10kthem, one asked if I wanted an ambulance calling? I thanked them and red facedly sorted the bags to a more even weight distribution and made my way to the Queen Street L9 bus-stop.

The police were there collecting some Nottingham shop-lifters at the bottom of the street. I felt much better physically and all signs of the dizzy-spell had gone. I took what I hoped would be an atmospheric photographicalistion of the Council House.

I still felt thankful for the ladies help on the tram, but rather embarrassed, mortified and humiliated over the incident. Decided I had to inform the Doctor on my next visit. (This is due this Friday 0830hrs, must remember to take urine sample and not eat  anything tonight after 2200hrs before the CDH test with the nurse at the surgery.)

10eThe last L9 bus had long departed, so I caught a 40 one, that drops me off on Sherwood Vale Hill.

Always a bit nervous when I use this bus, because crossing the road after dropping off is a nightmare when you can’t move as fast as you would like to, to avoid the speeding cars coming up or down the hill around the sharp bends in each direction.

Still, it’s not to far to walk.

Although on this occasion I was a little bit worried about another dizzy coming on I must admit.

In the flat, feet, legs and arms aching, I had along wee-wee and used the throne first thing. Put the fodder away.

10lToo tired and weary for some reason to do any laptop work, I got some small potatoes in the oven and made two honey roast ham sandwiches.

Sliced some of the expensive but deliciously sweet tomatoes, added some sliced onions carrots to the plate.

When the potatoes were cooked I added them and had a very nice meal indeed. A worthy 8.9/10 despite my feeling a little under the weather.

I became suddenly apathetically languid, morose, lethargic and listless. It was made worse after I’d watched the Portugal v Wales game. Humph!

No more dizzies, but I didn’t feel so good.

Hey-ho! TTFN

Inchcock Today Sat 21 May 2016: Alive and Active! (To start with)


Saturday 21 May 2016

Bounced into life late today, around 0500hrs – I think I got in seven hours straight kip! Pondered on the dream I’d been having, recalling something about ladies and me in a room and having a good time? Memory dream that was.

Then bits about one with Lynton Cox lecturing me and hitting me on the knuckles with a ruler at a desk in what appeared to be taking place in a classroom or similar in a sewer?  Hehe!

P1080007Then I nodded off again, another rarity for me. I was forced into getting up and visiting the porcelain throne and found the proceedings easier that I have for a long time.Maybe the vegetable casserole last night helped?

Maybe the Crock-pot vegetable stew last night helped?

I rang brother-in-law Pete and we had a little chinwag.

Made a cuppa, took the medications and got the laptop on. I want to save some favourite photos to a card, to take to Asda and get printed today. I’ll walk, if the rain keeps off, we had a lot of wet last night judging by the roads and vehicles outside.

I finished off the Thursday post entry. Did the ablutions and ready to go for the bus to Arnold – which turned out the bus to Nottingham, due to me managing to misread the timetable and getting on the wrong one bus. (I know, I know it’s hard to believe that I could get myself into such a muddle – Ahem!)

All ready. Then, I set off with little time to spare down the lift on the way to the bus stop for the number L9 one and realised I had not got my hat on. So, I looked in the bag to see if I had a spare woolly-hat in there like I usually do, but couldn’t see one. It was too late to go back to the flat or I’d miss the bus. The L8 arrived, and who I have always called Julie got off the bus, and I had a natter and discovered her name is Jean and she lives in flat 38, not 48. (I know, I know it’s hard to believe that I could get myself into such a muddle – mark two – Ahem!)

Arrived in town and called into the Pound World Shop on Milton Street to see if they had any woolly hats in stock, asked an assistant lad and he said not. So I walked back to the Poundland Shop on Upper Parliament Street and asked staff, got the same answer, but I did find some Camping Hats and got one of them. Lovely warm lining and waterproof on the outside, even if I do look a plonker in it Hehe! I bought some Lotus Caramelised Biscuits 8×2 packs, and Haribo Jammy Chamalous sweets as well as the hat. Naughty boy!

The feet were stinging a bit then. Hobbled through Victoria Centre (Mall) and out and over to the Aldi store.

05Purchases some fodder: Lemon yoghurts, fresh mushrooms, a 5% Minced beef, Minted lamb shoulder cuts, pots of porridge, Brown craft loaf, Cod liver oil tablets and a pack of bread thins.

Spent £12.33, t’was the beef and lamb that were expensive, but I treated myself and no feelings of guilt either!


07As I limped back, through the Victoria Centre, a git on a bike almost had me over as he sped through the shopping centre at great speed!

The Swine!

I plodded through, out and up into Trinity Square, where I perused the second-hand jewellery shop windows to see if owt new was on offer for me to photographicalise for the TFZ gals. Evening Post

09Made my way towards the number 40 bus stop. Being a Saturday the next L9 that goes all the way to the flats was not due for over an hour, so decided to catch the 40. I called in the Spar shop en route and got a Bacon Sizzler cob, aim to have it early, then the wait for the planned Minced Beef hot-pot in the slow cooker will not drive me mad with the smell coming from it cooking for six hours. Hehe!

10I had a walk down into the Slab Square and there was a demonstration, peaceful mind you and some I think, Vietnamese students trying to get up a petition against cruelty in their homeland. I was going to take a photo of them, and the arrival of several policemen put me off.

I was going to take a picture of them, and the arrival of several policemen put me off.

Not many folk about on Exchange walk today?

Walked back up to the bus stop and caught the 40 bus.

As we passed 08the end of Clumber Street, I tried to take a photo of the crowd, but, at the rate of knots, that we were travelling at, it came out blurred.


Got off on Winchester Street Hill. No falling asleep today!

Got over the road without any hiatus and limped back to the flats.

P1070248On the way, I noticed the falling petals from the Chestnut Trees.

I took these shots from underneath one.

Pleased with how they eventually came out, out considering the wind was moving the flowers and leaves about something awful at the time I tried to take them.

Got in the flat and began preparing the beef stew in the Crock-Pot. Then nipped down to fellow tenant Jean’s flat with some DVD’s she wanted to look at.

Started this post update, when I got a telephone call… from the Nottingham Post newspaper! They were going to do an article on Pavement Cyclists, to see what others thought, in response to my email and photographs I’d sent to them last week! Yippee!

 I’m Going off-line now, to watch the cup final and eat me bacon sizzler with a hot strong cup of tea and take the evening medications!

See yers later…

Well, what a match!

I wonder how much Man Utd slipped the referee this time then?

Got the fodder ready.

Watched the Haye vs. Gjergjaj ludicrously farcical boxing match. (If I may use that term?)

Although I felt tired, sleep did not come quickly and I think I managed about three hours… Tsk!

TTFN folks.

Inchcock Today 4 Apr 16: Forced myself out and about – then it poured down!

G Dec

Nottingham’s Most Barmiest Sad Pensioner’s Diary of Woe

Monday 4th April 2016

I stirred into semi-life around 0315hrs and hobbled to the bathroom without any problems from the ailments, apart from the sore haemorrhoids, but they were not bleeding, just tender. 

Stubbing me toe on the way to the kitchen, I noticed the glorious view from the window and decided to take a photograph of it – I decided not to after all when I couldn’t find the camera. Humph, still looking!

Took the medications and found last night’s pot of pills I’d missed taking! Oh P1050891dear, so sad and anger making! I took the morning tub of tablets along with just one night time Warfarin.

Started the laptop and back to the WC to doctor my bits with the creams, painkillers, and lotions. Stubbing my toe on the same raised door stop as I had earlier! At least, Little Inchy was not bleeding this morning, I still applied the cortisone cream, though.

As I burnt my finger making the next cup of tea, that I knocked off the counter when I caught myself on the hot kettle and had to bend to clean up causing the back to go: This might not be going to be a good day I thought to myself?

I got the urge come inspiration to do a funny WordPress post in bad rhyming about advice for Pensioners on Waking up in the morning. This took a few hours to get done. During which, another call to the porcelain came, and I was so careful not to stub my toe on the raised door stop this time!

Then I got the Monday diary finished and started this one – and as I did so, got the fearful feeling I might have forgotten the INR blood tests today – oh, and I’ve got to call the clinic to grovel for another appointment too! I checked the Google calendar and confirmed it was for Tuesday 1145hrs at Dr Vindla’s surgery with the nurse.

I got some kind messages on the email, heartwarming that.

Turned everything off electrically speaking and got a jolly good scrub-up. Got the Phorpain gel on my joints and cleaned Little Inchy and Daktacorted him once again.

Wrapped me up well and set off in a hurry to the bus stop. Met coordinator Dean in the lift, and a few words.

Out and met two tenants waiting for the same bus, man, and wife I think and I had another little gossip.

P1060008The bus arrived in the City Centre and I dropped off and walked to the bus stop for the number 17 to Bulwell.

The cloudy sky was looking rather threatening as I crossed over the road to hobble to the bus stop. 

Pavement cyclists were darting around as well, too quick for me today.

G Dec2I observed as got close to the bus stop, that the naughty little Nottingham pedestrians were not too keen on keeping to the Walk – Don’t Walk signs on Upper Parliament Street!

The little Scally-Wags!

There were two people at the bus stop when I joined the queue. A ten-minute wait and by the time the bus arrived, there were about twenty in the queue. They all rushed forward with steely determination and I was semi-trampled on and around the twentieth to get on the bus! Humph!

In Bulwell, I made my way to the cheapo shop and got a three pack of the Blitz towels. Then walked around to the Shoe Zone store and got three pairs of shoes, one brown pair included (Not the foggiest idea why?).

Next door to the Fulton’s Food store and got a pack of battered fish fingers and one box of same battered fishcakes. They had some short-dated dark chocolate orange nibble discs, so I bought two for 50p.

P1060010Over the Market Place to the river Leen, and fed some pigeons there with the seeds I had in my shopping bag.

Over to the tram station and had a repeat of the what took place at the bus stop earlier. I was the first there on the platform, but about the twentieth again to get on the bloody thing. Only one side seat left available, and I had a heck of a job hanging on to it with and the two shopping bags at the same time. Tsk! Swines were nicking me OAP seats!

On the journey, it was dry when I got on, absolutely pelting down half way and dry when I eventually dropped off.

I even had a battle, to get off the tram in time at the Theatre Royal stop I needed, it was so crammed full of folk who didn’t want to respond to me requests for them to make way so I could get out! Huh!

I walked over to the L9 bus stop, the bus already being there and I joined just one other passenger on the bus. Later the bus had to wait as it went through a housing estate for a builders lorry to offload some materials. The driver was not happy!

We got to the flats and I had yet another little natter with a woman as we entered and rode up in the lift. We both agreed a cup of tea would go down nicely.

G Dec3In the flat and put the things I’d purchased away.

I noticed that the last pair I bought exactly like the £12.99 pair – AUS £24.38 – USD $18.59 – CAD £24.95, were then a few months ago, selling at £9.99. AUS £18.75 – USD $14.29 – CAD £18.63. Thought I’d get three pairs of shoes before they all went up even more!

Mind you, they all start leaking after a while. Hurrumph!

G Dec4The weather then started to pour rain heavily; Over the next couple of hours, it changed from rain to bright sunshine, so frequently.

Some mail had been delivered.

One Election Poll Card for Thursday 5th May, and a letter for Margaret, the previous tenant.

I got the laptop on and updated this diary of Woe.

DSC00174While preparing to get the fodder cooking and deciding to have fish lumps and fishcakes with beetroot, I thought I’d let you all know, that I no longer have any bags BBQ disc crisps, or beef flavoured potato chip sticks in the place! Not a single bag anywhere!

Honestly folks! Not one bag left! 

G Dec2



P1060012The fodder came out alright this time, and what a feast it was too!

Had to give this one a high rating score of a worthy 9.22/10.f

The Caramelised Balsamic Onion Chutney really complimented the fish dish so well.

Took the evening medications, having missed the midday ones. Huh!

Checked the TV magazine and found that there was so much on the box that I would have liked to view, all at the same times.

Channel hopped, fell asleep, woke, channel hopped, fell asleep… on and on and on this went. I imagine there are plenty of, what shall I say? Aged people in this position at nights?

BJ rang to say he’s checked the old house and all looks okay. That’s a relief!

Nodded of eventually…

Mon 7 Mar 16: Inchcock Today – The day deteriorated as it went on – Whoopsiedangleplop Ridden! Humph!

CG poorly2

Monday 7th March 2016

Up at 0400hrs, again in need of the using the facilitations of the bathroom porcelain. Little Inchy needed decoking and cleaning after last nights Whoopsiedangleplop. However Anne Gyna had eased, but the Roger the Reflux Valve was making me gasp and struggle a bit.

P1050138To the kitchen and put the kettle on.

I made an effort to take another photographicalisation of the view, with the light reflecting on the photo from the light behind.

Just for a bit of fun. Well, I say fun, is fun the right word. Should I have used amusement or interest? And am I losing it early today? Hehehe!

Made a cuppa and took the medications.

Pondered on the days requirements. Try to get some WordPressing done. Doctors at 1100hrs. Phone Clinic to confirm my appointment time. Oh, the dentist, no that’s tomorrow isn’t it. I really must try to get some cleaning up done sometime today, even if it’s only a bit. I can’t get rid of the feeling that I’ve forgotten something? A horrible sensation that!

Got on with completing Sunday’s diary, and tries to do an Iceland order, but at the end of the process it told me ‘A problem has occurred – Please go back, so I decided not to bother and ignored it.

Did some Facebooking. Had to prevent myself from forgetting the time, need to have me bath and ablutions yet, before I get the things ready for the walk to the surgery.

I cleared away and titivated the kitchen, then got into the bathroom to do my ablutions. Rather disappointed as the water ran cold so quickly and had to make due with a few inches of water. Must inform the caretaker later.

Got put sooner than planned when I started shivering. It took a while, the back and Arthur Itis saw to that.

Pottered about and got the things ready for the INR blood test, bus-pass for later, mobile phone, camera, nibbles for the medical team and gloves all into the bag.

I did my usual checks to make sure I’d not left anything on: And found the hot tap running in the kitchen! Grottyswellski! No wonder the bath was not hot!

Took the rubbish bags and put them down the chute on the way down. 

Walked down the Winchester Street Hill into Sherwood, left up the hill then down into Carrington. Phones sister Jane on the way and had a little natter.

Arrived at the surgery and booked in, and got the crossword book out. It was the Obergruppenfurher nurse on duty today, but she was surprisingly friendly with me? She decided to find a new vein today because she said the old one was overused and going hard?

P1050139Left the bag of nibbles with the receptionist and poddled to the bus stop and caught a bus into town. Arthur Itis seemed to be easing off, ni idea why, but I was pleased with this. The back continued to give me some jip, though.

Dropped off the bus and walked to Upper Parliament Street to catch one to Morrison’s in Netherfield. Took a photo of the crowds on Clinton Street. It reminded me of New York, with the moody sunshine and folks all wrapped up well.

P1050140I got to the bus-stop and looked up to take a photo of Centre Mission and Church.

I said a few words asking for the easing of pains for a few friends who are suffering at the moment.

The bus arrived, swiped my bus-pass and enjoyed the sunshine as we drove out through town, Colwick and to Netherfield. I’d decided to go to Morrisons cause Iceland’s website, wouldn’t take my order for delivery.

I checked the times of the buses to go back, not a bad service, three an hour during the daytime.

I’m afraid I bought some ‘Naughty foods’ 4IT7CoyStrawberry desserts (3), Hartleys mandarins in jelly (4) Honey coated cashew nuts, honey yogurt… Tsk!

Gravy granules, dried vegetables, Fresh roasting vegetable pack and spent £12.28.

Timed it well to get the bus back to town. Got to Queen Street, and again was lucky with the timing as the L9 turned up at he bus stop as I did. (Getting a bit worried about things going right for me at this point, my EQ told me I was going to pay for it later!)

I even fell asleep on the bus, but woke up as it was driving into Chestnut Walk outside the flats, brilliant!

As I got into the foyer, a lady there spoke to me, as I checked to see if there was a washing machine free in the laundry room, (No, all in use) and I could feel the blood running down my arm onto my gloves. I had to leave her rather abruptly as I hastened up to the flat, into the bathroom and cleaned it up, and had to put some Brute aftershave on it to get it to stop. (Stung a bit that did, hehe!)

Put the things away in cupboards and fridge, had to manipulate the contents of the freezer to mP1050141ake room for stuff to go in.

Kettle on, and started to prepare the nosh.

Took a photo through the window of the glorious clouds.

I stayed in the kitchen and read my book while the fodder was cooking, and kept a close eye on it.

P1050142I thought it came out okay.

I made some lamb gravy to add to it. The vegetables were not too bad. Added beetroot and a cooked chicken thigh.

Added beetroot and a cooked chicken thigh.

A pot of the Strawberry dessert for afters, and moved it all into the front room on a tray, to eat on my knee while I watched TV.

The idea turned out not to be a good one! The Whoopsiedangleplop proved this!


I managed to fall asleep and dropped the tray and fodder off of my knee. Bits of the meal were spread on my dressing gown, slippers, the carpet, on and under the arm chair & cover… I swore quite a bit.

P1050144Fetched Horatio the Hoover, and in combination with Boris the mini Black & Decker hand vacuum, set about cleaning the mess up.

Down on the knees to clean under the chair (Roger Reflux, Anne Gina and Arthur Itis were not pleased with this and had been giving me anguish ever since, Humph), picking the bits up by hand that had somehow gotten everywhere and it felt like into every crevis! Sprayed fabric deodoriser, over the materials, then passed the wind, and sprayed citrus fresh air spray all over. Getting back up was not an easy or pain-free job either.

In the middle of all this sorting, the phone went; It was the Iceland delivery???

I thought their system told me they could not take my order? I had no email to inform me about it? Had to re-sort the freezer again to make room for the chips that were delivered.

P1050145Had to re-sort the freezer again to make room for the chips that were delivered.And how I managed to order this great big box of 

And how I managed to order this great big box of Surf is anyone’s guess?

Still, the Whoopsiedangleplop got me to clean the room up a bit, Hehe!

Had a cuppa, felt sorry for me, a little depressed and put the TV on.

I succeeded in watching a whole programme, then off into the land of nod, at last!

Wed 2 Mar 16 Inchcock Today: New word created for ‘Oh botherations!’


Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Deerhat1Up at 0200hrs, in need of the using the facilitations of the bathroom porcelain.

Started to move the lumbering ever growing body mass from its resting place in the 1959 damaged imitation leather armchair bought from the Sue Ryder Charity Shop and a pang of pain from the lower back area made me think again about moving. Oh dear, I thought. I lay a while, trying to get myself into an easier position to attempt to rise from, and tried again; No pain, no twinges at all from the back this time? Odd that.

Tended to the needs in the bathroom, no bleeding from anywhere at all (Mind you I haven’t shaved yet, hehe!). The Angina being the only ailment giving me any bother at the moment.

As I was on the throne, I remembered dreaming about being climbing on roofs again, and frustrated at not getting where I wanted to go?

I made a cuppa and took the medications, far earlier than I should have, I just didn’t realise at the time I’d got up so early. Tsk!

Laptop on then finished the Tuesday Diary off; I started this one up to here. Did some Facebooking, well I did a bit, but got carried away with an idea for a graphic for the TFZ gals and gals.

Group03jDid some Facebooking, well I did a bit.

But I got carried away somewhat with an idea that came to mind for a graphic for the TFZ gals and gals. Got in finished, though, after three hours at it.

I just hope they all like it and get a smile firmly implanted on their lips, and it cheers them up?

Another Facebooking bash.

Then ran the bath and carried out my ablutions and daily medicalisationing duties. Hehe!

Had to hurry a bit to get down in time to catch the bus, due, to my overdoing the soaking in the luxurious Radox and Dettol antiseptic disinfectant Lavender bath!

I arrived at the bus stop only just in time, and the bus arrived came within seconds of me getting to shelter and greeting a very lovely lady there, who lives on the fifth floor.


I felt movement in areas I’d forgotten I had! 

Dang dang dang dang!  Hehehe!

We had a good natter on the way to town on the bus.

We parted (So sad) at the Post Office near the bus terminus, and I walked into town, to catch the tram to Bulwell. Where I was determined to get some photographs of the ducks that would be good enough to send to the Animal and Floral site on Facebook. On the way on the tram, I planned to try and get some shots from the footbridge over the canal.

I search my coat pocket to get the camera ready – Shushbuggeritski! I’d forgotten to take the camera with me! Gawd blimey I was so angry with myself!

Alighted the tram and hobbled into Bulwell Market.

Naturally, en route, as I crossed over the footbridge and stopped to feed the ducks – there were dozens there, five different types of ducks, and pigeons with them on the bank, standard colour, ten-bob note ones and white ones too; And me with no camera! Shushbuggeritski!

Do you like my latest made-up naughty word?

BB-AEC renown 63

Incidentally, for anyone not understanding what an actual Ten-bob note pigeon is, here is a photo wot I done up to explain, especially for my massive and multitudinous flock of US followers. So I’ll explain for them both. The old Pound note resembled the colouring of the normal pigeons, and as you see, the Ten Shilling (A shilling was known locally as a bob) note looked like the much rarer red/brown birds. I do waffle sometimes don’t I, sorry about that, old age and senility yer know?

Had a walk around and got some short-dated bargains. I got the last four packets of KP Honey coated cashew nuts, up to £3 each in the supermarkets, I know, I’d just ordered some to be delivered! Two packets for a quid! And two packets for the same of Chocolate mini-eggs. I anticipate my toothache may be about to start again. Hehe! Oh, and got a three pack of the Blitz towels for £2.99.

That reminds me, next Wednesday, I’ve got the dentists check-up. The fillings they did last time are going black already? Humph!

I caught the tram back to the City Centre and checked on the buses, the L9’s which take me all the way to the flats was missing cause they had stopped and gone for a break. So I caught a 40 bus. That dropped me off a ten-minute walk (Hobble) away from the flats. Mind you, it drops off on a sharp bend on the hill on Winchester Street, where you have to take a risk, getting across the road cause the traffic can’t see you until they are coming around the bend. But I made it safely.

P1050104Back to the flat, the sky was looking threatening again and put my things away. WC visit, kettle on and cuppa made.

Then onto the laptop and got this updated, and some grahicalisationing finished.

Did some more Facebooking, and then got the nosh ready.

P1050105An excellent effort (Tastewise) although I say so myself.

Carrots, garden peas, onions, Minced lamb, made some gravy, mashed and potato cakes and some bread thins with just a smidgen of Vegemite on them.

Followed by two of the short date raspberry and vanilla desserts. Rated this one: 9.2/10

Tried to read my book, but got vision focusing problems, too much time on the laptop perhaps?

I got the things to take to the Community Shed tomorrow morning with me, to share out with the other tenants. It is mostly the older residents that attend, but I loved listening to them while having a gossip on my first visit.

Must put new batteries in the hearing aids before I go for this, my second visit.

Then I had a look at the TV scheduling and selected three good programmes to watch, starting with Top Gear. That I got through without nodding off alright. While the advertisements or commercial break was on, off, I went. Waking up about three hours later, all the other programmes I wanted to watch were long gone.

To the porcelain, sitting there I was a bit concerned about the amount of blood from the back passage.

Woke up later, and returned to my 1959 imitation brown leather dilapidated armchair and nodded off easily.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today Wed 24 Feb 16: Up early, visit to Sister Jane

If a Vampire bites a Lawyer, isn’t that Cannibalism?


Wednesday 24 February 2016


Photographicalisation by Sister Jane – note how she has managed to get something growing from the top of my head? Hehe!

Up at around 0400hrs, disappointed that I could not recall any of the dreams I knew I’d had.

When I stirred, the first thought was how much easier the torn muscle was, no angina hassle either. Then as I stood up, oh dear; The arthritis was back with a vengeance! Hey-ho! Amazing, but very pleasing was how Arthur Itis had given me a rest during the torn muscle hiatus, now it is easier, back he comes? Thanks, Arthur!

Arose and to the WC, thought I’d do my teggies while I was there – blimey, more bother. The blood I spat out was coming from the ulcers and cracked lips inner gums. How come, last night there were no signs of any problem in the mouth at all? Now, tender painful and bleeding? Humph!

I got a cuppa and took the medications, then made sure I’d got the things in the bag to take to sister Jane and Pete’ mansion later. I’d rang Jane last night to get permission to go and visit them. As long as I arrived between 10 am and 1100 am, I was granted approval.


I got on with finishing the 238 Quotes by Women on Men and Men on Women post at last. Must have taken me a week to get it something like right. Still, it is a long one.

PatTrump03So, I hope it goes down well.

Patti Beckert let me know the graphicalisation done was okay, and she is to use it in a post on ‘Humor Times’.

A hilarious one too:

Patti at her Satirical best

I found it too painful to drink my tea hot, and let it go cold, so limped (And I meant limped, that damned Arthur Itis is having a hay-day, Hehe!) back into the kitchen to make another brew.

Checked the emails, got an appointment through from the doctors for my next INR blood test next Monday. Then I realised how late it was. Must get something for the cracked lips and gums on the way to visit Jane and Pete’s Palace.

Got a shave and titivated up, best I could manage, got the bag of goodies ready, hearing aids, glasses, bus-pass, mobile phone and medications, etc. all collected together. Added some fancy bread to drop in the Community Hut on the way out. (But forgot to take it)

Down to the lobby, where I met with many of the other tenants who were waiting to go out and catch the bus. Gave them some nibbles and had a nice natter.

Got the L9 bus into town, and then the West Bridgford bus to Sister Jane’s estate. There had been a nasty looking traffic collision on Trent Bridge, a single decker bus was being linked to a recovery lorry, behind it car with an SUV firmly embedded into its crushed rear end, another car just behind, and a Mercedes skewiff on the pavement.C

Continued on when the traffic allowed us to and I arrived at Jane and Pete’s Towers and was greeted without a cup of tea and had to ask for one: Very UnBritish! Hehehe!

aaaa3a I aaaa3b gave them their nibbles (Box of chocolates, Potato sticks, packet of belly pork, Indigestion cure and a box of biscuits, they gave me a jar of jam and some raw minced lamb left over from their meal), then Jane gave me some advice on how to cook the minced lamb, as she was preparing some at that time. Very helpful hints and demonstration it was too! I adopted her method when I got home later to try and make my own effort at Lamb Stew if that’s the word.

AngLater I got on with sorting Pete’s laptop, the one I gave him so he could transfer his photos from the secret watch-camera I got him for Christmas.Basically, it needed a lot of stuff removing to allow more space so he could download easier and in far less time. This took an hour or

Basically, it needed a lot of things removing to allow more space so he could download easier and in far less time.This took an hour or

This took an hour or two, but it gave me the chance to play at being a teacher. Haha!

We had a break, and Pete disappeared with my camera.Later I found he had been around the palace, taking photographs of their three remaining dynamic pensioner cats he could find. I found these photos when I updated this tosh in the morning. Nice one Pete, had me puzzled a bit at first. Got me good he did.

Later I found he had been around the palace, taking photographs of their three remaining dynamic pensioner cats he could find. I found these photos when I updated this tosh in the morning. Nice one Pete, had me puzzled a bit at first. Got me good he did.

He then produced some coax cable he had left in his garage, and but a connector on the end, and presented it to me to use to try and get the CCTV at the flats onto my TV. A neighbour two flats away said he’d come and sort it for me some time when I get the cable. Much appreciated Pete, despite all our tongue-in-cheek insults to each other, we’re good mates. Cheers.


Soon we were back on the laptop, and got it going, tried it and Pete could now do what he wanted to on it. I felt well pleased and smug with myself! It was late now, and Pete wanted to go into town to get some things, so he came with me on the bus to town.

BB-AEC renown 63He had to shoot off quickly (He’s always been fitter, taller, richer and better looking than me, but it doesn’t bother me that he is the same age, got hair and can still ice-skate, run, cycle and gets advances from women, has lived in Australia, retired at 55, had £150,000 left him by a distant relative, is an excellent DIYer, still got his driving licence and a new car and electric powered bike and is tight as a ducks arse! … oh no, good luck to the lad that is what I say). 01W01 Hehehe!

Those amazing clouds were still in the sky.

BettySingI caught the L9 bus, back to the flats.

I was as near to missing the bus-stop at the flats as I’ve ever been without actually missing it. If you know what I mean?

Woke up just in time. Phew!

WC’d made a cuppa and got on with sorting out the planned Lamb Stew dinner while Jane’s words of guidance were relatively fresh in my mind.

It was going well; I’d got the lamb in the pan, added some olive oil and warmed it through until the red had gone, drained of some of the fat, added the gravy, green beans, peas, onions and later the boiled potatoes.

BinAt this point, I came across a hiatus that may affect other pensioners who may try for their first time to create this nosh.

I would advise you to keep some antiseptic cream nearby, for when you drop an onion off your spoon when testing how the contents taste by having a nibble and drop it on the top of the stove. Remember; The stove will be hot when you pick it back up to return it to the pan and get your little finger attached to the metal ring of the hob! It’s best, to try to avoid doing this if you can!


Eventually, the meal was ready and looking a fairly decent effort.

I rated this one, the bestest I’ve ever done!

Making this even better, was the fact that I have half of it left in the saucepan, to have tomorrow! Might try some chips with it next time?

Had to rate this shot at lamb stew at 9.65/10.

Tiredness loomed as soon as I sat down after doing the dishes, where I stayed for hours, only getting up to go to the porcelain a few times, nodding off, waking, nodding off, waking…

Inchcock Today Thu 28 Jan 16: Warfarin INR level problems again… too low this time. Humph!

Q: When attorneys die, (I thought you might like to be cheered up) why do relatives try to have them buried 600 feet underground?

A: Because deep down, they are nice guys.

Thursday 28 January 2016

CG poorly2Horrible night, little sleep again, coughing, bleeding and cleaning it up regularly from all three orifices and the Reflux Valve playing up.

Still, yer don’t like to complain does yer?

I’ll mention it to the nurse, at today’s INR blood test. 

The haemorrhoids had stopped bleeding when I visited the porcelain, the nose leaking just a tad, but soon stopped and Little Inchy needed de-matting. Tsk!

Made a cuppa and took the morning medications. I made sure the Haematology result log was in my pocket along with my bus-pass ready for later.

According to what happens at the blood test, and if they don’t send me to anywhere else to be checked over, I hope to go to Derby afterwards. The sole reason for the mission is to try and get some of the warm jammy bottoms that have a wee-wee hole in them. I can feed the ducks while I’m there too.

Had me frist shave with the electric shaver, I don’t like em, but needs must. I couldn’t work out how to get the thing to pieces to clean the blades? Laptop on posted Wednesday’s diary and started this one off.

Realised I had more time than I thought this morning, as the appointment for the Warfarin level test isn’t until 1145hrs. So that will give me time for a glorious soak in the bath. Of course, it is just the soak that will be glorious, the getting into and out of it, I anticipate being a touch painful as usual. The poor old devil!

Laptop on then posted Wednesday’s diary and started this one off.

H Sandie

Did a lot of these type of graphics, of the TFZ’ers in an English Country Garden

Did some graphicationalisationing on CorelDraw7.

I spent over five hours doing some graphics I had an idea for the TFZ gals and guys.

Just got them done (Unless I’ve got em wrong or missed one off – crossed fingers.

Had to rush about to get the stuff and myself ready for the walk to the surgery.

P1020932I set off on my walk into Carrington to the GP surgery.

The sun came out as I arrived half an hour later – there was not much more of this about later today.

Got in a shot of St John’s Church.

At the surgery, I realised I’d forgotten my crossword book. So I read the many notices on the wall while waiting to be called in for my INR Warfarin blood level test.

Anne, the nurse was very busy, so I didn’t keep her chin-wagging. I told her quickly of my taking the Senna. After she’d done me I gave her a bag of nibbles and shot off.

Straight to the bus stop and caught a bus into town.

I caught the round-about route bus to Derby, the Y5. Nice scenery en route.

P1020938Took about an hour get there. The rain held off, but it came over all dark.

I hobbled to the Primark store. Got a pack of the ‘Loose fitting underpants’ at only £4.50 for three pairs. I’d already bought some a week or two ago, but with the bleeding being bad, thought I might run out of clean pants your see.

I also bought some of the jammy-bottoms with a wee-wee hole in them, the last two pairs in the shop, the Nottingham branch had already sold out of them.

Made my way across and into the Eagle Centre and had a wander through the market. Didn’t buy anything.

P1020936I came out, it had been raining a  bit while I was in the mall.

Walked to the riverside to feed the Ducks and pigeons. To my amazement there were few pigeons about – but plenty of Canada geese. How they manage to eat the little seeds with their big bills was a wonder.

As I tried to take more photographs further down the path, the camera seemed to have stopped functioning? I could not deduce what the reason for this failure was. Baulked and defeated, I decided to call at the Jessops shop where I bought the camera from and beg for help.

I caught the Derby Express bus back to Nottingham. It only took about half an hour. Mind you, I fell asleep about five times during the ephemeral journey.

I dropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street and walked to the camera shop on Clinton Street. I had about thirty minutes before the last L9 bus left. They were not busy and a chap soon sorted the problem for me. Not that I understood what he said, but at least, I knew what to do if it occurred again.

There is a button on the back of the Lumix camera marked Fn2 – LVF? That is what I must have caught. If it happens again, scroll through until the screen shows again. I thanked him magnanimously and made my way back to the bus stop. As I did so, brother-in-law Pete rang me to say he’s just read in the evening paper that the Pensioners Free Bus pass will no longer apply to the Derby buses! Humph, blow and bother!

P1020940 P1020939

I took a couple of photo’s to try out the camera outside the shop. Getting dark now, and folks eagerly making their way home.

The much-loved Lumix camera was again in fine working form.

I caught the last L9 bus and had several battles against falling asleep on the way back to the flats. Again, mysteriously managing to wake up as the bus arrived at them. Thankfully!

I just made it to the porcelain in time. And am glad to proclaim that the haemorrhoids, Little Inchy and the teeth had all now stopped their bleeding. Deliriously happy about that I was! 

I called Pete and we had a natter. He wants me to go and clear the clutter on his laptop. I said I would soon as I get time.Tonight 3.5 Friday 2.5 Sat 2.5 Sun 2.5 as today’s result was INR 1.5

Made a cuppa and got my laptop going to update the days scintillating dairy.

Got a call from the Haematology clinic about today’s INR test results. It is now too low! I have to go in tomorrow for an injection for blood-clot prevention. I can’t win, the INR level was almost spot on at 3.4 – a week late it was 5.1 far too high – they changed (Cut-down the Warfarin doses) and three days later (Today) it’s down to 1.4!

They gave me a few days doses to keep to: Tonight 3.5 tablets (I’d just taken two and a half as earlier told to, so took an extra one then), Friday 2.5 Sat 2.5 Sun 2.5 as today’s result was INR 1.4.

I’m all confused now. Hehe! That’s easily done nowadays mind you.

Blimey, the light in the living room is flickering and dipping now… Humph!

For some reason, I didn’t feel hungry? Not me at all that.

I’d decided to have a bath late, int the hopes it might get me some sleep in tonight, after the two bad nights I’ve had. A good idea I thought; I slipped getting into the bath and cracked my knee on the side of it.

Phewrt! Fed-up now!