Inchie: Monday 29th May 2023 From Accifauxpasville!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I’d be lost without the Carers. Some have shown me so much help and understanding. I feel they are like friends more than just Carers doing a job. I did actually ask two of them to adopt me as a Grandfather. Hehehe!
The job is not an easy one. They are a cut above the ones at the home I went in after the stroke.
Bless them all!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – Hehehe!– – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – -THE LONG DAY – – – – – – – – – – – –

I almost burst awake after four hours of blessed sleep. With a jump, juddering, with the left eye still twitching? Acclimatised myself to the current renewal of consciousness, and checked on the wall clock… but it wasn’t there? I checked again, in case it was one of the female ailments that caused the clock to disappear from view. This needed an investigation… so adopting my Sherlockian Status, I first got the Night pouch detached. had done a good job putting it on. It took me a little pains and about 15 minutes to get it off, carefully without breaking anything. Then the again, I got hold of my , hobbling over to the wall without a clock on it. The investigationalising began! Just as Sherlock would have done (I’m sure), I detected that some of the paperwork nearby was now on top of some bags on the floor… but where was the flipping clock? Being an experienced loser of property, ideas, thoughts and good luck, I decided to get the torch and see if the wall clock had rolled underneath the 1962-built, falling to pieces, Hopewell’s E-Plan Sideboard, with the doors falling off. No luck: if it had been under there, I’d have seen it, it’s white and big.
Check around the room, but with a feeling that had it fallen off in that corner, it would have stayed there atop the bags of rubbish and forgotten about brick-a-brac?

I was confused now!
But, jobs to be done. So I made up the waste bags into one. And checked out the tootsies in the light from the kitchen window.
The ankle was the thing that drew my attention. What the heck was the white mark? I couldn’t rest then, I had to try to clean it off, gave it a wipe with a cloth, it didn’t move! At that time, the summoning to the came, so I grabbed , & off I trotted, wobblingly to the wet room.
More curiousness hit me. Why had I left the things on top of the non-working W.C. lid?
I’d already got the clock to worry over, so I put this out of my mind. I’m most adept at that, you know? Putting things out of my mind. The problem is retaining things I’m my mind! Hehehe!
Then, for the first time in months, I had a similar type of evacuation, not the opposite as it has been. was again in full command – the messy little bugger!
Still, it was wash & shave time, so after cleaning up the mess made by Trotsky’s spatterings, I was going to clean my teggies as per usual first job. But no! The toothbrush had vanished as well as the clock? Much more time was lost fruitlessly searching for it.
acci-whoop Had the shave next. I thought it had all gone extremely well until I moved back from the mirror, and the blood ran from my chin onto my belly. I hadn’t felt any cuts occurring while shaving?
I went to get the Brut aftershave, an excellent if initially painful blood-stopper…  and I got a prize-class toe stubbing.
I considered the possibility of hibernating!
Swore a little, stopped the bleeding, and got on with the body wash. Always a risk when ‘doing’ scrubbing up near and around . However, today, no bother. I wondered if my luck was changing… I think the daftest things! I moved on to the tender-areas medicalisationings.
Very tender, the rear end and the middle buttocks this time. I must get some more Germolene and Germoloid ointments & cream.
I decided to get into the risky business of refilling the water tank, then remembered Jenny saying about using the shower. Haha! A pain-free refilling! But no! The light came on at the power point, but nothing happened? I think there was a noise of some sort, but it might have been from elsewhere and couldn’t identify it anyway. I’ll try again next visit to the Throne.
Four trips were enough this time to fill the tank. I heroically filled the first two buckets up to the top of the containers and gently carried each one back to the non-working W.C. water tank. that sweet was not too bad about it this trip!
For some banal reason that’s beyond me, I put the things back onto the non-working W.C. lid? The pleasure of putting on just one thin dressing gown was very pleasing.

But the PPs getting on was not one of the easiest I’d had to do.
I got into the usual position in the corner so as to avoid tumbling over in the case of lost balance… Wedged my bottie in the wall, and got the easier-to-use right leg; the more troublesome one, without any hassle! Then, of course, to get the better leg means balancing on the dodgy right leg to do so! Using the picker-upper, as advised by the District Nurse, nine times out of ten, tears the paper fabric of the pants. Although is good for getting trousers up… balance permitting.
Anyroad up, I almost went over but managed to lunge for the grab bar in time. Still got a new bruise on the right leg, but still. Aftershaed and deodorant splashed them all over, and off to the kitchenette. Taking these two photos as I got in, and put the kettle on.
The tea was not made for various reasons. But I needed to drink more water anyway to get the wee-wee flowing again. It was reluctant all day yesterday. And the Finasteride Prostate reducing course of tablets only has three days left. So, it looks like a permanent catheter for Inchie!
Carer Richard arrived as I was setting up the computer.
started kicking off as he arrived, and have been with me ever since, still at it! Grrr!
Carer Richard Set about giving me the medications and he told me about the Finasteride Prostate tablets about to run out. I meant to ask him to Phorpain Gel the back, but I forgot! Humph! He checked the medication drawer and wrote down the details.

He confirmed the urine as a 6 rating. I thanked him and bade him farewell, wishing him a good sleep. Took the photo above, and, again, put the kettle on. Not managed to make a brew yet, though!

I took this picture of the feet, but as I was doing so, granted me one of his, sometimes nervous-making routines, unexpectedly and without any warning. That was a rarity. I can usually feel the and get a warning… but not this time. I clouted the wayward leg on the corner of the floor cabinet, right on the bruise I got getting the PPs on!

Some days… you wonder why!

At long last, I started the blog. And…

Why does Liberty-Global, a smoke & mirrors man, oligarch, $26 million a year getting Mr Fries, show no interest in the company he bought out, complete failure? Obviously, there will be some money laundering, tax evasion, underhandedness,  profit-making, or some such scheme or the like involved in his ulterior motive!
Pure jealousy and hatred on my behalf!

arrived in a chirpy mood. Very kind to me. She gelled my lower back, rubbing it in well. Nice! Read the questionnaire for me. I was struggling to hear what she said, mind you. But I think it worked out alright. She could not call the Easy-Link for me as it’s a Bank Holiday – No one told me until now! Thanked her and went to make a mug of tea at last.

Hello, a mistake here, surely? The Liberty-Global Virgin Media internet is back online. Well, I never!  Mr Fries is likely visiting his oligarch friends in Moscow or Mafia Italy, as it’s a Bank Holiday – although, do they have them in America?

It beat me, but it was in the first corner I checked; underneath some carrier bags. How it got there, I’ll never know!.
Got it on the shelf now.

Jealousy eats at me!

Packing in now; if it goes off again, I don’t think I  could survive the anger and hatred Fries would instil in me.

Going to get the nosh sorted – back in the morning.

♬ MORNING HAS BROKEN – Like Virgin Media…♬
Arrived; no medications were needed. But, she rubbed in some of the Phorpain Gel; to help counter the agony (tonight, anyway) of  .
Then to .


Oddlimost markings on the leg, spotted by the Carer?


I got up to take this shot. Had a second . Then knocked the kitchen roll and hander off of the window ledge. Bent down to retrieve it, and showed her disgust in her usual way – painfully! Then… , I spilt the milk all over the cooker!

Sleep was hard to come by again.

Back to the old rampages! They were amazingly vicious… but suddenly stopped, I got a clear, precise message from or , maybe from both of them, that momentarily made me shiver. No, messing about; it sounded like it was set in concrete… The warning, or quote, was; “This trifling incident was chicken-feed, fiddle-faddle, to the hassle you’ll get tomorrow, mate!” I was aware of his/their choice of words ‘Hassle’ No mention of injuries or any … just ‘Hassle’. My did not return… but they were not needed to keep me awake. My imagination and fear did a good job of that!

My , has never-ever been wrong!

Cheers, each!
He says nervously!

Inchie: Saturday 27th May 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –+
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Visitors, Students, Holidaymakers & Immigrants are all Welcome!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
A sleepless night again. A bad start to the day. So, there is nothing new there, then!

I believe I got up, not woke up, cause I never got to sleep: at 04:35 hours. I’m certain-ish that was the time on the big clock.
Time seemed to go by like greased lightning!

I took the night pouch from .
A little dark again.

Thinking I had plenty of time before the arrived, and needing to use the , I made for the wet room and got on the Throne first.
Well, another reversal in the fight between & . Trotsky had regained superiority over Konrad this morning. What a messy job! I got teggies, carefully cleaned. A fair bit of bleeding, though. Then tackled the shaving, with Blood-Bringing-Boris-Razor adding to the haemoglobin loss, and only from two little nicks. A good splashing of the Brut after-shave stopped it easily enough. I was already stripped for the shower, turned on the power to the shower, went back into the wet room and opened the shower curtain to have a looked-forward-to-shower. acci-whoop As the two end curtain rings shot off!
Not wanting to splash the water all over the room, I decided to get the step ladder and replace the hooks to the curtain.
I got the picker-upperer, picked both hooks up, and in doing so, caught my chin with the handle of the picker-upper. The blood flowed again! So, even more, Brut after-shave was used, which stung a bit this time.
I went off into the front room, got the ladder, went back to the wet room, and gingerly got up the ladder eventually; it took me a while, with my not seeing so good, but I did get them reattached.
Then, a moment of doubt came over me – had I left the kitchen sink tap running? It had to be checked out. Despite that it was, or should have, been obvious that I had not used the kitchen taps yet!
In the kitchen, and while in there, I thought I’d put the kettle on, which I did, why I don’t know. Then:
Came in; I didn’t hear the door chime cause I was in the kitchen. It must have taken her a lot of effort not to burst out laughing! Well done, gal!
There I was, reaching up to get the kettle filter, wearing nothing but a red face and .
With only a quickly-grabbed sheet of kitchen towel to try and hide my poor Little Inchie, I made my way to get a dressing gown on. I think she saw the funny side of things. I hope.
My mind was all over the place then. I forgot momentarily about me just about to have a shower as we talked about something or other. I even asked her to put some Phorpain gel
on . Not realising I’d be under the shower shortly. I was really confused and struggled with things.
I think that took the laundry down for me, but I’m not sure if it was Sam or the later Carer, Jo-Anne. Sam took the waste bag and had a smile on her face, I’m sure; when she departed. Hehehe! I don’t blame her, either.

I got the showering completed at last. Spent most of the time doing it, thinking about how I could have got the time so wrong this morning. Then I decided it was the fault of Sac, and . Before I’d finished the shower, I added , then another guilty one, . I may add to this list later.
The feet and legs were looking betterer. Dried off with the bath towel, and started the medicationing. then I Germoloided .
Germolened the stomach flab and between the legs and on the outer bum. (Catheter catching)
Daktacorted poor .
Got the alert and alarm wristlets back on.
Got some more aftershave on the cuts that were leaking blood again… That made me jump a bit!

Carer Chris came, but what the heck happened during this visit? Apart from a feeling it went well, there are no details in my memory bank whatsoever.

By the time I’d got a bit of nouse back, I found I’d posted off the Friday blog. I just hope that I’ve finished it first.

I found the oven on with nothing in it. I’d taken out frozen cobs to that in the heat on the window ledge.
Found this photo – no idea when I took it.
But it is beautiful.

Can’t recall taking this one at all, or why. Mayhap, giving me some pain and stick, with having to fetch buckets of water again to flush the loo?

Aha, This one prompted the memory box.
It was when I first put the computer on this morning.
Self posing? Hehehe!

Yee-Gawds! It’s nearly 19:00hrs. evening visit. A new lad, he’s coming out of his closet now. Getting my sense of humour I think he likes it. He Phorpained my lower back, gave me some Peptac, and took the bin bags with him. He also checked the electricity meter, but was as aware if what to get a reading as I was – Zilch! I’ve added it to the list of help needed on the whiteboard. Getting full now.

Arrived, Blimey, it’s gone 20:00hrs already.
Better get the nosh sorted.
Back in the morning to play catch-up!

Saturday Morning Late.

I took photographicalisations of the meal, the night sky, a bleeding finger & my stubbed toe… Maybe others?
This morning I took three, the urine bag, the morning view, and the bloodied stubbed toe again. Then I belatedly realised the card was in the reader! Arrgh!
Back to last night…

Found this on the SD though...
I’m not certain why I took this one?

Judging by the shadow’s position, I took this mid-afternoon.

After tea-time?

I think I look this one earlier and missed it, but maybe not. The urine was clear, but by the morning, it was back to a sort of dark brown/red. Note some papules trying to reappear?

I put this into the computer, which is where I left it while I took a load of other lost photographs!


Inchie Wednesday 10th May 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I woke around 05:00hrs. The toes were tingling for some reason. Took this snap of them, and promptly delved back into the land of nod. And very nice it was too. I dreamt of things that I can no longer do!
I emerged back into consciousness, it was around 06:00hrs. Oddly I could… well, smell a sweet sickly scent sort of aromaI soon found out what the cause was. Humph!
acci-whoop A melted block of milk chocolate had dissolved into the dressing gown on my chest, and it had run down onto and over my rather generous-belly and set rock hard on the skin and left nipple!
I got the gown off and tried to clean off the chocolate, to no avail. Then decided to get the ablutions done and do the same to the chocolate stuck-rigid on my chest. I did get it off; but lost many of the few chest hairs left along with removing it. Unfortunately, the needed rear-end activity.
had a ball with the session. Which left me with the job of cleaning everything up. Then, having to refill the water tank from the bin and bowls, I’d readied and refilled them from the kitchenette sink tap.
In the first hour of being up and about, I needed three visits. All wet, spluttery affairs, and needing my water carrying while using a walking-stick skill. Which I can assure you, annoyed for than she’s ever been. I just had to take some extra painkillers, although they say I shouldn’t.

They, being the many medical personages. If you knew the agony she giving me, you’d understand me taking them.

The urine was colour 4 on the NHS scale, the same as it was yesterday. On the bright side, the feet were not swelling up so much, Although they were sore with all the walking and carrying the water so many times to and from the kitchen to the wet room.
I did the Health Checks and got a bit of a shock. SYS 162/DIA 66! Come think of it, though, all the refilling of the water tank, most likely had a hand in it. Did another one later; it was down a lot then.

I made a brew of Glengettie tea. Seemed a good idea to me. Hehehe!
Took this shadowy shot from the kitchenette window.
Not very good, is it?.

I got the computer on, and Carer Samantha arrived. I mentioned the pain coming from , and asked if she could rub in some of the Phorpain Gel for me. Which she did, bless her. Told her I’d already taken a painkiller, so I took no Paracetamols. I must remember to ask whoever comes tonight to do the same for me again.
I’ll be eight weeks – two months, after notifying them before the plumber arrives.

Back to blogging, and…

So, I went to make a brew of Thompson Punjana tea, and make a pot of Porridge to have while waiting for Smoke & Mirrors man, Mr Fries, the Liberty-Global – Virgin Media mogul & head-honcho, to get his Internet working again. Of course, it will not bother him in the slightest with the money he’s earning – well, getting!

Over the next hours, I had time to get some suitable for any pareidolia freak like myself to enjoy, was taken.

Wheels within wheels?

Clouds chasing clouds?

Then the rain came!

Thw high Son… or Sun got through the clouds.
Ocean waves?

The darkness develops?

From the balcony!

Hello, it’s drizzling again.

End car park from the balcony.
Through the window.

To the kitchen to see the.
progress on the local house workings.

Decisions, decisions!
The early evening Carer called. It was Józef.
I remembered to ask him to Phorpain gel .
Which he gladly did. Bless him.

Started to prep the evening meal.
Boczek, peas and out-of-date chips.
But we’ll see. Back in the A.M. to finish off.

Well, What a busy day today. Mostly through my cock-ups over food shopping. I’ll put it in today’s (Thursday) blog – if I ever get it started, that is. Hello! The rain started!

15:20hrs, and have only just got around to finishing this one.
This is not how envisaged my growing old, you know. Hehehe!

Got the meal sorted and served it up nice & early.
Taste-Rating 7.6/10.
Then I commenced to get the pots washed and the sink area cleaned up….

acci-whoop So many things went wrong at the same time, I’m not sure I can remember them all, let alone what order they befell me!.
❶ I think the first . was taking the bowl out of the sink and losing my grip on it.
❷ I tried to grab it, and the flipping plastic tore, making me drop it again properly if you know what I mean.
❸ The contents of the bowl were citric acid, bleach and washing-up liquid. (I’d been soaking the saucepan that I burnt yesterday) ❹ Which covered my dressing gown, torso,  legs and feet. ❺ I was faffing about trying to get the floor dried and realised that the PPs, were thoroughly soaked and started to disintegrate before my very eyes! Falling down at my feet! ❻ The leg straps began to squeeze the top and bottom.
I abandoned the kitchen and went into the wet room to make sure that Little Inchie and his inserted tube were affected, and hosed down the body sharpish. ❼ Cause things were beginning to sting a bit. ❽ As I turned to replace the shower head, started giving me what-for when I twisted the back. I got fresh pants on, and a clean dressing gown, and went back to the kitchen. ❾ Arrgh! I’d left the tap running!
Painfully got the floor and sink tided, and went to fill the kettle. ❿ After dropping it, and cleaning up that mess, I found it would not work!
My language even made me cringe!

The evening Carer arrived. Sorted the meds out.

Fingers? Claws?.
Cream cake? Mashed Potatoes?

Got this far – Worra struggle!

17:45hrs Thursday – Not made a start on todays yet…

Inchie: Tuesday 9th May 2023.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Annoyed, I called British Gas but floundered!.

I had to pay the bill; I got flustered…

Instead of being bold, I sort of simpered,

I wanted to say oligarchs should be neutered!

I muttered, and I stuttered…

He surely thought me deluded?

By asking that the overcharges be refunded…

And I cannot help being retarded!

My words were not being heeded!

“I’m not ribald or rantipoled!”

 “I can’t pay the bill, so I’m in the dark & cold!”

“Your bills are beyond my threshold….”

With debts, I am now being circumvolved

“Disabled, blind, deaf, and 77 years old”

Can we not settle this… get it resolved?”

“My bank balance is all but dissolved!”

But he had me in a virtual choke hold…
He said: “We suffer too, being short-handed.

Is that the word, or have I gerunded?

Oh, splendid; now I’m told I’m being trolled!

I apologised, but he wouldn’t be consoled…

We proletariats are getting frampold!

Seems we are both suffering & confounded?

In a month or so. I’ll be entirely defunded!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

05:40hrs: I stirred back into my usual moroseness.
Spent a minute of two identifying what day it was. Not that it mattered much, anyway. Then I took off the night pouch. Not much in it?..
But the colour was a fairish 4 on the NHS colour chart. Emptied it, put it in the appropriate bag, then into the waste bag after sealing it.
As I got the kettle on, the need for the arose.
The sight and star of my delicate area, Little Inchie, of course, made me jump a little bit when I first saw the blood. Or rather, the location that had altered to what would be considered… ‘Normal’. Even for me!
A was nearly issued. Haha! Confused, I certainly was. The multi-aged, dried blood at the bottom of this taken-off pair of Ten pants was far less bloody than usual.
But the fresh blood is not there as a norm?
Top left, these are the concern. These came out of the bum area, I’m sure. I had a grope and feel around using paper towels but found no lesions. Then very gently prodded the site to see if I could find papules, boil or whatever that may have leaked. But, no!

This session was like passing heavy, chocolate-covered ball bearings… eventually!

was in another foul mood about carrying the buckets of water from the kitchen to the wet room… yet once again!
I dressed… well, I put a dressing gown on.
Sorted the waste bags out and placed them near the front door.
Haha! I thought that was the best idea because I don’t have a back door in the flat. If you see what I mean.

Made a brew, & took a photograph of the rising sun from behind the flats… the sun was rising, not the apartments.
I think…

Then off to the computer, determined to do a better, quicker job today, and crossed my fingers that Liberty-Globals oligarch, the £26m salaried with guaranteed bonuses boss, who bought out and ruined Virgin Media, would see if he can go a day without losing the signal. (Fat chance of that, but still!). Love his latest load-of-crap advertisement, above.
You’ve got to praise Mr Fries; he’s consistent in his failings and still getting paid a fortune for his inabilities. Pure jealousy on my behalf, of course. I’d barely started when the inevitable happened.

Carer Samantha arrived. Got me sorted and had a mini-natter.
Tried the internet, but it is still not back on yet.

I strongly suspect I may have . Cause I woke up as the door chime rang four hours later. Oblivious to what time it was, where I was, or even if I was… Hahaha!

Aha, Liberty-Global Virgin Media working again.
I got the BP graphic done and made one for the ode. Then made the ode…
Then realised I had not yet finished off yesterday’s Inchie Today.
Oh, dearie me! Done it again, gone and lost the signal for the self-praising, oligarchal, figure-manipulating Liberty-Global, owners of Virgin Media, specifically the good looking over-paid boss, Fries, had struck again. So, I toyed with it for a while to make it more comfortable.
 A mistake that was!

There was still no service from Liberty-Global-owned Virgin Media Internet services.
So, I decided that an early meal was a good idea!

Aha, a change in the weather.
This photographicalisation came out rather well, I thought.
Got the potatoes in the oven on a high setting. And cut up the imitation pressed bacon and garden peas in the saucepan. Got the electric drill and cut up some of the beetroots. Hehehe!
The vegan bacon was brilliant! The potatoes were excellent! The garden peas tasted grand! It might have a 10/10 rating but for the rock-solid, teeth-breaking, tasteless, horrible beetroot!
But, still a 9/10 Flavour-Rating!

Blank I came out of it, and I was sat in the c1966 charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner.
Unsure of anything, my mind was filled with fear that I may have left the stove heat to tap running. I hastened to the kitchenette…

The hot water tap had run cold, but there was no plug in the sink. Phew!
Butt here was the oven tray soaking in there.
I got them and the pots washed.
I sat briefly, feeling somewhat confused and indifferent to everything.
Hard to find the words… Most likely something inspired by Doreen’s Dementia.

Chimed out. It was the sweet Angel of Mercy, Nurse Hristina from the Deep Vein Thrombosis and Anticoagulation INR,  Clinic; she’d come to take my blood.That cheered me up!

Sad to see Hristina leave, I put the kettle on and noticed the buttercups coming through in the bottom field near the tree copse. I think.

The evening Carer arrived. As he was preparing the medications, the mobile phone rang.
It was the Doctors surgery, with the new dosages of Warfarin for me.

acci-whoop I turned to get the mobile that also rang… turned back and got a for my bother, then pulled my foot from under the chair, landing in a heap, but onto the recliner! Dropping the mobile phone.
Getting back up, I indicated for the Carer to take the call. He handed me the phone.
The receptionist gave me the new dead-easy-to-remember Warfarin doses. 1½ every day until 16th May. Carer Victor wrote the details into the Carer’s folder for me. The stubbing and fall made me feel a little out of it.

I finally got on with Blogging, but I think I’ve got the following photos in order.

Earlier shot of the feet before mangling them. Hehe!.

Feet after the stubble, tumble & mangling. Haha!




Inchie: Thursday 4th May 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Well! Another struggle, but of differing natures.
Gone were fleeting visits of ‘Out-Of-It’ Ollie.
The momentary Mind-Blanks too.
The odd toe-stubbing…
The odd struggles to form words when I spoke.
Stuttering Stephanie had changed as well.

All the above kicked of early wakening (05:45hrs),
and stayed with me until almost midnight!
I’ll need a new nickname for this.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Good morning.

Woke up and took off the night bag.
The feet were again looking much better.
Off to the . Back to messy!
Washed the pots from last night.
Got the done, then the.
again. Fed up with carrying the water in
a bucket and bowl to refill the water tank.
Sorted the waste bags, and got the kettle on.
The day bag had filled up quickly!
The took well over two hours this morning.

Carer Sam arrived, and she did the medication. I meant to ask her to help me put the shoes on for later when I go to cast my vote in the election procedure down in Winwood Court. I think I forgot to ask her.
She took a photo of the affected right eye, so I could show the district nurse if she comes. Left in the picture above.

Morrison’s email arrived, saying it was on the way.
I turned off the computer and ready things for when it comes.

Which it did shortly…
Got some new drinkies in for the Carers, delivery drivers, Wardens and hopefully, crossed-fingered, the nurses.
The fridge stocks looked healthier!
Fresh vegetables, potatoes, oven-ready chips,
and some lovely-looking Vegetable Risotto!
Also, for the first time ever, I ordered a cheese, leek & potato Quiche in the shape of a pie. Trying that tonight with peas and oven potatoes?
Cheapo bread rolls, although they were dearer than Asda’s.
The monthly flowers for LC (Independent Living Coordinator), Oberstgrüppenfuhreress Warden and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana, and ILC (Independent Living Coordinator) Generaloberstess, Ice skating champion, desk top dancer and Warden Julie; were odd looking to me. They didn’t have any daffodils or tulips, even roses, but sent these as substitutes. They made four substitutions, and I sent three of them back. Phoned the gals to tell them the flowers had arrived.

Got the computer back on again, and I started blogging away…
I stopped for a while to add some Przyprawa flavouring to the potatoes.

Back to the computer.

After a couple of hours of uninterrupted mistakes, errors, grammar failures, and memory blanks, I felt the sensation of warm pee dribbling onto my feet and onto the carpet!… I grabbed some paper towels and got them on the escaped patches of urine! I whipped out the camera to take this shot… Life can be a bugger at times!
I sprayed cleaner and disinfectant all over the carpet (and feet).

Carer Kara called. Glad to report she had a good day at Skeggie!

An email from DHL came in. Bad news, after sending me one yesterday, telling me exactly when the MyFooDen parcel would arrive… now I get this! Am I lucky, or what?  It was out for delivery this morning, they said, but no, another failure… And: Where are they going to store the fresh food in the order? Eh?
Friday 11:38hrs: Still no notification from either MyFooDen or DHL about the chances of me getting it delivered. Now Friday 13:05hrs – Zilch by way of any emails with information.

Hello, Hello, Hello!
Challenge One: After two months of avoiding putting any trousers on, to avoid chaffing from , I tackled the task. One foot in the right leg, the heavier, more bloated left leg was manipulated, with using the picker-upper to pull them up… Things seemed to be going pretty well…
acci-whoopOver, I toppled backwards, catching the left foot under the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner. c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner. Right on the !
This deflated me, not to mention hurt a bit! I crawled and clawed my way back up my feet. And set about another attempt…
I was very cautious and eventually got my foot into the second leg.
This altercation kicked off
I put on a shirt, and then the other risky business was faced... getting the shoes on. Not easy with a bad back and swollen feet.
Collected the Polling Card and bus pass, got the sleeveless jacket on, readied the three-wheeled walker, and as I was opening the door…
I felt the blood coming slowly from poor little Inchie having the inserted catheter tube pulled.

Nipped, or rather, limped back into the wet room to clean things up and get yet another pair of PPs on – then remembered the struggle I had in putting on the trousers, so l left the current PPs on. By the time I’d done it and got out into the hallway with Three-Wheeled Walker William, I could sense it leaking again. Better not take too long over this.
Down to the lift, and along the link corridor to Winwood Court.. where the access to the polling booth was blocked off. So I had to go outside and down the road a bit and use the French windows to gain access to the polling section. Two nice ladies greeted me; I was a smidgen embarrassed when I could not find the I.D. My bus pass.
Out I went and trundled back into Winwood Court and back along the link passage to Woodthorpe Court.
Stopping to take a photo of the flowers in the rest area.
It was raining, but for some unknown reason, I cannot see any in this photographicalisation? It might have been partially sheltered by the towering building? Up in the elevator and back to the flat.

Then the reversal of the earlier challengers. Getting my shoes, jacket, and shirt off, but I thought I’d the , first.
Only a mini-spot or two of leaking, no problem.

Got the trews off with relative ease, I thought – but that was before I saw that I’d torn the stitching on one leg. Getting the shoes off was no fun. The folds of flesh from the ankles seemed to be cemented to my feet? I merely used the picker-upperer; it makes nice scratch marks on the ankle and tore at them in turn…
But the shoes remained on the feet!
A few minutes of pondering on how to extract the plates from the shoes provided me with an answer. I’d use my thick wooden long shoehorn to encourage the swollen feet to release themselves from the grip of steel of the shoes. And, it worked!
I’m afraid I broke the shoehorn in doing so. Humph!
😖 RIP To Wooden Shoehorn Whilmer! 😖.
My help and companion of seven years.

The sky was darkening a smidgeon.
Fantastic pareidoliaising!
Can you see the long-jawed beasts mouth?

What a short sunsetting time. The clouds soon concealed it.
But not before I got some shots in…
A minute or so later…
Another minute…
The sun’s last gasp of the night!

Deana & Julie collected the flowers.

I made a start on the cooking of the never had before Quich.

Then took some last pictures of the darkening sky.
Aliens shing a light on us? Hehe!.
Blimey, the creature depiction is still showing?
Looks more like an eel now… or not. Great!

My computer is off; I’m just drained.
Not that I’ve done much!.
Food Time!
I got the potatoes in the oven, and added the wuiche… no, quiche ten-minutes kaster, no, later; so they cooked at the same time. Peas in the saucepan. It looked, and what bit of smell I could detect, seemed to be good to me.

I think the ingredients were potato and leek. In a white sauce of some sort, very nice. The flakey pastry shell is gorgeous!
Overall Rating: 8/10. Slurp!


INCHIE: Saturday 8th April 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Well, maybe not…
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Took me a lot of effort and pain on the first ~Porcelain Throne visit. Rock solid again, followed by a second evacuation of almost liquid gooey content. My eyes were too bad to do the crossword while waiting.
As for the feeling ‘Out-Of-It’ scenario, things were better up to now.
But when the Computer Blue screen came up, the fretting and semi-panicking returned instantly.
This encouraged further worry over the non-arrival of the medications or catheter bags. And the mind wanderings were all about the current day problems with an expectancy of losing the computer at any time.
The better earlier concentration, although not good in itself, crumbled after the blue screen came on… Cragknangles! Not a lot on today.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The overworked Catheter day bag’s urine colour was just fine.
Even the inserted into little Inchie tube didn’t seem so much bother?
However… The Vitals readings were probably the highest they have been for a while. The combined two, I mean. I Was surprised at the SYS and DIA being so high again. Ah, well!

Clouds cross this found as the sun rises from behind the Woodthorpe Cell Block… I meant Woodthorpe Court flats. Hahaha!

The battery in the camera needed changing. The battery in the wall clock (the one that fell off of the wall) was changed as well.

A mid morning pouch emptying was a shock. A lot of dark red in there this time.
Carer Josef, Carer Sam, and Carer Carol-Anne attended up to now. (17:00hrs)

Afternoon view while the sun had retreated for an hour or so.
She was back later on, though, and she persevered for a while.
Hello, Little Inchie is bleeding. Back in a bit… All stopped and fine now. Thatyointments stings but is of no bother to me. Ahem!
Great balls of fire! Well Feet!
The lumps and depressions! I’m glad to report that a little bit of pareidoliaing was done with this photo. Does it not look like a thumb growing on the heel of the one on the left to you? Hahaha!

Hello, the urine has gone back to a good colour again? There will be a reason for this.
If anyone knows, can you please let me know?

I’ve decided on thick vegetable soup[ for tonight’s meal. I’ll heat up one of the brown thingamabobs in the oven… I’ll get the name shortly, bread, long, thin-shaped… Oh! Baguette, that’s it! I aim to make it with plenty of gravy to soak up with the bread. I’ll add some seasonings, mayhap a little of the soya lumps too. Slurp!

Above is the dreaded blue screen that came up on the computer. Argh!

Decent nosh under the circumstances.
Those include being miffed and pissed off. Worried, in pain and suffering from lack of sleep.
Don’t know why I said that; it’s all everyday stuff for me.


INCHIE: Friday 7th April 2023

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I fear for most of the day today, I was here, but my mind was far away. I started that-many plans, jobs and needs, but maybe got 10% of them done.
In fact, I lost the plots more often than I retained them. I went way off-track. Let things slip, failed to remember to do things, to think anything out. I lost consciousness in a way and awareness of activities and plots planned and needed. But, do you know, I fretted and got hot under the collar far less than usual!
Right up until around 20:00hrs, and all the worries, fears, shame, self-hatred returned. It was like mental torture, and the Thought-Storms kicked off and stayed with me.
I was aware of the problems all the same, but just didn’t care? If I could buy a drug to put me back into that mode, I would. It was like a new lease on life. I suppose/imagine that Dementia Doreen played a hand in this, but for once, I didn’t mind.
A shame it came to an end, but unfortunately, it’s left me with memory blanks over the last eleven hours. I wonder if Cannabis might help me get that wonderful part-day relief from worry back?
Hey-Ho! This is the best I can give you…
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A terrible night, almost sleepless, yet again. 04:00hrs: Decided to give up on sleeping and get the ablutions done early. No shower, too noisy that early for disturbing the neighbours.
On the 2nd Catheter bag emptying, I was happy to see was Rating 2:  Great!
The right ankle ulcer had somehow been hidden from view this morning when I took these shots of it?
But the fatty tissue on the feet and ankle made walking and hobbling a smidgen dodgy all through the day.
But, Although I came close a few times… I avoided any tumbles.
Pareidoliaing here with this shot. I see lips and or a mouth in there around the ankle bone? Hehe!

Went into the kitchenette to get the kettle on for a brew of Punjana Signature Blend tea.
The moon and sky looked blue to my eyes, so ~I took a snap of it.
Mede the mug of tea as I went to get the milk from the fridge (Well, that’s where I keep it – Hehe!) I saw how the moon and sky colours had changed in about five minutes?
I tried to get a good shot of it with the craters showing, but couldn’t get it right this morning. I think I took four photos of it, and this one is the best of the selection; on one, I actually caught only half of the moon. That is due to , and my nerve-end dying . They also caught me out when I was stirring the tea in the mug. Innit gobsmacking how maybe 2fl oz of liquid that spilt form the cup manages to spread itself on your dressing gown, hate counter, and the floor, and miraculously a few drops get into your right slipper? Cleaning that up was no fun.
Ailments , & were all activated by the time I’d got the mess cleaned up and replaced the dressing gown.
Got the Health Check belatedly done from the notepad. Well, this week is a vast improvement on last week’s returns! On the level tab, the L=Low, M= Medium and H= High for each scale.
Just look at the urine colour chart levels. Looking so good at the moment. (Just, mayhap I shouldn’t have said that?)

duties. Not good at all, in several ways:
①: The time lost waiting for the fully-in-control of . I tried to do the crossword while waiting for the action that had come part-way and was stuck rigidly to restart. But , Sac and were making it very difficult to read the clues. So I counted the cracks and cobwebs on the wet room ceiling instead. Cracks 32, Webs 2.

②: I gave forth with a convoluted sort of… “Oooohargh… ach, (grinding what few teeth I have left) Ohohoho… Phew!” As the motion finally passed!
③: Then the task of cleaning things up. The water closet was not refilled again. So, I had to fetch water from the kitchen. Not an easy task with a walking stick and carrying basins of water, but I got it done in the end.
④: I managed the four trips balancing act, and I got the tank refilled. But, on leaving the room, I shoulder-charged the door frame edge again! This encouraged to join the other active ailments. I know I shouldn’t have, but I took an extra-strong over-the-counter Ibuprofen painkiller after I realised how bad the level of bother was that was giving me. At one stage, I checked to make sure that the shoulder bone hadn’t been detached from my elephantine, flobby-bodied torso. Hehehe!

Still a cloudless sky out there. It hardly looks like Nottingham usually does from the Detention Cells at Winwood Heights. 
I’m in cell-block Woodthorpe Courts. It was a life sentence. You won’t be able to get your medications; The Wardens have told me that they will arrive the next day… on eleven occasions over the last three weeks. I did get part of them, with the usually failed promise that the rest will be delivered or fetched by the Carers tomorrow – again. Naturally, I’m still waiting for them. The NHS seem to be having difficulties getting any a . The water in the WC tank is not refilling, so I have to carry water to refill it from the kitchen every time I need to empty the catheter contents or use the . Many an , , and tumble. Also, my walking into doors and window-frames are all part & parcel of life in my beloved Woodthorpe Court Cell Block.
Still, it’s much better than them posting/moving me to an ‘Alcatraz’ (Care Home). After I had the stroke, the needed bed space at the hospital, and I@ was dispatched to such a home… and remember many of the events during my 3-month stay. If it wasn’t for Brother-in-Law Pete and Sister Janet fetching clothing from the flat for me, I’d have run out of clothes. So many did not return from the laundry; you would not believe it!
Fair enough, here in the Woodthorpe Cell Block, over the last six months, I’ve lost five bobble hats, four T-shirts, two towels, a dressing gown, pyjamas, and a jumper. But this is nothing compared to the Alcatraz. One week, I sent six items, and I never saw them again! I’m not a lucky person.

The wonderfully healthy-looking colour of the catheter bag’s contents continued to be, well, impressive! great!

I made an Asda order for next week. All went well, but of course, is their habit; there will be price increases and not available to add to the equation and situation.

During the day, Carers Sam, Josef, Jodie and Sam called on me.

In the PM, the sun got through. I took these shots facing the sun, and was pretty pleased with how they came out.

The weariness dawned on me, and my eyes were failing again. This is now a hemerine event. and will be, until I can get at least the cataract operation done and dusted.
That is if I live long enough or the shortages of medications do not see me off first. I can see the headlines now: ‘Old Fart in Nottingham killed by the NHS & Parmascist’ Haha!

This view of the late afternoon clouds was an absolute pareidolia’s delight!
And I found some animals in it, not saying what they were. That’s because, my looking at this now, I can no longer find them. I do feel a right fool! Which is understandable.

Waking up just in time to get these two
shots of the brilliant sunset as the sun fell
out of view over the horizon. ♥

The day bag emptying was again almost a perfect colour!.

Carer woke me up. Sorted what med we had in stock. And, of course, no night bags to swap for the day bag on … one day,  we may get some.
My estimate would be approximately September 2029. Or am I being over-optimistic in thinking I’ll live that long? Haha!