Inchcock – Wednesday 17th October 2018: Visited Sis Jane, shopping, hospital… flaked-out. Hehe!


Wednesday 17th October 2018

Wednesday 17th October 2018

0004hrs: I roused into a life of sorts, and sat there pondering. By last night, I’d readied the bag for the hospital, Jane and Pete’s treats in another container, the times of the buses written down, £4 in change, to buy an early morning bus ticket, new batteries in the hearing aids… Oh yes, the brain seems to have woken up at the same time as my body for once, and it was part-functional. Enough to inform me of the dire need to remove my body from the £300 second-hand recliner and get off to the Porcelain Throne with all haste.

Which I did, and the extraction from the recliner went well. No accifauxpas or Whoopsiedangleplops… until I got to the wet room… Tsk!

WD125.101.4 Inhibition prevents me telling you what happened in detail, suffice to say I was a little too slow in getting there, and embarrassment reigned.

WD125.101.4 After the clean-up, I noticed that there were seventeen dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle bodies and two living ones over the wet room floor.

On the way to the kitchen to do the Health Checks, I popped, Sanmex killer spray can in hand, into the spare room. Where I found dozens of dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle carcasses on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window shelf.

Then, the right eye started smarting again. I’m sure there is something stuck in there under the palpebra and hope it is not a baby Weevil. Hehe!

Got the medications taken with a Dia-Limit capsule added. Then did the Health Checks.


Before I could take the medications, I was back to the Porcelain Throne for round two. Almost fully liquid. I was so glad I responded without hesitation at the first signs this time. I washed and decided to take two Dia-Limit capsules instead of one. Being out for so long, later in the day, I wished to avoid any Accifauxpas at Sister Jane’s or the hospital.

Made the brew of tea, got this post done up to here. Then I settled updating the Tuesday Inchcock Today. 0230hrs: Got finished and posted off.

Went on WordPress Reader. Then on to Facebooking.

Back to the Porcelain Throne for round three! This is not good, and does not bode well for my travels today!

Got the diary done for Tuesday. That took me several hours.

Time to get the ablutions done. Sorted the bag and checked everything needed was there (hopefully) and rechecked the bus times.

3Wed03Set out along Chestnut Walk on the way to the bus stop on Winchester Street.

Stopped to take this early morning photograph of the new build unit. Then realised I had to get a move on, to get to the bus stop before 0735hrs, and pushed the old legs and Anne Gyna as much as I could, but I did arrive with a couple of minutes to spare.

WD125.101.4 Unfortunately, when I perused the timing board, it informed me that the next 40 bus was due in twenty-five minutes! This Schmendrick had done it again, and cocked up the timing somehow What a plonker!

3Wed04aI decided to walk down the hill to Mansfield Road and catch a bus there. At the bottom of Winchester Street, I took this picture of the traffic light junction.

WD125.101.4 But it came out all blurred again? I might have been a bit shaky myself, being so annoyed at me for getting the timing for the bus wrong and hurrying down the hill?

I caught the bus, it was a single decker one, and I have never seen so many people crammed in ever before! However, I was lucky enough to get a seat amazingly. I dropped off at Victoria centre and walked to the Parliament Street number 7 bus stop – where my luck changed! En route, I noticed two things that were of no surprise really… Hehehe!

3Wed03 - Copy

The bus arrived at the same time as I did at the shelter! En route I thought I might be a little too early for Jane to be up, Pete would be though, he fetches the newspapers every morning early.

Now gone 0800hrs, I thought if the Iceland shop is open, I can nip in and get some bread and milk. I can carry them with me easily enough to the hospital later. Got off the bus, and to my surprise found the shop open. I called in and came out with wholemeal rolls, a packet of Scottish shorties and some pigs in blankets crisps to add to Jane and Petes nibble bag.

3Wed07Started the hobble to Jane’s mansion, and rang her to make sure I had permission granted to arrive so early. No answer, she rang back bless her and sent Pete down to unlock their front door.

When I arrived, I was greeted with a look and hand movement that said “Already! Do you know how early it is?” by Jane, through the window of Pete’s workroom upstairs. (This is 3Wed09the room where his computers and super-up-to-date camera are used for his studying of how to keep his designer stubble perfectly presented, Hahaha!) Jane is not a natural early riser! It may be due to her alcohol addiction. (Hehehe!)

We had a wonderful natter and chinwag. During which, Albert, the last cat remaining came in, and for the first time ever, he did not run away when he saw me. This makes him so precious, being the longest survivor. It got me thinking of Fooey, who passed away last, and I decided I would make a WordPress post later, with the photo’s I have of him, in his memory. I loved that cat.

We watched a squirrel coming for his regular supply of monkey nuts, and being attacked by a magpie! Jan and Pete both retain a youthful appearance, as you can see in the photo 3Wed20above, and are most comfortably off financially, are fitter than me, go out for slap-up lunches, drinks, theatres, etc. and better looking than wot I am. But I’m not jealous, of course. Hehehe! Joking aside for a moment, I have a lot to thank them for, so I’ll do it here in public – Thanks Jane and Pete for all the help given!

Here is a photo from Pete’s new fandangled latest up to date camera, with photo editing on the camera used to tweak it for fun. You have to laugh, I did anyway! Hahahahahaha!

3Wed10Thanked the pair of reprobates, said my farewell and off to the bus stop. Again, as I arrived at the stop, a bus came, a Bingham one, I think it was. No crowds on this one, comfortable seats and it dropped me off in the city centre like Pete had told me earlier, on Friar Lane.

So I nipped into the Poundland store, where I was lucky enough to find some of the Sanmex Beetle Killer spray at £1 a can, so I bought six of them. Some nibble stuff for tomorrow’s raffle and social hour.

I had a while to go afterwards before the bus to the hospital was due, so I had a hobble around the slab square a bit.


3Wed12There were not a lot of folks around compared to usual.

The gloominess and dissatisfaction with life showed up on many of their faces. This may be due to the retailers joining forces and setting up a communication link with others in an effort to counter the shoplifting epidemic, perhaps? 3Wed12aJust a thought!

There were so many Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist about. I got a shot of this contumacious young ‘Herbert’ on King Street.

Rant c The improvident nature and dangerous actions of these rapscallion miscreant Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists, I find so dangerous to the elderly, children,  partly-sighted, disabled and the hard-of-hearing… in fact, to all pedestrians. But do the authorities care? Do they do anything about these bullies-on-bikes? All I ask, is they slow down, and even push their bikes when pedestrians are so close. As opposed to this antisocial, callous, inconsiderate young rascal, who weaved his way between the people, endangering and threatening them on their pavement! Rant f

3Wed12aaI caught the bus to the City Hospital.

As I passed the KFC outlet on Mapperley Top, I noticed yet again, that there were only two cars, most likely the staffs, in the car park. The drive-through lane was free of any vehicles or customers. I hope for their sake that things get busier at night, maybe? How long can they stay trading, with such little trade?

I dropped off at the bus stop only 200 yards from the clinic I needed.


Logged in with the unreceptive receptionist, who seemed to use hand signals, grunts, tutting, and head shakes in place of words. Very cleverly, mind you! Credit is given!

I sat down at the finger pointed too seating. Just as I was going into a cogitabund mode, a young lady came and collected me, depositing me in a corridor and checking the details on the paperwork. At most, 30 seconds later a nurse arrives and injected something into the back of my hand. I was moved on a wheelchair to another room, and a doctor came in and explained to me what was about to happen. Then into another treatment room and I was positioned to allow access to the problem area, face down. An injection in the arm; and that was it… I have not the foggiest idea of what took place then.

I’ve no idea what drug they injected, but, I intend to ask for the same on my next procedure! Hehe! Oh, yes it was good! I woke up sore, as expected. I was visited by several people who chatted to me, giving advice, paperwork and an appointment for next week for a check-up. (I think) Asked about how I felt with general and specific questions. I told them the truth, ‘Great, thanks’; which I did. I was told there will be nothing to remove, and the stitches would self-destruct on there own, and it would be alright to continue using the cream after 24 hours if needed. Very clear up to here, but it all gets a little vague after this point. Until I found myself stood at the bus stop in the grounds when things came back into reality. I’m sure I started to talk-away to someone in the queue.

 3Wed14By the time I was back at the flats, I was feeling extraordinarily high in spirits. Although, I cannot remember taking this photograph of the workmen putting back the Woodthorpe Court sign on my block of flats?

I can remember talking to, Mo, I think it was in the foyer as I went inside. I’m sure we had a laugh or two.

I was still feeling on a high when I got into the flat. But the almost euphoria-like sensation was on the way back down. Shame! I suppose other things must have taken place that will remain a mystery until someone tells me later in the morning. Haha! Got to make an appointment with the doctor for two-weeks to have ‘things’ checked over.

Got in the flat, no wee-wee needed! I used the mirror to investigate things at the rear-end. Not easy, I can tell yer. Humph! As soon as I saw the covering, the instructions given me returned. I was not to remove it until the morning, unless a bodily movement was required, which thankfully it was not, then replace the coating, until the morning.

Emptying the bag, I found the medications I was given, one tonight, one in the morning. I’ve never had a pot of tablets with only two in it. Well, not a cup, but thick foil.

3Wed15Did the Health Checks and took the first of the two giant blue tablets.

A cold nosh (as planned). Wholemeal cobs and cooked ham with tomatoes and potato thins. If it was the anesthesia or not, I don’t know. But this meal went down so well, I gave a 9.45/10 taste rating! Also, there was very little discomfort and no pain at all from the rear-end. Things felt good!

I must have nodded-off into the land of Nod. Cause I woke up with the entirely eaten dinner tray on the other chair, some six hours later.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 28th August 2018: Awfully Busy Day, Grumph!


Tuesday 28th August 2018

Hebrew: 2018  יום שלישי

0110hrs: My mornings expergefaction was so different from yesterday; when I woke with so many worries and concerns. For some unknown reason, I was light-hearted and almost content. Fair enough: I had been dreaming of a particular young lady, and I was a young man, and we were both involved in pleasurable activities and laughing away, as we did all those years ago… Aah! (with an inward satisfaction blended with a horrible awareness that I am now beyond these activities – Sob!)

The brain engaged with reality once again and quodlibetificated with itself for a while.

Then, suddenly an ‘Up and At ‘Em’ mode was engaged! By 0130hrs I’d collated the laundry and was down getting it into the machine in the lobby! Set the quick button and back to the flat.

Where the Porcelain Throne as utilised. A different evacuation today, allowing me to read a chapter and a half of the ‘Catastrophy’ book about the First World War. While keeping an eye out for any Ironclad Evil boll weevil biting beetles in the wet room. Of which I saw none at all.

Carried out the Health Checks.


2Tue09The sphygmomanometer operated first try. All of the readings were slightly lower today.

Apart from the weight of course? Tsk!

I wished I could have figured out why this should be so, but the hurdle was so beyond my woefully inadequate, and incompetent mathematically-challenged, under-educated capabilities. (I couldn’t. Hehehe!)

Made a brew and swallowed the morning medications.

Rinsed, dried and put away the cutlery and plastic plate that I’d left soaking in the washing-up bowl in the sink overnight.

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee.

1Mon22This visit, I saw a little ganglet of the Ironclad Evil boll weevil biting beetles, that appeared to be doing a War Dance around a Critter Kill carton?

Are they wising up to the sticky bait? Warning others not to go near it?

It was back to the short-sharp-painful wee-weeing again now. Grumph!

Whoopsie O1A This inspired me to have a look around in the other room for any further signs of the little rascals. Plenty in there, then I returned to the wet room, thinking I might catch a few with my surprise return and counter attack… I did!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue06Down to move the laundry from washer to the dryer.

There was a clean filter awaiting me, as I got the clothing into the drum. Thank you whoever cleaned it out after use.

Started the dryer going, then cleaned the drum and casing of the washer.

2Tue07bSprayed freshener around.

I nipped outside to take this, hopefully, ‘moody’ photo of Woodthorpe Court, from just outside the foyer entrance.

To the lift and up to the 12th floor.

Had another short-sharp-painful wee-wee. Only one beetle/weevil seen, a big one, mind. He or she had managed to get up into the wash basin. I interrupted its swim, and despatched it to the WC and flushed.

I got the Monday diary completed and posted off. Then made up some nibbles for the medical staff at the INR blood Test, and a few in case anyone was helpful to me at the Clinic afterwards. (As if!) Hehehe!

Made a start on this blog.

2Tue080320hrs: Time to retrieve the washing.

Someone had the same idea as me, to get their laundry done early, and had placed their washing in a machine.

 I got the togs out and folded up. Not a lot done today, I forgot to collect up the bath towel, dressing gown and tea towels when I got the stuff ready. Klutz!

I thought I’d got another odd sock when emptying the drum, luckily I found that I had dropped one taking out the clobber from the dryer, and it had craftily hidden behind the green laundry bag, and I found the abscondicated hosiery when I moved the bag. They are a cunning army of little things, these sly cotton socks. But you know that, don’t you? Haha!

I got a surprise as I left the laundry room. I saw an elderly lady sat in the foyer outside the door, wearing her slippers, pyjamas and dressing gown. She moved to the call panel… I let her in, but having no hearing aids in it was hard to make out what she was saying, bless her.

I assumed she had got her washing in the washer, and decided to go out in the fresh air, just like I do, and she forgot she’d not got her entry swipe with her. (I did it once, I did feel a fool!)

So I kept the conversation light, did not question her and I tried to make out things were normal. (In case she was feeling embarrassed. She seemed and sounded like a lovely lady. I’d never seen her before. We rode up in the lift. She chatted to me happy enough. She alighted on the second floor. I felt so glad I was fortunate enough to be there to help.

2Tue08a Whoopsie O1A I got in the apartment and put the gear away. Went in the spare room with the small towel and spotted these Ironclad Evil boll weevil biting beetles!

Arghh! They had got into the old crock pot that was on top of a bag of stuff to go to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop.

An Advanced Attack Division, or a Specialised Infantry Group, I suspect! Or, maybe the dead and wounded from a battle between Spare Room Ironclad Evil boll weevil biting beetles and Wet Room Ironclad Evil boll weevil biting beetles? Hehehe! Oh, no, they are all alive!

Whoopsie O1A I took the pot and stood it in the sink, got the kettle boiling… back to the sink, put the sink-plug in and tipped them out, poured bleach on them. Then when the water had boiled, I went to drain the water over the creatures. To my amazement, only about half of the flipping things were still there when I got to the sink with the kettle. No signs of those that had escaped? With bleach on them too! And they ran away? Incomprehensible!

I got on with creating this post.

Went on TFZer Facebooking.

0725hrs: One heck of a sudden loud clattering noise, made me jump. I assumed someone had thrown something down the waste chute on a floor above. I bet some poor soul still in bed got woken up by that one. A little early too. The general rule is not to use the chutes until 0800hrs. Although, forgetting the time is not unknown amongst we elderly pensioners. (Forgetting the day, month and year, along with where we live and bus numbers too! Hehehe!)

Went to get the ablutions done. All completed I started the medicationalisationing of Little Inchies Lesion (Nasty and teeth gritting!) and Harold’s Haemorrhoids (Just stung a nanoscopic bit).

My cerebricity began to return to action, and a driblet of determination manufactured itself and lingered ready for use. Even a scintilla of common sense lingered trying to get into the synapse. Typically, it failed, but the very fact that it attempted, I found stunningly unexpected.

I made up three bags of rubbish and took them to the waste chute on the way out.

Whoopsie O1A The caretaker was hoovering the foyer, as I called in the laundry room to see if I had left the Bates Hotel Towel in there, as I could not find it up in the flat. No luck!

2Tue10As I limped along Chestnut Walk, now renamed by many of us Old Residents as Death Hobble Alley, along the middle of the roadway, of course, as the footpath has been blocked off now; I had odd, however humourous thoughts come temporarily into my newly discovered semi-operational, but scary brain mode.

I hope enough of the tenants survive the hassle, plant-traffic and live long enough to tell the newcomers in the brand new Extra-Care unit, what life was like here before the work started; when we were all far less bonkers. And had balconies that offered us a great, enjoyable unbeatable, natural view with no windows to open and clean. Happy Days! Hahaha!

Took my time, I’d made an early start, and waddled down Winchester Street. Taking in the wonderful nature of the trees and greenery as I got down to the bottom of the hill.

2Tue11Whoopsie O1A Turned left along Hood Street, and right up Marshall Street. The sounds of naughty-blue language from raised annoyed voices could be heard coming from one of the terrace houses as I passed by.

Thick smoke was coming out of the broken glass in another window. I assumed its the new tobacco-free things, or perhaps weed that caused it.

This reminded me of home when I was, but an ankle-snapper and dear Mummy was living with us. I seemed to be doing a lot of reminiscing today?

A distinctly different piece of Nottinghamian Street Art was noticed.

I avoided the broken glass on the pavement and got onto Mansfield Road. Up the hill, I did a bit of window shopping.

More foul language from four kids at a bus stop.

A spilt tray of whatever takeaway food it was initially, lay part crushed with a footprint impressed on it, near the library.  Kebab and chips perhaps? I couldn’t be sure. A queue at the bus shelter, prevented me taking a picture of it.

2Tue12Over the hill and down to the surgery, with plenty of time to spare.

The receptionist I don’t think I’d seen before. At least, I didn’t get any sideways looks from her as I explained why I was there. She checked on her computer and indicated for me to take a chair.

I settled in one and got the crossword book out.

Whoopsie O1A After ten minutes or so, someone came with a ganglet of nipperoonies. The kids set about trying to destroy the ‘Little One’s Kitchen.’ Supplied by the surgery to keep them amused. The noise ended my interest in the crossword book, I couldn’t concentrate.

I noticed the sign about the Flu Jabs and booking them with the receptionist. So I went to the Lady did so. She asked for my details and opened my file.

Whoopsie O1A Then she wished me a happy birthday. Caught by surprise, I thanked her.

The appointment for the Flu injection was made for… wait for it… 0930hrs on 16th October. Hehehe!.

Whoopsie O1A Sat down again, as I did so, both hearing aids sounded the warning about low batteries. So I changed them. Much to the interest and curiosity of some of the other patients sat nearby.

Nurse Ann came right to me to fetch me to go with her to her treatment room. I was indeed honoured!

No telling offs or snide remarks at all. I handed the nibbles. She’d soon taken the blood and wished me well as I left.

I put some nibbles for the receptionists on their desk and left to catch a but to the City Hospital.

Calling in the Lidl near the bus stop. Got some of the BBQ roasting spray, Butter beans in tomato sauce and brown thins (All on offer price). Cherry tomatoes and vegetarian mini sausages as well. Exited the shop after going through the self-serve rigmarole without any problems. Egotistic Mode Adopted!

Straight to the City Hospital in no time, it seemed.

Whoopsie O1A I’d got the right day this time, too. All they did was take me in a prepare me for some x-rays or whatever, wheeled me in, took them, a lot of them too. I was in and out of the place, in about fifteen minutes.



Caught a bus to go into Sherwood and dropped off to catch an L9 bus up the hill back home.

This naughty Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist was a danger to the pedestrians as he weaved his way through them. The Fershtinkiner!

I hobbled on to the Sherwood bus shelter. The feet were getting more and more painful and stinging something awful now.

2Tue12bThree people were waiting there at the stop. One lady from Winchester Court. I’d spoken with her a few times in the past. She was wearing her white bonnet, and very pretty it was.

The three us had a natter as the bus was so late arriving, we thought we all might not get back up the hill to the apartments.

It arrived though, being late meant nothing to us, we were just glad to catch it. Hehe!

I aided the lady from the bus, and we chinwagged for a minute or two before I left her outside the lobby of her block.

I pressed on and got to the lift, with two other people. We managed a laugh between us on the way up.

Got in and had a short-sharp-painful wee-wee, before checking on the letter in the box.

The Nottingham City Homes mail informed me that a meeting was to take place, on 11th September 2018. It was about the plans for the for the Communal rooms within the New Extra Care block being built. We can have our say on what we think the rooms would be best used for. I thought about asking for a Bungee Jump and Squash Court. Hahaha!

I did the Health Checks and took the medications. Wrote the dates above in the Google calendar.

Then started to update this diary.

Whoopsie O1A Most annoyingly, WordPress kept jumping to American English, from UK English. Each time I changed it back, it lost the memory of what I’d done and had to be replaced again. Grrr!

After over two-and-a-half hours of frustration, the fatigue arrived, and I had to stop working on the computer because I was making so many mistakes, it was getting ridiculous.

Got some triple cooked chips in the heated oven, and the (Patti Berket) seasoned recipe beans in the saucepan. I’ll add the Frikadellens ten minutes before the chips should be cooked. Fingers crossed.

2Tue12aDidn’t go too badly.

Flavour Rating of 5.5/10. Somehow, apart from the beans which were grand, things seemed to be a little off, to me?

I ate most of it.

Got the pots in the bowl to soak and had a wee-wee.

2Tue12bHealth Checks and medications tended to.

Took a photo from the spare room window of a neighbours ‘new’ kitchen windows.

Head down to watch some TV programmes.

After a couple of hours nodding off and waking, I gave up and think I drifted off within a few minutes. Nice!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 16th May 2018: Blood Test, Hospital Clinic peccadillo and Arthur Itis playing me up!


Wednesday 16th May 2018

Persian: 2018 چهارشنبه 16 مه

0350hrs: My expergefaction was insuisiant – for a few ecstatic moments I was totally untroubled, blissfully content, in heaven almost. Then the doubts, fears, concerns and self-loathing returned.

I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, automatically; and went to do the Health Checks and make a brew.


2Tue01The pulse continues to fall each time this week, I wondered why?

With the doctor’s surgery mob, not informing me of any appointments for my blood test (Again!) this week, I’ll be going to the City Hospital Haematology Department for it.

WDPolive Oh, going out yesterday, I forgot to check the emails to see if they have belatedly informed me, I’ll take a look at Gmail to find out. No, nothing arrived, as if I expected any! Grumph!

2Tue02abI think the day out and the odd lunch yesterday, might have affected the innards. Because the Porcelain Throne evacuation was terribly messy, multi-coloured and loose.

Another blue-hue outside.

I got on with updating yesterday’s diary.

Then made a start on this one up to here, and got the ablutions tended to.

3Wed04Umbrella (just in case), paperwork-appointment cards, nibbles for the hospital staff, crossword book (if any waiting to be done), bus-pass to get home afterwards and I set off. A cheery chap was in the lift I caught, he is a disabled man who’s not long moved into Woodthorpe Court.

He said he is expecting to be moved into the Extra-Care Unit block when it is built.

3Wed05We crossed the road together and started off up the gravel footpath hill, with me in a failed pursuit. By gum he could move, when he’d almost reached the top, I was about half-way up the incline.

I got to the summit and turned left down the pedestrian path, and he was well down the road. The knees started giving me some bother, and I slowed down to my normal hobbling snail-with-a-broken leg pace. Hehehe!

WDPolive I put the Arthur Itis problems with the knees down to all the sitting in the hard bus seats yesterday. I should have taken my ring-cushion with me. Funny how all these good ideas come to light when it is too late, innit? Tut-tut!

3Wed06Got onto Mansfield Road, and down to the Ring Road.

The weather perfect for walking I thought. Not too warm or cold, with a gentle breeze.

WDPolive The pavement cyclists were frequently passing by so close to me, that I walked tight in the right-hand edge of the amusingly footpath, against the railings.

3Wed07WDPolive An exciting piece of Nottingham Pavement Art was on the footpath. Not exactly Art Deco. This abandoned fuel tank might have challenged that famous pile of bricks that the Tate had the inane stupidity to show a few years ago?

Just as I was despairing of the untidy Nottinghamiam’s, I got cheered up at the end of the road.

3Wed08These simple flowers, struggling to break through to the sun, and the new fencing, seeming to do so much better than their brethren up against the rusty bars?


I turned up Hucknall Road and into the Nottingham City compound. To the top of the road and right straight into the Phlebotomy 3Wed09waiting room. I was pleasantly surprised at how few people were seated there. Got my ticket, 139. The sign showed up a call for ticket 131, so I was not long at all waiting. Time to have a go at the crossword and get no answers to them though. Thicko, at his best!

The calls were all for bay-one, so obviously there was only one nurse on duty taking the blood. Good job there wasn’t too many patients then.

WDPolive At my turn, I went in and got sat down and sleep up and my arm all ready, then my mobile rang. I turned it off, I usually do when I go to a hospital or clinic, but I forgot to today. Klutz!

A nurse appeared from around the corner. Pretty little thing (Most of them are). She got the blood taken in seconds, but could she stop the bleeding? This indicated to me that the INR Warfarin level must be pretty high. Perhaps, maybe. She was very calm about this altercation she was having stopping the flow. Eventually, it ceased, and I gave her the bag of nibbles to share. She was very startled and asked me what it was for. I told her; ‘For the nurses to have on their break!’

I thanked her and departed. Out and down to the GUM Clinic. I rang Sister Jane back on the way there. She had seen I’d not sent her the link to the diary and was a concerned bless her. We had a chinwag, and I had to ring-off to go into the clinic.

3Wed10WDPolive, a five-star one on my behalf! The appointment was for next Wednesday, not today! What an Eizel! I’m concerned at these happenings.

With a red face and feeling foolish, I left the Clinic, to go to the request stop to catch a number 40 route bus home to the flats. I spotted a chap trimming the grass around the building, and killing so many wildflowers as 3Wed11he did so.

As I got towards the bus shelter, I spotted that he’d either missed or showed compassion for the clump of flowers. I’m not sure why I mentioned this?

I meandered up the hill to the shelter and waited for the 40, five young ladies joined the queue and were joined by two blokes later. 3Wed12Only had ten minutes to wait for it to arrive. When it did, the young girls forced their way on first.

Not that it mattered, because there were plenty of free seats, just annoying like.

I was soon being dropped off the bus, on Winchester Street, and hobbling up to the top junction and turning right onto the welcoming 3Wed12asight of Chestnut Walk and the apartments.

The Willmot-Dixon lads were making a start on Winchester Court’s balcony windows.

The workers all sounded and looked like they were busy again today.

Half-way along Chestnut, I stopped to picture a plant vehicle coming out of the new build 3Wed12bcompound onto the roadway.

WDPolive Arthur Itis’s right knee did a whoopsie on me. Didn’t-half hurt, as it felt like a grating pain with the sensation that the Infrapatellar bursitis was about to become detached from the patella. Boy did it sting! But not for long amazingly, it was back to normal within minutes? Well, by the time I’d got to the foyer doors.

3Wed15Where I spotted some more, more localised Nottingham Street Art, on display outside of the scaffolding. Tsk!

I thought at this time that I heard someone calling my name. Nobody nearby, so I went into the road to look up to see if someone was shouting through the window and might need assistance.

3Wed14Then it dawned on, that no tenants can get their heads out of the windows anyway, while all the locks are still on. So no one could have been calling my name? What a schlepper!

I took this photo showing the insulation progress on Woodthorpe Court block of flats. I think they are finishing the back part of it now, with just the front to do. Which will be interesting noise-wise, the back they are doing now is noisy enough, what it will be like when they start drilling it onto the outside of my flat, worries me. But, it has to be all done before they can get the cladding fitted.

AS I went in through the foyer, I spotted May in the laundry room. The poor gal looked very drained and poorly to me. I inquired about her health, to find she has terrible shoulder pains. This ailment sprang the pain-gel into my mind. I explained to her that it is alright to mix Iboprufen with the paracetamol she is on, I knew this because the doctor had got using them years ago. I asked if she would like some of the Phorpain gel to try. She was okay with this, so I nipped up to the flat and got a tube for her. Penny had joined her when I got down. Handed the tube to her, advising her to rub it in well. The three of us had a little nattering session, and I went back up to the apartment.

It had been an enjoyable little hobble-out today. No rain helped. Haha!


3Wed16I got in and did the Health Checks, took the midday medications and made a brew.

This is the second brew  I made, after finding the milk I put in the mug had curdled! And it still had another day left on its use-by-date! Grumph!

WDPolive I used a bottle of long-life milk I had in the cupboard. Which was fine. I then discovered the sell-by-date3Wed21. 31-3-18! Gobsmacking innit? The Morrison milk is terrible and off a day before its use-by-date, and the Asda is one, is still alright 2 months after its use-by-date!

I’d just started to update this diary, and a phone call came in. All polite, a fellows voice said: “I’m David from BT, I’m calling regarding your internet connection…” I stopped him there, answering; “No thank you!” And put the phone down.

3Wed19I pressed on with sorting things to do the updating. To the clang, bang sounds from Herbert up above. After which just the odd bangs, rattles or clangings persisted for many hours, but not regularly or often.

I removed the cover from the blood taking hole, the nurse had done well with stemming the flow, hardly any haemoglobin on the bit of cotton wool.

I got the vegetables trimmed ready to use later and got the oven warming up for these and the potato slices. Made another small mug of breakfast tea and back to the updating of this post. But could not concentrate very well, so it was taking me an inordinately long time for some reason.

With Arthur Itis and Haemorrhoid Harry both annoying me, I decided to take extra codeine. During which I spotted a fair bit of smoke across the Winchester Street. It looked clear smoke, so I assumed it was from garden cuttings burning. The one thing that stood out to me was the wind kept changing?


Eventually, I got up to here with the updating, and realised I had still not finalised or posted yesterday’s Inchcock! What a Schlimazel!

So I went to update and post the Tuesday post off.

A few more taps and knocks from Herbert while I did this task.

3Wed20Got it done and had an email from the surgery. No mention of there not making an appointment for me this week, but, they have done this time, for next week.

Now, I’ll explain about my going to the hospital for the blood test.

First thing, I get told off for going there and not the surgery.

They failed to give me an appointment for the surgery last time!

When I go to the surgery, it can take three or four days before I get the results.

Today, (Going to the hospital for the test) I got the results and doses within five hours!

But even so, the Doctors receptionists have given me a late appointment with all this advance warning time too!

I believe, that because they know I would like an early appointment, and I have been naughty in their eyes, they have given me another late appointment that they know will prevent me from getting to sleep at my usual time, thus making me poorly in the long run. Oh, they are thoughtless, and I believe they don’t like me at all! Probably hate and despise me!

But at least they have made this unwantedly late appointment for me with Nurse Nicole!

Then the door chime rang out.

It was the Obersturmbannführer from Willmott-Dixon, checking on what still needed doing plastering-wise. I showed him the gaps in the kitchen window framing. He said it would be sorted. Nice chap. Off he trotted, and I got back to the updating for a while, then got the potatoes and turnips in the oven.

3Wed30Accompanied by Noisy Herbert’s occasional clanging and banging noises, I ate the meal.

Not so good this one. I could only rate it as an offensive 5/10 rating. The pork pie meat was far too fatty, the apples too soft, and the turnips were too tough.

You can’t win ’em all!

I did the pots and settled to watch some TV, two Hustle episodes. Got through the first one with only about four nod-offs, the second one I managed a few minutes, but the eyelids were so heavy. So I gave up, turned the TV off and head-down.


Inchcock Today – Wednesday 9th August 2017: Lots of things achieved today. He say’s with head swagging! Hehe!

Wednesday 9th August 2017

Basque: Asteazkena, Abuztuak 9, 2017

0120hrs: Up and to the Porcelain Throne. No bleeding, but signs of Trotsky Terence returning. Huh! IT was still raining out side. Back into the £300 second-hand recliner and tried to recall the dreams, but all I could tell was that they were not nice again, no details.

0312hrs: Awake and in need once again of the Throne. Yes, Trotsky is coming back for sure. On the bright side, still no bleeding from Duodenal Donald or Haemorrhoid Harold.

Went to make a brew and take the medications and realised I’d not taken any of last nights medications. I took just one-and-a-half Warfarin with the morning dosages. Did the Health tests.

Nipped out on the balcony while the rain had relented a bit, and took this photographicalisation. A free unused car parking space was spotted down below.

Came back in, on the computer and made the graphic for the top of this page.

Back to finish making another mug of tea to replace the first one that went cold, and pondered a while on what needed doing today. INR DVTblood test at the City Hospital, call in the Clinic while there to see the rearranged op again. Call in the hearing centre in town, to get replacement tools for those I can no longer find or have lost so I can clean them properly. Then the train of thoughts went wonky again – how do I sort out the rota? Must go to the INR test first, then the clinic, then into town hearing centre – must take the brolly and walking stick with me in case Dizzy Dennis returns… Ah, but I have to visit the bank as well… Confusion followed by the oddest uncontrollable attitude for me. I just thought, “Sod it, it’ll sort itself out?” Is the old brain getting tired as well as the body?

Then, started this diary off up to here. Then got on finishing off yesterdays, and got it posted.

WordPress reading and Emails checked.

Worked out my hobbling route to the hospital, and to the bus stop to catch one into town, unless I time it wrong?

I just hope the rain is not too bad, but it looks set in at the moment. Tsk!

0550hrs: Might get some under-the-brolly photographs in today?

Went onto Facebooking for a while. Then started a TFZer graphic. Got it done.

Ablutions tended to, I changed into the togs and made sure the brolly and cap were in the bag.

Set off down the elevator and over and up the gravel hill footpath to the top and left down through to Mansfield Road.

As I wandered along, the rain stopped.

Not many people or dogs about, I can only see one of each in the whole place?

To the top of the hill and down Edwards Lane. Noticed some cars had been graffitied, took a photo of them, and when I got back much later to the flat to transfer all the pictures to the computer, this one was not on the SHD card?

To the bottom of the road and left going over the Pelican lights across the dual carriageway ring road.

As I limped along, whistling to myself and perusing the scenery over the tennis courts, what did I see?

Some Nottingham Street Art just outside of the outer netting to the courts.

Perhaps it had been thrown over the fencing along the road? Fly tipping they call it.

I was so intent on looking at this rubbish I tripped on some weeds and very nearly went over. Luckily being so close to the iron bars, I managed to stop myself going over by grabbing at them and holding on! Not any bother at all. No wounds or bumps.

Seconds later, this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist (Git!) nearly had me over then. Tsk!

I think I must have heard him coming from behind me. Proof for sure, that the new hearing aids are a lot better than the old ones, without a doubt! Unless I imagined hearing him approaching?

In the next few hundred yards or so, I got two shots of Nottingham Nurture, and both animals posed and gave me time to take the photographicalisations of them.

Although, the second one did not have much choice. Hehe!

No dizzies at all yet, doing well.

The French Bouille courts were well flooded, and the free-to-use (Although, I have never seen anyone using them) keep-fit equipment machines were going a bit rusty in places.

I turned right at the traffic island and up Hucknall Road, and called in the GUM Clinic.

The usual antisocial snotty Obergruppenfurher was working on the reception, and I asked if I could wait to speak with Dr Wieczorkowski – adding hastily and raising my voice a tad; He told me I could call any Wednesday morning and ask to see him in his Email!” A sneer, of an obviously well rehearsed and considerable superiority and in depth hatred, was visually shot back at me. The lips curled in well-practised and prize-worthy imitation of contempt. With a backwards flip of his head,  off the disappeared, mumbling something I failed to apprehend.

Returning a few minutes later, and through gritted teeth and with an almost growling voice, as he pointed to the waiting room, verbally spat out; “In there and wait, it may be over an hour!” An odd, unexpected painful smile crept over his lips, and the faintest sound of a chuckle was audible?

I really have learnt how to annoy him back now. I put on my sweetest smile, put my head to one side and whispered; “Well, thank you so much!”

I sat down with the other waiting patients and got the crossword book out before I could take a look at a clue, a nurse came in and called my name and beckoned me to go with her to see the Doctor.

An embarrassing examination under the giant magnifying glass, with a huddle of student presentations. Then after he had spoken to and advised them after listening to their answers to his questions, they departed, and the questioning started.

My record was consulted. I will get a date for the op within a week and will be doing it at the QMC instead of the City Hospital. This is because my problem is so rare (The type of fungal infection he said) that they want to take this opportunity for the students to learn from the treatment. (Grafting from wherever, the knee maybe as I recall from earlier meetings with another medico, he did not say and onto Little Inchies lesion.)

Well, that went well and speedily. The Obergruppenfurher receptionist was not in sight when I departed, just as well perhaps.

Out and up into the hospital grounds and right, to the Blood taking hall. A few patients waiting today, about 50, but some of these would be waiting for the ladies only section. I got a ticket and sat down and got on with the crossword book again. They were nipping through us quickly today. I was in and be done within half an hour. Had time for a laugh with the nurse who did me, too.

Thanked her and gave her a bag of nibbles to share with the other girls, and out to see if I would be lucky again and catch a 40 bus just nearby to the clinic.

I turned the corner and just had time to photograph it as I missed it and pulled away. Tsk!

As I walked down towards Hucknall Road to catch another bus, I kept hearing a right loud double clanging noise?

Turned out, it was sunken and sinking further with every car, ambulance and bus that went over it, manhole cover in middle the road.

Even the bus came within seconds of my arriving at the stop? Worrying innit, all this good luck?

Dropped off in the town near the Victoria Mall and walked into town and down to the Nottingham Slab Square.

And took a picture of the beach and fountains. The rain had kept off, and a few people had ventured onto the beach.

But there were very few folk about, what with the storm warnings and all that, I wasn’t surprised. Some with their kids had climbed over into the fountains area and were apparently quite happy to get soaked. Hehe!

I could hear a lot of sirens and klaxons from somewhere nearby but had no idea what was taking place.

I hobbled to the hearing aid place and explained my stupidity and misfortune in breaking the plastic thingy that removes and replaces the wax protector on the new hearing aids. The young man patiently listened to my sob story, and asked me to take a seat on one of the green chairs and someone would come to see me, but it might be while before they are free to do so. I expressed my gratitude and told him, no problem. Then took a green seat and got the crossword book out, again before I could start on it (Like t the clinic earlier) Another young agent was calling my name within seconds of my having sat down. Brilliant Service or what?

Into the room explained things and he had cleaned the hearing aid and given me another thingamajig to take home with me within ten minutes. Thanked him and poddled out of the store, only to have to dodge another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.


Took this picture of some brave fools up on the high swing ride, as the weather started to get a bit more threatening?

Had a walk around for a while, because the L9 bus was not due for 45 minutes, but I enjoyed the hobble around, and the rain still kept off!

A final display of Nottingham Street Art was outside the book shop on Lister Gate.

I went in and bought a pack of five pencils and sharpener and eraser, for only £1.79. Also, a TV paper for next week. So I can work out which programmes to fall asleep watching. Haha!

Got on the bus at the same time as Horace and his Carer.

I feel pain for Horace. His handler always sits away from him on the bus, and I’ve yet to hear the man talk to Horace. The carer is in the seat in front of where I took a photograph from. Of course, it is not my place to criticise anyone, and do not! For I don’t know the illness, handicap or nature of things that poor old Horace suffer from. So I have no idea of what that carer has to go through while caring. I often meet Horace on my bus trips and have started saying cheerio to him. No recognition from him of course, and he can apparently only grunt. He loves doing this while pointing at things. Life can be so unfair to some folk.

Up to now, the ailments have been so kind to me as well, today. I feel almost guilty.

Back at the flats, I visited the Throne and put the new tool for the hearing aid in the box they came in, to try not to lose or break this one.

I shelled some garden peas and got them into the saucepan on the simmer. Out the onion bhajis and bubble and squeak cakes into the tray ready to go into the oven later.

Got this diary updated. Boy, am I making some grammar errors. Don’t know what’s the matter with me. I’m  aware I do make silly mistakes generally. It took ages and lots and lots of correcting. Humph!

Nosh served up. An unfunny few moments followed. I got it all on the plate and had to go for a wee-wee again.

About to carry it on the tray to the £300 second-hand recliner to consume it, and the phone rang. Tsk! It was the surgery with the DVT blood test results. New dosages, as the INR level had dropped to 2.1 – this is not good news at all. It might mean the cancelling of the Little Inchies graft op yet again. A most off-putting possibility! They made the next appointment for Wednesday 16th, and I remembered this was the Tenants meal-out day and mentioned it. Rearranged for… wait for it… 0750hrs on Tuesday 15th. 0750hrs! Great! I queried the time, and the lady thought I was intimating that this was too early and said; “Well, you always ask for an early time for your appointments!” (Not that I get them usually!) I told her no problem at all and thanked her kindly.

Then a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. This was a messy one and required some cleaning up and medicationalisationing afterwards. So by the time I’d got around to digesting the meal, it was well cold! Grumph!

I thought about putting it in the oven to warm it up again but decided this would not be a good idea. So I ate it as it was. Actually, it was not too bad at all. If the phone call and Porcelain Throne had not interrupted the proceedings, it would have been super-tasty I think.

The walking must have taken more out of me than I thought because when I got the TV on to watch Boon DVD episodes, I drifted off and woke at 0130hrs, many hours later.

I recall musing over a dream I’d been having and must have scribbled this note, I found later.

Monte Casino defender from Italy?

Soon drifted back to sleep.

Sprang awake with a start, at 0250hrs.

Inchcock – Monday 10th April 2017: Hectic, wore myself out. Hehe!


Monday 10th April 2017

Maltese: It-tnejn April 10, 2017

Struggle as I might have, I could just not get to sleep last night! Gone 0300hrs before I got off – then I woke up at 0540hrs, realising that the food delivery was due twixt 0600>0700hrs, and I was in need of the utilisation of the porcelain throne urgently!

Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner I knocked over the part-drank mug of orange juice, swore and made my way to the wetroom. Haemorrhoid Harold bled a lot, and it was a painful effort, considered as to whether or not to take a Senna?

Doing the ablutions, the delivery arrived. Tsk! Only a small one, this time, put the stuff away and got the computer going and finished yesterday’s diary off.

1Mon03Made a cuppa that went cold and did the graphics for this header, then checked the emails.

The different coloured sky this morning as the moon faded, was nice.

Started this post going, and realised I’d not taken the morning medications or done the health checks yet.

So I took them and a Senna too. (Now watch me get caught out when I hobble out to do the jobs… Oh Dear? Hehe!)

1Mon057Sun02bChecked the Google Diary for the things that needed doing today.

Humph! Don’t think I’ll get all of these done?

Wrote the list down on paper and put it in my pocket so as not to forget them when I do get out.

At least I can forget the prescription collecting, cause I did that on Saturday morning.

So I made a mug of tea and got the checks carried out.


I think they look okay now. A few odd day rises, and the weight is a bit concerning, especially as the fluid retention seems to have gone done a bit in the legs and a lot in the feet, the weight hasn’t? Otherwise, all looks good?


The weather forecast for today was so much colder than yesterday.

I’ll make sure I put my jumper and a warm hat on methinks.

Got some more emails come in: The Clinic has changed the appointment this week and gave me the operation date, 0730hrs Wed 13th July at the clinic, not in the hospital. Told me what to eat and not eat and to take in with me (Medications, paperwork), estimated to take only two hours, four hours observation then all being well I would be going home. Letter to follow. Excellent! No name on the email itself it must be a standard print-out.

Did some WordPressing and then some Facebooking. Posted the latest TFZer graphic.


Readied myself for the trip out to the bank first I think, then get Norman’s things. Now I have fewer tasks to carry out!

Rang Olive to see if it was alright for me to call on her on my way out, it was, so I did.

We had a jolly good chinwag for a good while. Kissed and I departed.

1Mon09Walked down to Chestnut Walk and Winchester Hill, where I took this shot of some plants on the roadside. To the bank first. Because I had not taken the bank pin number with me, they could not tell me if the account had been activated?

To the bank first. Because I had not taken the bank pin number with me, they could not tell me if the account had been activated?

Depressed, I left and went to the Continental Food Store. Got a loaf, jar of mushrooms and some cooked belly pork with herbs.

Hobbled into Carrington and filled a prescription form in at the doctor’s surgery for someCodeine Phosphate tablets.

Then to the shop to get Norman’s bits of fodder.

Limped back into Sherwood and caught the bus up back to the flats.

Chinwag on the bus with other tenants.

1Mon10Dropped the fish fingers and bread off at Norman’s flat. He thanked me and said he’s got the cleaners coming today, so no need for me to do any cleaning for him. He was in fine form, and this cheered me up.

To my apartment and found a book had been delivered. It was from the TFZ’s Andy in Canada, and much appreciated.

CorelDraw opened and started the next graphicationalisticalisation. (A cough!)


Hours later, I’d got it finished.

Got some oven chips heating up on the stove. Did the evening ablutions.

A fabulous selection of programmes I wanted to watch on the goggle-box picked out.

2Tue001aMade the herb pork sandwiches.

Got the oven chips out… and put some antiseptic cream on the newly burnt to the pattern of an oven rack shaped scar on the back of the right hand!

Hehehe! Tsk!

Served the meal up.

2Tue03The oven chips, pork sarnies, seasoned baked beans and a pot of Greek Style yoghourt with added honey.

Excellent tasting fodder for this Monday night!

Rating it 9.43/10.

Got the pots into the sink in soak and nipped to the porcelain, somehow staying awake! One again, suddenly so tired.

Law & Order watched on the box, with the promise of the Underground Documentary, The Interceptors and another Interceptor programme on a different channel to watch and relish.

Only got as far as the first section of Law & Order and nodded off at the first set of commercials came on.

Spent hours waking and watching a few minutes of unknown programmes and repeating it again and again. Gave up around 2200hrs. Turned the box off and nodded into a dream filled kip that lasted until gone 0400hrs! Bliss!

Whoopsiedangleplop Highlights of Thur/Fri am 5-6th January 2017


0230hrs: Woke with Little Inchy bleeding merrily away. Decided to add the bloodied clothing to the laundry bag and go down to the laundry room, and get the washing done straight away.

During which I managed to knock my head on the top left-hand corner of the dryer, cut my finger of the cracked metal on the filter cage, trap my finger between the door and the sink cupboard and bang my elbow on the sink drain corner.


Noticed one of the chairs had gone missing in the foyer.

You can see the fading on the carpet where it once stood.

It reappeared later in the day?

The only highlight of the day was I got to visit Olive before I went out. She was not very well, and was now waiting further surgery. I love that woman.


4thur12Caught the bus to the clinic. Where the investigating medical team, as they got me laying down and they examined the lesion on Little Inchy through this gigantic electric magnifying glass contraption, with a new control apparently I heard them say. As usual, I had to remove my hearing aids so as not to interfere with the thing.

The new machine was a lot larger than the old one and blocked my view of the students, nurses and Doctors reaction and giggling about the lack of size and volume of the appendage they were investigating and trying to find a way to stop bleeding. After half an hour of smutty looks and amusement for them, I was taken into a room to have some needles inserted with some yellow liquid, that stung a bit, but only a bit.

I waited on the trolley while they analysed the blood. I’d been through similar before, so made sure I’d stuffed my book to read in the dressing gown thingy.

A different Doctor returned with the two others and informed me they were going to give corticoid (I think) cream one more go, and gave me a tube of a stronger one to use this month. This one must be kept in the fridge between usage.

The female doctor said if this does not work, she will arrange for me to see a specialist surgeon and discuss the option on skin grafting.

I went back to the flat and put the tube into the fridge, then set off to Mansfield to see if I could find any of the tins of Beef Goulash at the B&M store there. They had none.

Sister Jane rang me en route, and I agreed to meet Pete in the morning in town.


Back at the flat, I got the meal ready as I felt rather hungrier than usual.

It turned out absolutely divine tasting too! Vegetable sausages, pea-rice sticks, wonderful cooked mint flavoured beetroots, a Cox apple, chicken sticks that were not chicken but TVP I think, and the best of the lot. I’d boiled some potatoes the poured some light Soy Sauce over them and baked them for a bit with the sausage. Rated this one 9.44/10!

4thur06I carried out the BP tests as instructed. All over the place lately, up and down. I’m recording them on Excel so I can take a screenshot and email it to the doctors at the end of the week.



I suddenly felt so tired it was hard to understand why.

I didn’t feel unwell at all, just tired and drained.

Managed to get the washing up done, then sat down and irresistibly, I drifted off.

After a couple of hours, I woke thinking it was morning, but it was tea-time, then I drifted off again!

Sometime later I woke, needing the to use the porcelain. Little Inchy was bleeding, Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding and I had to change togs yet again. Tsk!

Sister Jane rang (I think). I nodded off once more. An hour or so later I thought I heard the phone ringing, picked it up but no one there?

a6Another hour or so and I thought it rang again… then I realised that it was the doorbell chiming. The cleaning ladies had, as they usually do, altered the tune on the bell when they used the socket. By the time I got to the door, whoever it was that had tried at least twice to contact me, had long gone. Humph!

I still felt tired, but could then not get back to sleep. Put the TV on and started to watch a documentary about the war. Nodded off t the first commercial break.

Woke again (Around 0230hrs I think) and had to go back to the wetroom to tend to Little Inchy.

Back in the £300 second-hand recliner and off to sleep again and the many weird dreams.

Woke yet again, thinking it was light, and remembering I was to meet Pete, I hastened out of the chair and as I did, I recognised that the light I thought was morning dawning was from the TV that I’d left on, and it was actually 0500hrs. Oh dear me!

Confusion reigns!

Inchcock Today. Thursday 24th November 2016: Tenants Meeting missed again – Whoopsiededangleplop Avoidance Mode Engaged!


Thursday 24th November 2016

In Albanian: E Enjte 24 nëntor, 2016

0240hrs: Woke fretting over all the tasks that lay ahead today. No way can I get them all done. Pondered on the optimum order to attempt them. Tenants Social Hour (May have to just nip in and drop off the prizes and nibbles), Then a bus into to town and get to the opticians to have the spectacles repaired. Next up to Angel Row Audio Clinic and get some tubes for the hearing aids. Get some bread while in town, bus back to Carrington call at the Chemists for the prescriptions. To the surgery. Out and to Hucknall Road and get a bus into Bulwell, get pea snacks, bus back to City Hospital and to the GUM Clinic. A bus to… no, I’ll never cope with all this in one day. Something, will have to not get done?

Yet again, I could remember nothing of the dreams I’d had at all.

I liberated myself from the struggling to operate £300 second-hand recliner chair in response to a call to have a WRHD session. As I cleaned the blood away that had leaked from Haemorrhoid Harold, I pondered on the medical conditions. Anne Gyna was being very kind this morning, as was Hernia Harry too. Arthur Itis naturally was giving me a bit of hassle, but less than yesterday. The swollen knees were easier. The pains behind the eyes had relented somewhat. The head where I hit it falling onto the floor yesterday was persistent but not too much to cope with. No dizzies yet at all. Little Inchy’s lesion was leaking blood, but not as bad as it has been. Even the back pain had abated a little.This scenario above

The medical sit-rep above was pleasingly comforting. Because last night I felt in a right pickle and state and feared in capacities for today. I swore to have a Whoopsiedangleplop free day if possible.

Made a mug of tea, took the medications and did the graphic at the top of this page. Then got on with the diaries.

0511hrs: Had a go on Facebooking. Then did Graphics until 0825hrs.

Warden Deana rang the bell. She had been to see Olive who told her how poorly I was. Gave her the raffle prizes for the Social Hour and asked her to drop them off, which she did.

Ablutions completed – carbolicalisational session today.

Checked the list of tasks-to-do, and decided in this order: 1030hrs L9 bus to town – Sourdough bread from Tesco – To the opticians to get glasses mended – Audio clinic for batteries and tubing (so I can repair the hearing aid I broke walking into the hallway electricity cupboard) and bus to the GUM clinic. then bus back to the flat. Betamethasone Corticoid Cream. Leaving the Doctors for tomorrow

Leaving the collection of the Betamethasone Corticoid Cream from the chemist and calling to see the doctor for an appointment until Friday. I’m not sure if I can fit all these tasks in any way, but I’ll try.

4thr02Readied the things again and wrapped up well, then set off to the bus-stop to catch an L9 into town.

Met Olive and one of her daughters near the lift on their way out, grabbed a little cuddle and kiss. Much to the amazement of her daughter.

The weather was windy and cold this morning. My mind was all over the place considering which of the jobs I could get done and which to leave.

Got into town on the L9, dropped off and walked straight through the Slab 4thr03Square and up Friar Lane to the optician’s shop. Where the highly desirous lady set to repairing the glasses straight away for me and was very nice and kind in doing so, flashing her Cytherean smile at me, making goosebumps come up and kindling feelings of such passion arise within as she looked straight into my eyes as she checked if the glasses fitted correctly… Sorry, got carried away a bit there.

Clinging to the memories of her twinkling warm smile, I thanked her and departed. Across the pelican lights and up Granby Street … oh, they call it Maid Marion Way nowadays. Up to the top and left, up the staggeringly steep Park Row and right onto the Ropewalk and into the Audio Clinic, to find it closed? Could not see any signs about why?

Looked through the window in the door and everything looked normal in the waiting area. Someone came walking nearby from another department and she said the hours have changed for the walk-in side of the clinic, but 4thr05someone had stolen the sign they had put up, I can call on Mon Tue or Wed between 0930 > 1400hrs for any non-appointment reason. I thanked the chap, who had kindly taken his time to explain things to me, and departed back down the hill into the City Centre once again, to catch the L9 bus back home.

Everyone seemed like I was, well wrapped up in the cold and wind that prevailed.

Met one of the lady tenants at the L9 bus stop and had a chinwag with their there and on the journey back to the warmth of the Woodthorpe Court flats. She was a Geordie lass and she’d lived for four years in Australia and five years in America and had worked in Las Vegas, Nevada. She told me she didn’t like it on Australia and was glad to come back to England from America. She lived all over the place in England too. Cornwall, Hereford, East Anglia (Which she really hated!) and Wales. A well-travelled lady indeed.

Met Olive in her chair with her daughter as I got in the lift and we shared it, with me grabbing another snog and chinwag en route.

To the flat to collect the Clinic Card I’m forgotten to take earlier, and out straight away and caught the 40 bus on Winchester Street Hill to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic. Booked in and waited in the corner room along with about twelve other make patients. A right United Nations looking lot we were too. Me the only white person, brown and black youths, who, I could sense were thinking “What was that old git up to, to have to come here?” (The G.U.M. clinic). Then another patient arrived to join us, a sort of cross between a hippie and a rocker he was. I wish I could have sneaked out my camera to take a photo of him, a right dodgy looking character he was. Hehe! He’d be about 45-50, very tall and thin. Long straggly greasy black hair with balding on top and a ponytail that was brown. Most of the lads were on their mobile phones, it would have made a good photograph with me sat in the corner with my  crossword book.

I was called in, ahead of many of those who were there before I arrived, and got odd looks from some of them when I went into the treatment room, avoiding the usual visit to the assessment office. Down went the trousers, on the bench thingy, out came the lighted magnifying glass, Little Inchy covered with paper towelling and I was told to wait for the doctor and not to move.

A male doctor a female doctor and a nurse came in after a while. They each had a look and then they consulted with each other. They asked if I was using the Betamethasone cream, (I didn’t tell them I’d forgotten to collect it from the chemist). The nurse applied some to the lesionThey decided to try another different treatment cream this time, but I’d have to wait until they had consulted with my Doctor to assess if it would be safe to use this one, with me being on Warfarin. They would be in contact, but I must return for another check-up and they would make an appointment and let me know of that as well.

As I walked out through the corridor where the treatment rooms were, I heard a howling? I wondered if this was the Beatnik-Rocker chap? Hehehe!

Caught the 40 bus back to Sherwood, then the L8 that took me up Winchester Hill to the apartments, didn’t see anyone I knew, and of course ‘Little Inchy’ was stinging a bit.

In the flat and a WRHD session, with Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding fairly badly.

4thr06Physically shattered now, all I could do was get the fodder ready, simple that tonight.

Ready meal Yorkshire Pudding with sausages. mashed potatoes inside it with a bit of gravy. I added some more sausages and when it was cooked some crispy bacon strips.

Some mini rolls and bread thins along with a sundae dessert completed the meal. However, I only ate a few of the mini rolls and didn’t eat the sundae. I tried a spoonful and it tasted off?

Did the washing up and settled to watch a Jonathan Creek DVD, the one I’d been trying to watch for several nights but could not due to my falling asleep.

Same again tonight.

Oh, just realised, the Whoopsiedangleplop Avoidance Plan for today worked! Hurrah!

Inchcock Today – Tue 12 July 16: Hectic, rainy, Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day. Worn me out well!


Tuesday 12th July 2016


Good Morning!

0400hrs: Reluctantly I woke and lay thinking of things needing doing today. Got to see Deana about the British Gas repeated overcharge at 0830hrs, Clinic and INR blood test appointments, pick up the prescriptions from the chemist and so on.

The £300 second-hand recliner chair shuddered in response to me pressing the button to for it to be lowered so I could get out of it for a WRWW+HD visit. All okay on this first visit.


Breakfast today

Kettle on and took the medications, titivated the kitchen and back for yet another bothersome WRWW (Wet-Room Wee-wee).

Ablutions carried out.

Laptop on and finished the Monday post.

Another quick WRWW (Had a few of these today) and I started this one off.

Checked the emails and then got myself sorted out for the walk to see Deana at the community shed. While doing this, I remembered a bit of a dream I’d had I was again being chased, then found myself drowning in a gravy dish and was quite happy about it, eating a giant sausage as I departed life?


Deana sorts out the mysterious second meter charge from the French-owned British Gas for me. Many Thanks Deana! X

Deana, one again contacted the French-owned British Gas con artists and liars for me. in an effort to sort out why I keep getting charged for the electricity from a meter that does not exist!

Only took her around 30 minutes this tie, before they told her they would close the account (Like they told her on June 7th).

I thanked her and nipped back to the flats, wondering how long it would be before I get another demand for the £245 to be paid from this imaginary meter?

The Fresh Fish van was outside of the building, and Olive was getting some, so I joined her and got some smoked mackerel fillets. Walked her back to her flat and had a gossip.

To the flat and updated this twaddle.

It was soon time for the walk to Carrington and the Doctors for the INR blood test, then I must get the prescriptions from the chemist, then to the clinic, and try to get some yellow tomatoes from somewhere.

Dropped the rubbish bags down the chute, then down the lift to the lobby, buy was it raining!


Under umbrella shot – Chestnut Walk

Walked own to the bottle bank with me four empty pickle jars and wind-proof umbrella up.

Took this photograph from under the brolly from the end of Chestnut Walk outside the flats.

The road looked more like a canal! Hehe!

Carrying the bag and balancing the brolly was difficult – in fact it ensured that my back was soaking by the time I’d got to the surgery! I still managed it in around 38 minutes though.

The nurse soon did me blood test and we had a chinwag too. Gave her the nibbles and set off to the Chemists to get my prescriptions.

Then to Lidl where I got some very naughty jars of cured pork, dried onions, Bananas and tomatoes and a can of Citrus Air-Spray. (Not the yellow ones, they were from Spain and I knew they would taste bitter). The gal on the check-out dropped the can of spray and the plastic top broke. She told me to fetch another can form the shelves… but a young chap in the queue behind shot off an got it for me. Thanked him, good of him that!

Then got even wetter, as I had to carry two bags now, and the brolly was too much for me to handle and cope with.


Cor Blimey it rained!

Caught a bus on Hucknall Road to the Clinic, a further soaking as I walked to the building. I entered to find from the grumpy receptionist bloke, that my appointment was for next week, not this! Whoopsiedangleplop and embarrassment again!

Caught the bus back into Carrington and another one on Mansfield Road back into Sherwood. Got wet once more as I walked up the hill and over the pelican crossing to the bus stop in the hope that a bus to the flats would be coming soon.

Luckily one was due in five minutes… then, Whoopsiedangleplop number two occurred as it arrived. I made my way forward and the right ankle gave way, but very luckily I say… as I went over backwards, a lady behind me caught me and stopped me hitting the deck. Thanked her profusely and got onto the bus, red-faced and wet!

Another soaking yet, when I got off the bus and walked to the flat’s foyer. The rain was vicious now.

On the lift up to the flats, a bloke carrying a little dog, got on with his missus and another woman. The other woman did not like dogs coming into the complex at all, she told them dogs are barred other than guide dogs, and generally let her feelings be known about it – quiet an exciting altercation and lift journey really. I thought about it after they had all got off on a lower floor and I continued up to the twelfth. If someone had had to give up their pet dog to come into these flats, it would surely be a benefit to them to see the dog occasionally? Then I thought, what-about other people who gave up their dog and then see someone else’s? I didn’t mind, it was a friendly little thing well under control?


The chemist parcel dwarfs the other stuff.

Onward, well, upward to the flat and WRWW session.

Put the things I’d bought away.

The bag of medications dwarfed the fodder I’d bought. Hehe!

As I put on the kettle to make a cuppa and take the midday medications, the rain stopped suddenly completely?

Thoughts turned to what I was going to have for my meal. The cured pork with a salad tempted me. Then I remembered the unwanted smoked mackerel I’d accidentally bought earlier that has to be used up. Then I thought no, I fancy some of the cured pork, then I thought, should I be using up this fish before it goes out of date, then I looked at the fish and there was no date on it? Then I decided to make my mind up when it comes to making the repast. A long word came to mind, ‘Procrastination’ that should be my middle name! Haha!

Updated this diary. Then went on Facebook and checked the emails.


Cabinet ready for sorting

Olive’s grandson has just arrived with the second wet-room storage box all made up for me and put it in place. Super that, thanked him and asked if I could give him some money in appreciation, but he wouldn’t take any.

I can get in touch with the caretaker, if he’s off his mobile and I can find him, to hire him to do the painting of the bare wood for me now. Then I an sort out what is to go where and make use of the cabinets that Roger has so kindly done for me.


View from sweet Olive’s bedroom.

Went to visit Olive. A lovely chinwag and bonding session… lovely sojourn in happiness and bliss. Despite my feeling a bit drained with the days activities. A hug and cuddle and I had to depart back to number 72 flat.

Took the evening medications.

Got the fodder on the go straight away, while I was still awake, reckon I did a bit too much today. Still, the dizzies stayed off.


Fish nosh tonight

Had smoked mackerel, fish sticks, fishcake, last of the pod peas, pickled egg, roast onions, onion rings, apple, the horrible tomatoes from Lidl and the last dessert.

Half way through I got a phone call on the landline. By the time I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the caller rang off.

Settled back into the grinding chair, and back to the meal. The mobile rang. It was the doctors surgery. The results from this mornings INR Blood Test were back. Far too high at 5.9, and they needed to tell me not to take any Warfarin tonight, and gave me the dosages for the rest of the week.

I told them I’d just taken tonight’s doses, she said start by not taking any tomorrow then. I manipulated myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner and wrote them down.

She then made my next INR appointment for 0920hrs Tuesday 19th July, then reminded me I had the cardiac appointment at 1010hrs on Wednesday 20th July.

Thanked her and mounted the now not operating £300 second-hand mechanical recliner chair.

Started to watch a DVD, James Bond’s Octopussy, but didn’t get to see the ending, even after several nod-offs and rewinds.

Sleep came easily tonight.

Inchcock Today Fri 6 May : Busy busy day! Whoopsiedangleplop! So tired!

Friday 6 May 2016

P1070136Up at 0455hrs, spent a couple of hours graphicalisationing for a particular TFZ gal (Can’t reveal anything yet?)

Then onto sorting out the Dyson and got all confused. A quick call to Brother-in-Law and he got me sorted out.

Got the paperwork sorted for when Steve Age UK arrives, then made a cuppa and took the medications. Was I sure there is another one I’ve forgotten about?

Made sure the appointment things for the Opticians, GUM Clinic and the hospital were in the bag/pockets and put the other bag with the jammies etc, near the door so I wouldn’t forget them.

Had my bath, and did my ablutions, Haem Aroid bleeding but not Little Inchy.

Steve arrived and set to phoning the Council about the Council Tax, British Gas (Gas & Electricity) and Severn Trent Water for the old house to be cancelled. I’ve got to go to visit the bank to cancel the Council Tax payments. The Electricity and Gas, Steve has to ring back next time he calls and I still couldn’t remember the other one needing to be done?

I tried out the new Dyson (Only with the carpet attachment) while he was here, it is superb! The collection box is only small, but it is so easy to empty.

Steve had another client to go and see, said he would call sometime next week to arrange a day for him to try and sort things out again.

I rang Pete to thank him for his guidance but Janet answered the phone, had a gossip and during this I remembered the other thing that needed cancelling – the house insurance!

Got the laptop on again to start this off, as I don’t imagine I’ll be in an excellent state when I get back so late from being prodded about and having lumps cut out of me. Hehe!

I’ll take the camera with me too.

P1070137Got everything ready, and set off in the hope of catching the 1239hrs L9 bus into town.

Got to the bus stop at 1230hrs and not a soul around.

Waited around in hope for the bus to arrive, without any luck.

Gave up at 1255hrs and walked up and through Woodthorpe Grange Park to the bus stop in Sherwood. Of course, this meant because the bus to the GUM clinic didn’t arrive, muggins here forgot all about it! 0101af

P1070139 P1070138

A couple of Swines on the footpath!

Got into town and meandered down through the Slab Square where the Nottingham Shoplifters had gathered to take in the sun.


Went to the bank, where I had a long wait to talk with an advisor about getting the old house’s Community Tax payments cancelled. But when the lady was free, she was charming and helpful, bless her. We even managed a little natter together, had her smiling anyway.

Out and up to Boots the Opticians, where I collected the new spectacles and had another laugh and a good chinwag.

P1070141Being a little early to go to the hospital (Having forgotten about the Clinic helped – Humph!), I had a walk around and down Hounds Gate. Surprisingly few folk about here too!

Surprisingly few folk about here too!

The sun was out and it was warm. So I removed my jumper and put it in my bag.

Called into the pound Shop and had a wander around inside. I bought a soup ladle and a pack of four mini pork pies to eat at the Treatment Centre. I didn’t eat the soup like, just the pork pies, see? Hehe!

When I walked to the tram stop on South Parade, there were far too many Pavement cyclists around to dare photographicalise any of them for fear of betting beat up by em!

Caught the right tram (Yes. it occasionally happens, ha!) to the Queens Medical Centre and walked down the five flights of stairs to the ground floor beneath and hobbled over to the Treatment Centre. Handed in my appointment letter and the lady gave me a bleeper to let me know when it is my turn, and I sat down and read me Holocaust book. Consuming all the pork pies as I did so. Still, that’ll mean no messing about getting fodder when I do get back if I get back to the flat later.

I was feeling so tired at this stage, I managed to nod off twice! Still, the bleeper vibrated so it let me know when to go in. Mind you, it was an hour and a half wait, but in pleasant surroundings and cute nurses passing by.

No messing with these people, very efficient and to the point. The nurse checked my details, took back the bleeper and led me to a chair in the corridor inside. Within minutes a Doctor, the one who saw me a year ago and actually remembered soon had me examined and told me he did not want to disturb the growth yet and booked me in for another appointment in two weeks so he can have a look again to see how it is progressing. He smiled, nay, laughed, when I told him I’d struggled to carry the bag with my towels, clothes, shaving tackle, slippers, etc. to get there too in case I was kept in.

P1070142Back to the Tram stop and soon caught a tram back into town – but what a ride!When the tram pulled up, I wasn’t sure who were the biggest danger to me,

When the tram arrived, I wasn’t sure who were the biggest threat to me, those rushing to get off the tram, or those elbow charging to get on the tram! I managed to get a seat, but a 22 stone bloke sat next to me and I had no room to manoeuvre to get the camera out! Well, it was the rush hour by then.

Dropped off in Slab Square and made my way painfully up Queen Street and waited for the 40 bus. No use me waiting for an L9 to the flats they had stopped running hours ago. Tsk!

Another uncomfortable and pain filled journey again, the bus was so packed the driver had to refuse some folks wanting to get on.

P1070143I got off on Winchester Street, risked life and limb to cross over the road and made my way limpingly towards the flats.

I’ve no idea what these plants were that bravely forced their way through the concrete and up the railings, but to me, they were beautiful.

Anyone know their name. Please?

Just managed to get in the flat in time to avoid a leakage!

So glad, with it being so late (For me like!), that I didn’t have to mess about making anything to eat. Made a cuppa and took the medications, a bit late, though.

Tired as I felt, it took a while to get to sleep. Heigh-ho!

Inchcock Today: Mon 18 Jan 2015: Oddest of odd days

I woke up several times during the night and nodded off again. Eventually getting up around 0445 hrs.

To the WC and boy did the haemorrhoids bleed, passing was painful.Made a cuppa and took my medications. Then checked the calendar diary to make sure I knew what I was to do today. Not that I’ll remember later mind, so I wrote the jobs down.

  • Walk into Sherwood and catch a bus to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic for a check-up on ‘Little Inchy’.
  • Chemists to collect the trunkload of prescriptions. Hehe!
  • Back to the flat for 1400 hrs. Joel from Occupational Therapy is calling to see me some time after 1400hrs; I have to sign some paperwork?
  • If time; Get some potato cakes.

Going to be hard sorting out the timing to get everything in order thinks. Then I got Blogger going and a Big – I say Big… Whoopsiedangleplop occurred!

I opened the Sunday diary to finish it off and managed to lose the whole post! Not sure how I did it, but I couldn’t get it back!

Realising I had lost all that work, and couldn’t remember what it was I’d written or had happened annoyed me somewhat!

So I set about doing this diary and decided to recall what I could of the dream I wrote about yesterday.

Duncan seemed to have enjoyed himself so much on his nocturnal visitation to the flat.

01WLuckily the graphicalisation of the dream I’d done was still available on my hard drive and reminded me of some bits of it.

His heaving me out of the flat, he repeated for hours and hours.

I wish I could remember more of this dream. In the dairy for Sunday that I lost, I’m sure I did eight paragraphs or more about it.

Something humourous happened as he left me in his car, but can I remember what now? No!


It took me many hours getting that diary for Sunday how I wanted it too; Very vexatious.

P1020878I still had the photograph on my drive, of the weather viewed from the kitchen window. I recall being pleased watching the dogs with their wagging tails walking their owners out in the snow, and hoping when I had to go out this morning that the snow will have cleared a bit.

I set about doing this diary but found many things awkward to get right.

Now I remember why I went on to using WordPress. But that will not let me use the old editor, and I can’t get used to using their new one. Tsk!
P1020880Last night’s meal was superlative. Potato cakes, Anya potatoes, crisp chips, beetroot with orange peel, carrots, garden peas and Smoked kippers in vegetable sauce with Irish Sour bread.

Followed by a mini pot of ice-cream.

Had to give this one another high score rating, 9.55/10.

Nearly 0600 hrs now. I must get a good wash and treat ‘Little Inchy’ in readiness for my visit to the GUM clinic at the City Hospital.

Made sure I’d got my camera, bus-pass, crossword book, pen, cash and mobile phone in my pockets.

I got the three bins emptied and bagged up ready to take to the chute on my way out later.

I feel confident I will not forget this task. (Ahem).

Toyed with trying to get into the old editor on WordPress, and attempted to get back the lost Blogger Diary – had no luck with either!

 Got a wash and brushed up, tended to the haemorrhoids that were bleeding rather a lot this time.
Little Inchy? No blood whatsoever! Hurrah!

Then got me looking presentable, and checked on the internet for the times of the 40 bus. 1005hrs and 1035hrs it said.

So I got a move on (of sorts) and down and walked to the bus stop in plenty of time for the 1005hrs bus. Arrived at the stop by 0950hrs.

P1020881Stood there for 35 minutes before a bus came.

Had I read it wrong?

Had the timetable changed?

Still, it gave time to realise I’d forgotten to take the rubbish bags to the chute. Tsk!

Eventually, it arrived, and I was at the hospital shortly and in plenty of time for my appointment.

Booked in, and got on with doing the crossword book.

They called me in for my eleven o’clock appointment at 1135hrs!

The lady and the student who took me into a room said, after looking up my paperwork and computer read-out; “We’d better get a doctor to see you, hang on here and we’ll get one for you”?

After a while, a doctor came in and asked me all about my problem again. 

He then took me into a treatment room and had a ponder at ‘Little Inchy’. He was kind enough not to laugh.

After a few minutes, he advised me to carry on with the same treatment.

So, out to catch the bus into Carrington to get me the large bag of medications.

The coat zip got stuck as I went out into the cold.

Double Tsk!

I called into the launderette next door to the chemist and had a chinwag with Grizelda.

She took a hammer to the coat zip and got it freed for me. Bless her. I gave her some nibbles and my thanks.

Out to the Lidl store and bought some cheese cobs and pots of porridge.

P1020882Then out to the bus stop and waited.

And waited.

Got on the bus into Sherwood and walked up and over the hill and into and up through Woodthorpe Grange Park, as I’d just missed the L9 up to the flats.

A lady was walking her dog,  short-legged thing with long hair. I fell in love with it P1020883immediately. We had a natter and I continued up the hill. As I did so, I spotted small areas of unmelted snow on the grass.

I imagine it must have fallen off some dog or dogs as the played around, but it looked odd to me like.

I got in and visited the WC, put the package of medications to one side for sorting later. Made a cup of tea and transferred this diary from Blogger back to WordPress.

Although I dislike this editor now on WordPress, I’d had enough of trying the blogger again with it being so hard to customise posts on it.

The Occupational Therapist, Joel arrived. Got me to sign a form declaring any decorative or structural damage during the installation of the Wet room shower, I will pay for replacements and structural or decorative damage caused during the installation. Oh dear!

He told me to expect the work to be started in about six months.

I got the laptop on and updated this diary.

Then I rotated the medications into their storage drawer.

P1020879At this point, I had what must have been one of shortest depression attacks ever known?

The ennui came over me as I sat down to have a cup of tea, and remembered I had not taken my rubbish bags to the chute yet.

Why this should affect me like it did I don’t know.

I took the bags to the chute and found myself singing to myself on the way.

Odd how you can confuse yourself without trying innit?

The fodder was prepared.

Another rather fine feed this one was.

I put on the goggle-box and dosed afew times, turned the TV off and drifted into the land of nod.