Inchcock: Tuesday 11th October 2022

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35:30hrs: I gave up trying to get any sleep. Disentangled my blubbery body from the c1968, £300 pound, second-hand charity-shop bought, crumb-containing, odour-retaining, Haemorrhoid-testing, nauseatingly beige coloured, non-working, virus-breeding recliner.
Off to the wet room for a wee-wee, initially, but it turned out to be, yet again, a long, drawn-out session.
I’d got the wrong glasses on, so there was no counting the cracks in the ceiling tiles this morning.
A proper, painful one, dead on the flipping right foot’s . Argh-Ugglethump!
It’s now 6½hrs later, and it’s still tender. Humph!

Arrived, and he seemed in decent spirits, although his yawning and talking had returned. Odds are the lad will be well-knackered by tomorrow! We had a little chin-wag after he’s done the medications. He shot off smartly, bidding me farewell, taking the black bag to the chute.

Started earlier with his clumping and tapping. ON and off all say. (As of 13:30hrs)

Lap-Top Dancer Warden Deana to the rescue again!

I rang ILC (Independent Living Coordinator). Obergruppenfhüreress and Lap-Top Dancer/Desk-top dancer Warden Deans. I’ve been trying many times on Monday to catch her. But the gal is so hectically busy, I don’t know how she manages with all of the tenants needing help. I got through this time; her tone of voice immediately indicated she was up to the neck in it again to me. Bless her; she’s an important meeting to get through today; if she gets free in time, she’ll try to get to me. I did mention the Easy-Link booking for Friday and the new times and that I needed help with filling in a form that I just cannot read; the print is that small. Still, there are a few things of the miniature size I’ve had to live with. Hahaha! Hard to believe, but I forgot to ask her to ring the Doctor’s for me. To book an appointment or talk to the Doctor on the phone (which is most likely nowadays). Of course, they often cancel or move the day and timing,

I took this snap from the kitchen window.

And the Asda order arrived…
Grated Leicester cheese, potato Rosti, fresh leeks and spuds, and another bag of just leeks. Then:

I ordered some more of the take-your-breath-away and burn-your-tonsils Salt & Pepper chips – my mistake! The sliced spuds looked okay. A can of chilli con carnie for Josie’s on Sunday, and a Mexican bean chilli for me, which I may regret when I have it. Hehehe!
Naughty mini-packets of Jacobs Leicester Cheese and BBQ flavour.

.Minutes afterwards, the Amazon man cometh.
Bearing two boxes of goodies.
The bacon-flavoured bits. To go in the rice of chilis.
And the Duracell hearing-aid batteries. The sticky tabs on these made it a breeze to fit them into the aids. They cost a lot more but are worth it.

Then as I was getting the hearing aids in, along came ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), Oberstgrüppenfuhreress, Warden and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana. She looked a little stressed. But I soon had leer smiling and laughing. She filled in the questionnaire for me and said she’d post it as well, bless her cotton socks. Then she called the Doctor for me to make a telephone appointment. I got one for Tuesday the 18th of October: in a week’s time. So, another week of agony with Anne Gyna to put up with. If it starts getting any worse, I may phone 111 and ask for advice.
Deana told me she had arranged for the lift to the Diabetes meeting for Friday at 10:30hrs, returning at 13:30hrs. She is good to me! ♥ I gave her the spice potatoes and the bag of prepared leeks. And a jar of the Dolmio 7-Vegetable sauce to have with the vegetables. Tickled-pink with them, she was.

Off she trotted, and within minutes, I was tackled pink – I’d got into the WordPress Reader at last! So I dived in for a good read of the other folks’ blogs I’d missed so much. Dozens of them to get through, but I like it!

A mug of tea, and I got something to eat. Just as started to kick off again… Grrr!

For the Asda (Walmart) Parmentier potatoes, I had to cut some of the larger pieces so that they all cooked at the same time. The veggie-burger I could fo in the microwave while I got the potatoes out and 7-roasted-veg sauce added; the mini-burger takes just a minute.+
I got the spuds in the oven. I had 25-minutes while they cooked. Do put the TV on and got sat down: This could have proved fatal meal-wise!

Waking up with a jerk and jumped 40 minutes later, and could smell the aroma of the sauce in this room! I suppose there was a mini adopted. The brain was talking to me, anticipating a burnt offering in the oven, and a slight annoyance at myself…

But things turned out great. I must remember this next time I get some of these spuds from Asda. Give them 40-minutes to cook, not the recommended 35-minutes on the label.
They were delicious! Taste-Rating: 9/10!

Arrived, the poor gal was in pain in both of her thighs. Sam’s Doctor told her to take Paracetamols. We had a natter about the shop prices etc., telling her of my idiocy in ordering the Salt & Pepper chips from Asda. Sam selected a thank you drinkie, and she took the waste bag out when she left. ♥

22:00hrs: The unloquacious, haughty, pompous, pretentious, uppity, snobby, toploftical, smug, stuck-up, bloody-noisy neighbour in the flat above started banging about again! After four of his bangs were replied with Wooden Wally Walking-Stick on the top of the high bookcase, he stopped. Hurrah!

But of course, I was expecting him to start again, so getting to sleep was out of the question, yet again. And the management of Nottingham City Homes will not hear a word against him!

“He is a wonderful man, makes steam models for charity! “The fact that he stops me from getting to sleep didn’t come into the equation!”


Sunday 25th September 2020

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

04:45hrs: I woke up, and Little Inchies fungal lesion that had been giving me so much hassle and pain last night had calmed down remarkably? I lay there, preciously close to the edge of the £300, second-hand bought eight years ago from the second-hand shop, Harold Haemorrhoid testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, none-working recliner, and mused over a few things of concern.
Of course, there were no solutions, cures, or alternatives found. So I did! At about 06:00hrs, I found the impulse to get up.

I got the sphygmomanometerisationing going, and boy, was I surprised at the returns!
SYS (A new lowest-ever) 115, DIA 62, the Pulse 85, and body temperature still high at 36.6°f.
Putting the figures on the NHS site this time and got this rather uplifting graph. Absolutely!
Grade One! Hehe!

I’d only been in the Normal once in the past eight years, but now I am in the… wait for it… The IDEAL Green Zone, for the very first time!
Now I’m worried about going too low. You can’t win, can yer? Hehehe!
I certainly shows up well on the Excel Blood Pressure.
I copied the Sunday to Sunday part of the graph. Just look at it, only one day out of the eight, in the reg overall! I did think a moment ago that I may have misread the SYS, and it should be 175? I had a look using the magnifying glass, and I’m sure it is 115 now.
Only the high-Temperature is in the red. Wonder what I have to do to get it down? I’ll look at Google later. Cause, as you can see, it’s creeping up!

I went into the kitchen; it’s always a nervy thing, the first thing to do! Will it be the hot tap left on? Is the oven left on? Or a window left open? Mayhaps the freezer or the fridge door is ajar? It’s worrying each and every morning nowadays! Mind you, last week I found the food in the cupboards had all been moved and still can’t find some things I know were there. I have been known to partake in nocturnal somnambulism. All was okay this morning. I didn’t check the cupboards, though.

I made a start on prepping Josie’s Sunday lunch. I made a slightly different style of stew for her today. Beef and the usual vegetables and seasonings. I’m going to cook some beef sausages for her later, slice them into small pieces and add them, then the BBQ sauce last thing and reheat.

I made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana and took it to the computer.

But I got distracted. With the need of the . Where I found the evacuation most aperient. Yet poor old
still bled a good bit. Washed up and went back to the computer.

Started a session of clumping, tapping and banging away from the above flat. That’ll help me concentrate a lot.

Pressed on, getting lost in updating Saturday’s blog, until nearly eight o’clock, when the arrived. It was Sinead again. Always glad to see someone cheery, even though they are tired after a long shift. Her eyelids were beginning to droop, but she maintained a smile. I didn’t keep her with my gossiping, she selected a can of drinkies, and she made her way home, me being an extra and her last call. I felt guilty about asking her to take the waste bag with her.
An hour or so of computing – or, to be more exact, making mistakes and getting confused with the blogging work. Then I got the Lumix and went to sort Josie’s meal out. Cooked the bangers, sliced them, and then added them with the sliced mushrooms to the mix in the saucepan. I’ll photo this saucepanful, I thought, it looked lovely.
, with felt so ! The Lumix was not working again! It went through the motions, but the shots were not getting to the SD card! Grrr! I checked the card was in the right way around, and the lock tab was in the open position. All I can think is that the battery might have run out. Even though I charged it up two days ago? This happened last week. And I came back on the next day as I recall… I think, but I am likely getting confused. What can I do?  The only thing I can think of, apart from suicide, is charging the battery again? Yes, I’ll do that, then…

As ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ burst forth from the door chime. Now, who could this be? I asked myself pointlessly as I hobbled to the door. It was a demure-looking Josie. She told me her Sister had just phoned, and she was coming to collect her and take her out to the Marco Pierre White restaurant for a meal. This was about 11:00hrs, and the meal is delivered every Sunday at twelve-noon! So she will not need a meal today.
I think that Josie might be bullied a little by her Sister. She often almost demands that Josie goes out for a meal with her at very short notice. And all that effort I’ve made this morning to get her a different meal, the cut finger slicing the mushrooms as well. Haha!
She’ll be here in about an hour, Josie said. Bless her! I was not angry with her, just that it happened. Not only does it cost a fair bit, but the washing up I now have to face was unnecessary!
I got two screw=lid food containers and filled them with the feast. Told her she could eat them later and could pop them in her fridge. A can of pink gin slipped for her as well. Hahaha!

I delivered them and got back inside onto the computer. It’s not going well. But I pressed on.

Then realised I’d left the big saucepan in the sink soaking. Had I left the tap running? I went to investigate, and I had not – Phew! Then, all the other saucepans, cutlery, lids, wooden spoons, and slicing boards were washed.
While doing this, the fatigue fell on me. I had to stop. I put some roasted vegetable risotto in the oven… now I must stay awake and remember it’s in there.

Liberty-Global Down!


I got the meal out and returned to the recliner to put my feet up and get it eaten.
I made far too much for me to eat it all. Although I did try too, a mistake mayhaps, that I may regret on the next Porcelain Throne visit. Put the tray on the Carer’s table, and then I .
I woke to the smell of part-eaten Roast Vegetable Risotto wafting up my nose. I discovered that cold risotto does not smell nice at all. This prompted me to put the uneaten food into two bags, and then a black bag, and sealed it in the waste bag! Cor, it was foul-smelling! And a pile of that is working away in my stomach? Shudder!

Back into the front room and again. To be woken up by the , Riona, who did not ring the doorbell and was looming over me as I woke from the depths of glorious sleep. I wanted to cry momentarily! A record visit timewise, 5-minutes medications given, treat refused and gone. I followed her to the door to lock it, and she took the waste bag when I asked her to.

Fancy that?

Inchcock Today: Diary, including the Evening Dream – In Ode

Saturumday 5th February 2022


Back to the horrible nocturnalisationings, like sleeping poorly, again! Oh boy, am I pissed off with this or what! I spent more time awake than asleep last night!

Endlessly waking up with a jump, then working out what time and day it was, and where I was! It was soul-destroying. I should think I must have woken at least two dozen times, more often than not needing a wee-wee! Cursing at my situation every time! Then just when I decided to get up, I fell asleep for the most extended period all night! It lasted for about an hour.

Amazingly, I rose from the uncomfortable depths of the £300, second-hand, decrepit, c1968, rickety recliner, with almost ease! There was a complete absence of any hassle from Reflux Roger, Anne Gyner, Toothache Thomas, Duodenal Donald, Shaking Shaun (although he had a few goes at me later in the morning).

Caught my balance and checked on the legs because Arthur Itis and CCP (Cartilage Cathy’s Patella) were both giving me pain the moment I got any weight (And I’ve plenty of that!) on the plates and pins. Vasculitis and venous thromboembolism, and veins were remarkable by their absence!

But it seemed that only CCP and Arthur were worth worrying about. Grrreat!

Indeed, both feet looked in such a fine state I had to take a photo of them. Were they really mine?

This doesn’t happen very often, so I was already preparing to go into Smug-Mode!), that the J Sainsbury order is due this morning, and I don’t have a lot of time to prepare for them, with my getting up so late. Partly dressed (that’s as far as I got all day, Tsk!), I wandered hobblingly into the kitchenette to make a brew of Glengettie. It came to mind…

While the kettle was boiling, I took this snap of the morning view, catching the edge of the window frame to give a perspective of the actual sizing. I’ve forgotten why I thought of doing this now.

As I turned to get the kettle, CCP gave way in the right knee; boy, did she pain me! The knee nearly gave way a few more times as well. I’m hoping nothing like last week with Cathy popping out of her patella socket happens again. The whole joint was aching for hours after this? Mmm?

I made a brew and had a mug of Thompsons Punjana. Took it with me to the computer and made a start on finalising yesterdays blog. And before I could get to drink it, “♫ Oh, Susana… ♫” music chimed up from the door buzzer. It was Carer Cassandra; she was in a much lighter mood this morning. (Meridian Health & Social Care do not have any bosses on duty at the weekend, and Nottingham City Homes have no ILCs (Independent Living Coordinators) working weekends either). I assume that this is why the Carers are a little more cheerful? Unless, of course, some Carer has not turned up or left the job (a lot of them do that!), and that they have been called in to cover, of course. Haha!

Cassie soon got the medications sorted, and we even ad a little natter… well, I did. Har-har! Cassie departed, taking my waste bag with her, and I went to make another mug of tea…

I knocked over the milk bottle, but it only fell on its side, which I appreciated muchly and took a photo of it to prove that I do sometimes have good luck… in a way.

The intercom flashed; I presume it sounded as well, but I couldn’t hear it. Pressed the release button, and within two minutes, the ♫Oh Susana♫ tune rang forth again”. Grand deliveryman took the boxes through to the kitchen for me. Only four items missing out of stock this week. Much better than last week’s 14! Got the fresh stuff sorted and stored away in the fridge. The fridge is now looking well-stocked again but not overloaded.

A few items of cleaning and bleaching were put in the cupboards in the wet room and kitchenette.

Putting the canned cupboard supplies away cost me a lot of time. Peripheral Neuropathy Pete’s nerve ends lost contact a few times while I reached up to put them on the shelves.

In fact, I ended up throwing a couple of items up to the top shelf, but I don’t think anything broke.

Having said that, I’m sure I have more than a few dented cans in there now. However, I’m well off for kinds of vinegar seasonings and have a few cans of various vegetables to fall back on… not literally mind. Although, if CCP (Cartilage Cathy’s Patella) has her way, shell have me over some time today. I can feel her efforts, little twinges, in readiness to floor me!

MedPhorpainGot the fodder away and applied some of the impotent, not fit for the job, but better than nothing, Phorpain gel rubbed well into the kneecap vicinity. I also took an extra Codeine 30g tablet. Because each time I put pressure in the joint, I can now feel a sort of grating from within the knee. Along with the seconds long periods of it feeling like it’s going to give, then it comes back? Ah well, fingers crossed!

I took a couple of pictures from inside the balcony. Of the end car park and Chestnut Walk below the front of the building. The red van man continues to park on the yellow hatched area and the White hatchback on the double yellow lines. And they say young men are bad drivers?

Whilst doing the blog, the lighting charged rather quickly outside.

Took a photograph of the changed sky colouring. I think this means rain on the way?

The weather made a liar of me within ten minutes, the sky turned blue, and a contrail showed up. Caught it with the Canon.

Back on the computer, I heard a clattering noise to accompany Herberts tap-tapping. I was sure it came from the kitchen, so I got up to investigate the clatterings source. But without any success, I’m afraid.

I had a go on Facebooking, Winwood Heights and the TFZer site. After about an hour or so, a loud (well, it would have to have been for me to hear it) similar metallic-sounding noise was heard again? I got a little confused as I could listen to Herbert above knocking away again. But, I felt the metallic sounds were coming from the kitchen. But, again, could find no cause of them?

All a part of the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the hobgoblins, spectres, gnomai, phantasms, ghost, the grotesque succubae, extraterrestrials, ectoplasms, spirits, or the Fata Morganas, and pretentious, uppity, snobby, pernickety, smug, stuck-up, neighbour above, that have been sent to taunt, irritate and terminate my already limited saneness of mind? I really believe that it did not come from the sanctified, consecrated, uncommunicative, ascetic, eremitic, aloof, arrogant slimeballs apartment above. Mmm?

I thought later, could it be the contents of the food cupboards that I could not get in the cupboard properly?

So, off into the kitchenette for yet another investigation.

As I searched each cupboard again, silence fell from Herbert’s flat. Oh, I hope he’s not dropped dead or is poorly… Ahem!

I couldn’t find owt not in order, or that could have caused the mystery racket?

The expected rain was coming down.

Decided to do the Medical Checks and just look at the BP figures that I got from the sphygmomanometer!

The lowest I’ve ever had! Brilliant! But baffling.

This follows a series of readings: SYS 168 Dia 62, SYS 148 Dia 76, SYS 149 Dia 62, now the excellent SYS 117 Dia 66! Yee-Haa! Fully in the Green for the first time ever!

The pulse was 74, and the body temperature 34.6°c. I think that is okay too!

Then I gave the knee another covering of the Phorpain gel.

The right knee still looked a smidge knobbly and was still a grating feeling when I applied any pressure as I walked. It doesn’t look or feel like it

is Arthur Itis playing up, rather more as if it is Cartilage Cathy.

However, the spider and veins were all looking well down today. The DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) clumps had disappeared!

Blimey, where’s the time gone to? The Carer will be here soon, and I’m not changed or had anything to eat yet! I treated myself to a lemon Viennese biscuit.

Got the oven on to use later to cook the beef pastie and some chips. Then plodded on with updating this blog.

A short bout of noise from Herbert. He just wants me to know that I have no chance of him stopping making noise, Bless Him!

I was preparing the late nosh, when the sound of ♫Oh, Susana♫, indicated the arrival of the evening Carer, Valerie tonight. I remembered I had an Easter Egg for her in the spare room, and I fetched it for her. She read some dates of the food in the kitchen for me, all were in date. Phew! She sorted the medications for me and was soon off, but tonight we did manage a mini natter, which was nice. Valerie took the waste bags to the chute with her. ♥

I got the meal finished and served onto the plate and tray. A sourdough baguette for one, which was delightfully tasty! BBQ seasoned sliced potatoes, yellow and red tomatoes.  I put a pot of dipping sauce on the tray, mainly for the sourdough-dipping. Hehe! The Cornish pastie was a different one this time. J Sainsbury’s pack of four. It shamed Iceland’s and Morrison’s ones, and had real flavour with not too much spicing in it… oh, and the sliced mini-bits of spuds were nice to the palette. A pleasant surprise for me. Overall, a Flavour-Rating of 8.2/10… got to be precise on these things. Hehehe!

The sleep was better than of late. Only about six shooting-awakes all night. On the last one, I woke remembering some bits of a dream I’d been having. There is an Ode to the Dream Ode, I wrote in the morning:

Ode to the Dream Ode

It’s a long time since I recalled summat I was dreaming,
In a room with many folks, like at a housewarming…
Female admirers around me were swarming!
Even in the dream, I didn’t become assuming…
Why me, all around were young men, convening,
Every one of them, the ladies were declining…
I could tell, to the lads, this was disheartening…
Even to me, this was a little disquietening!
It is me, that the girls wanted to be entwining…
What the heck is going on, happening?
One of the girls was particularly endearing…
Plump gal, about 35, and we hid, our bodies exploring…
She said she was pleased I chose her…Amazing!
How come all the girls suddenly find me appealing?
She said, Helen, I think, it was because of your blogging?
And we started cuddling and snogging…
“But, why, Helen?” I couldn’t resist inquiring…
“We’re all after your recipe for cheesy potatoes, darling!”
Which put an end to our session of pleasuring…
The dream seemed to morph into another rumination,
I was underground in a massive cave, fireflies flickering…
In the dark shadows in and out of view, flittering…
What, who they were, teased my imagination…
I searched, but I could not catch them, disheartening!
I could hear them babbling, mayhaps alien talking?
Aliens or ghosts, either way, I needed verification…
For the fireflies, they seemed to have an affection?
Then I heard a new sound, all around, tintinnabulation,
Damn it, the dream moved on to a railway station!
I was obviously waiting for a train,
Luggage around me, but no ticket to use, who to blame?
Searched my pockets, again and again…
My panic was becoming a pain…
The announcer said something about a train to Dunblane?
Walking on the platform, I saw Neville Chamberlain?
Waving an Amazon card at me, the dream started to wane…
I wanted to stay, learn 1940’s life, I tried to remain…
But, Herbert’s banging about woke me up again!

The Nottingham Lad’s Diary – With Odeing

Inchcock Today: Monday 3rd October 2014


Monday 3rd October 2014

I was up at 0145hrs wide awake, mind you I did get me head down early.

Down to the fridge for the Inchy cream – now this morning it didn’t bleed much at all? But I’m still going to visit the G.U.M. clinic to see if I can or indeed need any more of the Daktacort cream, especially after it bled so much yesterday. (The ‘Inch’ not the cream like)

Got my LOMM posts all done, and was pleased with some of the graphics.

Did some Facebooking before getting ready for the long walk to the Clinic.

I set off and got as far as the end of the road and realised I’d not got me mobile phone with me, so returned and collected it… after a little search proved fruitful. Tsk!

Set off again on the trudge to the G.U.M. clinic.

Only had to wait about 20 minutes, and a young strapping lass came and called my name out. She took me into a little office and I explained everything to her about me bleeding tender little ‘Inch’.

We went into the examination room and she had a look with the magnifying tool and showed concern saying she would fetch a doctor to have a look at it. Despite all I’d explained to her about the bleeding, this surprised her.

A female doctor returned with her and had a good decker and grope at the ‘Inch’. Painfully at times.

She declared that she was going to consult with someone else and left, covering up the ‘Inch’ with a paper towel.

She returned and had  prod about again, the declared she was going to prescribe some cream with steroid in it. To be applied thinly once a day. I was to use it for 3 weeks then return for a check up. If things had not improved I’d be referred to a doctor for consideration for further investigation and even the snip.

01M02When they left the room this time as I waited for the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream to arrive – I definitely heard much laughter from the other side of the door! Never mind eh.

The cream arrived and I left and caught the free bus to the QMC for me INR level tests to be done. I got a bit of reading done en route. (Blood Red Snow).

When I arrived at the QMC I went up to floor D and the Anticoagulation therapy Department to explain why I wanted it doing today on the Doctors instructions. They said it would be alright, and sent me back down to the ground floor where I took a ticket and joined the queue.

Only two nurses on duty, but I managed to have a little natter with them.

Then caught the bus back to town and another out to Carrington, where I dropped off at Lidl to get some bread. I joined the queue at the till and waited as my beard grew and paid for the bread, again getting 4x1p pieces in the change.

As I walked home I thought I’d save all these 1p pieces and spend them at Lidl in one go, if they moan I’ll tell not to give em me in me change then!

Saw Big John going to the launderette instead of Tuesday. He said he’s got to go to a funeral tomorrow.

Got back to the dump, WC and laptop started passed wind and felt the blood from me piles running.

Went up and cleaned myself up – Gawd I’m getting through some clothes this last week. Bloodied underpants, pyjama bottoms, bedding etc.

Another traipse to the launderette tomorrow then.

Ah well!

Inchcock Today: Monday 13th October 2014

 So, the little mite has new medical problems… Well fancy that!


Inchcock Today: Monday 13th October 2014

Up at 0415hrs tending the ‘Inch’ yet again.

01M04I’ve got to go see Dr Vindla this morning for it to be checked along with me blood pressure. Must remember to tell her about it leaking so much again and the raw tender swelling.

Down and made a cuppa – bit worried about me not wanting to eat in a morning nowadays? Took medications.

Hurried me LOMM posts and got em posted in about three hours. I hope they are alright, what with me concentration not being too good at the moment.

Dank dark and drizzly outside this morning – a bit like inside really! Hehehe

Awaiting Asda delivery. Hope it isn’t late or I might miss me Doctors appointment. Supposed to be here twixt 0700 and 0900 hrs?

Asda arrived with five substitutions on me order. Never mind, but I’ll have to give the substitute for me deodorant spray to Dr Vindla or the nurses because it is for women and the scent is a bit sweet like.

01M03Got myself sorted out latrine-wise, and set off to the surgery.

Heavy rain now.

Dr Vindla now concerned about me ‘Inch’ and told me to ring a number she gave for an appointment along with a letter, for the G.U.M. City Hospital Clinic. BP okay.

I’ll look up G.U.M. hang on a sec…

I’m back, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, well…

Apparently G.U.M. stands for Genito-Urinary Medicine? Mmmm? Std? Not me, no chance surely?

Got back to the flea-pit and tried ringing them a few times but was put on hold every time with canned music, and a bloke telling me he is sorry to keep me waiting – please hold. Getting expensive this lark again.

I decided to go to the City hospital and take the letter and try to get an appointment in person. What’s the chances eh?

I think I can catch a bus from the City Hospital afterwards to the QMC Hospital straight through for my Warfarin level tests?

Ah well, out into the rain again…

I walked to the bus stop, arthritis in the knees not too bad this morning, but the ‘Inch’ is stinging somewhat and the hands are a bit bothersome with sticking and not wanting to do as I request of ‘em.

Well soaked in the rain, I boarded a bus and dropped off on Hucknall Road, and walked to the nearest of the five entrances to the site. Found a location site board and entered to have a gander at it to find the G.U.M. building.

01M04aaThe sign told me (It didn’t speak like, it was wot I read on it you understand like) I should be at entrance number 2 – so I walked back to look at the sign number at the entrance I’d just come through yer see.

It was number two, so I turned back to read the sign in more depth and  blow me down – the first building on front of me was the one I wanted… is me luck changing I thought?

I wearily entered and approached the chappie on reception. I explained it all to him and he made me an appointment for tomorrow morning at 1030hrs bless him.

01M04aI ask him where I could catch the Medi-link bus and he told me. So I caught it to the Queens Medical Centre. Got some more of me Operation Sea Lion book read en route.

Took another photo of the front of the 01M05premises to try and catch a bird that was unknown to me… but it shot off too soon.

Went in and got me INR blood level checks done.

They were not too busy, so I told them me tale and gave em a laugh and had a little natter with em… oh and gave em there nibbles.

01M05aI enjoyed that and felt a lot better in myself when I departed their company with a wave and good wishes.

Trundled along the being mended road and caught a bus back to town.

Still raining a bit.

The bus was very full and I was lucky to get a seat thank heavens.

The bus passengers sounded a sickly bunch, so many of the poor devils sneezing and coughing.


I got some good reading in on the way, and ate a pack of seaweed and a packet of savoury nibbles too. So maybe me appetite is returning?

I had a wander around town for a bit and wrote down me appointment for tomorrow and set me alarm to remind me on the mobile phone. When I was doing this a young chap next to me said: “You don’t see many of them models nowadays do you, how long have you had it – it still works does it?”

I replied: “Yes it still works for an old un just like me… just!” He laughed out loud. 

I love giving folk a laugh, or even just to make them smile.

Now in amazingly good spirits considering me current situation, I stood up to walk to the bus stop to catch one to Carrington… and how the idiot on a Mobility scooter missed clobbering me I don’t know! Tsk Tsk and Tsk!

Got home (If that is the right word for it?) made a cuppa, took me medications, set about updating this, then had a look at blogs and Facebook for a bit.

Tonight it should be Minced Beef Hotpot, followed by a mini pork pie then iced lollies. If all goes to plan of course.

GC blue f03TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Friday 10th October 2014



St John’s graveyard

Woke a few times with stomach/lower abdominal pains.

At around 0400hrs I woke again, and set about trying o read me book thinking that would send me off again.

0510hrs: Many chapters later, I felt the warm wet sensation around me ‘Inch’ – but it was not as bad as I thought. So I cleaned myself up and put the cream on.


Walk into Sherwood

Came down about 0600hrs and started the laptop, made a cuppa and took me morning medications. Took some stuff out to the bin, and got the stuff i tried to deliver to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop yesterday in the bag for another try today. Added a few bits to it.

Did some blogging and graphics for facebook.

Went up to beautify missen, and then set off on me walk to Sherwood, going passed St John’s graveyard… St John’s foetus covered graveyard.

Onto Mansfield Road and down then up the hill to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop. It was still closed?

I decided to take the stuff to the Age Concern shop in town, thus I caught a bus.

It was busy in town, I suppose being a Friday I should have expected it.

I espied a poster for the Contemporary Gallery in town, telling of a BBC  special  show about the First World War – and thought yes, I’ll have some of that thank you.


Milton Street busy

I was going to walk through Milton Street, but the crowds were very thick, so walked to the Age Concern the long way around to avoid them.

Managing to avoid the mobility scooter drivers en route. I’m sure they must get bonus points for scaring or running into people yer know?

I hoped to take some pictures of the exhibition and was really looking forward to it too.


Puzzled youth

At this point, I’d like to point out and explain about me camera situation for you all. The Oldie Olympus is still working, but tends to turn itself off when it feels like it? But the screen is developing black patches and is becoming difficult to view.

I bought a Cannon camera which I really liked a lot, it was easy to use and download to the laptop.

Then I had me last burglary. I didn’t use it for a while then couldn’t find it anywhere and thought it had been taken with the other bits.

So, I went and got conned by the kind chap a Jessops Photography shop into buying a Sony camera I didn’t really feel comfortable with, and I had to get Pete me brother in law to assemble the ‘free’ case wot cum with it and show me some pointers on how it worked.

Yesterday I found the ‘new’ Canon camera and am tickled pink. So I used it today, apart from the disinfectant and cake photo that is, for that I used the old Olympus.

I’ve done a search a few minutes ago to try and find the new Canon camera… not to worry, I must have put it somewhere safe…


The mystery of the disappearing Poppy’s?

Then I poddled up Bridlesmith Gate and out to the Gallery, who had a sign outside 0509about the BBC exhibition… and another in the foyer area… then I saw this sign!

Ah well…

Off to the cheapo 99p shop in Broad Marsh. (Limping now)

There were very few people in the centre for a Friday, and the 99p shop shelves looked decidedly bare to me?

Took a photo, that cheered up the staff who descended upon me!

Still, I got a 2.5 litre Lavender disinfectant and a pack of ten Chocolate biscuits/cakes for 99p each. I got the cakes for the nurses at the QMC yer know. I might try one myself later.

A steady walk down the centre and up into town, stopping to listen to the Sax player and throw a bit into his collection box.


The Lord Mayors Jaguar

Took a photo of the Lord Mayors Jaguar, parked where in 2010 I was given a parking ticket when I was responding to an alarm activation when I was working in security. (Huh, blow and Tsk!)

Then up King Street, and while there were not many folk around I took a photo of Brian Clough’s statue.

Caught the bus to Carrington, and limped to the hovel, well tired and aching again.


Brian’s statue and Wot I bought

Updated this tosh, made a cuppa, and set alarm to remind me to take the penicillin capsule later.

I must remember to text sister Jane to see if it is alright for me to visit them in them tomorrow.

Tried to do some graphics, but Coreldraw9 kept freezing… oh dear… is this the end?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGot text back from Jane. Can’t visit them they are having flu jabs in the morning then going to meal in afternoon. Ah well can’t be helped.

Hello, yobs kurking in the middle of the street again.

Ah, they’ve moved on thank heavens.

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 7th October 2014


Awake at 0340hrs, feeling cold despite having had the heater on all night. Brrrr! Left it on this morning. (Which makes a change from forgetting to turn it off?)

02Tu2Couldn’t nod off again, so got up and put the kettle on.

Thought I’d take a photo of the usual scene outside me front door right. It were dark, dank foggy and flipping chilly.

Managed to do a bit of graphicalistion work on Coreldraw… for about five minutes, and it froze everything.

Had to force close and start everything again.

By then, it were time fer me to get things and missen ready fer launderette visit. (Tsk again!)

02Tu5Turned off laptop proper, went up for a wash n shave… more blood from the ‘Inch’. I’m getting a bit worried abarght this situation now.

 I wabbled off to the launderette, Mandy on duty today. Took her photo with the Canon camera.

Big John arrived and we had a natter while the washing twirled in the machines. Big J went off to the cafe for his breakfast.

Got the washing dried (cost £2.80), said me cheerio’s and limped back to the ramshackle dwelling.

02Tu4Got things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop, and set off on me walk into Sherwood.

Bit of drizzle. But nowt to shout about yer know.

As I passed some houses, I remembered reading that at the last census there were 145 people registered in the first four houses! I never did follow that one up.

Dropped off at the Polish shop and got a loaf and four slices of some nice looking cooked meat with no label on it to have for me supper/dinner/lunch/tea.

Got to Hospice Charity Shop, only one old chap on his own in the shop, bless him.

02Tu6Came out and the sky looked a bit threatening I thought – so I decided against a walk into town, and made for the Carrington flea-pit.

Passing this time; three mobility scooters outside the pub!

I nervously continued hobbling along as fast as possible in case any of them came out and got on ‘em while I was about like!

I just missed the rain, got in just in time.

Kettle on, laptop on and took me midday medications, then applied the creams. ‘Inch’ still leaking. (Treble Tsk!)

Updated this twaddle.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 5th 2014


Up at 0330hrs, WC. Checked the bleeding ‘Inch’ and Clotromozole creamed him. But I have to say, the bleeding was not bad compared to what it has been (Fingers crossed… mind you that often happens involuntarily with the arthritis). He was still very tender but I was pleased with bleeding being lighter.

Rather chirpily I came down and put the kettle on, started the laptop and nipped back up to the bathroom for a heavy-duty visit to the WC.

Huh! Now the haemorrhoids’ are bleeding like mad. I can’t win yer know! I have to be careful now, because I’m using the Cetraben cream on me skin, the Clotromozole cream on me Inch, the Phorpain gel on me knees and hands and now I’m using the Corticosteroid cream for the piles. I must not get them mixed up… oh dear…

07Su02Back down and I took a photo of the same aaaa3area as I did yesterday of that colourful sky – but it didn’t come out too well cause it were so dark, still I tried and failed. (Kind of encapsulates my life that phrase Hehehe)

Back down and made a cuppa and some porridge and took me oral medications. Discovering as I finished eating it, the porridge had a sell-by-date of July 14.

Updated this diary, and went on Facebook for a while.

After a few hours and trips to the WC, I went up to get a wash shave and other thingies done. As I stripped off, there it was again’ blood from me ‘Inch’! Good job I’m seeing the GP in the morning, must remember to go early and ask them what time my appointment is for. Tsk!

More sorting out done, still tempted to put the bandage back on – that way I can feel it when it bleeds and help stop me clothes getting bloodied. Never mind and hey-ho.

Yobs lurking up and down the street again.

I think I might go up early to save me hobbling up and down the stairs to tend to ‘Inch’ leak, and get away form the yobboes.

I can catch up on me next entry if owt ‘appens worth mentioning.


Inchcock Today: Wednesday 1st October 2014

So much for taking their word they would call to see me!

Wednesday 1st October

Woke up around 0400hrs, cramps gone, but leaving aching bones. (Even typing is a tad painful)

Remembered I’d got the ‘Meals at Home’ person calling today, so I have to remain in all day so as not to miss he/her/them.


Tackled the Inch with the Clotromozole cream while it was still proud, less bleeding this morning, that was good.

Got downstairs and laptop started, made a cuppa and took medications.

Checked on Facebook and replied to some nice comments. Updated the diary. Then started on a graphic for TFZ.



Managed to get two posts and some graphic done.


13hrs of expecting the Nottingham City Council Meals at Home to arrive – I am a fool or what?

1450hrs: Making myself poorly with holding in me urge to go to the toilet in case I miss the ‘Meals at Home’ person/s who are supposed to be calling today. Determined not to miss them/him/her and give em a reason not to serve me.

Bit frustrating this waiting and not knowing lark.

1510hrs: Still waiting…


03W03GC blipj152ohrs: Still waiting…


1555hrs: Still waiting…

1615hrs: Still waiting…

aaaa2WC. Had to relieve myself at the sink. I have gone through two rolls of kitchen towels, a bottle of bleach and a bottle of disinfectant! 

1700hrs: Still waiting…

Called them on the mobile – No answer!

Wonder if I have a valid claim against them?

Bladder bad now.

1712hrs: Still waiting…

1730hrs: No signs of em yet!

1755hrs: No signs of em yet!

1808hrs: No signs of em yet!

To tired to wait any more now.

I’ll just have to call at the Council Contact point tomorrow. Huh!