Computer Problems

Computer Problems

I’m getting most frustrated. The picture uploaded is not being recognised, so getting taken photos in is difficult. This morning on starting the computer, it worked, once only – and went back into hide-mode! So, again I’ve got photographs that I cannot use.

At least it did allow me to get some in from yesterday; before it died a death. But it will not recognise them from today. Screen windows keep changing size. CorelDraw going off of its own accord…

Here are the ablution ones rescued from Sunday.

I took another photo this morning, but I can’t get it onto the computer – Humph! The left ankle appears to be erupting with an ankle ulcer building in prospect, as the right ankle ulcer seemed to be fading at last? The concentrated marks have all but gone, but blood’s fuzzy dark blue vein spots have increased? Possibly something to do with the DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis?), but I don’t really know… I do a lot of that… not knowing!

Feet before getting in the shower.

After drying off from the shower


Using Glenda, prompted Back-Pain-Brenda, Bleeding Blair, Arthur Itis, and then Toe-Stubbing Thomas to kick-off! Anne Gyna joined in later, as did Shaking Shaun.

I had to use the dreaded Sock-Glide-Glenda

Yes, I had to use the dreaded Sock-Glide-Glenda,
Getting the socks on was a right painful bugger…
I was bruised, bleeding and felt like I’d been on a bender!
Both feet and legs felt like they’d been in a blender!

I wouldn’t call my Sock-Gliding operation artistic…
At times things went somewhat troublingly ballistic,
Sometimes it was unintentionally aerobatic…
Occasionally convincing me I’m becoming autistic,
On one occasion, the bleeding was near fatalistic,
However, through the agony, I resisted getting too frantic!

Since becoming a resistant, nervous Sock-Glide operator,
Using it scares me, my nerves are shattered – well, poor,
I always end up bruised, bleeding, and feeling sore!
Split fingernails, trapped fingers, stubbed toes, bruises and more…
Before tackling it, I force myself into being perfervour…
Why? I don’t know, well I think I might, but I’m not sure!

Can I get any help with this? Mayhaps psychiatric?
Medicationalistical? Uppers, or something anabolic?
Bearing in mind, I’m uneducated, almost analphabetic…
Especially difficult, I’m sure that I suffer dyscalculic,
Which is nothing to do with Sock-Glide-Glenda…
It seems I have, as happens ad infinitum, lost track…
This occurs sometimes, but I might get it back?

At last, I got the bamboo diabetic socks on. Haha!
But I have to wear the socks again on Tuesday…
Tomorrow… to go to the bank, Oh, criminy!
It may send me over the top – Potty!
But these fears I must delay…
I wish they’d invent socks you can put on with a spray!

But help is coming, in the beautiful form of Jillie ♥,
The very thought of seeing her sends me giddy,
Big problems sink when I see her, to scintillae…
The opticians in the morning that’ll be jolly…
And cost a lot off lolly – needles in the eyes, Ho-ho!
Glaucoma and cataracts mean the iris’s are too narrow…
After that, they can see the degree of the problem, I hope so…
Then decide on treatment; it’s got to be done, though!


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 24th April 2018: Profound philosophical, cogitative meanderings brooded on and agonised over on waking up? Tsk!

Tuesday 24th April 2018

Africaans: Dinsdag 24 April 2018

0325hrs: Woke up, after some gentle pandiculating, the brain caught up with the body and semi-activated into a weak mirroring of life mode. There followed a period of uhtceare, during which many things were fretted-over, reviewed, contemplated about, gauged, prioritised and then neglected.

Why the brain bothers with these itinerant, migratory, peripatetic, confusing inner-ramblings, I don’t know. I wish it would pack in these on waking-up unproductive, mind-meandering sessions. Nothing positive ever comes out of them anyway. They just leave me with more things I’d forgotten I was worrying over coming-back-to-me incidents into my mind, to join the new day’s enigmas and start fretting about them all over again! Old alter kockerI am!

I often think I don’t fit-in. Perhaps, I was an alien who committed awful crimes, and as a punishment, I was born again on earth?

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the body being so kind to me this morning. No trouble or hassle from Hippy Hilda, Harry Hernia, or Anne Gyna. Duodenal Donald was the ailment offering any bother, and that was not too bad, either.

Off into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

The haematometer operated first try.

The Sys was down again, and the pulse dropped to its lowest-ever at 79 being recorded. Still, I feel alright in myself. (Obviously, I do not include my contorted mind in this assessment), Hehe!

Before I could take the medications, the need for the immediate and somewhat urgent utilisation of the Porcelain Throne arrived.

Another messy evacuation, however, so no complaints again.

The knock the kind lady on the bus gave me yesterday on my left shin with her lethal four-wheeled shopping trolley has turned a shade of purple/pink now. Hehe!

Back to the kitchen and took the medications with water, then made a mug of tea.

I took a photo out of the small gap in the kitchen window with the tiny old Nikon camera. It came out looking rather seraphic to me. I was pretty impressed with the resulting effort.

Then I took a photo of each camera with the other camera of course. To show the difference in there sizes initially.

I’m afraid it also showed up the difference in their finished photography. The old little Nikon camera is also so small in size compared to the other one, it is hard to hold steady to take a shot sometimes. However, unless I invest in a new camera, I’ll have to use the old one when I am out and about for the time being. Why do you ask (Or probably you didn’t Hehehe!).

The new one is too large for me to feel comfortable with photographing in town. I remember the old Sony one, it was about the same size, and I had some youths try to steal it from me one morning on Lincoln Street of Clinton Street West in Nottingham City Centre.

This view of the front of the flats came out alrightish on the little camera.

0430hrs: I set about updating yesterday’s diary. This took me until gone 0800hrs. This being due to the extraordinary amount of photographs that needed sorting, and Brother-in-law Pete had emailed me those he’d taken at the St George’s Parade as well; they all had to resized converted before being made into a Carousel for displaying.

Then I emailed the shots I’d managed to take back to Pete. Next job, I got on with making this post up. I got sidetracked a while when I read the sad, disheartening news about the Canadian massacre.

Went to Facebooking. Put on some photos on to the galleries and made a few comments.

On CorelDraw to make up some draughts. Cost a few hours, but created a good few to go with the couple done the other day. Got them stored for later use.

Before I uploaded them, I went to make another brew.

The weather had turned to rain. Not had any for three days, I’d missed this precipitation. Of course, it will most likely settle-in for tomorrow as well. Bound to really, I’ve got to walk into Carrington to get to the surgery for the blood test, haven’t I. Humph!

A klog iz mir! Then the rain seemed to lighten up a little.

So I went into the spare room to see how it looked out there, but it wasn’t too encouraging, I must say.

Back on the computer with the brew and…Oh, Marvellous!

I Thought I was Doing Too Well Today!

It returned after a lot of abusive and insulting words were quietly-muttered underneath my breath.

Getting on now. I opened a tin of tomatoes.. what am I saying? I meant potatoes, seasoned them with vinegar and onion salt and put them on low in a saucepan. Heated the oven ready for the Kristadellens later.

I got back to getting the draught graphics done up. Two hours late I got them completed. Phew!

The rain had started falling again, filling the cleaning out the holes in the balcony support ledges.

Got on with getting the meal sorted. Too tired for words now. (Poor Orehman and losing logic and sanity a bit quicker. Humph!)

The meal was so enjoyable tonight (Well, late afternoon).

Did the health checks, got a mug of orange juice and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner and worried fretted and failed to make any decisions about anything, then nodded off.

Woke up in a lather about something or other, and lay there trying to sort out what it was.

Had a wee-wee, and looked out of the window at the lights.

Everyone betokening another tellurian life form, with their own problems. I thought, if these fears and worries were visible, they would cover the skies and most likely choke us all to death. Then I wondered why I thought this in the first place?

I tried putting the TV on in the hope that this would do its usual job and send me off to sleep. But, tonight it was not working, and I stayed awake with the headphones on for hours, half-watching some real rubbish on the box, without the will-power to press one little button on the remote to free myself from this banality.

I eventually nodded off. Only to shoot awake later, headphones off of the head, signs of nocturnal nibbling (Crumbs) laying suspiciously and guiltily on my bulging flabby stomach and unreadable scribbling on the notepad.

I got up for a wee-wee, went into the kitchen, moving in almost robot style, and went to wash the pots that I thought I’d left soaking in the bowl, but they were not there. Back to the front room, and the tray with the empty plate and cutlery was on the chair next to the recliner.


Inchcock Today – Saturday 20th January 2018: Didn’t see a soul all day

Saturday 20th January 2018

Russian: Суббота 20 Воскресенье 2018 года

0230hrs: Stirred into semi-consciousness and awaited the brain to catch up for a few moments. As I eventually moved to extract the bulbous wobbling body from the £300 second-hand recliner, I became aware of the lack of wet and warmth coming from the lower region. Off to the porcelain throne expecting things in the fungal lesion department to be non-bleeding and improved.

Only to find the damned thing had been bleeding earlier in the night and had dried hard to the inside of the protection pants! Oh, ooh… argh! That was five minutes of pain and ten-minutes of cleaning up I could have well done without. Sorted things though, I think.

Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna were all being incredibly kind to me. I expect they knew about all the blood loss and agony I’d gone through and gave me a little respite. Hehe!

Got Health Checks and medications imbibed.

0315hrs: Set-to creating the on CorelDraw for the Funny Ode and graphic post about Nottingham Street Art. Got it posted.

0350hrs: Got the Saturday post updated.

Made a small mug of Extra Strong Old English Breakfast tea.

To the Porcelain Throne and the session went well. In fact, it was completely painless and bloodless.

Took a break from computerisationing and made up the dosage pots ready for next week.

No Fauxpas… well, I hope not anyway. You’ve got laugh ain’t yer!

I took a shot out of the kitchen window, then got back to the Funny Ode and graphic post about Nottingham Street Art creating.

0800hrs: Got the job finished! That one took some time to get done. Posted it off.

Then made up a Morrison food order for delivery next Tuesday. I know I have my INR Warfarin level blood test usually on a Tuesday, but the surgery could not fit me in, so its Wednesday this week. This means I might miss seeing Nurse Nichole. Humph!

1050hrs: Visited the WordPress reader. Then checked the comments.

1115hrs: Next, I started making the templates for the next weeks Inchcock Today drafts. I think I’ll make another mug of tea first, going to be along job this is.

1415hrs: Very tired now, but I’ve got the templates all done. Getting the nosh done now. Oh, no I’m not. I’ll have a go on Facebook then. Tsk!

Going to try and get my head down and some sleep now. Hope I wake up if I go to sleep that is before the potatoes are burnt. Hahaha!

No sleep, so I got up and made the meal.

A good one, despite almost falling asleep eating it. 9.3/10 rating.

Washed the pots and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got done in the £300 second-hand recliner again and put a New Tricks DVD on.

That did not help me to get any kip it. So I turned on the TV – brilliant idea! I nodded off at the first set of commercials and slept for about four hours! Woke in need of a wee-wee, but could not nod-off again. So I put the TV back on to watch the football. Fell asleep and had a weird dream. Cannot remember much about it, but I was being chased again and ended up underground in a massive cave, conducting an orchestra of all Albert Einsteins in it?

Inchcock Today – Sunday 19th March 2017

Sunday 19th March 2017

Japanese: 2017年3月19日日曜日

Getting to sleep so unbelievably late, meant I didn’t wake up until 0445hrs, very late for me usually.

Sat pondering on the dreams I’d had, not much detail recalled, only that they were about my past life I think. Anne Gyna was letting know she was there.

Out of the £300 second-hand shaking and shuddering badly as it lowered me down to get out of it recliner and off to the porcelain room. Little Inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold, thankfully, were both a lot better bleeding-wise this morning.

Carried out the Health Checks.

The only concern was the weight increasing almost daily. I suppose my not getting out so much will have something to do with this? I must try to get out for a walk again later today.

Made a brew and took the medications and applied the creams and lotions, then got the computer on and updated yesterday’s diary and got it finished and posted.

Started this one off, had an emission of wind, and had to hasten to the porcelain. Tsk! All okay.

Made a mug of tea to replace the one that had gotten cold. Decided while in the kitchen, I’d get the mushrooms in the crock-pot on low. Added some mushroom soy sauce to them, shouldn’t need any salt or black pepper with this sauce in?

Back to the computer and found and used at the top, cause it made me smile.

Did some WordPressing. Then spent hours on Facebooking.

Getting the chance to extol the virtues and flavour of the Polish Bakery half-wheat, half-rye natural sourdough bread.

Appetizing, hardly any crumbs and not too expensive to buy.

You can get it online at Morrison’s for 89p, I think it was… or 79p for a sliced 400g loaf.

I wonder, whether maybe or if Morrison’s will slip me a back-hander for the free advertising?


Set-to doing Marie’s and Marys graphicalisation of there sorting out the competition lady lurking in their Park. Took a few hours, but I think it’s come out alright.

 Tired now from concentrating, certainly not through owt physical cause I ain’t done no exercising.

Been drizzling down with rain now for hours, not that this affects me, just hope that it stops by the morning when I have to hobble into Sherwood then Carrington, to get to the surgery for the INR blood test.

Got the din-dins sorted in no time. roast potatoes,

Garden peas, soy flavoured mushrooms, roast potatoes, crispy smoked streaky bacon, two boiled eggs, roast belly pork, silverskin pickled onions and cheddar and soft cheese. No tomatoes of any worth available at the moment, all bitter. The last two slices of the half-wheat-half rye sourdough bread. A banana and lemon curd yoghourt (Very nice!) followed.

Settled down to watch some of the Boon DVD… drifted off and dreamt of my being chased in underground tunnels by all sorts of people and things. Some I recognised and could name, strangers and small, weird creature of all types and shapes, everyone one being coloured orange? I was really nervous, and out of breath running on the gravel and kept falling over, each time I did, my pursuers stopped chasing me until I got up and started running again?

I woke up with a jump, thinking it was early morning, lay there thinking and making notes of the dream to use late in this diary, then realised I’d only been sleeping for a matter of minutes? Odd that!

The racing mind did not let me get back to sleep for yonks, think I dropped off around midnight.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 26th November 2016: Started well, ended wiv me in a right state. Tsk!

Saturday 26th November 2016

Spanish: Sábado 26 de Noviembre de 2016

Wide awake at 0230hrs: Pondered on the only bit of the dreams I’d had I could recall; I was trying to commit suicide in a large cellar, by jumping off a tin of Quality Street chocolates, and baffled as to why this didn’t kill me, kept trying, again and again, until the tin was flattened, then someone in the next cell banged on the wall and complained about the noise?

Scrambled out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD session. Much blood from Haemorrhoids Harold again, but considering the marathon I had yesterday, the legs knees and feet felt fine? Mind you, I did take me time.

Got the mushrooms and carrots in the Crock-Pot simmering away. Made a cuppa and took the medications.

Computer turned on and updated the diaries and did a graphic or two for later.

Checked the emails and remembered that I have the INR blood test at the hospital on Monday, so I got the Anticoagulation sheet out ready and left in on the writing desk in the hope that it would remind me.

Did some Facebooking.

Then a graphic for the TFZer site folks from all over the world.

While doing this graphic, medical Whoopsiedangleplop!

Suddenly I got a dizzy spell and started shaking and sweating a bit.

Weariness and fatigue followed. I even felt a bit pitiful and depressed at the same time?

Turned off the computer and sat doing nothing for hours and hours, I turned on the TV, but concentration had evaporated.

A lot later, I decided to try and get something to eat. Herb tomatoes, Gnocchi and mushrooms, with what was left of the Sourdough bread.

I smelt so nice, but the taste buds had gone all warped again and I did not eat anywhere near all of it. 

Put the dish down and fell asleep, forgetting to take the evening medications again!

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 23rd November 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day again – painful.

England due to get a bit wet? Hehe!

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

In Tamil: புதன் 22 நவம்பர் 2016

0125hrs: Another early rising for (Currently) Nottingham’s Grumpiest Pensioner.

I knew I’d been dreaming, but yet again no memories of any real details (I hate that!).


And checked out the nose and eye ailments once again. It was still painful wearing the spectacles, though.

Computer turned on and made this funny addition to the photo I took, of my poor sad looking face yesterday.

I noted that the new ailments had caused Anne Gyna, Roger Reflux, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia and Duodenal Donald to give me rest while I copped with the nose and eye hassle? Arthur Itis was not being so kind, though. Along with the back and bruised knee, Arthur continued to give me grief. The stabbing pains behind and above the left eye didn’t seem as bad as yesterday. No dizzies yet either.

Took the medications and made a brew.

Pleased to report I had not left the heater in the wetroom on, nor any taps were running either.

Updated the diaries on WordPress up to here.

The tea had gone cold, so I made another cup and took this photo through the kitchen window.

Sorted the number for a brown office chair so I can give it to Olive, to give to her Malcolm who is kindly going to fetch it and erect it for me.

The pain behind the eye is getting worse now.

0459hrs: Did some Facebooking and graphicationalisationing.

0830hrs: Started the ablutions.

Cleaning ladies arrived and pretended to clean the place. Nice chinwagging. Gave them some nibbles. They were soon gone, and I had to clean the wetroom after they had done so leaving bits of black on the floor?

I called to see Olive with the order number for the chair and the cash, that her son Malcolm is going to fetch and fit up for me. Kindness in the extreme.

While we were chinwagging, the cleaner girls returned, one of them had left her coat in my hallway. Gave Olive a kiss and cuddle and returned with them so she could get her coat from the flat.

Got the din-din going, much earlier than usual.

The legs and back were still playing up.

On my next visit to the doctor, I might ask for some anxiolytic medication of some sort, cause I’m not only in pain with the physical stuff, but getting myself in a state mentally here. Can’t make decisions and fretting over nothing lately.

Settled to read a book and the door bell rang. It was Malcolm with a large box containing the chair. As I stood to one side to let him in after greeting him, I clouted the left side of my head against the electrical box, conveniently at such a height that it allowed my shoulder to go under the box and my head to make contact with the box.

Took these photographs Thursday morning, showing the location and how I managed to Whoopsiedangleplop my way through life once again! Hehehe!

Felt the resulting dizzy coming on and down I went. Malcolm helped me up and got me sat in the chair in the front room. Where after a while I felt a lot better and investigated, finding that I’d cracked a hearing aid, broke the glasses (Bent out of shape and sync), and had acquired a nice bruise on the head. This did not help the legs and back either. An ensuing headache, with the pain behind the eyes, was testing my metal now.

Malcolm set to erecting the chair for me, he looked an expert at it. This didn’t take him long.

I thanked him profusely for his help, and he even took away the empty boxes for me.

Bless his cotton socks.

I took a photograph of the new chair in position next to my computer, then faded fast and could only sit down and feel sorry for myself as the headaches and dizzies started, joining the legs back, eyes, nose and neck in the medley of pain! Hehehe!

Sounded good that, don’t you think? Almost poetical? Or not?

I’m not sure about the next few hours, a few WRWWs and trying to watch some TV I think. Nodded off.

Woke later finding a note on the ottoman: Prizes to meeting – Chemist prescription, GP appointment, opticians glasses to mend, clinic 1430hrs.

Inchcock Today- Not a good start to this Monday 7th November 2016

Monday 7th November 2016

In Norwegian: Mandag 7 November 2016

Having had to get up at 0015hrs for a WRHD session, stubbing my toe and the stomach churnings, coughing and runny eyes, try as I may, I could not get to sleep again. Yet felt so tired and weary, weak. Shivering a bit occasionally.

Took a painkiller and swig of the ulcer medicine and spent an hour or two on the Computer Word compilation.

Off for another WRHD session then made a cup of tea and had a dizzy spell, first one for ages. The eyes seemed to be running a bit and drooping, as I typed merrily away. The cracked lips started to bleed. In fact, my many ailments appeared to be getting more ingravescent as the day went on.

Another dizzy caused me to check that I had on the wristlet alarm.

I have always loved taking a shower, but this morning, although I realise it is far too early to take a shower yet (0255hrs) for fear of disturbing the neighbours with the noisy water pump mechanism, I am not looking forward to it in the least?

I pressed on with WordPressing, graphic making and then onto Facebook. Concentration is not okay.

Received a notice from Nottingham City Homes. They are turning off the water again on Tuesday 15th November, between 0930hrs and 1700hrs.

Bless um!

A nice long shower and change of togs and off to visit Olive. She was not very well at all. Her family were looking after her and calling each day. I collected some jars to go with mine to the bottle bank, and she asked me to post a letter for her.

Got wrapped up well and nipped out to take the jars to the recycle bins, post Olive’s letter and called into the Community Shed. Where I found both Obergruppenfurheress Julie and Standartenführeress Deans both in.

I informed them of Olive not being too well this morning and in much pain. I asked if they knew of anyone who was a bit useful at setting up landline phones who could help me with my new one that had call blocking facilities, but I was a little lost with how to set it up. Deana said she would call to see me tomorrow.

Back to the flats, having a gossip as I passed the bus stop. Readied myself and out back down for the bus into town, where I planned to call at Jessops to look at the chairs, PC  World to find out what’s what with the data retrieval and get some Sourdough bread from Tesco, Oh, and Aldi to get some Rice-pea snacks.

Caught the L9 bus and dropped off on Upper Parliament Street, walked up Huntingdon Street and to the Aldi store. Got some deli Peasnacks – not a good idea me getting a different flavour, later found I could not eat them, too hot. I can give them to Deana tomorrow, she and Julie might like them. A jar of beetroots as well.

Walked through to the Victoria Centre Mall and to Tesco’s. Got some cooked chicken legs and a Sourdough loaf. To the other end of the centre and into Jessops to look if they had any suitable chairs for the computer for me. One chair seemed perfect, but it was £299. Some on show were up to £899 each!

As I walked up the stairs to the top floor, I took this photographicalisation from the third-floor window on the stairwell. Clinton Street in the distance. There seemed plenty of shoplifters about this morning.

I decided it might be best for me to order a chair from Amazon? But they might need erecting? Confused myself again, now.

To the end of the mall and towards the stairs onto the street.

Took a photo through the dirty windows of the walk-over, of the birds on the rooftops, the crows were after them, and they kept flocking off together and returning.

Suppose the crows are tiring them out so they can gobble up a few of the weaker pigeons?

As I came to the top of the stairs down to the street level, it was a depressing site.

Flaking walls, rubbish all over and at the bottom liquids of varying types stagnant and stinking?

Then to the ridiculous, absurd and expert liars at the PC World establishment. I inquired at the KnowHow Desk. The chap was supposedly working at the desk, was spread-eagled over it nattering to his mate visiting him about something. I explained everything again: I’d been hacked, bought a new computer (Foolishly from you), your bloke told me they would retrieve what data from the laptop they could and let me know what’s what.

When you delivered it and set up the printer, the block said the old laptop would have to be sent to Birmingham to be done and would let me know later, I paid him an extra £90 for this.

A week (Last Friday) then I called here and asked if there was any news about the job. The youth told me they could not access the laptop to get at the data and needed me to buy a data disc (£35) and they need the password. Supplied him with both. He said his boss would get it sorted by tomorrow for me and I could call Monday to collect it.

It is Monday, andI’ve called to collect it!

“Oh, no man!” Says the whippersnapper to me. It’s got to go to Birmingham…

After the hassle and being conned and lied to by United Carpets, then British ‘Do-as-they-like’ Gas, now PC World have a go at confusing and messing me about!

I politely told the teenager that PC World ought to be renamed Farcical World! He didn’t bat an eyelid, just stared blankly through me and said nothing? 

Bemused, I made my way to the bus stop outside the Boots store and awaited the arrival of the last L9 bus.One passenger was shouting down his mobile phone for fifteen minutes and getting on my nerves after the PC World crap, I was not in a good mood at all. Eventually, he roared to the poor soul on the other end: “I’ll ‘ave to go, batteries dying youth…”

One passenger was shouting down his mobile phone for fifteen minutes and getting on my nerves. It was all the worse cause we were on an electric bus and blokes rasping voice could be heard and suffered by the other passengers.

After the PC World crap, I was not in a good mood at all. Eventually, he roared to the poor soul on the other end: “I’ll ‘ave to go, batteries dying youth…”

I just could not stop myself, I clapped and said, “Hurrah, at last!” The expressions on other passengers faces told me they wanted to cheer too, but the bloke, a big one, turned and gave me a stare that indicated his displeasure and hatred for me! I foolishly stared back at him with contempt on my face. Good job he didn’t get violent, I’d have got marmalised!

I blame PC World for causing my moment of frustration and intolerance!

He gave me a lingering look, and I gave him one back as I got off the bus, which was not a good idea on my part: Cause I missed my footing as I alighted and nearly went over. Still, it gave the big chap a smile as the bus pulled away. Hehehe!

In the flat, WRHD session, a bit of bleeding there, and got the dinner prepared much earlier than usual.

It was a feast too, apart from the under-cooked chicken legs that is. Everything else was tasty.

Drained now, after getting up so early again.


I opened the box that the phone arrived in: Look at this!

I’ve Whoopsidangleplopped again I think. Don’t remember the thing looking like this when I ordered it?

A blooming good job I’ve asked for help in setting it up, innit.

Space-Age Inchcock? Hehe!

I left it in the box in the hope that someone can start from scratch.

Did the washing up, the stomach had calmed down nicely now.

The sky looked a bit different than of late tonight. Mind you, it has forecast temperatures will fall to -4°c!

Great, now the storage heater in the front room is not working! Twiddled with the controls without any success. I’ll have to mention this to Deana tomorrow, if she gets here, she’s a busy gal.

I got myself well wrapped up, jammies, dressing gown, bedsocks, woolly hat on and slippers.Gogglebox on and what a comedy the attempted viewing was tonight.

Gogglebox on and what a comedy the attempted viewing was tonight. A few minutes, nod-off a few minutes repeatedly until I gave up and got me head down around 2100hrs.

Woken in a state of panic, at 0130hrs, wide awake again!