Inchcock Today – Tuesday 3rd October 2017: Mysteries Abound!

Tuesday 3rd October 2017


A terrible night of repeatedly waking, passing wind and nodding off again! 0255hrs, I surrender trying to rest, rose-up out of the £300 second-hand recliner, stubbed my toe and off to the Porcelain Throne. Where the resulting efforts produced only more wind and rumbling, gurgling sounds from within.

Caught a reflection of myself in the kitchen window when I went to do the Health Checks and take the medications. Gawd-blimey, I looked pale! Sys 156, Dia 71, Pulse 84, Temp 33.8, Weight 14.9.

Made a mug of tea, and added the milk… it had gone off! Cleaned the cup and made a fresh brew and opened the last tub of the long-life semi-skimmed milk to use – then I had to abandon these plans for a drink, and hasten back to the Porcelain Throne. A messy, needing cleaning up afterwards session! By the time I’d cleaned up the WC and medicated myself, the second mug of tea had gone cold. I think that perhaps the baked beans eating for two nights may have affected things in the now very sore Haemorrhoid Harold’s department. Serves me right I suppose. Hehe!

Computer turned on, and I had another search for the new reading glasses, they must be somewhere, but where? I gave up and used the old ones again. That’s two pairs of goggles I can’t find now, the new reading spectacles, and the latest bifocals?

Made a start on this diary up to here, and then finished yesterday’s off.

1Mon18Back to updating this journal.

Doing this, I discovered this what can only be called a mystery photographicalisation on the Sim Card. It seems I took this one at 0114hrs this morning according to the camera?

Note the conservative-style nightwear I’m wearing? I’m not sure where my other leg had got to? Hehehe!

Started the Email and WordPressing.

Got the nibbles and appointment card in the bag, then got on with the ablutions.

Set off down to the lobby and was greeted by three tenants waiting to be lifted by taxi.

2Tue07Meandered out and started the hobble into Sherwood and the surgery for the INR blood test.

Not too much traffic about when I made my way through Sherwood and up the incline.

The knee was a little bothersome, but I was doing very well.Doug cats

2Tue08A little further on, the traffic got thicker, and a Sherwood Pavement Cyclist belted by me and swerved around a bloke and his two kids. The man shouted something at the ignorant cyclist but was ignored totally.

Over and down the hill into Carrington, now the traffic had started flowing even more as I neared the doctor’s surgery.


Got in and logged on with the receptionist, sat down and started the crosswords as I waited.

Bit of back luck, it was Obergruppenfurheress Nurse Anne who did me today, not Nurse Nichole.

Bitterly disappointed! Sometimes life can seem so unfair, can’t it?

2Tue11This was the reason the vehicles were held up earlier, and it seemed so quiet in Sherwood traffic-wise.

Getting a bit windier now, too.

I poddled down and over the road to the Lidl store to have a decker.

I spotted my mate BJ in the launderette and popped in to have a chinwag with him. He seemed a little down today. I gave him my money for the Papplewick Pumping Station Membership, he said he would pay it in for me on Saturday at the Steaming Session. I’m afraid I could not attend, as the hearing aids and GUM clinic visits on Friday might mean my having to have anaesthetics. Is that the right word? Going brain dead here!

2Tue09aInto the Lidl store then. Where I spent a bit of money on, Lemon Fools, fresh milk, Bread Thins and three cans of Nixe Kippers in tomato sauce and vegetables.

They were £2 each, but so lovely and flavoursome.

And I have not seen any about for ages.

2Tue10Tried the Self-Pay tills again. And again I had to seek assistance to get the thing to work properly.

The assistant in the blue coat here had to attend to me twice – during which time I got no communication from him at all. Well, bar the odd grunt!

No advice was given!

When I had sorted it and left the till area, I made a point of taking his photograph. Caught him smiling for the first time? I soon realised why. He was giving assistance and talking to a rather illecebrous woman! Tsk!

1Mon14Out and to the bus stop nearby. A 58 arrived in minutes. The five stops to Sherwood travelled. Hobbled over the road and joined some other tenants at the bus stop there, had a chinwagging session for a few minutes and the L9 arrived and lifted us all up the hill to the flats.

Annie and Welsh Bill went up with me in the lift, managed a few laughs on the way.

I got in and felt a lit2Tue12tle guilty at buying stuff I really did not need again! Then realised it was only the lemon fool and Kippers that represented any blame. But still. Hehe!

Into the Porcelain Throne, this time nothing but wind, a lot of wind.

But I could feel the rumbling, churning and gurgling inside and was aware that a splattering session 04Thur12aawas brewing-up ready to attack!

Took a Relief capsule with the Medications when I made a cuppa.

2Tue12aI spotted a caretaker from the kitchen window in his red Nottingham City Homes jumper. Such a rare sight I took his photograph. It was not our blocks usual caretaker, though.

Not that many of us can recall what he actually looks like. Hehehe!

I wondered if he was going to tackle the Alien Blob in lift number one?

I got on updating this post.

I made myself another mug of tea when Mary from the 6th floor called at the flat to see me. She had returned a DVD I’d loaned her. We had a nattering session and chose some more DVDs. She took the Chicken Risotto from me, hope she likes it. I was daft in buying it, the rice would have no doubt have caused me toothache problems if I’d tried to eat it.

After an hour or so she departed.

I did the log up to here, then caught up with Facebooking and WordPressing.

2Tue14Got the meal cooking, fish and rostis in the oven, peas in the saucepan.

Fingers crossed it all come out right.

Not bad at all.

The Basi smoked catfish was pleasantly tasting.

B the time I got the washing up done, I was well overtired.

Foolishly tried to watch some TV. Nodded off early, and woke at 0045hrs.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 15th July 2017; Hoping the lemon wafers will be delivered today


Saturday 15th July 2017

Corsican: Sàbatu 15 Ghjugnu 2017

0350hrs: Woke up with the mind full of bits of memories from the dreams I’d been having; by the time I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne – they had all gone again. Tsk!

No signs of Diahorrea, D7Sun02aennis or Trotsky Terence at the Throne. That was a nice change.

Computer turned on and finished off yesterday’s diary.

Did the Health Checks, all good.

Had a wee-wee.

7Sun02bThe hue of the scene from out side prompted me to take this photograph. I thought it was rather colourful and a bit different to what it has been lately.

Took the medications with a cup of tea for a change.

I usually take them with a cold drink so as not to melt the capsules.

7Sun3I was also impressed with how the fingers were far less bent and warped today as well.

Of course, after taking the picture, I dropped the tablets.


Then, back to the Porcelain Throne. Haemorrhoid Harold was stinging and bleeding a bit this time. Why not last time?

Had a go at the crossword while in there, didn’t get a single more clue solved. Huh!

Started this post off up to here.

7Sun04Emails checked.

Good news, the Lemon Wafers were being delivered today.

Which is good, cause then I can get a good ablutionalisation session in. I’ve not been able to have a good one while waiting in and not wanting to miss the delivery, cause I love these wafer. These are for others nibbles these, oh no. These are for your truly only. Hehe!

Had a wee-wee.

Further down the list, another one from Amazon: No Ferrero Rocher Heart Box’s available. Sad that I was planning to hand these to Nurse Nichole, Jenny the Obergruppenfurher and Sister Janet. Humph!


Since being stuck indoors waiting for deliveries, I’ve been working on a new TFZer series of graphicalisations. Loosely all connected to food, of each member. It’s going to take me ages to get them all done, but I’ll get on with now, being as I have the time… oh, no, I’ve not done any Facebooking. I’ll do this first then get onto CorelDraw.

Took a while that did. Onto graphics now.

Been on CorelDraw for over three hours now, eyes tiring and the fingers beginning to play up, so had to knock off for a bit.

Had a wee-wee.

Pressed on with the graphics, managed to get 12 done, but much more to do, but not today, too tired now and the visit from Shaking Steven worried me a bit.

The Lemon6Sat05 Wafers arrived, late, but I’m going to get the ablutions done and have a hobble in my Tree Copse, legs permitting.

I’ve already eaten one pack of these. Naughty me!

Turned every thing off, put the camera in my pocket with the mobile in case I forget later, and off to the Wet Room.

Back in a bit.

I hope! Hehe!

6Sat07Off down the lift and out into the daylight, at last.

Over the road up through the bottom field.

Where I found it hard to believe that the grass and fauna had grown so quickly. Had the struggle to get through it at first to get to the Copse.

Had a bit of a struggle to get through it at first to get to the Copse.

Found a mowed strip of grass someone had kindly cut out and used that route.

The cigarette stubs, empty drink cans and takeaway boxes were strewn around was not nice to see.

I put some that I could reach in a carrier bag to drop off at the bins.

It was still lovely to hobble up and through this Copse.

I did not see any wildlife at all on my journey within.

No squirrels or birds?

Nature still fascinates me – even when I tripped over one of the tree roots… I had to laugh.

But a tree stump near where I landed was so convenient to us e to pull myself back upright and continue my journey.


To the top and out into the top field, which was beautiful with its daisies battling through to get some sunshine.

Walked along the top, many golfers, well, Pitch & Putt players out today, some even playing with a football between holes.

Right and down towards the flats.

As I got to the bottom of the gravel hill path, a young chap with a dog chain was calling out ‘Betsy’ in search of his obviously little dog in the long grass on the bottom field.

Glad to say that he found her after a few minutes.

Dropped the bag of rubbish in a bin and made my way down the hill and back up to the apartment and got the dinner on.

6Sat06It was a tasty one, beef pie, Chinese mushrooms, garden peas, boiled potatoes and beetroots.

Did the Health Checks, took the evening medications and perused the TV magazine to see if there was anything worth watching on the goggle-box.

The wasn’t. So I got a Dr Who DVD into the machine to watch. At least there will be no advertisements to fall asleep watching on this.

But I still fell asleep, and with the hands, fingers and cramps giving me grief as well.

I must have been well tired.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th June 2017: Horrible day, felt a right Eedle-Doddle!


Sunday 11th June 2017

Malay: Ahad 11 Jun 2017

0435hrs: Greeted by Duodenal Donald as I woke and lay there doing my best to recall the dreams, but only vague memories of a dustbin lorry and giant live jelly babies walking the streets, lingered? No idea!

Disentangled me from the £300 economy second-hand recliner ASAP and off to the Porcelain Throne for a heavy duty evacuation session. A lot easier again this morning. The cut I got shaving yesterday had stopped bleeding leaving a beautiful pattern of blood in the shape of a question mark on and down the cheek to the neck. (Just thought I’d mention it like, Hehe!)

7Sun03I noticed how grotty the wetroom floor looked. So I got the second mop and bucket out and gave it a good scrub up. I have two mops and buckets you know? I bought the expensive rotating to dry the head one cause it looked easy to use (As it turned out it was far easier to stub my toe on as it happens). Found it did not work on the knobbly floor of the wetroom and had to buy another.

7Sun02aReturned to the chair and again, there were signs of ‘Tidbit Nibbling Activity’ overnight, Again! Crumbs, empty crisp packet, vine tomato stems… Tsk!

Into the kitchen and viewed the murky morning outside.

It soon cleared up and the sun started to break through.

7Sun01aSpotted where I’d been at the tomatoes overnight.

Took the medications, made a mug of tea and got the tablet pots sorted out for next week.

Health Checks completed, all looking good apart from the increase in pulse and the weight!

7Sun02bGot the peas and potatoes in the saucepan and added water and vegetable seasoning for them to soak until ready to be boiled.

Had a wee-wee and got the computer on and started the diary updating to here.

Posted yesterday’s off, then did some WordPress reading.

Onto Facebooking then.

Duodenal Donald keeping on bothering me and for no reason a sudden depression hit me? I feel terribly low, no gusto, no interest… Oh dear.

7Sun04aI’ll make an early meal, see if that cheers me up.

Although the fodder tasted nice, the spirits did not improve at all.

A fatigue of sorts dawned after gobbling up the meal.

A shadow, a curtain, a genuine tiredeness, weariness, drained. Felt a right Eedle-doddle, as the Scots would say. (Always loved this phrase)

Hence, I did nothing but watch the TV and dose off, watch the TV then dose off… for the rest of the day and night.

Felt awful when I sprang awake many hours later to find it was not even time to go to bed yet?

Very odd, pointless, confusing, uselessness, worrying, a semi-obliviousness day of vague nothingness? Hehe!

Inchcock – Thursday 20th April 2017


Thursday 20th April 2017

Macedonian: 20 четвртокот Април 2017 година

Woke at 0410hrs: Bits of a dream lingered for a while but departed my brain within seconds. These were replaced with the determination to get the washing done as soon as possible.

0420hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner. No washing, medicationalisationing or kettle put on – I gathered the laundry bag, made sure the accoutrements were added to it and hobbled down to the laundry room. Still feeling bad in and about myself for the joke going wrong with the lovely hygiene gals being upset. Got the washer going and returned back up and got the computer going and started the diaries.

4Thur05.0455hrs: Back down and moved the stuff from the washing machine to the dryer and got that started.Some notices had been moved on the board

Some notices had been moved on the board.

One about Repair Priorities. And the now classified list, with the new times, shown.

4Thur06The other was just a reminder that repairs are now the Tenant’s Responsibility to report their own repairs.

I thought about the difficulty I had hearing the person on the other end of the line last time I did this and was prompted to remember that I have got to search for the hearing aid tubes and if I can find them, replace the broken one on the right-hand aid.

Up and did the Health Checks then started this blog off.

4Thur07Looking good, even the weight is down a bit.

Down to collect the dried laundry – but oh dear… it was not drie4Thur08d fully at all! But the cycle back on and back up the lift.

Did some WordPressing then I returned back down to the laundry room, to find the clothing no drier than it was before?


Got it folded and cleaned the filter out.


Back up to the apartment and got both of the airers utilises as well as the airing cupboard. In an effort to get the things dry enough to wear later.

Made a brew and took the medications.

To the porcelain throne and only Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding, The Senna’s had done their job.

Back on the computer and updated this diary.

4Thur11Got an email about the Morrison delivery on its way. Delivery arrived.Got the Canadian

Got the Canadian Buckwood Maple Syrup in, I plan to use it in plain yoghourt, but I will ask some of the Canadian TFZers on Facebook if they have any suggestions for its use too.

 Also, thought it wise to get some more of those horrendous safety knickers in stock.

Being as Little Inchy’s lesion has started bleeding again, better safe than sorry eh?

4Thur10They sent large instead of extra large this time, I didn’t notice until I took the photograph.


I’ll use one today after the ablutions and see if they will fit, or if I will fit into them.


Embarrassing I know, but they can save an awful lot of cleaning up in the long run.

Got onto CorelDraw sorting again. Spent hours on it once more. The CorelPaint crashed on me at one time, but I think it might have been due to my getting the shakes just as I was selecting an option, and hit it twice?

Opened it up again and all worked.

Had to remember to keep moving the damp clothes around on the airers.

Eventually gave up on CorelDraw defaulting and finished off the diary and updated this one to here.

1Mon001Did a poem to go with WordPress, I called it: The Nape of Existence. A bit of fun, even it was true. Haha!

Did this graphic to use as a header.

Link: The Nape of Existence

Posted it off.

Then I got around to catching up on Facebook. Hours and hours it took, but all in the name of depriving me of suffering from depression… Blimey, Did I say that?

Nipped in to have a wee-wee before setting off to the Tenants Meeting Social Hour, and, 2Tue05. The scar had opened badly on Little Inchy and the blood had flowed. Had a right mess to clean up and medicate! Took me that long the meeting was only ten minutes away from ending by the time I got there! Grumph! Hand time to pose with the others for a photo for the builders? Give the nibbles out and the raffle prizes to Obergruppenfureress Penny to use next week, and everyone was leaving.

I got myself back to the abode and checked Little Inchy and he was at it again. Tsk!

05Thu12Made a cuppa, and saw that I had left the Strawberry flavoured vanilla filled suckers delivered earlier on the window ledge, instead of putting them in the freezer!

Another 2Tue05! All eight were now liquid in bags that leaked!

I was not having a good day at all. I was already depressed with my humour cock-up, the laundry room farce and having things drying all over the place, virtually missed the Social Hour and the Virus scar bleeding again. Not good! I could not muster any enthusiasm or interest at all. Then I remembered I’ve got to do the Facebooking. But even that didn’t do much to cheer me up.

I moved the clothes around on the airers, getting some of the thicker ones out of the airing cupboard and putting the removed ones into it – but automatically as if I had resigned myself to everything going wrong, and had no idea how to stop them. Odd?

Made a mug of tea and got on Facebook.

Did some more CorelDraw 2017 updating.

Feeling morose, annoyed with me and thinking silly thoughts, although at the time they were perfectly logical thoughts.

A friend contacted me and suggested I tell the doctor everything. But this will not take away the stupid decisions and practical jokes gone wrong or self-loathing, will it? I appreciated so much his contacting me, but the shadow of hopelessness loomed. Never felt like this before.

I sat a while thinking about things, the negative thoughts mounted and soon the brain was in freefall – I had to stop myself getting into a rut of… well, I don’t know.

I’m going to the surgery on Monday for the INR blood test, and promised Lynton I’d book myself in, to see the Doctor Vindla. Musn’t let him or myself down after he’s taken the time, bother and shown such compassion for me. (Hope that’s the right word?).

Not been out, apart from on the site for days now.

4Thur04Made a meal.

Threw away the hunters sausages after one bite, far too fatty.Didn’t eat the cheese.

Didn’t eat the cheese.

Thought I might start nibbling again later, but only had a bag of Marmite crisps, so depressed with things. 

Foolish thoughts came and went, suddenly the balcony was tempting. 

I might get this diary done, then stop doing them until something is sorted, I do not want to broadcast doom and gloom, I want to make people smile and laugh. Finding this hard myself limits the scope. 

Got a shower shave and did the teeth, in sort of automatic mode? 

More terrible thoughts permeated the brain as I settled down. 

 Hopefully, the inner torment will somehow ease.


Inchcock: Saturday 15th April 2017


Saturday 15th April 2017

Esperanto: Sabato 15a Aprilo 2017

Woke around 0400hrs: So annoyed no notes or memories of the dreams I was sure I’d been having. Why one morning I can recall, or find notes I’d made about the dreams, and others, like today, nothing? Humph!

WhoopsieOut of the £300 second-hand recliner, stomach churning and into the kitchen with the intention of getting some tummy medicine down me… of dear, another Whoopsiedangleplop – I’d left the damned hot water tap running all night again! A flipping good job I’d not left the plug in the sink at least! Humph!

Did the Health Checks, all looking good, apart from the weight back up again.

To the porcelain throne for a painful, heavy duty session. Haemorrhoid Harold had not been bleeding though, Little Inchy only a tad, but still sore.

Made a cuppa and took the medications, computer on and finished yesterday’s Chronicle off, then started this one.

Got the fodder started for later, potatoes on the boil.

Did some WordPress reading, and commenting?

Made another mug of tea and went on Facebook. After a while, the site went down again, no connection. Humph!

6Sat01bI just sneezed and me teeth nearly came out, and there are not false ones – blimey, my tummy felt like it was trying escape up through me throat!

The view was beautiful again this morning.

Made another mug of tea and set about doing some TFZer graphics, and got a few finished too. Heads swanks with pride!




Facebook still down.

WhoopsieWent to check the potatoes I’d put in salted water in the saucepan on the cooker three hours ago, but not turned it on! Clonk-humph!

6Sat03Got the vegetables chopped, un-podded, cut and on the boil in the slow-cooker.

Turned on the potatoes (Belatedly, Tsk!)

Crock-pot contents, garden peas, turnip, leeks, carrots with a bit of demerara sugar added. Put some distilled vinegar in the potatoes.

Opened a tin of beef slices and added some homemade caramelised gravy and left them in the small saucepan to marinate while the slow-cooker did the other stuff.

WhoopsieAt this stage, and this happened to me few times over the last few years, but this time it more aggressive: I passed the wind and sneezed at the same time. I had the chopping board in my hand at the time, it fell, bounced up and hit me in the shin, and I may have used some naughty words out loud. This started off Arthur Itis of course, and his Co-attacker Anne Gyna soon joined in, and they stayed with me. Huh!

Made another mug of tea (I’m hoping to get one drank sometime today!)

Tried Facebook again, no go!

Back onto Coreldraw and started another graphic. Got so far and realised I’d not done my ablutions, so I did.

All fresh now, I called Olive to see if or when I cold visit her. 1400hrs granted.

Back onto the computer, Facebook was jumpy but back on.

Posted the graphics to the TFZer site.

6Sat05Getting readied to call on Olive, and the hand and fingers warped as I was putting the camera away, managed to take this photo of disfigured agony-ridden left hand using the right one.

Handy old thing ain’t I? Hehe!

Poddled to Olive’s flat and had an absolutely fantastic visitation.

She told me off repeatedly, but in her own Special caring way, bless her. Good long chinwag, a cuddle and I was off back to the mini-home.

6Sat04Got the dinner ready, all looked okay.

The best one for a long time this was. Had to give it a 9.65/10 rating. Hehe!

Had a dizzy while washing the pots and a headache developed and stayed with me all night and into the morning??

Not a wink of sleep, no nod-offs; the brain just would not allow me to rest until gone 0200hrs when dreams kept waking me then! Recalled in one of them I was a famulus to dressed-like-wizard Rudolph Hess in a cave underground with him teaching me a trick, that I could not grasp involving a selection of different magic wands, I think? (From notes consulted in the early hours)

TTFN all.

Inchcock – Tuesday 11th April 2017: Dizzies, Whoopsiedangleplops, bleeding and Accifaupas galore. Humph!

Tuesday 11th April 2017

Lithuanian: Antradienis 11-asis balandžio 2017

0404hrs: Woke, annoyed I could not recall the dreams, only that they were not nice.

Out of the nervous making rattling shuddering unstable £300 second-hand recliner. Kettle on. To the porcelain throne, painful and bloody passing again.

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications.

Glad to see that I had left a note on the TV to remind me of the camera lesson at the  Jessops store today.

Carried out the Health Checks, looking fine this time: Sys 145 – Dia 75 – Pulse 79 -Temperature 36.6 – Weight 14.8.

The computer activated and finalised yesterday’s diary and posted it.

Made a start on this one.

Did some Facebooking.

Got the ablutionisationing done and took the rubbish bags to the chute, and had time to update this a bit and do a little WordPressing before I had to go down to get the bus into town.

Jolly good chinwag with some of the other tenants in the lobby before we all tripped off to the bus stop.

I was the only one going on the town bus. Got the crossword book out, the Daily Sun one, which should have been easier for me to do, but the print is so small, thought I might have a look in the cheap book shop later to see if they any in bigger print in stock.

Got off the bus and walked over the road and went into Boot’s to see if they had any ear wax remover. This, because one hearing aid tube had perished. I was struggling to hear things and knew I had excessive wax, which I usually use the Olive oil to treat, but had foolishly missed doing so for a couple of days, and thought Boot’s remover would do the job quicker. Anway I thought, I’m going up to the Audio Centre after the camera lesson and can get new tubes and batteries. Then: Thud, it hit me! Another Whoopisedangleplop! I’d forgotten to take the Authorising Book with me – Gnaperplnkdam! So I could not get the things today!

Anyway, I investigated the supply and costs of the Eye Spray, thinking this might help with the difficulties I’m having reading the subtitles and programme details on the TV. The cheapest one was £18.99 for a 10ml spray. Too much! I did get an ear-wax remover though at £3.89.

Out of the Boot’s store and into Victoria Shopping (Mall) Centre and in the Market for a wander around, cause I2Tue001a had a plenty of time before the tutoring session.

Noted that they were erecting a nibbling for the juniors area.

Bet this is going to be mayhem later?


2Tue03Up the escalator and took this photo of the hanging in the air mannequins.

The market was not very busy again, but I espied some fresh pod peas on sale! Hurrah!

I asked the lady for a pound, and she asked if I was sure? Yes, I replied.

I realised what she meant when she asked me for £2.50! That’s, USD $3.20 – Aus $ 4.15 – Can $ 4.18 a pound! Blimus, worra price!


Limped out of the mall over the walkway above Upper Parliament Street taking this photographicalisation en route.

Down and into the Pound Shop and had a wander around.

Got some nibbles for the Social Hour on Thursday and some Dettol Orange scented spray.

The feet were getting painful, but I knew not why?

Meandered to the Jessop Camera Shop and eventually, an assistant asked what I wanted. Told her about the lesson and she said the man would be with me shortly, which he was. The bad news? The room was up three flights of stairs! The tootsies suffered, and Anne Gyna introduced herself into the equation. Tsk!

I must have looked poorly, because after five minutes the young chap asked if I was alright, and I wasn’t. He kindly offered to change the lesson to another day at no extra cost. Which was very welcome being as I apparently looked very pale he said, offering to call an ambulance. I thanked him and took him up on a new date when I should have the hearing aids sorted, and that would make things easier for me.

Within minutes of hobbling out of the store, I felt a lot better2Tue09a in myself. I wandered into a Sports Direct Shop, didn’t realise until I got in that it was for the younger generation, however, I did see they had some what they called, Everlast Crew Sweat thingamabobs on sale at 2 for £10.

They looked warm and comfortable, and they had them in XL too, so I invested in a couple.

It took that long at the pay-point I missed the bus back to the

So I took a painful hobble around the City Centre, to kill time until the next bus was due in.


On to Long Row, listened to some Street Artist banging out rubbish music and took the time to appreciate Nottingham’s most famous architect, Watson Fothergill.

I popped into the store in his building and bought a TV magazine for next week.

2Tue07 Fifteen minutes to go until the bus was due, I went into The Works bookshop and had a look around for some bigger print crossword books.

Managed to find some as well, and they were a good price… mind you the one’s I bought three months ago from there were too…

But can I find them? No!

2Tue11Up Queen Street and to the bus stop. A bit of a kerfuffle here today. The bus stop is shared between three routes, and it is finely tuned to handle them all, so if anyone is late, they are all late because those behind cannot pull up to pick passengers and have to go around the block again. Although some drivers go passed them, not picking them up. Hehe! The L9 did today though he was well late by the time he pulled off. I am amazed at how they cope with it all.

Caught the bus, had to go out into the middle of the road along with other passengers, but we got it. Had a go at the old small print crosswords en route.

Back at the flats, an urgent, mark one, Defcon two wee-wee was tended to. Hahaha!

Got the potatoes boiling in the saucepan. Put the shirts and other things away and found the written note the Jessop’s lad had done for me with the date and time of the 2Tue09rearranged lesson on it… eventually. I thought it was in the bag, but no.

Finally, I found it in the coat pocket.

Recorded it in the Google Calendar.

Got this diary updated, made a mug of tea and took the evening medications, passed the wind and just made it to the porcelain throne in time… Phew! But far much worse was found… Little Inchy had been bleeding away, and the lesion was torn open as bad as it ever has been! I think this might put an end to the operation plans now? The cleansing and Betamethasone cream was applied, but I had to do it all again a few minutes later.  

More extra washing to do now! Must get the mass of laundry done in the morning.

2Tue14Carried on Chronicalisationing, then got the meal prepared.

Despite the aches and pains, bleeding Little Inchy and a dizzy spell or two, I enjoyed the meal.

So tired and drained, I only stayed awake for the first part of Heartbeat, going off into the dream-world at the first commercial break!

What a day, Humph!

Inchcock – Monday 10th April 2017: Hectic, wore myself out. Hehe!


Monday 10th April 2017

Maltese: It-tnejn April 10, 2017

Struggle as I might have, I could just not get to sleep last night! Gone 0300hrs before I got off – then I woke up at 0540hrs, realising that the food delivery was due twixt 0600>0700hrs, and I was in need of the utilisation of the porcelain throne urgently!

Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner I knocked over the part-drank mug of orange juice, swore and made my way to the wetroom. Haemorrhoid Harold bled a lot, and it was a painful effort, considered as to whether or not to take a Senna?

Doing the ablutions, the delivery arrived. Tsk! Only a small one, this time, put the stuff away and got the computer going and finished yesterday’s diary off.

1Mon03Made a cuppa that went cold and did the graphics for this header, then checked the emails.

The different coloured sky this morning as the moon faded, was nice.

Started this post going, and realised I’d not taken the morning medications or done the health checks yet.

So I took them and a Senna too. (Now watch me get caught out when I hobble out to do the jobs… Oh Dear? Hehe!)

1Mon057Sun02bChecked the Google Diary for the things that needed doing today.

Humph! Don’t think I’ll get all of these done?

Wrote the list down on paper and put it in my pocket so as not to forget them when I do get out.

At least I can forget the prescription collecting, cause I did that on Saturday morning.

So I made a mug of tea and got the checks carried out.


I think they look okay now. A few odd day rises, and the weight is a bit concerning, especially as the fluid retention seems to have gone done a bit in the legs and a lot in the feet, the weight hasn’t? Otherwise, all looks good?


The weather forecast for today was so much colder than yesterday.

I’ll make sure I put my jumper and a warm hat on methinks.

Got some more emails come in: The Clinic has changed the appointment this week and gave me the operation date, 0730hrs Wed 13th July at the clinic, not in the hospital. Told me what to eat and not eat and to take in with me (Medications, paperwork), estimated to take only two hours, four hours observation then all being well I would be going home. Letter to follow. Excellent! No name on the email itself it must be a standard print-out.

Did some WordPressing and then some Facebooking. Posted the latest TFZer graphic.


Readied myself for the trip out to the bank first I think, then get Norman’s things. Now I have fewer tasks to carry out!

Rang Olive to see if it was alright for me to call on her on my way out, it was, so I did.

We had a jolly good chinwag for a good while. Kissed and I departed.

1Mon09Walked down to Chestnut Walk and Winchester Hill, where I took this shot of some plants on the roadside. To the bank first. Because I had not taken the bank pin number with me, they could not tell me if the account had been activated?

To the bank first. Because I had not taken the bank pin number with me, they could not tell me if the account had been activated?

Depressed, I left and went to the Continental Food Store. Got a loaf, jar of mushrooms and some cooked belly pork with herbs.

Hobbled into Carrington and filled a prescription form in at the doctor’s surgery for someCodeine Phosphate tablets.

Then to the shop to get Norman’s bits of fodder.

Limped back into Sherwood and caught the bus up back to the flats.

Chinwag on the bus with other tenants.

1Mon10Dropped the fish fingers and bread off at Norman’s flat. He thanked me and said he’s got the cleaners coming today, so no need for me to do any cleaning for him. He was in fine form, and this cheered me up.

To my apartment and found a book had been delivered. It was from the TFZ’s Andy in Canada, and much appreciated.

CorelDraw opened and started the next graphicationalisticalisation. (A cough!)


Hours later, I’d got it finished.

Got some oven chips heating up on the stove. Did the evening ablutions.

A fabulous selection of programmes I wanted to watch on the goggle-box picked out.

2Tue001aMade the herb pork sandwiches.

Got the oven chips out… and put some antiseptic cream on the newly burnt to the pattern of an oven rack shaped scar on the back of the right hand!

Hehehe! Tsk!

Served the meal up.

2Tue03The oven chips, pork sarnies, seasoned baked beans and a pot of Greek Style yoghourt with added honey.

Excellent tasting fodder for this Monday night!

Rating it 9.43/10.

Got the pots into the sink in soak and nipped to the porcelain, somehow staying awake! One again, suddenly so tired.

Law & Order watched on the box, with the promise of the Underground Documentary, The Interceptors and another Interceptor programme on a different channel to watch and relish.

Only got as far as the first section of Law & Order and nodded off at the first set of commercials came on.

Spent hours waking and watching a few minutes of unknown programmes and repeating it again and again. Gave up around 2200hrs. Turned the box off and nodded into a dream filled kip that lasted until gone 0400hrs! Bliss!

Inchcock – Friday 7th April 2017

Friday 7th April 2017

Portuguese: 7ª Sexta-Feira Abril 2017

After laying here for five or so hours trying to get to sleep, I rose at 0420hrs in response to the new pain under the left arm near the ribs to get an extra painkiller.

P1050106Made a nice strong brew and took the normal medications at the same time.

But this mug of tea did not get drunken… oh no!

Had a freeze thanks to Arthur Itis and the mug is now deceased, broken, kaput!

Then, when getting down to sort the mess out, I had another dizzy spell. Not the best of starts to the day?

Got the prizes and nibbles in the bag ready for the Thursday Winwood Tenants Social Hour that should have been yesterday, but Penny who now runs it (Sometimes like Stalag Kamp Guard) had got to a funeral then.

The stabs of pain from the ribs under the left arm continued.

Computer switched on, many emails arrived. I found 862 Spam messages? Looked through them and changed some that I knew.

Had a bash on Facebook.

Got the ablutions tended to in grand style – Teggies all cleaned (all eight of them, Hehe), a good shave, carbolic soaped me all over, deodorised the flobby-body, pain gelled the feet and knees, antisepticated the areas needing it, haemorrhoids creamed and got ready to go to the meeting.

Met some tenants on the way down and hobbled to the Winwood Community shed.

Very short on numbers today. But the few who did go seemed to have a good time. Obergruppenfurer Penny. Who told me a free fish and chip meal is going, on Wednesday 26th and would I like to go. I said yes, and that seemed to shake her up a bit? She told me I’ve got to meet at the bus stop at 1130hrs on the day, must not be late, do not take any bags with me, not to forget my colostomy bag (How does she even think she knows these things?) and inform her immediately if I change my mind about going.

Had a  laugh or two and got back to the flat, made a cuppa and on the computer. Decided to save room in the WordPress gallery by permanently deleted 154 photographs in it. Then realised I’d removed the page headers with them! Had to make some more up. That was well over two hours lost. Tsk!

Rang Olive, no answer. I think it might be her Whist drive day?

Updated this dairy.

Went on Facebook.

Started new graphic, hours and hours spent on it until I lost the flipping thing! No the foggiest idea what I did, but when I closed things down to get the meal started and sorted then returned, I could not find where I’d saved the graphicalisation to? Very irksome!

It was getting late now, I wondered how the day had gone so quickly?

5Fri05Got the meal started, not that it took much bother tonight.

Think the eyes were bigger than the mouth… no that’s not right, is it?

Eyes bigger than the stomach, that’s it. With the sandwiches I mean, I overdid them a good bit. I’ve never thrown so much fodder away in one go before!

Within an hour the breadbasket innards was a rumbling contumeliously and noisily gurgling away!As I lay there, naked

Rinsed and changed into the jammy bottoms, took a swig of antacid and the evening medications with an extra Codeine.

5Fri10As I lay there, naked chested I swear I could see down to the outer part of the tummy bulge, the well-swollen stomach bulge at that, moving as if something was inside and wanting to be outside of it?

Reminded me of that space movie where creatures burst out of a woman’s belly. Even the already over sufficient grab-handles seemed bigger than ever? Hehe!

Got the goggle-box on and stayed awake for a couple of hours despite feeling so tired and weary?

Hey-ho! TTFN each.

Inchcock – Thursday 6th April 2017

Thursday 6th April 2017

Swedish: Torsdag 6 Apr 2017

Blimey, the dreams I went through last night! I was ensconced up high in a room in a bombed-out skyscraper, which was aphotic. I was an artillery signaller with the largest pink coloured binoculars and an RT. Most annoyed at being strafed by ginormous noisy flying armour plate covered crows? Might sound a bit way-out like, but this is all I can recall of the perhaps, dozens of the little dreams? It seems I woke up every few minutes throughout the night because at 0400hrs I sprang awake desperate for the utilisation of the porcelain throne feeling so weary and drained, fatigued and heavy eyelidded.

This did not stop the flood of almost manic thoughts, ever changing that raided my limited sanity for the next half hour or so. Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner I felt the legs and ankles were far less full of retained liquid, Arthur Itis had returned to give me some hammer, and I really must get a move on to the porcelain… so I did, a bit of a dizzy en route. Settled on the throne and wallowed in agony (Well, pain, but suffering sounds so much more dramatic dunnit? Hehe), as the evacuation took on the proportions of a life threatening situation. Relief was welcome after a while, and success achieved. Had to clean-up the area and myself due to the accompaniment of much blood and ichor during the session, during which I managed to read a chapter of Stephen Fry’s book.Finished the cleaning up, and off into the kitchen

Finished the cleaning up, and off into the kitchen, worrying about the bank fiasco, which was soon replaced by concerns over the holes in the wall. After I’d I’d got the kettle on, made a cuppa and took the Health Readings, which were far better I think this morning: Sys 147 – Dia 70 – Pulse 79 – Temperature 37.1 and weight down, I say, Down to 14.66, fair enough only a tad down, but in the right direction at last! Hope yet? Hehe!

Fretted then over why the monitor machine had to have three attempts to get it going? The state of frettingisation this morning was great. Thankfully it did not last long.

Took the medications and got the computer going, and a new pain showed itself, left-side of the ribs half way up. An aching with stabbing like ones joining in. Humph! You just get one ailment calming down, and another visits you! Haha!

I then fretted over neighbour 93-year-old Norman. He has a taxi picking him up to go to the surgery, and they will return him to the flats. I asked them to call and let me know when he gets back so I can call on him and see how he is.

I remembered that the Winwood Centre Tenants Social Hour had been moved to Friday this week. (Amazing, me remembering something. Hehe!)

Made a start on this diary after finishing yesterday’s off.

Worked on graphicationalising and done this one for the TFZers site.

TFZers Pattie, Marie and me in a garden. Hope they all like it. I thought Marie might use it for one of her Jig-Saws?

I rang Olive to see if I ould call on here. She told me to visit in half-and-hour.

I put the CCTV view of the foyer on the TV. Showing the entrance. So I could see when the taxi comes to collect or drop off Norman later.

Emptied and swapped two of the waste bin bags, and took them out to the rubbish chute. Met Obergruppenfurheress Deana on the way back. Told her about the bank situation, she said to contact her if it doesn’t work out this time. She said Norman had cancelled his appointment for today.

Got the Easter Egg and jar of Wilkinson’s & Sons Strawberry Preserve and off to see Olive. She looked absolutely radiant this morning. Had a nice chinwag and her family called, so I had to depart, giving her an unashamed smacker on the lips as I left her apartment.

Down to catch the bus into Sherwood with some other residents. We’re going to miss this L8 service when it stops. Sob!

Walked down to the Continental Shop and got a brown sliced loaf and some Roast belly pork with herbs. It was warm but windy today.

The legs were already aching badly, and I must have looked a proper cripple as I limped back up Mansfield Road and called at the Birds Fresh Cream Cake shop to sample one of their Iced, Cream-Buns – but they had sold out! Sob again!

Called into Wilko’s to get some kettle descaler. I bought two at £1 each. They had the Airwick Citrus Sprays on offer from £3 to £1.50, so I got two of them and a wash fragrance Boost of their own label. A lovely scent and only £2.50 compared to the Big Brand ones at £6 each, same size.

I met BJ in the store, and we had a natter outside for a bit.

Met Roy up at the bus stop, who kindly told me he had been watching me struggle to walk up the road and I looked like a right cripple. That cheered me up. Hehe!

Up to the flats on the soon to be sorely missed and lamented L8 bus. Roy purloined some thrown away drawers in excellent nick from the skips waiting to be collected, and I helped him up to the flats with them.

The caretaker came out and had a sarcastic word or two with Roy, and I said to him: Who are you then? Oh, yes, our caretaker, that ling since I’ve seen yer I thought you croaked out! We all laughed, but only Roy and I meant it!

4Thur08Back in the flat, I got the descaler going – but made a bit of an Accifauxpa with it… I know, what a Plonka!

I opened the sachet and added half a kettle of boiled water, put it in the sink, as instructed and left it for ten minutes.

Meanwhile, I poured the Fosalka beans and tomato4Thur11 juice into the saucepan and got the caramelised onion gravy granules, tomato puree and the oven dish ready to use to bake the bacon later.

After the ten minutes had been up, I emptied the kettle in the sink and rinsed it out well.

But there were still bits sticking to the bottom of the kettle! So I had to use the other sachet of cleaner and do it again.

05Thu12I reread the instruction to see what I’d made a Whoopsiedangleplop with… I was supposed to have put the whole unopened sachet into the water, not empty it into the kettle.

I mean, look at the oh-so-clear capital lettering on the wording: DROP-IN-BAG!

Sad innit?

A good job I bought two of them. Humph!

So I redid the descaling once mo4Thur07re.

Took this delightful photograph from the kitchen window while waiting for the ten minutes to pass again.

It came out alright this time.

Gave it good rinsing several times, and then made a fresh brew of Thompson’s in the mug and enjoyed it.

4Thur09Took the evening medications with it.

Got the bacon in the oven on a low light… a low light I says: That takes me back to old days when I had a gas stove. Swore at the time I’d never go on to use an electric one. At that time, of course, we were on all gas, even the lights.

I think we were the last houses to be converted to electricity, in the Meadows area of Nottingham. 6Sat20 I hasten to add, I was only an ankle snapper then, of course! Hehe!

Added the puree and onion gravy to the beans.

Updated this diary.

Did some Facebooking again. Moved the bacon into the saucepan with the beans. Kept a stirring the concoction. Added black bean sauce and mushrooms to it.

4Thur03The broth, come stew, come soup, come Beans bacon mix was cooked to perfection for me. But a bit of a disaster with the plan to make enough to last two meals and days.

Whoopsiw02 After laying it all out on the tray and took this photo… I foolishly thought what a good idea to transfer the fodder contents left in the pan, into a container to keep it fresh in the fridge for tomorrow…

The fingers decided to freeze at just the wrong moment, and the kitchen floor claimed the contents instead. By the time I’d cleaned the place and me up, annoyed Arthur Itis I had to reheat the stew again!

Took the edge right off the meal this Whoopsiedangleplop. I did not enjoy it much. Felt so foolish and annoyed with myself. Then had a dizzy while sat eating it!


Put the things in the bowl to soak overnight, sat down a drifted off seemingly having a dream immediately? It seemed like I remember the Woolworth stores restaurant used to be, but an office. Three girls from the TFZ site (Marie, Pattie and Sandie) were all sat at the table with me. My old English Imperial typewriter was on the desk along with plates of food, and the gals were putting nibbles (Cream cake, Marmite Crisps, Cheesy potatoes, Black beans in beef were amongst the treats) into my mouth and smiling at me? I was in heaven and somehow knew I was dreaming? I was annoyed when I woke up, annoyed at waking up! And, surprised to realise I’d only been sleeping for a few moments!

Got the TV on and fell asleep again, but kept on my waking on and off all through the blooming night so regularly, I was drained when got up at 0420hrs.


Inchcock Today: Monday 27th March 2017


Monday 27th March 2017

Italiano: Lunedi 27 Marzo 2017

Up late 0445hrs. Feeling fatigued, enfeebled, wearily tired and with so many ailments and pains, I could hardly believe it myself. Shattered and feeling so depressed.

The memories from the dreams I’d had in my marathon sleep session were not pleasant either. I think I must have had at least 7½ hours kip, a lot for me.

As soon as I moved to get out of the £300 second-hand on-its-last-legs recliner, the innards started rumbling away, and nothing else mattered other than to get to the porcelain throne ASAP!

1Mon07In my panic to do this, as I stood up I trod on the headphones. The torch and TV remote thingy fell onto the floor, and I stubbed my big toe against the Ottoman footstool, and then again, against the wet-room door as I scrambled in, then hit my already bruised elbow from yesterday’s Accifauxpa on the cabinet as I sat down!

The evacuation was over in seconds, with much blood loss from Haemorrhoid Harold as well. I cleaned everything and myself up, and plonked myself back down on the throne; Feeling right sorry for me! I think all my common ailments were acting up, apart from Arthur Itis wh0 was little bother this morning – the elbow I clouted when I fell backwards over the Ottoman yesterday was stinging a bit too. I took a few second to try and compose myself.

Into the kitchen to make a brew and take the medications. This was when I realised I had not taken last nights doses or had a meal yesterday? No wonder I feel so rotten.

1Mon05I’d planned to do the laundry this morning, but it was too late to get a machine by now. So I got the computer on and found an email from Sister Jane. She informed me that Arthur had been put to sleep.

Email: “Poor old Arthur is no more, but lovely Vet was so kind. Pete gave him a kiss before he went (not the Vet).
Arf had a lump on his side and had lost a lot of weight and being almost 20, we all decided the inevitable had to be done. They wrapped him in a lovely blanket and Pete dug a grave next to his Mum and Sister in the back garden.
Strange now only 21yr old Fooey Posh Cat and Alberto (about 8yrs).
Sending v.last pic of Arthur on his cushion on the floor as he couldn’t jump up on his fav chair anymore.”

Poor Jane and Pete. I feel so for them. Had a little sob.

By now, I felt horribly down, discouraged and pessimistic about life. The bank problems and the Bully problems joined the health ones in going around and around in my head. I don’t know how long I sat there in a dream world of disturbingly confusing thoughts.

1Mon06Never felt like this before!

Got a good stab of pain from Duodenal Daniel, into the kitchen to get a healthy swig of the rather ineffective medicine, and saw the street lights going out below.

Somehow, I associated this with my life as it is today? I’m sure at this time I was going to sink even lower in spirits… down to the next level of incapability, a resignation, the need for Nepenthe… Luckily, as I was dropping to this level, things suddenly felt not so bad. I thought of the family members of the victims of the terror atrocities, the children, old and young dying in the bombs… and I felt so ashamed of myself.

I’m not saying there was sudden bright light and I felt elevated or anything like that, just that I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and felt a little guilty for doing so in the first place.

By gum that was an intense few moments of writing from me? Sorry about that.

Got yesterday’s diary completed and started this one off up to here.

Did some blogging followed by Facebooking.

Carried out the ablutionisationing, put some antiseptic cream on my battered elbow and dressed ready to catch the L9 bus into town to look at the cameras on offer at Jessops Camera Store.

Took the rubbish bags, four of them today, cause yesterday I wasn’t up to bothering. (Shame indeed!). To the refuse chute on the way down to the foyer.

Hat a gossip with some residents also waiting to go out for the bus of their choice.

The Newcastle Lady from the 14th floor told us that the L8 bus is stopping the service next or this week !?!?! We don’t know it this is for the period of the updating the flats (Mind you, that is going to take a minimum of two years and six months!) Or if it is being deleted permanently? Not good news that!

1Mon09Got into town and walked straight to the Jessop Camera store on Clumber Street.

Where I succumbed to the selling skills of an annoyingly young fit looking assistant with hair. Haha!

Ended up by buying a Nikon Coolpix B700 – ANIKOCMO 85282559 camera.

Well, that’s what the receipt says anyway.

1Mon16I tried to remember the tips kindly given me by Timothy Price, an expert on these things. Being reduced on special offer might have tainted my choice, but the main thing was, the bloke said this one had the highest zoom at X60. I think he said it was a ‘Bridge Camera’, not aware of what this means; I’ll try to remember to look it up later.

I tried to remember the tips kindly given me by Timothy Price, an expert on these things. And, I think I understood some of the things he said, thanks to the advice and tips given me by Tim. Thanks, to Timothy Price.

Being reduced on special offer might have tainted my choice, but the main thing was, the bloke said this one had the highest zoom at X60.

I plodded down to and through the Slab Square to the M & S store and up to the Gentlemen’s outfitting department.

Where I bought some braces and a pair of comfortable looking cotton jammies.

Down the escalator’s, I went into the food section in the basement. Coming out with some Lamb Stew meals and a small loaf of batch bread.

Leaving the store, I  gave a Big Issue Seller a bit of cash. Oh, the look on her poor face as she was totally being ignored, got to me.

I decided to go to the Primark store to see if they had any cheaper braces in stock so as to treat myself to another pair. They did not have any in. So I checked the timing for the bus and decided I had time to go to Victoria Centre and get some nuts and have a look around the market.

Leaving Primark, I came across another Big Issue Seller; he was so obviously trying to look cheerful I gave him a bit of cash too. If I saw any more of these poor soles, I’d have to avoid them, or I’d go broke. Haha!

1Mon10To Upper Parliament Street and over the walkway into the place. Got some nuts and a pair of trousers cause they were 27″ leg, and I don’t often see them this size, just my barrow too!

Left by the same route. The canned tinny music as normal, the leaking roof with buckets and a warning sign near them at the end of the passageway, the flakes of cheap paint dropping down looking like small leaves.

1Mon11Had a hobble around with the now cumbersome and full bags hindering my progress. I know, it’s my fault! Huh!

I timed it well as it happened, arriving at the bus stop and taking this photograph at midday.

The L9 was due at five past the hour.

I enjoyed a little chinwag with a lady at the bus stop.

Getting on the bus, the heavier of the two bags slipped but being the fit quick wizard that I am; I caught it before it fell onto the floor… clouting my damaged elbow on the door edge as I did. Humph!

Toyed with a crossword en route, off the bus, and up to the flat and into the porcelain room. Checked things out, and found the blood had been flowing again. Change of clothes, a wash-up and into the kitchen to put the kettle on. I thought how annoying it was that I overslept for the first time ever, and had no time to do the laundry, now I was getting short of clean clothes due to the extra dirty clothes thanks to the bleeding starting once more. I really must get my head down quick tonight, so I can rise early in the morning and get the laundry done!

Not having a lot of good luck the last few days. But still, no complaints from me (I lie! Hehe!)

1Mon17Got the food away, new apparel and put the new camera away ready for later, when I hope to have the time and concentration to work out how to set it up, and it works.

But, while storing the box with the new camera, I thought it best if I was to put it on charge.

That did it, I got all confused. The charging plug was in three pieces. I had bits and pieces I cold not identify and didn’t know how to fit the strap. Got the booklet, tiny print.

Got it on charge an hour or so later, but no lights or whatever showing. Tried to use the camera, nothing happened.


Eventually, I realised after opening it, there was no battery in it. Back to the box and found it. Fitted it and put one of the old SD cards in.

Ah, it was charging now. Unplugged and took a photograph of the radio in the kitchen to try out.

The real test will come when I try to get a distance shot later.

Well, it works!

1Mon19Put it back onto charge, took the photo.

The green ring light was flashing on and off. I assumed that means it is nearly charged?

Must keep my eye on this. Don’t want to spoil the new battery now, do I?

I got the mushrooms in the saucepan of water, added some Soy Mushroom Sauce them simmering.Put some chips in the oven.


Put some chips in the oven.

Updated this blog up to here.

Checked the TV magazine to what to watch, lots of interest tonight. But the eyelids were growing heavy, and I knew the chances of any viewing would be rather slight. 

Got the fodder ready.

1Mon20Cooked meat, cheeses, beetroot, mushrooms and chips. Not cooked enough, but there you go… further proof I’m not a cook or chef. Hehe!

Best I could grant this effort score-wise was a 5/10.Took the medications and tended to Haemorrhoid Harold’s discharge.

Took the drugs and tended to Haemorrhoid Harold’s discharge.

Got the goggle-box on and managed to stay awake for a full programme.

Yet another weird dream. I was flying (literally) all over the world (in seconds) trying to bring peace and harmony. Of course, I failed, then I decided I had no option other than to blow-up the Earth and hung in space watching the explosion. Felt pleased that I’d eradicated the violence, hatred, greed and animosity… then I faded out of the dream – and believe it, cause it’s true – I found myself in a TV commercial for Fairy Snow soap powder as a women doing the washing, but singing the 1962 Pepsodent toothpaste jingle ♫ “You’ll wonder where the yellow went – When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!” ♫

I woke again and realised I’d only been sleeping for few minutes? How can one do so much in a dream in seconds? Anyway, I know I wrote down all about this dream cause I found it on the pad in the morning.

I couldn’t get this tune out of my head!


Insanity has arrived in my brain!