Inchcock Today: Thursday 16th March 2017


Thursday 16th March 2017

Irish: Déardaoin 16 Márta, 2017

Woke around 0250hrs (According to the living room clock), thought it was much later for some reason. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the porcelain. Little Inchy had been bleeding, Haemorrhoid Harry too.

Then I noticed that the clock in there, in5Fri02dicated it was 0142hrs?

Went into the kitchen, and the clock in there read 0645hrs?

Confused, I made a brew, took the medications and did the health checks.

Then searched for the mobile phone, I found it in the jacket pocket almost out of battery, no missed calls. That and the computer both agreed it was actually, 0330hrs? At this point, I made a connection with the cocks and a dream I’d had earlier, but no details. I put the mobile on charge.

Realising I was probably going bonkers and almost ready to be institutionalised, I tried what logic I could muster to attempt to work out what could have happened here with these clocks. It’s true that I felt a little yonderly and my psyche seemed to have departed company with my brain. First, I thought I might have been sleep-walking? But I don’t imagine that I could manage to get out of the recliner when asleep, it’s difficult enough some mornings when I’m awake? But you never know.

What else could have taken place, though? An Alien visitation? Hehehe! Genuinely worried about this, but I put it out of my mind (An easy option for me sometimes) and got on the computer to do some work finishing another TFZer graphic. Then updated the diaries and got yesterday’s posted off.

At this point I realised, thank heavens, the cramps from last night had dissipated. Anne Gyna still with me, though, and Duodenal Daniel felt like he was on his way to visit me.

Bash on Facebook, then had an hour or so to work on the next TFZer graphic, before I had to get the things ready for today’s Winwood Tenants Social Hour Meeting.

Carried out the ablutions, Haemorrhoid Harry bleeding a bit.

Off I poddled to the Social Hour, taking the nibbles and raffle prizes with me.

All change today, many new faces, tenants relatives, but some old ones missing. There was an atmosphere lingering, at first, I could not understand what or why this was.

I sat down next to a bloke’s daughter, being as that was the only chair. BJ arrived, and old Bill joined us at the table, their seats are always sacrosanct and saved for them.

When the raffle started, it came out as to why some of the old dears were pensive. The visitors won a lot of prizes, and some did not donate any themselves, this was the cause of the silent angst. I found this out afterwards when I handed the nibbles out, and one of my tenant darlings told me. The lady next to me had won five prizes, and this did not go down well, cause they all noticed that she does not bring anything for the raffle with her. I never thought of that.

I had some new pains come on while I was nattering to Bill and BJ. On the left side of the chest and around under the armpit? I’ll not hide it, I was worried and felt proper ill.

Left a few minutes earlier than usual, as I walked out and said my cheerios to the regulars, I was ignored a bit. Possibly they thought the woman I was sat next to was a relative of mine? Or, they were busy chinwagging themselves? Peggy, who runs the Social noticed my discomfort earlier and inquired how I was and told me to seek assistance if it continues.

Walked back to the flat and had a dizzy en route. Only a short one, though.

Got into the flat and got the potatoes boiling and the bacon in the oven. The pain eased but remained on and off. The imprecision and vagueness of mind returned.

I’d intended to get out and see the bank manager, but felt drained already, and not in a good state. Then tried doing the TFZ graphics, but concentration was minimal and tiring.

4Thur09Blogged and did some more Facebooking without problems, and the meal was ready.

Notwithstanding feeling a little delicate, I did enjoy this din-din.

Small potatoes boiled, pickled mushrooms, beetroots and two bacon pieces (Dribbled with BBQ sauce).

Two slices of the half-Rye-Half-sourdough bread followed with the banana and lemon fool.

Put the washing up to soak in the bowl, had another dizzy and got sat down in the £300 second-hand recliner, put the TV on and fell asleep for a couple of hours, woken by the sound of the door chime banging out a rendition of Dusty Springfield’s “I only want to be with you”. As I struggled to get out of the chair before whoever it was, gave up, I thought it might be someone checking if I was alright? No, it was Don from another flat wanting some 20p pieces for his laundry.

4Thur11I made a mug of tea and searched for the camera to take this photographicalisation of the Sherwood sunset.

Settled once again to watch some TV – nodded off again.

Woke by the telephone ringing away – another struggle to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair before they rang off.

Jpose03It was Sister Jane, so nice to hear from her. I’m afraid I waffled a bit and didn’t get the full message, as I was a bit droopy from the kip.

She sounded well, bless her.

Something we said must have triggered my thoughts, for I do recall sitting and musing over memories from long ago for an hour or so as I sat there in the dark pondering on life and it’s problems, personal and global, peace being the main worry… I mean, the violence and hatred being the primary concern for the world that needs corrective and compassionate attention – but it will not get it, that is certain.

The engrossment and mortification over the world’s worries had worn me out, but I could not get back to sleep for hours.

Waking up around 0350hrs, drained!

Inchcock Today Wed 1 June 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop, Busy, Mayhem and Confusion, but it doesn’t matter, I met Olive today!

Wednesday 1st June 2016


Stirred into life around 0445hrs, sat thinking of the dreams a while, lost the memories. Moved on to thinking what the day ahead needed doing or worrying about.

I told the Nottingham City Homes repair bloke last night as he left that I would need to be leaving the flat by 0830hrs to get to my INR blood test. He said an electrician would be coming today. He took my extra door key as he wasn’t sure if he’d be here by that time?

So, I’ll have to leave them both in the flat and just hope they are honest.

The second hand £300 recliner was already in the down position when I tried to lower it?

I got the cleaning stuff from the bedroom and moved them into the kitchen ready for my ablutions later, made a cuppa and took the medications.

Put some toilet paper in the barren bathroom in case the bloke needed it then.

Got the laptop on and did the diaries and downloaded the bathroom pictures for the camera ready for the ‘Shower Conversion Special’ creation then.

A farcical wash at the kitchen sink, during which I had to fetch things from the bedroom many times that I’d forgot to have ready, like; Pain gel, ear spray, towel (honestly, humph) and scrubbing brush. I’ve left them on a trolley in the kitchen now, so I hopefully don’t fuss about so much, over the next coming couple of days.

Set off well wrapped up in the rain, on the walk to the surgery, met the unhappy looking this morning Maintenance man as he arrived at the flats.


The rain abated as I got over the last hill and down into Carrington proper.The walk to the Doctors went well until the feet started playing up just before I arrived there.

Considering it was around 0910hrs, there were not many vehicles or even pavement cyclists anywhere in sight?

The walk to the Doctors went well until the feet started playing up just before I arrived there.

The nurse soon sorted my blood tests out, even saw me earlier than the appointment was for. In no time it seemed I was out of the building and walking down to the shops to go to Lidl for some fodder.

Ended up getting two small cobs, some prepared fresh vegetables I could roast today, a large tomato and two bananas. (How the other half live eh!) And, as far as I could tell, none of the staff sneered at me or overcharged me today! Well done Lidl!

Caught the bus back into Sherwood, and called into Holland & Barrett to get some Japanese rice crackers. As I entered the store, I noticed a lady passing by down the hill with three dogs on one lead. The assistant at the shop resigned me up for their Loyalty Card because I’d lost the original one. Tsk!

P1090057Leaving the shop, I couldn’t resist taking this photographicalisation of the three dogs where she had tied the lead to while she popped in a store.

Strikes me that these three animals are not keen on each other?

Hehehe! The little on was at risk if a car chose to park in that lay-by, so I went to try and encourage the little darling to stand on the pavement, he displayed his teeth at me, and I left him alone standing in the road. The other two showed no interest in my attendance.

P1090058Walked across the pelican lights and back up the hill and over and down to Woodthorpe Grange Park entrance, and up the tree-lined footpath.

Now the rain had stopped for a good while, the air was fresh, a bit windy mind, but not really cold with it.

Had a look at some of the dogs wagging their tails and chasing balls, amazing how some of them never take the ball back to their owner?

P1090059Up to the turn off to the right to go down the gravel footpath and the wind really was blowing there.

High branches and thousands of twigs and leaves scattered the area. I considered walking down through the copse, but decided against it, the wind and that like.

Down the hill and into the flats lobby. A quick check in the laundry room revealed one washing machine free, so, up to the apartment and no maintenance man on site, but he’d locked the door behind him. Got the washing and went down and got it going on quick-mode. Took my Victoria Wood book with me to read. While doing so, ensconced in one of the chairs reading, Deana the flats coordinator approached me. She needed to interview me and said she’d call a 0900hrs in the morning? Gave her some nibbles. Moved the washing into the dryer, set it going and went back upstairs and got the laptop on and updated this tosh. The maintenance man had returned and was busy working away.

55 minutes later (this dryer take 60 minutes), I popped down as the chap was going for his nosh, to collect the dried washing. The machine had finished quicker than usual, and a lady had taken my laundry out and put it on the draining board so she could use the device. I thanked her.

My beautiful neighbour from the  12th floor, Olive, was having her hair done next door. I realised I had not taken the laundry bag with me to collect the clothes in (Tsk), so I went back up along with Olive in the lift. As we got out fo it, she sad she had left her walking stick downstairs. I said I’d fetch it for her when I go down to fetch my laundry. To the flat and got the bag, down to the laundry room and collected Olive’s stick and the laundry and took the stick to Olive’s flat.,

Got the laundry into the airing cupboard, and the laptop on to update this again.

I put away the fodder and cleaned the Crock-Pot and sink area.

The maintenance man returned. The electrician arrived, no introduction or words, he just came in and got on with whatever it was he wanted to do? Waylay that comment, it was a bloke who got the wrong flat, no electrician arrived today at all.

Worked on the TFZ graphics, about half way through now.

1525hrs: The carpenter come plumber bloke told he was leaving, going to get some stuff for tomorrow.

I got the vegetables in the oven, checked the paper for any TV I wanted to watch, and there was a lot – whether I’ll stay awake long enough, though…

P1090064Updated this to here and got the nosh ready.

This was my first time trying courgettes, I was not impressed and blame these on the return of the runs later. Hehe!

Did the washing up and settled in the working again second-hand £300 recliner, and the instant I turned on the gogglebox to watch some more of the Pie in the Sky DVD, the stomach churned and I extracted myself from the chair and hurriedly made my way to the throne – I came very close to a Whoopsiegangleplop incident, and only made it in time with seconds to spare! One big gurgle and splat and it was all over, no bleeding from the Haem Aroids mind.

The reason for this near disaster? The maintenance man had swapped the bathroom door to open from the right to the left! Those precious few seconds when my muddled brain fought to understand why the door handle had disappeared could have proved Whoopsiedangleplop-worthy. Haha!

I assume because I had not got any exercise in today, this was the reason one could not get to sleep, well gone midnight before I got off to kip. Then had so many calls to the porcelain, I left the recliner in the lower position – Humph!


Inchcock Today Sat 6 Feb 16: Leg cramps still bad, not good this!

A man strolled into a Solicitors office and asked about the attorney’s rates. “£3000, for three inquiries”, answered the legal advisor.

“Isn’t that outrageously, terribly expensive,” asked the man.

“Yes,” the legal advisor answered, “and what was your third question?”


Saturday 6th February 2016

I gave up trying to sleep about 0330 hrs and got up with great difficulty with the lower part of the legs in such pain. I was glad none of my other ailments were playing up because I don’t know how I’d cope with it along with these damned cramp-like discomforts.

But, I’m glad to be here still considering, so no grievances, just a little mention of the situation borne out of the frustration of the constant agony! Hehe, did I say that?

Got a call to the porcelain, and it took me so long to get there, I nearly had a Whoopsiedangleplop. Oh dear!

I put the kettle on to make a cuppa and take the medications. Looked around the kitchen and pondered on whether I’d be able to cope with cleaning it up later? The legs don’t play about at hurting when I walk, bend or stretch. I must get it as clean as I can because Sister Janet is making her first call at the flat for her inspection and criticism duties. Hehe! And she is so skilled at this! Her withering cynical look, the perfectly timed Tut combined with her little hardly deceptable tossing back of her head. Then there is the morale sagging curl of her lips when she disapproves of anything. She has honed these skills over the years, and I would rate her as one of the very best Critisisationists in the country, if not the world. She certainly scares me at the thought of her coming after I’ve been in the flat for five months.

No flat in history will have gone through such subtle, yet covertly vindictive an assessment as mine is due to have tomorrow. It certainly scares me at the thought of her coming after I’ve been in the flat for five months.

So, I’ll have to go through the pain barrier to try and make sure nothing is out of place, dusty or untidy before her arrival. Not that there will be any chance on earth that she’ll find nothing wrong with it.

Of course, I’m joking?

I got yesterday’s diary finished and posted.

Now, I must get off this laptop and make the difficult start on doing the kitchen.

0915hrs: TTFN

1245hrs: I’m back!

I managed to get the kitchen done and sorted.

DSC00142 DSC00143

Doing the actual work was a little easier than I thought it might be, but still painful of yer know worra mean like?

The fridge offered a complex problem for cleaning it, though. The shelves wouldn’t come out as the installers had put it too close to the outer wall for the door to open far enough to access getting the shelves out to clean! After a few knocks and curse words, I managed to move it just far enough to do the job.

I’ve mastered the funny looking rag mop now.

It didn’t look too bad when I’d got it all finished.

Now I’ve got to keep it clean, ready for the inspection in tomorrow by Sister Jane.

I won’t do any cooking tonight; I’ll have sandwiches instead. I’ve got some cooked meat and the jam to use on them. Took the medications.

Fatigued now, almost burnt out.

The cramp in the lower leg, or whatever it is, remains bothersome.

I watched some TV without nodding off, so I tried reading a book, that did it.


Inchcock Today Fri 5 Feb 16: Cramp and Arthur Itis bad in the legs all day. Humph!


Friday 5th February 2016

Woke with a jump around 0400hrs, sure it was the dream I’d been having. Wrote down some notes before I nodded off again.

Awoke with a mission to visit the porcelain at 0600hrs, got up get to the bathroom with the knees not at all keen on my doing so. But a good start to the day here: No blood from the rear or Little Inchy and the constipation was a great deal easier! Mind you, I was doing so much sneezing it started the reflux valve off, and breathing was not without a certain amount of pain. Hey-ho, you can’t have everything eh? Hehe!

 Made a cuppa, took the medications and got the laptop on, consulted the notes on the dream. Even after such a short while, many of the words meant nothing to me, but at least, I could remember certain bits of it without the notes?:

I was inside a tram or railway carriage, running up and down the length of it, and recognised many passengers from my past. Then, I was loading an old stage coach with everything imaginable. Those items I can recall were a fish aquarium, my old Hoover from 1984, boxes and boxes of books, umbrellas, walking frames, my old fishing tackle, even my old brown Reliant Robin, that for some reason had become collapsable? In amongst the things were people, and I was trying to feed them at the same time as loading up the carriage?

The surroundings changed, I was on top of the stagecoach (The driver of the stagecoach was a guard who I had worked with many years ago). As it trundled along on the cobbled roads, and I kept spotting people at the side of the road and demanding that we stop to pick them up. Vagrants, policemen, Jeremy Thorpe amongst the many we collected I think. The others inside eventually turned on me, telling me that these new folk would have to share their Sugar Puffs, and there were not sufficient to go round?

I started this diary off, then completed yesterday’s and got it posted. Not that anything interesting was in it like.

I came across this word ‘Ingeniculation’ today. It will come in handy for me to use and try to impress others with. It means ‘Bending of the knee.’ Feel free to use it like. Hehe!

I got myself in the bath (Not easy, and a painful exercise, especially getting out again Hehe).

Had a gossip with some residents as I waited for the bus to arrive. One of the girls told me to try a shop called Lakeland to get some little individual pots of preserves from.

DSC00134 Got into town and went to the Jessops camera shop to see it they had any multi-card readers.

They had, but it cost me £24 plus VAT making it £30 all but a penny.

So, I went to the bank and got some cash. Tsk!

Then had a hobbled to the Lakeland shop to investigate for some Blackcurrant preserve jars. They did have some in, they were packs of three 40g jars; £3 each! Blimey the jars are only sufficient to make one sandwich! I didn’t invest in any.

The cramps along with the arthritis were making me suffer today. Oh Yes!

DSC00136I limped to the Primark store and found they had some of the jammie bottoms in at £5 each on a clearance counter. So I bought the last two XL pairs on the shelves. Well, it said £5 on the ticket, later when I got back to the flat, I found they had charged me £6 for them. Also, £2 for a Fair Isle Fleece, whatever one of them are? The jumpers I’d bought they charged me DSC00138the proper price? Suppose I’ll have to go back again, Huh!

I had a dodder around the slab square.

Seeing the buildings that were designed by the brilliant Watson Fothergill in this photograph, made me appreciation the man’s skill more than ever.

I wasn’t too cold today, but the biting wind made feel like it was.

DSC00137There were dozens of foreign food stall in the slab square today, along with some craft stalls.

At one on the corner, they were charging £5.99 for a French beefburger? That’s about $8.68 in American dollars, for one beefburger?

Perhaps they were made with horsemeat?

That’s about $8.68 in American dollars, for one beefburger?

In another, they were selling Kangaroo burgers at £4.99.

I could the 40 bus back to the flats, to save me having to wait for half an hour in the wind for the L9 bus that would have taken me all the way to the flats.

When I dropped off on Winchester Street Hill, the bus departed and I checked both ways and waited on the bend in the road, until no traffic was in sight – a car coming UP the hill nearly had me as I grappled to cross the road quickly enough, thanks to the pain from my arthritis and cramps. I’ve never had such persistent pains during the day ever. It might be the heavier water retention in the legs today that caused this? I’ll ask the nurse when I go for my INR blood test in the morning. No! I mean on Monday.

I doddered along to the flat. Got in and took an extra painkiller before doing anything, and then had to peep at the porcelain.

I put the clobber I’d bought in the self-erected steel and canvas storage thingy – it wobbled a bit. That made two of us. Hehehe!

Laptop on and updated this twollop.

01W01aDecided on baked potatoes and a beef pie for dinner. If I remember, I add some sweet potato balls when there are twenty minutes left to go. Garden peas in the pan and for afters, I have one strawberry mini-cheesecake left.

Please heed, that I did not, I say not, buy any fresh cream french horns again today!

I feel almost proud of myself. Haha!

Did some Facebooking.

DSC00140Not a bad meal. Apart from the sweet potato balls, they tasted a bit off – so I dished them.

Rated the remainder at 9.1/10.

Completely wiped out now.

The cramps on the swollen water retaining legs were still as bad as it was when I got up this morning.

Tried to watch some goggle-box but kept falling asleep and whenever I moved the legs the pain sprang me back into the world of awakeness! Humph!

Inchcock Today Tue 3 Feb 16: Struggling first thing, but it got better later!


A Wasted opportunity from this day in 1966

Tuesday 3 February 2016

I awoke in pain with the aching back and cramps along with the need to attend the porcelain throne. Little Inchy was bleeding away, the haemorrhoids were bleeding away, and I hit my head on wash basin when I dropped the toilet roll and tried to retrieve it!

For some reason, I was singing ♫ “Aching all over” ♫, then had a sensation of the dreams I’d had. Nothing concrete, just that I didn’t like them.

I felt the bad day yesterday would continue today as I said before; the aches and pains all over my body were my fault for trying to do too much sorting and cleaning in one go, I think. It’s just that I don’t get much time for getting the things sorted with all the appointments and my over-use of the internetting addiction.

At least the hot water was back on, but it was far too early for a much-needed soak yet.

The Radox awaits. Hehe!

I didn’t doctor Little Inchy or the piles, best to leave that until after the bathing.

Make a cuppa and took the medications. I should get the INR Warfarin Blood test results today.

Finished and posted Tuesday’s diary off and started this one.

Did some Facebooking and WordPressing, and then got to starting my graphic idea I’d had.

Had a good decontamination, and then I had a cleansing session. Not cutting myself shaving while shaving either.


I took the rubbish to the chute. Then I called at the Winwood Community Shed and left some Polish bread for the gals there. Back to the foyer to wait for the F9 bus to Arnold. Had a natter with some other residents and gave them some nibbles.

Out and caught the bus, dropping off (No, not falling sleeping, Hehe!), in Daybrook and called at the Aldi store. Bought some bread thins, Cod Liver Oil tablets, Frikadellen burgers, and a TV paper for next week.

Paid the sweet non-communicative, scary young girl on the till, and made way hobblingly into Arnold and the Sainsbury shop.

P1020968The had some good offers on that I took advantage of. Salt & Vinegar cooked almonds £1.40 down to 70p, Rankin potato farls £1.40 down to £1.00 and Irish Soda Bread down to £1.00 too.

The helpful woman on the till was amazed when she asked me if I had a Nexus card and I informed her I didn’t! Then I confused her when she told me the bill was £6.47, and I offered her the 47p in loose change to go with £20 note I handed her to save her change. The concept of my offering this only made the poor thing perplexed and annoyed for some reason?

Please note, I resisted the temptation of the Fresh Cream French Horns as I passed them in the fridge too!

Walked over the road and waited patiently to catch the bus back to the flats.

Managed to stay awake all the way back (Smug smile creeps on my face).

It was much windier than when I left the flats.

Got in and to the WC with proper timing from the bladder for once.

The Anticoagulation Test Results had been delivered while I was out. Up to 2.6, a lot better and nearer to the 3.5 target.

Cuppa and midday medications taken then worked on my idea for a graphic for a while.

A long, long while…

TreatmentMany hours later, I got it finished.

By then, I was well drained again and struggling to stay awake.D

Made my nosh, Frikadellen and potato cakes sandwiches.

Took the medications, washed the pots and collapsed into the armchair to read me Classic Car magazine at last.

Into a slumber and dreamt of one of the TFZ gals, Janet Arron. We were in a supermarket and having a whale of a time, singing dancing and cavorting. Can’t recall much fine detail.

The car magazine remained unread. It’ll become a classic in its own rights if I don’t get it read soon. Hehe!

Put the TV on, and it was still on when I woke up in the morning.


Wed 5th June 2015: Inchcock Today: Morrison’s delivery, Dentist 0930hrs too early for a bus so walk there, Iceland 1300hrs, Clinic 1430hrs, Try ringing Age UK Steve (Ha!), Rubbish down chute, take extra Omeprazole, Clean up behind kitchen door, Little Inch bleeding, No magnesium to be had after long search, Dentist changes appointment, Nuisance phone-caller, Internet on a go-slow… Tsk!

Wednesday 5th June 2015


Up at 0355hrs, mind racing again: Morrison’s delivery, Dentist 0930hrs too early for a bus so walk there, Iceland 1300hrs, Clinic 1430hrs, Try ringing Age UK Steve (Ha!), Laundry, Rubbish down chute, take extra Omeprazole, Clean up behind kitchen door, Nuisance phone-caller, Prescriptions to collect, Cramps and on and on…

I realised that the ‘Cramps’ had not bothered me much at all last night, not sure if that was due to the dollop of Phorpain I’d rubbed into me legs or not. Must get some magnesium tablets while out this morning. (Soon found out that none of the three chemists I called in sold them – HUH!)

Made cuppa, laptop on and took me medications.

WC’d finding ‘Little Inchy’ had been bleeding again, yet another pair of jammy bottoms for the wash!

Legs showing signs of water retention – surprised me that as I am visiting the porcelain far more often this last few days?

IMG_0041Wash and brush-up, during which the perfectionist painter Paul’s handiwork I admired.

Wondered how to get off the paint without scratching the door?

A handy-man I ain’t, but he got paid for this crap painting!

The horrible high winds of yesterday and last night were in my favour for once – they were coming from the East and the flats on the other side to where I am coped for the worst. They seem to have dropped a lot this morning.

Did the header for today’s Diary. Posted yesterdays diary and started this one proper.

Got me things ready and set-off on me walk to the Chemists to get some Magnesium tablets, and the dentist fer me appointment.

Called in at the Community Hut on the way – but no one in again.

DSCF0205Walked up into Woodthorpe Park and down the path under the Chestnut trees to Mansfield Road.

Burke-on-a-bike nearly had me coming from behind. Git!

Turned left and over the crest of the hill and into the chemists. Where I asked them if the sold Magnesium tablets to relieve cramps – the lady said no, they are not allowed to stock cramp medications any longer. Oh?

Walked down and into the dentists, where I joined an orderly queue of other mugs all waiting to be snapped at, insulted, sneered at and overcharged.

The Obergruppenfurher Receptionist informed me there was no appointment for me today – it was for next Tuesday 11th at 1415hrs.

0707bI was admonished in Concentration camp Commander style for not realising the appointment had been changed, and reminded of the £18.80 extra charge if I fail to turn up for the next appointment???  

Well I’ll be blowed!

Tail between me legs I departed.

Walked down to the Boots store and waited patiently for someone to tend to me – for a good while. Eventually a lady did come to me at the counter. I asked about Magnesium tablets for me Cramps and she went to talk to someone, then returned. They used to sell Crampex tablets, but they have had to stop stocking them. Oh dear! I should try the larger Boots in town or an independent chemist.

So off to the bus-stop with me free pensioners bus-pass and caught one into town – having first worked out if I had the time so as to get back to the flat fer me food delivery on time.

Dropped off in town and went into the big Boots store in Victoria shopping centre (Mall).

Same story from them, they do not stock them any-more – the chap said that Crampex was a specialist product and no one else makes anything like them to offer me as a substitute. That’s nice innit – all the Cramp-sufferers now have to suffer in agony then?

DSCF0206Not a good day up to now!

Another Nottingham Pavement cyclist nearly had me as I left the building to go and get a bus back to the flats. Huh!

Caught the bus back to the flats.

DSCF0207The route takes in many steep hills to and from the flats on the L9 bus.

Had a go on me crossword book to help stop me from nodding off again en-route like.

Called at the Community hut again on the way to the flat – no one in again.

Thought for a moment when I passed the laundry room and there was a washer free, I’d get me washing done… then remembered I’d got me food coming so changed me mind.

Got in WC’d, then took me bag of rubbish to the chute.

Laptop on and updated this diary. Not an easy job as the Virgin internet connection was so slow… I’d getting fed-up with today…

I tried rebooting laptop to see if it helped speed up the connection…

It didn’t.

Nipped to the Community Shed – still nobody about.

DSCF0209Made me nosh

Cheesey potatoes, 2 mini pork & pickle pies, bread thins and the last few of me seasoned curly potatoes and roast potatoes.

Followed by a small cake and iced lolly.

Rated it 8.4/10.

I got a telephone call on the landline and it was the same foreign chap who has phoned me for the last two nights – can’t really understand what he’s saying. I think he was asking me about an order for some food, but I might be wrong. I decided to turn off the ringer as it seems he is intent on hassling me for some reason. This in turn made the health-alarm box make a buzzing noise and the red light flashed – thought I had to press the flashing light button and got the emergency monitoring lady on asking if I was alright? Int life confusing?

Had a bath and shave, put some Phorpain gel on me legs and knees.

Updated this diary – remembered me medications a little late, but still.

Again fell asleep in the chair – woke-up wobbling with a dizzy, then got me head down.

Tue 16th June 2015: Inchcock Today – Confused again Tsk!

Tuesday 16th June 2015

Yee-haaa – got some sleep in last night without waking up too often too! Oddly I have no traces of any dreams in my mind?

The cramps in the legs I got last night were still there occasionally for a while throughout the morning. Huh!

The stinging from the wound seemed a bit less this morning. (Until I caught it on the wall when I lost me balance putting me socks on – Tsk!)

Made a cuppa and laptop started. Took me medications.

Sent some happy birthday messages out while I thought of it like, in case on the day I’m under anaesthetic or something like that. Debbie Taylor’s birthday on Thursday – I hope it all goes happily smoothly and is fun for her.

Should get me second Tesco delivery today and then I have to meet Steve from Age UK at the flats to view them. I haven’t heard anything back from the Guinness people yet about me application for the home at Colville Court yet? Don’t bode well does it? I’m not looking forward to the treck up Winchester Street though.0703

Hell of a struggle getting up that damned hill. Although during the day there is a local mini-bus that runs every so often into the flats and around the other streets eventually getting to into town.

I’m not too keen on the thought of moving there even if I get accepted. The place smells a bit off like, tobacco and alcohol fumes lingered when I visited it the other week, along with a strange sweet smell I could not identify? But Steve wanted to have a look so he can gain some knowledge on them for other old folk he helps.

Tesco delivery came on time. I got an email later telling it it was delayed?

IMG_0150The pack of ten quick cook sausages that could be done in the microwave arrived, I got two packs as they were on offer from £2.50 down to £1 each pack but only for a limited time like. Little bargain hunter me!

Could not resist putting a couple in the microwave oven and trying them.

IMG_0151They looked good, smelt good and didn’t taste too bad at all.

But I would never pay full price for them.

Rating: 7/10

Couldn’t put the stuff away properly so just got frozen in the freezer and fresh in the fridge, others left in bags all over the shop – Tsk!

The throat and voice are still bad, started coughing and sneezing too now. Oh dear!

Did some Facebooking while I waited to get ready for me walk into Sherwood and up that flipping hill to the flats to meet Steve.

0704Steve phoned, he’s going to ring the Guinness Trust to see if we call view the flat today. He’ll get back to me.

I noticed when I Googled it on Street view, they had a To Let sign up – but of course I don’t know when the scene was taken?

IMG_0152Set off on me walk to Woodthrorpe to meet Steve.

In St Johns graveyard was a  woman with her five dogs playing ball. Very respectful I thought that.

Plodded onto and up Mansfield Road – nice weather and very little wind today.

IMG_0153Several Nottingham Pavement cyclists encountered en-route… again!

Into Sherwood and up to Winchester Street and set off up the hill of hills.

As I slowly made me way up, I looked down a side
street, Cavendish Vale I think it was, and got a view of one of the high-Rise blocks of flats, Woodthorpe Court I think, that I was on me way to have a IMG_0157look at.

The last part of the hike was not easy as the roadway got a lot  steeper as I approached the flats.

I arrived and sat on a bench reading me book to await the arrival of Steve from Age UK.

He arrived and we a chat about things related to me failed home-hunting for a while.

We went over and met Susan the lady from City Homes and she told us there was one double bedroomed flat in Winchester Court, and one single in Woodthorpe Court that I could make a ‘Bid’ for.


Woodthorpe Court

We had a look at the double, and it was in a right state. Then we moved to Woodthorpe Court to have a look at the single flat on the 16th floor of the 19 floor complex.

I liked the layout of the kitchen, and the views, although all obscured a tad by the Anti-pigeon netting, were amazing.

After talking with Steve he decided I should put in a bid for the flat and Susan said she would do it for me later in the day.

Steve agreed I should still have a look at the Guinness flats at Colville Court. Although I have heard nothing back from them – Steve said he would phone them and see what the situation was and if we could visit to see them. He’ll let me know later.

Steve went off, he offered to give me a lift home but the wound on me back made me than him but decline his offer.

Walked home, took longer than I thought it would.

IMG_0158Had me nosh of baked spuds, tomatoes, Marmite cheese, BBQ chicken and microwave sausages.

The mind was reeling.

So tired and confused.

Soon nodded off I think.

Mon 15.6.15: Inchcock Today

Monday 15th June 2015

IMG_0144Got some kip in last night at last – broken up with waking in pain everytime I twisted wrongly or moved – Tsk!

A strange band of cloudless sky on the horizon this morning?

Made a cuppa.

IMG_0145Laptop on and set about doing me posts for the League of Mental Men on Wodpress.

Took me medications.

After a few hours I’d got them done and dusted like.

Then some progress with me trying to learn how to get out of the Windows page on the new laptop! I found a page on Google search that informed me: Press Windows icon + D to exit – it works! Hurrah!

Finished yesterday’s Diary and got that posted.

Did some Facebooking and enjoyed that.

Decided to marinate me beans for later. Tried a slightly different recipe this time:

Nature Camping & Hiking - Postcard - Large

I hope it comes out alright. I plan to have some bacon and sausage with it – and wholemeal bread of course.

I think the shoulder is starting to get better, as the urge to scratch it is getting harder to resist.

The sore throats getting no better, but the voice is.

Started doing this diary up.

Got a good wash and scrub-up, and left for the surgery, feeding the pigeons en-route.

I arrived and booked missen in with the receptionist lassie.

The nurse came and collected me – she has always reminded me of a Nazi concentration camp leader yer know. (Only joking – honestly)

By the time we’d walked to her surgery, about 20 seconds – she had made me aware that: She is only allowed seven minutes with each patient – I was to hurry and get me things off for her to do me INR test and I must not keep on gaining weight! (Didn’t know I had?)

She talked her way through the procedure and told me to hold the cotton wool on the vein she’d just used to extract a bit of blood from.

As she was inputting things on the computer I bravely told her about the receptionist cancelling me CHD checks and making it for the next day along with me stitches to be taken out appointment.

She gleefully changed all the appointment around and made one pro-tem one for me.

Thursday 18 June – Wound dressings to be checked and changed..

Monday 22 June – Pro-Tem INR checks according to todays results when they come back.

Thursday 18 June – Wound dressing to be checked and redone.

Friday 19 June – Clinic to see if the new cortisone injections are working.

Wednesday 24 June – Wound stitches to come out. Oh joy!

Thursday 2 July – CDH starvation-health checks to be done.

A stiff lecture about not doing anything too physical and I was bundled out of the door. Leaving them a bag of nibbles on me way out.

IMG_0147Wandered down to Lidl and had a look around. Got two lemon cheesecakes, a tin of potatoes and a lemon curd yoghurt.

As I left to walk back, I observed a group of four yobboes lurking near the cut-through again, so I took the long route avoiding contact with them.

Better safe than sorry I thought.

Got in and stirred me marinading beans, WC’d and made a cuppa.

Then got totally lost trying find out why the laptop had started asking for passwords when it started? And also failed to find a way of stopping it doing so. Another two hours wasted. Huh!

Took some stuff out to the bins and regretted doing so when the wound played up.

IMG_0148Put the medical appointment on me Google diary, so they should show up on me windows mobile?

Made me nosh and devoured it!

Sat up to avoid catching me wound to read me book and….

The cramps came on suddenly – Ooooh, argh…. eeck! followed by an elongated earrrrggghhh! when I twisted withpain and caught be wound… ah-well.

Did a bit of Facebooking.

TTFN all.

Wed 6.5.15: Inchcock Today: Incorporating Election Fun!

Wednesday 6th May 2015

A good five hours kip in last night.

Can’t recall them, although I know I had many dreams.

IMG_0080The left hand in particular was in a bit of a state – not good when one is left-handed – Tsk!


Managed to make a flask of tea and take me morning medications.

Checked me conditions: Angina fine, Haemmorhoids no bleeding, Hernia okay, Skin cancer growths painful when touched,  Inch lesion tender not bleeding now, ulcer no bother, Arthur Itis hands bad, knees fine, feet fair, I can feel the mechanical ticker valve clicking away, so I know the heart is still going. Haha!

But feeling extremely nervous for some reason?

Did me BP etc: Sys 178 – Dia 91 – Pulse 78 – Temp 36.2 Sys a bit high methinks, but then again I did the test a little later than usual?


The Sky was back to looking pretty – but by Jimminee the wind was a-howling with it!

Typing difficult with the distorted fingers – but hey-ho, many worse off than me.

Did the header for this diary with great difficulty – Coreldraw and Serif both crashed and I had to save what I could then restart the laptop twice to continue… both annoying and bothersome!

Grrr! Gnash and Tut!

Back again after another restart. Getting a bit fed-up with this!

The sun keeps going in then out this morning.

Just looked at the weather forecast for today in Nottingham – Heavy Rain!

That’s me in for the day then.

I thought about the elections and pondered on which set of nihilists to vote for…

I feel sorry for the Lib-Dems after Clegg has embarrassed the rank and file with joining the Tories in power.

The Tories (although the bigger of the liars) do want to have a good economy and to make the rich richer and poor poorer?

Labour with invisible Ed at the helm seem harmless.

Nigel’s UKIP have a decent plan for the NHS.

That’s it then, I either vote for em all or none of em?

Do I risk a little walk about today in the imminent rain or not? (Oh, it’s coming down now!) Decisions decisions!

I’ll get a wash and scrub up and decide then methinks… alright I’m off to Bulwell to feed me mallards then…

Set off to the bus-stop0303.

The sky was now murkier than twas and foreboding in nature, the rampant wind persisting.

Bus-pass at the ready – I set off to the bus-stop as the rain trickled down – Got as far as white van in the picture on the left – then returned to change me reading glasses fer me bifocals like yer know? Tsk!

The Inch began tingling, so I called in the WC to check it out – no bleeding all okay – Phew!

0312Caught the busy bus into town and had a walk around and through Trinity Square taking a photo of some ‘Bling’ precious ear-rings from on e of the jewellers window displays.

Amazing fancy designs and not too expensive compared to many I’ve seen on me ‘Bling Photographicalisationing sessions.

0304 - CopyI took a shot of the old Elite Building roof with its beautifully designed and created artistic shapes.

I later cut and over contrasted it in Corledraw9 and managed to remove the dark sky background so we could see the ornateness (Big word that!) of the stonework.

0304aDown King Street and into the centre and caught a tram into Bulwell.

As it pulled away I took a photograph through one of the doors trying to capture the trees being blown about in the nasty winds.

It was dry in the City Centre, no signs of any rain there yet. Just the high winds that ere everywhere.

As the tram approached Bulwell Station I remembered the bashing I got as I got off here the other day from the crowd rushing for the doors – so I cunningly held back to avoid injury.

0305As I walked over the bridge there were no mallards to be seen, and someone had already fed the pigeons.

The shallow rubbish filled river Leen was looking more like the Atlantic ocean with the wind!

I hobbled over to the Market Place, where the windy weather had beaten away 0306all but a couple of brave traders – struggling in the wind.

I called into Fulton Foods shop and was pleased to find they had both some Blackcurrrant Ice-cream lollies in their freezers, and the microwave Lamb Shank packs in the cooler.

So I got one of each as bit of a treat.

Wanting to get back ASAP so as to get the lollies in me freezer, I caught the bus back to Carrington.

There was not the usual crush of passengers so I risked climbing (Not easy with my knees – but then again, I suppose it would have been harder without them?) the stairs up to the top deck with the aim of getting some photographs from the higher angle. A much regretted move later, when it came to climbing down the stairs with the bus in motion to get off – Tsk!

0307Took a photo of part of the Housing Estate on Edwards Lane first. It didn’t come out well.

As we moved on and over the traffic island and up Hucknall Road, I tried to take a photo of the roadworks – but with the movement of the bus and reflection from the windows it ended up looking more like a Mystery Object competition photo.

0308The traffic as we climbed the hill up Hucknall Road was building up on the out of town lanes as they struggled to get through the road-works at the traffic island.

The wind was blowing these trees so much I feared one might topple over – I do so hate these flipping gale winds so much, and fear them too.

We got over the brow of the hill through the traffic lights and down to the next set of lights.

The rain started again and the sky changed within seconds to an ominous mixture of black grey and white very fast moving and ever changing in the winds.

Up to the top of the next hill and I dropped off the bus – just in time – it took me a while to get painfully down the stairs in time to catch me bus-stop like. It might not be such a good idea for me to go upstairs on the buses in the future – Hehe.

0310Took a photo of the ever changing sky as I went up stairs to respond to an urgent call to the porcelain.

Dark cloud, high winds and sunshine sneaking through?

I set about getting me nosh ready then.

IMG_0097Potatoes, garden peas peppers and chicken in an American Sauce.

Looked good, smelt good too – but it was too hot for me I’m afraid.

Don’t remember what the sauce was called like, but maybe I put in too many peppers?

I started to watch a ‘Touch of Frost DVD’ – and the inevitable happened – off I drifted into a deep slumber.

Woke four hours later and found the laptop on, I’s spilt a cup of spring water – luckily it only went over me and not the laptop and I’d been laying obliviously in it while kipping away – oh dear…

Cleaned missen up, WC’s and got on with doing this diary post.

Took me medications belatedly, and applied me creams.

0311On me way down to make a cuppa I espied a rainbow through the window. Got me camera and took some shots of it.

A rare happening in Nottingham this – not as fascinating as those rainbows that appear elsewhere I know.

Struggling to do this diary now as the hands and fingers are starting to freeze-up again now.

Been an odd sort of day, full of nothing.

Must remember to vote tomorrow – not that I have any faith in any of the candidates or their parties either. A matter for me of choosing the nihilists who might cause us proletariats least damage.

No point in voting for those who do not cheat and lie – because they all do!


0104 0105


Mon 4.5.15 Inchcock Today

Monday 4th April 2015

What a good sleep – got up when I sprang awake at… 1010hrs!


Early Morning Sky (Well late morning really – Tsk!)

I reckon I got six hours in. Vague memories of me dreams but nowt in detail. Tsk!

WC’d – then went to make a flask of tea – but found the flask leaking – oh dear!

Made a mug and a pot of porridge.

Did me BP: Sys 157 Dia 95 Pulse 100 – but couldn’t IMG_0058find me thermometer to take me temperature?

Laptop on and set about doing me LOMM entries for last week like.

I’ll have to get out and buy another flask – and call at the shop in Victoria Centre to get a prod-pen thingy to use with me new phone soon.

Feeling nervous again for some reason today.

Washed, titivated, medicated missen and set off to the bus-stop with me free-pensioners bus-pass. Being Bank Holiday there were few people about and the buses were running less often.

0103As I walked to Mansfield Road (with no pigeons coming down – probably because I was later than I usual?), down Church Drive, the beauty of the scenery caught me eye, and I put down me bag to take as best a shot of it as I could.

On to the end of the road and then went back to collect me bag what I’d left on the pavement. Tsk!

0102At the bus-stop I was about to take a photo of the beautiful skyline and realised here I was on a main arterial Mansfield Road and there was no traffic to be seen – not even a pavement cyclist! I turned the camera onto the road to catch this phenomenon in the warm sunshine. 

Moments later I took another photo as the obviously held up traffic came over the hill.

There was quite a wait for the bus – not that it mattered to me – I got up so late today – and with finding so many things I’d lost or misplaced I knew things were not 0104boding well and resigned myself to waiting while whistling away to myself.

A lady came to the bus-stop and I greeted her with “Good morning, nice weather for the Bank Holiday” – She gave me a look that made me wither, tuned up her nose and tutted?

I thought “Oh dear”.

It was fun cramming together on the over-full bus, but at least the driver left no-one behind.

0114As I was spewed out of the bus by the overzealous passengers in a hurry I caught my composure, avoided being hit by a burk of a Pavement Cyclist and went into Victoria Centre to go to the MansWorld shop to see if they had one of those pen-swipe multitool gizmos in stock.

I got one and a USB Charge & Sync cable – why I got the USB Charge & Sync Cable I have yet to find out – it seemed a good idea at the time. But why?

0105I took a photograph of the Boost stall as I was passing above it.

Not only was I amazed to see so many customers fraternising the stall, but the fact that they had 5… yes 5 members of staff on duty surprised me muchly?

I really must try one of their fruit drinks one day.

0106As I walked on I noticed a group of youngsters on the ground floor.

They looked well ensconced of the floor with their i-pods?, food and drinks.

Well laid back they reminded me of the Hippies of old, bless em.

0113 I plodded along the top floor of the mall, taking a photo of some ‘Bling’ fer the TFZ gals en-route to Boots.

Down through the store to the bottom level of the store and started searching for the thermometers.

Perhaps a good 15 minutes later I found a member of staff to ask the locations of them and she kindly led me to where they were situated.

0108As I departed from Boots (£10 lighter) it dawned on me how busy it was everywhere today.

In the old days Bank Holidays were for relaxing and recuperating.

Nowadays it’s the shoppers delight – me included.

Mind you, if I hadn’t lost me thermometer and storage drive and broke me flask I wouldn’t be here.

0115I hobbled into Jessops store and had a look at the drink flasks they had to offer.

The second cheapest (the one I bought) was Thermos brand made in China – but then they were all made in China.

I’m hoping this £20 one will last longer than the £8.99 one made in Italy did – which was about 3 months before it broke inside – I can’t remember dropping it?

0107As I went to leave the mall – I took a photo of the newly refurbished area.

I thought how clinical and characterless they had made it look.

Drab, lifeless despite the many Nottingham shoplifters… I mean

Nottingham Shoppers there were about.

0110I walked over the road to the Trinity Square and found the citizenry in a more relaxed mood as they actually used the new food court.

The skateboarder were out in number here.

Then I plodded down Trinity Walk and took another ‘Bling’ photo for the gals 0109on the TFZ site.

These are actually mobile phones in a store window.

Loved the owl one with the buttons on the outside they were second hand but I could not see any prices on them?

Down to the bus-stop and joined the marathon queue and waited patiently for the bus to arrive, while listening to  he others in the queue gossip away.

I hope the girl in the leather jeans who was speaking to a lanky youth with acne and a girl with her ear rings in her lips managed to persuade her parent to get her the ISO 8 she desired. Whatever ISO 8 is like?

0112While waiting for the bus to arrive I took a photo of some wonderful office buildings on Queen Street.

These have real character and great design features – I wondered when the council would be getting around to pulling them down too?

The bus came and somehow we all crammed into it and I was soon back in Carrington – and the yobs were lurking and drinking on the seats in the twitchell again.

So I walked the long way around back to the flea-pit.

0116WC’s – a bit of blood but nowt to worry about from the rear end exhaust.

Set about preparing me nosh fer the night.

A Beef pastie slice, tomatoes, garden peas, cooked beetroots and the best of the lot – seasoned herb small potatoes in olive oil. Followed with a vanilla mousse, Strawberry & vanilla ice-cream pot, a blackcurrant ice-cream lolly and a Cox’s apple!

By gum, I enjoyed this.

Fell into ‘A grumpy old man’ sleep afterwards for a couple of hours.

Tried the new thermometer – 34.2c

Laptop on, and took me medications later than planned – the new flask seemed to keep me tea warm enough.

Finished this Diary off – despite of me shaking then cramp ridden hands.

At 2230hrs I was determined to get some sleep in.

0215hrs, still determined to get some sleep in…

0255hrs, still determined to get some sleep in…