Inchcock – Saturday 2nd February 2019: Odd sort of day. Got a hobble in, was in a right grumpy state of mind today. Tsk!


2019 Feb 02

Saturday 2nd February 2019

Welsh: Sadwrn 2 Chwefror 2019

WD 0.77.77 00:45hrs: What a mess of a night! Forever waking and nodding-off repeatedly for hours and hours! When I did wake, and the brain engaged its usual imitation of modus operandi, my first thought was, “Well, that was a waste of time!” (Trying to sleep).

WD 0.77.77 Signs of nocturnal nibbling were spotted, crumbs on the expanse of the stomach folds and craters, and liquorice allsorts sweet on the recliner arm… but this realisation was lost when I spotted something even I found astounding:

6Sat06WD 0.77.77 The swollen legs had gone down at last, but the obese midriff was now a massive blown-up balloon, that had expanded surely as far as it is possible for it to become distended, without exploding! Let’s hope I don’t prick myself with anything sharp! Hahaha!

Taking this photo, and Duodenal Donald and Reflux Roger kicked off. So, off to the kitchen to get some medications and do the Health Checks. But first, the challenge of removing my even more-bulbous-body than usual, from the nocturnal nibbling residue-covered £300 second-hand, 1968, rickety, rusty recliner! (Try saying that mouthful when you’ve had a few drinks! Haha!) But, I was well-pleased with the ease in which I manipulated my torso from the chair. Smug-Mode-Adopted!

I took an extra Ramipril and Omeprazole in the hopes of easing the pain for Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald. Then I got the Health Checks done.


WD 0.77.77 Cor blimey! The Sys showed 203 and the Dia 80! Still, the others seemed okay. I’ll take the second reading early, to put my mind at rest. Why do these splanchnic problems always happen at the weekend when there is no help available! Grumph!

6Sat03The view from the kitchen window has an airliner flying across the sky, so I took this photographicalisation.

But by the time I fetched the camera to take the shot, it had gone or disappeared behind some clouds perhaps. But a picturesque contrasting effort, all the same, I thought.

Porcelain Throne demands arrived, so off to the wet room I plodded. The evacuation was a little messy, but no complaints, I’ve had much worse before, and no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold!

This picture provides proof that the pins fluid retention had reduced dramatically. And, no new spider-veins, papsules or blood-swells, either. Good! Only a dr6Sat02op of liquid in the ankles this morning. Thanks to Lona, Jenny, Sandie and the others for their advice. ♥

But, the ginormous bloated stomach that came on overnight remains. Ah well, it could be much nastier, and many folks are far worse off than I am.  I felt a lot better than yesterday. Maybe I will take a hobble to Daybrook later, to see if the B&M store there has any Glengettie tea bags on sale?

I got the computer going and did my best to finalise yesterdays diary. A lot of it I couldn’t remember at all with my getting the dizzies and shakes as I did last night. I thought I’d missed the medications and not had any meal. But I found the dosage pots for last night empty,  and a photo of a tray of tomatoes and bacon meal! I got the diary finished eventually and sent it off to WordPress.

I got on with starting this blog. During which, there were very few wee-wees needed.

I got corn flakes for my brekkers and watched a YouTube video while eating it.

Went on WP Reader and answered comments.

WD 0.77.77 Got the ablutions tended to, and worra farce it was! All went well with doing the teggies and shaving, then I got under the shower and got myself carbolicalised all over with the soap – Boing! The two red lights on the panel on the wall flashed red, and a bleeping started, and the water stopped! The sodding Weekend Whoopsiedangleplops continue!

I have to admit to feeling infuriated, sulky and a tad pee’d-off!  I could not help but muse over a few facts:

  1. My flat was the only one with a Weevil infestation!
  2. My flat is the only one that needed the newly-fitted storage heater in the kitchen to be relocated cause I could not get into the cupboards and now I have decorating and holes in the floor and wall to sort out!
  3. My flat was the only one that the plasterer left with splashes all over the curtains, the chairs, the storage heater, the glass on the new unwanted balcony door, the TV screen, and the computer keyboard!
  4. My flat was the only one that had plaster splashed and spread all over the new carpets – and had a man from Willmott Dixon come to clean it up with a bottle of spirit and a wire brush, and part-shredded what bit of pile there was left –  and now I need new carpets throughout the apartment! I shall do no buying or repairing until all of the demolition repairmen have finished – plasterers, electricians and plumbers in particular scare the crap out of me with their ability to leave more rubbish behind them than there was when they came. And that’s saying something about the flat! Hehehe!
  5. My flat is the only one last week to have the hot water control trip-out!
  6. My flat was the only one last week to have the light-tube blow in the kitchen! Without the help of the Nottingham City Homes Management, I’d still be waiting for the above two be repaired!
  7. My flat is the only one that has had an infestation of Ladybirds too!
  8. My flat had goods from eBay, no, the other one, erm… Amazon, delivered on a Saturday and it was delivered to the wrong block of flats, I got a call from Nottingham City Homes Control Room telling me where it was, and I had to move it straight away, it is a safety hazard! Which meant I had to go out in the rain to Winchester Court, got a rollicking off from the tenantess for being stupid enough to have it delivered to the wrong address. – Despite my pointing out the address label with 72, Woodthorpe Court on it, And then carry a boxed easy-chair all the way back to  Woodthorpe Court, with a dozen stops to catch my breath. Then go back to collect the other parcel and home again, I was nearly crippled, caught a cold and tore off one of my fingernails lugging the stuff about. Of course, weekend, so no help available!
  9. My flat gets mail delivered for the wrong units, and I take them to the correct one in Woodthorpe or Winchester. My missing letters, I never see again.
  10. 6Sat20My flat had a bloke come to block-off the air vent in the kitchen. This on the right is how he left it. Well, not exactly, he departed, and I went off to the clinic. When I got back it was like this, the filler had dribbled out and down the wall over the electric socket and dried like cement or concrete. Obergruppenführeress Warden Deana rang someone about it for me. A man called and said when they get time, he’ll send someone to look at it for me. I thanked him and apologised for being a nuisance. That must have been three-four years ago now. My hopes are long faded along with my will-power. But, my chronically lousy luck just continues, on, and on, and on!

I’m feeling a little woebegone, melancholic and despondent now. Low-spirited and dejected. Especially now I find out I owe the dentist money I thought I’d already paid them. Oy gevalt! 

I used up several rolls of kitchen towel and ricked my neck trying to clean off the carbolic soap from my Billy Bunter-like moulded flobby-body. Then readied my things for a limp into Daybrook in search of some Glengettie tea. My EQ told me there was no chance of this! Not with my current run of Inchockamian Luck!

6Sat07By gum, it was nippy when I first got out onto Chestnut Walk. But I kept hobbling as quickly as I could and then didn’t feel the cold so much, except for when  I had to wait about or take a photograph, and I made plenty of them today, mind.

I crossed over the Walk a started up the gravel hill to Woodthorpe Grange Park.

6Sat08I soon found the scenery pleasant. There is something fresh about mornings like this, don’t you think?

Taking extreme care in the ice and frost underfoot, I was soon up, and at the top, a cyclist came down quickly, but he gave me plenty of room.

6Sat09To the top of the hill and left along the Park Footpath towards Mansfield Road.

Now taking even more care as the path was well icy.

By the time I’d got down to the gates in the distance, I’d been threatened by several times by the Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists, who each seemed to take great joy in making me jump. Two of them said something to me, as did a chap in a mobility scooter, but I could not make out what it was they said exactly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I turned right and along Mansfield Road and into Daybrook.

The brain began to churn, but not in an annoying or harmful way for once. The beauty of the weather and the shortage of Homo sapiens around me started me wondering about life in general and the future of we tellurians. The subject matter soon moved on to Brexit and its problems, political subterfuge, shenanigans, roguery and Artful Dodger-like antics of those in charge.

6Sat14Passing a neat piece of Nottinghamian Street Art, on Mansfield Road pavement.

This time, it had been created with the help of McDonald’s sauce pots and potato waffle-like food, plastic cutlery a straw, and some unrecognisable extras. And possibly a few pints and or chasers over the top?



The Mini-Hobble today

6Sat15As I got into Daybrook and crossed over the road, I passed the BP Petrol Station.

Not being able to drive anymore, I spotted the price of petrol. I didn’t think that was too bad considering. Later I wanted to compare this with America, for when I post the photo on the TFZer Facebook site. I found out: The price of fuel in the USA. When we were in Colorado last September, unleaded petrol was $4.59 a gallon. Taking all the conversion factors into account, including smaller US gallons, that equates to about 76 pence per litre. Currently, unleaded in the UK is about £1.40 per litre. So, Nottingham’s prices seem fair enough? I’ll find out I hope, about Australian, American actual and Canadian prices from the lasses and lads on the TFZ later.

6Sat18aI seemed to be going off in tangents with the mind today. Back to the blog, sorry. I called into the B&Q Store and searched for the Glengettie tea bags. Nope, none left, and they will not be getting any more in. Ah, well!

I did get the last of these whole peeled tomatoes in tomato sauce though. They were short dated, and cost only 20p each! And a pot of porridge.

I paid and left the shop. I walked over the crossing and to the bus stop in Daybrook Square.

6Sat16I was soon dropping off the bus in Sherwood. Where I stayed, to await the arrival of the L9 back up the hill to Winwood Heights complex. I later came across this Time-lapse video of the progress being made in the new Winwood Court Extra Care Flats buildings. I hope I put it on here correctly and it works. Interesting few seconds for folks to watch.

6Sat18I took this picture of part of the new Winwood Extra Care building.

I think this is part of a passageway between Winchester Court and the new block so they can keep out of the rain when then go to see the  Oberscharführeress Wardens in their new command-post.

I got into the flat, and no wee-weeing was 6Sat18bneeded? Good that, I think!

WD 0.77.77 A little tip here, folks: When you climb on the stepladder to store a pot of porridge on top of the cupboard, it is best not to slip off of the tread and grab the first thing you can to stop yourself falling. Cause you might fall-off anyway and get your fingers stuck in the slide of the ladders and leave some imprints in your finger. Just thought I’d mention it, like. Haha!

I got the mushrooms, carrots and peas in the saucepan cooking with a little demerara sugar, then got on with updating this blog.

An hour or so later, I got the Cumberland Pie, added extra cheddar cheese on top of it and into the ready-heated oven and set the timer so I can put the sourdough bread in and hopefully, they will both be cooked at the same time.

6Sat30The bread and nosh came out almost perfect!

Everything was eaten this time and enjoyed.

I think my realising that I have had no Dizzy Dennis or Shaking Shaun hassle today, helped me to relish the fodder more?

A Flavour-Rating of 9.4/10 was granted to this mini-feast.

5Fri004I washed the pots up and got the Health Checks done.

Settled to watch some TV (I’ll have to stop trying this, I never stay awake long enough to watch owt proper!)


Inchcock – Monday 7th Jan 2019: Nottingham photographicalisations of my mega-hobble – Whoopsiedangleplops flourished, though, Hehe! Tsk!


jan07 2019

Got a few natters in today though! Hurrah!

Monday 7th January 2019

Bulgarian: Понеделник, 8 януари 2019 г.

23:40hrs. I had a good six-hours unbroken sleep by the time I woke and awaited for the brain to engage.

WD181.9.9 I found far too many signs of nocturnal-nibbling and found myself surrounded with detritus. As I viewed the dreck around me, my heart sank – for I could not recall any eating whatsoever. The crumbs on my protruding flobby-stomach, the pot of potato chips, jelly babies and an empty jars with no indication of what I’d put in them, the two empty and one half-emptied 500ml bottles of spring water and the part-eaten tub of BBQ smoked almonds all seemed a mystery to me! I lay a while, without moving, and pondered over this dilemma. I feared it might have happened because of the low-spirits I have been in? Not having seen a tellurian, nevermind a tenant to talk or natter to in seven days now! Stuck indoors due to the ailments, and being chinwagless… I fought off the self-pity, and told myself I’d risk going out for a hobble today, come what may! Thank Gawd for the internet! Its kept me going through this terribly lonely and frustrating period.

As the pathetic self-pity turned to self-loathing, the need for the Porcelain Throne saved further sufferings of antipathy. As I got my body freed from the £300 second-hand recliner, a couple of broken potato sticks fell to the carpet from the stomach folds and gave me my first laugh of the day. This self-giggle helped things feel and look better somehow. The evacuation session went well, no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold or Little Inchies Lesion. Were things looking up, at last, I thought.

WD181.9.9 As I dismounted the Porcelain Throne, I spotted a couple of dead EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles).

WD181.9.9 But my attention to the weevils was redirected to my water-containers (Legs). I had a quick spray around with the Sanmex Bug Killer spray and took a photograph of the pins.


I took the second photo later, to see if there was any change in the new bloblet of a blood papsule/bruise on the chin. It wasn’t any worse, though. The brain pondered for a moment or two… If I could sell photographs, or get someone to paint a portrait of my legs at the moment, I could find fame! Either a medical institution or art gallery would surely be interested? The Tate Gallery, who in 1976 bought and paid for a pile of bricks for $12000 to put on display, ought to be willing to pay more for my much more exciting and alive legs… shouldn’t they? Of course, like most artists, whose works are not appreciated until they snuff-it… Tsk! Hehehe!

Anyway, the fluid had gone down compared to last nights, and this should be a good sign. Then I realised I had not yet taken the Furosemide and morning medications yet. So there is still time for the effects to make the legs swell again. Tsk! I got the sphygmomanometer going and did the Health Checks. Then made up the graph on Excel for today and last weeks results.


1mon07The readings looked okay to me. I got the half-tablet of the dreaded Furosemide, taken with the morning medications.

WD181.9.9 Applying the ear-wax softener, and it all just flowed back out. There is a tremendously substantial build-up Cerumen. Must mention this to the doctor when I get to see her next. This also reminded me that I had not yet got to the Audio Clinic for some new batteries, maybe a hobble into town later? Providing that things are okay later: no bleeding, the Wee-wees do not start flooding again, no Dizzy Dennis visits, the legs allow me to walk… I depress myself at times! Hahaha!

Off for another, now much less powerful SSPWW (Short-Sharp-Painful-Wee-wee).

1mon06I was now feeling a tad chirpier in myself (Always an indication of some imminent disaster, Accifauxpa, Calamity, Loss or Mega-Whoopsiedangleplop, I know!).

I went out onto the balcony to take this photographicalisation of the morning view towards the City Centre. The wooden slats on the floor creaked, and the socks got wet from the earlier incoming rain. The dirty steamed up window’s spring handle failed to trap any of my fingers or knuckles, though, even when I reclosed it! I noticed that there were some car parking spaces free. A rarity indeed! Then realised that of course, there would be, the Willmott Dixon lads do not return to work until Tuesday.

I got the terribly depressing Sunday post updated and sent off. Then made a start on this effort. In between any more SSPWWs, naturally.

I went on the WordPress Reader section.

1mon001Then on Facebook, get the photos in the albums. Cause if I can get out for a hobble later, I will be in no state to remember or even do when I get back home to this peaceful, persons free, slowly turning into a grubbier apartment. Hehe!

I got the ablutions sorted with the teggies, the shaving, a marathon scrubbing shower, freshening-up, and the medicationalisationing of the tender areas. (Oy Vey!) Got dressed, and took the black bags to the waste chute. Gathered the mallard food in the bag. Bus Pass, hearing aids in, spectacles on, ears treated, eyes sprayed, legs creamed and had a grubbing session to check that I had not left any taps running anywhere, lights on, oven on, etc.

I called to see Cyndy and Eric on the way out, they both looked in good form. Then I popped to see Penny, but no reply. 

I was feeling a lot less stifled and dispirited as I departed to get out of the apartment for the first time in six or seven days. Obviously, I was little concerned that the waterworks or Dizzy Dennis might cause me problems while I was out and about. But somehow or other, my EQ told me it would be okay? I got down and out, and along Chestnut Walk, I took some pictures of the Courts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1mon09WD181.9.9 I then realised I was going the opposite way to that I intended to. So I backtracked, and more realisations dawned on me. Klutz! I had forgotten to take the midday tablets with me. Back up to the flat to collect them. Taking this photo from the 12th-floor list lobby, facing East from the back of the building.

1mon10Back down and out again. It was pleasing to see the Willmott Dixon crew starting work after their two-week holiday break. My neighbour Malcolm was just setting out in his new car.

Over the road and up the steep gravel hill into the Park.

WD181.9.9 I took a photograph of the Tree Copse, looking all sad with the season. But, the picture became another victim of the infamous ‘Inchcock Mystery of Disappearing files from the Sim Card on his camera Syndrome’. Tsk!

Down to Mansfield Road and turned right towards Daybrook and Arnold. I took the photo below of the view that greeted me as I left the park gates. Now, how did this turn into a panoramic shot? I have no idea how I did it, but I’d love to find out so I can do it again when intended!


I plodded on, a few Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists flew by me, but I was to slow, and they were too fast for me to get a shot of them. Grr!

Going through Daybrook, the traffic was getting thick, and I heard the klaxons of emergency vehicles approaching towards Nottingham. Then three paramedic cars a,d three ambulances forced their way through the traffic. I tried to get shots of them, but they were nipping between other vehicles. All I caught was one ambulance in the pictures, all the other medic vehicle hidden behind others as I took my pictures. Humph!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The feet were really giving me some stick now. Especially the left foot toes? I crossed over the road and called into the B & M store to get some Earth Worm bites for the Mallards. I ended up buying a dirty-great-big-bag of the stuff, cause it was on sale at half-price, and nose unblocker spray. After paying for them, I had a job getting the bag of Earth Worms into the bag.

WD181.9.9 As I left the store car park, I stopped to redo and split the now heavy bag into two. As I was taking out the big bag in a box, it split open! And the pellets spilt out onto the pavement! All £5 worth as it burst open! Oy, oy, oy! On the plus side, this happened right next to a waste bin. Which is where, after a lot of bending, cursing and feeling sorry for myself, is where the pellets ended up, in the container! Humph! What a Klutz!

Now the knees, back and Hernia Harry joined in with the pain from the plates-of-meat, as I limped slowly on to the Arnot Hill Park pond. By the time I got there, I was in a bit of a state… well, in pain. Hehehe!

1mon16WD181.9.9 But things got more confusing. The Mallards would not come to the side of the pond at all? Dozens, possibly hundreds of nasty seagulls attacked any duck or pigeon that approached, and many were circling above?

A few descended, but were not interested in the food? Only one pigeon managed to muster up the nerve to come down, but he had a feast; until the seagulls drew blood in scaring him off?

Confused and disappointed, I left the park and continued on my painful hobble to Arnold. A hundred yards or so further on, another animal or bird anomaly (To me anyway). I came across a tiny either, long-tailed or coal-tit bird on the road kerbside, close to passing traffic. He or she, kindly posed for me to take these photographs. Bootiful!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1mon18I pressed on to a surprisingly quiet Arnold.

I hobbled on, struggling badly now with the toes and feet. But, it is not surprising really, I have not been out of the flat for seven days, so things should be expected to be unforthcoming and stiffen a little?

I made my way to the Asda store, and had an uncomfortable limp around, spending money on things not needed. Humph! I met Penny in the store, and we had a little natter. I came out with: Kitchen rolls, small potatoes, seasoned sliced potatoes, potato salad, vine tomatoes, a baguette, Limoncello desserts and large tomatoes. But not the milk I had gone for in the first place.

1mon19I paid and hobbled to the bus stop. I thought I might see Penny there but didn’t.

The bags were showing fresh looking fodder on the top of them.

When I got back to the flats, I was surprised but pleased to see Penny getting off of the bus. She had been on it when I got on, but I did not hear her calling me. Tsk!

Penny kindly slowed down to my pace as we walked back to the flats. I appreciated that, bless her. We chatted en route and in the elevator and said our farewells.

The first thing I did when I got in, even before having an SSWW, was to remove my shoes – Ahhh! Blessed relief!

I felt so shattered, but the pain was fast dissolving now the shoes were off. I did the Health Checks etc.

1mon20I decided there was no point in my trying to get anything done other than eat and then sleep. No guilty feeling felt.

I got the salad meal prepared. Baguette sarnies with turkey meat, extra-strong Stilton cheese, red onions, red pepper, gherkins, and chestnuts.

1mon21The Limoncello dessert I decorated with some slices of Sharon fruit (persimmon). Very tasty!

I ate the meal slowly, savouring every mouthful, apart from the red pepper, which I found too hot for me handle! A worthy nosh that I gave an 8.9/10 taste rating.

I took the medications and settled to watch a few episodes of ‘New Tricks’ from the DVD. I did get to see one entire episode. I drifted off as the second started to play… and woke up about six hours later, so got up. New leg markings appear.

Inchcock’s Partially Photographicalised Hobble

001aA Marathon (To me anyway) of mixed incidents and occurrences, I thought might be worthy of mentioning.

Perhaps due to the dwindling level of acuity I have been suffering with, I’m not sure. But the pain of this hobble was quite severe physically.

And yet, I really enjoyed it so very much.

The Main Reasons for my lengthy Hobble-Out today, was to try to get a photograph of the wildlife that would be good enough to post on the Nature Facebook page.

Also to get some fodder in.

The walk was only about two miles, although it felt an awful lot more to Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and me. Hehe!

Observations along the route were of mixed emotions and memories.

01I set off, from the flats.

Up the gravel footpath to Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Then down the sparsely populated for a Saturday path and down onto Mansfield Road.

Turned right to the North, and 02Daybrook.

Tried to wipe the mud off of shoes best I could.

Then ventured along the A60, main intention to get to the B&M store to see if they had any cheap Easter eggs in stock, so I could treat the old folks at next Thursdays Community Hour 03in the Windwood shed.

A lady walking towards me looked me up and down as she passed by.

Offered a sneer and tutted, shaking her head a little as she did so? I thought I’d better have a look at my reflection in the first shop window I came to?

04Slightly puzzled, I pressed on.

Then a really sad observation; The Old Headway respite charity place, had now closed down, and the trees had already been pulled down.

I couldn’t see what was to built, but expect it might be more student flats.

05So many memories of when I was a volunteer helper there. I mused on this and wondered where they had all gone now. Such a brave lot of people who I admired, and got such satisfaction and joy from knowing. Some names returned to, Kathy, Roger, and Damian. I was in Daybrook without knowing, I was so deep in thoughts.

06Called into the B&M store and had a plod around. Got some individual Strawberry jam packs, a pot of porridge and a pack of five Cadbury cream eggs for £1-89.v

I purchased some an individual ten pack of Strawberry jam, a pot of porridge and a pack of five Cadbury cream eggs for £1-89.

07I also collected a glare of doom from the lady on the till, then as I left the shop, had a look at my reflection in the glass door. I could see nothing untoward; My nose wasn’t running, my zip was fastened up?

As I left and moved onto Mansfield Road and up to cross it, I espied some Nottingham Street Art at 08the bus shelter. Not up to the usual high standard I thought. Hehehe!

Over and down passing the Part-Time Fire Station and down a bit further to the Arno Hill Park.

Memories came to the surface again here. In about 1985 I had to respond to an alarm activation at this station, 09no key holding, just an assessment visit.

It turned out they had a fire but their Fire Alarm did not activate, the Intruder one did when the doors buckled.

Memories again!

10Through the pretty, but dirty park gates and into the grounds.

More Nottingham Street Art on the path around the pond.

This time made with some partly singed paperwork?

I plodded on where the birds and ducks were gathering and got out my Camera and had a great time.

11 14

18N13ot that I got any photographicalisations that were terribly good.

A lady came up to me, and I was expecting funny looks again. But no! She told me there was an owl on the 20island I might like to take a shot of.

It turned out to be an imitation dummy one. Hehe!

I left and carried on into Arnold proper. The sign said nine minutes by foot. Not with my feet and legs it wasn’t, more like fifteen. Humph!

22As I approached the traffic lights I took a photo to show how little traffic was about.

Seconds after taking this picture, a lady driving the 4×4 vehicle clouted into the back of the one in front of him.

They seemed quite civil to each other 23about it I must say.

I entered into the pedestrianised area of Front Street, and it felt so strange not seeing any mobility scooters or pavement cyclists about.

I checked myself in the Peacocks window reflection again to see if I’d missed something odd or out of place 24on my earlier checks. Why, might you ask?Because a woman passed me by and turned and gave me a rather disapproving stare again?

Because a woman passed me by and turned and gave me a rather disapproving stare again?

I was approaching paranoia (Not 25really, but I was still confused).

Got into Asda, and found they were selling the box’s of five Cadbury Cream Eggs for £1.79. Huh! I bought a good selection of individual mini eggs, so I might have enough now to give each tenant at the social hour one each. If no more than 15 turn up that is.

I also got some more desserts at 2 for a quid and another Irish Barn loaf.

At the checkout, the lady was very patient with me as I struggled to handle the money to give her. Then I dropped some of the eggs, as my finger froze while putting the in the bag. The lady waiting behind me get served shot passed me and picked them up for me. I thanked her profusely.

26Made my way to the bus stop and caught a bus back into Sherwood. Dropped off at the same bus stop where I caught a number 40 bus the three stops up Winchester Hill. I was so glad it arrived within a minute of me dropping off the other bus; For two reasons. I was shattered, and needed the bathroom urgently!

At the time of taking this photograph, I thought it was the best of the lot.