Inchcock – Mon 2 Nov 20: Things were going well, too well. Mental confusion reigned.

♥ The Fearless TFZer – Lona! ♥

Monday 2nd November 2020

Dutch: Maandag 2 November 2020

01:45hrs: I woke, wrestled out of the recliner, and wobbled worryingly-wearily, (I’d had a good four-hours kip?) and without Metal-Mickey, to the wet room.

Where I took a wee-wee of a more determined nature this time. Of the SFSFS (Steady-Flowing-Stream-Failing-Shortly) variety. As is usual with these types, the AMD (After-Micturition-Dribble) was a lengthy one. The only real concern was that the colouring, according to the ‘Check-Card’, had gone a bit darker and was now well within the level 5 – Dehydrated shade scale. Tsk! 

I got the kettle on, moved the drying hand-washed clothes. Got the pots washed from last night, and realised I could still taste the Chilli I’d had, but there were signs of complaints from the innards.

I opened the window to take this rather pitiful photo of the morning sky. The wind and rain blew in, and my being naked at the time, it didn’t half make me jump as my overweight, adipose, avoirdupois, fat, fleshy, gross, paunchy, plump, ponderously-portly pot-bellied midriff got cold and wet!

Then made the brew of Glengettie tea, and started doing the Health Checks. Gladly, the ear-thermometer is working still, after Matron Julie told me not to use the pod covers, and offered forth a reading of 35.1°c, a lot better.

The Boot’s BP machine (also working again?) showed the SYS was down to 159, lower than it’s been for a while, but according to the nurse, still too high. Also, the irritating dry coughing is a lot less this morning. Overall, a decent Health Check.

As I was putting things away, the need for the Porcelain Throne arrives, so off to the wet room. A much easier evacuation than yesterday’s were. I took a snap of the foot and leg, the ChilliCon-Carne burn came out in it looking bad, but it wasn’t at all, the only pain was if I touched it? And the colour was a little weird to me. When I have the shower, later on, I bet it fades as the colouring from the chilli is washed away. Hehehe! (Sherlock Holmesian Mode Adopted! 

Washed and made up some more small waste bags, to go down to the chute later on when it’s not too early and will disturb folks who may be laying in.

I got o the computer, and downloaded the photographs from yesterday and this morning. I came across this one on the right, not the foggiest idea how I managed to take it? Plainly, it was taken in the kitchen, cause of the flooring and waste bins. But when and why, remains one of the great mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Boll-Weevils, Aliens, Gremlins, Karakia-cursing entities, Hallucinations. Materialisations, Poltergeist, Lemures, Spectres, Spirits, Spooks, Eidolons, Wairuas, Kehuas and the Manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum, to torment and frighten the bejesus out of me! I just thought I’d mention it.

I got on with updating the Sunday post and got a decent crack-on with it too. The ailments were not too bad at all, and for once I could type without any hassles from SSS or NTs interference. It was like being released from torture, Great!

I got it done and posted off, Emailed the link, caught up of Facebooking and Pinterested a few snaps from the diary. (I had not felt so contented [with my progress] for yonks!)

Then the second-summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Even easier than the first one, obviously still painful, but far less so! Things were going well here, and it worried me, it’s unnatural!

I had a look at the burn mark on the foot, and now it seemed to have already faded greatly? And the right knee’s ICP (Proximal Interphalangeal Cartilage Pain), although just becoming more bothersome as I took the photo, the swelling does not appear to be so bad. It’s all confusing to me!

As I got back in the front room, the light from outside darkened, it seemed someone was using a dimmer-switch on it. Haha! I went out on the balcony and took a couple of photos of the skyline.

I resembled a layered cake but in blue.

By the way, I’m not mentioning the wee-weeing, as I’m coping with the liquid-runs again today. They have been persistent, to say the least. Humph! And, worryingly seem to be getting darker in colour with each one. The infection is coming back, methinks.

I was about to start this blog at long last, and Sister Jane sent an email, with a photographicalisation of ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), lap-top dancer, Warden Deana! Jane had taken it for me, from Friday’s BBC News. She’d recorded it and got me this super screen-shot so that I can put it on the Winwood Heights Facebook page. Bless her, Cotton Socks! I sent an email back thanking her. Super innit! Thanks, Jane, I’m impressed! ♥

I posted it to Facebook. Went on the WordPress Reader.

Back on CorelDraw to try and get at least one more graphic done for tomorrow, and I thought I heard the mobile ringing, but could not find it. By the time I’d gotten out of the chair, it had stopped – then I had realised it was the Front Lobby Intercom ringing, by the time I got to the panel, that stopped.

In the midst of all this, I suddenly felt dizzy, unsteady and a cracking headache started, the mind was befuddled, confused as well. This didn’t bode well at all.

The door chimes rang out, and in walked my precious Vampire Nurse, Hristina. I’d got her down on the calendar as coming tomorrow?

Things got more mixed up, and I lose losing my grip. (This happened a couple of weeks ago for the first time when they changed the medications) I assume all went well because I can’t remember much about the nurse’s visit. Let alone her leaving. I didn’t dream it, and the cotton wool was taped to the vein.

No choice left, I’ll get something to eat, take the meds and get sat down, try to recover a smidge, and maybe even sleep.

I’ll be back in a while, or the morning, see how it goes. Dizzy Dennis is bad now.

Fell asleep, at midnight, I woke and got up. The wee-weeing commenced.

Sunday 18th December 2016: Inchcock Today: A mental wreck reporting


Sunday 18th December 2016

Swahili: Jumapili Desemba 18, 2016

Sleep was not an option last night. Stewing, in my self-disgust and pure fear at the threats of violence I’d received, permeated my brain every time I woke up in a state with Duodenal Daniel giving me severe bother, I could not make up my mind whether I should bother with carrying on with these diaries at all, the news being so bad.

To a WRHD session, Little inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold both bleeding didn’t do anything to cheer me up. I am uncheerupable and will be until things sort themselves out and I know where I stand with the intimidation and threats.

Took the medications and sat at the computer with a mug of tea; Pondering, fretting and wallowing in shame at myself.

Today being Sunday, at least I was to stay indoors and not expose myself to the big bully boy or his Mother. I decided to make today a graphicalisationing day, I must not let this bovver boy destroy everything precious in my life.

The mind rumbled away with no positive plans, ideas or thoughts being involved. The only thing that presented itself to me was that I must not inflame the situation by revealing details of the violent personages involved.

I made another cup of tea and tried to get on with doing the graphics for the TFZer site. something to take my mind off of the threats of physical brutality.

Got it done and posted.



whodizzStill feeling nervous.

7sun02Computerising on and off all day.

Nosh not enjoyed.

The mind toying with my sanity and safety, confusing reigning.

No getting to sleep until the early hours of the morning.

Then up again two hours later, full of an empty feeling.

I hope to be back again soon.


Inchcocks Woes – Thursday 14th December 2016: Got out to go to Arnold, got on the wrong bus and ended up in Nottingham. Oven fire. Lost shopping bag. Nothing new here then?


Thursday 14th December 2016

In Maori: Rāpare 14 Hakihea 2016

Woken at 0330hrs, the £300 second-hand recliner in the down posIition, nibble pots scattered about me, the TV still on. I think I’d been dreaming of Sister Jane and Dad? The urge for a WRWW prevalent and responded to. A trickle of blood from Little Inchy, Haemmohoird Harold not too much bleeding either.

The urge for a WRWW prevalent and responded to. A trickle of blood from Little Inchy, Haemmohoird Harold not too much bleeding either. Got the washing and down to the launderette and loaded the machine got it started and back up for a WRHD. Not an easy affair this morning

Got the washing bag and down to the laundry room, loaded the machine got it started and back up for a WRHD. Not an easy affair this morning at all. Got the computer started and made a cuppa and took an extra Senna with the medications.

4thur02Back down to move the clothes into the dryer. Popped out the foyer door to see if I could get a photograph on the Copse in the dark.

0415hrs: Up once more to the apartment, updated this diary. Brewed a mug of tea. Finalised yesterday’s journal.

Started graphicationalisationing for the next TFZer fun creation.

Back to collect the finished clothes from the laundry room. I was a little late with concentrating on the graphics and someone had kindly thrown my clothing on top of the dryer for me.

Up, put the clothing away and got a cuppa and back to the Graphicalisationing.

Again I lost track of time and had to rush to do the ablutions in time for me to get to the Tenants Social Hour in time. Not that the impetus and joy are in going there anymore, but I did tell BJ I would be going, so. Had a refreshing shave and shower, did the teggies and treated tender, sore Little Inchy as best I could.

Got the pressies, prized and nibbles in the bag.

Popped over to see Olive, where I got a mega-telling off for asking if I could take her photo. Apparently, her hair was not suitable at that moment. But she is so sweet yet commanding with it, and the twinkle in her eye transfixes me you know. Hehe!

4thur03Off to the Social Hour.

I must say the new display in the Foyer looked fantastic with the lights on. Very homely looking?

Out to the Winwood Community Shed and put the prizes on the trolley and sat down at a bare table and awaited the arrival of my weekly tale-mates. Bill arrived, in his usual confused state, a grand bloke is Bill. Bob next, he of the ‘I want’ category. Polish Eddie then, a 93-year-old-miracle is Eddie. Full of vim and energy too. Then mate BJ arrived. He’s taken to these Tenants Hour Session has BJ, he’s taken over helping with ‘doing’ the raffle now. The women love him to bits. I hate him… Jealousy! Hehehe!  A helper, can’t remember his name, he gave me some DVDs that he had from clearing his Mothers flat out.

Said my cheerios and back to the flat. Got ready to go out into Arnold with the intention of getting some Surimi, Sourdough bread and Rice-Pea snacks from Sainsbury’s. Down to the bus stop and chatted to a few other tenants. I noticed that on the concrete bollards at the side of the kerb, the Ladybirds had gathered again.


I took a couple of photo’s of them, there were eight bollards I looked at, and the insects were on each one. This phenomenon continues to puzzle me. Here we are in December and Ladybirds still active? Each time I see these, I tell myself to look up at them on the internet, but I always forget to.

4thur05Foolishly I got on the wrong bus, muggins here got on the inbound L9 in error for the outbound one.

Pillock with bar, that’s me!

Dropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street and up and over the walkway and took this photographicalisation of the Nottingham shoplifters and Benefit claimants. Haha!

4thur06My alternative plan was to go in the Victoria Centre Mall and go into Tesco and have a wander around. The intended Sainsbury expedition will have to be done tomorrow. Tsk!

I took a shot from the upper floor of the ‘Everything Made of Chocolate’ stall below.

It still fascinates me. Can’t make out what the yellow and grey things are bottom right?

Window shopped my way along and down and to Tesco. Where those deadly Fresh Cream French Horns jumped into my shopping basket without me realising it. (Ahem!)

4thur07Got some bits and wandered out of the centre by the shortest route, as it was getting a bit dangerous with the crowds so large, to walk safely.

Walked into the City Centre Slab Square, avoiding the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists as best I could.

When I was coming onto Milton Street, I was approached m an ITV interviewer and cameraman and they interviewed me about Government or Local to fund social care! I stuttered and was slow in forming my answers, so I don’t think they will be using me on the box, but they might?

In the square, the ice skaters were all having fun.


Many years ago, I tried ice skating at the arena. Ten minutes after starting and a broken ankle later, I gave up trying. Hahaha!


The stalls and rides evoked another memory from my muddled mind. I once had a go on the Horses around 1959 it was, at Goose Fair. They say I was the first person they had that fell off of a horse.

4thur10I had a further poddle around and then Anne Gyna started playing me up, so I made my way to the bus stop to catch an L9 bus back to the welcoming ‘So glad I live here now’ flat.

As the bus pulled off and I took this photographicalisation on the right at the top of King Street, I remembered that it was the City Hospital GUM Clinic appointment today! Plonker! However, it proved so lucky I recalled this when I did, ’cause all I had to do was stay on the bus beyond the Woodthorpe Court flats, and it took me straight outside the City Hospital gate, where I dropped off. Leaving one of my bags on the bus! Plonker again!

Walked through to the other side of the compound and into the GUM clinic. Smiler was working on the reception again. I’ve learned not to bother to even attempt any verbal communications with him, just yes, no and nods is best, he understands these simple non-sociable things.

Another session of embarrassing and belittling treatment ensued. Why should whoever sees me, do the interview and update, take me to a treatment room, pants down, lie down. Giant lighted magnifying machine placed over the lower regions as I lay there pretending not to be disconcerted or flustered while she has a look, then always they fetched some other persons to have a look and give their opinion and nurses and students are summoned to have a laugh as well! Huh!

4thur12Caught the bus back to the flats at the bus stop just out of view at the end of the side road in this photographicalisation above.

So glad to get back into the apartment and get the kettle on, slippers on and a WRHD session. When it came to putting the bits I’d bought away, I realised I had only one bag – the second bag I assume, I’d left on the bus or at the GUM clinic. Twit!

Got preparing the evening meal. Sliced the boiled potatoes I did earlier into thick wedges and placed these along with the last of the lamb leg steaks in a foil tray into the oven, to cook them slowly.

Into the living room and got the DVD, one that the chap gave me this morning, ‘Extras – The Special’ and got carried away viewing it, really good it was, and I was so contended watching it – until I saw the smoke coming through the door, which thankfully was open due to not being able to be closed (Mainly because it won’t close thanks to the United Carpet fitter’s lack of skill!).

Oh dearie me… when I opened the oven door, so much smoke flooded out I was sure the smoke alarm would go off, but it didn’t – and that amazed me somewhat. Belatedly I closed the kitchen door and opened the window, bruising my knuckles on the damned fiddly switch twixt the window and wall… Sob!

I got the fodder out, and it looked fine… well marinated with smoked, but fine. Set about investigating, and the tray had leaked and the lamb juice dripped onto the bottom of the oven. It took me more than an hour to clean it up, and it ain’t properly cleaned but looks a lot better. Had to clean up the floor, the bowl, the sink, the counters, me… Humph!

4thur11The meal I’d placed in foil to try and keep it warm. It wasn’t too bad actually.

Chinese mushrooms, normal mushrooms, tomatoes, strong blue stilton cheese, garden peas, cheesy cob (Only ate one of them) anf the lamb was curiously tasteless, despite looking grand?

Took the medications with some orange juice, and settled to finish watching the DVD. Couldn’t settle properly and kept nipping into the kitchen to make sure the oven was okay, the taps not left running etc.

Lovely smell of lamb and burnt ash prevailed. Hehehe!

Worra day!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th December 2016: A most uncomfortable day, but I’m not complaining I say!


Sunday 11th December 2016

In Haitian Creole: Dimanche 11yèm Desanm 2016

0425hrs: Woke with thoughts that I had had amazing, scary but passionate dreams – And so annoyed that no actual memories of them could be retrieved! I knew that passion had been involved somewhere, ’cause Little Inchy’s lesion had been bleeding and he was very sore.

After dismounting the £300 second-hand recliner, (with relative ease I proudly might add), the first job was to put the jammie bottoms into the sink to soak in a mixture of Dettol antiseptic disinfectant and soap powder. Felt very uncomfortable, even worse when I had a WRHD session and had a freshen-up, Haemorrhoid Harold bled profusely, even the gums bled when I cleaned the teggies. To add to my morning woes, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Harry Hernia,  Roger Reflux Valve, Duodenal Daniel, joined in with Inchies Lesion to give me a worrying time. Even Donald’s Dizzy’s started hassling me.

The poor old jammy-bottoms were more blood than not. As I rinsed them out a bit later, I found a tear in the crotch?  Dried them and threw them in a black bag to be taken to the waste chute when is was not so early as to disturb other sleeping tenants.

Worra Mornin’!

I knew (For some reason and I don’t know why) that I must carry on and not go back to resting again?

Cleaned up now and semi-sorted like, I got the kettle on and took the morning medications. Donald’s dizzies visiting again. Not a good start, why is it nearly always the weekend when these ailments appear? Just when they know that no help is at hand? Humph, Tsk and Huh! Hehe.

If Donald Dizzy continues to plague me, I think I might have to use the panic alarm button for the first time? (Typical, I open my gob and Donald disappears, Hmm?)

ianh03cComputer on. Did a graphic for Sir Martin Shuttlecock for his birthday. A grand chap.

If you read this mate, Cheers for being you, I’m proud of yer coping so well with things Sir.

Odd noises coming from somewhere now? Put the hearing aids in to try and work out where from and what it was.A sort of shuddering noise but without any actual shaking or trembling… a bit like, well I don’t know really. Rumbling?

A sort of shuddering noise but without any actual shaking or trembling… a bit like, well I don’t know really. Rumbling?

Did some work on the diaries then onto Facebook.

carCarried on updating the diaries.

Got the latest TFZer graphicalisation finished.

Pat and Marie with some pets and a Cat Car!

I hope they like it.

Got it posted to the TFZ site.

Then a call for a WRHD session was demanded, and with hope and crossed fingers and off to the porcelain I poddled.

No more Donald Dizzies and Haemorrhoid Harold has almost stopped bleeding. Little Inchy will require some attention when I do the ablutions later.

7sun02Went to make another cup of tea and the view from the kitchen window was nice now the mist had cleared somewhat.

It was still only 59°f in the kitchen though and mind you.

I then got deeply involved in getting graphics to doctor later and use for Facebooking and the diaries. In fact, I spent over 6 hours doing this and arranging them so I  might find them later when needed. Donald Dizzy paid a few visits when I stood up to go to the porcelain and made a mug of tea.

Made the brew and I just stood looking out at the view, thinking of everything and nothing, but couldn’t clear my concerns over the dizzy spells. Haven’t even done my ablutions yet. And I don’t seem concerned either. Opened a tin of tomatoes put them in the pan seasoned with sea salt and basil. Very tired and I’ve only done computerisationing. Tsk! Got the lamb chop and a half into the oven ready to make the fodder.

Did some Facebooking for a few hours. No more dizzies, so despite not seeing or talking to anyone all day, the graphicalisationing and art preparatory work took up eight hours – and I still didn’t get it all done! Mentally drained, but the ailments eased off unexpectedly, but nicely

Got the meal. The picture of which has once again disappeared from the Lumix camera?

Nice it was, apart from a slight Whoopsiedangleplop after eating it, when I took the tablets with the orange juice – spilt the blooming orange juice didn’t I! Worra mess to clear up. All over my clothes and the box at the side of the £3– second-hand recliner, and the carpet and slippers. Tsk!

Late now, and I was really feeling weary, but forced myself to do the ablutions now, so as I could get ready quicker in the morning. Little Inchy was still very sore and bleeding just a tiny bit.

I’ve got the City Hospital visit on for the INR test, and need to be out by 0800hrs at the latest to get to the haematology and not have to wait on such a large queue. I should get there for about 0900hrs, there will be a large body of patients waiting as usual. Sometimes it can take only 15 minutes or so, but others, up to three hours. But I’ll take my book with me. No wonder I can’t make any plans. Humph!

Terrible time trying to get to sleep, hardly any nod-offs and once again it was gone midnight by the time I got off, so to speak!

Inchcock Today: Sat 10th December 2016: Got out into town – forgot to take the camera – Humph!

Inchcock’s Advice for the elderly

The easiest way to find something that’s lost around the house is to buy a replacement!

– ———————————

Saturday 10th December 2016

Armenian: Շաբ 10 Դեկտեմբեր 2016

0300hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and got the things required to go to the laundry room and get the washing done.

Down in the lift and got the washing machine going.

6sat01Went back up to number 72 and took the medications. Got the computer going and then down to the laundry room again to move the washing into the dryer. The filter had been cleaned this time.

Spotted another new display for Christmas in the foyer.Took a photograph and back up and doctored it to look like this here on the right.

Took a photograph and back up and doctored it to look like this here on the right.

Spent an hour doing the diaries and graphicalisationing. Without any demands for a WRHD session yet? Plenty of WRWWs, though.

6sat02Final trip down to collect the dried washing. Oh dear!

The towel was covered in little bits of black fluff! Tried picking them off, but realised it would be a long, very long job!

Up to the flat and tried the Magic Brush to remove the multitude of black fluff bits investing the towel – and was initially very pleased with how it got the fluff off without too much hassle – the Magic Brush then became blocked with the fluff, and there the problem exacerbated. I just could not work out how to get the fluff off of the brush then! Oh, heck! Gave up after ages trying to get it off, the towel still with plenty of black bits stuck to it. Humph! Sad innit?

Got yesterday’s diary finished at last.

Facebooked for a while. Hours actually. 0902hrs, closed down to get the ablutions tended to in time to catch the first bus (1o30hrs) into town to get the photographs taken.

Back in a bit…

1545hrs: Back.

There was nobody to have a chinwag with this morning at the bus stop or on the bus. Arrived in town, and immediately saw so many photographic opportunities as I got off the bus. The fair, so many stalls, a traffic accident and police arresting some youths… Great, I thought!

I dug into the bag to get the camera – But no, guess which absolute dumb idiot had left it at home? Gnash! And so it went all through the visit to the City Centre and shopping, it should have been enough photographs taken for me to do a special page on the blog. I was so angry with myself. Humph!

Had a trip around the slab square, the ice rink, amusements all with something worth taking a picture of. Called in many of the charity shops to look see if any had a camera with normal batteries I could buy and use. Jessops on Exchange Walk did not sell them anymore. The Money shop on the same Walk had none is stock. The other Money Shop on Upper Parliament Street had two cameras on show, but they did not have normal batteries either. To Long Row, calling in the Barnardos shop, none. The Heart charity shop had none either. The Cash Converters on Long Row and Milton Street didn’t have any. By now I was getting tired and depressed with myself, so gave up looking and went to Tesco in the hopes of getting some of their sliced Sourdough Bread. I had to search through the few loaves they had on the shelves, to find two that had a few days code left on them. Got some Chinese seaweed and cheese nibbles 

I had to search through the few loaves they had on the shelves, to find the last two that had a few days code left on them. Got some Chinese seaweed and cheese nibbles and a packet of Fresh Cream French Horn cakes fell into the basket as I passed them. Mind you, when I got back I put them in the fridge and forgot all about them, Tsk!

Had a walk to M&S Foodhall, pottered around but didn’t buy anything. As I came out the Salvation Army were playing Christmas Tunes, I gave a hefty donation to one of the officer’s collection tins. Although they are plastic nowadays. Always do each year.

The streets were cram packed and getting around without someone walking into me or hitting me with their bikes was wearying me more. And just to think, the shots I could have taken if only I’d got the camera with me. Huh!

To the bus stop, and again, no one to talk to on the journey.

Got in the flat and tended to a WRWW, and put some pain gel on the feet and knees then took an extra Codeine 30g with the evening medications.

7sun01aGot the fodder cooking.

Roast parsnips, a few oven chips, sweet potatoes which I mashed with just a bit of sea salt, peeled an apple, tomatoes, Chicken thighs, boiled egg and a good mix of Crock-pot seasoned vegetables, swede, parsnips, turnips, carrots, peas, mushrooms and leeks, all overdone just how I like em. I’d left them slow cooking while I’d been out, having started the pot off hours before that. v

The American sweet potatoes were mega sweet. Had two slices of the last of the Sainsbury sourdough bread with butter with the meal. Couldn’t eat it all, but enjoyed trying to. Hehe!

Tried to watch some TV I’d picked out from the magazine, which turned out even a more farcical happening than usual. Off to kip after a few minutes, woke for a few, back to kip for a few… on and on this went. Why I didn’t give up and get my head down I don’t know… oh yes I do! I wanted to watch the double shows of ‘Hetty Wainthrope Investigates’. I didn’t see much of them, perhaps three or four few minute periods of the  two-hour show between kipping?


Sorry about the lack of photographicalisations.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th August 2016


Thursday 18th August 2016

01gUp around 0520hrs, Having dreamt of Pete. The Brother-in-Law, being on top of the Council House in Nottingham, laying pink bricks and the police and firefighters were trying to get up the ladder to stop or arrest him, but failing as he poured engine oil down on the steps of the ladder?

Foggy view on the left from the kitchen window.

I did feel a bit nervous this morning, without knowing why? No confidence at all. Fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair as it groaned whined and shuddered, and to the wetroom for a WRWW and WRHD. Both being a bit painful today. Mucho bleeding from the rear end again? Tsk!

Had a long job doing the Wednesday diary with the help of some notes I made while the internet was down. Checked the emails, got one from the surgery telling me, they could not fit me in for the INR Warfarin blood test on the day given by the hospital again. But they put in for next Thursday at 1100hrs, that being the only free spot. Huh! Again they ruin my Thursday Social Hour! Humph!

I had no sense of acuity this morning, and it bothers me a touch, as to why? Felt, almost capernointed?

Did some graphicalisationing, then did my ablutions, using the lemon soap and citrus spray. I think I might have been trying to liven myself up? It failed!

Things got much worse after I nipped to see Olive. The poor gal was not well at all, and I got depressed then. I’ll call and see her later if she is awake.

Off to the Winwood Social Hour at the community hut. Took some raffle prizes and nibbles with me… I wish I could have taken some Oomph with me. Ah-well!

The meeting well as well as it could have. Eddie and Mike were in good form, and BJ visited and kept out spirits up a tad bless him.


Better turn-out than last week but still many empty chairs. I knew that Toni had a medical appointment.

I managed to see Deana and tell her of the British Gas phone call.

The call for the utilisation and activation of another WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) arrived, and I departed after saying my cheerios to the others, and back up to the wetroom. Still bleeding from the rear end, a bit. Might put on the protective nappy-like pants on just in case. Yes a good idea, so I did.

Started the Crock-Pot vegetables going. Potatoes cubed, leeks, garden peas, red onions and seasoned the with Bisto vegetable stock, mint and a leaf of Basil. Crossed fingers on how this will taste. Going to have them well cooked and drained with the fancy pork bloc with herbs and some beetroot.

Made a small cuppa, Laptop on and checked the emails again.

Not up to going out today now. Had the occasional mild dizzies and a jargogled vagueness that lingered on and on.

01aDid the fodder, the only highlight of the day.

Felt like I was disintegrating mentally and physically.

Did nothing of any value, worth or interest.



Friday 19th August 2016


0600hrs: Stirred painfully to life, back pains and dizzies immediately apparent. Felt as bad as last night. Tsk!

WRHDS (Wet Room Heavy Duty Session) that was bloody again, but far less severe than of late. Into the kitchen, cuppa and took the medications and photo from the window, of the Nottingham City Hospital in the distance.

Blooming cold this morning!

Then started the laptop, but could not get access to WordPress? Closed and restarted, still the same, other programmes were slow, but worked? Shut down properly and tried to restart, but it was not having it. Off again, tried once more, and eventually Windows started. The internet was so slow, but it let me get into WordPress after a few failed attempts, and that was mega-slow!

I’d lost the Grammarly Add-on. Did a McAfee scan, nowt detected. Turned off and restarted again. Still the same, maybe even slower now. Humph!

I didn’t need this hassle along with my not feeling too bright as well. I just hope it doesn’t play-up or pack-up next time I try to open it? (Add a wrd that rhymes with it to get the true feelings I had at this point)

Feeling so tired now, why? I’d just had six hours kip at least? The INR level is very low, which means the blood is thicker. I thought feeling so weak and tired would have been caused if the blood was thin?

Got on with adding this (Friday’s) post to Thursdays, just in case I lose the laptop or internet again later. Tried to save this, and the site became unavailable! Grrr!

I’m going to try and save and publish this to here, if it works I’ll add the rest to the next post. Crossed fingers, here I go…


Inchcock Today Mon 11 Jul 16:

Monday 11th July 2016

Segunda-Feira 11 de Julho de 2016 (In celebration of the Portuguese Win)


0455hrs: I came slowly to life instead of the usual jumping awake I’ve been doing of late, Anne Gyna was being so naughty and bad to me.

Manipulated my way out of the £300 second-hand refusing to work and stuck in the up position recliner. Feeling weary.

Off to the wet-room for a WRWW and WRHD (Wet Room Wee-wee and Wet Room Heavy Duty).

Not as good an experience today,

Anne Gyna still painfully at play,

Had to clear Haem Aroid’s blood away,

The overnight twinges decided to stay,

Buy hey… I’m still here again today!


Last night’s Fodder

I thought I could still taste last night’s fodder?

Feeling a bit drained, especially as I am usually perky in a morning, concerned me seriously.

Amazing, I felt so good when I got me head down last night too?

Feeling a bit drained, especially as I am usually perky in a morning, concerned me seriously.

Concentration not right. Gloomy type weather outside, gloomy type forecast inside. Hehe!

Made a cuppa and took the medications and got the laptop on to check appointments on the Google Calendar. Glad I’ve got the wrist health alarm on, not feeling too good actually. Still, I think things will get better, I’m sure… he said fibbingly.


Poor old thing!

WordPress for a while updating and the shakes came over me. (Not Johnny Kidd And The Pirates, Shaking all over mind! Hehe!) On the bright side, no dizzies yet, and a good job too. Hope I feel and look a bit better when I call to see Olive later.

Glancing in the mirror earlier was enough to tell me I ain’t right this morning – pale, drawn and misty eyed… so, nothing new there.

Did some graphicationalisationing for use later. Then much Facebooking followed.

Carried out my ablutions and got the paperwork ready to see Deana about the French Owned (Now you know why I was so glad that Portugal beat France in the Euro Final!) British Gas bill that has arrive for the second time – after them telling Deana last time that the account would be closed and no need to pay it! Have you seen the advertisement for their Boilers on the TV? They’ll probably send Del Boy to fit it for you!

I went down and out to the Community Hut to see Deana or Obergruppenfurher Julie for help, but nobody was there. Back to the flats, and noticed a washing machine was free.

So, up to the apartment and got the washing down an into the machine to operate using low mode.

Then back to the Community Shed, but, it was still barren of personages. Being a Monday, I imagine the girls are very busy.

Back to the flat for a WRWW, and got down and transferred the clothes into the dryer.


Olive in her flat today – Very nice!

Back up the lift and visited Olive, she was in good spirits and blooming this morning.

She had a peep at Michael Steedenski’s book wot I got. She thought it was rubbish. But don’t tell Mr Steedenski anyone! Only joking, Mike!

She did the massaging in of the pain gel in the areas I couldn’t reach for me again, bless her. She then rang Dean and arranged for me to see her in the morning at 08:30hrs, about the horrible, lying, nasty, French-owned, British Gas bill for Electricity. Confusing innit?

We parted with a cuddle and snog, and I went down to collect the laundry.

Back up to 72 again, WCWW’d, then called BJ to tell him I would not be able to accept his offer of taking me to the launderette tomorrow.

Made a cup of char and laptop on to update this.

Got a call from the Doctors surgery, they want me to make an appointment to see Dr Vindla when she gets back from holiday, about some problem with the CHD blood test results I took last week… or the week before, whichever. So I made one for Wednesday 2oth July at 10:10hrs there and then. More hassle to come medically? Humph! Put it in the Google calendar.

Started to create a new funny post for WordPress. Finished the daft post and got it posted off.


Sweet & Sour sauce, roast potatoes & parsnips with chicken – Tasty!

Got the nosh in the oven and on the hob.

Fatigue suddenly dawned once again, and I felt so drained.

Ate the wonderfully tasty dish of fodder, put on a DVD of Black Books TV series, and then proceeded into a pattern of five minutes wake, two minutes asleep, have a WRWW, that lasted for hours.


Inchcock Today Thur 9 June 2016: A frustrating, hard, long day & now no access to the WC! Huh!


A Nottingham tenant in a toiletless apartment in an Old Peoples Flats Complex is protesting at the local Ice Cream Van, the noisy jingles, the van obstructing the free bus-pass services access, blocking his wheelchair and above all the children as they noisily queue for their ices. The man Juan Inchcock, told the Marissa Bergen, the Drummers Weekly reporter: “I don’t mind about all this really, it just annoys me that the chap has sold out of all his 99’s to the ankle snapper before I can get out of the flat, a lift down 13 floors, get the lobby doors to open and hobble to the van to knock them out of the way with me walking stick! It’s just not fair!


Thursday 9th June 2016

Stirred around 0525hrs, the second hand £300 recliner chair operated without any hiatus and let me out of it to pass water and use the throne. Much blood from the rear, a tiny bit from ‘Little Inchy’s lesion.

I’d dreamt something about my being in outer-space in a powered shopping trolley, wearing a leather hat and trying to catch butterflies with two saucepan lids with Acker Bilks ‘In a Persian Market’ playing in the background? I can remember all these facts, but nowt else about it. Tsk!

Took the medications with a cuppa and pot of porridge, then tackled the job of getting all the stand-up bath materials and paraphernalia and got myself cleaned up, the best I could. Made substantial use of the underarm spray and after-shave. Although, once again I managed to spill the bowl of soapy water I’d soaked me feet in while stood at the sink washing.

P1110026I didn’t know if the flooring workers were coming and if so at what time? But knew I had to go out to the INR blood test, clinic and to take sister Jane her pressies. (Having done that now, I can show you picture of them).

Two cushions with photographs I’d took of Mr Fooey on the left, and Tabitha, who passed away a good while ago, as she jumped up on the counter and looks for all intents and purposes as if she was checking out my pension paperwork for me. My two favourites of her cats, but I like them all mind.

I went on Facebook, checked the emails and did some graphic work for ages and ages. I thought the workmen might come the same time as all the others did, o800 to 0830 hrs, but none had shown by 0930 hrs, and I did not know if they would be coming or not. So I got the nibbles and meandered to the Tenants Social Hour at the hut. To my pleasant surprise, I saw BJ arriving and going in as I approached the shed. Julie was in the office and I explained about my concerns about leaving before the maintenance men arrived. Being as I did not know where the men were coming from, she said there is nothing she can do.

So I went back in the meeting and had a chinwag with BJ, Toni, Bill and Eddy for a while.

BJ said he’d lift me to the doctors and suggested I go back to the flat and see if they have arrived yet. So I did, then returned. BJ said to put a note on the door – ‘ Floor men – for access please ring…’ and add Julie and Deana’s phone numbers. I should have thought of that myself really. William kindly got and wrote down the numbers for me. Back to the flat and put the note on the door. BJ lifted me with my two bags to the surgery, dead on time. Thank you BJ.

P1110063The nurse soon saw to me but refused to let me take her photo today because she didn’t like the last one I took.

I took her likeness as she turned away. She had to laugh.

I thanked her, gave her some nibbles and departed out to the bus stop on Mansfield Road.

One arrived and in fifteen minutes I was dropping off in town and walked through Victoria Centre (Mall) and up the new escalator to the first floor.

IT came out between two fast food eat-ins. This car was part of one of them.

05As I walk the length of the centre, I noticed this chap on the ground floor giving a piano some hammer and singing! There was writing on the side of the handsome white pianissimo, inviting anyone to give other shoppers a song? Thought it was a great idea!

Hobbled along and out into the walk-over. Where three young girls were smoking something very odd smelling with guilty looks on their faces, one of them was wafting her hand around as I approached. I noticed through the window, a youth who it appears, had just got down for a kip on the pavement outside the Boots store?

07I took two photographs, one wide and a close-up of the youth and made this up.

Lovely weather today. I went over and down then around and to the West Bridgford bus stop, where a number 7 was just loading up.

Alighted on Central Avenue in West Bridgford and being a tad early for Jane’s, I called in the Iceland store. Got a bag of eight little wholemeal cobs, some chicken thighs and desert treats for Jane and Pete.

Hobbled to the Mansion where Janet and Pete live, it only took about 12 minutes to get there.

They seemed in good spirits. I nipped into their front room and placed the cushions on their settee for them to see later. I should have taken a photo shouldn’t I?

First attention was given to Mr Fooey of course. I gave him some and Arthur some nibbles, and they both loved them.

08I got myself down (nearly) to Fooey as he was relishing his little treat.

My getting back up, was some amusement for Sue and Pete at least. Hehe!

09I had a go at sorting the picture out on Pete’s laptop, and we worked out how to get his homemade videos onto his display programme. I love it when I can help, be of use like.

Then I invited them to go into their front room to see their pressies… Thank heavens they loved them.

We had a visit from the PCO, they are having bother with a horrible neighbour.

I gave them half the cobs and the trifles and departed, unsure if I would be in time to catch the last L9 bus from town, I decided not to rush, and I could grab a number 40 and walk missing having to climb the big hill at least.

P1110076  P1110077At the stop, a female Pavement Cyclist all but hit me she belted by, naughty girl! Then as the bus was arriving, a bloke Pavement Cyclist was on the other sideway! Tsk!

It turned out when I got in town, once again like the other day, for some reason the 39 bus did not leave on time, and again I made it in time due to his leaving late and got the bus back to the flats. Hell of a job staying awake, I think I must have nodded off around four or five times en route, but was awake when we arrived at the flats.

Eagerly and apprehensively I made it to the apartment to see if anyone had been to tend to the shower floor… The door was unlocked, no one about, but I knew someone had been in due to the dust and bits on the hallway carpet. Gingerly I opened the WC doorP1110079… Dang dang dang…

The shower room floor had been laid! I dare not go in because they had warned me ages ago that it will need two/three days to settle before the shower could be used and it was safe to do so. And, I don’t know if it is finished or not yet, there might be a waterproofing layer to go?

I popped down to the Community Hut, and luckily Deana was in.

She had told the workmen to ring her when they had finished, and she could come and secure the flat. They didn’t, so she didn’t. So, we don’t know if they have to come back tomorrow or not? The farce continues!

Deana asked me to send her a copy of the photograph of her I took when she helped me out again with sorting the ‘double’ electricity bills I’d had yesterday, that I’d doctored.

10Back to the flat none the wiser as to if I had to stay in or not again! Humph!

I sent the doctored graphic via email to Deana.

When it came to me updating this Inchcock Today – I found I’d lost all the content! Gnash! No idea how I managed that. So I started from scratch again. Took me flaming hours!

P1110081Decided to treat me, this time, Chicken thigh, chips, garden peas, onions, peppers and beetroot… oh and two little wholemeal cobs.

Very late for me by the time I’d got the updating done it was hours passed my bedtime.

How I was going to manage without using the throne, I didn’t know. But no one knew really, if I could go into, or when I could stop on the shower room floor to get to the loo?

Friday, as long as I don’t go out, I can use the Community Shed toilet. Between 0830 and 1600 hrs at least. But the shed is not open at the weekend as there will be no staff on the complex? What then?

I’ll have to see and bother Deana again in the morning to see if she can find out if I can go into the shower room, without using the shower of course?

Fed-up, tired, feeling a nonentity, learning new sufferings as I am forced to try new ways of holding back the urge to use the porcelain, feel a nuisance to all and sundry and a sense that I’m suffering occulcation.

I’ll see what tomorrow brings – respite and conclusion, and being able to use the throne would help! Hehe!

Inchcock Today Thu 2 June 2016: Hectic day again… Tsk!


Thursday 2nd June 2016

Up 0450hrs. Manoeuvred out of the second hand £300 recliner chair and to the porcelain throne. I remembered about the bathroom door being the other way around this time. No bleeding from either of the lower region areas, good! But the knees were getting a lot of bother from Arthur Itis again.

Put the kettle on, got the ablution items as needed. Then took the medications.

Sorted the nibbles into the bag, for the Tenants Social Hour later.


Janet Arron and Henry

Laptop on and did some TFZ graphicalisationing, Emails, WordPressing and even had a go on Tetris.

This one of the graphics I got done, it is of Janet Arron, a beauty from the TFZ site, with Henry, her adorable impish kitten.

An official letter arrived, from the Police Pegasus team, they wanted an update on the details held.


Deana, Interviewing me!

0805hrs: Kevin, my maintenance man, arrived, made him a cuppa, and we had a chinwag. He set to working.

0909hrs; Deana Walker came to do the tenants interview.

She also supplied her details for me to put on the Trusted Contacts list on Pegasus for the Nottingham Chief Constable.

We managed to have a natter, in between the official form filling, well, entering it onto her laptop.

Bless her cotton socks.


The Dynamic Drill

Kev worked on the tiling in the bathroom for a couple of hours.

Then he fetched the gigantic drill in, got his helmet, ear muffs and smoke mask on and started digging away kindly keeping the bathroom door closed while he did so.

Looked to me that he was doing a good job of the tiles.

He then started on the drilling of the floor.

I observed that the door opened and concealed the light switch string behind it.

304 2

Light switch cord is now is hidden behind the door. Kevin pointed out that an electrician will be coming to move the switch to the other side later on some time.

I set off for the Tenants Social Hour at the community shed.

So few folks there today, I reckon no more than 15 in all?

I missed the raffle and forgot to pay for my tea – Oh dear. I’ll pay double next week.

We all seemed to be happy and made the best of it, though.

I got myself ready and set off to the bus stop for the trip to the clinic.

Bid Kevin farewell and down to the foyer, where I had a gossip with some fellow tenants, and we all left to catch the bus.

I was soon at the clinic. Booked me in, and took a seat in the waiting area. I was called in shortly. By a different doctor again, I’ve never seen the same doctor more than once at this clinic. The usual embarrassing examinations under highly lit magnifying tubes by several female attendants. Many, oohs and ahs later, they decided I should continue with the same treatment, and I was sent off.


Slab Square dancing today

Bus into town and went to the bank for some cash first. Then had a wander around.

There were some dancers in the slab square near the temporary food courts, and so many of the Nottinghamians joined in.

I went in Primark to get some more loose fitting undies, but they had none in stock. Tsk! I did get some of the warm long sleeved shirts. I got three while they had them in stock, at £6 each.

P1110001Out and went to the Spar shop to get one of their £1 bacon butties as a treat.

They were giving away copies of the sun for free!

I also got one of the TV papers for next week, like the one I got last week, like this one, although more costly, is so much easier to read.

I surreptitiously slipped the pigeons some pellets.

Caught the L9 bus back to the flats.

P1090088By gum, Kevin has been so busy today.

The tiles were nearly finished, the floor had been readied for the application of the shower tiles.

Made him a cuppa and managed a chinwag.

He told me of his camera, a Nikon Bridge P900 model. I looked them up on the web and was very impressed with them.

He’s going to bring his in tomorrow and show me the workings. Kind of him that. I reckon when I get the curtains sorted, one of these might be my expenditure?


He left it all neat and tidy again. Even put a board down so I didn’t fall into the hole in the floor and warned me about it.

Laptop on and updated this claptrap.

Got the oven warming up, to cook the meal for tonight.

Too tired now to do any more graphics.

Checked the TV paper to see if owt worth watching might be on the goggle-box tonight.

Ah, of course, the England Match vs. Portugal. I hope they haven’t found another Eusébio da Silva Ferreira? Hehe! A bit too tasty he was on the pitch he was!

P1110003Got the nosh done and watched the match eating from a tray on my knee on the second-hand £300 recliner… Luxury!

What a disappointing match it was!

No bread was eaten with this excellent meal again tonight.

(Smug Mode Adopted, Hehe!)

The early dreams were of my labascating down cliffs and off of buildings again, but never landing anywhere, just moved onto another thing to fall off of?


Inchcock Today Frid 27th May 16: Laundry Room Farce, Met Deans and got the Nottingham Hospice things delivered.


Friday 27th May 2016

I didn’t stir for over six hours last night! Woke around 0545hrs with bits of the dream going around me head, but they soon dissipated into the ether, I hate it when that happens. Huh!

Remained in the second-hand mechanically dodgy £300 recliner that I’d nodded off in, for a while pondering the needs of the day.

I’d got to go see Deana about the shower installation, the laundry needed doing urgently – thanks to earlier bleeding from certain quarters of my anatomy causing the removal of bloodies articles of clothing, then I must… My deliberations were interrupted by an involuntary emission of the wind from the rear quarters causing concern that attention and sanitational needs may be required. 

Soon as I lowered the chair to get to the bathroom and started to move, the left knee, in particular, suffered an acute attack from Arthur Itis! Still can’t complain, though, because he’s has been kind to me over the last few days.

No hiatus discovered when I got to the throne and checked things out in the lower regions. A tiny few specks of blood from Little Inchy, but nothing at all to concern myself about. No bleeding from Haem Aroid either.

I decided not to get the laptop on yet, cause I always get carried away and end up not doing other things that are urgently in need of attention due to my love of the internet. Had a quick cup of tasty tea and took the medications.

I got the two bags of dirty clothes ready and took one down to the laundry room. Got the washing machine one of the two machines. Back up to the flat to collect the coins I’d forgotten to take with me.

Back down to the laundry room and got it started.

Back up to the flat, and had a hunt around for any other things needing cleaning and put them in the second bag.

Then back down again and got the washing into the other machine also on quick mode, and removed the finished others out and into the dryer.

Back up to the flat, and did some work on the diary for yesterday and got it posted.

P1090023Back down to the laundry room, to find that the machine had finished washing, but had left the clothes very wet. Moved then into the other dryer, then took out the clothes from the first dryer.

Back up to the flat with them and stored them in the airing cupboard.

Back down after an hour to move the washing into the dryer, but they were still wet, so had to do another cycle in it to make sure they’d be safe to wear.

Back up to the flat, more WordPressing was done. Checked the emails.

Back down to the washing room… On the way, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was that the lift hadn’t broken down this morning. Hehehe!

By now it was 0745hrs. I collected the now dry second load of rags (Haha!) from the dryer, and once again back up to the apartment (Fed up with writing flat).

Put this load of clobber in the airing cupboard. Started today’s diary off. And had a quick wash.

Thought about my having to sort out for the maintenance people for Tuesday. Have to move everything out of the bathroom and the hallway, into the bedroom, somehow.

I set about preparing the vegetables for cooking in my much loved and appreciated mini Crock-Pot. Planning to have the with a beef slice, or some sausages methinks?

P1090025Flavoured the swede, carrots, parsnips, red onions and mushroom with a pinch of BBQ seasoning, Asda/Walmart vegetable flavouring and vegetable paste. (Seems alright, tangy taste to it)

Boiled some small potatoes to add to it later. Nibbled a couple when they were done.

P1090018The left knee gave way when I was getting the things ready to go see if Deana was in the hut. Busy gal Deana our Flats Coordinatoress. Photo, on the right taken yesterday at the Social Hour when she popped in.

So I took the stick with me as I went down to the Windwood Hut to see if she was in.

The door was locked so I started to return to the flats and she came out of the door at the other end of the hut. Told her about the bathroom being changed. She said when they take out the WC, they have to replace it with another straight away.

P1060071Which reminded me of the state they left the kitchen vent in when they left, and I started to fret a bit. Hehe!

This photo was taken immediately after the workman left after coming to repair the problem!

Not encouraging is it?

I’m dreading the mess they’ll leave after the three or four days in the flat doing the shower conversion… oh dear!

Back yet again to the flat.

Got some more work done on graphics and WordPress.

The vegetable broth in the Crock-Pot was smelling something wonderful.

The left knee still giving me gip every time I moved now, Huh!

I got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop. Left the Crock-Pot on low and walked up through Woodthorpe Grange Park, down out through onto Mansfield Road, then up and down into Sherwood. Did some window shopping on my way to the Hospice shop.

Blimey, the time is getting a move on, well into the afternoon already – what happened? (Oh yes, the laundry room farce, hehe!)

05Did the ablutions and got ready and out and up the gravel footpath hill up into the park.

At the top, I almost had my breath taken away by the view of the beautiful array of greens with the flowers blooming in between.

Later, I doctored this by adding words and the red flowers, don’t know why I did mind, but it was so pleasant and fresh to look at.

The only sad bit was they had mowed the grass, killing thousands of buttercups, daisies and dandelions in the bargain.

P1090027I pressed on down the footpath through the park and stopped for a while to look at the dogs enjoying themselves, tails a-wagging.

The footpath was a tad darkened by the amazingly quick growth of the trees foliage.

To the Co-op store and had a wander around, getting tomatoes, veg crisps and a lemon cheesecake that fell into the basket. Ahem!

P1090028As I walked down the hill towards the Wilko store, I spotted that someone had parked on the pavement handily blocking the view of drivers approaching the pelican lights.


Got a nail brush from Wilko, then back up the hill to check if a bus was due at the top stop.

There was no need to check when I arrived, there because a few flat tenants were waiting for a bus. Sure enough, three minutes later an L8 bus arrived. It was driven by the lovely lady driver too, so no need to worry about getting thrown all over the place getting on or off.

A chinwag with fellow tenant Frank on the way in and up to the flat, where an urgent call of nature was answered hastily. Phew!

I put the pie in the oven and updated this entry.

The INR test results came, much better this time. 2.5, much closer to the target figure. I emailed the surgery requesting an appointment for next Wednesday as instructed.

P1090029A quick go on Facebook and the meal was ready.

A fine feast it was as well.

The veg mix was delicious, the tomatoes sweet, the potatoes excellent, the bacon crispy, the beef slice beefy and the lemon dessert so tasty! And I ate it without any bread with it!

Oh yes! Will-power yer see? I’ve always had this, a steely determination and unmoveable confidence. 01W04

Watched an old James Bond movie, ‘Live and let die’ – by gum they look dated nowadays, I’d forgotten how bad they were! Hehe!

Took ages to get to sleep again. Tsk!