Inchcock – Thu 6th Dec 2018: Cunning Weevils, Dentist visit, Short but great Social Hour – Betterer day today!


Willmott Dixon women supporters? Hehe!


Thursday 6th December 2018

Swedish: Torsdagen den 6 December 2018

00:25hrs: Extraordinarily, as I woke up, I found myself already disentangling my roly-poly, paunchy, pot-bellied body from the £300 second-hand recliner. With some speed and ease as well! The brain finally informed me that the need to utilise the Porcelain Throne was why I was up and about in no time! Without further ado and avoiding toe stubbings and knocking into or anything over, before I could say, Jack Robinson, I was in the wet room and seated on the Throne.

Perfect timing. Had a cleanup and antisepticalisationing session, and I spotted only one of the 0Stegobium paniceum (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) anywhere in the room. Not to be fooled by the cunningly guileful army of insects again, by their crafty pretending to be retreating and a day later they return to counterattack in number, I decided to use up what was left of the £6.59 can of Rentokill bug spray over the wet room floor and in the corners. Persisting with my expensive battleground defensive counter-measures, I put a replacement can of the killer in the wet room, and then used up another can, this time of the Sanmex bug killer in the kitchen. There were many baby Weevils in there this morning, some alive others dead. Not giving up on my mission, I went to check out the spare room… surprisingly that was all-clear of the Stegobium paniceum (Weevils).

WD54.39.1 In all, I had used up or finished off £15 worth of insecticide, and started the coughing off again. Oy vey is mir! I blame myself, if I hadn’t told people where I keep my hoard of jewellery and stash of cash for them to help themselves to when I croak-out, I might have got more help with the Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles problem. Only joking! Tsk! Hehehe!

Industrially… that’s not the right word, is it? Productively, I got on with updating the Wednesday post, and eventually, got it posted off.

Then I had a brainwave for an idea for a funny ode. Got it written and graphicalisationed, then I posted that off.

4Thu04Went for the forth of the day up to now, SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee).

Checked the emails. Morrison sent this one on the left. Tsk!

I had planned that as a little Christmas present for someone as well. Grumph!

Also and as well as, I had an 4Thu001aemail from the surgery.

The Warfarin INR level came back as being very high for some reason?

So, I must take care not to cut myself. No wonder that the Fungal lesion is bleeding, I know why now.

The appointment for next week was a bit disappointing; they had made if for 1020hrs.

Which will mean with my sleeping pattern, by the time I get their and back, the day will be over for me, I’ll be too shattered to get anything else done. I sent an email in return thanking them and mentioning the lateness of the appointment for me. Hey-Ho!

WD54.39.1 Just about to make a start on this blog, and I realised I had not done the Health Checks or taken the medications yet! So, I put things right. Klutz!


3Wed29The readings had come down nicely.

Please note the weight decrease!

Extra Smug Mode Pleasurably Adopted!

It’s not been easy this dieting and exercising. 

Mind you, look at what I’ve had to do to get it down, shall we?

  • Long Walk Sunday
  • Mammoth getting soaked to the skin hobble Monday
  • Long hobble in the drizzle on Tuesday.

And the toe and ankle are giving me some real hassle now. As for cutting back on the food, that is the hardest bit of the plan for me. No, I lie… cutting back on the nocturnal nibbling is the worst and most difficult! My pot of jelly babies has had sweeties taken out and put back in so often, they have gone misshaped and soggy! Truth Mode Adopted!

I got the nibbles, prizes and the treats into the bag ready. I’ll have to carry that weight with me to the Dentists so I can call at the hut for the Winwood Social Hour on the way back if I get it done in time, that is.

I counted out the four Scottish Shorties ready to be dunked in my tea later for breakfast. Four! Pathetic! Damned dieting… Grrr! Sod-it, I’ll have six now instead! Naughty boy, hehe!

Got a start made on this diary at last.

Ablutions all done, changed, got the bag and set off out, taking empty jars of pickled egg and gherkin to the Alcoholic addict’s glass bin. Haha!

I got the second Health Checks done, in case I forget later in the event of my having any injections at the Dentists.

I called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, Toilet, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Rumourmongering Clinic. Tenants Socialisation Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room shed. Glad to see Regal Jenny there and both of the Wardens. Quick natter and nibble giving, and off on the walk to the dentist.

4Thu05Going down Winchester Street, I took a photographicalisation of the allotments on the corner.

Doris, my neighbour has one of these plots, I believe.

Down the hill, and took the opportunity of 4Thu06making another of the ‘Moody’ traffic shots again.

I went right up the hill, to the Wilko Store. I came out with some liquid soap flakes, nibbles for the box, Dia-limit capsules and stress relief tablets. And, £10.20 less well off.

Up to the Dentist, and logged in. The nurse came to fetch me, and up the apples & pears to the number three surgery. The dentist and nurse were both new to me and were most helpful. After the check-up, I was passed AOK.

Down and out into the gloomy weather again, and further up the hill to the chemists, 4Thu06awhere I got some Co-Codamol capsules. I struggle with the tablets sometimes, they being so large and in need of breaking can cause me bother, too. I’ve still got two halves somewhere in the kitchen that I’ve never found after they shot-off while splitting them. Haha!

Another piece of Nottinghamian Street Art between two shops was recorded.

4Thu07Up the hill into the Woodthorpe Grange Park.

I stopped on the way to have a bit of fuss with some dogs who were taking their owners for a walk.

The top of the gravel footpath that had all the wet leaves that made walking difficult it was even worse today. But I got through it alright without any Accifauxpas.

4Thu08Halfway down the pathway, I took this picture of all three components of the now named Winwood Heights complex.

Woodthorpe on the left, the new Extra Care Unit in the centre Don’t know what they are going to call that yet? And Winchester Court on the right as you look at the picture.

4Thu09Down and into the foyer to the lifts, taking this shot of our Christmas Tree.

Up to 72, and took an SSWW I got this blog updated and rushed off to the Winwood Social Hour.

A most delightful session, although not many in attendance, we had much laughter and rib-taking to keep us amused. And much pleasure was taken in my having stick about the size of my meals and walking too far on my hobbles. Hahaha! Many little chinwags, as well. I do enjoy having these confabs, laughs and even the mick-taking. Haha!

I walked back to the flats with Catwalk model Gaynor, Cuddly Mo and Herbert-John.

While I waited for the Morrison Delivery (No alcohol-free wine, though, Humph!) I again updated this blog, then got some page top headers prepped for the Inchcock Diaries.

4Thu10Got the nosh prepared and consumed, a little earlier than planned.

Baked beans seasoned with balsamic vinegar, mustard, BBQ flavouring and oregano. Beef pie and a few oven chips. Naturally, being a dedicated dietist, I had no bread, the gorgeous pastry of the pie was more than suffice.

The common or garden custard and strawberry (I think, it was a fruit of some sort) jelly dessert, followed. A worthy Taste Rating of 9.2/10 granted for this one.

4Thu11The Morrison delivery arrived.

A smaller one than usual. I got most of the nibbles and pressies needed for the season of ‘Goodwill’ in now. 

Got the fodder put away.

Washed the dish and pots.

Did the Health Checks. Had an LSWW (Long-Sharp-Wee-Wee)

I settled to watch one of my most favourite of all my films on DVD. ‘Pat & Margaret’. Starring the much missed, Victoria Wood and Julie Walters.

But the usual fatigue got the better of me. I tried rewinding a few times but kept nodding off, so I gave up, and fell asleep, to have what turned out to be a hilarious dream!

TTFNski folks.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 13th September 2017: The 13th… what a day to have a dentist appointment. Howling winds and rain last night. Humph!

Wednesday 13th September 2017

0315hrs: I stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner. The stomach giving me no bother and I felt almost in a state of ataraxia for a few minutes… Until I tried to get up, the recliner shuddered almost violently as it lowered, and as soon as I moved to stand up. First, Hippy Hilda was most unhappy at the movement and then, standing on my painful, poor plates-of-meat stung and almost burned as I got onto them. That would be no doubt due to the enforced route march – Whoopsiedangleplop number three of the five from yesterday?

However, the other ailment were all much easier this morning. Off to the Porcelain Throne, no bother at all there. Arthur Itis, Roger Reflux, Hernia Harry even Anne Gyna were most acceptable pain levels. Duodenal Donald, Hippy Hilda and the plates were the only ones giving any grief.

Made a brew of tea in the new second-hand dainty mug, got a pot of porridge ready to have and did the Health Checks. Sys 159, Dia 79, Temp 32.4, Weight 14.96.

At this point, the innards came to life and bubbled up like, instantly. The rumbling and grumbling and a feeling of, I don’t know the word I need. Queasiness perhaps overcame me (Or should that be squeamishness?). I got the grabber and put the pot of porridge back up on top of the cupboard.

I was earlier, well pleased with the innards situation, especially after waking up to feel the ailments so much better. And now, the relief I felt earlier had turned to a discombobulated feeling of disappointment. Tsk!

Put the hearing aids in, after a search to find the reading glasses that took several minutes (I’d left them in the wet room hanging over the mouthwash bottle?). I went to make another brew, and by golly was the wind a-blowing or what! The beautiful wet-you-through rain persisted down and along in the wind. The howling gusting winds, that seemed to be getting stronger. I hope I can get to the Dentist safely later?

The note I’d left for myself helped me to remember this. Hehe!.

On the computer and started off this diary up to here.

Then finished yesterday’s and got it posted. Checked the Emails.

I popped into the kitchen to make a mug of tea, and saw all the street lights and thought this might make a decent photograph. Back to the computer to collect the camera, returned to the kitchen, and nearly all the lights had gone out. Huh!

Tok this one anyway. The wind had eased a little, but the rain continued to fall.

I thought I was gonna get soaked on my visit to the Dentists, but the rain and the wind dropped quickly?

Got the ablutions tended to and getting ready for the hobble into Sherwood, through Woodthorpe Grange Park to the dental surgery, the lights in the living room flashed and flickered for ages. Mmm?

I sorted and took the waste bags to the chute. Thre was no end of bits of detritus that had been blown in through the gigantic holes in the wall at both ends of each of the corridors.

The chances are the wind would have knocked down the building last night, without them being there? Such was the ferocity of them.

I set out, taking two jars to put in the recycling bin, the recycling bin that has been full for over five days now, incidentally. I’m not blaming our indifferent, elusive, unavailable, unobtainable, unreachable phubbing expert of a caretaker at all. I’m sure he has so many phone calls to make, it must be annoying him these alien blobs on the lift floor, the bins overflowing and debris on every floor of the flats near the lifts, all awaiting his expert attention. Oh, no, not blaming him at all.  Only joking.

I crossed over Chestnut Walk and up the steep gravel path hill. This picture came out very well, considering. I was just about to take a photograph, when the leaves and branches on the ring were blown straight into my face, then back again out of view again. They didn’t hurt at all, just made me jump a bit. Hehe!

Limped slowly up the path and into the park, then left down towards Mansfield Road. The damage from the winds had left branches, berries and leaves all strewn about.

As I neared the gate, a sad sight to behold. Some huge branches had been broken off the wonderful majestic, as was, Conker  Tree near the walkway, by the winds.

I pressed on, feet stinging of course, but Hippy Hilda and Duodenal Donald were both easier now.

Left out of the gates up and over the crest of the hill, and there, was a wind damaged new advertising hoarding sign.

Onward I limped, down to the dentist, with a feeling of foreboding at having to be seen to by the new younger dentist. The lady one who used to deal with me has gone back to Poland, and I had this chap tend to me on my last visit. Very curt, short and uncommunicative he was. Yesterday I spoke with Bill (William on Sundays), and another chap from the eleventh floor and they both said they used had the lady do them, and remarked on their feeling towards the new man and his not very friendly at all, nature.

I plodded down to the Co-op store. Bought a wholemeal loaf and some smoked bacon, to have with some tinned tomatoes with basil tonight.

Departed and walked back up the hill.

Where I noticed that another Sherwood outlet had closed down.

It’s getting bad now.

I arrived outside the Dentist and took this picture of the new signs and poster on the front of the premises.

Classy innit? Hahaha!

Tentatively, I went in and meekly reported myself to the Sturmbahnfureresses on the reception. I filled in the statement form, two pages now, not one. I was commanded to sit down, so I did.

I did very well with the crosswords. I didn’t finish one of course, but I came very close. Haha!

A nurse came down and had a bit of a job with me concentrating on the crosswords, to make her orders for me to follow her, heard. This did not please her in the least. I accompanied her up the steep stairs, and she disappeared from view, returning a few moment late back at the top of the steps, asking if I was coming – then she must have spotted my right foot sticking out and my battle to get up the rungs, and her nature softened a bit.

The biggest shock of the visit (Apart from the cost to come), was the young dentist being kind to me! “Hello, Mr Chambers and how are we today?”; with a fixed imitation half-smile showing through his chin stubble. It was all put on, amateurishly as well. Plainly, others had complained about his previous bullish approach and told someone about it, and he had been warned. He was even mock-patient with me when I struggled to get down in the chair.

Within seconds he was hovering over me, saying something to the nurse about the teeth. He leant back to me, sharing his curry scented breath with me too, and prodded the back teeth with a tool of some sort. Gave them a right few belts he did. Then declared I needed a filling, but I don’t need any anaesthetic because it was only a small one. Could he do it now? – I nodded, I would have spoken to him, but the pain from where he’d stuck the prodder in the tooth was still hurting. Huh!

He got on with the task, it did hurt of course, but he was no doubt trying to save the cost of the painkillers.

He gave me the paperwork to take down to the receptionist, he even offered to carry my bag down the stairs for me.

The Obergefeiteress received the paperwork and charged me £56.30, bless her. Gave me a time and date for the next appointment. Wednesday 14th March at 0840hrs. I wrote this down on the crossword book, and hobbled out, thinking I would catch the first L9 back up the hill to the flats. This I did. But, it turned out to be a Whoopsiedangleplop AGAIN! It was too early to use the free bus-pass… AGAIN! So, I had to pay the man. It was only after two bus stops and a lady got on at the next one, and got on for free! This, after she told him, she was a pensioner and could not walk up the hill and waffled on at him. Tsk!

I alighted and walked limpingly along towards the flats, and took a photograph of this rather beautiful bit of the walkway.

The mobile phone burst into tune. It was the Doctors surgery telling me that the INR Warfarin Blood level had risen to 5.8 now. This is opposite to the blood-clot and heart attack area. Rather the ‘Cut your yourself and bleed to death’, and the ‘You’re going to feel cold mate’ mode. I added the details she gave me to the Crossword book with the Dentist details already in there. She gave me the new dosages and the next blood test was arranged for Tuesday 19th September at 1100hrs.

As I did, a voice from behind called my name… it was Warden Deana, and I was go glad to see her. Always cheers me up seeing this lass. We walked into the flats together.

I got in and had a wee-wee.

Put the bread in the bin, bacon in the fridge and got the computer on to update the appointment calender. Then added things to the written diary as well.

Seems I am going to be medically busy next week. Hehe!

Between cups of tea (A bit of thirst developed here?).

Got the tomatoes seasoned and into the saucepan with some tomato juice added and heated the oven ready for the bacon later.

Although raining again, the view was very nice as the sun popped out for me to take this photograph.

Did a bit more TFZer graphic prep work. I may have to abandon this series I’m working on, because CorelDraw has started freezing on me when I try to edit in CorelPaint. Most irritating!

Got the meal in the dish, just the seasoned tomatoes and smoked back bacon, with the fresh bread, followed with the last pot of the Lemon Mousse and a lemon-curd yoghourt. So easy to prepare, but a devil to clean up after cooking. Does anyone clean ovens in their spare time please? How much do you charge? Hehe!

Such a simple meal, but I gave it a 9.2/10 rating.

Settled and got the DVD on and watched some of the ‘Hustle’ episodes. I was surprised I was still awake after being up for over 16 hours, and still conscious and enjoying the stories.

Had to dismount the recliner for a wee-wee, which turned into a Porcelain Trone session, a good one, no mess, no blood.

While up, I decided to clean the pots and to look threateningly at the dirty oven. Hehe!

Back in the recliner and nodded off, but woke up at 0140hrs, wide awake again. Tsk!

Fri 18 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Busy getting nowt done. Tsk!

Friday 18th September 2015

01topdWoke 0610hrs, again distorted but not uncomfortable, in me brown chair in which I fell asleep reading me book.

Cramp free night again!

Thoughts of me dreams were noted down.

I pondered on the day ahead – by now I’d learned not to make many plans for it, as they usually don’t mature well. IMG_0022Hehe!

Still, here they are: See Deana to get help phoning the Council – then the dentist, then the Clinic to fetch me cream for ‘Little Inchy’, then see if the shop had any more of those tasty BBQ Firedogs in stock. Failed to get the Firedogs. Huh!

Cuppa brewed and took me morning mediations.

Laptop on, to the WC.

Me dreams were not good. They involved me amongst boats, barges, canal locks… People running around chasing, being chased, lost, aggressive and all blaming me for something, no idea what it was but extreme feelings of guilt prevailed throughout the dream. Struggled to work out how the boat worked – Lost a Thermos flask I recall – Realised at one stage I had no shoes and socks on when I was in an engine room, oily muddy water… then I was in a hospital and was drawing noughts and crosses on someone’s leg plaster-cast? – last memory was falling off a lock side into the murky water and bouncing off it? 

Checked emails then finished off the Wednesday diary and got it posted.

Got missen and the things ready for me day ahead, and set off on part one of days missions, to the Winwood Community shed, as Deana knocked on the door!

01topjShe got on t’phone ans sorted me election registration out for me, bless her, and she’s on her own at the moment, cause Obergruppenfurher Julie is off work due to he mother passing away. I thanked her and gave her some nibbles.

Checked the flat (Taps, windows. plus 01tophetc) and set on on e walk through Woodthorpe Park into Sherwood and the dentists.

The usual welcome was given, ” Take a seat and wait!” was barked out in true Concentration Camp fashion…, so I took a seat and waited.

After a short while of me having a go at me crossword book a lady barked “Chambers, Chambers…!” I made missen known: “Go to treatment room 3, yes!”

So I hobbled up the stairs to treatment room 3 and waited.

An assistant came in and moved me to surgery room 1. Where I noticed they hadn’t yet mended the tear in the surgery seat, or mended the split in the sink either.

Another lady came in later and moved me again, to surgery room 2.

It was interesting at the dentist today anyway.

The dentist arrived and was very pleasant as she dug the pain-killing injection into me gum with a smile that reminded me of Margaret Thatcher’s.

01topgAfter a bit of drilling and prodding she got the filler into what was left of me tooth, then set about making out the bill for me after asking if I felt alright, followed by a forceful ‘Yes!’

I nodded my ‘Yes’ in reply.

During these exercises I noticed there were 27 insects in the lamp-holder on the ceiling. I considered telling her about this when I could talk again – but decided against it.

Then remembered she had told me about my needing an extraction last time, so bravely I asked her about this. She looked at me with a frown and asked me which one, after failing to find it on her computer. I pointed out the offending tooth and she said “We’ll have to do that next time then, ‘Yes!!!” I agreed.

I pointed out that it was beginning to hurt sometimes when I ate…

“You can call if this is the case and it gets too bad… Yes!”

By now I was a bag of nerves. Not due to the pain or bother, just of her commanding voice! Hehe!

She presented me with a bill for £89 – and i pointed out that the bill she gave me last time for today’s treatment was for £32.50?

She checked on the computer and she said this total included the money for the general check… I told her I’d paid that already as demanded by the receptionist on my last visit!

She checked again on the computer – “Oh yes that is right, You pay £32.50 today! Yes!!!”

So I hobbled down the stairs and paid me £32.50 to the receptionist – very confused now!

She made an appointment for next time asking me if I have any preference for the day – I said no problem, any day bar a Monday please, as Mondays are my INR Warfarin blood checks and clinic day.

She made a date and gave me the print-out and estimated cost – it was for Monday 7th March 2016, with an estimate of £32.50 costs.

Boldly I mentioned that it was for a Monday, he said nowt but pounded away on her machine and gave me another appointment slip for Tuesday 8th March, with an estimate of £51.30!

Now totally confused I left.

Caught a bus across the road into Bulwell. Where, despite visiting many shops I could find no FireDogs or Blackcurrant ice-dream lollies.

01topfHowever on arrival in Bulwell, I got a loaf of bread fed the Mallards and pigeons on the river Leen this along with the earthworms I’d taken with me for them.

Then I walked along and called in the Pound shop to see if they had any of the lavender disinfectant in stock, they hadn’t.

01topeNot an overly successful day up to now.

The Market place looked so unlike a Market place.

No bartering or anything that you expect form a market at all – the goods were crap and not cheap as well.

01topdI walked down to the other shops in search of some Lavender disinfectant and/or iced lollies without any luck.

The place was teeming with Mobility Scooters with drivers who were not really safe.

Mind you, Bulwell has the highest number of registered disabled folk in the County.

01topbI caught a bus into town, to have a look see for me Lavender disinfectant and/or blackcurrant iced lollies – again without any luck. Hobbled (Painfully now, me knees and feet were playing up bad) to the shopping mall. Then back into town.

Where a small group of protesters in front of the Council house attracted the attention of the police.

01topaAs I made me way to the bus stop, some more police were seen going into Primark I think, most likely to arrest some more shoplifters.

Caught the L9 bus back to the flats.

Part way there, going through Carlton, a chap with two others got on the bus. The big one of the two others, obviously a pupil from the nearby Rosehill Special School sat next to me and nearly crushed me. I know something of the problems these men and youths have from me security days when we did the alarm responses for the school.

One one occasion after the monitoring station had informed us an activation, the police contacted me to say they thought it was an old pupil who’d broke in, he’d been moved to Birmingham, and had somehow escaped from his parents care to go back to the school, where he was so happy. No bad intentions on his behalf but we must take care as this lad know no pain physically and has been known to be violent. They were transporting the parent to the site as they were the only people who had a modicum of effect with him. It hours, and they had problems convincing him to leave – we did want to try and force the lad as he and we would not be aware if he got hurt. Hell of of night that was.

And i think this bloke crushing against the window was this lad, although obviously now he was a bloke.

Any-road, when it came to my getting off the bus – the bloke would not acknowledge me or make way for me to get off the seat or bus.

I remembered his Christian name and used it as I tried gently to convince him and it worked. The chap in charge of the two bloke was very impressed.

Although one Herbert sat at the front got a bit het up and swore at him and I and the carer tried to explain to him about the blokes problems to no avail.

01topI got off and made me way to the flat, feeling so upset for the affected bloke, who never spoke.

Got into the flat and more mail, one for the last tenant one for me. The one for me cheered my up tremendously I can tell yers.

It was from a Cyber-friend in America.

It offered support and empathy of my situation.

I like to thank her most deeply. I was touched by this, that anyone would go to the time, cost and effort to support someone so far away I found fantastic! Thanks a million gal! XXX.

This made a bad day, a good dayP1020046all on its own.

WC’d. Got the laptop on to start and finish this diary off.

Made me nosh.

Polish Sopocka, new potatoes, sweet beetroot, apple, tossed red peppers and mushrooms, last of me cheese cubes, wholemeal bread with caramelised red onion relish. Followed by a jelly and fromage frais.

Still had trouble nodding off despite feeling so tired?

Stomach churning.

Tue 11 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Carpet (Cowboys) fitting day

Tuesday 11th August 2015


Best I could manage for a photographicalisation taken leaning over the balcony rail this morning – shaky yes… but so was I! Hehe!

0225hrs: Woke up distorted in the chair, nearly fell off of it.

Then to the WC. Little Inchy had been bleeding a fair bit, so applied some of the Betamethasone cream.

The fridge-freezer has developed a few new clunks and thuds, but it’s Whee seems to have disappeared?

Took the photo above from the balcony.

Started to move the remaining stuff into the kitchen but me back gave-out and now I’m in agony again – not to mention the angina, arthritis and duodenal ulcer playing up as well. Huh!

Made a cuppa (Not easy getting around a kitchen filled with box’s and carrier bags etc).

Underarms and the cancer wound both itching something chronic now as well.

DSCF0253Laptop on to start this diary off, too early to take me medications yet… I don’t know though, at least if I take em now I’ll not forget later? Yea, I’ll take em…

Sod-it, another dizzy-spell.

Did some Facebooking while I had the time –  I think this will prove to be another busy day – just hope the carpet man comes on time and get done on time so I don’t miss me dentists appointment.

Made another cuppa and then moved what I could carry, of what was left in the bedroom and front-room into the kitchen – if I collapse now there will not be room to fall onto the floor!

Later, the carpet men arrived, but there were two of them with another calling in to see them now and then. They looked a bit on the hard side and communicating with them was difficult, because I didn’t fully understand what their different grunts, ugs and mutterings meant.

DSCF0255I popped out to see the lady next door, very nice, pretty, refind and polite she was – and I explained to her about the noise that might emanate from the flat while the chappy-blokes are laying the carpet today.

Being 2½ men on the job could mean they will still be finished on time fer me to get t’dentist on time.

UNBELIEVABLE! Now they have gone off to do another job now they have got the underlay (with United Carpets Air-step printed on it) and the door strips down!

DSCF0254They told me the carpet has not been delivered to them yet from United Carpets!!!

Cowboys or what?

Yes, Cowboys!

Hi-ho Silver Away! Don’t know about silver but it coas me £100 to pay em.

0705Ran up this graphic in praise of Untied Carpets!

Long may they lie cheat con and upset the elderley customers like wot I am and are thick and gullible enough to be taken-in and fooled – idiot I am!


Now awaiting there return…

They rang back at 1205hrs – still no carpet – not bad considering I ordered it 3 weeks ago – now they may not make it back in time – I could swear!

They rang back again 1238hrs – the Carpet from ‘United Cowboys’ has just arrived. On their way back to the flat, ETA 15 minutes.

It so Farcical innit?

Really pee’d off now, this means they are going to rush the job and it’ll be below standard I’m sure. Are they going to get it done in time for the dentist?

Yes they did – like lighting they were!

DSCF0256It only took em 25 minutes to lay the lot! Worrying that?

I’ll have to pick up the shreds of plastic and carpet scattered all over the flat later, cause I want to call in and take the letter to the community shed.

They kindly left me two gigantic bags of cardboard paper and cut-offs – don’t know what else in in them yet, but they were too heavy for me to lift?

Got me things ready fer me trip to dentist and called in the ‘Hut’ on the way out.

Obergruppenfurher Kamp Commandant Julie was in – I told her about the farce with the carpet layers and she was kind enough not to yawn too loudly like. Huh! I forgot to give her the letters.

DSCF0257Set off up the hill into Woodthorpe Park and down into Sherwood and the dentist.

Three Nottingham Footpath cyclists today.

Got into the dentists and was commanded to take a seat and the charge will be £18.80 “You pay now!” So I did.

DSCF0258I was told to go to treatment room 1 – handily up two flights of stairs, which Arthur Itis was not too pleased with, then Anne Gyna started getting nasty about it again as I climbed the stairs.

In the surgery/room, the first thing I noticed was they had cleared the cobwebs off the ceiling, but not yet repaired the split in the seat of the chair.

DSCF0259They had also got a new painting up on the wall. I told them I liked it and one of the technicians told me she bought it, the owners would never waste money on anything like that – I’m beginning to worry if I should have signed with this practice?

They did the checks and informed me I needed grade 2 treatment. She told me what it was but the shock of being informed it will cost £229.80 blew me hearing aids!

I was instructed to go down to the receptions and book an appointment. So I did… I got the Polish receptionist again: She told me the date and time 8/9/15 at 10.15 for half-an-hour. I like the way she asked if you can make that appointment: “You will come ya!” before I got a chance to reply in the affirmative she barked “Gut, sorted!” threw the appointment letter at me and called the next patient up to the desk, making everyone jump with fear, before I’d picked it up. Still, it’s never boring going there, it might bankrupt me and scare me to death, but never boring! Hehe. £299.80? (that’s US$496.96 – Canadian $613.77 and Aust $640.68)

I ran out as fast as could and got on a bus to Carrington, using me pensioners free bus-pass that I treasure so much.

I thought as I got on the bus, I was only going about four stops, that I’d pop in the GP and try to make an appointment for next Monday for me INR blood test.

Got off the bus and forgot all about it.

Walked to the old house, they had tipped me bins up again.

Went in got the mail – nasty one from the Water company…? Welcoming me to me new home on Sherbrooke Road telling me to ring them and they will be happy to open my account???

DSCF0260Got some bits together in to bags, and made e way to the bus stop in Carrington with em.

Caught the bus into back into Sherwood.

I’d just missed a bus, so set off on a walk through the park again back to the flat.

i met the nice lady with her friend and she kindly asked how the carpet fitting went… she did laugh when I told her.

Got back to the flat and made a start on picking the bits out of the carpet in the bedroom – then thought it would be best if I moved some of the stuff out of the bathroom first so I could have a bath later.

DSCF0261The bedroom door is hard to close and open, catching and tearing the top of the carpet – well fancy that! I knew it would happen! Damned cowboys!

Laptop on and updated the diary. Put the dental appointment on me Google diary.

Very tired again suddenly.

DSCF0262Made some nosh. Potatoes, fresh garden peas, pork loin, mature cheese and veggie sausages. Rated 8/10

I added me 1960 Kenyan policeman’s truncheon in the photo just out of interest and in the hopes of getting an offer of a massive amount of money as an offer to buy it from someone.

01topaSo I can raise some cash like. Also I have an original one quart Esso oil bottle open to offers.

Desperate times need desperate measure, I’ve had these items for donkeys years and hoped to hand them down to someone when I kick the bucket, but now find missen in need of cash. Maybe, when I get the time I’ll search the web ro find out what they might be worth?

Tiredness and depression overcame me. No bath or shave (Mind you, I’ve still got to empty the bath of all the stuff I put in it yesterday to make room for the cowboys to do me carpets) just got down in all the rubbish in the kitchen and slept…

Mon 10 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today – Utter Mayhem

Monday 10th August 2015


0415hrs: Woke with a start and got straight up knowing I had a lot of hassle and work on today – not a good idea, cause I had a dizzy as I gorrup… Tsk!

I’d got the kitchen area all cleared where they hopefully will be knocking out the units to get to foam fill the holes in the wall. Every-time a fitter comes to look at it they change their plans!

First they came to fix the air-vent – He decided it needed bricklayers to come and block up the holes – Next the bricklayer came and did nowt, having decided it needed a carpenter to come and take out the units cupboards and drawers and fill the holes with foam? He’s due today, and I’m getting nervous.

Then I have to go to the dentist appointment afterwards, and get some bread in on the way back.

Tomorrow it’s the turn of the carpet layer to scare me and lay me carpets – so all the stuff I’d moved out of the kitchen to make way for the carpenter has to be moved back into the kitchen along with all the other stuff in the flat to make room for the carpet fitter to do his damage.

The condemned kitchen window is being replaced next week, by then I have no idea of the mess I’ll be up to me neck in, and redecorating will be needed of course…

Then there is the old place to get sorted yet…

I’m not feeling well now, just thinking about it all… Tsk!

To the bathroom and boy were the haemorrhoids bleeding! Another mess to clean up.


Brekkers today

Laptop on, cuppa and medications taken.

‘Little Inch swollen and throbbing, but only trickling with bleeding, still sore and painful though.

Bits of the dreams I’d had kept coming into me mind I couldn’t make much sense of them again, something involving big holes in the floor?

As time passed the angina and arthritis joined in playing up too.

Getting a bit worried about how I’m going to cope with things now.

Feeling sorry fer missen I suppose – can’t have that – must buck missen up somehow!

Got a new email from Angie that temporarily boosted me spirits, bless her and Patti and the TFZ members.


My kitchen curtains… another job to sort! Huh!

Went and had a shave, teggies and brush-up, changed into some old togs thinking best to for when (IF) the hole gets filled in I’d have to clear up the mess afterwards – then remembered the dentist appointment and changed back into decent togs. Huh!

There are times that I excel myself and commit self-inflicted Whoopsiedangleplops – this is such an occasion!

DSCF0242It is not today for the Dentist – it’s tomorrow at 1415hrs!

Pressed on sorting paperwork out, selecting what needs keeping and shredding much of it, filled two of the small orange recycling carrier bags.

Then moved some stuff out of the kitchen into the living room to give the bloke more room like.

The Carpenter chappy arrived and i explained the problem to him – nice chap, sociable type – rare that.

DSCF0236He soon had the base unit out revealing the rather large hole in the kitchen wall that had been causing the problems with the wind ingress.

Rather large wonnit? The one at the top that they are not touching is even larger.

Bit of drilling, banging and sawing and DSCF0238within half an hour he was ready to replace the cabinet.

He assured me the foam would continue to expand and fill in the whole of the hole… eventually like.

Spur of the moment decision to catch the L9 Bus into town and get some bread and maybe treat missen to a cream cake.

I emailed Deana Walker to tell her the hole had successfully been blocked. Thanking her for sorting it out for me.

Got me bag, bus-pass and list and set off to catch the bus into town – wait for it…

I got on the wrong one.

So dropped off in Sherwood and caught a bus there into Arnold, Norman from the flats was on the bus L8 and caught the Arnold bus with me and we had a good chin-wag – then we both realised we’d caught the wrong bus into Arnold – so we dropped off early and I walked into Arnold. Tsk!

I called into Sainsburys and looked for some of the nobbly potatoes but they didn’t have any, so I got some bread thins, spiced chips and fresh garden peas.

DSCF0240Walked into Arnold and popped into Asda to see if they had any of the nobbly potatoes in – they hadn’t – so I got a fresh cream raspberry and cream turnover.

En-route another Nottingham Pavement cyclist nearly had me as he meandered wobbly along the pavement with his radio or whatever it was blaring out from his headphones.


The Arnold Market looked sadder than I’ve ever seen it.

I cut through the jitty and to the L9 bus stop to get back to the flats.

I don’t know why, but again I kept nodding off on the bus? I always seem to do this on the L8 and L9 buses?

They are electric-powered, that shouldn’t affect me should it?

Got into the flat and put me nosh away.

Made a cuppa and laptop on to update this tosh.



Had a walk down to the Community Hut (I’ll try to remember to take a photo of it) to hand in some more letters delivered for the previous tenant Margaret.

The shed was all locked up again.


Back to the flats and met a lady from the 8th floor visiting the lady in the flat next to mine. I gave her the ladies hair-brush with a mirror on the back that I’d got from the old house – for some reason. She liked it and that cheered me up a bit.

DSCF0244Got me nosh on – seasoned potatoes, two vegetarian sausages and crispy bacon and apple with the bread thins and sauce.

Rounded off with me fresh cream raspberry cake.

Great! Rated this one 8.6/10.

Then the horribly painful job of moving things into the bathroom and kitchen in readiness for the cowboy to fit me carpet tomorrow began.


Took me hours to get what stuff I did manage – me back is playing up wicked now – and I didn’t get everything into the kitchen and bathroom, still need to finish off moving the remainder of the stuff in the morning.

Too tired and weary now.

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 4th February 2015 Dentistry day

Wednesday 4th February 2015

Took ages to get to sleep last night – eventually drifting off around 0300hrs then woke up with a start at 0545hrs.

Still got some horrible dreams in but can’t remembered any details.

Made a cuppa and took me medications later than usual.

Picked up the newspaper to throw it away and noticed the an article about the expected weather for the UK.

0301newsA biting cold airflow from Siberia dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’ will see temperatures plummet to -15°c in Britain next week. Really made me day that did… Huh!

WC’d… no blood hurrah!

One of me mobile oil-heaters died a death – moved one from front room into the kitchen.

Things to do today I pondered: Dentist at 1200hrs, might not be up to doing owt else after they have finished drilling and a-poking around in me gob? Must take stuff to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop cause it’s close to the dentist at Sherwood. Must see about getting new heater soon before the big freeze comes?

Started this diary, Facebooked a while then did a bit of work on blog about Inchcock being interviewed on Radio Nottingham fun.

I realised that this laptop was using Windows to preview pictures and so downloaded Google Picasa3 because that gives me the file name with each preview.

When it was loading it offered a free Google+ Back-up so I loaded that as well. Now after about 25 minutes it has an hour left of the download of my photos to the site. And I’ve got to go to the dentists in 20 minutes? Do I leave it running or risk pausing it and putting laptop to sleep until I get back?

Decisions decisions… come on Inchcock make your mind up now…

I’ll pause and put the laptop to sleep now – just hope all is okay when I return from the dentists. Oh dear.

Got the stuff ready for the Nottingham Hospice shop and then did me ablutions.

Must say the innards seem a lot better today and Anne Gyna, but Arthur Itis is bad. Sneezing a bit too and runny nose. (I know… chase after it then)

Set off and started me walk into Sherwood.

As I at the pelican crossing at the top of the hill on Mansfield Road, the lights signalled green for met cross over and a bus pulled up – as I started to cross a sudden klaxon noise made me stop – just as well because a second later a paramedic overtook the bus and belted passed, I felt the breeze it was that 0302ambulclose… As I got to the other side of the road I fumbled to get me camera out to take a photo – but she was well gone by then, I took a photo though. You might be able to just recognise the ambulance in the distance at the second set of traffic lights?

I pressed on a little miffed into Sherwood.

303MSTwo cyclists on the pavement outside the library today. Tsk!

As I was going up the second hill I noted that the daily Mobility scooter chap was visiting his favourite pub again, well he does everyday bless him.

Hope he doesn’t overdo the plonk intake and run into someone or something when he comes out.

Up the hill and into the Hospice shop. Left the bits and then walked a few doors up to the dentists.

Went in and gave me details and was told to go to Room 2 up the steep stairs, so I did. I worked out they had six rooms in all – each one the size of a small bedroom.

304DentistNo signs of any bodies about so I took a photo of the room, missing the cobwebs and cracked wall plaster.

Eventually the female Obergruppenführer dentist arrived with her assistant in toe and commanded I sit down in the chair – I sat down in the chair.

She waffled on ignoring me trying to explain that I could not hear what she was saying, and with tools in my mouth I just had to hope it was nothing too important she was saying.

They took some x-rays and then gave me an injection of stunner and left the room to tend to someone in one of the other rooms – like a well oiled production line in here!

The foreman… er dentist returned after fifteen minutes or so and set to work with the drill and then filling procedure.

Half an hour or so later it was all done and dusted.

She filled in then handed me my file saying: “You can go now!” – so I thanked her and went, down to the receptionist and paid me £59 odd. The lady on autopilot said “Any pain you return again” – No doubt the £ signs I saw in her eyes were imaginary ones.

303Sherw2As I came out of the premises the sky looked even lovelier than earlier, but the wind was getting up again I noticed – soon as my hat blew off I thought ‘Hello, the winds getting up.’

I started to walk down the hill and called in the Continental shop for one of their Polish continental type sliced loaves and very nice it was too.

305Ambul2As I came out there was the ambulance parked up that had so nearly ended me life earlier at the pelican lights.

I took a photo not realising the female paramedic was sat in it. Boy did I get a look from her as I walked passed!


Poddled on and as I reached Carrington I saw the opportunity to test missen 306carringtonwith taking an atmospheric picture by the side of St John’s Church as the sun was facing me on Mansfield Road and wus tickled pink with how it came out. Especially as for some reason there was only one vehicle on the road gave it an unnatural twinge – no idea wot I’m talking about yer know, but it sounds good dunnit? No? Okay.

Got in and made a visit to the porcelain without any bleeding, made a sandwich and did some microwave baked potatoes and ate well and all of it – the teeth coped well with no pain.

Now I’ll see how the innards handle that now I’m eating again – crossed fingers time here methinks?

Hello hello hello… did I say no bleeding from the rear passage earlier? Cancel that.

The laptop was okay, and within an hour Picasa had downloaded the piccies. But Coreldraw is playing up again, twice I’ve had to force-close and restart. Sod-it.

I thought I’d listen to some music while doing this Dairy and played some Elvis on YouTube but the sound was very low, so tried another one and that was the same, couldn’t hear it… then I realised although I’d got me headphones on I’d not put the jack-plug in the laptop.

Now you may think that my doing things like this on a regular basis nowadays is due to old age, depression frustrataion and creeping senility? You’d be right!

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Had a look in the mirror at me teggies and two at the back seem to have grey lines around them? I wonder if it was something about them that Frau Himmler was trying to tell me about earlier?

Suddenly feeling tired. Can’t nod off, just as well Brother-in-law rang, he’s calling round in the morning.

Watched a ‘Heartbeat’ DVD.

Inchcock Today: Wed 21st Jan 15 – Declorication and dentist concerns

Up at 0400hrs – WC, cleaned up the blood.

Damned annoyed at not remembering any of me dreams again this morning.

Angina and arthritis both playing up big time, went down to make a cuppa to have with me medications and found that a bit of snow had fallen overnight and had turned to nasty dangerous black-ice!

0302outsideI took a photo from the front door that creaked as the frost broke around it when I opened it!

I hope no more falls with temperatures this low it shouldn’t, but if it warms up a tad later I can see more snow descending. Tsk!

Not looking forward to the walk to the dentist at all this morning… but got to go.

Weather like this is Whoopsidangleplops inviting. Especially with Arthur Itis limiting my movements like wot he is today.

Trouble with Coreldraw9 this morning, freezing, crashing and importing work I’d done warped? Eventually after many restarts it  seems slow but working again – lost hours there. Tsk!

Looking out the upstairs window I saw many flashing blue lights of emergency vehicles in the distance on Hucknall Road I think. I’d bet the black ice had caught some poor sod out?

Finished off yesterdays diary and got it posted, then had the urge to write a ditty about the weather so I did and posted that. I lost the original plot in no time, but it seemed fairly funnyish all the same.

Must get the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop because it’s only a few doors down from the dentist. Two jobs in one like – as the missus used to say.

Got missen cleaned up and set off for the walk to Sherwood and the Dentists.

It wor miserable out there, but the snow had all but melted by the pouring rain. Not cold at all now.

I pressed on keeping an eye on the time ’cause they don’t like it if yer late you know like. Got there in time and climbed up the high steps into the passage and down to the reception. A few questions answered and I took a seat and waited until she called me name in her Concentration Guard voice (Wrongly but no problem there); “Go up to treatment room one now!”

0300aSo I did – with difficulty as the stairs are a bit steep, so much so I took a sneaky photo of them – just glad I didn’t have to go up another flight to treatment room three.

I sat patiently waiting looking around and noticed a photo on the wall, just above the signs that told us we would be charged extra if we were late for appointments, and taken off their records if we missed an appointment – oh and if we want none grey fillings we must ask them and they will tell us if they can provide them (White ones) and how much they will cost to be done privately.

0300bI thought that the portraits of the Lions was most suitable for this camp… er, surgery.

Eventually the Obergruppenführer came in… I mean Dentist came in and ran through checking me teeth and commanded me to make an appointment with the receptionist for a half-hour treatment session on me two lower front teggies to try and save them, and shoved me record card into me hand..

I mumbled a few words in thanks and painfully nervously got up to go down to the receptionist, by which time she and her assistant had rushed off to treatment room two to see someone else… then I limped gently down the stairs. talking myself into being brave as I did so… to tackle the receptionist to get an appointment.

I handed her the card:

She demanded the payment for the checks just done and I paid her.

Inchy: “Thank you, the dentist said to make a half-hour appointment”

Grissly: “I am knowing this…”

I heroically interrupted her: “Any day but a Monday or Tuesday at any time will do, they are my hospital and clinic days…” I followed it up with a weak twitchy smile…

Grissly: “Humpf… let me to look, wait!”

I whispered back “Yes no problem.”

I sat down.

After a couple of minutes of her belting hell out of the computer keyboard keys she pointed her finger at me and bent the index one inward – this I took as a summoning and went back to the desk…

“You will be coming for treatment on Wednesday 4th February… Yes! This is alright with you yes?” It was an order more than a question.

“Fine yes thank you very much indeed”.

I got sympathetic looks from the other poor sods whose turn it would be later… I mean patients waiting her attentions as I limped out into the rain and sleet.

A bag of nerves by now I forgot completely about the bag of stuff I’d got to hand to the Nottingham Hospice shop a few doors away – such was my determination to escape Frau Goebbels. Actually I think they were Polish. Thus had to carry it around with me all day.

0303carringWhen I got to the bus stop to catch a one into town and take some photographs I adjusted me clothing and a zip came of me nice warm jumper. I tried to reconnect it and a bit flew off into the road never to be seen again.

“Ah well” I thought “I’ll call in Primark see if they have any in the sale still.”

The bus came and it was a case of standing for the journey into town so many people on it.

0304town1As it came towards the City Centre stop, I was caught up in a sort of stampede to get off the bus along with the polite mild mannered Nottingham people nudging and grappling to get off first. I wondered what was happening.

When I got to the pavement I thought my big coat had come undone in the mini-melee – but found that that zip was also broken beyond repair. Huh… what a day I was having and getting soaked in the rain to boot!

Hey-ho, onward down Clumber Street across the lights and right into the Primark store – now I was seeking a jumper and a coat. Tsk!

0W03Took me time and pottered around, took some photographs for the TFZ gals and eventually came across a jumper that looked nice and warm and was reasonably priced – but none of the coats were anything like what I was looking for even though they were cheap enough.

Not enough pockets yer see.

So I left and had a walk through the slab 0304town3square to M&S to cheer myself up with buying one of there admittedly expensive, but deletable braised beef with roasted parsnips that can be cooked in the microwave meals for one.

I foolishly thought before going to the food hall, I’ll pop up the escalators to the third floor and have a look at their coats on sale.

I fell in love with one that had plenty of pockets and looked nice and warm – but dare not tell anyone how much it cost… What a fool!

Now me bags were getting heavy, and me feet stinging as bit.

0304town2I poddled down to the food hall and got me meal for one, then limped back up and out of the store. I held the door open for a lady as we left and found the rain was even more heavy than it was before.

I couldn’t manage me brolly up and cope with me two bags at the same time. What a day!

0304town4I made me way back through the City Centre and up King Street.

Then round to the bus stop via Trinity Square, but no photographicalistioning of shop windows today, it was too wet you see.

A Nottingham Pavement Cycling nearly caught me off guard while I was concentrating on avoiding the worst of the rain but somehow he missed me by inches. I Christened him as loud as I could manage by 0304town5questioning his parentage with the use of one word.

He didn’t seem to notice and was off out of view within seconds… bless him.

I really must look into getting a clandestine camera to catch the pavement cyclists and send the photographs to someone who might be able to do something to bring this problem to the attention of the authorities who don’t seem interested at all in Nottingham, but find the time to prosecute people for throwing away a nub-end or feeding the birds?

0304town6The rain kept alternating with snow/sleet as I made my way to the bus stop and got on one without any delay.

I took a photograph through the bus front window as we moved up Mansfield Road. do you see the lighted little box on the right of the picture?

A God-send that is – it’s where we old-uns swipe of free bus-pass on entry to the bus.

I was soon back in Carrington alighting the bus and  popped into the Co-op because I’d forgotten to get any bread when in town.

I’d also forgot to get some hearing aid batteries from the Ropewalk clinic. Tsk!

0305carrAs I left the Co-op shop, the heavens really opened up and made me way as quickly as me knees back and feet would let, back to the hovel.

WC’d, put the kettle on, started the laptop then made a cuppa and put me things I’d bought away.

Certainly nothing to make me ecstasiate today!

Overall a day of frustrations, pain, embarrassments and failed good intentions – a normal day for Inchcock then!


Inchcock Today: Wednesday 17th December 2014

0301thermWednesday 17th December

Sprang awake at 0250hrs.

Angina still bothersome too.



Graphic wot I dun to explain the only bit of the dream I could remember

Again I could remember wanting to remember a dream but could not remember much – only corridors and passages with me being lost with my shopping bags. I’m sure there was much more to the nightmare but… no real memory?

Made a cuppa and started laptop.

No internet connection again, so I restarted the laptop… got message 32Fat is unstable – checking. Or something like that, went through and opened alright with internet connection back on?


Did some blogging and Facebooking.

Another cuppa and took me medications.

Got myself ready to go out with the intention of going to Derby and feeding the dicky-birds…


Putting me glasses (Spectacles) on and the left lense fell out! It took me an hour to find it. Kept it safe in glasses box with the damaged frame – then spent another hour looking for me old glasses to wear on me journey.

So, rearranged me plans for the day and set off on me walk into town… that turned into a bus ride into town on account of the wet rain like.

Another interesting bus ride it was too.

The single decker bus was crammed with passengers like sardines in a can. There was hardly room to move let alone any seats. And when the poor devils who wanted to get off at stops the poor devils who were stood hanging on for life to the bars had to shuffle off and back on the bus to allow them to get off!

I laughed on about the third time this happened and a woman asked me “If I thought it was funny?” I replied “Well it’s certainly an interesting ride isn’t it?” She was not impressed and grumpft at me.



Depressing view I thought

When I got off the bus in town and walked down towards the City centre, the view demanded a photo from me.

Most suitable I thought for how I felt at that moment… Sparse, barren, dark, dank, wet and depressed. Tsk!



View of Nottingham Slab Square today

I pressed on and down into the slab square, where the lights on the Winter-Wonderland Festival showed up brightly in the dark wet weather.

It would have been about 1100hrs I imagine then, but still the light of day did not appear – the gloom won in more than one way to me.

I walked up Friar Lane to the Boots 0303bootsOpticians shop and explained my problem to the lady there.

She took the glasses off of me and said she’s be a few minutes, take a seat. I preferred to stand in case me knees froze up and took a look through the frames on display on the walls.

A few minutes later she returned and explained: As she was taking the spectacles out of the case – one of the nose supports dropped off! Have you any shopping to do?

I’m got to go to the bank?

See you later then.

Thank you.

As I left the shop and wandered down towards the bank I pondered, what next?

In two days I’ve broken a tooth, cut me tongue, the Angina is bad, me dizzy-spells are back, lost me glasses lense and now had to get a new nose thingy replacement?

The dentists next month, my slippers have split, my picker has broken…

As I said before, Hey-ho!.

So I sorted things at the bank and returned to the opticians. Collected me repaired spec’s and made an appointment to 1100hrs in the morning to have me eyes tested.

I was getting more depressed although I couldn’t figure out why as the day went on.


More spending by Inchcock – Tsk!

I poddled up into Victoria Centre to the cheapo shop and got another 4 for a pound Lion Bars – fatal again for me wallet that. Because the shop was opposite the HMV shop and I veered across to foolishly look at the DVDs on offer. They had an interesting looking film with Stallone and  Schwarzenegger called ‘Escape Plan’ It was in the 2 for a pound display so I got another ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ with Ben Stiller.

Then I went into Tesco to get some Cream Horns that I’m addicted to… but they didn’t have any…. Sob! Boo!. I asked an assistant and he went to have a look if they had any in stock and came back with a negative answer. But it was nice of someone to try innit?

I should have just left… well I did… but not until I purchased two different cream cakes to take with me – No Willpower at all me! Tsk, huh and blabberpinkles!


Anti-social Scum-free Street today! Yippee!

Ashamed of spending too much again, I made my way to the bus-stop and dropped off on Hucknall Road.

Walked up the hill and turned right into my road and it hit me: (Pleasantly) There were no apprentice yobs in view! Perhaps the rain had put them off?

Who knows…

Got in, made a cuppa and updated this Diary.

Tried to watch a DVD… gave up when I kept falling asleep.

Must remember the opticians appointment in the morning!