Inchcockski – Monday 7th October 2019: An anxious day of mental turmoil. Humph!

2019 sOct 07

2019 sOct 07

Monday 7th October 2019

Afrikaans: Maandag 7 Oktober 2019


00:30hrs: I woke, again in need of a wee-wee. Disentangled my blubbery body from the Xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete damaged, £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working recliner
£300, c1968, second-hand, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty recliner. Made use of the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency Bucket) for a PWWDIB (Pathetic-Weak, Why-Did-I-Bother) mode wee-wee.

WD 70.0.0. WD 70.0.0. Acc I took the bucket into the kitchen to clean and sanitise it, only to find that there was no hot water coming from the tap (faucet). The water heater had gone down again! Grumph! So did it using boiled water from the kettle. Not comfortable with the Peripheral Neuralgia making the finger-tips loose sense of touch, and of course, I burnt myself without knowing it once more, until I saw it, then the brain got the message from the nerves, and the pain began! I must get someone to ring for me and inform Nottingham City Homes.

No hot water, no handwashing. Shame, handwashing every morning is part of the accepted physiotherapy and was doing me alright, I think, healthwise. How I’m going to shower and shave, I don’t know. Defcon Three Adopted! Fretting a bit!

I got the updating of the Sunday post finished and posted off. Then I made a start on some graphics needed on CorelDraw, in between the odd RWPS (Reluctant-Weak-Painful-Spraying) wee-wee.

WDPright02WD 70.0.0. As I stripped for the ablutions, I noticed that I had grown some more wounds, (which seems to alter per diem!) on the chest/belly this time) near the heart op scar. To join with the new spider veins, itches, cuts, lumps, blood papsules, blotches, scars, bruises, stubbed toes, spots, abrasions, boils, abscesses, Clopidogrel-outbreaks, eruptions and Rheumatoid Arthur Itis’s misshaped knees.


GC capThe water in the shower was not warm enough to use in the sink, but the hot water from the handbasin sink, was a little more lukewarm, so I had a stand-up wash. Only two dropsies, the toothbrush and a razor. I had to fetch hot water to shave with from the kettle, but luckily I didn’t have any Dizzy Dennis moments, shakes or involuntary Hitler salutes or unwanted Neuropathic Schuhplattler dancing.

I took some black bags to the chute on the way out. I met Olive in the lift, she was on her way to use the new laundry room in Winwood Court. We nattered as we walked along, and I offered my farewells as she went into the washroom. Lovely to see her.

I met Pole-dancer and Warden Obergruppenfùhreress Deana in the Winwood lobby area. I mentioned the lack of hot water. She said she would phone them later, and let me know. I mentioned Josie’s heater not coming warm. She said they will sometimes take 2-3 days to heat up. Also in the lobby, was Roy. In the big room was Malcolm and Welsh William. As we chatted, Angela came through on her way to the bus stop. We all joined her on the hobble (well, Malcolm and Roy are not old enough by far to hobble, so they sped ahead!) to the bus stop. Anklesnappers they are. Hehehe!

1Mon02I had a change of mind and returned to the flat, so I could tell Josie about the heaters and catch the next bus instead. On the way back to the apartment, the rain was a little more substantial and then stopped altogether.

I pushed the green auto-release button on the fire-door exit out to the seated area and had to shove the door open, to take this picture.

It was a good job I did go back because when I rang Josie’s door chimes, I just caught her getting ready to go out. I explained what I was told by Night Club Dancer and Scharfhreress Warden Deana, about the heaters that can take three days to warm up! It seemed to take a little weight off of her shoulders, and she looked a bit more cheered up. I felt good at being able to assist someone else.

I update this a blog a bit. Sister Jane rang me.

Pete had sent me some photographs from his visit to Goose Fair. For me to put on this blog, along with threats of my being knocked about, my being decapitated, and having Little Inchy chopped off; if I failed to publish them. These threats didn’t scare me! I just happened to think they were decent enough to show… Ahem!

Hang on; “Goose Fair? Spending my money that he nicked and didn’t return, no doubt! – Humph! Grumph and Clapperstoitall!” Hehe!

He gave me an idea what to I might do with one of the photos when I get the time. A good one too! I’ll get it done!


I put away the computer, as I had left it a little late gossiping with Jane, and didn’t want to miss this bus. I got all ready and shot off… well, limped at a decent wobble, to catch the bus.

A damned good chinwag was had with the others at the bus stop. Paul (I think it was) fell asleep on the bus en route. It did me no end of good, seeing someone else nodding off on the bus, instead of me doing it! Hahaha!

1Mon05The original plan was to call at Tesco to get some more seaweed nibbles. Across the road and halfway to the store, and realised I had come on the late bus! So I turned around and out onto Upper Parliament Street. I watched as the Nottinghamian’s crossed over the pelican lights with the Red-man sign lit! On the green man, I nipped over and down Clumber Street.

1Mon06 The citizenry did not look to be in a good mood this morning. Some hangdog expressions, scowling, dirty-looks and threatening-stares in my direction.

Most people don’t like to be photographed in Nottingham. I suppose, considering the number of illegal immigrants, drug dealers, knife-carrying gang members, shoplifters, muggers, beggars, burglars, car thieves, child-support defaulters etc. we have locally, and the 12% increase in violent crime, it’s perfectly understandable. Hehe!

1Mon07I got to the end of the road and onto High Street, and walked through the Exchange Arcade. It is a sad walk nowadays. So many closed retailers, so few customers about. On the right, is the new Exchange Barbers. One of the highest-rated according to the Nottingham Post. Even they only had one customer in the shop. And they are reasonably quoted prices: Gents cuts from £14, Students from £12, Boys under 16 from £10. OAP’s from £7, Beard trimming £5. Additional Services: Skin fade £2 (?), Skin fade with foils £3.50 (?), Beards £3.50 and Cut-throat razor £2  (Is that for a shave?). They cater to the younger bloke, I think.

A unit on the other side of the arcade is a unit currently being offered for rent at… £6250 per calendar month! God, how many haircuts and shaves will be needed just to cover the 1Mon09rent? Not to mention rates, taxes, staff wages, insurance etc. Even if they picked the pockets of each customer! Hehe! I wished them all the best!

I left the arcade, and walked down to South Parade, and took this shot on the left, down Exchange Walk. Still no smiles to been seen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon13Towards Queen Street corner, another dangerous, bonkers, antisocial, speeding and weaving through people, Pavement Cyclist tearing about!

He was, I think, a Deliveroo food bloke.

1Mon15One more ignorant Nottinghammian Pavement Cyclist passed me by as I neared the Council House again, on my way around. I could have taken so may more cyclist shots, but there were too many to keep up with!

1Mon14aI spotted a rare, few and far between, seldom located in real life, infrequently sighted, unfamiliar, thin on the ground, unexpected, eye-opening and momentously-surprising site! A Police Officer on foot, in Nottingham! It didn’t bother him that the do-do of a Pavement Cyclist nearly ran into him. For he was walking with 1Mon12gusto, to someone who had collapsed on Long Row.

An ambulance arrived, and moments later, I think a defibrillator or ventilator was being used on the gentleman. He had already been wrapped in a foil blanket, and within minutes they were loading the sick patient into the 1Mon16ambulance. I hope he or she will be okay. This put me on a downer, and I made my way up Queen Street, to the bus stop. It was getting nippy out there, and the bus was a little late arriving.

But the driver, possibly a relative of Stirling 1Mon16aMoss, soon caught up with the time-table.

For a while, I was the only passenger on the bus. Later on, Cyndy and Margaret got on the bus. And I made the faux pas of the highest order, with asking Margaret how Pete was. He passed away, two-weeks ago. I was dumbfounded that I had not been informed. I was feeling so bad now, and I am not sure if I even said I was sorry to hear it. Shaken up! I must have said something because Margaret said a note had been posted on the board. I was somewhat withdrawn after that. I do not do funerals as a rule but would have gone to Petes. He was such a grand chap. CIDP I think got him in the end. I hope the new warden feels guilty, after not checking up on his health correctly a few weeks ago.

I was morose, as I made my way to the warden’s office to see what was what with the no-hot-water situation. Deana had not rung earlier, too busy, but rang straight away. After an inordinately long time getting through, she spoke with someone. Result: They may get here tonight, so I have to stay awake until late to listen for the door chime if it goes off. However, if not, they may come tomorrow afternoon or night. This is going to be a strain on me. I’ve been up since 12:30hrs, as I write this it is 17:20hrs, it is already two hours beyond my usual had-down time. And, I have to stay up until 22:00hrs in case the plumber arrives tonight. In the morning, I’ve to get ready and catch the 0725hrs bus to the After Stroke Physio torture… I mean, exercise class. Until around 13:00hrs, and stay awake and fit enough to do the drilling. This is not going to turn out well! My EQ tells me!

1Mon18I thanked Deana and got myself back to Woodthorpe Court. A mess in the lift foyer area.

The water from the hot tap was not completely cold. Washing and shaving in the morning might be messy, having to use the saucepan and kettles to get washing and shaving water. If the shower water is hot, I can perhaps use that to get reasonably warm water?

I was all twisted thinking-wise and confused now. Pete and the water farce, oh, dear.

I tried to concentrate on updating this post.

I spent five hours doing it and was fighting what I thought was a losing battle, n trying to stay awake. The door had been left open, in case I do not off and if anyone comes. I couldn’t get a wash, dare not make a meal. Was terrified of falling asleep! Dare not put the TV on, without it had subtitles, and I could watch it without the headphones on and still stand a chance of hearing the door chime.. if it goes off! Will it? Won’t it?

1Mon21The rain was stopping outside again.

As if I wasn’t already struggling to get enough sleep. I even began to feel sorry for myself. Hehehe! I don’t get many lucky breaks, do I? I’m not blessed with good fortune! It’s not easy being a lifelong accident-prone, cursed, hapless, luckless and anathematised idiot!

I can make a baguette, a German Ham baguette with tomatoes, a Dagwood style with a soft drink – but will I nod-off eating it?

I really have no self-assurance, self-confidence, nerve, or self-assurance arising from an appreciation of my own abilities or qualities. Then again, that’s not surprising, as I have no skills or qualities. Or have I? No, I give up! I’ll get the sourdough in the oven, make a nosh, sit down and find some rubbish on the TV to watch that has subtitles on it, and just do my best not to fall asleep! The complete opposite to what I’ve been doing every night for weeks that is trying to get to sleep and failing… Shurrup Inchcock! Yer going bonkers here! You do know this? (Yes!) Okay!

1Mon31Made the nosh, and ate it, fighting off the desire and need for a kip!

It was tasty, all the same. Flavour: 7.2/10.

I purposely used an old oven tray, to avoid any washing up. (Cunning that!)

I couldn’t do any handwashing, so the clothes pile up!

The breathing was getting a little difficult now. I  succumbed to the land of nod, somewhere around 21:00hrs. After my being up and about for 21 hours!

A frustrating day of mental mayhem and wretchedness-ridden day.

I don’t handle pressure, worries, failure, criticism, and being spoken down to very well nowadays.

May all my troubles, and strifes, go forth and multiply!


Inchcock Today – Sun 6 Oct 2019: Ended up, a nerve testing, Neuropathic Schuhplattler dancing, Dizzy Dennis, worrying day. Oy Vey!

2019 sOct 06

2019 sOct 06

Sunday 6th October 2019

Swahili: Jumapili 6 Oktoba 2019


00:30hrs: Woke, wrestled my humungous body from the Brother-in-Law Pete damaged while he was flat-sitting, when I was in the Stroke Ward, and he fitted new CCTC cameras, and searched for my valuables, which he found and took, (I still haven’t got them back yet four-months… no, five months now, later), £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating and rotting-away recliner. I utilised the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency Bucket), for a BOBS (Blasting-Out-But-Short) wee-wee.

As I made my way to the kitchen, the ailments seemed to be being kind to me. Even the Arthur Itis knees were not as bad as they have been of late. The shakes, Hitler Saluting and the right-leg-involuntary Neuropathic Schuhplattler dancing, were all calm! The finger-ends lack of sensation was a bother, though. Making the brew, I came close to dropping the mug, then the milk, then the spoon… well, you get the idea. Hehe! Oh, and the hissing, droning sounds were joined by a few knocks and taps this morning.

I thought about Josie and hoped she’d got her new heaters working. Then, another BOBS (Blasting-Out-But-Short) wee-wee was passed. Took the medications, and to the computer. I was so far behind with things, I had to do some graphics to start this post going.

A cracking head-ache came from nowhere as I typed and retyped the mistakes, many caused by the insensitive to touch finger-ends, other by my natural uneducated ignorance. The stomach rumbled and grumbled, brewing up for the Porcelain Throne activities, I expect.

7Sun03I went on the WordPress Reader, then off to the Throne, as a matter of urgency… And a decent, clean, not too messy evacuation flowed! One of the most comfortable for a long time! Most copacetic!

I had a wash and changed the PP’s. The pins (legs) knees were a lot less warped, maybe this shows why Colin Cramps was not as bad as he had 7Sun04been, overnight? I did note the almost light blue whatever it is above the right knee. No pain from it, even when I pressed it. I’d like to learn how and or why, and what these short-lived blotches are a sign of. I think that Consultant Stroke Physician Dr Senthhil K Raghunathan may have found the cause in his latest examination report. He mentioned Clopidogrel, causing a rash all over the legs! I must look that up later. All I need to do is remember to do it! Tsk!

I did an Ocado order, after seeing they had the Glengettie Gold teabags back in stock; unless they are conning me! If they send substitutes on Wednesday, I’ll send them back!

WDPright03WD 100.20.0 Then I moved on to updating the Saturday post. A bit of a fracas, alarums and excursions as the right leg offered up one of its performances of a more energetic mode of the involuntary Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances. It caught me out a little, and I had a job not to fall off of the chair! But, it only lasted about 20 seconds, then it died down, and the shoulder gave a Hitler salute (I wrapped my knuckles on the computer screen), and it all went quiet.

The humming, droning noise is loud again! Hello, off to the Throne again… Well, that was another twenty-second evacuation, but not messy at all!

Got the updating done, and sent off to WordPress. Put a few piccies on Pinterest. Went on the WordPress Reader. Then caught up with the TFZers Facebooking.

I got Josie’s potato and some mushrooms in the saucepan. Then made a brew and ate a mini BBQ pork pie with some Twiglets and an apple for a late breakfast.

Got Josie’s ingredients ready, and got the ablutions tended to. Fingers crossed with the sock-glide-battle! Here goes… No Accifauxpas apart from some dropsies, as is usual.

7Sun05To the kitchen and prepped Josie’s meal. Mashed the spud with cheese, butter, vinegar, salt and a drop of soy sauce. Sugar-snap peas, beetroot, mushrooms, tomatoes, an apple and gherkins. Limoncello dessert on the tray. Mixed the tuna with some mayonnaise, and added the potatoes.  Served it up, and delivered it on the server to Josie’s apartment for consumption. I got back to the flat and washed the pots used.

7Sun07I sat down to watch something on TV and nodded off! Woke with a jolt, hastily got the scarily ever-growing again body from the recliner, and made use of the bucket, for a wee-wee, of the ELPSOAO (Extra-Long-Powerful-Spraying-Out-All-Over) style.

The thirst was still with me, and I took this photograph as I got the kettle on the boil.

WDPright02WD 100.20.0 One heck of a visit from Dizzy Dennis as I was getting the cuppa made. Short in duration, but it left me unsteady for a while, as I clung to the countertop, sure I was going to go over and make contact with the floor. By the time I felt steady enough to carry on, the tea had gone cold, and I’d lost interest in drinking it anyway. Tsk!

7Sun06I decided to have rice again for today’s nosh and checked the cupboard for available flavourings. In went: mushrooms, soy sauce, BBQ sauce, basil, BBQ oil, tomatoes and oregano in the saucepan, and warmed it up to boiling. Then added the rice, and franks, continuing to stir the mixture non-stop as it cooked. I felt sure as the wonderful aroma of all the spices and herbs drifted up my nostrils, that I must have overdone the seasoning. Oy Vey!

7Sun08My allotriophagy with the seasonings, proved for once to be spot on, and to my odd tastebud’s delight, and got a Flavour-rating of 9.4/10 from me!

I ate this spread with deglutition and degust, savouring every mouthful! The excellent, possibly unsurpassable taste of this ambrosial concoction, prompted me to write down the ingredients added, for another taste-feast in the future! Smug-Mode-Engaged!

WDPStraightWD 100.20.0 When it came to doing the washing up, I found that the hot water was cold! The longest time I’ve gone in this flat without the hot water heater tripping, leaking, flooding or breaking down was the six weeks I’d had in hospital after the stroke! I must not forget to inform a warden if I can find one. Else, ask Jenny to help me yet again, to ring them for me to advise them and ask for help. But, I do not like having to keep bothering the kind-hearted gal.

If I can get a message out, it might mean my having to stay in for the plumber to arrive tomorrow, but, Hey-ho!

7Sun10I nodded off within minutes of resettling in the £300 second-hand, c1968, rickety recliner. I woke an hour or so later in need of a wee-wee again. A change in style this one, it was an LRWS (Long-Reluctant-Weak-Sprinkly) type.

I took this fantastic picture of the sky, as I went to check if the hot water had come back on. Of course, it was a hopeless wild-goose chase, lost cause, and waste of time.

I got back down in the rusty, scarily-beige-coloured, grotty recliner. I thought I’d look at what was on the TV.

I know no more… until I woke up with a jump, in need of a wee-wee again, three-hours later!

Inchcock Today – Friday 4th October 2019: Some frabjous moments today!

2019 sOct 05a

2019 sOct 04

Friday 4th October 2019

Filipino: Biyernes Ika-4 ng Oktubre 2019


WD 0.0.255 2 01:10hrs: I needed a wee-wee on waking up, after a night of not-a-lot of kipping. Mainly down to the Colin Cramps agony, and the repeated needs of the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency Bucket) throughout the flaming night! The Cramps were the worsed I have ever experienced. Fingers, feet, knees and legs, hands, etc. were all affected, and nastily! I missed taking the Magnesium tablet last night, that might have been the reason for Colin Cramps visitations? As for the wee-weeing, that continued for hours, repeatedly. Everyone was of the BOBSL (Blasting-Out-But-Short-Lived) mode. I’ve probably got an infection again. Back to the diary proper after that little moan. Sorry.

5Fri004WD 0.0.255 2 As I attempted to move the limbs, the Cramps returned with a viciousness. I’m sure that it bent the leg at one stage! I applied some more of the ineffective Fenbid-Forty pain gel. I think I must have used ¾ of the last tube overnight.

I got myself out of the Xyrophobia-suffering, zillionaire Brother-in-Law Pete damaged, £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working, £300, c1968, second-hand, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty recliner. I grabbed the stick and went off to the kitchen to take the medications with extra pain-killers and take the belated Magnesium tablet. I had to, yet again, visiting the GPEB en route for the umpteenth BOBSL wee-wee!

WD 0.0.255 2 I got the kettle on and moved the handwashing from last night to the airer. Made the tea and took the medications, and had to answer the summoning from the innards for the Porcelain Throne. The evacuation was plentiful, but once more, of a typical Diarrhorea Donald style, messy!

(I shall not mention the wee-wees again for a bit, but they seemed to be coming around every fifteen minutes, and all of the same GPEB mode.) Which is worrying, as they come on rather urgently! I had hoped to get out today for a stiff hobble. If things don’t change, this will be too risky. I’ll just put a (WW) in the text.

I made a start on updating yesterdays blog. Despite all the water leakages, I still had a hell of a thirst on me, and kept making brews all the time?

WDPright04WD 0.0.255 2 On one such trip to the kitchen, I had a Whoopsie and serendipitous luck at the same time. I’ll explain: I was taking the freshly washed and dried mug from the sink to the counter near the kettle – the leg burst into one of its imitations of a Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance, and I dropped the cup, which then (bear in mind it is a delicate China mug), hit the server tray shelf, and I ditched the walking stick in a forlorn effort to catch the receptacle, but was far too slow – and it bounced off of the tray, and landed straight in the waste bin, without touching the sides, which was full of screwed up kitchen towels from my drying off the draining board earlier. UNDAMAGED!

WDPright04So, on the bright side, it was empty when I lost it, and somehow it didn’t get broken or even chipped as it bounced off the plastic tray and landed, almost gently, in the bin! Fair enough, I did stub the same poor-old toe again against the metal leg of the server, but with the nerve-ends playing up at that instant, I hardly felt a thing!  (WW)

WDPright04That cheered me up a bit, and with all the people I met yesterday still in mind, Jenny, Joyce, the nurse, the window cleaner and partner, I perked up. I thought well if I can’t go out because of the risk of any leaks, it doesn’t matter, I’ll get caught up on the graphicalisationing.

wdp02LeftWD 0.0.255 2 Then as I returned to the diary work, the innards suddenly brast into a rumbling, grumbling with sharp stabbing pains! I should have known something like this would happen, it usually does. My good-luck standard is cataclysmal, ill-omened, or anathematised, but I’ve got used to it now. Haha! I anticipate another visit to the Porcelain Throne will be needed shortly. (WW)

I went on the WordPress Reader for a perusal. Some great stuff on it!

Back to the updating of the Thursday blog. Got it all finished off, then went on TFZer Facebooking. 

Made a start of this post. Got myself in a mess, when the finger-ends began to lose their sense of touch. (Exasperated sigh released!)

(WW) I made yet another mug of tea and had some biscuits with it.

WD 0.0.255 2 Ablutions needed, if I am to go out? The shaving produced just one tiny cut. The dropsies were rampant today: The soap (2). The flannel (2). The razor (3). The socks (4) The mouth-wash bottle. The toothpaste, the toothbrush, the drain-unblocker, the shower-head, the sock-glide and the kitchen towel roll! I had to get a move on, that may have been the reason for the multitudinous dropping of things? Too late to sort and take the black bags, as I did not want to miss the bus up to Mapperley Top.

5Fri23Got things ready, and out and down the lift and walked through the link passages to Winthorpe Court.

In the expansive social room, I managed a natter with a couple of residents for a minute. Then moved outside to the bus stop. What a gang of Winwood 5Fri006Heights tenants were there too! I enjoyed listening to their insults, put-downs, moans, laughs and general gossiping. Hehe!

The Nottingham bound bus came in behind the Bestwood L9. Most of the gang got on the first bus, I mounted the Nottingham bus, with a few of our clan. Malcolm and I got off about three 5Fri007bus stops or so later, at the Sherwood Rise – Woodborough Road junction.

I made my way to the Aldi store. It was busy, but nobody ran into me with there trolleys, or shoved and barged me out of the way, or trod on my foot like they did last week! Tsk!

Accifauxpas GCWD 0.0.255 2 I dropped some things as I went round, as the fingertips went all nerve-unresponsive on me – luckily no glass jars or bottles, though. I got to the checkout and bought: Homestyle frozen chips. Citrus scented room spray. Some mini-BBQ flavoured pork pies. Vine tomatoes. Brunswick German smoked ham (two packs). “2×2 Sourdough baguettes, and two tins of garden peas. It was enough to force me to faffle-about at the checkout, getting the stuff in the bags. The young lady on the checkout was patient enough with me, the bloke in the queue behind me was not so understanding. Humph!

I paid, and moved away, to sort out the bags, heavy stuff in the wheeler, others in the carrier bag. When I got outside, the rain had stopped altogether.

I took a careful, steady hobble along Woodborough Road. Walking in a dream world and feeling so placid and calm, it concerned me. No worries, fretting or fears. I even stopped at the Haunted Museum, to take photos of its frontage. They had fitted some real-flame-looking old lanterns outside. The opening hours prevent me from visiting, cause I’d like to have done, but the 11:00hrs start is a little late for me. I’d probably fall asleep while going around the museum! Haha!


4Thu12I later found this 1929 photo of the Grand Opening event for the original building, The Majestic Cinema!

I turned down the Mapperley Rise hill. Always a risk with this trolley, especially on the uneven pavements. Not only is it so steep, but today, there were many obstacles to overcome to get down to the flats. Oy Vey!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can see how serrated, uneven, and prerupt the hill’s pavement is. I had a couple of occasions when I thought I might lose control of the three-wheeler. But with skill, efficiency, and pot-luck, I kept it perpendicularish. Smug-Mode-Adopted!

5Fri15As I got onto level ground, I began to sing to myself, the mind went into Inductive-Reasoning mode for a while, as I pondered, but not for long, on the Brexit situation. Then, the mind reverted to its usual sort of blankness and state of voidness.

As I neared the people-less Winwood Heights flats, I decided to go up on Winwood Court’s roof to take some pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5Fri23I enjoyed the little photographic meander, out on the roof.

Back down in the lift, and hobbled on with the trolley and shopping along the persons-free link-passageway to Woodthorpe Court.

The fire-installation lads were using the elevators to transport equipment up and down. 5Fri24Buy no bother to me, I was in no rush.

I go back into the flat, and still didn’t need a wee-wee?

Well, that’s a change!

I got the nosh bought put away.

5Fri25Then got the black bags sorted out, and along with the box of recyclables, I departed the flat. Took three bags and deposited them down the waste chute, then down in the lift with the box. Frank got in the elevator on the way down, and we had a little nattering session. Steve, the caretaker, was in the lobby on the ground floor and took the box from me to save me going outside with it. Jolly-Good chap!

WDPright03WD 0.0.255 2 I returned up to the flat, and the wee-weeing started again! After the first one, they flowed regularly! Although not so frequent as they did earlier in the morning, I’m glad to say. This and all the following leakage maneuvres were of the BOBSL (Blasting-Out-But-Short-Lived) mode again.

I started to update this post. Inbetween wee-wees and making several mugs of tea. Why am so thirsty?

Got the nosh cooking and did the handwashing while the chips were in the oven.

5Fri25Then prepared the Dagwood sandwich based, nosh. Which got a flavour-rating of 6.5/10. I could not eat it all, a lot went into the bin, but I enjoyed what I did eat. I wasn’t too struck on the mini BBQ flavoured pork pies, but they are okayish.

Washed the pots. Took the evening medications, and got down in the £300, second-hand, tatty, rickety, revoltingly-beige-coloured, recliner. Sleep, as usual lately, was resistant to come, but on the other hand, I stayed awake longer and watched some TV without the nodding-offs for a change.

Up for another (Wee-Wee), and back down… Ah, sleep!

Inchcock – Sunday 29th September 2019: Sleep? What’s that then?

2019 Sept 29

2019 Sept 29

Sunday 29th September 2019

Maori: Rātapu 29th Mahuru 2019


01:50hrs: I stirred into imitation life, and lay for a while in the Xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete damaged while he was flat-sitting, when I was in the Stroke Ward, and he fitted new CCTC cameras, and searched for my valuables, which he found and took, (I still haven’t got them back yet four-months, no, five-months now), £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, gungy-beige coloured, c1968, sometimes working, uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty, resurrected, reconditioned, recalcitrant, recidivating and rotting-away recliner, and mused over this and that. After the morning’s usual uncontrollable mind-blasts of fear, worries and concerns had finished, I regained semi-control of the brain and considered a few things that had been nagging away at my grey-cells.

Is the balcony safe? The holes are only small, but bits of concrete or cement have fallen from the roof… I was annoyed at the mail being delivered to Josie’s flat in error, and with her being on holiday it meant the Warfarin INR test results, and the Warfarin Alert wristlet (which only had one in, not two, as paid for) anyway, caused hassle with them not believing me that they had not arrived… but these minor, almost anticipated and expected tribulations were soon forgotten about; when the need for the Porcelain Throne arrived.

Up and out of the recliner with amazing ease this morning, apart from RAI (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis) in the knees, and a bit of jerking from the right arm, fingers and shoulder; there was no bother from Dizzy Dennis, Anne Gyna, Tight Chest Charlie, Haemorrhoid Harold, Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger, Back-Pain-Brenda, Karl’s Kidneys, the plastic ticker, Colin Cramp or owt else, which was surreal to me! (Had I died and not noticed? Hehehe!)

En route, I had to use the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency Bucket) for an SSAO (Short-Sharp-All-Over) wee-wee. I got on the Throne, and that was another ‘Sit, splunge, all-done’ session. The second in a row, which I found almost pleasant after the Colin Constipation of the previous few days. I anticipate that shortly, Diarrhorea Donald will return. Tsk!

7Sun02Washed up and hobbled to the kitchen. Moved the handwashing onto the airer. Took the medications, and made up some black bags for the chute later, and replaced new bags into the bins.

WD 0.0.255 2 It was raining outside, I opened the unwanted, disliked, thick-framed, light & View-blocking kitchen window, with the panes that cannot be reached for cleaning, and it rained inside! Hehe! All over the camera, the counter and floor, and me and the jammie-bottoms!

I took two snaps quickly, so as to keep the Canon camera from getting damaged in the precipitation. Not good quality, but still.

I got the computer going, and concentrated on getting the Saturday diary update done and dusted. (In between several more wee-wees, all of the SSAO variety)  It didn’t take too long this morning, despite the peripheral neuralgia caused hand-shaking and fingers jumping about. There were precious few photographs to go in it.

I went on the Emails next. A lovely one from Jenny, telling me she was going to report the holes in the gallery top for me. Bless her, she is kind to me ♥!


7Sun06Then, rather worryingly, back to the Porcelain Throne! Ah, as I suspected, this session was far less solidified. But, no bleeding, and it was not too messy. Obviously, no time to do any crosswording. I washed the hands and rubbed some Phorpain Gel in the knees. Which appeared to be looking slightly knobblier, knottier, and lumpier, to me anyway? But again, no bleeding anywhere. All Good!

I made another brew, this time Glengettie. Then checked on the Morrison order to see if I’d remembered to get some black bean sauce. Yes, done it. (Smug-Mode-Engaged!)

To the Word-Press Reader section. I then went on the TFZer Facebook site. Many hours, and three more SSAO wee-wees later, I made another mug of tea. And decided for a change, to have some breakfast, but what?

7Sun08WD 0.0.255 2 Due to my aboulomania, fluctuating, wavering, equivocating, and pathological indecisiveness, and the dropping the box of corn flakes that spread out all over the kitchen floor, I opted for a pot noodle and a cuppa. Tsk!

0910hrs: Off to get the ablutions sorted, a lot of shaking from the hands and fingers, so this might well prove an interesting scrub-up session. I got the bandages, antiseptic, after-shave and plasters at hand, ready. Haha!

Back soon, sock-glide permitting. Hehe!

WD 0.0.255 2 7Sun10Well, only two dropsies during the ablutionalisationing. No Accifauxpas, unless you want to count a few scratches with the razor. Afterwards, I decided after two failed attempts at getting the socks to fit into the glide, that the solution would be for me not to wear any! Hehehe! Where there’s a Will (there’s a Way) Will Hay memories flooded back! Another comedy genius along with Spike Milligan, nothing like each other, but both great entertainers!

7Sun10aWD 0.0.255 2 Then, I departed, hung the towel to dry, turned off the shower at the mains box, then realised I had left the alert bracelet in the wet room, and returned to collect it – just as well! For I had not shut off the hot water tap in the sink properly, and I’d left two cloths in to soak and freshen. The water was going down the overflow. I pulled out the plug, moved the flannels, and the water did not drain at all! Damned blocked again! I put some drain-unblocker down and left it for ten minutes, returned, and the water was going down slowly. Of course, this meant the hot water was not as hot as it should be, now. Tsk!

WD 0.0.255 2 I  set out to make Josie’s cheesy potato meal. Got the spud out and chopped and mashed with some Leicester Cheese, butter, onion salt and a splash of vinegar. Gave it some hammer in the mixing stakes, put the peas in the saucepan… and the landline rang! It was Sister Jane. I nipped back to check on the pot, all the time the potatoes getting colder and so, much harder to mash. Jane and I had a natter and laugh. Brother-in-Law Pete, who broke the £300, c1968, second-hand recliner when he was flat-sitting, when I was in the Stroke Ward, and he fitted new CCTC cameras and searched for my valuables, which he found and took, (I still haven’t got them back yet four-months later), say’s they are too heavy to carry, but must be the same weight as when he purloined them in the first place. (Hehehe!) Anyway, the lad is to have a PSA test, or maybe that should be, he had a PSA test.

I got on with Josie’s meal, I like to keep to a schedule of delivering it at 12:00hrs each Sunday. Not that she can remember, bless her. Although, when she woke me to hand me wrongly delivered mail last night, I reminded her of today’s nosh and asked if it was alright to bring it at the usual time, midday. She agreed. But that didn’t stop her forgetting and being pleasantly surprised when I arrived with the nosh. I’d made her Tuna with beetroot and mayonnaise, garden peas, tomatoes, sweet lettuce and the famous cheesy potatoes! Hope she enjoys it, and remembers this time, not to return the plate, tray and cutlery today. She might recall I will be in bed this week, I hope. Every week I’ve done her a meal, she’s woke me up! Hehe! Don’t know why I’m laughing? But it’s better than crying, innit.

I found details of the PSA test and levels and emailed the link to Pete and Jane.

Then got on the computer to update this blog… and:

Virgin blue narrow

I was about to give up on the computer, too much hassle, it was dead slow. Then:

Virg 255

7Sun07WD 0.0.255 2 I went in the Steptoe & Son spare room, with the intention of moving the four-wheeled trolley on the balcony with the new three-wheeler.

WD 0.0.255 2A But, I lost my balance stepping over it and tumbled to the floor. As luck would have it, and I was lucky, I fell on box’s of the PPs, that broke my fall. And, had the trolley with the brakes on, to help myself back semi-perpendicular! Smug-Mode-Adopted! Mind you, I think a couple of new bruises might come up on the legs.

Not feeling up to much now, not ill-like, just, erm… what’s the word, er… Fragile. Hehehe! I think I’ll get my nosh ready… no, I won’t, I’ll shut everything down and sit down with a cuppa, and pray for sleep!

WD 0.0.255 2 And it came. Ah, blissful! But the damned landline rang and flashed, waking me from my beloved and much-needed slumber. It was some con-persons telling me my BT internet (Again!) is about to go down, and where I can get put through to talk to someone who can help me! I left a verbal message, ‘Go forth & multiply’ was the general wording.

WD 0.0.255 2 Now I’d been disturbed, I made some nosh for myself. But, I must have been half-asleep and made the biggest hash of cooking ever! I could eat very little of it. I can’t recall taking any of these photographs?


The Sourdough baguette was not fully cooked, nor the chips either for that matter. I probably shouldn’t have, but I ate some of the Cumberland sausage Sourdough baguette sarnies. I hope eating them doesn’t come back at me with a vengeance innards-wise later. Oh, heck!

I got the pots washed and took the medications with me back to the recliner. Frustratingly, sleep did not come. I turned on the TV, and in a short time, was back in my beloved comatose state, dreaming happily, of a past love…

WD 0.0.255 2 The flat door chimes rang out, several times by the time I got to the door. It was Josie, returning the plates and accoutrements from the meal. She said she’d enjoyed the meal, and I said I’d like to meet her in the week sometime, we might go on the Winwood Cort rooftop, have drink and natter, and she could tell me all about her holiday. No response from the gal, I don’t think she could hear or lip-read me. Anyroad, she was happy and smiling as she went back to her flat opposite, so I was also happy and smiling as I bade her farewell, as she departed.

7Sun12I really didn’t know where I was. Hahaha! I’d been woken up so often. I put the plate etc. in the kitchen, made another brew, had a wee-wee, took a photo of the rain, and returned to the recliner.

It was still lightish outside, this made me think about checking on the clock-changing times in the morning. Which I did. The clocks go back at 2.00am on 27 October 2019 – for future reference, it always takes place on the last Sunday in October. This signals the end of BST, or Daylight Saving Time (DST) and means the UK will revert to Greenwich Mean Time) I wonder why after so many years, I have to keep checking every time? Perhaps, dotage, caducity, degeneration, senility, senescence, enfeeblement or just waiting and coffin-seeking in the latter part of animate life? (Hahaha!)

Head down yet again, this time, the blessed long-awaited slumber was achieved!


Inchcock Today – Thurs 25 July 2019: A vicambulation to take some photos of the garages, & belated Medications delivered!

2019 24 June

2019 July 25

Thursday 25th July 2019

Dutch: Donderdag 25 Juli 2019

Horrible last night. Trying to stay awake for the promised delivery from the lying, unreliable, pompous Carrington Pharmacy. It didn’t arrive. Now, I have ran-out of Beta-blockers! Let down again! I was tempted to post a dirty great photo on the blog, with a few chosen words of hate, in revenge, for the hassle, they are putting me through with their spoken untruths, and letting me down repeatedly! But I didn’t, even after they late made a promise again, I expect that if, I say IF it does come today, it will be so late,  I will have been up for 23-hours on the trot. And expect to fall asleep! Do they give a toss?

03:00hrs. Woke, wee’d off, and not wanting a wee-wee! Well! I got up from the recliner and checked to see if any missed-calls were on the intercom panel, there was none. No, Bisoprolol had been posted through the letterbox either. My heart sank!

I got to the kitchen and did the handwashing, got them on the airer. Made a brew. Did the HCs and, and off to the Porcelain Throne. 

WD 40.0.0. Agony. It took me a crossword and twenty-minutes of Porcelain derived pain. The blood flowed, the temperament seethed with frustration. Duodenal Donald started giving me grief, and I generally went down a few points in the already low satisfaction and contentment departments. Carrington Pharmacy, are about as reliable as a politician or used car salesman! Something else to add to the list of ailments to tell the Doctor about tomorrow. And that is only if I can find the written list I made in the first place!

4Thu001The legs looked a to be improving, though. Arthur Itis was all calm. Colin Cramps had eased-off. It seems like Duodenal Duncan, and Diarhorrea Donald had added themselves to today’s ‘Issues’ list, to worry about, and giving me grief! Dysthymia-Mode-Adopted!

WD 40.0.0. Typing this, made me check with the Google Calendar – Boing! The appointment is for Monday, not Friday! Double-Dysthymia-Mode-Adopted!

I added a Movicol sachet to the medications. Desperate, this was. It didn’t work when they gave it to me in the hospital, but, needs must I suppose!

WD 40.0.0. Well solemn now, down, frustrated again. Miffed, nettled, antagonised, exacerbated! Fed-up with life’s cock-ups, failures, and disappointments all seemingly coming my way! They could solve all the issues if the chemist just sent me a pack of cyanide pills!

I started to create this blog and then went on finishing the Wednesday post. Got it posted. The fingers were not so bothersome, this morning, but still annoying at times.

I made up an email to the Pharmacy, and sent it off:

WD 40.0.0. Mr (Name), A few words (or more) on my medical condition and confusion over prescription promises.

I am, as you may be aware, in rapidly decreasing health. Being diagnosed with peripheral neuralgia and dysautonomia. Then I had the stroke, which advanced the problems with peripheral neuralgia and dysautonomia. The dancing and shaking right-side of my body, foot, leg, arm, and shoulder. There is no controlling anything when it kicks off. I get confused and panicky now.
The doctor and nurses kindly arranged for me to have the blister packs delivered (You delivered the first months for me, thank you). Over the first few weeks, unfortunately, I have dropped many tablets due to the issues I have. I found myself short on the Bisoprolol tablets.
This Tuesday, I asked the Warden at the flats, Deana, to call your Pharmacy to explain what had happened, as I feared I only had a couple of the beta-blockers left now. (My hearing problems) She was told that meds would be delivered on Wednesday. Which cheered me up, and took away a worry, which was grand!
I stayed in all day Wednesday. No calls registered. My usual time from 16:00hrs for getting my head down, was gone, and I forced myself to stay awake in the hopes of getting tablets for the morning. But this morning, still no calls registered, nothing put through the door.
I do not want to moan, indeed in the past, I have rightly praised your services on the web. But I am now getting panicky and confused this morning, and a little miffed.
With the electricitified fingers, lack of sensation in them, etc. it had taken me well over an hour to type this message, with all the corrections needed.
I will get in touch (and hope I do not miss any medicine delivery, Oh dear!) with Warden Deana, and ask her to call you, so she can let me know what is happening.
Sorry, to bother you.

Gerry Chambers

What do you think? (I tried to make it as uncomplaining sounding as I could.)

I sent some of the blogs photos off to Pinterest. Then got on with this post. I took time out, to clear the computer bin. Duodenal Donald is still annoyed with me.

I went on the WordPress Reader section.

4Thu05I just about had time to go to add the photos to the Facebook page, then got the Ablutions sorted out.

After the per diem struggle with sock-glide (it was a draw!), I got the medium length bamboo socks on. The legs look so much more attractive with the socks on – than off. Hehehe!

All went fairly well. Then I set out for a hobble to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, shed. To try to ask Deana to ring about the medications.

As I hobbled along Chestnut Way, Deana was just popping out to visit a tenant in my block. No problem with that, I went into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ.  Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

Where Julie asked what the problem was. Then she phoned the chemist. Who (possibly lying again), said the prescriptions would be delivered this afternoon. Which is what they said last month. Then didn’t turn, but did the next day… at nearly 20:00hrs! Knowing full-well that I get my head down from 16:00hrs to 18:00hrs, but I must not complain, not be naughty, and be bothered, they aren’t, so why make myself ill with worry. (Fair enough the lack of the medication for the ticker may kill me? But then I can come back spiritually, and take my revenge. I’m sure I’d be more suited to that existence).

Mary then Chrissie came in, and a chinwag was enjoyed. Dean returned to find that Julie spoke with the chemist. I did ask if she could ring them again and ask them if it is possible, could they delivery any earlier. But no go, so I departed. Over the road and a natter with some tenants waiting for the bus. I could not go out yet again for another day, thanks to the lying Carrington Pharmacy staff, misleading yet again. The place, after two years or more, is about to be stripped and the contents moved over the road to the Windwood Court building, today I think. To new facilities, eventually. A podiatrist, hairdresser, Sports room, a roof-top sitting area, a nurses room, new holding-cells (Hehe!), and about 40 new extra-care flats.

4Thu05aI decided to take a walk, a gentle, steady amble, to the dead-end of Chestnut Way, to photograph an area I’ve not done before. I took this picture on the left, of the entrance to the new Winwood Court and office facilities.

As I pottered about for the first time ever, down the dead-end garages, to take some photographicalisations, my mind had an eschatological moment. Possibly assisted by the attitude of the Pharmacist, not being bothered in the slightest by my having to miss two doses of the beta-blockers cause of his failed promise to deliver them on Wednesday (He can go forth and multiply. I will try to change chemists ASAP!). But, I decided within moments of my deep thinking, that all tellurians, especially of the humankind, should be terminated. That would at least gives me an advantage over others for the first time in my life.  For them, well, most of them will not want the world to end. Me? Que sera sera! Then I realised the way and what I was thinking! Time for some phycological help I guess. Tsk! I soon returned to my usual, leaning toward my regular senile, passive, chronically depressed old self, though. And started to take some photographicalisation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4Thu10The excellent windows being fitted in the Winwood Extra Care Court. And the outside entrance for Woodthorpe Court, on Chestnut Way. Going in through the foyer doors, I observed that a washer was free. So I nipped up in the elevator, to get the more substantial washing. Collected it and down again and got the washing machine going.

Going back up in the elevator was a bit of a job, as workmen were using them. Not that it mattered to me. I was in no rush. Doreen came down and out. I asked her how she was, but don’t know if she answered, I think she did. Poor gal didn’t look too well, hope she’s going to be alright. Got up and by the time I had put a few photographs on the computer to use, it was back down again, to move the gear to the spin dryer. I did so, without seeing a soul. I wiped the inside of the washer drum after getting dryer going. But, Haha, as I went to get a lift back up, it took a long time. Presumably, the workmen were moving up and down and having to move their gear and tools in and out. Again, it was no sweat for me.

Back up and got the photographs on and sized. On the way down to collect the washing, I called at Josie’s and gave her one of the Tuna Fridge Pots. I’m glad she got me trying the tuna, it really is tasty, and not too pongy like some fish is. Delicious, too!

4Thu09I got down. No humanoids were about again. I removed the clobber and folded it, there was only a dressing-coat, bath towel, woolly hat, a jumper and one pair of pants, to transport into the bag on the three-wheeled-trolley. Cleaned the filter and inside the drum.

The left hand was still giving me some stick. Between the base of the fingers I wrote this, cause at the time of writing, a mind-block caused by my lethologica, knuckles was the absent word – Tsk!), and the wrist. I might have caused some injury when I had a fall on the L9 bus, or: after looking up this type of pain, it could be some kind of Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis.  (Clever stuff, yea? Haha! I looked it up on Google)

Did some more computing work, on CorelDraw to create some graphics to use later, and updating WordPress.

5Fri01I got the nosh sorted and served up.

I overdid the quantity a bit. (Not half!) Gherkins, crispy smoked streaky bacon, beetroot, fresh garden peas, various types of tomatoes, and some of the Asda chips in bacon juice. By Gawd, they are naughty but so lovely!

I wonder if any other company makes these for sale? The chips are done with the skin left on. They are saporous, palatable, scrummy, tasteful and scrumptious! (I may have overdone the praise a little there, Haha!) A tip here, if you manage to find any to try in your local Asda (Walmart); Oven cook them for longer than on the packet. I do mine for 35 minutes, to give them a crispyness! (Any more cooking tips you need, can be found at WWW.Inchcock-the-overeater.Twit/Sherwood) Hehehe!

Note the newly trialled Lemon Curd Yoghourt? Thinner than I anticipated, but not too sweet, so I may try these again. I did the washing-up

WD 40.0.0. I took off my tee-shirt and socks. Got them all in the hand-washing bowl. Left them to soak through. Back to the front room, and was about to take off my trousers, and I heard a woman’s voice beckoning from the hallway! It was a lady from the chemists, belatedly delivering my medications! It must have been a terrible sight for the gal! My short, blobby scarred body bouncing in front of her! She’s let herself in and took the med’s to the kitchen for me. I thanked her and, she got out as quickly as she could, and I don’t blame her!

A good job she didn’t come a minute or two later, or the sight that would have greeted her, would have been even more horrendous, ghastly, nightmarish and odious for her – Inchcock naked, all bar his PP’s! Makes even me shudder at the thought of it! And what a blessing that the dysautonomia wasn’t affecting the leg, arm, and shoulders at the time she came in! Imagine that if you can (although perhaps it might be safer for you not to); A decrepit, short, fat, bald, Nottingham Pensioner standing front of you, wearing only what looks like a giant nappy, stood there with his dancing and shaking all of his excess fat at you, arm and leg jerking away… No, no, too much to bear even thinking about!

So, it seemed my email might have had some effect then? For they delivered the stuff just before my usual head-down time. This was good and encouraging. I felt lightened!

I got one of the bottles of spring water with orange cordial I’d mixed and put in the fridge and got settled in the rickety recliner, to watch a Jonathan Creek DVD. I managed two, I say, Two episodes without nodding off!

Then, Zzzz!

Inchcock Today – Sat/Sun 22/23rd Dec 2018: Self-pitying, Porcelain Throne, and Whoopsiedangleplops Ridden Weekend. Humph!


Dec 22 2018

Saturday 22nd December 2018

Bulgarian: Събота 22 декември 2018 г.

00:25hrs. For a complete change, I woke this morning ‘Not’ wanting to recall any of the dreams I’d been having, but bits still insisted on filtering through, possibly the worst nightmare I’ve had all year. Just about every one of my many mistakes, bad judgements, and embarrassing episodes were momentarily relived, and it wasn’t very nice at all!

WD 0.25.0 I lay feeling sorry for myself for a while, when I opened my eyes, the scene was so soul-destroying – I’d been at the Nocturnal Nibbling again! As it dawned on me how many bits of fodder I had on, and around my body, the self-hatred and frustration grew! (Please see the Morning Thoughts, above). I wonder if I can get some help with this problem? Mind you, it’s not every night, just now and then that I gorge myself in my sleep. And, I have really tried this last couple of weeks to attain a degree of abstemiousness… He says, looking for some lame excuse. What a yold, Tsk!

WD 0.25.0 I moved on mind-wise and lay thinking about what is on for today, and it was like someone suddenly released a hose pipe! A dire struggle ensued to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the wet room in time. Then en route, I realised that the (First of many) Porcelain Throne was required as well! My first evacuation of the day was one of the mini-rugby ball types. But no haemorrhaging. It’s not been a great start to the day, I thought. (An understatement as I was to discover later! Oy Vey!

Anitcepticated the hands, and off to get the Health Checks done.


No surprised in the readings and the sphygmomanometer worked first try. Took the medications with some milk for a change, then made a brew of the Strong Assam tea.

WD 0.25.0 I started to shiver a bit. After previously feeling all warm and snug? I didn’t need the EQ to tell me I was coming down with something or other. For once, I was so glad that no one will be calling on me.

WD 0.25.0 No sooner had I sat on the computer chair, another hasty visit to the Porcelain Throne (2nd) was needed! A massive evacuation, this time of the normal mode, but a lot of it. Washed and antisepticated the dandies and contact points this time, with the Dettol. As I came out of the wet room back to the computer, a bit of sweating was starting, I took off my woolly hat and jumper. I reckon I’ll have Diahorrea Donald as a visitor for a while.

When I closed down the computer yesterday, I did it with the Update & Close option. So, once again I was not too bothered about all the flashing and stuttering that went on. Huh!

WD 0.25.0 I made a start on this blog. Slow work, because the Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet was so stuttery again!


6Sat07I put the heavy dressing gown on as well now, it felt so cold everywhere in the flat. The slow computer was driving mad!

So I went to make another brew of tea, and get some mushrooms in the crockpot. I decided it might be a good idea if I made a stew of some sort. I have pork chinks in the fridge I can add to the mushrooms with some vegetables (parsnips, peas, and carrots) later when I get the 6Sat06cooker started.

Blimey, it still feels nippy in this kitchen, more so than the other rooms?

The thermometer read 9°c – 59°f, it must have got colder overnight. I took this photo to show the lights outside.

Then, as I returned with my mug of tea to the computer: I had to veer off to the wet room, and Porcelain Throne visit three! Oy-Yoy-Yoy!

WD 0.25.0 An incident-filled session ensued. The passing style changed again, this time to a liquefied and messy mode!

WD 0.25.0 And there was a lot of bleeding! Heck of job cleaning and medicating things after the evacuation. Tsk! I think this may be the last of the Throne visits, as there has been so much passed, there cannot be much left in there? (He says hopefully).


WD 0.25.0 Then I spotted just one of the EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) He or she was dead, and although it doesn’t really show on this picture, it was a massive beast.

Back to this lactarium.

Then I realised I had not yet finished off the Friday diary. Nitwit!

6Sat08Before I started the updating, I nipped into the kitchen to add the ingredients to the mushrooms in the crock-pot: Sliced some parsnips, cut some pork into pieces and put them in with the mushrooms. I added some caramelised gravy stock and Hoisin sauce, gave it a good stir and started the slow-cooker on low.

I noticed that the temperature had shot up to 64°f, now.

I then got on with the updating and got it sent off to WordPress. Better late, than never!

I sensed that I could feel a draught coming from somewhere, but could not find the source. Is that possible? Here I am in my jammie-bottoms, dressing gown, slippers and with my knitted hat on, the temperature tells me is no longer cold… but that is how I feel. Cold!

6Sat11The shakes and shivers are far less frequent than earlier, though. 

As I was taking this photograph out of the light and view-blocking kitchen window with the ledge that sticks out so far I cannot manipulate the camera if I want to make a downward shot, like this one and see the viewer at the same time… what was I saying? Hehe!

6Sat12The Hunger Pangs arrived, and I made a mini breakfast of a slice of pork pie and some mini tomatoes.

WD 0.25.0 The top of the salt pot fell. The mystery is where all the salt that fell out went to? Fair enough some went into the container, but where did the rest of it go?

It’s little mysteries like this that seem to evade other folks. Like the enigma of noises, I hear but cannot locate? The EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) infestation, the most unreliable memory and concentration levels, etc. That seems to have followed me all of my sad, miserable, confused, bewildering, inscrutableness-filled failed life, and are still visiting me now, in my continued route to full decrepitude classificationHehe! Just thought I’d mention it!

Had a few Highland Shortie biscuits, then fell asleep sat in the computer chair! Oh, dear!

Hours later when I woke again, I went on to Facebooking on the TFZer site.

6Sat13Did the Health Checks and got the nosh ready.

I deliberately dished up some extra gravy with the concoction of pork and vegetables so I could enjoy dipping the broken off pieces of the gloriously tasting Soughdough baguette. Mmm! Not as tasty as I’d hoped it would be, nut the bread was enjoyed. Gave this one a Flavour Rating of 6/10.

Drained and unbelievably still feeling so tired. I got the fourth summoning to the Porcelain Throne! Another fluid evacuation. It confuses me as to how quickly the innards could have turned things like this and got the fodder through the various inner workings and out, so fast!

Cleaned the pots, and settled mega-early into the £300 second-hand recliner. Viewed the Freeview schedule, and found three films one after the other, that I thought I’d watch.


Got up to do the Health Checks to find that Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun were both active.

Not a really disagreeable day, but the ailments coming and going were a tad irksome. I’ve had far worse ones. Got the head down again, and fell asleep in seconds.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Dec 23 2018


Sunday 23rd December 2018

 Yiddish: זונטיק דעצעמבער 23, 2018

00:15hrs. WD 51.0.0 I woke in desperate need of the Porcelain Throne! I almost threw my elephantine body mass off of the £300 second-hand recliner, clouting my knee of the Ottoman as a hastily rushed to the wet room. Yet again, making it just in time. (This can’t last, I fear my next visit will not be so lucky for me!)

The evacuation was a typical Haemorrhoid Harold affair, messy and with great patience needed, my knowing full well a second dollop was brewing to follow on! (Experience told me this, and I was right for once). I did not move from the seat, I dare not! I got the Clarkson book and read a few pages, before the almost-liquid second-coming, came! Hahaha!

WD 51.0.0 Another worrying factor, I nearly nodded-off while sat there reading the book? This concerned me a bit, so I cleaned up and got the computer on to find out what I could, of the noddings-off I’m suffering. I found this advice:

  • Many cases of narcolepsy are thought to be caused by a lack of the brain chemical hypocretin (also known as orexin), which regulates sleep. This deficiency is thought to result from the immune system mistakenly attacking parts of the brain that produce hypocretin. A number of factors may increase a person’s risk of narcolepsy or cause an autoimmune problem, including:
  • anyone elderly, with a high EQ
  • an inherited genetic fault
  • hormonal changes, including those that occur during puberty or the menopause
    major psychological stress
  • a sudden change in sleep patterns
  • an infection, such as swine flu or a streptococcal infection
  • having the flu vaccine Pandemrix

Research is yet to confirm whether all of these play a role in narcolepsy.

I just ended up putting it down to my having been such a bundle of energy and working such long hours for so many years, and I’m getting old and paying for it now. Huh!

Got the Health Checks sorted. The flipping Sys and Pulse were high! 


7Sun03Got it finished and went to make a brew and get some potatoes into the crock-pot. 

WD 51.0.0 I intended to let them marinate in the water, seasoned with some strong Balsamic vinegar. I change the plans after I’d put light Soy Sauce in by mistake. Klutz!

While doing this, I had a brave-wave of an idea for a humorous rhyme about this weeks thoughts. Seen above, I added it to this post, as I had already posted it off stand alone this morning.) So I got it made up and sent off. When I create these ode-thoughts, if they do not flow out of the brain, I abandon them. This one shows the state my mind must have been in. Haha!

I went to make another brew of tea, a Strong English Breakfast one this time.

WD 51.0.0 As I put the kettle on, a second summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Off to the wet room. A particularly reluctant evacuation at first this time, again giving me time to read more of the Clarkson book (Nearly finished now). I even had a glance around for any signs of any of the EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles), but like yesterday, I could only one on the floor near the shower drain, but this was a live one, and soon made its way to and disappeared down the drain. The evacuations might have reluctant to move, but it was terribly splattery when it did come. I wonder if a new problem had affected the splanchnic department, somewhere, or is it the foods I have been eating?

Around 0500hrs I heard some noises again, as I have been doing lately around this time, but th7Sun07aey were different this time. Repeated sort of long scraping sounds, but of short duration? I had a wander around, but by the time I started hobbling around, they had stopped again.

I opened the light and view-blocking new window in the kitchen and stuck the camera put taking a blind shot of below. The rain had stopped now, and I think that the giant puddle near the compound gate to where Willmott Dixon is building Winwood Court, had gone down a lot.

WD 51.0.0 Unbelievable! Another trip to the Porcelain Throne! Hard to understand as well, was the again changed nature of the evacuation! Back to the hard mini-rugby ball-shaped escapees! Tsk! No hesitating in exiting either, no a little bit of discomfort. Still, on the bright side, there was no bleeding again. So, from diahorrea to liquidified messy splattering, next to mountainous rock-hard granite-like… Oh, never mind, it’ll change again next time I expect, if there is a next time! Tsk!

Cleaned up and medicated things in need of the same, and went on Facebooking.

Sister Jane rang. She gave me a few clandestine verbal telling-offs. (She is brilliant at this, I’d say up to Margaret Thatcher standard!) We chatted as I felt more and more guilty about my Sister-pointed-out failings. Hehehe!

7Sun10Got the nosh sorted. Beef pie, potatoes with a drop of BBQ sticky sauce on each half, tomatoes and mushrooms. Followed with a naughty, wicked Limoncello dessert. A Flavour-Rating of 8.5/10 given.

I ate up the small but decent meal and placed the tray on the side chair. I thought I may have difficulty in getting to sleep tonight, with my dropping off for so long in the chair earlier.

7Sun11Some strange noises were heard again, this time they sounded like whining and tapping sounds at the same time. I knew there was no work taking place?

I went out into the light and view-blocking, letting in the rain balcony, with its finger trapping window opening mechanism and misted up in the rain glass with gaps between them. The noises lasted a good few minutes, and I began to think they might just be in my head. I could not locate where they were coming from, seemingly all around?

WD 51.0.0 Got a visit from Dizzy Dennis as I sat back down in the £300 second-hand recliner. Only a short one, though. And it did not stop me nodding off quickly, and for an uninterrupted five-hours! No waking in need of the Throne, that arrived as soon as I woke up again at 23:25hrs! Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Tue 18th Sept 2018: Trotsky Terence takes over my innards! And, I think the evil boll-weevil black biting beetles are planning a counter-attack!


Tuesday 18th September 2018

Macedonian: Вторник 18 септември 2018 година

WD173.2.2 0255hrs: I stirred and waited for the brain to catch me up. It didn’t take long. Reality merged with the senses, and panic set-in!

Porc01 The need for the Porcelain Throne had never been more urgent in my adult life! I was out of the £300 second-hand recliner within seconds. (It felt like it anyway). I was convinced I hobbled to the wet room looking like a character played by Kenneth Williams in a Carry on Nurse film, doing my best to retain the evacuation from being premature and any unsightly embarrassment. I got there on time but never has been a nearer thing, without an actual calamity. The liquified removal was not a nice feeling, and repeatedly I thought it was over, only for it to start off again. I ended up reading the aptly entitle ‘Catastrophy’ book, while I waited for some indication of the confirmation of completion having been attained.

A chapter or so later of the book being digested, I risked getting up and having a clean up of the room and self. New PP’s, and fresh air and body spray used copiously.

To the kitchen, took the medications and as I was about to start the Health Checks…

Porc02 I had to hasten back to the Throne, for another similar but not so-long session. Almost liquids evacuated once more. I freshened up and returned to the kitchen to carry out the Health Checks again.


The flipping Sys was back up again. Tsk! And, the weight was well up, despite my having got rid of what felt like gallons of liquid in the two Throne sessions.

My current mood could hardly be called hardly be described as idyllic. Rather pessimistic and sceptical I reckon.

2Tue04I carried out a recce on the evil boll weevil biting beetles situation.

Sit-Rep: After a good search around the rooms in the flat. I collected a few weevil-bodies from wetroom, balcony window bottom and the spare room.

In the spare room, and the balcony window, there were many live beetles, but only tiny ones. They were too fast for me to catch, but I sprayed the area with the ‘Raid’ spray.

2Tue02fIn the old bedroom, I had a lool put of the window to see this view and thought it would be worth recording.

Of course, one can’t tell in the picture of the scene, but by gum, the winds were blowing up a gale almost. The trees below are in for some damage if this weather keeps up.

WD173.2.2 I’d turned off the light to take this photo. On the way out of the room, I tripped over the old hoover tubes. Fancy that! I clouted my right knee on the corner of the machine. A bit of edging-plastic broke off! I hope it still works. No damage worth bothering about mentioning to Inchcock.

2Tue03Around, 0400hrs: I put my hearing aids in and made my way to the kitchen.

Where the noise of the wind blowing about the cellophane coverings on the outside of the windows, made me take them out again.

I imagine that any tenants with their plastic sheeting still not, will have got woken by the volume of the noise. I decided to make a mug of tea…

Porc03 The visit and results were homogeneous with the other two trips, other than perhaps a little less volume. Which I was beholden for! But, after this visitations, the innards started to grumble as if it was ready to go again? Tsk! Hope I can get out later… or is that a wise decision I asked myself? I didn’t get an answer.

Finally, I got to finish the Monday diary and get it posted off.

I sent an email to the Doctors surgery, asking for an appointment for the date on the Anticoagulant Therapy Record sheet as instructed. It is not until Tue 2nd October! I implored and begged them for an early in the day appointment. I don’t know why I bothered!

Started this blog off. Had to stop, to get the ablutionisationing done.

Made up two bags of rubbish that I took put to the chute with me, and a giant bag of recyclable gear and dropped it near the caretaker’s door as I left the block.

2Tue06The first thing that hit me was the power of the wind out there.

It nearly blew me beyond the recycling bin!

I took a picture upwards of the Willmott -Dixon subcontractors working on the balconies high in the sky.

Then part of the being built from scratch centre Extra Care Residential Flats building. The whole new build is to be named: Winwood Heights: Nottingham’s latest retirement village. I bet it’s not as well fitted out as the old flats, like Woodthorpe Court where I dwell. I bet the new place doesn’t get free evil boll weevil biting black beetles supplied when the new windows are fitted. I reckon their fire alarm be working too!


This white rusty-van-man came a bit closer to me as he drove up the drive than I would have liked. I think he is waiting to get into the delivery compound of the new block.

I pressed on and into the Nottingham City Homes, Winchester and Woodthorpe Court’s Winwood Flats, Hauptsturmführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room. Noticing the wind had knocked down the sign and barrier that tells us the Footpath is Closed.

The hearing aid batteries on both aids packed up as I was chatting to Sturmscharführeress Wardens Deana and Julie. But of course, I have been forbidden from mentioning any communications I have with any Nottingham City Homes personnel or agents, on this blog by Cat Walk Model and Obergruppenfürheress Angela. So, I won’t.

I had to go back up to the apartment to get the old hearing aids. I’d forgotten how the new SpecSaver hearing aid batteries last… or rather, don’t last.

Many tenants were in the shed when I got back, and I listened and chatted with them and had a few bits of fun, verbally.

The buses arrived, and I got on the Nottingham bound one. But was only going a few stops to the top of the hill on Woodborough Road. Where after the driver kindly ran me to the end of the road, so I had less far to walk to the Aldi store, I thanked him.

The wind much worse on the top of the hill, and I had to struggle against it as I hobbled to the shop.

I bought: Hoisin Pork Ribs, mini-potatoes, fresh cream doughnut, some nibbles to restock the bin with, a lemon yoghourt, brown sandwich thins, chicken legs, fresh green beans, tomatoes, sliced cooked pork, and some crispy bacon slices.


I’d spent a good while in the store, and when I came out, although still windy, it was far less so.

I spotted an additional board had been put up beside the Welcome to Mapperley Community Centre poster. ‘All lead been removed from this roof & replaced with a substitute that has no resale value!’ A Sad world nowadays innit?

I walked along the road to Winchester Street Hill. I coped alright with the wind – I think the heavy bag helped.

2Tue08aAs I turned right down towards Winchester Street Hill, I saw three police cars (I didn’t know we in Nottingham had that many left?), parked in the Belle Vue Lodge Nursing Home.

I plodded down the road. All seemed eerily quiet to me. Apart from the traffic, even the wind seemed to drop, and the mind went off on one its meandering through the past routines.

2Tue07bI came back to semi-reality as I approached the number 40 bus stop, where when I catch that bus home from town, I drop off.

You can see what I mean about it being dodgy crossing the road here, with the traffic coming fast down the hill, and the sudden appearances of vehicles getting a run up the steep incline.

I hobbled on down to the Sherwood Vale turn-2Tue09off and onto Chestnut Way.

I shall miss all this vehicular mayhem when the building and upgrading finishes.

A few fellow tenants at the bus stop gave me a hello-there Gerry, and wave, and I returned a cheery greeting to them.

The Willott-Dixon lads were all busy, mainly on the new extra-care block.

I took this photographicalisation depicting how difficult it must be for the lads working within such a confined space.

I plodded on along the narrow pedestrian and traffic-sharing Chestnut Way.

Roys other half came along in the opposite direction. She told me that Roy was now home from the hospital. This was good news. I said I’d nip up to see him.

I think I’ll take the cream doughnuts for them to celebrate with.

2Tue11Porc04 I got into the apartment. Amazing how lucky I was here. I went in the wet room for a wee-wee, and it turned into the fourth Porcelain Throne session!

I must report that a few of the baby evil boll weevil biting black beetles were running around the wet room floor. Gnash!

2Tue10 So, I investigated in the kitchen and spare room. The kitchen only had a few of the weevils, and they were all dead ones.

Worryingly, in the spare room, there were plenty of the dang things on the inner window ledge come shelf. I sprayed an adult one with the ‘Raid’ killer spray. The beast moved and shook off the poison and trotted off to the hole in the plaster?

Not a good sign, this happening!

Eventually, I got round to sorting out the purchases. Got the oven warming, and checked the potatoes in the crock-pot.

Made a start on updating this diary.

I nipped to see Jenny, to ask her which flat Roy lived at, cause I couldn’t remember the floor number. Bless her, she put me right straight away. And she was looking in fine form, too. Back to the flat to collect the cream cakes and off to Roy’s flat. Welcomed by his better half, we had a chat and laugh. Roy had done amazingly well, considering all he had gone through. Newkie visited as I was leaving. A favourite couple, much loved. So glad the lad is improving, he had a terrible time and big operation in the hospital.

Back to the flat. Checked the slow-cooker and got the seasoned potatoes in the oven.

Had a go updating Facebook while I waited.

2Tue26Nosh served up.

The meal looked fair enough, it smelt nice, but for some reason, l did not enjoy it as much as I expected to and ate only about a third of it.

I suppose I might have been worried about the Trotsky Terence situation being made worse?

Hopefully, things will calm down soon. (He says, full of no confidence. Hehe!).

2Tue24Once again, there were some programmes on the TV that I wanted to view. I got it all sorted and written down. Times and channels.

Got the pots washed, did the last Health Checks and medication taking.

1600hrs: started to watch TV.

1609hrs: Nodded off.

Woke at 2103hrs.

Nodded off at about 2115hrs.

Woke at 0130hrs, in need of the Porcelain Throne!



Inchcock Today – Mon 17 Sept 2018: A Walk through the Tree-Copse, the War against the Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles going well. However, the Porcelain Throne visitations trebled!


Monday 17th September 2018

Esperanto: Lundo 17 De Septembro 2018

0200hrs: I woke up, convinced it was Sunday. Exited the £300 second-hand dodgy recliner and off for a wee-wee. A short-sharp-painful wee-wee!

To the kitchen to take the medications. The empty pots on the tray, made me realise it was either Monday, or I’d taken the wrong days medications. I got my brain a tad bamboozled trying to sort things out. I ended up checking on the calendar to confirm the day. Poor old Klutz!

Took the medications, with a certain amount of ambivalence. Then got the Health Checks done for this morning, and updated last weeks results.


1Mon01Last weeks Sys and weight average was high. Down today, though.

It was a bit nippy in the flat this morning, looks like Autumn has arrived and is rushing into Winter?

WDPolive Off to the Porcelain Throne. For a messy evacuation and to find that Little Inchies bleeding lesion needed unclogging (Ooh, ah… Argh!), and medicationing.

1Mon01aI spotted just a few of the evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles near the crack in the floor near the door. All dead, about eight of them.

Cleaned things up, and went on an Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles search and destroy patrol, Raid and Rentokil spray at the ready. An inexorable approach was adopted and concentration at its highest level.

1Mon01aaWDPolive Stubbed my toe on the scales as I went into the spare room.

There were lots of the weevils on the window ledge in the spare room again.

I’m sure that they are coming out from the gaps and unsealed holes left when the windows were installed because the dead ones were found close to the tiny holes in the plastering?

Worryingly, all of the dead weevils were tiny young ones. The adults were noticeable by their absence. Not sure what this indicates?

Made another brew of tea to replace the one I let go cold, and onto the computer to start this blog, up to here. Then went to finish off yesterdays diary.

Got Sunday’s finalised and sent off.

Went on the WordPress Reader section, and replied to a comment.

Then, another summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Oh dear! An extremely messy affair this time, and heavy in content. I made a brew and took a Dia-Limit capsule. Well, I nearly did. But I noticed a pack of Galpharm Diarrhoea Relief Tablets and thought I’d try these ones. On reading the dosage advice: Adults and Children over 12 years: Take Five Tablets up to four times a day…? Methinks these will not be very helpful. Huh!


A lot of stuff was thrown down the waste chute from a floor above very early in the day, again. Tsk!

1Mon02WDPolive Off to have a jolly good ablutionalisation session. Well, apart from the shave. There I was lathering myself up, and I felt something on my head. I thought it was one of the evil boll weevils, and shot my hand up to grab it (Sillilly, with the razor in my hand) Hence a little knick! Haha! I did feel a fool, no signs of any weevil or beetle. What a Schmendrick!

I reckon I got a bit over enthusiastic with the shaving foam and some had got on to my head, which I mistook for one of the flat invading creatures? Tsk!

1Mon03I took two black bags to the chute on my way out.

Down and out of the lobby, I  turned and took this photo of some of Willmott-Dixon sub-contractors working on letting in the evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles into a flat on my level of the apartment block. Hehe!

1Mon04As I crossed over the road, I snapped this one of old Chesnut Trees as the slowly began to drop some chestnuts.

The rain was stopping now, although the odd sprinkle of precipitation fell later.

I limped on, feeling in a fair condition, and at a decent pace for me too.

1Mon05Down Winchester Street and left onto Mansfield Road. In search of some of those tasty soft pastry lemon cream biscuit squares.

An almost deserted avenue, usually teeming with life?

WDPolive Diddly-Dangs! They had, coconut, banana, strawberry,  and Kiwi flavoured, but no Lemon! I asked the lady on the till when she had stopped talking to her friend if they had any lemon ones in stock. “If they ain’t there on the shelf, no!” and carried on talking about something or one called Kendrick Lemur, it sounded like to me, with her pal. I put on a sulk, returned my unused shopping basket to the stack near the door, and skulked off. Aha-ha!

I called in the Co-op Store and got a Beef Pie on offer at £1, baby potatoes and two extra large potatoes to baked and bash up with strong cheddar cheese later today.

Back up the hill, and to the Wilko store. I got another ‘Raid’ Beetle-killing spray. And a food bowl to replace the one I broke last week. I paid the lady, thanked her and departed.

1Mon06WDPolive As I meandered up the road, a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist came whamming it down the hill. I’d hoped he might skid in the rain, break a leg and index finger… but, no such luck! Tut!

WDPolive By the time I had reached the Charity Shop and realised I had failed to take the donations with me, called myself a name, gone in to see if they had any copies of ‘The Negotiator’ in their DVD collections, which they had not; Three other Pavement Cyclist also shot down the hill! Grumph!

1Mon07At the top of the hill, I rested a moment or two.

I put down the little and glanced down at it and thought; What an odd bag of shopping I had collected today.

1Mon07aI pressed on, with Anne Gyna, Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis, and Duodenal Donald all being kind to me this morning.

I entered through the Woodthorpe Park Gates and ambled up the footpath. I saw precious few Nottinghamians on my way to the top. I did watch some dogs taking their owners for a game of ball, though. Hehehe!

I turned right and had a walk down through the Tree Copse. It looked a little sad all thinned out and losing leaves already. I photographicalised the walk down and out of the other end.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon14WDPolive The spick-and-span, so welcoming sight of the neat and tidy immaculate foyer entrance, greeted me as I arrived home and nearly tripped over the plastic tape on the entrance tiles.

I picked it up and put in in the bin.

I met Mable as she got out of the lift on her way to the laundry room. Gave her a choice of nibbles from the bag for her and hubby.

1Mon14aI got in the Lilliputian apartment, and a had a short-sharp-wee-wee. (Best if we just take it that I did this on average every half hour.) Hahaha! Why am I laughing?

I got the bits I’d bought put away.

Getting one of the large potatoes in the oven.

Took the cheese out of the fridge ready for mixing with the bashed-up spuds later.

Started to get the photos ready to use on this blog, then began to update it.

Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet Down Again.

W Court

1Mon16The noise from outside had stopped

Must be the lad’s break time.

Off to the wet room for a w… Oh, no, we agreed not to bother mentioning the wee-wee’s didn’t we?

1Mon17The sky and clouds looked beautiful, although it was a tad ominous.

Made a brew of the most elegant English Breakfast Tea by Twinings. The Extra-Strong variety.

When I returned to the computer, I started actually falling asleep while typing!

Not good this. I haven’t been up for twelve-hours yet. And I’ve only taken a tiny hobble into Sherwood and back. So why am I feeling like this so early, even for me? I’m a bit nervous about falling asleep and letting the meal burn or start a fire even. Most aberrational!

Ah, the lads are back outside, and Global-Virgin is working, slowly, but still.

The spuds were ready to burn my fingers while I took out the flesh and mixed it with the extra-strong cheddar cheese, then returned it to the oven to brown off; adding beef pie at the same time.

Did the Health Checks.

1Mon20The cheesy potatoes were not up to my usual tastiness Sob! I don’t know what I did wrong? The large butter beans in tomato passata were flavoursome and mealy. The pickled cucumber was good. The apple was bitter, but okay. The fresh tomatoes were so-so. The beef pie was terrible. Even the last two soft pastry lemon cream cake squares seemed to have lost their tastiness? Flavour Rating of 5/10 is the most I can give it.

I left a fair bit of it and threw it away. Got the pots in the washing-up bowl to soak.

WDPolive The third Porcelain Throne session of the day! Mmm?

The usual evening performance played out. TV on, nod-off, wake, curse at missing a programme I wanted to watch, nod-off, wake up, nod-off, wake up…

Inchcock Today: Saturday/Sunday 9th/10th September 2017: I hate weekends, especially those like this one!

Saturday 9th September 2017

0330hrs: Woke up with a start – Fumbled about struggling to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the wet room for a wee-wee. The stomach bloated and rumbling again, but no call to the Porcelain Throne yet. Had a rather painful wee-wee, no idea why, but it flowed stingingly and reluctantly? As I awaited the flow, my mind went a little short independently psittaceous journey, with its rambling thoughts about myself and life, about this, that and many ponderings of unknown origin. So much so, I welcomed the pain when it came, for it returned my brain to its usual confused, befuddled state, and stopped the sudden rambling off into trying to be clever and understand things.

Did the Health Checks: Sys 160, Dia 71, Pulse 84, Temp 33.3 and Weight (Not good at all this) 14.98, Oh dear!

Ah, time for the Trotsky Terence inspired visitation to the Throne. Messy still, perhaps a bit worse than last night. Took another Morrison’s Acute Diarrhorea Capsule. I added one to the evening medication pot as well. The stomach was still distended and rumbling a bit.

The rain started again, and the high winds continued, as soon as I had taken this photographicalisation on the left here. This was an attempt at getting a panoramic shot with the Lumix camera. For some reason, I keep failing to record all that I scanned over every time I try to do this. Shaking Shaun was making it hard not to tremble when taking photographs. So I decided to get the old Sony camera on charge and try later with that one, which had an easier grip on it.

I got the leads in and thought I recalled there being a light come on when this is in charge mode. But there was no light showing anywhere?

Eventually, my brain realised that the Nikon charging leads were attached to the power, and not the Sony one. I did feel a fool! And hoped I had not damaged anything by making this Whoopsiedangleplop. Crossed fingered I found the right charger and connected it, and the red light appeared. Phew! Left it charging up.

Made a start on updating yesterdays diary. With having taken so many pictures, this took me many hours to get sorted and done. Until 1000hrs!

Back to the Throne for another messy session.

Made another mug of tea and took the midday medications and did the Health Checks.

Then, I got the vegetables cooking to have with the beef pie later. Added balsamic vinegar and Polish seasoning.

Please note, there is no blood on the chopping board today. Hehe!

As I took a photograph of the vegetables, I spotted one of the quartered mushrooms and thought how much it looked like a face. But by the time I got the photo on here, I couldn’t see what I did before? Odd that!

Back on the computer and started the Emails and WordPress reading. This took me until 1230hrs.

Began this diary page, and once more, had to visit the Porcelain Throne. The WC needed a lot of cleaning again, after the session. Humph!

Turned to Facebooking.

1445hrs: Got the pie, chestnuts and tomatoes in the oven.

Health Checks etc. Porcelain Throne visit – feeling a bit weak now. Hehe!

Meal sorted and served up.

Beef pie, boiled spud, carrots, parsnips, red onions, orange peppers and mushrooms cooked with some balsamic vinegar, beef gravy, tomatoes and sliced apple.

I had a pot of lemon mousse to follow.

Struggling a bit with Craig Cramps and Shaking Steven paying me a visit. Had to be careful doing the pots.

Got the TV on and finished off the Lemon Curd ice-cream. The only thing that was not perfect in eating this was the cramps made eating it a little embarrassing.

Nodded off, I’m sure I had many dreams, but cannot recall any details, just a feeling one of them was a battlefield in deep freezing snow.

Had to get up for a Trotsy Terence inspired a visit to the Porcelain Throne. (Getting fed-up of these sessions now, Hehe!).

The camera had charged up, and as I made a mug of tea to take a Diarrhorea Donald calming capsule, the skyline was very colourful and beautiful, and I took a shot of it.

It came out nothing like the view my eyes saw. A bit disappointed with it actually. Mind you, I did struggle to keep the hands and fingers steady.

Back in the £300 second-hand recliner and tried to get to sleep – if I’d wanted to watch TV or a DVD, I’d have fallen asleep, but because I wanted and needed sleep, of course, I had to turn on the TV in the hopes of achieving my mission to at least snooze. Humph!

Sunday 10th September 2017

0340hrs: I woke and found myself in the right grumpy and pessimistic mood, without any reason particularly. Fair enough: I hate weekends when I cannot get out on the bus. I despise not being able to do the cleaning, the stomach well swollen and painful. Trotsky Terence is still with me, Hippy Hilda and Duodenal Donald all giving me bother at the same time... but this is not unusual, or out of the ordinary, exceptional, remarkable, extraordinary, unexpected nor, surprising. So, why have I woken with instant gloom? And with an unpleasant olfactory sense in my nose. I seemed to have B.O., smells from Trotsky Terence and the feet all around me? Very confusing.

Afer laying there for a few minutes trying to work out what has caused this recession in confidence and contentment, I had to dismount the £300 second-hand recliner to have a wee-wee. Even that was painful, maybe a touch of a urinary tract infection. Maybe this is connected to the swollen stomach I have had for a few days?

Somehow this did not bother or worry me, just annoyed me?

Got the kettle on and made a cuppa, took the Health Checks and medications, remembering to take a Diarrhorea Capsule.

Reflux Roger joined in with the other ailments. Tsk! Sys152, Dia 69, Pulse 76, Temp 35.9 and weight the highest ever in my life at 15.00. This did not help my melancholia.

I took the now almost daily photograph out of the kitchen window of the scene below, with the old camera. I struggled to keep the camera steady again, and the colours were nothing like those I saw with my eyes.

Back into the recliner room and signs of nocturnal nibbling were discovered.

I glanced around at the mess the room was in.

All the paperwork is waiting to be sorted, the windows needed cleaning, wood polishing, DVDs left scattered around, floor Hoov… I had to stop myself thinking about things I cannot do at the moment, and got the computer on to update this diary and get the photographicalisations downloaded and resized.

I could sense the building up and brewings, of Trotsky Terence’s doings, but still no movement?

I was genuinely a bit worried about how things were this morning, and my emotions and lack of confidence in my abilities to cope came to the fore. Surprisingly while stewing over this dilemma, all my failures, mistakes and wrong decisions flooding into the already I believe delicate, brain. I do not know why I am recording this, sorry. I will try not to mention the negatives in future unless there are any humorous sides to go with them.

Checked the Emails.

WordPress reading was done.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. The messy and long session left me with a feeling of lassitude.

Back onto the computer and had a Facebooking sitting.

Onto CorelDraw to try and make progress with the latest TFZ series graphics. Finally got them all finished and posted off to the TFZer site and onto Facebook. Here are some of them.

Pleased with myself for finally getting them finished, I celebrated by doing the ablutions and having a walk out through the Tree Copse and park.

Inside the Copse, it was getting a little threadbare foilage-wise compared to last weeks visit, but it was still beautiful in there to me.

As I got to the top and looked back at the flats, I was amazed to see the living room window two floors above mine, was wide open?

I zoomed in and took this picture.

Why anyone would leave their window open in the gale that was blowing, I don’t know?

I hobble through the trees and to the top and right by the varmints playground, through the trees and down to the back of the flats.

Back in, and feeling rather much better than I did earlier, I set about getting the fodder prepared. Beef slice, tinned garden peas, beetroot, chestnuts and some ‘Special’ Inchcock Potatoes.

These were boiled slowly until over cooked a tad, then mashed up, skin and all with some strong cheddar cheese and a drop of vinegar, then into the oven to brown and crisp them off, with halved tomatoes on the top. Too much perhaps, but very nice indeed, rating this effort as a 9.2/10.

Did the washing up and settled down to watch some ‘Hustle’ DVD.

Soon nodded off.