Inchcock – Sat 8th Dec 2018: Lonely, but a fair day, cherry angiomas appeared on hand, chronically lousy night… Hey-Ho!


Lucky Willmott-Dixon lads. Hehe!


Saturday 8th December 2018

Telugu: శనివారం 8 డిసెంబర్ 2018

00:25hrs: I awoke abruptly, to find the grey-cells were battling with emotions, fear, worries, etc., all at the same time. Some thoughts were critical, others of absolute nihility. I tried to gain some control over the mishmash of twisted, illogical input to the brain, without much success,

Not that this mattered much after I glanced at my second-hand bought from the charity shop £2 watch, now attached to its new £10 strap, to check the time. Klutz!

6Sat02WD255.0.255 The back of my left hand,  had nocturnally developed many tiny blood spots?

Many ideas and silly thoughts flowed into my mind, as I pondered on what might have caused this. Had the cunning Weevils increased the strength of their jaws, and we now capable of penetrating the skin? Later, I looked them up on the web, and found:

  • They might be called Red moles, or cherry angiomas.
  • Red moles, or cherry angiomas, are common skin growths that can develop on most areas of your body. They’re also known as senile angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots. They’re often found on people aged 70 and older, sometimes younger. The collection of small blood vessels inside a cherry angioma give them a reddish appearance.
  • However, it may be a sign of abnormal growth of blood vessels into a skin cancer. Red is a colour of concern within a mole, as it is not usually found in normal moles. There are of course red spots such as “haemangioma”, which are not moles but benign cancerous growth of blood vessels.
  • Cherry hemangioma. Cherry angiomas, also known as Campbell De Morgan spots or senile angiomas, are cherry red papules on the skin.
  • Warfarin users should have no concerns, as long as the papules do no start to itch. If itching or irritation does begin, consult your Cardiac Medical Practitioner immediately.

I have no itching, so nothing to fret about after all. I think? Hehe!

WD255.0.255 Off to the Porcelain Throne. I’m reluctant to go into too much detail about this evacuation. But feel I must this time, to link things to some rationalisation of why it was like it was. Does that make sense? However, the funny side being that rock-hard mini-rugby ball shaped things painfully parted presence with the pancreas, to the Porcelain. Nice to be able to report there was no bleeding, though. I perused a full chapter of the Clarkson Unofficial Biography book for the proceedings were completed.

I considered that perhaps the Soya lumps I ate last night in my homemade stew or whatever it is called that I brewed up, may have an effect on my Porcelain Throne evacuation?

6Sat04WD255.0.255 I cleaned up and found just one dead EIBWBBB (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle) in the wet room.

Having been often fooled often before by the perspicacious, fiendish Weevils, into thinking they were losing the battle, I still used up some more Bug Killer Spray.

Into the spare room for a Weevil reconnoitring 6Sat03patrol. 

I found about six EIBWBBBs in the spare room! Gathered around the hole in the sealant that they left me when they put in the new windows.

This increased EIBWBBBs liveliness and movement in the spare room resulted in my using up a full can of the Sanmex bug killer in one go. The usual coughing session followed.


Rinsed up and got the Health Checks done. Took the medications, the made a brew of Yorkshire Tea.

A second summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Back to the wet room. One more EIBWBBB spotted as I settled on the Porcelain. Amazingly, the evacuation was back to the sloppy but full-bodied variety! The nugget shaped things had gone? I was a little doubtful as to why the sudden change?

At last, I got around to updating the Friday Diary, and…


It was hard work for hours, getting the blog finished off. I had to redo a lot of stuff thanks to Virgin Media not allowing me to save work I’d just done. Perseverance won the day finally, and the internet became a little faster… No, that’s not right, I meant a little less slow. Fehl!

6Sat07I got the mushrooms in the pan with some balsamic vinegar, light soy sauce, and distilled vinegar.

Went on Facebooking, adding photos and on the TFZer site.

Then on WordPress Reader.

I did some CorelDraw prep work and the 6Sat08weariness dawned?

So I did the Health Checks and took this photo of the view from the kitchen window.

Took the medications and had a look to see if anything worth watching was on the gogglebox.

Got the fodder prepped and served up.

6Sat23As I eating this meal, I felt the weariness getting worse. I didn’t even eat it all up, and there was not a lot to consume.

I managed to get the last Health Checks done and wash the pots. By which time, I was feeling shattered, zonked, and ready to drop.

Got down in the £300 second-hand recliner and things got worse for me.

For six hours, all I did was shake, shiver and kept waking up every ten-minutes… well it felt like that. Then the SSWWs started, and over the following four hours or so, I lost count of the trips to the Porcelain, for both activities. The rear end evacuations were back to the messy liquid stomach unsettling kind. After the last visit to the Throne, I got back down again to tried desperately to get some sleep. Humph! Not Good!

Inchcock – Sun 25 Nov 2018: An odd dream. Deceitful, cunning Weevils attack. Didn’t see or speak to a living soul (Apart from some weevils) Hehe!


Sunday 25th November 2018

Maori: Rātapu 25 o Whiringa-ā-Rangi 2018

ZZZZa24ed00:05hrs: I woke, I think in the middle of a dream. (This is odd for me remembering them so well) I was in a skyscraper office of some sort, and people were floating up outside to the window, where I was supposed to be serving them with drinks? A plane was coming towards the building, and I remember seeing it and taking a swig from a bottle, then realising I was drinking orange juice… I called out “Cut”, “I should be drinking alcohol here…” Someone hit me on the head with a clapper-board and told me I was sacked! I shouted to everyone that I was going to throw myself out of the window. The people outside helped me through the window and clapped as I flailed about on my descent to the pavement waiting below, I landed on an old-style American Yellow Cab. Very weird? I made up this graphic from memory as best I could later to go on here.

I had to go to the wet room, for an SSWW (Short, sharp wee-wee).

7Sun01As I fumbled about getting my voluminous, onerous hog-like belly and torso free of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner, and got my footwear on, I realised that the left little toes corn was now worked its way through the new slippers! I can’t understand it, it’s not as if they were cheap from the Poundland Shop, I bought these from the Shoe Zone, paying £4.99 for them, too! And the label said they were Grade A Quality, made in Taiwan. And they are only a few months old. Hehehe! Oh, the wit is flowing now, I do feel a lot better moodwise this morning, I have to say.

Off to the small room and by then I needed to use the Porcelain Throne as well. Another long session and painful with just a tad of haemorrhaging. But, still more comfortable than two days ago. So, no complaints from yours truly.

6Sat07Washed up the dandies, and off on patrol. A right assortment of bugs was collected on my Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles (EIBWBBBs) reconnoitring seek and destroy mission.

As I suspected yesterday, the Weevils seem to have joined forces with some other bugs and counter-attacked overnight. The calculating double-dealing, perfidious, unscrupulous, scheming, deceitful, cunning little beasts! No, I’m not talking about politicians this time, Hahaha!


7Sun03I tended to the Health Checks and took the medications. The bug killer in the picture on the right is not part of my drugs. Hehe!

This A.M. the readings had receded a little again. Up, down, up, up, up, down… Tsk! 

Off for another SSWW.

7Sun07aGot on the computer on the 1959 model of the 1963 Hopewells G-Plan cabinet in which the doors no longer open, the drawers stick sometimes, the shelves are rotting, and the polish is rapidly dulling and scratched. Donations appreciated! Hehehe!

On the keyboard with the letters worn off the buttons, and is infested with Weevils, to get the Sad, Saturday post updated and sent off to WordPress. Took me ages to get it finished, mainly due to the visits of Shaking Shaun. Not seen him for a while, I’d hoped he might have moved on, but, no. Humph!

Went on the WP reader section and answered a WP comment.

I then made up an Asda Walmart order for Tuesday. Best day I thought, with me not having an INR Warfarin blood test this week.

Went to make another mug of tea7Sun11. I noticed how bad the floor had gotten with all the Rentokill, Raid and Sanmex bug killer spray that had been used. So, I got down on my knees with a cloth and kitchen towels with the Poundland shop bought Dettol hard-surface cleaner spray and had a good clean up. Dried it off with the towels.

WD54.39.1 This proved to be a trying and painful job for me. Well, I say that; the cleaning was not too stressful at all… It was the trying to get back up on my feet afterwards, that was to prove the most arduous, fatiguing, almost gruelling part of the task. So, my being a good boy and cleaning up, cost more hassle from Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Reflux Roger, who all joined in the attack on me with Shaking Shaun. Still, yer don’t like complaining does yer. Haha!

Got the mushroom in the saucepan in water and balsamic vinegar. Made a mug of tea to replace the one that went cold, and had another SSWW. Then made a start on this blog. During which, Shaking Shaun had had enough of punishing me and eased off, bless him.

I tried again to get on with the personal dictionary correcting. More hours of the day consumed!

Blurred Vision Vladimir kicked-off. My own fault maybe, spending too long at the computer screen?

Got the potatoes in the oven.

SSWW and the Health Checks completed.

7Sun38Nosh prepared. 

8.8/10 Flavour Rating

Washed the pots and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV, sure that this, as usual, would send me off into the land of Nod.

Oh, no, not this night it didn’t. Over the next five hours, I must have had thirty or more little few-minute drop-offs, the longest lasting for ten minutes or so. But proper sleep? Humph!

Inchcock – Sat 24 Nov 2018: I hate weekends. Didn’t see a soul. Got tied up with my Excel dictionary correcting for about six hours or more, Tsk! A late attack from the Weevils. The day was soon over. Humph!


Saturday 24th November 2018

Maltese: Is-Sibt 24 ta ‘Novembru 2018

00:30: This may sound odd, well, it will, it sounds strange to me, and I did it… I’m losing the plot here, sorry, I’ll start again. I woke around 0100hrs, aware that I’d been having dreams, Sister Jane and I were still nipperoonies, and I sensed we were singing (possibly drunkenly?) and laughing? Odd enough in itself! But, I nodded off again and had a dream about the same situation, I recall we were at a table near a settee this time. Woke, and drifted off again. Dreamt of the same incident, if that’s the right word. A kitchen came into the dream then. There you are, I told you it was odd, three different dreams (I think) about our Jane and me? Not unless it was one dream and I thought that… Oh, never mind, I’m doing my own head in now, trying to comprehend something from of it. Sorry.

Around 01:00hrs I sprang awake again, but time to consider if I’d been having any more nocturnal thoughts, for the need for a Porcelain Throne visit. I had to haul my cumbersome, gargantuan stomach mass dominated body from the £300 second-hand rickety recliner and off to the wet-room.

WD 0.100.255 Tripping over the slippers en route and clouting my elbow against the edge of the door. (I believe I might have uttered a silent ‘Fancy that’ to myself) Tsk! I got settled on the Throne, and I’m glad to report that things moved a little easier than yesterday. Also, I could only find ten or so EIBWBBBs (Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles), all tiny ones and dead. But I did not allow myself to feel upbeat or over-confident. These little mites have fooled me in the past… often!


6Sat03I tended to the Health Checks and took the medications.

The readings seemed to be creeping back up over the last few sphygmomanometer sessions.

WD 0.100.255 I made a mug of small China mug brew of English Breakfast tea. I can offer some advice for anyone else making one. If you wish to use a Wilko pad to put it on, do not spill any on the aforementioned pad. It sticks, and when you try to free it, you might splash it on your oversized stomach, and this will make you jump. Klutz!

Made another brew of tea and dunked a few, well, six, well, ten or so or thereabouts Scottish Shortie biscuits.

I put the potatoes in the crock-pot.

Got the computer on with the intention of updating and finishing off yesterday’s post. However, I got myself distracted by working on sorting out the errors I found I’d made on the personal Excel dictionary. Three hours later, I gave up making the so-called improvements. Eizel! And got with the Friday Inchcock Today. Another two hours later, I got this completed and posted off. The day had gone!

Went on TFZer Facebooking, then onto the WordPress Reader Section.

WD 0.100.255 Checked the potatoes, they were done already, and I had not yet got the lamb in the oven. Humph,  Schlub!

At last, I made a start on today’s blog.

Had a look on YouTube while the lamb was cooking. Checked it after 20 minutes, nowhere near done yet. So I gave it another 20 minutes on the timer and returned to YouTubing.

Did the Health Checks.

6Sat06Got nosh served up.

Most of the mini-potatoes had split open, but that allowed the balsamic vinegar to permeate into the flesh and made them even tastier!

The bank manager worryingly priced leg of lamb steak was not as good as I thought it would be, but all the other ingredients were excellent! I ate it slowly, doing my best to masticate it thoroughly, bearing in mind my lack of teeth, that the dentist refuses to pull so I can get false ones made. Purely for financial reasons, I think. He likes drilling and filling, cause he gets more money for these. I can still feel the pain, see his twisted smile, and smell his garlic breath as he rams home the drill. Got carried away there… back to the nosh. I gave this effort an 8.2/10 Flavour Rating. It would have been more if the lamb had been up to expectations. So much for the Asda Walmart range of so-called Extra-Special Foods!

It was late for me now, and the weariness and fatigue dawned.

I got the pots in the bowl to soak. Then to the wet room for an unbelievably extended LLWW (Long Lasting Wee-Wee). It felt so unnatural as if I was passing Niagra Falls! Oh, dearie me!

The last Health Checks were done, and medicationalisation pills and medicines were taken.

6Sat05Nipped to the wet room, for another LLWW, Tsk!

WD 0.100.255 Damn it, the dang EIBWBBBs were scattered around the wet room floor. All dead, mind, but bigger than those of late. I fear they might by massing for another counter-attack, perhaps? Hello, one of them must have been playing possum, he or she has just darted off… the scallywag! I sprayed the bug killer in all the rooms again. Not a big job, there’s only four, counting the wet room.

Washed and changed and got down in the £300 rickety second-hand recliner.

WD 0.100.255 Checked the TV schedule, to find that there were several episodes of the Paddington Station being shown. Oh, good, I thought. I watched the start until the first set of advertisements came on, then fell asleep. I woke as the very ending of the third programme and the credits was coming on the screen! Shlimazel or what?

I soon nodded of into the land of Nod again… Ah-well!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 7th July 2018: Another not seeing a soul day: but that, is good, in case the blotches are contagious. Like England at winning matches!


Saturday 7th July 2018

Kannada: ಶನಿವಾರ 7 ಜುಲೈ 2018

0425hrs: Woke up in yet again, a different mood, health, and temperament. Gone was the alienated, abandoned feelings, to be replaced with an acceptance of my deficiencies in coping with life, and apathetic, lustreless approach to doing anything about it.

I sensed that Arthur Itis was going to be a problem today. No complaints mind, he’s been very kind recently.

As I wistfully started to get my body out of the £300 second-hand recliner and as the mind began to wander one if its pointless finding fault sessions – it returned to concentration-mode as I sensed the sudden and urgent need to get to the Porcelain Throne as expeditiously as possible.

By gum, that was lucky, just made it in time! Messy, Trotsky Terence affected again!

5Fri38Cleaned up, and off to the kitchen.

No taps, cooker or lights left on this time.

There was no air coming in from the beautiful light blocking, sealed up new windows, of course.

Sweaty, the blurred view and lack of light getting in really cheers us up.

5Fri35The thermometer of the dirt covered filthy ledge read 98°f – 38°c.

I love the way they put the plastic up, and trap the dirt already in there.

I’ve now got a collection of plasters dust, beetles, flies, condensation with a splattering of down-heartedness lingering. Hehe!

I was getting the Health Checks things gathered for use, with great longanimity I thought. And had to nip off for a wee-wee; back to the short, sharp painful ones again today.

6Sat06Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding, so will need attention shortly.

WDP02C Coming out, I checked the letterbox and found mail from Nottingham City Homes/Willmott-Dixon in the flap. It waffles on to explain things, telling us they have decided to give us the restrictor keys. Of course, there were no keys to be found anywhere! Huh!

They make the place look scruffy, obstruct movement, are fiddly and what chances of us losing the awkward keys? Haha!
2016-07-26 04.49.36
Never a dull moment, no rest, no respite from the bombardment of self-covering information about the changes from Willmott-Dixon and Nottingham City Homes for us coffin-seekers.

Still, it helps keep our minds active and bodies too. I suppose!

6Sat04I gave the blotches an examination.

They seemed to be on the decline, less painful, but itchier. (I say, slightly showing my lack of common sense, memory capabilities and judgement, Haha!)

At last, I got with the Health Checks. The pulse was a little high this morning, all else looked good.


Feeling a little perkier now I’ve got something done. I decided to get the peas podded and into the saucepan for cooking later on, and potatoes in the crock-pot.

6Sat05WDP02C Thus, showing my utter scaevity! I ask you; How just? How does one get a paper cut type wound from shelling fresh garden peas! No knives involved, no metal?

Ah, well, at least the peas I nibbled while doing them were tasty. Hehe!

I got started on this blog as far as here, then went on to updating yesterday’s post. Hello, Duodenal Donald is stinging now, or is it Anne Gyna? Tsk!

Herbert above is giving it some wallop this morning again. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking getting another telling off from the Nottingham City Homes for complaining about the noise from the exonerated: manumitted, absolved, cleared, vindicated, exculpated, pardoned, forgiven, let-off, protected, acquited, discharged, guiltless superior loud gentleman. As the Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making. I don’t want to lose my home. Oh heck, I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations with Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representatives or agent on my blog. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it off.

Eventually, I got Friday’s updated and posted.

6Sat24Close to the match time now, so I’ll get the nosh made up.

I ate the tasty meal while watching the game on the TV.

The memory of the fodder faded as the match progressed.

What a performance from England.


For once, we had a lot of luck and a goalie on brilliant match-saving form!

6Sat07Message for teams left in the World Cup:
France: Please don’t let them win!
Belgium: Please let them beat France
Croatia: Please let them play badly
England: I beg for a win!

Haha! I can hope and pray!

6Sat25I noticed some more of the nobbly bruises coming up on the legs again. Humph!

As for getting to sleep, it was almost an impossibility.

That England winning, and in such style too, was being replayed over and again in my brain.

Well gone midnight before I nodded off. Tsk!