Inchy: Tuesday 12th Sept 2023 Insomnolence

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From yesterday. When waiting for the internet to come back on, I turned in the TV, and this procedure was on…
A gigantic lymph thingy was growing on a chap’s back.
Bit by bit, they kept on tugging out the growths.
Then stitched up the hole.
The evacuated pile!
The man expressed his relief at getting rid of it. Now he can swim again on holiday! Good for him!
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My Legs transformed into close to, or as normal as they have been for ages. The ulcer is itching like mad on the right ankle, but no real pain. Apart from when I scratch at it. Haha!

I took this first outside shot, through the kitchenette window, in ‘Through Glass’ mode using the camera. To get the raindrops on the glass. The flash activated, and some reflection must have been caught. Of what, I know not.

Went onto the balcony, to see if the mudslide had begun with it raining. This was a decent shot. But, when I took a wide shot…
I seemed to take two at the same time, which is not possible, surely? Still, it looked sort of artistic.

This shot, (they were taken through the windows), caught how it looked to the eye.

Waste bags were assembled.
Taken to the Hallway door.

Sainsbury’s order arrived.
The driver put the stuff in carriers for me.
I thanked him, and unpacked the things.
Great! Got some Anusol for , and Savlon for the ankles and chaffs. Even got some olive oil for the ears at last! Bikkies & Marmite cashew nuts (These’ll test the teeth!). A Milk Roll loaf too.
Other goodies: Lemon mousse, dried roasted onions, and liquid sea salt. Oven cook chips, and canned veg soup.
I set about getting the meal prepared! By gum, it was a good one. Taste Rating: 8.2/10. The teeth hurt after eating up. Tsk!

Nurse Nicole rang while was here. She asked if I’d like them to arrange for a ‘Social Prescription’ for me. (Said Kara who was on the phone for me). She said it was for Social Contacting and would be arranged for someone to ring me. Confused!  I replied yes please, and Kara passed on the message.

Spent hours on blogging, but the lack of sleep… well, I’d not had any last night at all, forced me to stop, and just sit myself down again in the recliner, in anticipation of a good kip!

An hour later…
Carer Benjamin arrived. Evening medications, eye drops administered, Peptac, and he checked the taps and oven for me, before checking .
I soon nodded off again. But not for long; I sprang awake and could hear a clattering noise from the flat above. I believe that she/he may have dropped something. I pondered on getting dressed and calling at the flat to see if they were alright… But I heard other noises; one was plainly a walking stick falling and came from another area of the ceiling. I assume things were okay up there. They or he or she, is always making loud noises, late at night sometimes. But, with my tumbles and droppages bothering those in the flat below me, I take in my stride now.
Getting back to sleep was not an option, as I tried to, and unfortunately started on at me.
I was relieved, when blared from the door chime, and in came . Painkillers, eye drops and the night pouch attached, and off home he went. Haha!

I tried once again to get some sleep catch-up. It was not a successful effort. Constantly almost bursting awake so often, I gave up at 03:30hrs and started another day. Of which, I anticipate will be another one of frustration-ridden mishaps, and, as warned by my EQ: Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas, hurdles, harassments, hassles, hopelessness, hindrances, hitches, handicaps, headaches, and negative aspects to cope with.

It’s being so cheerful that keeps me going, you know!


Inchie: Wednesday 7th June 2023: Mental Confusion

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Yet another day, busier than ever. This will be a condensed version comment-wise, I’m sorry. So many extraneous, unexpected, confusing situations that needed attention.
Good old Liberty Global-Virgin Media let me down so many times again, perfectly timed to lose the work I was doing on almost every occasion… Hours lost in the day, repeating actions that had already been done.
Carer arrived to help with the banking and paperwork sorting, I hour, bless him. Lift arranging was farcical and time-consuming… but more irritatingly, still not sorted. Grrr!
Domestic Carer Denise helped out, but of course, I can’t find stuff now. Hehehe! Nice lady. Easy-Link rang; they can do the Bank run after all – this got my confusion glowing, and I am not sure what’s what about this or the Hospital run next Tuesday. I changed the calendar date and times, but deleted the wrong one and have no idea what the timing was on the hospital run. Rand EasyLink to check, but they had closed for the day.

The first evacuation visit was reminiscent of the H-Bomb! The second one, a , a complete reversal.

As for the flourish of , I’ve never had so many in a day in my life! Still, no Falls or tumbles today – I didn’t have time really to fit any in. Haha!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Feet and urine were nearly the same colour this morning.
This may not seem it to you, but I have protanopia.

Usual early activities.

Remembered the underarm cream.

Waste bags collated.

Now, one mug of tea is permitted. But I can have as many decaffeinated ones as I like.
No chance – decaf tastes horrible!

View from the computer chair.

Got on the computer to check the comments and see if WordPress will allow me to reply to them today… and…

Carer arrived. Can’t recall much about it, I was livid with hatred for the $26.4 salaried, with guaranteed bonuses and an open expense account, Mr Fries of Liberty-Global; who still can’t get his overpriced, pathetic Virgin Media internet service working. Just Jealously, of course!

Domestic arrived, then another Carer.
Back onto the computer…

Had to do the whole-hog procedure to get Smoke & Mirrors. money manipulator Mr Fries, utter-crap service back on. Save what the computer allowed me to – box off, plug out, waited the five minutes as instructed – computer off, then rebooted, and reset the router box, and waited…
Waited some more…
Emptied the catheter bag.
Waited some more…
Aha, it came back online; Well done to number-crunching, artful deception, flimflam, and hokum expert Fries!

Denise arrived as the Carer was about to tend to the eye drops for me. My mind of all over the place, and multiple mind meanderings started: Got to sort the time out for the hospital lifts… started swinging, joining in with … I must phone and cancel the taxi for tomorrow… the Carer didn’t say if he was escorting me or not… no problem if not, now that could do me. But, I am a little nervous when using cash machines. I must thank Kara for helping… was affecting my concentration… Eventually, the flat cleared, and the computerisationing was once again tackled.

But only for half an hour or so. Then…

After two hours of blogging, mind you, many mistakes were made. Hard to believe I know, but…

Not for so long this time.

Had to get some more of the Soda water from the kitchen and stocked up the ottoman tray with some.

Packed-up trying to get any blogging done. Why? See below!

Got a meal made-up in a short time. Sweet & sour rice, done in the microwave. Added a can of garden peas to it in the saucepan, & added extra Sweet & Sour sauce.
Two bread rolls. Two mini-pots of desserts
Taste Rating 6/10.

Took these snaps as I was washing up the pots.

About five minutes between taking them.


Got done in the £300, second-hand, most uncomfortable,  decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, creaking, sleep-deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-working, recliner, and the late Carer,  Chris arrived. Then Carer Richard came to return the paperwork for the hospital trip, telling me no need for a carer to go with me. Fair enough! Glad I managed to get booked for it, cause from the tram or bus stop, it is a heck of a trek to get to the EENT, and they take me into the department as well. Looking good. I thanked Richard, and off he went. Chris got the eye drops in and attached the night pouch for me.

I went on a safety check of taps, stove, windows etc.
And had a long period of . With this single snap taken from the kitchenette window…

has never been better!
I saw so many things in this photo;
A tear in the fabric of space.
Lips, a nose, a mouth, lips and eyes.
Another face in the Sun-spot far left, facing the left side view.
I imagine others out there would see other things?

TTFNski, folks!

INCHIE: Wednesday 29th March 2023

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Annuver mind-blowing, busy, getting nothing done, and frustrating… but not so much so as yesterday was! I think.
But don’t let fool you. It was horrendous!
When I say horrendous, it wasn’t all horrible; there were about ten minutes of near-contentment around 13:00hrs.
The promise of the medications about to arrive was soon demolished.
About a third of them came. But no Catheter night bags, and the new tablets for the Prostate reduction, failed to make it.
So, the night is going to be another one of agony.
Another promise of the rest of the things to arrive tomorrow; I’m not too hopeful of fruition after waiting for a fortnight. No Warfarin, but I do have a few left. No INR nurse arrived to take the blood for testing. No DVT nurse came for the vein draining. Heard nothing about the next brain scan. The after-stroke & falls team have not appeared for a few weeks. I’m out of the cream for Little Inches’ fungal lesion.
And I’ve had a tumble in the kitchen. Hands and knees job back to the front room, knocking the bottles of spring water off of the ottoman en route… with one of them landing right on my Onychovryotosis (ingrowing toenail). Slipped using the arm of the  c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nobbling, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner, to get back up on my feet. Had to sit down for a while.
The Carer gals had done their best for me.
But there is always that feeling; ‘What next!’ There’s always something going wrong. Now it’s emails from Grammarly telling me my renewal has been refused, but not why. Is it another con job?
Depression is a constant in my life now!
Still, the Matron called to see me. She’s been asked to by the Doctor, who was worried about me? Now that’s new and nice! I mentioned the lack of medications, night bags for the catheter, and the odd sensations that overcome me at times. The problems with mail, email and the computer, not being able to get onto online banking to sort things out; and no help available with these issues. At least, I think I mentioned these difficulties to
Matron. If not, I meant to.
Now 23:45hrs, and I’m up to here in the blog. Tired, smelly, worried, half-out-of-it, and so hungry. Nowt new here then…
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

A night of with the odd bother from tormenting ensuring that I seemed to spend longer awake than asleep. I gave up trying around 05:00hrs.

The urine looks darker than it really was when I emptied the pouch.

No change in the ankles.

No chance of any cloud pareidoliaing this morning.
White cars rule in the car park.

Jimminee, the colour of the wee this time was almost perfect.
And I was passing a lot, too!

The computer on! Made an order for Asda for next week. And signed up for the Delivery pass, which should save me a little. Went for the cheaper one, so I have to book orders for Tue-Wed-Thur each time to get it free.

The urine is getting a move-on today.
Lovely colour too!

Wonderful clouds this afternoon!

During the day, I had Carers Kara, Domestic Denise, Carer Josef, and Carer Carer Sam, who brought the part-medications for me; bless her. And bless Carer Carolynne, who looked at the computer problem for me. No decision was made or action was taken; mind you, she didn’t have the time.

Went to check on the spuds in the slow cooker.
Not sure how I took this photo?

Matron arrived. As I said earlier, whatever I could remember about the medicationalistical situation, I passed on to her. Got a student with her.

Hahaha! The wee kept on coming!
A good thing, methinks?

Overcast as the rain stopped, I took this picture.
Not very good, is it? Tsk!.

It’s gerrin’ a better colour as the night comes on! Great!

Nosh Served Up

The potatoes were slow-cooked with sea salt & vinegar.
Can if garden peas, and a first for me, never tried them before, imitation fish goujons, with a cob or two. Followed by the cheapest of yoghourts, flavoured with some lemon curd mixed in. (Nice!)
The vegan batter on the goujons was okay; the content of them was, well… tasteless! Disappointing, shan’t bother with them again.
Overall, a flavour rating of 6.2/10.

Left the pots in the sink soaking and got my head down.
Colin Cramps gave me a break, and even Anne Gyna only woke me up with her stabbing pains about six times.
The tiny day catheter pouch Still none of the larger night bags delivered); let me know it needed emptying twice.
As you can see by the top Ode, Dementia Doreen gave me an odd dream to use in the rhyme. Bless her!

May you find fun and festivities & have fantastic future feasts frequently!

INCHIE: Wednesday 22nd March 2023

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This is for January 2003

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Computer Problems again today…
It makes me want to run away,
I am in utter bemusement and dismay…
Baffling errors and inarticulacy…
Is Doreen’s Dementia getting at me?
Or is it my ignorance and fatuity?
I’m drained; I’ve no willpower or tenacity...
Oh, for some peace and simplicity!.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

On waking up. A positive bad ‘7’ level, methinks!
And the outflowing wee-wee really stinks!
Emptying it, I had a Dizzy, & pain in the knee joints,
The voices in my head… all ginks!

The morning view… was rather blue

I’d decided, as the Urine colour was so high on the chart.
I thought it would be a good idea to drink more fluid,
other than tea. I tempted myself to try the no-alcohol
Bud drink. I wish I’d got more in now, it was very nice!

Went to get the ablutions sorted out. It took a while! During
this, I had three decent shaving cuts, dropped a razor three
times, and utilised the Porcelain Throne three times!
Damned messy evacuations they were, as well!

Got the dressing gown and a shirt top on and hobbled into the
kitchenette. With no tablets got yet from the chemist, or delivered,
were coming on again.

Made a brew of Glengettie.
Took these snaps of the strange lighting this morning.

Carer Kara ♥ had a go at the computer problems for me.
I kept finding new ones after the gal had gone.
Spent far too many hours struggling with the issues.
None solved as such, but somehow or other, I’ve got
it going, although with difficulty and new problems.
In a pickle with this!

Got some great photographs of the odd afternoon clouds
with the Sun suddenly getting through.
Pareidolia’s delight!
What was the mouse? Has a map on it seconds later?
Fantastic wider shot!
A close-up of the sun.

Carer Sam then Kara called ♥

Another horrendously messy Porcelain Throne session.
These Loperamides are not as good as the Pharma ones
were at helping stop the liquid evacuations.

Mistakes computing, a long, long mind-blank, and seemed as if I had just woken up – but had not been sleeping? Erm...

Carer Joseph arrived. And after he’s departed, I~ sat down and did
nod off this time. Woke to see these beauties in the sky…

More Pareidolia’s delight!
Seem’s the sun is spewing out a monster…
Can you see this? Or is it just me?
A Genie, mayhap? Hehehe!
An eagle above?
The Eagle cloud close-up!
It seems that the dark clouds are trying to extinguish the sun?

Gave up making errors and mistakes and getting all frustrated
doing this blog. Only got a little done anyway. Have to finish it
in the morning. And got the potatoes in the oven and seasoned the veg in the veg in a saucepan. Getting tired but hungry…

acci-whoopI burnt the same spot on the hand as I did last week, taking the tray of spuds out of the oven.

Nice meal!
Made too much again. (I often do that?)

Very bad today.